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Funeral Services ot Mr. Vallette
Largely Attended.
A Delightful Musical Event at Hotel
The Boothem Pacific and the City
Connoll—Social Kventa of tha
Weak —News Notes and
Pasadena, Deo. 10. —The funeral of
Mr. F. H. Vallette, whose death occurred
■o suddenly Thursday morning, was held
this afternoon in the Univeraalist
church, and was one of the largest at
tended occasions over held in Pasadena.
Tbe church was crowded to overflowing
with friends and neighbors of the de
ceased, and many were unable lo obtain
admission on account of the immense
throng. The servicss in the church,
which began at 2:30 o'clock, were pre
ceded by a short private sermon at the
reaidence of deceaaed on Kast Colorado
■treet, in charge of the Knights Temp
lar, of which order Mr. Vallette was an
old and respected member. The ser
vices at the residence were attended by
many close friends of tho family, in ad
dition to the members of the order, and
were of a very impressive nature.
Owing to the illness of Mrs. Vallette,
the was unable to attend the services
held iv the church.
Long before the hour appointed for
the service the large auditorium was
crowded and many were standing
whsn the services opened. Daring this
time an appropriate voluntary was rend
ered on the large pipe organ by Dr.
Oliver L, Austin.
The remains were brought in accom
panied by tbe daughter of the deceased
and other members oi the iamily aud
tbe Masonic order. An eapeoially ap
propriate selection, Spirit Kent, was
rendered by the choir, composed of
Mrs. Howe, Mrs. Green, Miao Certor,
Messrs. Kyle and Wood. Rev. Fioretae
Kollook followed with some very touch
ing remarks upon the life and works of
the deceased. Through his close con
nections with the church the speaker
had an intimate personal acquaintance
with Mr. Vallette, and spoke largely
from her own observations of his char
acter. In the death of Mr. Vallette
Pasadena has lost a citizen of whom she
might well be proud, and in whose sud
den taking away tbe entire community
fesls a sense of personal bereavement.
His large works of charity have espe
cially endeared him to all, the wide ex
tent of which will never be known.
Ha w* a man who made the world
oetter io: hit living in it, and big mem
ory will long be cherished by all who
htd tbe privilege of knowing him.
A selection by tbe cboir was followed
fcr prayer by Rev. £. 1.. Couger, and
*'■ n services closed witb a chant, Thy
Will Be Done, rendered in a most feel
ing manner.
the floral offerings of frionds were
moat exquisite in taste, several espec
ially beautiful pieces being among
them. The Sunday-school, of which
the deceased was superintendent for
several years, contributed a heart of
white roses, which was especially fine.
Tbe large attendance at the funeral
sraß but a part evidence of tbe general
ove and esteem in which tbe deceased
was held by tbe people of this city. His
ever ready assistance with time and
money to help any object contributory
to tbe public good or tbe relief of the
poor, endeared him to all and his death
is felt deeply by our people.
The .Southern Pacific franchise mat
ter will notcome up before the council
tomorrow afternoon for final action.
The time for advertising has not yet ex
pired but an emphatic reminder of the
wishes of tbe people will be proseuted
in the shape of a petition, which has
been published in full by the Hkrai.d
together with the figures, and which
shows how the people of this city
stand on the question.
The council is ai ked to take no action
in the matter ol granting a franchise
until the company agresa to arbitrate
the question of damages. On this point
there is unison of opinion, except on tha
part of the Southern Pacifio company
and a few hired agents who are deter
mined to strangle ...» plan whereby
the property owners shall be protected
from tbe greed of this corporation,
An informal musicale and social hop
was givsn in the musio hall of Hotel
Green last evening which was partici
pated in by guests of the hotel and a
few invited city people, The entire af
fair was arranged by aud iv charge of
Mrs. Bloss, and in the nature of a testi
monial to Mr. King, the tonor
sinser. The programme as arranged
and executed waa exoellent, and much
credit is due Mrs, Bloai for her inanßgo
The opening selection was a duet by
Miss Ethel (irabam and Mr. Charles
King whiob was warmly received. Then
followed a aolo by Mr. King, a recitation
by Mr. Blosb, a song by Mr. Swordtiger,
a vooal bolo by Miss Graham, a solo by
Miss Stoutenburg !-.r,d a recitation by a
quartette composed of Messrs. King,
Johoßon, Joneß and Crandull. Applause
was liberal throughout the entire pro
gramme and most of the numbers were
This was the first opportunity for
a Pasadena sudianee to hear Miss lira
bam ninoe her return to the city, and
the improvement in her voice wf.s most
marked. Mr. Kiug sang in his usually
good voice and received a hourly enoore.
The work oi the quartette was far abovm
tbe average, and .Pasadena should have
reoro opportunities of hearing these
gentlemen. Several selections were
rendered during the tveniag by Lowiu
eky's orchestra, which is aiways firnt
class, and at the close of the programme
tha young people enjoyed themselves
dancing for a oouple of honrß, to the
music fnrnisbod by these musicians,
Miss Hazel F. Sbaw of Chicago is
among the guests o! Hotel Green.
J. 1). Catbbert oi Ban Franoisoo ia
among the recent arrivals.
Mrs. Goodwin of Pomona, who has
been visiting in the city for several
days, returned home this morning.
J. Evans of Cincinnati is registered at
Hotsl Green, He is out for the winter.
Tbe threatened rainstorm of laßt even
ing blew over, and a delightful Califor
nia day wae tbe result.
Several tnrnouts from Los Angeles
were among today's visitors, tbe inouu
tains being in moat cases the point of
The opera honao management an
nounces a number of attractions for the
holidays, notice of which will be given
In escuring Blind Tom for Friday
evening next, Throop Polytechnic is
presenting a first-class attraction, which
should be largely patronized.
I A Throne cf Visitors—Sural Notable
People Slake tbe Aocent.
Mr, Lowe, Deo. 16.—Never did a love
lier day glorify the bsautiful scenes on
Eobo mountain than the one which en
ticsd a throng of visitors to ascsnd the
groat incline, and view the charming
landscape from those classic heights,
Amoiiß the highly appreciative visi
tors were Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Clongh.
They have reoontly come from their
Piedmont home in Oakland to reside iv
Los Angeles, where Mr. Clough is con
nected with the Herald stall.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlss Gardner of Pas
adena are enjoying a few days' sojourn
at tho Kcho Mountain house. Yester
day they were visited by t'-ieir son, Geo.
E, Gardn3r.
Mrs. Kmma Plnyter Seahnry and hor
| daughter Miss liertha, of Kansas City,
I were accompanied by K. R. O'N'eil of
| Los Angeles. Mrs. Sesbury is an »>••
I corapliehed writer, and has visited many
beautiful scenes, but none that would
compare in beauty, sublimity and
uniqueness with those of the Mt. Lowe
Tha Los Angeles National bank was
well represented by Csehier F.C. Howes,
wife nnd daughter. Stenographer James
S. Wilbe, nnd Teller R. W. Ksnney.
F. H. Longley, official reporter of de
partment 5, enjoyed the bright day
end thrillitijj lids with B. G. Heatloy of
Mr, and Mrs. F. N, Bendleton were
from Portland, (Iregon ; A. K. Cottier, C.
P. Warner and E, H. Downing, Chicago ;
Addie E. F.nd, Juneau, Wia.; Mrs. L.
M. Whitmnre, Hampton, Iowa; L. K.
James and Geo. H. Willißms, Lebanon,
Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Curtis, Clin
ton, lowc ; Mi.* • Aliens Crater, Mr. and
Mrs. R. C. Straight, and Mies I.?l»
Stafford, Deiwer; A. G. Olney, Grand
Rapids; Miss Anna Boyd. New York;
Mr. and Mrs. F. V. Chislet, Indi?inr.po
lis;A, S. Stinson, Tropico, Cal.
She Took Money and Jewels, Brit Lert
Oar 13-Year-Old Daughter—Thi
Uusband Will Follow
tire Pair.
Anaheim i)e0.15. —A sensational elope
ment occurred here last evening, the
parties being the wife P. C. Miller, and
Joseph McCarthy. Mr. Miller and fam
ily have resided in Anabeim about ten
months and have recently been keeping
a boarding tent for the accommodation
of the hands working upon tbe cement
ditches that bavo recently been con
structed here.
In conversation with Mr. Miller this
morning he stated to the writer tbat he
had not a shadow of suspicion when he
left his wife yesterday to go to work.
She, as has been her custom, kissed
him good by; and he was astonißhed
upon his return in tbe evening when
bis little daughter told him that her
mother bad gone away in company with
McCarthy. He immediately went to
the Santa Fe depot and upon describing
the couple to Agent Clabaugh ascer
tained tbat they had taken the evening
train for San Diego.
Mrs. Miller has always borne a spot
less reputation and comes of the family
of Wrights, of Georgia.
She has left a daughter 12 years old,
to whom she did not say where she was
| going nor bid good bye.
McCarthy is described as a very ordi
nary appearing man, and Mr. Miller
says she has only been acquainted with
him eight weeks, and that he was a
tramp when he commenced work for
the ditch company. Mr. Miller drew
$25 from the hank a few days ago and
gave it to bor for snfe keeping. She took
this, together witb about $25 belonging
to her daughter, and also a couple of
gold watches and some valuable jewelry.
McCarthy had nothing except tbe
few dollars he may have saved from his
earnings during the past four weeks.
Mr. Miller says it is his intention to
follow the woman for tbe sake of procur
ing evidence of her adultery with Miller
iv order that be will have no difficulty
in securing c divorce immediately. Mr.
Miller is a man of means, having quite
extensive resl estate interests and town
property iz>. this stato and in Georgia.
At a meeting of the cily council last
ovening a resolution was passed to con
struct a cement sidewalk on both sides
of Los Angeles street from Center street
south to Cypress street.
Is'innis, the hotel jumper, is down
from Los Angeles again, in company
with Marshal Steadmen. He is at the
Commercial hotel, where he is always a
welcome guest, providing he will keep
straight and pay up his bills. Hia case
was brought before Judge Pierce this
morning and upon agreement to settle
all claims and costs he was set at|liberty.
The Union Christian Endeavor eooial
held at the residence of Woaley Keith
last eveniug was a very pleasant affair,
the house being filled with guests, who
pasaod the timo merrily until midnight,
The programme consisted of readings by
Mr. Claybongh end Mias Kollogg, cha
rades, lunoh aud mirth.
The Turn Verein society gava au en
tertainment and ball at Kroner's hall
laet evening. The programmo given
was ns follows: Horizontal bar oxer
eisoa, wand exorcißaa by small boys,
fencing by Pator Sands and Alfonzo
Fossok, paralljl bsr exercises osd pyra
Hay is selling »t $12 per ton, corn at
pt,r ton, barloy ut $17 to $20 pur ton.
A well dressed yonng German, about
30 years old, di*d here Saturday even
ing, lnaa than en hour after he bud
been errested uu .« ohtrgo of forgery.
Tbe deceased is believed to bo Oncer
Bribnck, of San Bernardino.
When Baby wa= stele, wo pars her Cartons.
When she was a Child, she cried for Cn-stona.
When she became Miss, she clunp to Castoria.
When she had Children, she gave then; Castorin,
Dr. Parker, deatiat, West Fir,t street
tits Attempts Yesterday W..re Not Mnoh
of ar Success — L-iosl News
Blatters of la
Santa Ana, Deo. 16 —The moat im
portant question bafore the people o!
this vicinity juat now ia whether there
ia really any virtue in the worka of the
divine healer, Rev. Dr. Warnon, who
held bis first meeting lsst night in
| Neill'a hall. The seating capacity of
{ the hall was taxed to its utmost to ac»
I commodate tbe poople.
The meeting was opened by prayer
and then a hymn vms Bting. After Mr.
i Warnon read a portion of scripture and
i made what ha called a short talk, last*
I ing about an hour, he called for ons or
j two to come up on tiie stage to be
j healed. Mr. P. Magoon was the first to
l respond, and as he went on the stage
i his hearing was such that he could only
| hear very loud sounds and not distinct
j enough to distinguish any words.
Warnon first treated him at a distance
of about 15 feet by prayer. Mr. Magoon
said he was helped. Then Warnon laid
hands on bini, when Mr. Magoon said he
could hear distinctly out oi his deaf ear.
Mr. Magoon answered to our inquiry
after the meeting was over thai he
"thought he wb.9 helped some."
Mr. P. Kulile was treated in like man
ner for partial deafness, with results
about the same. He too answered that
j he thought hs could bear better.
Isaac Field, who was partially blind,
| cams on the stage and was treated by
j prayer and laying on of hands, and s«id
he could see better after treatment.
Mrs. K. ftcodwin was treatad for par
j tial deafness, and mid ah» could hear
! better.
This being the first meeting these
wero not » great many who had inter
ested themselves in his work, but this
efternoou at the same plaes the hall
was crowded full and standing room was
ot a premium. The people don'", know
just what to think of Key. Wurnon's
work. One can hear all kinds of con
clusions. Soma ars carried away
with his work, while others say
he is a great fraud. At the meet
ing this afternoou he treated Revoval on
the stage and nearly all claimed to bo
cured or else helped. Mr. Dlcksn, who
has had lung trouble, was treated and
olaimed to be helped. Mrs. Winbigle
was cured of partial deafnsao. Mrs, J.
W. Davis of Garden Grove was treated
for rnnscuiar rheumatism and claimod
to be relieved. A little boy who hid a
leg paralyzad for nine years we treated
and then told to put his foot up on a
chair, Warnon asked the boy's mother
if she had seen him raise his foot as
high as that. Shesaid she thought not.
Tbe boy w«s then told to run across the
stage, which he did in a "wobbling man
ner." Warnon asked his mother it she
ever saw him run as fast before. She
said, "Yes." This lam answer Warnon
was not expecting, and said she must
bring the boy again for treatment.
Orange Chapter No. 73, Royel Arch
Maßons, held thoir annual election of
officers last night with the following re
sult : C. A. Mend, high priest; A.J.
Wood, king; N. M. P. Close, scribe, I.
1). Mills, treasurer, and G. A. Whidden,
Disd—At Olive, Dscemhor 16tb, the
infant eon of Mr. and Mn. Frank L>.
Oarr. Funeral at H o'clock tomorrow
Mrs. Thomas Clark of Fair View died
on December 16th. Mr. Clark is well
knovfn in this vicinity and has a great
many friendß in this city who will sym
pathize deeply with him in his cad be
reavement. The funetal will take place
in the Kpiscopal church of this city, the
date of which will he announced later.
Robert R. Selvidge has sold to W. H,
Gracer 30 acres of land for $1000.
The baseball game in this city yester
day, betweeD the Yap-, of this city and
the Aliens of Riverside, resjltnd In
favor of the Riverside team, the score
standing 9 to 6.
Model Doings and Baalnena Sfatters.
Strawberry r*hlpinents.
Gardena, Dso. 16.—Mr. Fred Barlin«
game left for his home Thursday.
Gardens people regret tbe death ot
Mr. Lewis, one of its first settlers. His
funeral occurred Wednesday afternoon.
Miss Victoria Fraser, who has bsen
making hor home with Mrs. H. Bnrlia
gams, has gone to Los Angelas.
8. R- Thorpe had a party of Chicago
capitalists here Thursday,
L. N. Wooduiansse is about to dispose
of bis ranch to an lowa parly.
Mr. Weed of Chicago, who ht.a bought
n 20-aore ranch here, has moved into
Mr. Fulkerson's home. Mr. Weed will
build during the winter.
The new school house is now com
pleted and is well attended.
C. E. Carter of Red Oaks, la., was the
guest of Captain Rogers during the
The special evert of tbe week was tbe
theater party from here to see Aladdin,
jr. Among whom were: Mr. J. A.
Baum and wife, Miss Nellie Barlowe,
Mrs. Ringer, Mr. Han Bikes and wife,
Mr.Will Clasgy and Miss LsxieNichols,
Mrs. Thomas, Miss Thomas, Mrs. Sam
Rule, Mr. Jossen and wife. Mr. 0. E.
Conklin and wife, A. G. Young, Miss
Millie Young and Miss Kdwards.
The many friends of Mr. B. Atkinson
will he glad to hear tbat he is able to be
up after a three months' sickness.
Miss Kdwards of Compton has been
the guest of Miss Millie Young tins
Gtrdena is rapidly Mating to tbe front
as the Btrawborry growing district of
California. Largo shipments ate bsing
mads daily to Chicago, Bi, Louis and
New York.
A d«w faatore a. t one that is duly
appreciated by itn patrons ia tha deliv
ery of the Hkuai.d, which is fast gaining
favor here und-sr its new management.
Miss Sunie Ringer of McComb, 111.,
who haß been the gueßt of her sister,
Mrs. Dr. Baum, for two months, will re
turn to her heme Monday.
There is fine duck shooting ou Gar
dena lake. The guns are heard all night
during this moonlight.
J. M. Montgomery has about com
pleted the nest little cottage of Mr.
Ovid, near the townsite.
Mr. Harrison expects to move on his
30« acre ranch and improve it shortly.
Prof. J. H. White will give a lecture
and entertainment in the town hall, on
Monday evening.
No Christmas an<J New Year's table shoul.!
be without a Ootile ol Or. Siegcrt'ts AQgUKiora
Kilters, the world renowned appetizer of ex
quieitc LIU.VOI. Beware ol counterfeits.
i The Lumber Kiiilnrll B«omln|-Ship
ping Notes.
Sah Pedko, December 15.—Tbe four
matted schooner William Witzuaen,
Captain Ulsen, is discharging GOO feet
iof lumber at Perry's, as is also
tbe four-master Olga, Captain Ipsen for
the same firm,
j At Kerckhoff Cuzner's wharf the
steam schooners Jewel and Pasadena
. are discharging their cargoes, as also
are the schooners Louise, Lucy and J. B.
Lseds. The lumber business is booming
at Ibis end of the line.
The Perry and the Southern Califor
nia Lumber companies each have about
2,000,000 feet of lnmber afloat on the
way here.
The Southern Pacific Lumber compa
ny has been sending heavy shipments
over the Southern Pacific lines during
the past week, and the Southern Cali
fornia Lumber company has kept tbe
Terminal busy the same way.
1 he entertainment given by the order
of Chosen Friends on Friday evening,
was a greet succsss. An attractive pro
gramme had been prepared which was
. fully appreciated. Tbe music was fur
i nished by Mrs. Walker and Professors
Brachc end Crocker, local talent, and
- right well did they acquit themselves.
Jndge Savage in a few brief but pointed
' remarks, presented the claim of this
| society for the public support. The
! Misses Olsen and Harvey sang as
sweetly as little birds and were much
i applauded as was also the vocal effort
jot Miss Carrie Lindscow. Miss
Maggie Savage recited in a
manner Wblch was fully enjoyed by
the large and critical audience, hut
would not respond to an encore. Miss
' C.trrie Connor and Miss Spencer also re
cited. The Missel Hilda£eli and Levy
contributed a piano forte duet, and Mr.
Townsend recited nn original poem on
Home Sweet Home from the boys stand
point, and had to appear again. The
event par excellence of the evening was
the Gypsy Warning, Miss Mary Glllls
taking the pait of the Lybil. She acted
Mid sang to perfection aud looked the
character to perfection. Mr. Harry
Beal was too nervous to make a real
bold bad villain, hut to use a paradox
will do bettor as he gets worse —thai is
in character.
The curtain descended on this act
amidst uproarious applause. As to the
dance, it lasted until 2 a. m., and nearly
every one slayed until the Inst, which is
the beet proof of its entire success.
Great praise is due the committee, Miss
Mary Nelson, Meedames Muller and
Blatt and Mr. John Henry Bennett.
Recherche refreshments wore served
duribg the evening.
: A Large Male of Ottjr Water Bonds—Per
sonal Mentlou.
Colton, Dec. 16.—The 104,000 in city
water bonds have been sold to A, Har
ris & Co., bankers of Chicago, at par,
the proceeds whereof will be used to buy
! the Colton water system from its pres
ent owners.
G. E, Slaughter, our jewelry mer
chant, has returned from Itidio, and ad
vertises his business for sale on account
j oi ill health.
The annual meeting of the Colton
Building and Loan association ie celled
for January Ist for the election of new
Some miscreant broke into the paint
j shop of H. I. Austin aud stole quite a
quantity of goods.
Arthur Pierce wns driving tbe delivery
wagon oi Wilcox & Rose when the horee
ran away, throwing him out and injur
ing him considerably.
Dennis Mr An!ill", who came here this
week from Sar. Francisco, died at the
Palace hotel Saturday from pleuro
Tho city council has employed Attor
ney Goodali of San Bernardino to ex
ammo the papern in connection with
i the water bond issue.
The Presbyterian bazar and supper,
Thursday night, realized about $150
I gross. The church was handsomely
decorated end the ladiea dispensed all
sorts of bargains from a candy and
] popcorn booth, a tamale booth. Japan
! ese and fancy work booth. They were
j all libsrnlly patronized.
Mrs. R. H. Butler, of Palms, is visit-
I ing hsr daughter, Misa Gsorgia, who has
been quite ill with pneumonia.
Gertrude, th infant daughter of Mr.
; and Mrs. George W. Stack, died ysster
; day morning.
Htirglarr at Bl Monte.
Some time during Saturday night the
I Southern Pacific railway station at El
] Monte was broken into by a burglar.
Luckily the agent had removed ell the
money from the drawer and the thief
| got nothing for his trouble. Yesterday
j afternoon Detectivn Bawler got a clue
i and shortly afterward arrested a young
man giving the name of W. S. Hough,
i booking him at th» police station on
i the charge. Hough says he is one of
i the many unemployed, but recently was
! at Riverside.
Wanted to right.
At 3:30 o'clook yesterday morning
William Dermott, a South Spring street
liveryman, and John Evaus were ar
rested in front of the Nadeau for dis
turbing the peace. They raised a row
witb a hackraan, and a lively fisticuff
was in progress when Officers Ed Smith
and Merco reached the scsne. The
young men were released on bail to ap
pear iv tbe polica court for trial this
afternoon at 1 :30 o'clock.
For Stomach
Liver Complaints, and
Headache, use
They are purely
vegetable, sugar-coated,
speedily dissolved,
and easy to take.
Every dose
\36 Commercial st. Los Angelcf, Ual.
Corner of Spring and Second streets. Why go out miles, pay
car fare for yourself and family when you can have a home
in the very heart of Los Angeles?
TERMS' One " fourt k cash > balance 011 or before three years,
or to those who will improve, no cash is required.
We will take flat mortgage for full price oflot.
EXAMINE THIS PROPERTY ~ Sec the large number ° f
pretty homes built there within the last six
months: Personal examination will satisfy any buyer as to
its merit. Maps and full particulars.
Eastern, Eldndge & Co.,
121 S. Broadway.
1 aud honest, intelligent treatment and reasona
ble prices are given.
such as Stricture, Syebilis, Oleet, Gonorrhoea,
Spermatorrhoea, seminal Weakness, Lost Man
bood, Night Emlttiom, Decayed Faculties,
etc., etc. cured by the OLDEST and most SUC
CBSSrUL specialist on tbe com*.
j Kidney, Bladder,
| Blood and Skin Diseases
Successfully treated and quickly cured,
Our BPECI AI, BURQEON, recently from tha
i largest Chicago hospital 'diplomas and certio
rates to be seen at office) has made diseases of
', the heart and lungs a life study. Successful
treatment by tho latest methods. 1)1 AONOSId
made by the aid of the microscope.
Home Treatment $3,
OUR DIPLOMAS are from the
best colleges in the world, certified by the
state board, and registered at the county
court bouse and city health office. Call and
examine diplomas and certificates and ref
erences of banks, city and county officials,
| and bast citizens of Los Angeles. Our OA*
treat Catairb. He has followed this spec-
I laity 10 years in this city.
A special department devoted exclusively to
the treatment of all female diseases.
Consultation and Examination FREE.
OFFICE HOURS: 9to 4 and 7to 8. Sunday.
10 to 12.
1 Rooms i, 3, 5 and 7.
A fine income proporty in Fast Los An
geles $7000
(lood '.room bouse, hard-tiaisbed, wide
porches on three sides, new plumbing
and painting: 2 50-foot lot", near csr
line, southwest part of city, not far
out »2650
lO acre ranch, orchard, house, well, poul
try houses, al Muriatt» $1000
80-aco ranch in Tern' seal ci'fiiu; house,
orchard, good springs; lino for health
resort $4000
First-class land at South niverslde, with
water right, per acre $50 to $150
One of the best ranches in Riverside county j
of over 103 acres; an excelleut investment. In
vestigate this,
Bargains in foreclosed properties in different
portions of tne country, Money to loau. Sa.
isfactory terms eiveu. W. W. LOW ft,
12-11-lm 105 Bouth Broadway.
J. M Orißitn. Pres. JobnT. Griffith, V.-Pres
F. T. Griffith, Secretary and Treasurer.
K. I. Chandler, Superintendent
And Manufacturers of
Mill Work of Evory Description.
034 IS. Alameda«'.., Los Angoles.
And Superannuated Physician of 40 Years'
Experience in all
The Ptatf. of Tbxas,.;
County of Tarrant, i
Belote mc J. E. Mai tin. n notary public In
nnd lot Tarrant COUEty, Texas, on thisdny per
sona ly appeared John T. Hay lies, and who,
being b me duly sworn, deposes and says that
'ke former.y resided at Mano-, Travis county,
I Texas, but now temporarily slopping in Fort
I Worth, Texas.
I Ami further deposes and says that Dr. C. D.
! Harmon, 8r eelalb t, Of Fort Worth, Texas, has
' recently removed a cancer from bis wife's
; brea<t measuring thirteen (13) Inches in clr
oumfereuce, involving the eutire breast, end
without tne use of the knife, wMch he now
tins in alcohol—after the nr. Bye Cancer Insti
tute In Fort Worth treated her four months an I
failed to remove the ssme.
Sworn to and subscribed beforo me this thi
' 13th day of April, 1891.
ideal j J.E.MARTIN,
Notary Public, Tarrant County, T'oxss.
Tape-worm Absolutely IteaßOTed in
Four Hours.
And all Diseases of Women successfully treated
by him.
afsaVKcsure to sec him before going to Hot
. Sprlugs at his residence,
55; i W, .Jefferson St., Los Angeles, Cal.
■ Take University electric cars—get off at cor
. nerof McClintock and Olin streets.
j Easily, Quickly and Permanently Restored
CsLgßitATin English Hemedv
f IN EI?, VI A. JiSJjrV
It Is sold on a positive Mff y
guarantee to euro any am 4sV Cf
form of nervous pros- \t vjj
trnlionor any disorder | ***ef
of the genital organs of
I by excessive use of After* *
Tobacco, Alcohol or Opium, or on nccoiin'
of youthful indiscretion or ovor indulgence etc..
Dizziness, Convulsions. Wakefulness. Headache, \
I Mental Depiession. (Softening o( the Brain. Wen!: 1
' Memory, Bearing Down I'nins, Seminal Weakness, I
Hytrin, Nocturnal Emissions, Spermatorrlio'B,
j Loss of Power and Ini potency, which if neglected,
I mny lend io premature old ogo and insanity.
Positively guaranteed. Price. $1.00 a box; Obexes
forsa.OO. Sent by mail on receipt of price. A written
guarantee furnished with overy $5.00 order received.
!to refund the money if a permnnont cure is not
1 effected.
For sa'.o hy GEO. H, FREEMAN CO.. 102 North
Spring street.
♦♦♦ -><»•<>♦♦"»><>♦♦♦♦
: job I
J Executed With Neatness £ j
♦ And Dispatch at the « l
I Herald Job Office f
♦ 309 W. SECOND ST. ?
! % J. W. HART, Manager. %
Fino Gold Filling*
Crown and Bndgo
. All Operations
• |3 Painless
/jij BBT ffrt.
SkWrnVk W. li. 107 a 8">,
Bankers and Brokers,
sold, for cash or on margin.
Dally market circular sent free.
I k Lively cured.
\ \ J or pais. A'<?/av aa/ti
J J 49 It Write for book
bVbbbv of home testimonials
of wonderful cures— ■
B \ mostly In women's)
hressts. ornet: j
riesuie send this to someone with Cancer.
Dft. WONO IHM.'who has praotteed met!
cine iv Los Angeles for 19 years, and
wbose office is at 6311 Upper Main street, will
treat by medicine all diseases of women, saeSk
i and children. The doctor claims that be haa
I remedies tbat are superior to all others as a
i spec.fto for tumbles of women and men. A
trial alone will convince the sick that Dr.
I Wong Hlsa's remedies are ruor j efflcsclous thaa
can be prescribed, it. Wong Him is a Chinese
physloiun ol prominence and a gentleman oi
responsibility. Bit rtputatlon is more tbaa
well established, and ail persons needing hi*
services can rely on hie still and ability. A
cure Is guaranteed In every case in which a re
oovery Is possible. Heib medicines tot sale.
689 Upper Main Street, Log Angelee.
Los Anoklbs, Cal., June 17,1889.
To Tin i unuc; I have been suffering wlte
piles air. iduey trouble for over five years,
and have tried several remedies, but all failed)
to relieve me. A short lime since I tried Dr.
Woug Him, 639 Upper Main street, and lata
row well and strong, and consider him a flfit>
class doctor Tours truly,
w. h. Hii.i.yaa.
235 S. Hill St., Les Angeles; Ual
Los anom.ks, June 9, 1893.
To Tftr.Pcsi.ic: For over flva years 1 bave
I been troub.ed with ncrvouss.es headache ana
I liver complaint. I didn't seem to find any bela
from tho many doctors and medicines that)
tried until I tried Dr. Wong Him, 039 Uppa
slain strr-k lam now well. Yours truly,
48 li in ton avo.. Los Angeles. O*L
Los a«..klks, Cal , Ju y 21, 1894.
DB. WONG HIM, U39 Upper Main St.
Dear Sir—l take pleasure iv adding ray testi
mony io tho many you already have received.
I villi say that after laitlug your treatment for
catarrh of the head nnd throat, that I am now
well, and ask you to refer to iv ■ any person
that mxy feel sitepttml and I will satisfy them
hh to the efficacy of your treatment. Yours
truly, P. E. KINO,
Attorney and Notary Public,
Oarvlttsa, Cal.
I m ■ ewiippiM|||M|■iiiip
I atea, IK{HSj w*MeUKaS>l'*l IWIaT
9 fS.3 \3B ssssssw an
E HsT fteßm ivitwn K/rnl tmW Mb
1 ssslTsH
are the most oowerful, safe, sure and reliable
Pill of this' Kind in the Market. Most
effective remedy in suppressed menstruation
and all female troubles arising from it.
Drugirlsts sell it. Beware of Imitations and
iro that you gat the Genuine Winc'tcater'o
English White Lily Circle Itrand Pen ii yioyal
Pillu, with White Lily in centre of circle. Our
box boars our signature, Winchester Chcmieat
Co. on every side. Ask your Drttftffist. If he
don't keeplt he will tret It for you, or write direct
to us ami wo will .send it upon receipt of price
$2 by Mail, Postpaid. Bend Co, for Particulars.
Winchester Chemical Co.. Chicago, 111,
A Cure That Cures.
1?P 17 tr 1 n »™ cored thousands, and can
JT IVJiill/ cure thousands more wliosuder
asyoa do, of Emissions, linpolency Nervous
Debidy, Varicocele and Siiruiu.n Parts,
caused by self abuse, by a simple remedy which
cured me, recipe for wcich I win send (sealed)
IKKK to nnv sufferer. Address, with itamo
DAVID a EMMET, Bui 870, Ktigiewood. Ili*
11-17 lyr
Baker Iron Works
050 TO 900 BJECXt VIST V ST,
Adjoining. P OrjuiUt. Toi, 144,

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