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J Courteous Attention. . Strictly One Price.
Vast Attractions
i 203-207: NORTH SPRING ST. / Enormous Reduction ! / Mfg 203-207 NORTH SPRING ST. /
Goods deiivered Free in Pasadena. Careful attention to mail orders.
: THE vast attractions of our TOY DEPARTMENT will be increased a hundred-fold today, FRIDAY, and until
! the close of the Holiday Season by an Enormous Reduction on the prices of every article, from the trivial toy
I to the most costly ornament. Everything will be sold at less than foreign manufacturer's cost.
Or regular departments are offering likewise the choicest of bargains in Christmas Housefurnishings, Ladies' and Gents' Linen and Silk
Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Leather Goods, Silk Underwear, Hosiery, Bath Robes, etc., a few items of which we here quote:
»■!■«■■«■■■■« ■ ■»! "•■I » 111 I Sll I MMII ITTITT-|MB»BM I I ■Hill 111 I I ———— ——___———___—_____________________—————__————IB_-_B_aT___a____Wß_lM___ *a»_M_l ■ I J !■■ I I ■■■lll»»»«««»n»WTnwTl^BM»»Wo»»»a»WMTTTr^^
Table Damask, Blankets and Gents' Feather Collarettes, Fans, Lace,
Nottingham Lace Neckwear Kid Glove Ladies' Shopping Bags, Swiss and
Smyrna ana ana Winter Department. Silk Handkerchief-? Chatelaines,
Japanese lftugs. Curtains. Underwear. ueparcment. Silk Handkerchiefs. Coats and Capes. Linen Handkerchiefs.
AT 25n» YARD. AT 1)1.39 A PAIR. Ar 2 gc EACH. 50c A PAIR, AT 10c FACII AT if 3.50 AMI $5 51) BACH. BO doz Intlin silk nnd grenadine Fans, in
l cream, pink, blue, black and cardinal; palntM
ISO pairs 10-4 Blankets, in white and gray, 50 doz Men's nil silk took ami four-itl-hand | In a Variety ol styles: ii iiselnl Christmas gill,
B5 pieces half bleach ed Table Damask, 06 extra heavy and durable, which will be sold at Scarfs In a lat/* asgorlm nt of fancy figures, afO doien of the well-known Henrietta«- 72 Ladies' black genuine ostiu h feather t'ol- «in be offered at 00c, 01 $.25, * 1.50, up to
.i\, R . w ,'.i V £ tfta a, . > £ y l' r J.S a n '*° B v *"- i V. he,- . ks - »*ri»es, etc. newest shape*, all satin \ Ilook oUce K|d oiovea, in all the prevail- j> s dozen of ladles' Silk Handkerchiefs lsrettes, full. Buffi and HO Inches long, whloa *3.500*cu.
quality, which wiii.he.sold at _3c a yard. _ lined, extravalue, will place them on sale at , had „ ,„• „ reen , tins, browns, acajou ■eofleMd' ambroWera* " a vaS »'.ll be Itold ato3.soandsB.6oeach.
■—• -Vetch aud black, which will be sold at 50c a pair. eiy o i'colors; will be sold during the lioli- ._______-___«■____.
— .— — at $.s a pair. at 35c Bach - ______ aay seasonat loa each. . ,
75 pairs 10-5 Wool lilantaets. in white and '25 doz Men s all-silk Windsor teck Scarfs, in a H&ndkerChiefS.
AT iiOc YARD. tray, heavy, soft and fleecy, which will be sold Urge assortment of brocade, fancy flgu es and 75c A PAIR. *T 35c TO $5.0) EACH.
al $3 a pair. Persian patterns, all satin lined, on sale at
ly for 01. At 12'.,'c EACH i
_v pieces Tab'e l.i pen, In both cream and — —— — ■ I ■ ' 1 72 dozen ladies'4-hiitton superior Puerto I . r >o doz. Ladles' Shopping Pngx and rhate
ble.sclied, full 02 mc lies wide, all pure li. en, ___ D , T - AT 25c BACH, Gloves, perfect fitting, with patent thumb i lallies, In moire silk and all thti n*w designs in I atfikim tv tcmsficii
very heavy and a .tlose, flue texture, which At sto a riain. SOdoz ladies' and Gents' India and =urnh gores, in all the uew sh.dea of poneue. car- I South Sea seal and Morocco leather, benull- I v-u. _v.».
,vill,besold utsoc yi ad. 20O_alW Ot 114 White California Blanket. ! silk Windsor Scarfs, in a large assortment of ilinal. daMia, Nankeen, coach, Uack and ii !ni dozen of ladies' Silk Handkcchiefs Ittllj mounted in oxidized metals andl ater ing
72X80 lambs' wool sofi ftoecj of a bßMWiit 1 opera shade*, hemstitched p aids, steel grays, arge vanety of insect shades, which Wi 1 . fe *lloped edges, plain white and embroid- ■fiver, which will be marked at from 85c to 08 , 0 dol yiuchrsse, Brussels, Valenciennes,
, lv Ana finish a Inch will tie sold at 85 this I Hgb' ami dark figures, on sale at 25c each bo sold nt ,oo a pair. ere d in colors; will be offered during the each. A ppllqas and Alencnn I ace llsndkerchiefs, in
I blanket deceives th« attention of every iatly, I " holiday season at I 2! 3 c each. I a large assortment of ni"st tasteful patterns,
* ' AT 50c X \i 11. __ I which will be .sold during the holiday season
AT 75c YARD .„ , , , , • , at'.Sc. 81, §1 SO, $2, #3. 04, 06,80.50,57.50,
ai , oi nuiui I go doz. Mens all-silk teck and four-in-hand c- )C pira ■— . ua to BiB each ' '
AT *6.75 A FAIR. j Scarfs bolh l Itll. aiid Wimlsor l. ok shapes, tn AT 15c TO $1.00 EACH. P
a new and complete assortnu-nt of silk crepes, ... _._«.»
•_*hMVf'and a*» P"* of »2-4 White California Blankets, ex- ' stripes, chocks, etc.; a special line 6S „„,„ 6 . 60t »0 Glace Mous.,uet«lre AT 180 EACH> •
°m cHow tin." i wait",' will be "old at 75c ,r " "ize. ffood weight. softTßeeey and a band- , during tbe holidays „tsoc. Oliives, in bo h plain and embroidered 00 doz. Ladles' Purses, beautifully finished in
; '',', ' some finish, which Will beWOld at $0.76 a pair. 1 _ backs, in al the mesi fashionable shades of all the latest deslsns and niosl Improved it mmi nvrnm.. pint
,}am - AT We. Bt, BI.RO, slate, tan, mode, castor, army blue, brown. I sr> dozen of ladies' Silk itandkerehieis, clasps, In R sslan leatb r, seal, kid, alligator AuiHMmiujvnAi.a,
i , Mens high-grade Neckwear, tho very latest Orient nnd black. Which will be given at j white and embroidered In colors, seal- and make skin w-hlcli will be plsoed OU Sale
AT SI 50 A PAIR styles, both the "Challtllly" lour ln-'.and and Boeapalr, | loped edg s, designs ' I drawn work. Sfilah- at from 1 eto Iga Saon. HOOdon of Ladies' Sheer Swiss embroidered
the "Clialfonto" took -carfs, in n beautiful as- I did value: will be sold during the holiday
I scalloped edge 11ndkorchiofs, iv a most select
Al 800 i AKD. 100 pairs of Nottingham I.ace curtains In sortmetlt ol black and game sail a, flgu rod, | season at 15c each. __ mmm^m^ ™—«——Masai—~——agar van tyoffl*W and beautiful designs, which
both while and ecru 3' yards long and ill Persian a nil fain y lign roil pa' I•: lis. WlllbSglteil dining the holiday aeasou for
20 nieces ofißleacheaVTablc Damask, 2 yards inches wide, in handsom." iforal effects, which Bl A PAIR. . ... p 10c, 15c,'J5c, 35c and ou'each.
wide and of extra lino, texiure, in a large va- will bo sold at *1.50 a pair. AT 750, 81. 81.80 - LAOieS COatS. .
riety of tasteful patterns, which will be sold al ' Pisa, Clark 4Flagg's Neckwear; both four-in- i 48 dozen Of th* celebrated 4-bUttOU ~ „ .
Bscyarit hand aim tecks. in a variety of nciily figured Utopia Kid Gloves, of guaranteed at, finish at JOchAtii. v .
AT BB.SO SAtln*, Persian and fancy figures, put up in ; nnd durability, in coach, fawn, brown, I Al tI 00, si..iv a.mi ir-.uu A nu.\.
flood lnrge .sized Natt'kins of similar quality ' nice caes for holiday pi**ents. I Bismftrck, porcelain. Egyptian, Damascus, [
aaddaaigu. wthh* ,„.co„„„ ss ie ttl s3.„ uZ e„ « « Gents' Winter Underwe ß r~ I 1 WffflrtSSS AT 50 KA, ' H - ™T V] T" .
handsome lioral designs, which will be sold in VBTXIS Winter UnOerWeßr. colß.tngs, whlCh Mil be sold dur Ug tho | m colors, and also solld-co ored .-ilk Hand- los ot Ladies' ture linen hem-.titolied
•.», « ~»ir - — liodday season at *l a pair. kcieh cis in drawn work designs, wh oh „_...,.,. „ ~,„., r.«.0, Initial llandkercblefs, tasiefully made up In
if-.o a pair , , vi „ he eivl .n during the holiday season at %' I-f .;e» Pruice Albert (on . ofi ne woil . | in xes of half ft dosen each, Which will bagold
, AT 50c. 20c each. L"', ,"' i ir'T . I i ,! j d ifh'g the holiday season at $1, $i.sj and
, t .„»-.„i .j noco. Toi.in i in.n k;..is. . ... ; f" puffed s eeves and self fauiigs, which will 1 *.t „ i,;, v
Just received 3 cases, of Table L.nen Bets. .„«,„.„ . SO doz Men's nnd veil Sanitary '.ray Merino i be sold at 88.90 , $-a box.
fr.ngeal and hemstitched, hue labries anlc:c- AT-82.50 A PAIR. Bhlrta and Drawers, ail silk bound and well I *1.50 A PAIR. I Mwra»»ii.«.
pant designs, ranging In pdeo from . , , llnished; special value 50c.
1001 pairs Nottinffcam Lac* t urtaina, in both UtdOxanladiea' J-button genuine French ! 1 — '
to , A _4« m . while and ecru, itill size, extra line labrio, in AT $I.OP. Kid Gloves of the celebrated System* J»y AT 15c EACH. AT 15c ASD 25c EACH.
*3.00 tO BaO.OO A DfiJa flora and Point du'.spl'll erf tots, which Will bo , -, , , . . . , . . inn ko wil b i ltl n rove.l on tern t hum I, out ii, ' _ .__ _ _
H ,nM it Msn »n.i» 55 doz. Men s caihmerc merino I ndershirt i nin«i, wi.n inipioveu paieni inumo out in AT $12.50 EACH.
soidatfß.B«apatir. aadßtawer*. in*dlum w«tht. BttUhwl with »»• Pl«»*. in all tha aewatt *had*» of _ .
ai.». i., M ,aasorlment of Tray Cloths linen ■ ailk facings and weil made, sold all summer nt br ""''i- navy lbjrdea.ix niode tan. gray, i 1 .io dozen of ladies' par* (Ilk. while, , i Jul es Silk Hemstitched Initial Hanrt-
Also alarge;aasnriment oi irny tiomi, i.men j a 1 incolen an.l black, winch will bo sold lor ■ hcnistiiohed. embroidered Initial Hand- I .ai.,i iP .i hlack fm Vsirakban Mintnrv canes kerchief.-..
Scarfs, etc'at very lo* prices. +3 p.. Miit. .„ : kerchiefs. 1.1 inches square; extra good H. *f, is V'v n „„V S i ,f, El 30t. doa of Ladies' fine silk hems'itched
U „Jl, ... value: will be sold during the holiday sea- PJS 1 / h |ShfafVriiei col ar fill or,i ie r swell initial Handkerchiefs. 13 to 15 Inches .quare.
Handkerchiefs for the at $1.00. 80 „ 16c CHl . h . • ~,n i „ i,e!„u » h !« h w '» «* w »*»p*otiv*i- during tb*
35 doz, Men's heavy, all-woo! r.iderwear. in Kg BO MehV holiday season at 15c an.l 25c each.
liitlaOnp"; both onmel's hair and undyed sanitary gray, $1.50 A PAIR.
4cascsSmvrna nnd Japanese Rugs, just re- UIWB UnHi silk bound and nicely finished, a thorough — ; —
reived in ail sizes and at extremely low prices. iioji_-shriiikfthle ga in nt, on sale nt $1 each. (10 dozen of 4-btitton Glace Genuine Kid
"* ' G'oves, of tho eoleb:ated .louvin make, with I At 25c EACH. AT 817 50 EACH AT 25c a BOX.
AT $1.50. ; improved gussets and gores, in all the , ' '
" lWkf' !0 100 dozen of ladle.' pure silk, white, 9fl , R< , ics 'genuine Baltic Military Capes I'.O doz. Children's color bordered Handler
o I ,'lida • can auisc a box s kst c bed soani. -nei afvafie at Bl fS" ler "ack ftnd white, which will be sold hemstitched, embroidered Initial Hand- 9 i* * JR 2 Slth re ,1' marie, col?ar-nni ••'•h'K lasl fully mado up in boxes suitable for
JCST RECEIVED ,ho bol " la5 seas "" *°*° C * box ' car me.it P al value at $i.oo per a gun kerchiefs 14 luehjs square; except lonnlly I „.,ugl ly liiV , Xma* presents, which will ba sold during the
.am.en.. cheap; will be sold during tha holiday sea- "Yd!? sweep nnd 2U liToh« : holiday seawn al 25c a box.
a lnrge assortment of Upholstery Fringe. Bug . AT $1 50. son at-oc each. wblch will be given lor $X .60.
and carpet Fringe, Bl'k Drapery l-nnge and Raal LaCe H'andk.erCui6fS. 3ft doz. Men s undyed Austrnlinn wool nnd $1.50 A PAIR. —— — AT FROM 750 T002.75 EACH.
Cot on Ball Fringe at our aiwaaa u< .ua_nvu.v«ii oamel'g hair Undershirts and Drawers, hue.
soil cashmere linish, warranted non-sbrink- 3tj dozen of Indies' English Wnlking AT $15.00 EACH. '
. able, extra value for $1 50 per garment. Gloves, genuine reindeer skin, with pique AT 15c EACH. Ladles' Pure Linen Embroidered llnnd-
USUAL LOW IKIOE.. I .seams, patent-cut gores and gussets, nnd . - . kerchiefs
10 dozen of Duchesse, Brussels, Valenciennes, stitched backs; tit linish and durability 32 Ladies' fine Belgian coney, full Mliilary 200doz. Ladles 1 pure linen embroidered Hand-
Vppllqne and Alonooii Lace Hdkfs, beftiitifui 75 doz. Men's A'ieunn Undershirts and IVnwers, guaranteed: iv cod it, terra cotta. sultana, j 25 dozen of ladies' pure silk, white, Capes, With a double detachable coll*rett*or kerchiefs, In Ah immense vaiicty ol new and
patterns and largo assprtment, will be offered in all-wool and merino regular nnd full fin- mnhogany. thrush and a variety of red hemstitched Handkerchiefs. 13 lii'dies cape, really a beautiful novelty, nicely I'm- elegant designs, which Will be offered during
i ■ „..,;„. n f Iho above lines cordial iv In- at 7. c Bl $1 50 9t Ss3 $4 $5, $»! 50, $7.50 Isbed. excellent goods of great durability, on browns, which will be sold during t lie holl- | square: extra good value; will bs> sold dur- Isheu with Duchoase sal in, and 2S inches in ' the holiday season at 7Sc, $1, $l.uO, $2. $2.50
vlted ii'"- fend u p' t J || 3 3 Bacn , | tale at $1 and $:.5() per gnrinenl. day -ens in at :(H-"> I a pair. j jug Ihe lioliil .y season «t 15c ench. longlli, whirdi will be sold at $15 each. | and $.'.7 t each.
Affidavit of a Man Who Fears
New York's Police.
>. 3*tldißg Contractor Who Had to
Tay Coin.
I>r. Farkhurit W»ot« Bnperlnt*ndem
ISjrnei'i iut ny lv th*
I » \ ■■ w lUfordi.
By the Associated Press.
New York, Deo. 20.—Dr. Parkhurst,
vrho has not attended the sittinga oi
the Lexow Committee for some time,
waa an early arrival today. The usual
crowd of police captaina waa preaent
and affected an unconcerned air before
tbe procsedinge opened.
In an interview Dr. Parkhnret aaid
th at in hia opinion. Superintendent
Byrnes waa, aa a representative of the
police department, one of the persons
who should by all means be placed on
the witness stand; that if such a pro
ceeding was not had the records of the
committee would not be complete.
Walter S. Harrison, a builder, testi
fied that in 181*1 and 1892 he built the
Morri* building. He was obliged to
ptvy $250 to Wardman Burns, acting for
Captain MoLaugblin, for tbe privilege
of occupying the street.
Mr. Mosb read an affidavit from ex-
Detective Stanny nought, formerly of the
Barkhurat society. Before this testimony
wn« read Mr. Morris stated that Statin v
ir-tKlit was afraid of tho New York
po! co department, consequently he re
quired five days' notice in order to get
out of the city before tbe statement
was read in opan court. The affidavit
set forth tbat on Ju'.v 2<.nb of laat
year Stannynonght mO'3e an effort to
get on the detective ior en under Inspec
tor Williams, but Williaanß wanted him
tn awear falsely against Superintendent
Wishart of the Parkhuret aociety. Tbia
he refused to do, although he acknowl
edged tbat be waa willnng, to sell the
eecrets of tbe sooiety in order to get on
tbe force. He refused to make false
oaths, and was not emphoyed by Inspec
tor Williams. Captain Allaire was then
called by Mr. Goff, and questioned con
cerning Kgan'a notorious resort on tbe
Bowery. He never aaw Kgan's license,
and did not know be bad any. He ar
rested ICgan for breaking the excise
Mr. Goff then developed toe fact tbat
Captain Allaire had received two re
quests to close tbe place hut did not do
so, and finally deolared tbat Egan bad
been indicted by the grand jury for
keeping a dive.
Captain Allaire bad never bad any
rumors of collections from the dockmen
brought to bis notice. If it bad been
be would certainly bave caused an in
Captain Stransi was oalled to tbe
"Yon are the oriental pantata?" Mr.
GofT began.
"1 believe so."
Witneßß waa BBked if he knew Officer
AYallcnstein, wbo was in tbe court
He did.
Wallenstein then left the room nnder
Witness acknowledged that he sent
Officer Leonard away from the polls on
election day in 1893 and orderad him to
watch a "fence."
"You relieved Officer Leonard be
cause he was doing bia doty?"
"I relieved him ao he couid get his
Did you aver make a
promise that if you were appointed
captain yoti would make him your
ward man ?"
"Yes, I did."
"Becauae be waa a iriend and relative
of mine."
"Was it becauae he was a good col
"I naver had any collecting to do. Ho
did regular police duty, that was all."
"Do you know," aaid Mr. Goff severely,
"that a mountain of evidence has been
introduced here to ahow that yonr ward
man did collect from you from the fast
"No, I did not. He never did any
collecting for me,"
"Now, captain, what did you mean
when you said tbat aa long as Williama
and Burns did not go back on you, you
did not tear an examination?"
"I never said that."
"Or anything like it?"
"Now, do you not know that you are
lying? Do yon not know that a man of
your ordinary intelligence would never
have been appointed by John McClave
unless he got paid for it?"
"I never paid for mine."
"And you are a monument to the fact
that McClave did appoint one man a
captain without being paid for it?"
"I gueaa I am."
The witness then went on to state
that he borrowed $2001) from his cousin,
Wallenstein, jtißt a few days before bis
appointment; just how long he did not
know. He testified that within six
months he naid the money back to his
couaiu with the exception of $500. He
stated that he decided not to use tbe
money iv refurnishing his houso and
gave it back to his cousin.
"Don't yon know that you borrowed
this money to nave in case they raised
the ante as tbey did in Creedon's case?"
"N% I do not."
Sen-tor Lexow at firs point informed
the witness 01. the tact that if be did
conleaa anything the committee would
protect him, and if he did not tell tbe
troth he waa subject to the full penalty
for perjury.
Captain Strauss afterward was ex
cused for the day.
Jacob Walleaatein, the captain's
cousin, was then called. He has been
attached to the sanitary squad for sev
eral years. He did not know bow
Strauss was going to use the money he
loaned him. Otherwise the witness
corroborated in every detail the story
told by Captain Strauss in reference to
the money, although he had been aent
from tbe room while the captain was
giving his testimony.
An American I'lti-nn Lucked Up on a
Trumpßil-up Chare;*.
Hartford, Conn., Dec. 20. —Malcolm
Agbanilian, oi this city, who has been
working to obtain the names of Ameri
can citizens held ia Armenian prisons,
learned that Dickran Tarseian, formerly
of Troy, New York, is held under pecu
liar circumstances. He left Troy a year
ago and established iron works in Har
icot, after paying a heavy license fee
demanded by the authorities.
Shortly after the factory started it was
closed by the authorities, who said the
smoke was spoiling other buildings.
Tarseian demanded a rebate of hia
license fee, but this wab relused and he
was arrested on a trumped-up charge.
He laid claim to being an American
citizen and produced hia papers, but tbe
judge tore the papers to bits and refused
to allow bitn to send a message to Con
sol Mitchell, lie wae thro.un into pris
on and remains there yet.
Kid I.avl_rif*4 Caae.
Nkw Ori.kans, Dec. 20.—The case of
Kid l.avigne and others, held for tbe
killing of Andy Bowel, was called to
lay hafnre Judge An coin, but owing to
the absenca of material witnssses, the
case went over until January 4th.
A Blizztird Sweeps Over North
western Nebraska.
Mue Feet of Snow on Uie Central
Fncilic Line.
Oregon Train. Delayed by the B.entlful
N.ar Dnoimnlr-Fierce B_nd
Storm In Color-do.
By the Associated Press.
Omaha. Neb., Deo. 20—A Unite
enow end rainstorm prevails in North
western Nebraska and tbe Black Hille
tonight. All telegraphic facilities with
the hills are cat off and no wires are
working in Nebraska west of Cbadron.
Wintry lllaste Ar* mowing Onr tha
Sacramknto, Dec. 20. —But little rain
fell here today, although the weather
was blustering and cloudy, A pretty
stifl southeaster is blowing tonight. On
the mountains along tha railroad con
siderable snow fall, the fall at Cisco be
ing three feet. There ia now npward of
nine feet at tbe summit. There is a
heavy snowstorm along the Oregon line
in the Siskiyou mountains and it ia
working south. No trains have yet had
trouble on either road. The river haa
risen very alowly and marks 111 feet at
this point.
The rainfall here for tbe month hae
been 664 inches and for tba season 7
inches, against 368 to this date last
DiNsMt iR, Cal., Dac. 20 —It haa lean
mowing here fjr 10 daya and the sno
is now from four to six leet deep Sev- |
rral slidos have occurred both sides of ',
this place, snd the south-In und train is 1
delayed » few reiies above here.
. <X
Storm Winds.
Ran Fiianci 00, Dee. 20 —Storm sig
nals indicating the approach ol severe
gales fron? tho south. were exhibited
all along the coasts o California, Oregon
and Washington today. Tins added to
the apprehension of ship owners, who |
have vessels at sea supposed tn be in tho j
track" of tbe Btorra. Ihe approaching
storm is expected to expeud its fury oil'
the month of the Columbia river. The
weather buresu reports that for the
next 24 hours the gale will be so aevcte
as to bo unusually danneous to veaselH. \
The Storm King.
San Franc'ikco, Dec. 20,—According !
to signals displayed by ti>u weather bu- i
reau, dangerous storms, now central off
the mouth of tho Columbia river, aro
anticipated. High Hotitlieast gales are
anticipated from Sau Francisco north
Terrific Sandstorm.
Moni msnt, 001,, Dec. 20.—A sand- '
storm and terrific gals visi.ed hure to- 1
day. Not a Duildini< io the wliule town :
escaped without some damage. There ,
was uo loss ol life, however.
Mtiriinr lv Mult,,.
Boise, Idaho, Dec. 20.—Charles Brigg?. ■
an elderly man, wss shot and la tally i
wounded this evening by James Elling
ion, a worthless young man with whom !
be had a dispute about money matters.
A posse is in pursuit.
When Baby was Uok, wo (p- > ber Castorm.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castona. !
When she became Bliss, she clung- to Castorla.
she had Children, sho gavethena Castorkk I
| A Moment's Delay
£ Is painful ill a MM Of footnnche. nnd
,» n>, nt yon note, Santa Clans dldii t ivjH
A* :iu niHaiK, but resort 'I to our tooth
{ nch" drois nt obc. Of course in. W a«
3* hi o;u!''ii-lioveii nnd s0«to | r iceed At
> o >to about bin gTnOl iut hismesa as
# pleasantly ns • •'ore. Oon't fool wtih ,
? Hruot tojtlmchc. but " hop 'it at once.
I Our Prescription
> Department
C N unsu pas.nl in thia country. The
C pr -l araiioti of medlcinis is our spu
\ vial y. Wo ■ uppium. in ihe nklii of m
\ • xpaitP'tarmae st wPh a atooc of abto-
C lut 'ly pure and fresh drues, whlob com
£ mand* '»* p also and c uiliicnce of ail
«T 10-a pli> s'clnns.
C we alao ia ry nil the standard ui'dl
<J oin*-and a lull line of
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| For Holiday Gifts.
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