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South jm?M,
TTAT TT\A \T T}T") T7C V? IVTHPO W E most cordiall y invite y° u to the £ rand opening of the largest, most elaborately fitted, and TT/\T TT\ A\T T\T\ T 1 IVTTHO
rIULIJJAi r jadoelN 1 j Li:™ess - " 1 Dru * Empo "" B that ever 01 *"' " s doos * Ci " fornia; ™ c may *** ° nULIJJ AI raeoilJNl o
The flutter of the wings of the Little Owl caused a panic and stampede among our would-be ,
competitors as soon as it became known that we intended to make our home with you. The Owl
f. Drug Company has been branded by the drug combine of this city as the "NOTORIOUS CUT- I J. r\c\ r r>> I
L> ot --|--| 1 *~v~\ nfTT TERS." We were boycotted for over a year by all the wholesale druggists on the Pacific Coast J_/ClvllCo JT OCX \Z L LJOOivS
X CI 111 111 CI y because we refused to enter into a compact to extort more money for goods than they were worth. ~*
J Cur aim will be to sell the purest and best drugs money can purchase at our own popular prices. i
p v j.j 1p PorH Cur experience in San Francisco is sufficient guarantee that our intentions and methods will In Lizard, Alligator, Seal
uy luc meet with popular approval. We know Los Angeles will soon become the largest city on the And Other Fashionable Leathpr«
Roger & Gallet Perfumes. KM SJfcSSiftS, m ' M "' isb "*" AU the Latest Mou »«^ s in s&, g Biiv«
•p.. -~ pv « We have fitted up a most handsome Reception Room for ladies, which, adorned with every t ttt nTT» DTDTTOTJCO TiJ
JrlliaiUCl S rePlUmePy. modern innovation, will be found to rival anything of its kind in the largest cities. O JtL.L-.l_. U I_AJIIJ OJrtUOrllliO IW
We very cordially invite you to visit and inspect our beautiful store, ENDLESS
We carry in stock more Perfumery than Saturday, December 22, 1894. nniVTRCI aMn rVTT"R"Rr.T3Ci vabtptv
The combined drug trade of Los Angeles. Every lady visitor will be presented on that day with a large and elegant 50-cent souvenir WlviJJiJ -TVi/M ±J V Aium I
package of Raymond's Floral Sachet. May the sweetness of its scent often turn your thoughts
THE OWL DRDG CO., 320 SOUTH SPRING ST. a ° early return 10 the THE OWL DRDG CO., 320 SODTH SPRING ST.
Brazilian Crnlaera Wllh Dynamite
Guns for tha Purpose
of a It iii IV.
New York, Dec. 20.—A Chinese agent
ia in Washington negotiating with
Bailor Mendonca, minister ior Brazil, for
tha purchase of tbe Nictheroy and the
Andria. These vessels were fitted ont
in New York under Mendonca's super
vision to aid the Brazilian government
put down Hello's insurgent navy. Peace
now reigns in Brazil and the ships era
lying idle at Rio or in some harbor to
the south, and it is considered that
President Moraes wonld be glad to dis
pose of them, bis present naval force be
ing sufficient without this emergency
squadron for a year or two.
An officer of the Nictheroy has been
approached by the Chinese agent and
asked to name tbe terms under which
be would navigate the vessel to Wei-
Hai-Wel and serve three months there
after in the war against the Japanese.
He demanded $3000 for the former and
15000 for tbe latter service. The pur
chase of either or both vessels would de
pend upon the enlistment of several
offioers and part of tbeir crews. This
is why the Chinese agent treats with
Jdendonca instead of with the authorities
at Rio.
The Zalinsky dynamite gun on the
Nictheroy is the main reason why China
wants the vessel. It served its purpose
In tbe Brazilian war by inspiring terror
among tha Insurgents rather than by
aay real service. The Chinese agent
thinks it will serve the same purpose
against the Japanese. Indeed, Men
donca's enemies are denouncing him for
bia expensive and useless purchases,
•nd it would strengthen his ponition if
he oonld make a good trade with China.
The purchase money would go to pay
for tbe new Brazilian navy now building
at the Armstrongs.
"If the Nictheroy ia sold," said a
gentleman familiar with the negotia
tions, "the Zalinsky gun goes with it.
That gun ought to have a ehanoe to
prove its merits. But (regretfully) the
war will be over before the Chinese can
nae it. The vessel will be commanded
and manned by Americans if tbe deal
goes through, and then il wonld see
some real fighting."
Used In tbs Antl-Balaan Craaada la
New York, Deo. 20.—A mace -meeting
waa held in the Hansen Place Baptist
church last night, at the oall of the
League for the Enforcement of Law in
Brooklyn, and tha orowd whioh filled
the pews were treated to a surprise.
The agents of the society had pressed
the band camera into service, and there
were shown npon a mighty screen with
tbe aid of the etereopticon aome big re
productions of snap shots taken laat
Sunday. The exhibition was given by
Da Qulnoy Tally. 1 7
The greater part of the views were
saloon exteriors, showing uniformed
polioemen standing idle in front of tbe
doors while children witn beer cans
were entering by the side doors or com
ing out with froth-crowned pitchers.
In more than one instance, the lecturer
explained, the unerring camera had
taken the policeman's number. The
figures on the officer's shields were in
distinct on the screen, but it is Baid that
the numbers have been a matter of re
cord for use later.
The utter unconsciousness of the fig
ures in the pictures to tbe presence of a
oamera fiend was one of the features of
the collection.
Raport or Commissioner Koso and n Reo
San Fraiscisco, Dec. 20. —Commis-
sioner of Pnblic Works Kose has made a
report on the reclamation of the swamp
lands in the interior of the state, orig
inally comprising 1,700,000 acres. For
many years efforts to reclaim these
lands have been made, the attempts at
draining costing a total of $1,700,000
and the projected reclamation proving a
practical failure. This is ascribed to
lack of system aud intelligently applied
The report recommends tbe adoption
of a complete syßtem formulated by tbe
consulting engineers, Marson and Gran
sky, who have demonstrated tbat the
Sacramento and its tributaries present
a vastly greater volume, of flood waters
than the channel can be made to carry.
Tbe engineers' plans provide for ade
quate flood channels by means of by
pass canals lying between master dykes,
passing down aud through the basins.
The flood waters over and above tbe
oapaoity of the river are permitted to
escape from tbe channel over wide weirs
constructed of concrete and raised to the
flood level of tho danger line.
Tbe report says that tbe debris from
past hydraulic mining operations will be
a cause of trouble for years as it works
its way down to the basin. The Yuba,
Bear and the American can carry nearly
all the dickens and tbey empty into the
Saoramento river not far apart.
Koss suggests that the lower course of
the Bear and the Yuba might be de
flected at moderate cost into tbe Ameri
can river basin whioh comprises 110
square milea and is large enough to im
pound past and future slickens, should
hydraulic mining be put on a legal basis
once more.
Miliars' Hill Mealing.
Mabsillon, 0., Deo. 20.—A miners'
mass meeting was held at Crystal Springs
today, at which satirical resolutions were
adopted asking the state officers to con
fer with the operators and see ii the
latter would not permit tbem to work
for tbeir clothes—they wonld provide
themselves with food. Fiery speeches
in condemnation of Moßryde were de
Much Ado About Nothing.
Victor, Colo., Deo. 20.—The city
eonncil removed Mayor Berger and sus
pended the city marsnal on the charge
of misappropriating oity funds. After
investigating, tbo committee reported
the only foundation for tbe charges was
a slight irregularity.
To the people who aro fluttering from rupiure:
Prof, Joseph Faudry, formerly ol Berlin. Ger
many, now of Santa Barbara, is practical rup
ture specialist and truss manufacturer. In
foruiatlou froe, wbereby you can become cured.
Those having triad all kinds of patent trasses
aud found no relief, also bave given up all
hope, to these people I am calling their attan
tlou and especially ask them to send me their
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Hiirheat Award.
Novel Banquet Glvan by n Veterinary
Burg BAD.
New York, Deo. 20.—A banquet of
horseflesh was given by Veterinary Sur
geon James D. Hopkins of Newark last
evening. The kitchen was given over
to the chef and his assistants, the din
ing room and parlors to tho guests, the
ladies of tbe doctor's family having been
banished to tbe upper regions. The
waiters kept up constant communication
between the table and tbe kitchen and
the doctor kept his place at tbe head of
the table throughout tbe evening, greet
ing each new comer and urging him to
eat, or repeating tbe historw of the
horse they were eating and telling how
wholesome hoisefiesh is, and how he ex
pects it to take its place in the markets
of the country in a short time to he sold
on its merits.
The most practical argument for the
introduction of horse meat, however,
was the manner in which it was served
upon this occasion, and it seemed cer
tain that the rich as well as the poor
would be convinced of ita merits if they
could get it cooked ac Dr. Hopkins bad
it prepared last night. Tbere was horse
tail soup, soup riohly flavored and nour
ishing; boiled saddle of horse with
horse radish sauce, and broiled tender
loin of horse, while the piece de resist
ance was a rib roast. There was a hot
roast and plenty of broiled ateaks and
breaded cutlets, with all imaginable
soups and relishes and a variety of vege
tables. There was a great deal of joou
lar conversation at the table, and all
sorts of horse talk, but not the slightest
indication of qualmishness, Everybody
want there with the intention of eating
what the doctor bad prepared, and the
first taste of palateable soup enconraged
all to go on with the courses.
Highwayman Opnratlno; Extensively In
Bau Francisco.
San Francisco, Deo. 20.—Footpads
are becoming bold as the winter pro
gresses, and many complaints of their
operations are being made to the police.
Last night two masked men held up a
Fotrero horse car aud robbed tbe drive r
of $3.
Early this morning three footpads
held up three citizens within a block of
each other, but did not seonre much
O. D. Lindell was pounced upon by
three men on Harrison street, near
Sixth, about 1 o'clock. He was thrown
dov/n and his pockets rifled of $2.20. A
few minutes later the same men at
tacked and beat Samuel Uilson, a watcu
man. His cries summoned assistance in
the shape of three polioemen, who
caught Frank Kenealey, one of the rob
bers. Tbe others fled.
Carrlagan for Baaaoaat Kid la.
Washington, Deo. 20.—The war de
partment has awarded to the Kilby
Mauufaottiring company of Cleveland
the contract for making 10 disappearing
gun carriages for the 10-inch seueoast
rifles. Freeh proposals were issued this
afternoon for supplying nine or more of
the same type of carriages.
Found Daad In a Cabin.
Woodland, Dec. 20.—The body of a
man supposed to be a tramp was discov
ered in a deserted cabin a mile above
Blacks today. The body was in a cor
ner and resting nn all fours. Coroner
Bean will probably hold an inquest to
Mgr. Satolli Will Mot l>iicu«ii Orders
a* Concerning Sacrat Societies.
Washington, Dec. 20.—Mgr. Sstolli,
tbe apostolic delegate, says any inform
ation concerning the recent letter to
Bishop McDonell, affecting secret soci
eties most come from the bisbop. The
delegate says his only office in the mat
ter was to transmit the communication
exactly as it came from Rome, and that
it involved no aotion or ruling on his
He was asked if tbe ban of tbe cbnrcb
was to be placed on other secret socie
ties than the Knights of Pythias, Odd
Fellows and Sons of Temoerance, bnt
be declined to give any information as
to how specific societies were affected,
or what punishment would be viaited
upon tbeir individual members in oaae
tbey continued their membership.
A high ecclesiastical authority ontside
of the delegation station stated that it
was his understatding that the action
of tbe church aa against ssoret societies
in general rather than a specific society
being designated. This, however, could
not be verified from the delegate. He
insisted that as be was merely a chan
nel of communication in this case he
had no concern in the subject, and tbe
proprieties required that tbe bisbop
who received tbe communication should
be the one to judge how far it should be
made public.
baseball arbitration.
Barnts and Pfaffer's Cases Heard In
New York.
New Yobk, Dec. 29.—William B. Bar
nie and Fred Pfeffer were he ard before
tha board of arbitration of the National
Baseball league today, the former ver
bally and the latter by a long written
statement. The question was upon the
restoration of the two famous players
to their former standing in the league.
Neither Barnie nor President Young
would say to tbe press representatives
what passed before tbe board nor would
Young disclose the nature of Pfeffer's
communication. Barnie hurriedly left
tbe hotel, in which the arbitrators met,
to consult his attorney. As he went he
said he had not come before tbe board
to hnmbte himself nor to cringe. He
had been notified of his privilsge to ap
pear at the meeting and, was in
attendance by the advice of bia attorney.
The board "decided to reinstate Barnie,
but refused to do tbe same for Pfeffer.
Edward Raynolds Bays Ha Was Electsd
to the Leg-lalature.
San Francisco, Dec. 20. — Edward
Reynolds, Democratic nominee for tbe
assembly from the Forty-second district,
tbis alternoon entered a contest against
I. M. Merrill, the Republican candidate
wbo waa declared elected. Illegal voting
in three precincts and misconduct on
the part of precinct election officers is
charged. The county clerk has ap
pointed a commission of justices of the
peace to take testimony in the matter to
bn referred to the legislature.
Kidney Tronble Cored.
Long Beach, Cal., Oct. 31, 181)4.—D. W
Fletcher of this place makes the following
statement: "Four and one-half bottles ot Hood's
Barsaparilla have cured me of a very bad case
of kidney trouble."
Hood's Flits oure all liver ills.
Br, Parker, dentin, 12(% Wast First street
Appreciative Spectators Make Up a Parte
and Present It to tha Phenome
nal Batsman.
Bydney, N. 8. W., Dec. 20.—What is
prononnoed to be tbe most remarkable
cricket game ever played was conolnded
today. Stoddart's All-English eleven
played a game with All-Australia.
In the first inning All-Australia soored
580, of which Gregory made 201 runs.
This so delighted tbe excited crowd of
Australians present tbat they subscribed
a purse of 100 guineas on the spot,
which was presented to the phenomenal
cricketer by the governor, Robert Duff.
Tbe All-English then went to the bat
and in the first inning soored 325 runs.
Not having equaled tbe first inning soore
of All-Austrailia, the Englishmen went
in again and in their Beoond inning
scored 437, making the total of All-
Kngland 762 runs.
The Australians then went in for the
second inning, and amid a scene of most
intense excitement they scored 166 runs,
making their total 752.
The English boys won the match,
which lasted four days, by a score of 762
to 752, winning by 10 runs.
Another Bad Smath-Cp on tha Oakland
Oakland, Pec. 20.—Tbe local train on
Seventh street, from San Francisoo, ran
into a car of the Alameda, Oakland and
Piedmont electrio line this forenoon at
the cjssing of Twenty-third avenue,
smashing tbe side of the car badly but
not injuring it to any extent nor break
ing any of the machinery of the car.
The conductor of the electrio ear gave
hia motorman a signal to go ahead at
the crossing, after stopping, and while
the local train was standing at a station
only a few feet away.
The train started forward, striking the
oar right in tbe center. All of the glass
in the side of the car was broken. No
one was injured.
A Severe Latson Tanght to tha
Rome), Deo. 20. —A dispatch from Mas
sowah. Egypt, announces that six com
panies of Italian troops, nnder com
mand of Major Teseeli, defeated the
Arabs yesterday near Halai. A large
number of natives were killed. The
Ttalian force lost 10 killed and 22
wounded. It was composed entirely of
native soldiers, drilled and officered by
Italians. It is believed that this victory
will prevent any further intrigues on
the part of Abyssinians. The Italian
commander-in-chief reports everything
quiet in the direction of Soudan.
Inoraeaa la Cotton Duties.
St. Petersburg, Dec. 20.—The Novoess
says the council of empire has sanc
tioned the increase of ootton import
duty. It is done probably at the in
stance of cotton growers in Turkestan,
wbo complained of competition of Amer
ican-grown cotton.
A Declaration With a Political Signifi
Denver, Dee. 20.—There was a large
attendance of representative men at tha
convention of the Colorado State Silver
lesgne today. After a hot discussion
tha following resolution was adopted
with only two dissenting votes:
"That the words non-partisan bs
stricken from the constltntion and by
laws wherever they appear, and that
tbe members of the Colorado Silver
league refuse to affiliate or work with
any political party wluioh does not na
tionally declare unequivocally in favor
of the free and unlimited coinage of sil
ver at the ratio of 16 to 1."
Ed K. Holden wanted the convention
to endorse the People's party, bnt this
it refused to do.
G. S. Thomas, Democratic national
committeeman from Colorado, in a
epeech. aaid:
"If, when tbe next presidential nomi
nations are made; the men who are now
backing Cleveland and sanctioning
every move that is made by Carlisle in
regard to tbe financial question, come
to the support of the party whioh
elected Mr. Cleveland, that party will
meet politioal death and will sink into
oblivion. And if, on the other band,
the same element—Wall street—shall
be the soonaer for the Republican nom
inee, tbat party, too, will meet the
same deserving fate."
G. GK Merrick waa re-elected presi
dent of the league.
Heavy Property Losses In Tear
Nashville, Term., Deo. 20.—Fire to
day destroyed the stores of W. K.
O'Brien & Co., S. Wall, N. Martin &
Co., and Scales, Stockwell & 00. Loss,
Morristown, N. J., Deo. 20.—The
Babcock block, a four-story structure,
in which were the First National bank,
and Kalzi'a clothing store, waa burned
today. Loss, $100,000.
New Orleans, Dec. 20.—Fire at Na
poleonville. La., laat night destroyed
seven blocks, including most of the
business portion of the town. Loss,
Napa, Dec. 20.—A fruit packing
house, tool abed and tools, belonging to
L. M. Tnrner, of town, waa burned last
night. Loss, about $1300. No insur
ance. Cause unknown.
A Choctaw Nation Murderer Allowed to
Uo Free.
Fort Smith, Ark., Dec. 20.—Judge
Parker in tbe criminal court today, de
cided tbat his court has no jurisdiction
in the case of a prisoner named Brown,
charged with murder, and ordered
Brown's release.
This was one of the oases from the
Choctaw nation, from whioh grew the
Chootaw law of last year. The dis
charge of Brown ia a relief to many
othere in the nation who were implica
ted with him.
A Considerate .Tndg*.
San Francisco, Deo. 20.—James A.
Coffey, a police court lawyer, today
called Prosecuting Attorney Reed a liar
while Judge Campbell's oonrt was in
session. Jndge Campbell considerately
adjonrned oourt while Reed adniinis
i tared a beating to Ooffey.
Explanation Given as to the Came of •
Heavy Failure.
Milwaukee-, Wis., Dee. 20.—Ths store
of H. 8. Mack, an old and prominent
clothing house, was dosed nnder chattel
mortgages yesterday, and last night real
estate and ohattel mortgages amounting
to $125,000 ware placed oo reoord by
various Milwankes and western parties.
Herman S. Maok waa the sols proprietor
of the establishment. It is aaasrted by
attorneys interested that the assets will
scarcely pay the mortgages on the con
cern. The financial tronblo ef Mr.
Maok began at the timo of tho money
panic, as be lost his banking faoilitlea
by tbe closing of the bank he dealt
with. Then followed tbe depreciation of
goods and poor bnsiness. It is not at
present known just what disposition will
be made of the stock to satisfy tho
In tbe last two yeara a business form
erly amounting to $200,000 annually haa
not been $80,000 per annum, with ex
penses nearly aa large as before,
HOLD word:'
"of irreproachable
"cheap as well as good:*
"invalids are recom
mended to drink it."
"the demand for it is
grea t and increasing."
The Times, London.
TliPAuin Many ol our customers
lulOWn d *te the commencement
of their recovery from
ft i r rheumatism to tbe day
vrillCDuS tne y beg** te use Paine a
t'elery compound. Try it.
t\W(.V. C. F. H KIN/. KM AN,
J 222 N. Main it
Uniteo St\tks Land Office, j
_ Los Anuei.es. Cal., Nov. 27, 1894.)
hereby given that tho Southern Pacifio
Railroad company (Main Line), has filed iv
this office a list of lands situated in the town*
ships described below, and has applied for a
patent for said lands; that the list is open to
tbe public for inspection, and a copy thereof,
by descriptive subdivisions, has been posted
in a convenient place In this office for the In
spection oi all persons interested, and the
public generally.
Within the next sixty days, following tha
date of this notice, protests or contests against
the claim of the company to any tract or sub
division described in the list, on the ground
that the sruio is more valuable for mineral
than agricultural purposes, will be received
nnd noted for report to the cieneral Land Office
at Washington. I>. C,to wit:
Supplemental List 22.
List No. 24. Selections made October 3,
Township H X, Range 23 W., 8. B. M.
Township 12 N., RRinre 22 W., a B. M.
Township 12 N., Range 23 W., S. B. M.
T, J. BOLTON, Resistor.
F-lOt ENOCH KNIGHT, Receiver.
FOB ROCK Barthlomew * Oa.,

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