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TT\ i V T)D TTQ Tv TVIHTC !W E mOSt cordially invite you t0 the grand opening of the largest, most elaborately fitted, and jr T TT\ A T7 C 1 17* IVTHFO
f~j V)1J1 \3 /V 1 | 1* IjiJ fj J[ >_) " most richly stocked Drug Emporium that ever opened its doors in California; we may say, in j J-j j[ J, j |fIJ /\ | AIA £_< )J j_J |. X
The flutter of the wings of the Little Owl caused a panic and stampede among our would-be |
competitors as soon as it became known that we intended to make our home with you. The Owl [ -i -i H
s+ Drug Company has been branded by ttie drug combine of this city as the "NOTORIOUS CUT-1 | o/~l 1 I—'/""v/"*! TCk^\~\r\r^
PfTT TERS." We were boycotted for over a year by all the wholesale druggists on the Pacific Coast | | \ \ JT L UOwJIVO
1 v3JL x V I because we refused to enter into a compact to extort more money for goods than they were worrh. ! '
yV ! Our aim will be to sell the purest and best drugs money can purchase at our own popular prices, 1
Py fhe Cord ! our cx P erienc e in San Francisco is sufficient guarantee tnat our intentions and methods will In Lizard, Alligator, Seal
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rinaUCl S reriUnißry. modern innovation, will be found to rival anything of its kind in the largest cities. | UIL _1_ U L-LJI U DnUOniliO ia
We very cordially invite yo i to visit and inspect our beautiful store, ENDLESS
We carry m stock more Perfumery than SATURDAY, December 22, 1894, AKTTi IVrTR"Rri~RC2 vartft\
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1 package of Raymond'! Floral Sachet. May the sweetness of its scent often turn you.- thoughts j
THE OWL DRUG CO., 320 SOOTH SPRIG " " dy reiora t0 "" OWL DRUG CO., 320 SOOTH SPRING ST.
Vellnre of the Regletrar of Volare to
file Returna With the Secretary of
State Caaaei Trouble.
Sacramento, Dec. 21.—Qovernoi-eleot
Budd went to ths capitol this morning,
accompanied by Captain Charles Aull.
Tbe general impression prevails that
Mr. Budd is interviewing Governor
Markham regarding the removal of
Registrar Evans for violating tbe law in
having failed to file the San Franoisco
returns with the seorstary of state. This
morning an Evening Bee reporter had a
talk with the governor-eleot at the Sut
ter club. Mr. Budd said:
"Registrar Evans Is an appointee of
Governor Markham's, and can be re
moved by tb'at official if hedoeß not file
Inn returns, and tbe governor can ap
point some one who will obey the iaw.
From wont I know of Governor Mark
ham I think be will do it. Hs ia a law
abiding ollioinl."
The governor-elect says be intends to
take his seat on tbe 7tli of January and
thai hs will be sworn in.
Ban Francisco, Dec. 21.—1n an inter
view this morning Registrar Evans
stated that the abstract of the vote oast
for governor and lieutenant-governor
wonld be completed today, and would
be mailed to the speaker of the assembly
at Sacramento tonight or tomorrow.
The Democratic foreman of the grand
jury, with several members of tbe
Democratic central committee, notified
Registrar Evans today that if the de
layed election returns from San Fran
cisco were not forwarded to Sacramento
this evening criminal proceedings would
he commenced against him tomorrow.
Evans promised to sond the returns to
night. _
The N> v Exxon,ivc Kntartalned by tha
Iroquois Club.
San Francisco. Dec. 21. —Governor-
elect Budd was given a reception by the
Iroquois club this evening and conclud
ed an address upon tbe gubernatorial
contest by say ing ominously.
"If 1 am put out aud disorder follows,
those responsible therefor will have to
take the consequancea."
Tha Crl.pl Scandal.
FbOBINoa, Deo. 21.—Lazione says that
Biguor Tanlongo, formerly director of
tbe Banca Romana, has affirmed before
an examining magistrate that the cal
umnious roporti against Premier Crispi
was found among papers turned over to
too committee of the chamber of dep
uties by Premier Giolitti. Signor Tan
longo is roported to have said he signed
this report at the ministry of interior,
to which place he waa conveyed secretly
in tbe night.
Hl* Pourtli I..ase „f £,lf,.
Washington, Dec. 20.—The president
hits respited, for the fourth time, Thos.
fit. Olair, sentenoed to he hanged in
California for marcier on the high seas.
The last reapite would expire on ths
3lt( inst., and the extension, which is
intended to afford an opportunity for a
decisiou oa appeal in a case by the su
premo court, rum until January 20th.
Sir Chariot Rivera Wl'auu la Dl.natlillo.l
With It.
San Francisco, Doc. 21. —Sir Charlea
Rivers Wilson, ths special delegate of
the British holders of Central Pacific
railway ssenrlties, arrived in the city
thia afternoon. Sir Charles represent)
(JO per cent of the $68 000,000 ol Central
Pacific stook held in Eogland, Holland
and the United Stales, and bli mission
here is to ascertain the precise conditio i
of the railroad's affairs.
In an interview today he expressed
his dissatisfaction with tbe Keilly fund*
ing bill. He thinks on the basis of 3
per cent as proposed :n tbe bill there
would be nothing left for the stockhold
ers and he thinkß the bondholders have
been having things all their own way
long enough. Sir Charles says tho
foreign stockholders are also dissatisfied
with tbe present rule by which tbe
Southern Pacitio operates the Central
Pacific Under the former syßtem the
stockholders were guaranteed annual
dividends, bat under the operation ol
the present contract not a dollar goes
out for this purpose.
Tbe reason for this, Sir Charles says,
is that although tbe foreigners own a
majority of tbe shares the stook is un
registered, and they bad no voioe in de
termining the present nrraatgasnent, and
in fact their wishes were not even con
sulted when the existing contract waß
under consideration.
Prospect for Payment nf All Bltla of aa
Insolvent Company.
San Bb:;nardino, Dec. 21.—Willard
M. Sheldon, receiver of the Semi-Tropio
Land and Water company, is making
progress in settling no the affairs of tbe
company, which is owner of 39,000 aores
of land near Rialto. Some $115,000 of
the indebtedness baa been extinguished
in the last six months, (saving $400,000
to be provided for in future. There is a
prospect all claims will bs satisfied soon
and the reoeiver discharged.
Hantlng-ton Haye 80.
San Francisco, Deo. 21.— H. E. Hunt
ington of tbe Southern Pacific does not
believe that tbe new road which Mr.
Homer proposes to build to Los Ange
les will ever be constructed. Mr. Hunt
ington thinks that the San Joaquin val
ley cannot support another railroad.
Manager Leeds of tha Traffic associa
tion is also skeptical about ths proposed
road and does not think the soheme
practicable. ,
Fatally Stabbed.
Santa Rosa, Deo. 21. —There is great
excitement in Gaerneville, a small town
in the Redwoods, over a stabbing affray
in which tTO of the town's prominent
citizens engaged. Robert Sterrett at
tempted to pat Sam Black out of his
saloon and Black stabbed bim five times
in the back with a large pocket knife.
Sterrett will probably die.
Pllad on Graven.
San Francisco, Doc. 20.—A mechan
ic's lien on fonr graves waa the strange
document filed with the recorder today.
The lien was for $20 claimed to be due
11. Ralston by John and Luigi Farari
and was tiled upon four graves in the
Italian cemetery.
A Slaughter or Rabbits.
Lamar, Col., Deo. 21.—Tbe annual
rabhit bunt continued today. The total
number killed is estimated at 10,000,
breaking all previous records.
9AS n *<mn* _________ SATTJRDAY MORNING" DECEMBER 22J 18H
4 Sallnr»' H >-r.ll, g HtlUSa Flr-rt hy a ;
IfaSOtt MxtiOiilon and Totally
r> «a t r«»y c.l*
, I
Vaiximi. Cel.. Dec. 31. —At 2:50 ]
! o'clock this morning a lamp exploded
'in the old Philadelphia house, known
'as th 9 Sailors' home, located on Geor
gia street, n?ar the wharf. Jack Finn,
proprietor of the hotel, John Ball and
George Josslvn, three of the 12 msn
deeping in the house, were bnrneJ to j
death. The rest etcuped with their
lives. The bodies were terribly disflga
tired, the limhs being toially burned off.
Finn and Hell were both ex-meu-of
warsmen. Josslyn was quartermaster
of tbe U. S. S. Independence His
time would have been out in two
months, 1-inn has a wife living in Los
Angeles. Her brother, James O'Con
nor. waß on v visit to Finn, but escaped
without injury. In addition to the
Philadelphia house, two buildings on
each side were damaged to v slight ex
tent. There was $800 insurance on the
burned building- The other two are
insured for $1500. Firemen are still
working in the ruins to see if other
bodies are in the debris.
Tha Kank«r Will Malp to Frimi San
Franciico** New Chartnr.
San Francisco. Dec. 21.—The free
holders of the city and comity of San
Francisco met this afternoon for organ
ization. I. W. Hellman was present,
not only with his certificate of election,
bat with a communication from his
awyer, B. F. Bergen, in which he is
authorized to take his seat as a board
member and fulfill tbe duties to which
he has been elected.
Bergen holds that Hellman is in honor
bound to act with tbe board. He says
the law required that 15 freeholders be
elected; that so far as anybody knows
15 were elected and that he should not
retire, thus invalidating the work of tbe
board should it proceed without him.
He says tbat he (Hellman) is a lawful
member of the board until the court de
cides that he is not, and this decision
cannot be brought about except by the
attorney-general of tbe state bringing
the matter before the supreme court
and this, he can only do npon the pe
tition of citizens. Therefore, tbe
opinicn concludes, Mr. Hellman is in
honor hound to serve until so enjoined
by the court.
Tho Torch Appllad.
Crawpohdsvillk, Ind., Dso. 21.—The
citizens of Newmarket, to the number
of 25, marched to the Newmarket saloon
and applied the torch, and tbe building
and its contents were burned to the
This is the second time in two years
that the place has burned oat, tbe peo
ple declaring that no saloon will be
Wlaa Cuurta loTaatlgatlon.
San Francisco, Dec. 21. —Collector
Wise denies that be violated any civil
service rules end says that he courts tbe
investigation of Commission Roosevelt's
charges against him, soon to be torn*
FOUND AND unknown.
ISdttf atS'TOftl *tml.. t«i Ablnct a Young
Brpf Aio. >;. y., Dtc. ill.—wh»o Mrs,
Fred Bixter of tiirf.rtf. Pa., attains tho
ag* of 21 she will receive a lsgecy ol
110,000 left to her by a maiden mint
who died in the province ol Onlairn
about 18 months ago. If Mrs. Blatter
dies belore that ti:ne the property w.ll
go to other heirs iv Canada.
Thia provision of toe will is sOppOied
to he tiie excuseol three attempts which
have recently been made to abduct Mrs.
iiaxter, who is vow 18 years old. Her
father is proprietor of the Rhodes houl
in i iirard, where sue and her husband
live. She was found iast night bound
band and foot and gained in the garden
near the entrance to the hotel baru.
When discovered she was unconscious.
S c was carried iuto tbe bo.ioe and a
physician luminoned. He found that
nho wao suffering from the application
of some drusr.
When she recovered she *aid she
could only remember that alter she was
passing through the hotel hallway in
the front of the building some one seized
her from behind and thrust a sponge
over her nose and mouth. It is thought
her captors were scared away when tbey
bad taken ber as far ai tbe place where
she was found. About this time a wagon
was heard to drive rapidly away from
tbe hotel but no one thought of any
harm, so the vehicle and ite occupants
or occupant got away unnoticed. This is
the third attempt to kidnap Mrs. Bax
Mrs. Baxter is unable to give a good
description of the men, notwithstanding
her three experiences. The family will
not give the names of the old heirs,who
are suspected of trying to get Mrs. Bax
ter out ol tha way.
Report of tbe Faoiflo Halt Company for
Btx Monthe.
Nbw York, Dbc. 21.—The Pacific Mail
Steamship company's report for six
months ending Ooteber 31st is as fol
lows: Gross earnings, $1,940,843; oper
ating expenses, $1,557.651; net. $383,691;
extraordinary expenses, $75,000; sur
plus earnings, $308,691. Tbe Atlantic
line earned $87,896, Pan-American line
$088,784, Transpacific $673,622. In ad
dition to $75,000 charged to extraordi
nary expenses, $87,854 were expended
in current repairs and charged to oper
ating expenses.
The fleet has been kept in first-class
efficiency. The cost for general and
extraordinary repairs was, on October
31st, $170,088. The company has ao
bonds outstanding. Eliminating con
tingent assets and liabilities, current
deferred aesetts are $245,370 greater
than like liabilities April 30th. Liabili
ties exceeded assets $776,740, showing a
gain in six months of $1,022,050. Since
Ootober 31st, bills payable have been
reduced from $250,000 to $150,000.
Against this it has $96,336 cash and
$57,000 Iron Mountain bonds, about
enough to pay ofl the entire amount of
outstanding loans.
Cnucueerl With Leglalatort.
Pan Francisco, Deo. 21.—A confer
ence was held here today between a
number of men who will ait in tbe com
ing state legislature and committees
from tbe San Francisco chamber of
commerce aud tbe board of trade. Sev
eral proposed amendments to the laws
of tbe state were discussed, bnt the
principal matter under discussion was
the insolvency law, to which a score of
amendments were proposed.
The Tlimbiml of the V ctlra of Hit To
ll ka Trssjeiiy l*t*lbg at San
Tip'ka, Knn , Doc. 21.—The most
plausible theory regarding the murder
of Mrs. Mutsoa appears to be that she
was murdered by some ono familiar
with her wars and who knew she kept
money in tbe house, collocted each
mouth from half a dozen tenements.
Mrs. Matain's husband, from whom she
is separated but not divorced, lives in
San Diego.
She was expecting him to visit her in
Topeka some time this month. A mes
sage was received thin afternoon from
San Diego: "Mr. Matßon is otill in tho
oity, but has beard nothing ol the mur
der. Your message has been tent to
his house, about two miles out." He is
a music teacher.
Today letters were found in Mrs. Mat
son's house written by her husband
from California in November. They
told of come domeßtio trouble between
the two and expiessed contrition ou the
part of her husband and desire to re
turn to Topeka, which place be left
eight years ago.
San Dihoo, Dec. 21.—The husband of
Mrs. A. 1). Matson, who was foully mur
dered some days ago in her house in
Topeka, Kan., and discovered Thnriiday
afternoon, lives in the suburbs of San
Diego, wbero he has purchased several
lots. He ia staying here for bis health.
The first he knew of the terrible affair
was when he was notified by Attorney
L. A. Wright, whe received word from a
friend at Topeka that Mr. Matson was
to be found here. Mr. Matson said that
he had no idea of the identity of the
murderers as he knew of no trouble be
tween his wife and others, and in fact be
had been away for several months and
did not know of the domestic arrange
ments at his home. He said tbat the
last letter from his wife, received some
weeks ago, waa to the effect that she in
tended to go to their ranoh, some 125
miles from Topeka, on business. It was
there, when Mr. Matson first heard of
her murder, that he supposed the deed
was committed.
After the Whisky Trust.
Cincinnati, 0., Dso. 21.—The Amick
Chemical company will sue ibe whisky
trust for psrmitting rebate checks to go
to protest. Rebate checks were returned
because all the purchases were not
made from distributors indicated by the
trust. Tbe attorneys say they propose
to test the power of the whisky trust to
demand the business bouses to disclose
to them their private affairs and their
reasons for purchasing goods from other
Oat to Pieces By a Train.
Tucson, Dec. 21. —The remains of a
one-legged man, scattered along the
road Tor several hundred feet, were
picked up this morning by a section
crew 10 miles west ot here on the line of
tbe Southern Pacific. Investigation de
veloped tbe fact tbat deceased was a
tramp named John Fletcher, 30 years
old aud met his terrible fats while rid
ing on a brake beam.
tjoutinued from First page.
set on Mrs forward, which was extin
guished with difficulty. The Chen Yuen
gallantly placed herself between the
Japanese vesiels and the Ting Yuan,
taking tbe fire of tbe fleet while her
flagship extinguished the flames. The
main Japanese squadron continued tbe
action with tbe battleships, bnt though
their projectiles hit time and again, the
14-inch armor was more than a match
for the Japanese lighc guns.
Tbe Japanese loss consisted of 10
officers aud CO men killed and 160 of all
r.'.nks wounded. Nm» of their vessels
were lost, the Matsushim, Hiyei and
Akagi sustaining the most severe dam
Tbe Chinese loss consisted of ths fol
lowing named vessels destroyed: Lai
Yuen, belted crniser of 2800 tons; Chin
Yuen, a protected cruißer of 2000 tons ;
Yang Wei. proteoted cruisor of 1300
tons, and Chao Yuen, ber slstsr ship.
The Ping Yuen, Cbiu Yuen and Long
Yuen suffered much from fire. Tbe
Chinese loss of olfiaers and men is un
known, but it is not thought any were
picked up from the three ships tbat
sunk in action. None of the Japanese
vessels used torpedoes in action.
Boston Polio* Commission.™ Place ao
Kinbargo on Them.
Boston, Deo. 21. —After aa executive
session lasting for several hoars, the
board of police, which has been investi
gating the propriety of the Sunday
evening concerts, has decided to revoke
the licenses granted to the Palaoethsa -
ter, Howard Atheneum and tbe Grand
dime museum. No notion was takoa in
tbe cases of the Boston and Hollis-street
theaters, judgment in tbe former case
being suspended on account of a dis
The reason given for revoking tbe
three licenses is that the managers of
those theaters do not pay special atten
tion to the sacredness of the Sunday
concert programmes. The licenses were
granted by the board of aldermen, but
under an act of tbe legislature of 1894
the board oi police is given authority to
revoke the lioenses granted by the
aldermen. This decision is looked upon
as a viotory by tbs leaders of tha move
ment against Sunday concerts.
Tbe Indian Way.
Omaha, Neb., Dso. 21.—A speoial to
the Bee from Roaebnd Agency, S. D.,
The wife and t>-r sar-old son of Yellow
Bull, a snb-ohief of the Sioux, were
found in an isolated spot Wednesday,
badly mutilated. Whan last seen they
were being followed by John Lanse, a
graduate of the Carlisle school, and
Thunder Hawk, a lieutenant of police.
Lance was arreatsd, but Thunder Hawk
fled. Lance tells a story implicating
himself and Thunder Hawk.
At tha Old Stand.
San Francilco, Dec. 21.— E. 0. Ewell,
bneiDCBS manager of Sequoia, the organ
of the Stanford university, has paid H.
S. Crocker & Co. the amount of hia
overdue account, and the firm haa sent
Ewell a written statement that civil and
not criminal proceeding! had been con
templated against him.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Mistiest Award.
News Received rrona tha Mount Ratals*
Exploring Parly.
Seattle, Wash., Deo. 21.—A message,
brought by a homing pigeon from tha
Post-Intelligencer Monnt Rainier party,
dated Carbon river cation, Tfturiday
noon, says tha party la five miles from
tbe Carbon glacier. The tramp was de
layed by heavy packs, bad traila and a
recent fording of Carbon river. The
temperature Thursday morning was 20
degrees above zero, bnt was moderated
by warm winds from the steaming
crater. It may be necessary to ge en
tirely around the mountain and ap
proach the summit from the south. The
men are all well.
Shot Hia Colon.l.
Calcutta, Dec. 21.—Colonel Money el
tbe Ninth lancers, has been shot dead
by a member of his own regiment.
Tim Siberian Railway.
Vladivostock, Dec. 21.—A •action of
the new Siberian railroad, 235 mi lot
long, was opened for traffic yesterday.
:[l Many ot our customers
lillOiVQ date the commencement
of cheir recovery Iron
ft „l„l,„„ rheumatism to lbs day
tmtCDCI tneyhaganto nic Fame's
Celery oom pound. Try It,
J 222 N. Mala St.
Partnership Notice.
geles, county of Los Angeles.
We, the undersigned, do hereby certify that
we are partners, transacting business in this
state at the city of Los Angeles, county of Los
Angeles, under the firm name and style of
Morton it dough Sew England l'ork Market;
that the names in full of all the members of
such partnership are: Henry C. Morton ana
Thomas 1., dough, and that the piece of our
respective residence are set opposite our res
pective names hereunto subscribed.
In witness whereof we have hereunto set our
hands this 13th day of December, 1594.
Names. Residence.
HENRY C. MORTON, I.os Angeles City.
THOMAS U (JOUUIi, Los Angeles City.
State of California, County of Los Angeles,
City of i.os Angeles:
On this tilth day of December, one thousand
eight hundred and ninety-four, before me, 0.
G. Johnson, notary public in and for the city
of Los Angeles, county of Los Angeles, person
ally appeared Henry (.'. Morton and Thomas L.
tiough, personally known to me to he the same
persons whose names are subscribed to the
within instrument, and they duly acknowl
edged to me that they executed the same.
In witness whereof 1 have hereunto set ray
hand and allixed my official seal the day and
year in this certificate iirst above written.
Notary Public In and for the County of Los
Angeles, State of California. 15-Sat at
Stockholders' Meeting.
regular annual meeting of the stockhold
ers of Ihe National Hank of California, at f.o*
Angeles, will be held at tbe hanking office oi
said corporation, on the northeast corner of
Second and Spring streets, ia the city of Mis
Angeles, on Tuesday, the Bth day of Janu-tr
1595, between the hours of 1 and rt o'elori.
p.m. of said day, for the purpose of electing «
board of directors for the eusuing year ate! I
transaction of such other business as may
brought before the meeting.
A. HADLEY, Cashier
December 7, 189*. W
Ths regular COURSE OF LECTURES mi'
begin Monday, January 7, 1895, at 9 a.rn ,
the College building. Stockton slreet, u-a
Chestnut, San Francisco.
K. A. McI.KAN, M.D., Dean,
305 Kearny St., cor. Hush,
la-aaaoaaW «oo rroacisco.

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