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•JuJge Weed Threatens to Im
peach President Lukens.
The Southern Pacific Fie;ht at Pasa
dena Grows Hot.
Aa Interview With Mayor Lnk.uj—To
day's Kvanta — Personals.
Na«l Notes.
!' sadena, Dsc. 31.—"1 hereby give
:e to this council tbat I shall pre
articles of impeachment against
oresideut ol tha council, Mr. T. P.
a. 30i,for refusing to declare that reso
| n passed and to sign the same as
iding officer!" The speaker was
Weed of tbe city council of Pasade
t the regular session of that body
irday afterneon. Tho cause of tbe
>uti reak was Mr. Lukens' refusal
Are a resolution passed granting to
| > > -Southern Pacific company a frnn
sto enter the city over Broadway
'! lie meeting was one of tbe warmest
affaire which has occurred in the Crown
oi lie Valley for many a year,aud those
ant will long remember the gallant
- , which was made for the prop3ity
i 3rs by two members,
1 members were present when Pros
it.ert Lukens called the meeting to or
<ier viz: Councilman Cox, Hamilton,
" Wt ;d and Washburn with Mr. Lukens
in ' :e chair.
c lobby was crowded with inter
est' I citizens and railroad men, Buper
l.-.ti ident Muir and Mr. L. I. Jewett of
ioe southern Pacific among tha num
- .
I la mediately npon the reading of tbe
. . ites Mr. Cox moved that bids be
i i-eoed for a franchiee to operate a
Bteu n railway over Bnadway avenue.
r motion at once brought about a
- ion and showed how tho contest
on tbe matter. Messrs. Weed, Cjx
an I Washburn voted for the motion.and
i - dent Lukens and Mr. iUmil-on
» ist it. President Lukens: "[declare
lotion lost. It requires a two ih rda
to pass an ordinance grafting this
bise. and all proceedings leading
Kir. v it should be Bimilaiiy governed "
.' .s brought Mr. We?d to hia feet in
a taut.
appeal from the decision of the
and demand a roll call on the ap
ore the appeal was put Mr. Stevens,
torney representing various prop
wners on Broadway, made aspecch
ich .ie held that the president had
tot right to deciaie the motion
hd that no appeal could he had.
Weed—"l don't want to wage a
tal warfare against the parties who
posing the Southern Pacific, but I
to see the road come in. lam
0 see that this is done. I demand
lidont Lukens—"My position on
luestion has bean clear from tbe
and 1 feel it is correct. I have
a wanted to see the Southern Pa
■ >mpany come in to Pasadena, and
c it would be a benefit to tbe city.
1 turn over property belonging to
prtv n citizens for this purpoae is an
ihing, and I shall never vote for
anchiee until this matter of dnns
i arbitrated. The property own
a petition to tho council agreed to
by the decision of a board ol arb -
I i, but the railroad company de
li to indorse the proposition."
Hamilton —"I agree with Mr.
s. The authority by which the
ise was offered for sale was no
fa Ishttll never vote for this fran
mtil the company has done Hi.
clerk then called the roll on the
> . from tbe decision of the chair.
Jte stood: Oox, Weed. Washburn,
[amiiton, no, tbe chair not being
, . d-to vote.
• debate the:* grew warmor.
Washburn —Is the president saia- :
rith tbe Southern Fucinc com
i treatment of him personally in
Lukens—l have no personal feel
batever in this matter.
L'l ruling of the chair haying been
led, the bid of the Southern Pacific
$50,000 for $100.
sum named in the offer of the
' am Pacific company was $100 for ti
i i ise which has been variously eati
as being worth from $40,000 to
Weed moved tbat the bid be ac
. and the franchise awarded the
am Pacific oompany.
M ptevens —I appeal to the council
i take this step. The law requires
a-fourths vote to pass an ordi
grnnting this franchise, and the
tion of intention is practically the
Lukens asked City Attorney
r for his opinion on the matter.
Arthnr—"l am of the opinion
nig is a preliminary otep end can
a ried by a majority vote. I, how
ver. lo not think the company ac
anv right to run trains under
proceedings. The state law pro
that companies using streets for
a y purposes must acquire the right
K> a three-fourths majority of the
1. Ido not think/.that the city
I • cc liable for dac-ragea by accept
ing this bid, and it' would at the name
yine comply will/ the terms of the ad
(iertiaement. /'
•■€. Mr. Stevejls—lf the company ever
■athie ordinance through it will ecru
.nee work on the street and throw the
rden of litigation un the people.
lr. Cox then presented a resolution
arding tbe franchise to the Southern
tific company and moved ita passage.
. vote was taken and as before
asrs. Lukens and Hamilton opposed
he chair raled the motion lost.
r. Weed appealed and was sup
ted by Messrs. Oox and Washburn.
Lukes- then declared the appeal
jed, but again declared tbe motion
nsept tbe bid lost,
I 2 Weed—"l demand tbat tbe chair
| «"i> this resolution passed and affix
'\ nature to the same."
I Tjjjjlawilton—"Tbia ia the biggeet
t ' ; bulldozing that I ever heard o',
1* ..~~<.od compel tbe president of thia
Rt) 0 do something which he cou-
Ut IVJ jrong and unlawful."
X) nisiieikeni—'T most positively ds-
E * uv that reaolation." I
Weed "I consider it my duty to pre
pare articles of impeachment against
you an president of the council of this
city, for refusing to do your duty by
Signing thie resolution, and I now give
notice of my intention to begin such
Mi. Lukens —"I shall certainly not
sign tbia paper nor declare the resolu
tion passed at present."
"Move we adjourn to Wednesday
morning at 9 o'clock," said someone; a
prompt second waa heard, and one of
the liveliest sessions in the history of
the Pasadena council was at an end.
No business of any kind was transacted,
the usual budget of bills even being
nog tatted.
A Herald reporter interviewed Mayor
Lukena shortly after tbe close of the
council meeting. In anawer to • ques
tion as to what action he would take in
regard to the franchise, he said: "I
have taken up the matter and propose
to see it through, not on account of any
personal feeling, but because I believe I
was put here oy tbe people to protect
their interests and I propose to do so aa
far as lays within my power. The city
council is but an agent of the citizens,
and when it gets to be bigger than the
people it is time for a cbange. I shall
rely upon the judgment of my attor
neys in this matter. I! thet hold tbat
I am bound by law to sign that resolu
tion awarding tbe franchise to the South
ern Pad tic company. I shall either do
bo or resigu my office ac president of tbe
board and councilman. The case ia be
ing very carefully looked into and I
shall do all possible to protect tha prop
erty owners."
Everything points to a vsry success
ful parade tomorrow at the annual cele
bration of tbe Tournament of Roses.
The prospect: are for a good day, and
irom the general interest taken in the
occasion there will doubtless be a large
tdrnout ol people to witness tbe event.
The paiade will start shortly after 10
o'clock, and it is very important that
all participants be on hand previous to
that hour.
The entries up to this evening indi
cate that something unique in tbe line
of display will be seen. Tne procession
will form on Orange (.trove avenue, witn
its right resting on California. The
order ol tbe proce9eion will be as fol
lows :
Marshil Dr. II 11. sit ark and aids, members
oi the Va ley Hunt Club.
Los Angeles ifUiiary ;. uid.
Doub o Rigs.
Raddle Horses.
Single Tnrnouts.
Pony s'ours-lu-riand.
Poll' Double Turnouts.
Pony aiugie '• urnoats.
Pasadena Band.
Display ot Turnouts by one Person or Com
Tandem .tarns.
Merchant Turnouts.
Tbe line of march will be north on
OUre Grove avenno from California
Btreet to Colorado street, eaet on Colo
redo Btreet to Raymond, south on Kay
mond to Vineyard atreet, west on Vine
yard to Fair Oiks, north on Fair Oika
to Colorado, weat on Colorado to Oranne
Grove, eooth on Orange Grove to Cali
fornia and return to the judgea' stand,
where the prize* will he awarded.
The judges will be Mr. and Mrs Ed D.
Silent, Mr. and Mrs. H. Vail. Mr. and
Mrs. W. T. Bishop, all of Las Angeles.
It is especially requested that every
one bring flowers, and make the day iv
every way a fljral fete.
The races, under tbe ausDioes of the
Crown Oity Cyole club, in tbe afternoon
at tbe Painter track, promise to prove
very interesting. Trie boys have been
bard tit work on the tratik today, and
cmy that if there ib no more rain it will
be in fair condition.
The races will start at 1:30, as tho
programme ie of some ieniitb. The offi
cers of the day arc: Judges, E. R. lira
ley, O. E. Downing. F. Smith; starter,
E. Flint; referee, N. White; timers,
G. Frost, L. Freeman. B. Hutchinß;
umpires, R. V. Day. B Canflsld; scoter,
H Biack; clerk, W. Willis.
The class B races, in which the crack
tidero of Southern California have en
tered, wili of courao be tbe leading
events, but the club championship race
c attracting the most attention among
the local riders. There are some 13
entries in this race, and the boys are
going to make a gallant fight for su
premacy. The matter of club cham
pionship has never before been settled,
and the victor will have quite a feather
in bis cap. in addition to a couple of
elegant prizes.
For the accommodation of the public,
carriages will be run to the grounds at
frequent intervals. A special tram will
return from tbe races over the Terminal,
which may be taken by tboae not wish
ing to drive in.
A new Masonic lodge, the Corona, was
organized in the city last evening, a
charter having recently been issued by
the grand lodge. The following officors
were elected:
Dr. L. W. Frary, W. M.; E. 0.
Qriffi h. 8. W.; W. L. Wotkyns. J. W.;
O. J. Willott. treasurer; E, H. May,
secretary; E. E. Gaylord, H. D.; J. A.
Jacobs, J. D.; E. Gnonendyke, steward.
Mr. Lukens has sufficiently recovered
from hia recent illness to attend busi
Kvery one should be on band to see
the parade tomorrow morning. It will
be a beauty.
The post-office will be open tomorrow
morning from 0 to 10, and in the after
noon from 4to 5. No deliveries or col
lections of mail wilt be made.
Most of tbe hotels will be represented
in the parado tomorrow. Tbe Green,
Spaulding, Arthur, Painter and several
other houses wili make specially tine
displays. Several of the merchants
wili be represented by floats, for which
a special prize baa been offered,
Tho Primitive Flshfiolk.
Tho first implement used by man for
catching fish with a line was Dot a hook.
It was a pointed piece of bono or flint,
a simple baitholder, and the line, possi
bly a length or so of somo dried vine or
grass, was tied to the middle of tho
piece. The fish swallowed the whole
bait, bono and all, and so the first im
plement was what wo would oall a gorge
hook today. In time bronze was substi
tuted for bone, but tho form of tho first
implement was retained. Untold age*
passed before the first fishhook wai
made, and, strangely enough, when a
prong was fashioned on tho hook, thfo
prong turned outward and not inward}
-±NeTf York Times, f
Th* Moors-Dunssn Wnddlna; — Local
News Happening*.
Santa Ana, Use. 31.—This mornine,
early, the wedding bells were ringing,
chiming out tbe newe tbat Mr. Walter
L. Moore and Miss Mary Dungan, two
of Santa Ana's most popular young
people, were married at the residence of
the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. M.
Dungan, on Ress street, near First.
Tbe parlors were beautifully decorated
for the occasion. Rev. E. O. Mclntire
of the Main Street M. E. church offici
ated, and amid a ahowerof rice and old
shoes the happy couple took their car
riage for tbe depot on the Santa Fe,
where they took the train for a short
honeymoon to Sao Diego and Coronado.
A host of friends in this vicinity will
join in wisbiug the worthy couple an
abundance ol happiness.
Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Smith, of Oedar
Falls, lowa, a brother of J. T. Smith of
this city, will arrive here about tbe sth
of January, to make their permanent
heme here. Anotber brother is also on
the road to Santa Ana, and is expected
to arrive any time.
The school board of this city has con
cluded tbat it ia best to have no school
on New Year's day. That is right.
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Deyoe have been
spending Christmas and the past few
days in l.os Angeles with friends. They
arrived borne Saturday.
H. R. Insley is spending his New
Year's day in Los Angeles and Pomona.
Will return Wednesday.
Mrs. S. Patton, of Ukiah, is visiting
her nephew and family, Mr. Win. Neecs
of this city.
W F. Lutz, who has been to Chicago
for tin past four weeks ou business, re
turned night.
The U & I company played in Spur
germ's hall to another large crowd to
E. N. Gray, manager of the postal
telegraph of this city, will leave about
January 4th for Williams, Ariz., to take
charge oi tbe otbee in tbat city. His
successor has not yet bean named.
Quite a number of the Masons of this
city will go to Anaheim next Thursday,
to assist in conierring the third de
Tbe case of tbe peple vs. Wm Hewitt,
for blowing up a house in Anaheim,
came up today before tbe superior
court, and tbe jury ware out but a lew
minutes nntil they brought in a verdict
ol not guilty and he was discharged.
Marriage licenses were issued today
to tbe following persons: Arthur L.
Porter, aged 21, ami Genevieve [,
Slough, both of Anaheim. Christian F.
Gilderman, need 20, and Anna D.
Alder, aged 2J, hath t f Orange. Frank
B, Robinson, aged 30, and Minnie G.
fully, aged 25, both of Los Angeles.
Saturday a marriags license was is
suod to Waller L M ore, aged 20, and
Mary E. Dungan, aged 2u, both of this
Charles H. E Blackman hsa sold to
F. N Myers ol L?s Angales a half-intereßt
in 10 acres in the c.llotm.nt of land to
Felipe Yorba for $10,000.
William Q. Mcpherson has sold to A.
J. Holmes 20 acres of laud in theNeuves
Lopez cle Peralta tract for if.liOO
Ed Parker and Andrea Harris have
gone to the mourtainu for a fox hunt
near H. E. I'leasant's ranch.
J. D. Thomas was awarded the con
tract oi nicking, packing and hauling the
orange crop of the Tustin Fruit associa
Mrs. Bertha Gallop ia visiting in Los
Angeles and Pasadena.
Mis< Ethel Speara of Los Angeles is
visiting friends in this city.
From the Blade we learn that J. J.
Livereaah has been appointed game
c inmissioner. Livernash was at one
tune reporter ou tha Hiade in tins city.
O. S. McKelvey went to Sacramento
this morning to attend the meeting of
the legi<dtttare, and R. i» Wiokham
went along to get a position as ciork.
W'ickbam waa c.erk iv this bodyHwo
years ugo.
The following are the shipments of
traits and gr»in, together with wool and
wine from Orange county for the year
ending December 31, 1894: Green and
dried fruits, 3 300,000 pounds: ratsina,
300,000; l.onev, 110.000; urain, H.fiOJ,
--000; wine, 108 000; wool, 885,000. Total,
10,413,000 pounda. Being the Becond
county in tbe atate on tbe shipment of
produce. The coming year the ehip
menta will be much larger forvariou.
reasons. Last year the barley crop waa
very light, while the prospect is flatten
ing for a heavy yield this year.
Mr. and Mra. Jack Montgomely of
Los Angelee, formerly assistant attorney
general at Washington, is spending New
Year's with Mr. nnd Mrs. Victor Mont
gomery of this city.
A Large Aoreage riantcd to fleets.
Large Kstnrns Promise,!.
Chiso, Dec. 31.—Eight thouaaud ooree
of beets, witb an average yield of 12
tons to tho acre, and the average will
more likely exceed 15 tone, from present
indications, meane 06,000 tons to be
harvested irom the Ohino ranch next
Thie, nt $4 per ton, which would be a
lower average price than any crop pre
viously harvested has realized, will put
into the pockets of the farmer $384,1)00.
Thie is rather a neat sum to realize from
one soil product o i one ranch,especially
when it rnpreeenta but half tbe area
under cultivation
The factory will make a much longer
campaign tbarjhitherto.and will pay out
an enormous amount ior beets, labor
and Bupplies.
Tonight triers will be a stereopticon
entertainment at the opera house, to be
followed by a union watch meeting.
T. C. Walker ia in Altadena, having
been called home by tbe aevere illness
of his wife.
Wm. King Gird has been spending
tbe last iew days in Los Angelea.
A party of Chino people will go to
Ontario to Bee Blind Tom tonight.
L. F. Clanson of Hamilton, Ohio, is
in Chino today. Mr. Clauson expresses
a gre jt deal of surprise at the climate,
agricultural resources, etc., of tbe
'.' be public ptrka and Central avenue,
w .h ita four lines of abade trees, are
bjing trimmed and put in shape.
A band stand will be orected in the
uuin park at no dietant date.
Carlton Cornweli, foreman of the Ga
zette, Middletown, N. ,1., believes that
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy should
be iv every borne. He used it for a cold
and it effected a speedy cure. He says:
"It is indeod a grand remedy, I can
recommend to all. I have also seen it
used for whooping cough, with the best
results." 50-cent bottloa for sale by
Off & Vaughn, Fourth and Spring; 0.
F. Hetnzeman, 222 N. Main.
A Sanrlse Prayer Meeting—A Silver
Pomona. Dec. 31.—A sunrise prayer
meeting will be held at the Presbyterian
church by the yonng people of tbe
Christian Endeavor society, tomorrow,
New Years' morn.
City Clerk J. R. Garthside and Mrs.
Gsrtheide celebrated their silvsr wed
ding, the 26th anniversary ol their
wedded life, a few evenings since, at
their commodious bomeoo Holt avenue.
A number of handsome presents in sil
ver were presented the happy pair. The
guests were: Mr. and Mrs. H. E.
Strong, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A. Steffa, Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Clark, Mr. and Mrs.
Lonie Brossesn, Mr. and Mrs. 1 C.
Johnson. Mrs. K. Mors, Mr. and Mrs.
H. G. Tiaslsy, Mr. and Mrs. H. H
Williams, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Bailey.
Mrs. J. J. Denney, Mr. and Mrs. C. ii.
Sears, W. A. Bell, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Raynes, Miss Winnie Smith, Mr. and
Mrs. J. H. Graber, Mr. and Mrs. R. N.
Loncka, Mrs. Bodine, Mr. and Mrs. J.
T. Brady, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Thatcher,
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Cnzner, Mr. and
Mrs. C. J. Brown, Mr. and Mis. H. Eno,
Mr. and Mrs. E. Hinman, Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Sanders, Mayor J. A. Gallop, A.
M. Logan.
An eut-artainment under the auspioes
of the Ladies' Aid society of the Uni
versalist otiurch will be given in Kesss
ler'e hall, next Thursday evening.
Editor John Wasson of the Pomona
Times and wi c were visitors to Los
Angeles today.
Mr. and Mri. W. H. Divis arrived
from Fort Worth, Texas, yesterday, to
spend the winter at their home place
Tbe preliminary trial of R. M. Searles
on tbe charge of sealing a bicycle was
postponed from this morning until Wed
W. li. Patterson has begun tha erec
tion of a neat cottage on Garey avenue.
The little daughter of Mrs. Clara
Kauffer has been quite sick for the past
two days, but is now somewhat better.
With iVednesday night's service te
vival meetings, which have been held
nightly for the past three weeks, will
Mr. David Hawkins has gone to Sal ton
and vicinity for a short stay, in hopes of
benefiting bis health.
Dr. Kernahan is building a two-story
residence upon hia property, corner of
Ellen street and Fifth avenue.
Both games of baseball will be played
upon the grounds at tbe corner of Pearl
and Palomares streets tomorrow.
Prarer meetings will be held in 50
private residences tomorrow at 10
o'clock, New Year's day.
Only One Haloon Left—*3anta Fe Ship
Snaata in 1 8:14.
Colton, Daa. 29. —In expectation of
tbe city council placing a tax of $2000
a year on the sale ot liquors, two of the
saloons have consolidated and pur
chased the otber ons. Cotton now, for
tbe first tims, has only one saloon.
Virgil E»rp, formerly the city ma -
shs.l ol tomb-lone, Ariz., but lale ol
Vauderbilt, hu9 returned to Colton an I
ia looking for a new location.
Mrs. 7j. Van Leaven and Mrs. E L
Vau Leuven, from Canada, are spend
iug the winter with relatives here.
VV. C. Fillmore, couduotor on the Col
ton local, gave his friends a banquet
during the holidays at Crafton. Roast
pig, boned turkey, green turtle coup aud
chicken salad wore comprised in the
It is intended to place a first-claaa
coach on the motor line to run from San
San Bernardino, via Colton, to LosAa
gedes and return i'nt<etigurs from one
of these ulaues to tbe other will then
not bavo to change cars at Coi'im
Tbe Santa Fe road has a tupped from
this county during this year 8,280,000
pounds of green and dried lruit and
2,6n0.000 pounds of raising.
Miss Ruth Burgess, a popular young
lady from Los Angeles, snoot tbe holi
days with Misa Amy Milliken.
Mra. Louise Adams, who has been
visiting relativea here, left thia evening
tor Albuquerque, N. M.
Miss Alice Conner, who has bean at
tending a Loa Angeles business college,
ii, home for the hollidays,
Judge M. D. Hathaway, of Chicago,
one oi the principal owners of the water
works, will be here next week to assist
in the transfer of the system to tbe city
of Colton.
The Afaeosbsea to Give a Fine Enter
talnmen t.
Long Beach, Dec. 31.—The atree's
were lively here today as a consequence
of the approaching new year. Winter
tourists are beginning to arrive, and
bouses are, at tbe present time, hard to
Tomorrow night (New Year's) the
local order of Maccabees will give
another of its popular entertainments.
A Los Angeles delegation will oome
down to boom the eooial event. Follow
ing ia tbe programme:
Address of welcome—Commander Henry
So eetlon —Higble's oicttestra,
Good ot ihe order—C. E. Packard.
Recitation —Torn IJarnna.
Q tartette—Meßsrß. Wood, Cook, Bailey and
Recitation—Mis* Pcarlie Gleasoo.
Vocal duet—Miss La Verne Lowe and Mr. F.
K. Cook.
Addresses will be delivered by Los
Angeles Maccabees and representatives
of tbe Ladies' Hive society.
Misa Bernice Hoyt of the Los Angeles
Fair enent Sunday at the beach.
A New Year's party, consisting of
M isa Bertha Truax, Mrs. J.Forbes, Mrs.
H. R Stevens and Mrs. G. A. Stevens,
came down today from Loa Angelea aa
tbe guests of Mrs. R. C. Truax.
Mra. E. L. Gill of Grand Rapid>,
Mich., is a late arrival and visitor at
the beacb.
Prof. Stowell of the local board of
trade made a flying trip to Loa Angeles
today on city business.
Misa Murphy is looking after her
busineaa interests in Los Angelea.
Mr. Fell Lsightburn of The Eye was
up to Los Angeles today.
Id OId«n Tirana
People overlookea the importance of
permanently beneficial effecte and were
eatiatied with tranaient action ; bat now
that it ia generally known that Svrnp of
Figs will permanently cure habitual
constipation, wpiUiniorms.il people will
not bny other laxatives, which act for a
time, bat finally injure the ayatem.
Drink Shaata Water, Woollaoottagent.
Fitzgerald, bonae and sign painter, 222
Franklin ; telphone 1419 , Low pricea.
Wall paper hung, 100 roll, 328 0. Spring.
Th* Farmers Bitty In UnnloqittQa of
th" Abundant Ktln.
Anaheim, Dae. :il. —Tha Fraternal Aid
association o( this city was to have held
an election of ofneara at their regular
meeting on last Friday night, bat owing
to the stormy weather there was not a
quorum present. Tbe election was post
poned until tbe next regular meeting,
which will occur on the Becond Friday
In January.
The farmers are busy with plowing
and seeding, also preparing the ground
for beet planting. While but few con
tracts have been made with Ohino's
sugar fact, ry represootitivss, yet they
aro confident however tbat tbe 3000 of
bsot acres for whi :h Chiao agrees to ton
true', will be readily lu/uished by Buena
Park and Anaheim farmers.
The residents of this city enjoyed a
rare musicals iv the open air concert
given by tho Shaw cc Craig brais band
Sunday afternoon. Their execution and
playing were excellent, Sam T.Shaw,the
scar of the company, played Uncle Silas
Hecker to perfection Saturday night at
at Reiser's opera house, and last night
he rendered Rip Vau Winkle in superb
manner to a crowded house. Th.s com
pany is much ia advance of the ordinary
traveling troupe.
Tho Youug People's sooiety of Chris
tian Endeavor will bold a sunrise prayer
meeting tomorrow, New Year's morn
ing, nt the Presbyterian anarch,
A heavy shower of rain commsncsd
falling about 0:30 o'clock Sunday even
ing whicn lasted nearly an im it, The
congregations nt the cburchei wora, aa a
consequence, Terr imal!, bat as tbe
ol'inds lifted early in tbe evening many
of our people availed themselves of the
opportunity of attending the entertain
ment at the opera bouse, where the
great moral and temperanoe play. Rip
Van Winkle, wai given by Sam T.
A big rabbit drive in the Alamito?
country is on the programme for to
morrow, tbe Ist. If tbe weather is
propitious the crowd will be immense
as preparations have been in progress
for soma time-
Constables Phillips of San Bernardino
and Groat of this city hays been doing
a little detective work, which resulted in
the arrest of Juan Keote yesterday even
ing for complicity in tbe murder of
James Guimioot, who was killed at
Colton some weeks ago.
Keote waa decoyed into a saloon by a
Mexican, who gave the signal to Consta
ble Phiilips, and, with tbe assistance oi
Constable Groat he was handcuffed and
placed in jail. There was quite an ex
citement among the Mexicans hare when
the news of tie arrest was made known.
As tbe time drew near for tbe 6 :".<> train,
the officers were met at the jail with a
team, anil the prisoner wasquietlv driven
through, a back street to the Santa Fe
depot, whore Constable Phillips took
him in charge and left with his man for
San Bernardino.
A Cans; of Thlevsa Commit. Many Dtp
re,l at loui.
RIDLANDS, Dec. 31 —As the days grow
longer, tbe bolder thieve) are becoming
in and about Redlands. At 4 o'clock
yesterday morning parties erect up to
James F. Drake's piazza and carried off
a hammock. Mr. Drake heard the foot
steps, bat reached the door too late.
This morninir. Harry Thrall's little boy,
in company with other boys,was playing
ball back of the Otis block. When he went
to pick up his new jacket it waa gone.
At Old San Bernardino IramDs are wan
dering about in gangs of from 8 to 15 at
night sleeping in au old she I floored with
corn stalks.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Luthor have
relumed from Lus Angeles.
The Congregational society will hold
Christmaa luaiivilies at tbe church to
night. Contributions of clothing, etc.,
will bs made for the poor.
On account of tho storm interfering
with the attendance at tha Aamold
concert, at the Y. M. C. A. auditorium,
Saturday night, the concert will bs re
petted this evening. *
Valley Voice is the name of a weekly
paper published at Moreno by Lynn Ly
man, the brat issue of which upDeared
Saturday, December 29th.
More damage was done to property
west of First etreet by tbe last storm.
The Daily Lsader died last Friday.
It is underetood that Mr. Doyle will re
vive the old weekly.
Uncle Alvah Danninc Thinks the Old
World "Sloshes" Aronnd.
Uncle Alvali Banning, tho hermit of
the Adiroudacks, maintains that the
earth is not round liko a ball, but as
flat as a pancake, or, at best, that it re
sembles a milk pan, with enough of an
edge to it to keep tho water from run
ning away. •
A number of guests at Charlio Ben
nett's "Antlers," on Raquette lake,
Were discussing tho theory with Undo
Alvah one day during the hunting sea
son. One of them undertook tho alto
gether hopeless task of convincing tho
old man of the error of his beliof.'
Among other things he called attention
to the tides.
"Uncle Alvah," he said, "you've
heard of tides, haven't you? How do
you account for them if the world isn't
Tho old man remained silent for
awhile and then drawled forth, "Waal,
I hey some, idoo as to 'om. "
"What is it, then?" asked the ques
tioner, while all tho sportsmen drew
near to await tho answer. Uncle Alvah
was not to bo hurried, and after anoth
er pauso ho remarked:
"Did ye over turn over in bed? I
thinks raoro than likely."
"Yes, I'vo turned over in bod."
"Do ye sleep 'tween sheets?"
"Always," replied tho questioner
laughingly. "What's that got to do
with it:"
"It's got all to do with it, in my
opinion. When you went over, didn't
tho bedclothes kind o' slip round an
slosh round an didn't get there same
time as you did?"
"Waal, that's my idee of tho tides.
The old earth sort o' slips round under
tho water liko a man under tho bed.
clothes, or it teeters a bit, liko when
you tip a milkpau. The water don't get
there quito as fast as the land, an that's
what makes tho tides."—New York
. . .—
o*lll*. Vnl~r lie
Forbill'snrl -i-t*p- attended to promptly by
Christopher, 211 S. Sprlnj at.
Results of an Investigation Recently Made
by the Academlo do Medecine.
Tho Acatlemie do Medecine of Pari.-,
rts the result of n closo investigation of
tho tradn in the so called "natural"
mineral waters of Frnnco, has arrived
nt tho following conclusions, which aro
pu*; in tho form of recommendation.* to
tho legislative bodies:
First.—That the sa'.o of natural wit
ters impregnated with supplementary
gases should, not bo allowed.
Second.—Every application for per
mit to carry on the business of tho salo
of natural mineral waters should bo ac
companied by certificates made bofore
tho proper authorities that tho waters
handled or to bo handled by tho appli
cant havo not been so prepared—i.e.,
by supplementary oarboniflcation —and
by a further certificate on the part of
tho owner of tho spring or of the source
of tho water that ho has not had ro
cotii'so to supplementary gasification.
Third.—All reservoirs used for miner
al water should be made airtight and
should bo emptied at least onco in every
24 hours. They should bo so construct
ed that tho water of the spring Hows di
rectly into them, and, further, all bottles
and containers should bo thoroughly
sterilized, aud all impurities of every
description should ba removed before
they are offered for salo.
Fourth.—Ther.o regulations should be
at once imposed, and all proprietors of
springs of mineral waters should bo
forced to put them in practice within
threo months from date.
In Franco tho recommendations of
tho aoademio carry almost tho weight
of an order, and there is but little doubt
but that tho abovo regulations will soon
bo in force, so far as commercial waters
for home consumption are concerned. If
they are made to apply to all waters,
thoso for export as well as thoso for do
mestic use, there will bo a fearful fall
ing off in exports, as it is well known
that every single bottle of foreign so
called "natural" carbonated waters —
not merely thoso of France, but those of
Germany, Austria and other countries
—that goes abroad goes charged with
supplementary gas. Not merely this,
but nearly every ono of them is doctor
ed Otherwise to an extent that should
remove them entirely from tho category
of natural waters.
Some of the great mineral water com
panies annually export to America
alono millions of bottles of water in ex
cess of tho output of their springs. Ey
a strange ruling of our customs officials
these manufactured mineral waters have
been allowed for yoars past to come
into this country as "natural waters,"
and thus hot morely enter into competi
tion with our domestic products, ijht
ural and manufactured, but to "hold
tho ago" on tho latter as "tho product
of nature's laboratory," a fetich of great
power among tho unthinking multitude.
—National Druggist.
Tho Irish People. Have Just Cause For
Complaint Against Lord Houghton.
Tho latest grievance discovered by
the Parnellitea is well founded and is
calculated to win them general popular
sympathy in Ireland. It is that tho lord
lieutenant is an absentee. It is a fact
that Lord Houghton spends as little
time as possible in tbe country from
which ho draws his salary of £20,000
a year. Tho Irish people could very well
do without his lordship, but they natu
rally grieve as business men as well as
patriots to sco that good money is spent
out of tho country, especially as they
havo provided it out of funds none toe
ample at tho best times.
Lord Houghton is enormously wealthy,
having inherited tho bulk of tho big
fortr.no of his uuele, tho late Lord
Crewe, in addition to his own previous
ly large incomo. He has no personal
need of tho viceroy's salary, and, if ru
mor can bo relied upon, has no taste for
tho office. It is not surprising, therefore
to learn that ho is contemplating retir
ing. It is believed that tho proposed
successor of Lord Houghton was young
Lord Drumlanrig, who committed sui
cide under such sad circumstances a few
weeks ago. Tho government now has
some difficulty in finding a Liberal peer
qualified and willing to accept tho Irish
viceroyalty, dignified sinecure though
it be.—New York Sun's London Letter.
Spnrious Vaccine Points.
Dr. Maximilian Herzog, a young Gor
man physician, has set the medical fra
ternity of Milwaukee by the ears and
has incidentally created a sensation in
other circles. Ho has been spending some
timo in tho smallpox hospital there,
making investigations and experiments,
and announces as a result" that a large
pereentago of tho vaccine points used in
medical practice aro spurious, having
been dippod not in genuine virus, but
in crotou oil or other local irritant. Hg
has made microscopic and chemical ex
aminations of these points and invites
doubting physicians to make the same
tests. Ho is a believer in the efficacy of
proper vaccination and is severe in his
denunciation of tho men who make the
spurious lymph, classing them as scoun
drels and murderers.—lndianapolis
One Hope of the Eastern War.
Recent reports from tho British consul
at Chefu, China, to his government
intimatu that thero is as yet little or no
opening for tho importation of ma
chinery into China. Tho Chinese have
not yet been convinced of the utility of
adopting any modern labor saving ma
chinery. Perhaps ono of tho effects of
tho present war may be tho enlightening
of tho Celestial mind and tho opening
np of China in this respect.
A National Hotel Exhibition.
Amsterdam will have next year an
international exhibition of hotel ar
rangements and accomodations for trav
elers. Among tho features of tho exhi
bition wUI ho au "electric restaurant, "
without waiters, in whioh visitors will
bo served automatically with a com
plete dinner on pressing an electric but
Tho loaves of tho talipot tree aro used
in Ceylon for the leaves of. books. Tho
characters are impressed upon tho leaf,
which is rubbed over with charcoal,
and are then strung together between
boards. They last for years.
Blno cyo4 oats are said by Darwin to
be airways deaf,
Positively tie Last Month of the $5
Rate for All Diseases— Under No
Circumstances Will This Gen
erous Offer Be Extended
or Renewed.
Dr. Shores Has Procured More Rooms'
i-.i the Rediek Block and Extra
Help Will Be Employed in the
Evening, and a Great Effort
Mnde to Accommodate All Dur
ing January •
An can bo seen in annther colnran of
this paper, Dr. Shores has extended his
$5.00 rate until February Ist.
Iv au interview with tbe doctor yss-
Wrday, when asked -a to the continu
ance of this low rale, lie said:
"Yes, I will extend it through Jan«
if ry only. At $5.00 a month I mean
that the only cost to patients for ell
.roubles they may have, is only $5 00;
is mcl d.5 everything necessary to ef
ec a cure in their case. Examination,
care, medicine, etc This U certainly
is low as it possibly can be. Ido not
on to make large profits from tho
'ick, for they have been robbed so often
hat I feel it is a duty to protect them
igainst a cheap class of misfit medical
retenders, but I wish you to say to
. our readers that I cannot possibly re
ew or extend toe $5.00 rote after Feb.
sol request all who desire to take
fall course of treatment to apply as
o as possible, for tboae who wait un
tie last few days and are unable to
t in wiil have to lose the opportunity
ti no excuse will be accepted for an ex
?ion of the rato."
)r. Shores in giving to the public his
vices aud treatment at sncb a reason
e fee and furnishing medicine free,
.i certainly gained the confidence and
,ood wili of every intelligent citizsn. It
■ co often necessary for chronic sufferers
ago without the proper msdicine and
tention on account of the high fees
harged by the average physician, then
he patient must pay 75c ior a prescrip
tion of a druggist.
Dr. Shores baa bis own laboratory,
yhcro all medicines are furnished the
oatieut free.
Corner First and Broadway,
Fp^cial'ies-OMtarrh, Astbma, Bronchitis
S'ervon* hisesses, ltneutaaitsm, Lun< Tiou
!• es snd a 1 chronic afl'ectio.is of the stomach,
liv-tr and »idti j y.
Office Hours—ii to 12, mornings; 2to 5
sfteinoOntt 7 to s, evenings.
Sandavt, 10 a. m to IS ni.
The Trosent Time Ia an Age of Individual
"Sr.y, mamma, John's got my spoon.
'Can't I havo it? It's mine. "
"Oil, ju=t look! Snsan'l playing tea
party with my dessert plate. Make her
stop. She'll break it."
"I wish you'd find my peppor box.
This isn't mine," proclaims the head of
tho bouse. "It's mighty queer these
servants can't over remember my
In the library Undo Jim is twisting
and turning and looking daggers at the
unconscious culler who is sitting in his
special chair. One member of the house
hold is on the v/rong sitlo of tho table,
and the right paper knife is on tho left
magazine. Ha always sits tho other side
for reading. From tho drawing room
the voico of the elder daughter is heard
saying: "Oil, no, I couldn't endure
thoso portieres. Tho colors do not suit
my stylo, you know. I made a fuss, and
mamma took the';i iv her room. I feel
color iv every nerve."
Such is what the fashion for having
individual things has brought upon tho
household. We have tho individual fur
nishings, the schemes of hangings to
bring out the individual beauty of my
lady's eye?, tho tint of her hair or tho
gleam of her shoulders, and on the
other -band—perish tho thought!—to
sink the individual in tho useful. Have
wo not the special chair and foot rest,
candlestick and oushiaaf
Small wonder, then, that tho practical,
prosaio bonsewifo exclaims: "I wish wo
could go bad: to those early Christian
days when they had all things In com
mon. I bsliove I conldbear it even with
towels!"— Now York Times.
Curing a SnuJie Bite.
As ia well known, tho copperhead is
rmo of tho most poisonous snakes, yet
.T. O. Trout, who was bitten b-y one
three miles from Trimble, Term., expe
rienced no serious effects, owing to the
remedy ho used, which is an uncommon
one. Ho was cut hunting, aud when a
couple of miles from home was bitten
on the ankle. Ho at onco started for
homo, and on tho way chewed and
wallowed what tobacco ho had. When
ho reached his house, soiro fresh red
popcorn root was procured, and with
too milky juico which exudes torn ita
'•tripo was mado around his leg just be
low tho knee. The leg swelled up to
tao mark and no farther, but it finally
becamo so tightly swollen and painful
that the juice was washed off and an
other mark r.tr.rle with it around hie
thigh. Tho swelling gradually olimbed
np to tho now mark, giving him relief,
and ho recovered without using any
other remedy:—Chicago Tribune.

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