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Southern Delegates Sen d
Perkins Stock Up.
Some More Possible Candidates
Bob Up.
a\ Little Scheme Formulated by
Railroad Lobbyists.
Millard's Illness Oats an Important
jFlCaro— Baadlea of Transpor
tation to tho State
Special to The Herald.
Ban Francisco, Jan. 4.—A1l communi
cation with Sacramento by rail ceased
at noon today and in consequenoe the
programmed hegira of tbe statesmen ia
indefinitely postponed. The laat over
land to arrive waa the Loa Angelea
which left there at 2 o'clock on Thurs
day afternoon. Qufte a contingent ar
rived with it from Southern California.
From Los Angslea Aasemblymen Bulla
•nd Llewellyn, and Senators Simpson
•nd Androus, Asaemblymen Bennett of
Ventura and Barker of Santa Barbara.
With the party were Judge D. P. Hatch
and J. F. Crank of Los Angslea, and
John Morton of Sau Bernardino. Tbia
accession to the Perkina ranks created
tbe first Perkins boom of the day and
bis stock went up at once. During the
afternoon Senator Simpson called on
United States Senator Perkins and re
ported to hie confreres that ths senator
was well satisfied with tbe outlook and
had expressed bimßslf aa confident of
being elected on the firat ballot.
To the casual observer, this ia the
quietest senatorial campaign on record,
but this is only a surface indication. To
tbe initiated, tbe hand of tbe Southern
Pacific is clearly outlined, and ia the
background the shadow of Colonel Ma
zuma looma up like a lighthouse in a
fog. Every old time railroad lobbyist is
on tho ground, qusitly endeavoring to
create the impreeaion that Senator Per
kins ia not in it, and many are the argu
ments advanced in aupport of the rail
road theory of attack on him; the one
most oiten advanced ia that tbe Repub
lican party of California needa a man
younger id ye«ra and more aggressive in
advancing tbe interests of the state.
Meanwhile suggestions of men to fill the
place are springing up like mushrooms.
Tbe latest namtea added to tbe liat are
Frank Coomben of Napa, Irvin M. Scott
and W. W. Bovnera of San Diego, whom
the Examiner mentions tbia morning aa
• strong possible, candidate.
The true inwtirdneae of Bowers' can
didaoy famishes an example of the
methods of tbe railroad in bringing for
ward candidates. Wednesday at mid
night a coterie of railroad politicians
met in a back room in Jesse Marks'
resort, a Ds Yoang headquarters, to
compare notes. Bering the aeesion it
was suggested that something ought to
be done to advance Tom Flint's inter
ests after he finished hia term in the
senate. That tbe prominence he would
gain through filling Millard'a place in
tbe organization of the eenate, would be
at trump card for future uee, and that by
springing Bowers for senator they could
doub'e-ahot the turn, draw off some of
Perkins' strength in the south and put a
peg in against Bowers when he cornea
up for re-nomination for oongress two
years from now, when it may be posaible
to win oue tbe district for Tom Eliot of
San Benito. Straightway the Bowers'
boom was launched. One of tno moat
active aad at the same time effective
anti-Perkins worknra is Tom Field of
Monterey, who is everywhere and all
over at all times.
From soma mysterious aource trans
portation to Sacramento comes forth in
large sections and cut rates are at a dis
Millard's illness bas ceased to call for
comment and tbe statement is frsely
made that tbe pre-arranged programme
will be carried ont by Flint, whose
political future is eaid to depend on bis
ability to carry out instructions.
The Oakland Enquirer, published in
Senator Parkins' home city, is watching
the senatorial fight very closely, and
makes this startling announcement in
its edition last evening;
"The Enquirer does not wish to be
considered sensational, but the situation
aa it exists is nndeniably grave. A well
known Oakland politician who haa bad
railroad associations in timea paat, waa
■eked if tbe contest was not getting hot,
and answered, "I should think so, when
they are offering $2000 a vote." Who
"tbey" were be did not state, even if be
knew, but he did assart that parties
were reaching oat for the votes of Ala
meda county members of tha legislature,
to take them away from Senator Per
kins, to whom tbey ware pledged. Is it
possible there is any member-elect of
the legislature in tbis connty so baia as
to violate his pledges?"
Tha Rumored I>a Urlppa Tnrma Oat to Bo
The troth hat at lait leaked oat about
the condition of Lieutenant-Governor
Millard, For political, or other rea
•oni, the report haa been •iiMllttd Ikit
Mr. Millard ia KikTertas from a Blight
attack of the grippe, and that he ex
pected to assume tbe duties of his office
in about 10 days.
The Herald has ascertained that Mr.
Millard's illness is due to a aevsre attack
of pneuhiuuia, and that ita ravages have
completely exhausted hia conatitution.
Although hia condition ia nit critical,
yet a slight relapse may be followed by
fatal results.
Yesterday the lieutenant-governor
waa resting easy, but the fever had not
been subdued, and tbecongeation of tbe
left lung haa not been stopped. Two
days ago be bad a raging fever, nnd that
left him totally exhausted, so thai be is
now very weak. Hia temperature has
at no time been leas than 101. No one
is allowed to see him, although his
many friends visit tbo bonse in great
numbers to inquire about his condition.
Dr. Davidson, the attending physician,
was interviewed yeaterday and acknowl
edged that his patient was suffering
from pneumonia.
"It ia impossible for a physician to
state exactly," aaid Dr. Davidson, "how
I coon a patient will recover from an at-
I tack of pneumonia. Mr. Millard will
l certainly not be able to leave hia bouse
within 10 daya. His recovery deponds
entirely upon his recuperative powers
when hs gels up. It is true that Mr,
Millard is very weak and that the fever
has not left him, bnt 1 do not anticipate
any fatal results. lam sure nothing so
serious has developed thus far. It may
be possible that Mr. Millard may go to
Sacramento soma time tbia month, but
no physician can tell to a day how soon
a patient will recover entirely."
Mrs. Millard, who is in constant at
tendance on the sick man, atated that
her husband had made up his mind
that he could be able to leave for Sacra
mento by the 15th of this month and
was sure tbat ahs would attend the in
auguration ball.
That Mr. Millard knew some days ago
that he would be unable to assume the
preaidency of the eenate lor some time,
ia shown by tbe fact that Senator Ad
drouß of Pomona held a protracted con
sultation with Mr. Millard prior to his
departure lor the north; Senator An
droua was told tbe wishes of Mr. Mill
ard in regard to the organization of tbe
eenate, and it ia aaid that he waa tbe
hearer of a mesßage from Mr. Millard to
several of tbe prominent senators rela
tive to the lieutenant-governor's desires
in regard to the work of tbe aenate.
Violation ot tbo Xntorstate Oommarct,
Law lo Issuing a Fa.s to Frank
M. Stona tho Charge.
San Francisco, Jan. 4.—Thomas J.
Roberta of the Amerioan Railway union
applied today in tha office of the United
Statea diatrict attorney for a warrant
for the arrest of Collis P. Huntington,
president ol the Southern Pacific com
pany, for violating the interstate com
merce law by issuing an interstate rail
way pass to Frank M. Stone, anattornsy
and political manager for M. H.ac Young.
Acting United States District Attorney
Knight refused the warrant on the
ground tbat be was but temporarily in
office and would not embarrass hia suc
cessor by beginning such proceedings.
Tonight the labor council of this city
adopted the following resolutions:
Whereas, Ths United Statea diatrict
attorney, Knight, of tbis diatrict refuses
to issue a warrant for Collis P. Hunting
ton, that arch enemy of the laboring
man, in a caee where the evidence ia too
plain to be doubted ; thereiore, be it
Resolved, That the San Franciaco
labor conncil looks with apprehenaion
upon a oondition of thinga that makes
it impoasible for working men to secure
the puniahment of monopolists when
they commit grave Crimea againßt the
law; that we denounce the aforesaid
action of the eaid District Attorney
Knight as a high handed and outrageous
proceeding; and, be it further
Resolved, Tbat we heartily com
mend the action of the American Rail
way union in its effort to bring this
wealthy criminal to juatice and we urge
them to stop at no effort necessary to
secure the arrest and conviction of the
eaid Collia P. Huntington, and that in
their efforte to aocure aaid arrest and
conviction they have toe hearty encour
agement and moral support of ths San
Francisco Labor union.
A. Nee™ Bboots Ills Wlro aad Children
und Snlcldes.
Savannah, GB,, Jan. 4.—ln a fit of
jealous rage this afternoon, George Jor
dan, a negro who baa borne an excellent
reptation, shot and killed hia 10-year
old Bon, shot his wife in tha forefaead aad
neck and shot hia 3-old-old daughter in
tbe bead and chin and then abot him
eelf twice in the breast. His wounds
are fatal, and it is believed hia wife will
die. The boy and girl have a chance
to recover.
Jordan's wife says her husband left
her two weeks ago. Cbristmaa he at
tempted to ahoot her. Wedneeday she
awore ont a peace warrant. Tbe only
explanation Jordan givea is that be
wanted to die and thought it beat to
take the iamily with him.
Mint iio to Prison.
San Bernardino, Jan. 4.—Notice wae
received by the attorneye for U. B. Mc-
Sweeney, today, that the judgment in
the caaeof tbe people againat McSweeny
had been affirmed by tbe supreme court.
About a year ago he waa tried and con
victed of murder, committed in Hoi
comb valley, in a miners' quarrel, and
sentenced for life.
Tha Man Wbo Robbed Hlmielf.
Cincinnati. 0., Jan. 4.—Frank H.
Soarka, th c assietant caabier of the post
office, who created a sensation yester
day by reporting a daylight robbery and
laat night confeasing hia guilt, was
today bound over in $2000 bail by the
United States commissioner. He gave
There ia good reaion for the popular
ity of Ghamberlain'a Cough Remedy.
Davie & Buzard of West Monterey,
Clarion Co., Pa., say: "It baa cured
people tbat our pbyaleiana could do
nothing for. We perauaded them to try
a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy and tbey now recommend it witb
the reat of ua.'' 50-cent bottles for sale
by Off & Vanghn, Fourth and Spring:
C. k\ HeinzeaißD, 222 N, Mais.
New Scheme to Count Governor
Budd Out.
Proposition to Defraud People ot
Their Votes.
Kopoblloan. Will Try to Frovont the
Bpoaker of the Assembly From
Canvassing Boturns.
By The Herald's Leased Wire.
San Francisco, Jan. 4.—Tho extent*
ive committee of tbe Republican state
central committee decided today to Sea
ttle legislature to pass a measure, chang
ing tbe method oi determining by the
legislature bow the vote for governor at
the recent election was cast. By tbis
means it is understood that the difficul
ties encountered by the legal committee
of the executive committee which had
only existing laws in mind, may be
It ie stated by tbe promoters of this
latest plan tbat by introducing drafts of
tbe propossd bill in each house on the
first day of the session it will be possible
to pass it and make it law in three days.
This will bring the act before Governor
Markham for hia signature, hs Governor
Budd will not then be seated.
Sacramento, Jan. 4.—Governor-elect
Budd and sevoral of tbo members of tbe
legislature are already in the city. Sen
ator Seawell received a dispatch from
San Francisco, statinc that the executive
committee of the Republican central
committee had ignored the legal com
mittee recently appointed, and will ask
the legislature to pass a bill on Monday
to prevent the speaker of the assembly
from canvassing the returns for gov
This dispatch was shown to Mr. Bndd
at the Sutter club.sud whon asked about
il he said:
"It is the most infamous attempt to
defraud the people of their votes tbat
waa ever heard of. It is tbe first time
in tbe history of our country that a re
troactive law has been proposed to piece
in the bands of partienns the unseating
of a man already elected. If tbis law
can be changed, in the future any law
can likewise be altered by any political
party for like purposes. It strikes at
tbe very foundation of our political sys
tem, and endangers the stability of oar
government. It is an insult to tbe peo
ple, and especially an offront to tbe
legislators, who will undoubtedly use
their own judgment under their oaths
and treat the matter with the contempt
it deaerves.
"That I am elected appears by tbe re
tarns in tbe secretary of state's office,
which have by him been certified to
Governor Markham. Tbia iB tbe only
record required by law to bo kept. I
shall certaiuly qualify next week as
governor and assume tbe duties of the
Klolster Castelanos Talks of the Now
■ Government and Esnta.
San Fkancisco, Jan. 4.—Dr. J. Caatel
anoa. tbe newly appointed ministor and
plenipotentiary and envoy extraordinary
from Salvauor to Mexico, ie here en
route to the Mexican capital. Since tbe
revolution last May he has played an
important part in Salvadorisn afi'uirs of
atate. Caatelanos aays an election will
be held in Salvador on tbe aecond Sun
day of tbia month, and at that time
Guiterre/. will again be chosen president
and by unanimous vote, the people be
ing satisfied with bis administration and
desiring ita continuance.3£ Gaetelanoß
discredits the statement thut Ezata will
return to Salvador, start a revolution
and establish bimaelf at the head of the
government. He Baya Ezeta ia only
seeking notoriety, and could not provoke
a revolution if he tried, bnt that hia
appearance iv Salvador would cause his
immediate arreat. Caatelanos aays
Ezeta could not enlist a corporal's guard
in any movement designed to overthrow
the present government. It is under
stood that ii Gniterrcz is elected he will
resign within a year, in favor of the vice
president to be chosen at the same time.
David Bolaseo's Chargo for InstraotlnK
an Actroas.
New Yoek, Jan. 4. —Another motion
for a bill of particulars before Judge
Patterson of tbe supreme court in the
action brought by David Belaßco againat
N. K. Fairbanks, tbe Cbioago million
aire, to recover 150,000 for teaching Mrs.
Leslie Carter to act. The servicea were
rendered from 1889 to 1891, and one bill
of particulars has already been filed. It
waa claimed the motion was made to
gain time, as Fairbanks had not put in
an answer yet, although the case haa
been at iiaue for two yeara. Decision
was reserved.
football lo Morutondom.
Salt Lake, Utah, Jan. 4,—A large
crowd witnessed ths football game be
tween the Y. M. C. A. and Chicago
univeraity teams. Snow and slush
made tha playing very diaagreeable.
The Utah men were not in it at any
stage. Tbe final score wag 52 to 0 in
favor of Chicago.
More Arrests in Nebraska.
Omaua, Neb., Jan. 4,—A special irom
O'Neil saya: Milt. Roy and James
Pinkerman have been arrested charged
with being members of the mob which
ia supposed to have lynohed Barrett
Scott. The leader ia under aurveiliance.
Tbe prisoners deny their guilt. Scott's
fate ia still a mystery.
Cau Kldo on Pauses.
Albany, N. V., Jan. 4.—Judge Parker
of the supreme court has decided that
railroad commissioners can nse railroad
passes isaued by the secretary of state,
and tbe new conatitutlon does not pro
hibit the legialature, providing that
passes may be isaued to etate officiate
when traveling on official business.
jUarthqnako In Italy.
Roue, Jan. 4.—Severe earthquake
shocks were felt at 2 o'clock this morn
ing at Milszzo. Two sbockß were felt
in tho province of Reggio di Calabra.
The population is in a etate of terror,
anticipating a repetition of tbe disas
ters which have so recently occurred in
that part of Italy.
C. A. Bamuer ii Co.'s auction 02 lots today.
The Governor or tsitll. W»> Not Assas
sinated—Turkish Affairs.
Constantinople, Jan. 4. — Turkish
newspapers deny the reported assassin
ation of Tnnsin Pasha, governor nf Bit
lie, saying tbe story arose Irom the
death of Hielih" Bey,' vaiet of Savaa,
which, it ieclaimod, was due to natural
Newspapers in thia city elso publish
a dispatch from Tansin Push* stating
that all is tranquil in tbe province of
An imperial decree giving notification
ol the election of Manager lsmirlian, as
Armenian patriarch to sucoeed Manager
Acbikian, wbo recently resigned on ac
count of dilficultiea between the porte
and tbe patriarchate, was issued withont
tbe usual demand tbat tbe patriarch
ebould promise to pursun a line of con
duct consietent with the viewa of tbe
Turkish government, which promise
Manager lsmirlian refused to give.
Reports received here as to the situa
tion in Macedonia are disquieting. This
ia due to an extension of brigandage.
The potte ia making inquiries into the
BATTLE with moonshiners.
Revenue Crne-.s Bave an 15 ig*g.ment.
Two "ahlutiro" Ktllod.
Little Rock, Ark., Jan. 4.—A battle
took place between a posse of revenue
fficsrs and a gang of moonshiners in
Van Buren county today. Tbe officers
discovered a still hidden in a mountain
icorgi*. Bullets flew in every direction.
Putnam, the leader of the moouatiiners,
and his nephew, a boy of 17 years, were
mortally wounded. Two other moon
auiners were captured. Nous of tbe
posse were injured.
No Mure Furlough*.
London, Jan. 4.—A Berlin dispatch
Bays tho Post declares tho war oflice will
not grant furloughs to German oflicers
who donii c to enter the Chinese service,
and will do ita utmost to prevent them
from entering that service under any
A Wool;'. Sink Cl>i%rll)g4.
Now Yore, Jan. 4.- The Btatement
compiled by Brsdstre6ts shows the total
bank clearings for tbe principal cities of
the United States last weeks to be $944,
--978,348, a decrease of 4 (i per cent, com
pared with tho corresponding week last
Additional Dolalll or the Recant Earth
quakes—Wom«n ( rushed
to U.atb.
Special to Tug Herald.
City of Mexico, Jan. 4. —The oity iB
almost in a c-tato of panic owing to the
recent earthquake, and startling rumors
brought in from tho flanks ot Mount
i'oporatapetl by charcoal burners, who
claim that L'luoke is issuing from the old
crater and that terrible explosions and
rumbling sounds have been heard
hourly since the earthquake of Novem
ber 12th aud those of more recent date.
The voia--.no has not been in a state of
eruption since 1520.
The recent earthquake was severely
felt in the city diatrict of San Antonio
Abad and in tbe towns of San Angel,
Coyoacau and all the tonne couth of
the city. In the Plaza Mayor the water
gauge of Lake Xochimilco abows that
the lake must have been violently dis
turbed by the shocks.
Two women were crushed to death in
in the Arbern theater and fifteen peons
killed by the falling in of one of the
arches of the old aqueduct near Tacu
Two Bad Falls at tbo Bay District Track.
Th» Wlunari,
San Francisco, Jan. 4.—The track is
becoming more and more dangerous
every day, and today Felix tjarr and
Jerry Chorn, two of the beat jockeys
out hero, received bad tumbles. Ghorn
rode Jake Johnson in the lourth race,
and near the half-mile pole Jobnaon
fell. Gboin waa shaken up bo badly he
was unable to ride in the next race.
In tbe fifth race Felix Carr was on
Dick Behan, a four-to-five favorite. Ba
han fell at the same place Jake Johneon
did, end rolled over Carr. Tbe boy was
picked np unconscious, and ia badly
hurt. Not a iavorite won today.
Podiga. who won the fourth race, waa
entered at $200. and George Koae bid
him np to $1250, getting bim at that
Five and n hall furlonga, Belling—
Goodbye won. I ll Tirano eecond, Zxragoza
third; time, 1:17 -
About six furlonga, aeliing—Johnny
Payne won, San Lola Rey eecond,
Charmer third; time, I:2li^.
About six furlonga, aeliing—Mainstay
won, Braw Scott second, Don Fulauo
third; time, l:l9'i.
About six luriongs, aeliing—Podiga
won, Robin Hood No. 1 second, Three
Forka third; time, 1:23,
Six furlonga—lmp. Vigor won, Robin
Hood No. 2 second, Howard third ; time,
1:13 U.
San Francisco Race Entries.
The following are the entries and
weights for tbe San Franoisco racea to
day, as fnrniahed by tbe Los Angeles
Turf club, 212 South Spring street, Puke,
Black & Co., proprietors, where a book
iB made daily on tho above events:
First rare five-eighths of a mile—nilror 95,
Coude 104, Kxperiiuent 100, Norlee HP, Lawyer
104, Normsndie XOO.
-ecoi.d rune, fi ve-eiahths of a mile—Kitty L
87, Advenee 1)11, Mtslor 105, Valponso, Bd
Stanley, 101: Bed Light 108. Abl P 100.
Third race, mie mile, Milbray btakos—Agitate
111, Lenlal 114, Jim r'lood !>!), Artlcus, Ohar
mlou, 110; Don lonlauo 124, Mode=to 111, Del
Norto 107.
Fourth race, steeplechase, Bhort course—gain
Post 148, A'batross 142, Happy Band 132, Bt.
llrandon 152, April 151, Mendocino 145, Bell
Binsnr 142, all KeildrK 145.
Fifth racf:, five-eighths of araile—Jase Allen
105, The Judse, Hicnrdc, 101' I Don't Know
111, Chora oca 102, X I r ..no 05, Silver 98.
Htlll Safe.
Cincinnati, 0,, Jan. 4.—Rsv. A. S.
Hampton, a colored man arrested on a
Kentucky requisition and held by Judge
Buchwalter nntil assurance is brought
Irom the governor of Kentucky and
judge of court that Hampton will be
protected from mob violence and
allowed a fnir trial, wes again
belore Judge Bochwalter today. The
Kentucky representative eaid he had
received no assurance from governor or
judge, and Judge Buchwalter took tbe
case under advisement.
C. A. gumner & Co.'s auction ol lots todty.
Testing the Memory of an Al
leged Train Wrecker.
Shooting Scrapes Will Follow a
Tha Famous Trial at Woodland Now
Nearlnc a Close—Had Uroak
on tha Stand.
By The Herald's Leased Wire.
Woodland, J»n. 4—Mr. Cook re
sumed wudii -examination in tbe
Appelman case tbis morning and it was
not concluded until the hour ol ad
journment tbis evening. Mr. Cook
adopted a line of questioning intended
to test the memory of the witness.
General Hart objected. Mr. Cook said
tbe witness was very circumstantial in
relating all tha incidents of July 11th,
so much so tbat hs had a suspicion that
the story had been rehearsed. He pro
posed to test his memory. The court
held that the line of questioning wsb
proper cross-examination.
Mr. Cook then led tbe witness
through all the intricate mazes of hie
movements on the 11th of July, in tbe
course or which thero were some dis
crepancies between bis statement and
his direct testimony, and fiat contradic
tion of one witness for the defense
in relation to the meeting ol the
defendant and aome children near Mrs.
Matheny'e bouse. Cook tried to get
some information from the witness by
which it could he ascertained what tbe
name of the man wae he mat in front of
ths Tremont house. Appelman bad
conversed with tbe engineer, but did
not know bis name and could not tell
anything about his tuns.
absent witnesses,
"I slipped him on the shoulder."
continued ths witness, "and asked him
if be had been called. Tbe engineer
answered 'No, and they will not call
me, as they know I will not come.'
Just then we heard the train pulling
cut and the engineer aaid: 'There goes
that scab Clark.' "
All efforts of Cook to get some infor
mation by which tbe engineer could be
identified were futile. He then tried
another tack.
"Do yon know where this man Due
ton ia who aays he went with you to the
swimming pond?" asked Mr. Cook.
"1 do not," replied he, "bnt I have
beard tbat he and 'Judge' Spaulding
left for Portland supplied witb good
clothes and plenty of money and passes
furnished by A. J. Fillmore." Mr.
Cook tangled the witness considerably
when he began to question him about
reading the news of the wreck in tbe
papers. He said that at noon on the
12th of July be bought an Fxaminer of
that date and read the accoun . The
Fxaminer of tbe 12th did not reach Sac
ramento to until the 13th and could
not not have reached Yuba county,
where witness waa before tbe 14th.
Witness bought and read tbe papers
every day but he could not remember
any particular article he read except
Sherburne's testimony. All tbe San
Francisco papers containing tbat testi
money were presented to bim, but he
failed to recognize in any of them the
article he had read.
Witnesß tripped again when Mr.tjook
a»ked him if he had Been K. Bucking
ham in Washington in the afternoon of
July lltb, and if he had a gun on his
shoulder and told Mr. Buckingham be
waa going to shoot jack rabbits.
"No, that was on July 10th," replied
the witneas. Thia morning he testified
that be was in Stockton on the 10th and
did not return until after 1 o'olock.
created a sensation by pointing to a let
ter on tbe table iv front of Mr. Cook and
exclaiming, "I know where you stole
tbat letter."
Mr. Cook held it up to ahow that it
was addressed to himself, and the court
sharply reprimanded tbe witneas. De
tective Gibson and Officer Lee told ths
Associated Press representative today
tbat it ie current in Weahington that ii
Appelman ia convicted there nil! be two
or three ehooting scrapes.
Bad blood exists between John Appel
man and Detective Ahem. Each claims
that tbe other has been trying to pick a
quarrel ever since tbe trial began. They
came near having a collision on the train
a lew days ago. They met last night
aud General Hart averted a difficulty by
taking Appelman away.
Only One l ira Lost so For OS Known.
Troublo Witb Patients.
Anna, 111., Jan. 4.—The center build
ing and south wing of the Southern
Illinois hospital for tbe insane has been
burning sines 11:50 o'clock last night.
Tbe building contained nearly (WO pa
tients, all of whom, with one exception,
it is thought, were gotten out safely.
One patient, a lady, ie supposed to have
perished in the flames. She waa ob
served on the fourth floor of the center
building, dressed only in her night
None of the attendants nor patients
bad time to seonre tbeir clothing and
tbe enow worked a great hardship in
transferring the inmates to other quar
ters. It is now thought none of those
confined in the asylum are at largs,
though desperate attempts at escape
were made during the progress of the
fire, aud it was with great difficulty that
the poor creatures were confined to tbeir
quarters. They were crowded into a
new building, already nearly full. The
patients will be taken care of in the best
possible manner under the circum
stances. The loss will exceed $300,000.
Kuraloa Oonflsoat* a Band or Cattle
Ag-ulrre'a Captura.
San Piego, Jan. 4.— Jim Pokes, a
Campo cattleman who baa bad a herd
of cattle pasturing belnw tbe line, de
sired to remove tbem to another range,
obtaining permission from a person
whom he was led to believe bad author
it v to grant a permit to move the cattle.
He had no sooner arrived at the new
range than the entire herd was seized
by tbe ruralea, and he wae oharged with
smuggling. He eacaped, and it now ap
pears that hs waa the victim of fraud,
the permit to move tbe cattle having
been given by a confederate of the
ruralea with the view of placing tbe
stock in their bands. It ie probable
that Governor Sangines will cause an
investigation to be made, and tbe over
zealous ruralea will probably be pun
Reputy Sheriff "Keno" Wilson, who
has been acting aa customs inapector at
Campo for a month paat, returned to
the city today. He denied the report
that he or any other man of hit party
had had trouble witb Mexican official?
regarding cattle, and said that Judge
fierce and his party were at Allison's
upper ranch, hunting.
While at Campo Wilson learned that
the Mexican gendarmes had captured
about 150 horses in a bunch, which had
been driven across the line by two
■ Americans-under .su/picjoua circum
stances. The Americans told two sto
riee; one to tbe efleet that they ware
from Meea Grande, and the other thut
they were from Los Angeles. Tbey wore
really from Visslia, and there is reason
to believe that tbe horses were stolen.
The Mexican officere, under command of
Martin Aguirre, ex sheriff of l.os An
gsles connty, have rounded up the
horses in the Cocop ih cuunlry, and 20
men ore guarding them. They will bo
driven to Easenada to be sold.
CnflTeyTllle Sonrnh<.d—A Whtit Ware
hou»* Humeri.
Ooffsyville, Kan., Jan. 4.—Seven
three-story brick buildingß, including
tbe new Masonic block, wore destroyed
by fire here at 4 o'clock thia morning.
The loas aggregates $105,H0D.
MoDKbTo, Cal.. Jan. 4.—The ware
house at Keyes Switch, belonging to tho
Grangers bank of San Francisoo, con
taining Ecven hundred and liftv tone of
wheat, wns burned to tho ground at o
o'clock this morning. Tne fire was
caused by a tramp, who had a fire in a
box car on tbe side track. The car was
buri.ed and set the warehouse on fire.
Five hundred tons of grain worn insured.
The lose to tbo warehouse is $2,000, and
on grain $13,000
Columbus, 0., Jan. 4.—The south
wing of the main building at tho state
asylum for imbeciles caught tire this
evening and was totally destroyed. The
inmates were all at supper at tbe time
in another portion of the structure, nnd
none were injured.
A Sack lv Sight.
New Yoke. Jan. 4.—Adispatoh to the
World from Wheeling, W. Va., sajs:
Nelso Whitteker, the millionaire iron
manufacturer, has issued a public letter
announcing his candidacy for tbe United
Stales aonate.
All (Jalot In Uniisln.
Masrowah, Kiypt, Jan. 4.—General
Baiatieri, the Italien commander-in
chief, with the whole of the expedition,
reached Adiqnalidi, on the Italian bc.nk
ol tho river Kareb iTa. All is quiet at
PlckorlKg Heirs Drop Out or Iho Kidding
and tlin San .Joan Journalist
Secures tha I'laut.
San Francisco, Jan. 4.—The Morning
Call, one of the oldest newspapers on
the Pacific coast, was sold at auction
here this afternoon by United Stateß
Commissioner Heacozk, acting as mis
ter iv chancery, under an order issaed
irom the United States circuit court to
effect a final pottloment of the- long
standing partnership between Goo/no
K. Fitch aad the estate of his late part
ners in tbe newspaper buaiueas, Picker
ing and Simonton,
Tbe bidding was opened by Charles
M. Shortridge, editor of tne San Jose
Morcury, witb en offer of $100,OOU It
A. Crothers. tbe Call's business man
ager, was the only other bidder to ap
pear. Ho raised the bid of Shortridge
$25,000. aud tbe bidding then became
spirited. Tho price was run up to
$334,500, tbis being the bid of Mr.
(brothers, and a recess was tben taken.
An hour later the sale was resumed, and
when Mr. Shortridge had mtde a fine
oiler of $300,000, Mr. Crothers state
that he had no further offer to make
and the Call wsb declared sold to Short
In accordance with tbe rules of the
sale tbe purchaser at once gave hia
check for $18,000, it being live per cent
of the purchase price, and announced
that he was ready to pay the balance as
soon B3 tbe Bale Bhould be approved by
the court. The formal transfer of tha
paper will probably take place on Mon
day next.
The Evening Bulletin, which is owned
by the same interests, was also to be
sold, hut by agreement between the in
terested parties the sale of that prop
erty was postponed until next Wednes
(Vhltelaw's Schooner Samson Goea
Aahora at i?olnt llontta.
San Francisco, Jan. 4 —Captain
Whitelaw'a wrecking Bchooner Samßon,
which has been engaged for several
months in wrecking the Pacifio Mail
steamship New York, which was lost on
tbs rocks at Point Bonita, waß driven
upon the rocks one mile inside of Point
Bonita early this morning. The schooner
is now hung up on ths rocks end on fire.
She will probably be a total loss. The
Samßon was driven from her moorings
by a gale, which began to blow hereliißt
night and which still continues to blow
furiously. Her signals of distress were
answered by the life-saving crew on the
Point and tbe tug Relief, which was
lying in the harbor with steam np. It
was between 2 and 3 o'clock in tbe
morning. Tbe life-saying crew and tug
boatmen, working together, took eight
men trom the schooner before Bho Btruck
tbe surf and went up on the rocks. Six
other sailots put ont from the schooner
in a small boat, which was swamped in
tbe Burf. Luckily there were on the bay
side of tbe point, where tbo sea is not
running so high, and all succeeded in
swimming ashore. The vessel was.badly
battered on the rocks, but might pos
sibly have been saved had not, tire broken
out when tbe receding tide finally left
her high and dry.
Carlton Cornwell, foreman of the Ga
zette, Middletown, N. J., believes that
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy should
be in every home. He used it for a cold
and it effected a speedy cure. Hosnyo:
"It ia indeed a grand remedy, I can
recommend to all. I have alio seen it
need for whooping cough, with tbe best
results." 60-cent bottles for Bale hy
Off & Vangbn, Fourth and Spring; 0.
F. Hetnzeman, 222 N. Main.
Try a gal. Maltese club whiskey, $3.50,
unexcelled for purity ond flavor I Vache
& Co., cor. Oomerc'l & Alameda, tel. 3U9
Drink Shasta Water, Woollacott agent.
Kregelo or Breßee, funeral directors,
Broadway and Sixth street. Tel. 213,
Reltzke A SoecU. rimorai directors and om
hairnets, 250 South llalu street. Tol. 13*9,
C, A. Sumner St Vo.'i auction of lots today.
Sacramento's Safety Committee
Meiins Business.
Two" of Kelly's Lieutenants "Under
i v on«a l.'ald a Hobo Camp at th . Cap
ital aud Mako Arrears— Utiles
aud Ktilvea Secured.
By TBI Herald's Leased Wire.
Bacbauehto. Jan. 4. —The citizens'
commutes of safety has begun its cru
sade against the criminals nnvr infesting
this city. Tno posses numboriug 55
men were Gent out tbis morning to raid
hobo camps north of the city. Thoy re
turned dripping wet to tbe city about
noon, escorting -o orisone.'a to the city
und county jails. One of tbe camps was
cccunied by fiva men, thought to be ex«
pert crooks. Two of them raised loaded
Winchester rifles at the posso and
warned thorn to coma no nearer. They
wero ovi.rpower.id r.ud brought to jail.
Iv addition to the rifles there were cap
lured pistoll, dirk knives, a auok of fuse,
ft lot of giant powder and other ex
plosives. Tbe posso will make anothor
raid Saturday morning.
Previous to tho re'nrn of tho posses
sent out tbis morning a number of the
executive cortixiitteo of this new vigi
lance organization said in an interview:
"Two posnea have gone out. They
are undo up of good citizena. They are
fully turned with ehotguns, rifles and
revolvers. They go to clean out the
hoho camps along tbe north levee. It
is our Intention to hang a burglar as
soon as we find bins. VVe will not take
him from a jail a!t«r he is onoe iv, but
if we meet him in the custody of police
man on the utreet we will take him away
from them. We will be particular, of
course, to ascertain that he is the right
man; it be haa burglarized a house, if
he has attempted to burglarize a house,
if he lias etoud up and robbed a man on
the street or attempted to do bo, or if
we can fasten the crime ou him, ws
•hall string him up.
"it is not our intention to give the
names ul thoee wbo have gone out in
search oi these men in this terrifia
storm. We do not want to advertise
them to the world. But what they will
do will be known aa the work of thia
committee, the executive oflicera of
whict all ths citizens know. Yon may
publish this, so that all the good people
of the city will be informed, and so that
the criminal element now iv tbe city
will be informed."
Owiut; to incandiary harangues by
Colonel Saulsbury and Captain Miller,
two of Kelly's imported Industrials from
Oakland, Chiei of Police Drew determ
ined this evening to arrest tbem. Since
Kelly Bkipped tbe city, theße lellowa
havo been talking nightly to their crowd
of hobos and advising them not to ac
cept work at rock breaking offered by
the citizena hut to demand their rights.
If relused alms at nrivnu. hnn""* **»»/'
were adviied to help themselves, and,
above all things, not to break rock un
less they were paid in cash.
Tonight Snulabury and Miller mar
shaled their hobo gang and marched to
Fourth and X Btreets, where they in
tended to hold an open meeting, but
Officer Fisher placed them both under
arrest. The army, which has lost sev
eral of its Boldiers einca tbe uprising
against tramps and criminals began,
and is now not very formidable, made a
movement aa if to rescue its leaders,
hut several citizens interfered and they
quit and marched back to their camp.
Tomorrow the campaign against
trampa will be resumed and as the storm
haa ceaeed tbe citizena engaged in tbe
work will bave an easier job than tbey
had today in tbe rain while breaking up
camps in the brush outside the city.
Tramps at Wheatland.
Wheatland, Jan. 4. — Wheatland ii
bothered with tbe vagrant element.
Yesterday 12 deputy marshals were
Bworn in. The night before last a thief
was discovered robbing J. li, Gilson's
hen house. Gilson'a son-in-law tired
two shots from a ehotgnn at the party,
oue load taking effect, as the thief fell at
the second discharge. The thief es
caped. Last nfgbt a car loaded with
merchandise was broken open and some
China brandy stolen. A tramp named
Knudson was arrested and given 120
days on tho charge of being one of tbe
perpetrators of the robbery.
Beatity and Purity
Go hand in hand. a^BF/^^SV
They are the founda- \
tion of health and '?
happiness. x V,
Health, because of
pure blood;
Happiness, because of clear skin.
Thousands of useful lives have been
embittered by distressing humors.
Cuticura Resolvent
Is the greatest of skin purifiers
As well as blood purifiers.
Because of its peculiar action on
the pores,
It is successful in preventing
And curing all forms of
Skin, Scalp, and Blood humors,
When the best physicians fail.
Entirely vegetable, safe, and pala
It especially appeals to mothers and
Because it acts so gently, yet effec
Upon the skin and blood, as well
as the
Liver, kidnc-ys, and bowel?
Its use at all times
Insures a clear skin and pure blood,
As well as .sound bodily health.
oold everywhere. Price, $i. Permit Drug
AND CliaM. CuKr., Sole Props., Rotten.
" Ho* to Cure bum and Liuod Humurs," free.
\* Facial r>lemi«!ioe, iiUling hair and sim
ple liaby relics prevented by Cuticura Soap.
NervOUS Instantly relieved by a Cntl.
•Stta KIaStSV, because it vital
Pains and i*sa the nerve forces, and hencb
ceres nervous tv-ins, weaUncs3s
Weakness aml uum > Meil

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