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Sibley, of Pennsylvania, Op
poses OarUsle'a Bill.
Stinging Woi'ils That Fiuil l'lenfy of
Sprlnaer Interrupt* V7Ua QaeatteaS.
Vat UttimpU in "tt.p th« Sttnirdi
ntutrtlUAll i'rov.) Fut'la,
Washington, Jen. B.—Tho first busi
ness in the house today vrna c resolution
irom the eorarui'tee on rules authorising
the appropriation committee to inaert a
clause in the sundry civil appropriation
bill authorizing the transfer of tho mili
tary pricon at Fort Leavenworth, Kan.,
from the jurisdiction of the war depart
ment to the department .of justice. Op
position wae made by Broderiek, B>pub
licau, of Kaneu<, who sEirertod that the
question had been before tho military
committee and contended that the house
had already entered a report on the pro
posed change, for whiih ho saw no
reason. The plan was expired by
Curtis, Republican, of New York, who
contended that soldiers sent to prison
for minor olfonßee woro ■.Objected to evil
associations. The resolution alter some
debato was adopted, IPG to 1115.
Debate on the currency bill loing re
sumed, Hoover, Democrat, of Pennsyl
vania, gave notice of an umcudmunt. It
proposes a section to enable tho eocro
tury of the treasury to fund treasury
notes which muy remain iv circulation
after August, 1895, which were issued
under the actß ol February 25. 1809, July
11, 18(12, March 3, 1803, and July 14,
18911, by iisoing bondi to nu amount not
exceeding $5'.>0,000,000, redeemable at
tho pleasure of the United otutea alter
five years, pavablo 25 years from date,
with lutorejt at 3 per cent payable semi
annually iv gold bonds, to he of such
denominations nut loss than $59 anil to
be sold at not less than par for gold or
for treasury nu'.eo.
Members flocked around Sibley, Diimo
crat uf Penu'dyivunia, when ho began a
characteristic addross against the bill.
He waa applauded when he Raid: "II
ever rebuke wus needed to one who haa
attempted to trample down the pre
rogatives cf a people it is needed for
him who haa at'empted to usurp this
entire government himself. The time
has come when there ohonld be some
thins mire than brains, belly nnd bra I
to this government." Ho referred tv
George tho 111. ami'said it bad bo n
given out that anyone whovoto l again- 1
the bill would incur the diapleasur.i ol
the kings. Four days after the repeal > f
tbe Sherman act, members had told Ir'm
they had been promised revenue colic.t
orships if they would vote for the repeal,
"The gentleman makes a very broad
assertion," eaid Coombs, Democrat i f
New York, ond he aaked Sibloy to men
tion names.
"I went three days ago to a mcmbor
and asked him to allow me the privi'ega
of calling him up here," replied Sibley,
"tie eaid : "Mr. Sibley, you will place
no in a bad uosition with my constitu
ents. But," continued Siblay,
"within 10 feat of ma sits n man who
heard liim make the statement that be
had been offered fedora! offices for hie
"But do you consider it fair," asked
Coombs, with a porceptible tremor iv
hie voicb, "to make so gravo a charge
against tiie udm'uistratiou and not give
names and piacea iv order to permit of v
defense ?"
"Already padlocks have been on mv
lips too long and I intend to throw them
off," rein nod Sibley.
"VVhtn were padlocks put on
your lioe?" interjected Outhwr-.ite,
Democrat of Ohio. There wan itreal
confusion and excitement following the
"I have not thrown them off boforo,"
continued Sibley, "hacaueo I hoped to
see tbe administration redeem its prom
ice, und 1 did uot wish to utter a rebuiie
when there waß hope of houci:« perform
Outhwaite had pushed forward, and
again uttered the question: "Who put
padlocks on your lips 1"
Sibloy hesituted a moment, and with
increased earnestness eaid : "Lot me tell
you, gentlemen, I am not talking tod,ay
with men who believe iv going to hell iv
a handcart instead of to heaven sup
ported by truth. Let me tell you aUo
that I am uot addressing men who be
lieve more in a bobtail flush than a con
trite heart." Shouts of applause aud
laughter greetod this statement. Sibley
then proceeded to relate tho •Xpetienos
Of Dionysius, when lie was again inter
rupted by Outhwaite, who asked- "Was
it Dionyjius who put padlocks on your
Sibley made no reply, and proceeded
to addresß himself to tho details of the
pending bill.
Mr. Sibley was frequently interrupted
by questions, and when he demurred
from answering because he hud not been
given notice, and sail that Lis time
would uot be extended, although "uot ■
man spoke in favor of the gold trust of
the world who was not giver, unlimited
time," Mr. Pence, Populist of Colorado,
asked that he be permitted to duiah, but
Mr. Outhwaite objected.
"We saw your distinguished executive
after the election of 1892," Mr. Sibley
continued, "hie himself away lor recrea
tion. Where on earth did he go? To
the classic shores of 'Hog Island,' The
Bible says that when they are ret at
liberty each man will go to l is own
place. Where did he go? To Buzzards
bay. And ever since the old ship of
state has been bumping her nose into
Hog island ai.d foundering iv the water
of buzzards hay witu prosperity hut a
cable length aWay.
"There was a panic being precinitated
by the vultures of tho banks," Mr.
Sibloy shouted, "beside which the last
panic waa a gentle zaphyr to a shrieking
cyclone." He had figures which he lud
prepared last June and which, at tne
solicitation of friends', he had refrained
from using, allowing that banks aud
trusts could uot pay 89 cents on tl.e
dollar. The administration haa bo car
ried out the declaration that the purity
of all kinds of money would bo main
tained, that all other kinds bat gold had
tniorns mere promissory notes lor pay
ment of tho gold.
Spooking ot bis Democratic principles,
Mr. Sibley said ihut if he got into
what he supposed was a mahogany
wagon and found it wan veneered bass
wood being driven over a rocky road by
an inexperience 1 driver, he would jumu
cue and would not earn macfa where lie
landed. He drew a picturesque sketch
of Democrats sitting aroui d oanquet
hulls tonight worshiping nt the sbrine
of Andiew Jackson aud talking theories
|v different from his as tho tbroae of
hades from tho fruit of tho tree of life.
And if Andrew Jackson'! spirit were to
appear it would, he concluded, kick
over tho table and bahish those upjstlea
in disgntt.
Cnx, Democrat of Tenr.orsee, followed
with a careful argument in uupport of
the bill. Stone, li-ipublicsn of Penn
sylvania, did not.tt.ink the pending bill
would reliovo the treasury situation*'
nor did he. in fact, bilievs the retire
ment ol nil green backs aad treasury
notes would chock tho demand.
opposition niom omo.
Mr. Johnson, Democrat of Ohio, fol
lowed with a can-th: epeoch in opposi
lon to tho raeamire. ixa eaid ha thought
be owed an apology to tbs public for
r-penking against a hill which wr.;; ao
coad p.o this wee. Ho denied that tbll
bill was de-jignsd to take the govern*
men! out ot the banking business, and
inserted no bill could be devised for
sound currency issues which would not
plnca them uudor the government
sunervi'ion and, in effect, malts them
altefnativ/al* redeemable by the ncvirn
ment. It was the office oi the
government to f'rrnish money.
This bill proposed to confer on
bunko w.ihout limit n r ght that
could only be oonferred on a mooOpol y.
It uave them a monopoly or it waa a
failure. He attempted to demonstrate
that the bill would confer the name
mon ipoly On the banks that the Bank of
F.ngland and tiie Bcnk of Franco had.
This was true Laccueo the greenbacks
and treasury notes on which circulation
could b3 taken out whore limited in
number. There wi.ro but $475,000 000
of theso notoe. When they were de
posited for ftironlallon tho mnnopoly
would be complete. Johnson sketched
a scheme by which adiuhonost man, en
tirolv within the term] of this bill,
could make $52,500 iv two waoka by
Starting a bank.
"Could that bo duns under tha present
law?" nskod Springer,
"No, air," replied lohnson, "became
be must deposit $114,00:1 worth of bjnds
to get $9199 in circnlut ou."
"Could not tho Canadian hanks psr
petrnte tho same frauds?" asked
Springer, returning to tho n°eault.
"No," replied Johnson, "because the
Canadian system is a government m>•
Morae, Republican, of Massachusetts,
m de a orief gpesoh iv opposition to tha
bill, and then Bland, the loader of the
aiiver Democrats ol the house, took a
Band against It, He ep Ah with great
feeling, 'f nis hill, he declared, was aa
attempt to tvm orise With n great Issue.
lie called attention to the Democratic
v atform oi 1892. tho pie lgo to settle the
financial qu--t m on the lines of bl*
matuli m. He tr csd tho cv so of
those who, be alleged, -.vere carrying cut
a conspiracy, first the repeal of the sil
ver-pore'raie l.iw tjl now the oon
sum nation of thsir plane.
Mr. Bland predicted it thia bill b»
ciinu • law that tin g.-eeribacka would
dl Appear nnl .the chance to obtmu a
gold standard Would be entirely elim.u
ated. In oonoloaion bland protected
again. t the bill "in the nsme ol out
raged I'em icracy." Neither this house
our thia udai nietration is tho Demo
cratic party, eaid ha, aud 1 anneal to
ihamaneosol UemOOtaoy to reorgenlie
on the linai of tho principles of Jcff*;
--s n and Jaukaon. (Applgote),
(Joffeeii, Democrat, of Wyoming, con
e'tided tho debate for the lay in oppo
aion to the bill, nnd ut 5 o'clock tho
iiouso took a recess until 8 o'clock,
alien, under a epooiol ordnr of yester
day, the bill prepared by tiie poo i i.
ooraruitte for the modification of tho
pension laws waa formally read.
On' Coi.ilclcri.tiua With Another May
Grnsabrne Ptftrtrrtsra ani Hepnblleaae,
Washington, Jan. 8. —There is one
connideralion which has not so far been
tnken into acaount, which may influence
the Republican end Populict senstora to
oeme together at tbe first mooting of
tbe Eena'e after Maicb 4th for the reor
ganization of that boay aud that is tho
elfect that euuh a combination or the
fnilure to me.ke it the opportunity bo
ing presented, would have upou the two
parties in the eoutbern states
It ii understood that the aoutlieru re
presentatives of both parlioa are bring
ing thia phase o! the quostion to the at
tention of senators and urging that an
organization in which Oath parties
would hove representation in the dif-
tribution of patronage and tho Lrrauge
ment of tha committees would i>o the
bant evidence it would be possible to
live tho southern voters ol tho efl'ict
ivonese ol this joint work iv the lute
campaign und the etro... •: assurance
possible to give them that the combine
tiou had uot tieeu made before the peo
plo merely lot the purpose of hoodwink
ing them
The I'opuliittß cljiin, iv addilim to
Senators Poller, Allun, Kyle aud Stew
art, tiie avowed Populists now sitting in
the eeuate, that Senator Jones of Ne
vuda will certainly act with them, as
will Senators Irby and Tillman of South
Carolina and Mr. Butler of North Caro
lina, giving them a representation of
eight senators after March 4.
A great many Republicans disparage
the idea of any roorganiz itiou, und many
who ore not silver c to it contend that
un agreement between the Repub.icans
and Democrats ia mors natural than a
combination of Republicans and Pop
a<l» mcc or Keehiaevi't
Washington, .lan. B.—A cenoral in
vestigation on the advance of machinery
in the industrial world aud its effect on
labor has been by the bureau of
labor. Several of ths agents have been
already sent out in the work, provided
with circular inquiries (ailing for col
lection of various specific instances of
hand labor, the time, cost and labor in
volved in the production of various ar
tides, compared with tho corresponding
conditions ol tho modrn factories. Tbe
work will require a year or more, and
wili have L'O or 25 agents in tha field.
nerved li in Bight,
Little Rock, Arte, Jan. B.—A Benea
tional oOwhiding occurred at Pine Bluff
H. L, Colnuru, prominent
iv church and business circles of the
city, waa publicly eowbided by May
Huugard, the lfj-year-old daugnter of
May Huirgard, a highly respectable
widow. It is allowed that Colbnrn eeut
a note to the Kir! requesting her to meet
him at an assignation houeo. Carroll
Ci idfrey, au undo of May, secured a
shotgun, which he held at Colburn's
head while May cowhided him in the
presence of a lame crowd.
Governor nutl lira, Morton.
Albany, N. V., Jan. 8 —The first ap
pearance of Governor aud Mrs. Morton
and their family ut any large social
function here waß made last night at
tlannann's Blecker hall, when Mr. and
Corning gave a ball in honor ol Miss
Harriet Corning. Fifteen hundred in
vitations were isaued for the event and
fully 700 of Albany, New York and Boa
ton society puople wure there.
Wall paper oe, 7'„o per roll. 3-3 3. Sprint
Withdrawal of Warships Dis
cussed in the Senate.
Commercial" Tavelers Win a Hard
Intjretat.i Commerce Committee on the
J titer cUangflabl n Mlleagtt — The
t Ch'irges Against Judet It'oke.
By The TT/i'.Ai.n's Lcnsea Wire.
WasihnutuN, J»u. B.—Further debate
on Lodge'e resolution asking (or inform*
ation why the American ships wore
withdrawn from Hawaiian waters took
place in the senate today. I'almer,
Democrat ol Illinois, delivered a speech
againßt the resolution, regarding it as an
invasion by the senate of the powers of
the president. He defended the acts of
the present administration in Hawaiian
affairs. Gray, Damocrat of Delaware,
ulao opposed its adoption,
Brice, Democrat of Ohio, presented
the conference report on the military
acadeiuy appropriation bill, and it was
agreed to.
Tuo Lodge resolution calling for in
formation why United States ships of
war had been withdrawn from Hawaiian
waters was then considered, and Palm
er, Democrat, of Illinois, addressed the
oanaee. Whence did the senate, he
asked l derive tbe right to call on the
president for hia reasons for executive
acta? No audi power existed, and wue
it uot impertinent for the senato to
mako Ihe demand He maintained
that it was absurd to say that the senate
may demand the reasons of the presi
dent wittiont at the same time. having
the right in Borne way or another to com
pel an uiißwer. Palmer reforrod to the
species of anglophobia wnioh perme
ated the discussion of co many public
qi'eitiona.and ea d that it wae aaoiiee of
aoootme Bhame and humiliation to hud
that the American senate would discuss
no question without bringing in it the
dangers with which we ere constantly
menaced by the overwhelming power
of Groat Britain. He devoted soino
time to a discussion of the exciting con
dition in the Hawaiian islands, and the
cvmtß which led r.p to nnd followed tho
ostahli ill meat of the provisional govern
mailt. He tlso paid tribute to the work
of Commissioner Blount, who bad been
sent to the islands to inquire into the
fact* regarding the events there.
Palmar argued that the president had
at present a moßt vigorous policy df
uon-iilerferonca in the atfaira oi the
inbinds. This policy, eaid he, is right.
Ha should depiore any responsible
connection on tho part of tho United
States with the government ol the
Mr. Gray argued ngainet the adoption
ol the resolution. Thin inquiry asked
tho president for reasons to give the
motive thut actuated hiai in performing
a strictly esecutive duty. •
Mr. Aldrich, Republican, of Rhode
Island, referred to his remarks made
some days ago respecting the visit to
the city of the Royaliet commission
Irom tiie Hawaiian islands, and eaid ha
had yesterday received couiirmation of
the coincidence of datee in this matter
from unexpected quarters. Ho there
into sent 10 tho cork's desk aud asked
that the president's statement on the
matter published should be read. The
cierk had finished only a portion of it
when the hour of 2 o'clock arrived and
the resolution again took its place on
tha calendar.
Tne regular order waa then laid aside
and the senate listened to euloaiea on
the lifo of the late Senator Colquitt.
Remarks ware made by Senators Haw
ley, Morgan, Turpie, Hill, PaBCO, Mar
tin ami Walob.
At 3:10 p. m. tha senate adjourned.
Veal or Mlstonrt Dnplor.i. non-Aotlon In
lite bvurate.
Washington, Jau. B.—Senator Vest ia
not optimistic as to tho chances of
financial legislation by this congress.
The senator was on hia way to the
meeting of the finance committee, today,
when oakod about the Btory published
in some ol the morning papers that a
compromise had been agreed upon in
the eunato.
"It is all rot," lie said. "I suppose
yon mean the stuff about a financial
measure to be offered in the senate by
cert..in DemootatiO senators. There is
nothing in it. Furthermore in my
opinion, there is no possibility of pass
ing any financial bill in ihe senate. We
have no rules and five senators can pre
vent action on auy bill during this ses
sion. The only hope for prompt and
efficient action was In the Democratic
party, and we failed at the outset of the
the Beasiou. Instead of ohanging the
senate rules bo as to provide for stop
ping debate and then resolutely takinir
up the financial question and the tariff
bills from the house, the Democratic
caucus from the senate deliberately re
fused to do anything of the kind.
"As matters now are In the aenate,
nothing will be done except by unani
mous consent. If the ayes aud nays
could be called on taking off the differ
ential duties of one-tenth and one
eighth on cuzar, the majority would be
for the removal.
Faeornblo Report on Site 0000-ltttlo In
t«rclian|Ct>al>le Tickets.
Washington, Jan. B.—Tho aenate com
mittee of interstate commerce today
authorized n favorable report on the bill
amending the interstate commerce act
eous to permit the issuance of joint in
terchangeable 5001) mile tickets with
special privileges as to the amount of
free baggago that may be carried on
mileage tickets of 1000 miles or more.
This la a bill in which the commercial
travelers are especially interested, and
lor which they h ,v» worked hard. It
has pasaed the house.
Hi-nator George JJUeappolnUtl at Delay
In the Sf-imte.
Washington, Jan. B.—There is goinc
to be soina impatience in the aenate an
the part of tho champione of other bills
over the prolonged debate on tho Nica
raguan canal bill. The advocatea of the
bankruptcy bill are growing eapeoially
It ia rumored today that Senator
George, who has the bankruptcy bill iv
hie keeping, would soon attempt to have
it taken up, even if in doing eu he would
bave to at>k that the Nicaraguau bill be
Mi. George urouounoed this r jor ai
without foundation,, hut admitted that
he hud been disappointed that the de
bate on tlis canal bill had continued for
such a length of time. Ha said it. had
been nuderstood when the order of con
sideration of t tie measure was agreed on
that the debate on the canal bill would
not continue to exceed cix .-.ay.
Senator Morgan said at the close of
<theoes«ion thai-tie did not think there
would be a areit many moro "poeches
on the canal bill, and he believed two
more days would brinjr tbe debate to a
dots if It could continue without inter
Senator George expects to encounter
considerable opposition to thr bank
ruptcy hill. It ia understood that ad
vocates ol tbo Terry bill oppose the
pending bill. Tho fight will he in a
general n«' between the ailvocatea of
voluntary bankruptcy aud those of in
voluntary bankruptcy.
The TurliT Troniilm Are Settled Slxo p'
In Mluur nutans.
Washington, Jh>i. B.—As indicated in
the exclusive Associated Press cable
grams from Madrid tbe negotiations be
tween the etsle department and the
government of Spain looking to the
restoration of tho tariff on American
products entering Cuba and Porto Rico
has almost reached a antiefnetory con
It ia true that pome minor details re
main to be adjasied, but little difficulty
is exuected in aeenrinz thoir settlement.
It appears that in conceding to the
United States the benefits ol tbe mini
mum tariff Spain nr. altio seemed a
anbaiantiul advantage. Her West In
dian colonies ordinarily supply tbe
United States with about 75 per cent of
tho sugar imported into the country.
Thus the sugar is liable to a duty of oue
tenth cont per pound over and above
the 40 per cent duty imposed on Cuban
sugar and in onnsequeaoe the Cuban
planters practically receive a portion
equal to the discriminating duty paid
by Elnropean eugars, and it is believed
will thus be ablo to control the market
of the greatest sugar oouaumtug country
on tbe globe.
lnT..'ltTgatlon Into thi Char-r-s Will
Probably »> taken Up
Washington, Jan. 8. — Samnel J.
Ritchie, who in a memorial presented
fo congress yesterday, orefsrred certain
charges against Judje R eat, bus left the
oity, expecting to return in a few davn.
Mr. Ititchie'a attorneys. Moma. Sehol
laberger ot WilUoa and Bsnj.njin S.
Bntterworth, who have been his chief
counsel in his big suit, disclaim any
knowledge of the charges presented
against Judge Rtckl except what is
learned from tho newspapers.
These gentlemen have been Ritchie's
attorneys almoot Binco tha beginning ot
thia famous litigation, but although
they express themselves c utiouslv,
there is every reason to believe that in
thia ofY-hot of the case Mr. Ritchie iB
proceeding without their assistance
Judge Wilson, it was learned, rofoaod
pointblahk to conduct this proceeding
before congress.
The reports cf the aub-comtnittee
which fins been investigating the
charges against (Tnited States Judge
Uick3 waa to have been made to the
house ja.'licinry committee, but the
question went ovor till tomorrow when
a special meeting of the full committee
wiil be held. .At the same time it is
probable that new charges against
Judge Kicks, made by S.imuel Ritchie
of Akron, 0., will bo taken up.
A Now York IC«nlclhiic9 Fully Huppllrd
With Xli etrioity.
New York, Jan. B.—Jarvls EJion, a
manufacturer, has just moved into h:s
new uptown residence. The structure
coet $86,000, In the basement is in
stalled a double engine, such as are
found in ocean-going otoarnors, Tbie
will generate electricity which will be
used for heating and illuminating the
house. Electricity will do tho cooking
in the kitchen, which is at the top ot
the house. The kitchou is equipped
with aluminum utensils. The engine
will also operate a rofrigoratimt ur cold
air system which in the summer will
extend all ovor the' houao. Electric
belle, electric dumb waiters, an elect-.-ic
passenger elevator and electric ventilat
ing fans are among thu novelties pro
vided. The rcof of the houeo will be
arranged as a summer garden aud will
De illuminated during the Beaten.
Jake Kllreln Want* to Havo a Bo a.
Mo kullff* ■
Baltimore, Md., Jan. B.—Jake Kil
roin, after an ahaeuca of three and a
half years from tbe field of pugilism, is
likely to enter the arena and try cou
clusioua with Joe McAuliffe the heavy
weight. Kilrain baa received a chal
lenge for a 20-round fUnt, the condi
tions baicg that unless McAuliffe
finishes Kiliain in 20 rounds the latter
ia to take the purae. When or where
tbe contest is to occur has not been ar
ranged. Kilraiu save he will bo ready
for it in a month. Ernie Gebbardt wi 1
begin training the ex-champion tomor
row. Kilrain'a last fight was with
Frank Slavin iv Hoboken in 1891,
A Murder Story I>onte4*
Tucson, Ariz., Jan. B.—The reported
killing of Frank Dobß of thia city on the
Yaqui river in Moxico by Indiana turns
out to be ooe of thoee wildatories which
occaeionally float up from Sonora. C.
F. Hale, son of the American consul at
Guuymas, in a letter to a businoas man
of Tucson, says JJuba ia olive. Gover
nor Torres has bean interviewed on tbe
subject and he is of tho belief that no
American has been killed on Yaqui
river of late. Investigations made toy
Conaul Hale bave reached a like con
Dad Money Moat.
Albany, Ore., Jan. B.—A deputy
United States marsh d today arreated
the Jenuinga brothers, two more of the
gang of alleged counterfeiters, near Le
banon. It iv thonght other arreets
will- follow. Last Friday four arrests
were made there of counterfeiters by
Special Agent Harriß of the United
States secret aervioe at San Francisco.
German Affiir*.
Berlin, Jan. 8 —Forty meetings ol
fljcinliats and Radicals have been called
for ">iday next in order to protest
again ; the passage if the nuti-ievolu
tiouarr bill by Ihe rachstsg.
San Francisco Wants an Indig
nation Meeting.
After "Mose" Gunst and Collis P.
i! li 'i * i 1 ■ n,
Mayor Sotro Hrjj»g*tt 11, it the Cltizjiis
Attend to tho Huntington
Matter First,
By The Herald's Leased Wire.
San Francisco, Jan. B.—A committee
of citizena viaied Mayor Satro today
and requested him to call a mass moot
ing to protest age mat the appointment
of "Mose" Gunst ns pjlica commission
er, to denounce Acting United States
District Attorney Knisht for hia re
fusal to issue a warrant for the arrest of
0. P. Huntington, and to protest against
tbe disbarment of Attorney Philbrook
by the supremo court.
MRvor Sutro was very conservative
and cuggested that the committee con
tine their meeting to tbe Huntington
matt ;r and collect evidence that would
warrant him in calling the meeting.
Later in the day another committee
called on the mayor and Mr. Sutro ad
vißed them to oil ou him with evidence
aud a partition.
A petition wiii he circulated tomorrow
and the mayor, if he believes that there
is sufficient demand fer the meeting,
will issue the call,
A Btiin<:hlnn From the Montiliirrat
P.c keu Up By a Tuir,
Porv Towj.skso. Wash., Jan. B.—A
stanchion belonging to the steam collier
Montderrat wai found lalt Saturday 19
miles Boutheajt of Ca;>e Flattery by the
lug Pioneer and taken to Port Angele l ,
where it wae identified by several ship
ping men as belonging to that ill-fated
vessel. Toe stanchion is about ti foot
long, 5 inches iv diameter and painted
bliick at both ends and white in the
middle, and bore evidence of having
been forcibly wrenched from the main
deck, where it waa used to oupport tha
skids which suoported tha lifeboat.
Two or three ship captains who are
laminar with the Montsor.-ar positively
identify the timber as having come from
the loat collier.
The strangest part of the incident ie
how the stanchion earns to bo found at
this late day, whan it is gene-ally con
ceded the ve?sel foundnred Dscomber
9th, tinea which strong southerly gales
and currents should n&vc carried it up
the Vancouver island coast.
Sonoma County., Wild Man Going to
Sat; rani t nto.
Santa Rosa, Jan. b.—Ben Buckley,
the famous Sonoma county wild mac,
who, for over 20 yeara lived in a mud
bole in a fanes oorne! iv Blucher valley,
cams to town nnd bought a ticket for
Sacramento today. Buckley is one of
the mo.t celohrated hermits in Califor
nia. He thinks he is president of the
United States and olaimi Clevoland is a
pretender. Bucklay waa beaten by a
highwayman 20 years Sgp, Since then
he haß slept every night in a pen with
out a roof, under the hallucination that
us president, it is unsafe to sleep undt.r
cover. He could not ba induced to leave
tbe burrow. When his presidency in
disputed ha ravoa like a mad man. He
save he is going to S„ornmento to help
elect a senator and 'cays that if the
proper man is not put up be will remove
Fortnna at Last Etiin* Duna Mot'afX^ry'M
Chicago, Jan. B—Attar searching (or
more thr-.n Bis monthj lawyers havo
found tbs heira of tbe lato John Mc-
Caffery, who died hare last June, leav
ing $550,000 worth of property,
After moat careful investigation these
heirs have beeu found and thair claims
tosbares in the fortune established. A
petition was filed in the circuit court
today which tells the wliole story of
John MeCeffsrt'i career and makes
known those t> whom hia estate will
fall. In bis will the teetator declares
that he hao children whose name;] he
could not remember. These children,
the bill declares, were Ha rah, Susan and
Margaret McCaffery, born betweon 1811,
and 1846, end that after placing them in
a boarding Bchooi in Washington their
lather disappeared in 1852, never com
municating with them again. There
are many other heirs to the estate, as
McCaffery was married three times.
Another Baton of Papers Join tbe 4i-
Bixtiatad prass,
Boston, Jan. B—The8 —The leased wire eys
tam of the Associated Press will ho ex
tended from Boston to Brockton, Mass.,
on February let. The Brockton Daily
News, owned and controlled by W. L.
Douglaeß, a millionaire, and managed
by Col. Amory Knox, formerly of the I
Texas Sittings, yestorday signed a 90- I
year contract with the Associated Press,
and the paper will receive tbe lea°ed
daily wire report. Since the first ol
January tbe following New England
papers have joined and been taking the
service of the Associated Press: The
Lowell (Mans.) Evi>niug Courier, Biddo
lord (Me.) Evening Journal, the F'itch
burg (Mass.) Evening Mail, and the
Mornlag Citizen of Lowall. Mass,
Uolorado'l New Governor Inanzarated.
The bpeeoh.
Denver, Jan. 8. —Governor Mclntyre
waa inaugurated at noon today. The
ceremonies, which were very simple,
were held at Tabor opera house before
a large audiencs. The oath was admin
istered to Governor Mclntyre by Chiaf
Justice Hayt. The governor's inaugural
oddresß was dsvotsd chiefly to state
topics. He reoommended Btrict econ
omy and suggested many reforms in the
management of state institutions. He
advised steps to replace Clio ou'standing
exceea worrauts with bonds. He recom
mended the oons'ruction of re?ervoirß
out of the interna 1 improvement fund
for the purpose of storing water for irri
Legislation was suggested to compel
t ie coal companies to pay wages in cash
instead of scrip; atop the sale cf real
estate on trust deeds without fo > closuie
proceedings, aud pravent inj nice to
debtire under attachment laws. Tbe
governor called attention to the fart that
the present laws are inadequate to anp
pronn gambler towns and suggested leu- j
iilitiou with that ond in view. On the
subject of railways the itoverr.or snid:
' If it bo a fact, which can he eecertained
by investigation, unjust discrimination
i< wiilollv prnc cisd by ruilwav corpora- I
tiona subject to leir slalive control iv
thia state, ih-B - iej;i"l"'ion ehoujd be
enacted to prevent it, and »nch
tion ihOOid be wisa, j ist and effec'iv."
The governor pronounced equal uuf
frsgo » succeps in conclusion be eeMs
"We do not expect legislation favoraole
tosilver because it is the money of the
constitution, nor because we expect
sympathy or charity from any source,
nor because we as producers are inter
ested in enhancing its value, but bscaco
iti restoration ij absolutely decreed by
the natural law of commerce, that can
not be disobeyed without punishment
following. Punishment ia being inflict
ed now, and will become more and more
grievous unUl endurance mnnt cease aud
biindne's and prejudice, design end self
ishness muat ail yieid to the crushing
force of natural law."
a fJCttBH Giinica,
A White Tfumau With a Fortnne Lovea a
tS -ii-.
Nkw York. Jan. 8 —The World prints
the following from Boston : Mis 3 Isabella
F. I'.igelow, who possesses in her own
right offer $75,000, today accompanied
her c ilored c lachraan, Charlaa W. Har
ris!, to the Brookline police court, where
he r.ia elMrged with Impreper relations I
Willi her. He was held in $2000 bail.
Miss is ah- ut 23 yours old sod
bclongn to one of the leading families in
j Worestter. she was tinoly educated,
and at 18 entered Bocioty end for two
yeara Was a leading favorite. On the
death of her father, who waa a million
aire, nho came into her fortune and im
mediately left her home, taking Harris
with her. She was induced to leave
Bloodline soma time ago, after the
birth of a quadroon child. She has just
returned, and the nrreat was made in
order to get her to leave town again.
Kirerl at Nnpe aud Woodland*. Swolleo
and Timre Are Fear* or An
other Flood.
DuNSMt'iit, Jan. B.—Tbe snow bRB |
changed t» a lisbt rain, but it ia still |
snowing near tbe summit. Tbe rotary
cut its way tbroutrh twantyflve feet of
•DOW anJ opoviad the r?ad bo trains are
nearly on time.
Tha t-now cnvad in on the rotary and
buried it, but it was ru led out and
M*rted in again. A cong of Chinamen
has been sent up to nsaiit in the snow
work end take the place of a gang of
whilo cigarette fiends who proved unre
liable and unlit for the work.
VVoooi.asd, Jan. 8 —Tbe first through
train passed over the break south of
Woodland last night. All trains are
now running, but not on schedule lime,
owing to the bad condition oi the road.
The wanther is again stormy. Rain has
besn falling tlirouiiuout the county dur
ing the day. Tho mountain streams in
tbe northern part are reported to be
much swollen and Berious fears are en
tertained that there will be another
flood and more interruption of railroad
Napa, Jan. B—A8 —A heavy rain set in
here early this rnornini; and has contin
ued nearly all day. amounting to 1 8-100
ioclics, inakiiiK 22 inches for the season.
The river is already running bank full,
and will doubtless overflow before
Striking Cloaltlnak.ra Given Employ
ment la Nbw York.
New York, Jnn, B.—Three hundred
of the etrikiog cloakmskers were given
employment cleaning the streets of the
east side yesterday. Two hundred ad
ditional will be employed today. No
donationß of food were received yester
day, and the only money subscribed
was $25. 'ilia reliei committee have at
present 600 f-miliej on their list, but it
is expected the number will be greatly
ItlOreaied belon* tiie end of the week.
The Citiz .ns' Relief Fund has decided
to appropriate an additional }SUOO for
the relief of the cloakmakors,
VuniUiblU G'liujr Abroad.
New York, Jan. B.—The World this
morning says: William IC. Vuudcjrbilt
lias euguged passage on the White Star
liner Teutonic which will sail frurn New
York January 19tb. A suite of state
rooms was engaged for him and party
by Wiutield Scott Hoyt, Mr. Vander
bilt'a iulimato friend, several days ago.
Mrs. William K. Vaudet bilt is not to
bo a membar ot tho party. It is said
she is even ignorant of her hus
band's plane. The reports of a recon
ciliation have been without foundation.
Dr. Guaunoey M. Denew will not
speak of tho Vauderbilt affair. "1
would he willing to toll you all I know,"
avid he, "were I uot Mr. Vanderbilt'a
counsel. That prevents me from apeak
ing, as you can rendiiy understand. I
do not think that anything at all will be
given out about Mr. Vanderbilt'a pri
vate affairs."
More Victims or a Hotel Fire,
Albany, N. V., Jan. S—Tho bodion of
two of ihe Delavan house tire victims
were fuuud iv the ruins last night.
They were found in the cellar and were
directly under the attic where the 15
eorvauts are supposed to have been
trapped on account of tbe rapid spread
of the dames. One of the bodies was
reduced to crumbling bouea and the
Otbet was a maaa of unrecognizable flesh
and bones. 11....0 was notuiug found
neur tho bodies to oerve as n moans of
identification, it is supposed that the
remains of all the victims will be found
near tho piaco where the two bodies
were discovered.
1 wont Charity.
Syracuse, N. V., Jan. B.—The Syra
cuse I'oat hnß offered the ueeo! its entire
plant to the board of managers of the
Woman's and Children's hospital, end
representative womou of Svriiciiao will
edit anil publish one iatOS of the paper.
The Fast will donate to the huspital
named all thia receipts of tiiat special
issue. The offer has been accepted and
the date nf publication will soon be an
Kuekl-n'a Arnica S.lve,
The bent salve m tbe world for cut., brtits-F,
soies, ulcers, eaitrheam, ievur bore.i, latter,
chapped :ittuu>, cunolams cocas and a! 1
•rU| ..iout, aud poeiUveiy nut-en pile* o, 00 pity
rci|ilirod. it is BOaraateed tn give perfect . ul
ion or money refunded. Price, -1> cents
Fut gaiu tin v. i. Utriaaeoujai
icalu a. at.
Witnesses in the Train Wreck*;
inj; Case Fix a Date. j
' M
c'oucliiaing- Testimony in the TrltJ
of Appieni&u. » • -tsH
All the Ee-ldeuc. tn and the Attorns?**;.!
tor the I'r.-.i ouilou Comiutoctl
By The Hibald's Leased Wire.
Woodland, Jan, B.—Tne firit witneet
in tbe Appelman ease thia morning wst]
i. N. (till, who testified that tbe reputa.
tion of John Cropper is good. Joseph
N. YlcDouuld testified that he worked
with the defendant at O'Neil's Drink,
yard, near Sacramento, last May mm%
June, und the defendant at that time
wore a light mustache.
George til. Collins, who was a steward
of the A. K. TJ. kitchen during the
strike, testified that he was there Offf
July 11th from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., and
had charge of all the provisions, and
there were no pies on that day. Tht
only pies there ware those baked og
Sunday, the Bth, and eaten on that day
and the next.
K. S. McCiure testified that he *M
h eißtinj ths A. R. U. kitchen on thi
11th of July and had been for seven
itsya prior thereto. He corroborate!
Collins concerning tbe pies. O. A
Newton was recalled. He gave Croppel
a good reputation for truth, nonets]
and integrity.
Mr. Cook then announced that thb
teatinionv closed tbe case for the prose
cution, and the court ordered a reeeet.
At the afternoon cession Ben True w«j
called, but the only informatipn^* 4 «*Jr'
from him was that be is a BP'ccial o.nu»i
in the employ of tbe railroad company
John Appelman was tbe next witneet
He testified to tbe dates when he am
hi? brother were in the employ of thi
railroad company. His testimony wai
unimportant. Several witnesses testi
had iv Appelmen's favor and the defenw
The court took a recess nntil evening
at which time Mr. Clark began bit arga
ment fer the prosecution.
A Flyer Takes a Piece Out or a Jockey*
San Francisco, Jan. 9.—ln the fourtl
ivce today Jake Allen, while at tbe pot
seized Jockey Chevalier, who was a
North, by the thigh and pulling hit
from tiie saddle shook bim viciously, a
a dog would a rat. A large pieoe t
lie. li was bitten from Chevalier's le
and the boy is in a dangerous conditioi
R.loy was given tho mount on Nort
and won the race. Jake Allen was ndj
allowed to e'art aud tbe money np (
him at 30 to 1 was lost. Favorites tn
all except tho fourth race.
Six furlonga—Charmion won, Chart
A. second, Quirt, third; time, 1:24%.
I'.ve and a hr.lf lurlongs,
Morven won, Little Ton.rh second, Blu
Banner third; time, 1:17,' i.
One mile, Balling—Braw Scot won, H
Dy second, tit. Brandon third; timi
1 :67>4.
Five and a half furlongs, selling-
North won, Chemuck second, Zaragoi
third; time, 1:10.
Six iurlonge, selling—Realization woi
Motor second, Imp. Eliße third; tim
1:25, 3^.
San Francisco Race Entries.
The following are the entries an
weights for the San Francisco races v
day, es furnished by the Los Angeli
Turf club, 212 South Spring street, link
Black & Co., proprietora, where a boa
ia made daily on tbe above events:
First rAce, five-eighths of a mile, selling—o
queit l)i, Martinet 102, Fleetwood 104, Iron
101. Advanca 99, Tyrena »7, Rogation 93, Al
tie 108, Longfellow 101, Cadean S5.
yccoud race, three-fourths of a mile, selling
Gaueral Miles 10t>, OuadalouDe 105, Pron
100, Harry Kuhl 105 Bteadlast 102. Bone Da
tor 911, St. Albans 99. Kaiadrop 117, Wicklo
third race, three-fourthi of a mile, haadio
—Motov 109. Imp. mine lUB, Zobalr 108, Qa
97, Robin Hood No. 3 90.
Fourth raoe, short course steeplechase—l
I.nek. I'riuce, Albatross, The Coon, North, N;
per, 137; First Lap, Major Ban, 140; Morvi
..iii race, five-eighths of a mile, 1611101
Mollie King 07. Mutineer 102, B'ae Barm
111, White Cloud 10U, Meltor 105, Outrlg
95, Vulcau 101, Uussie 109.
Metropolitan Turf Exchange.
Tbe Metropolitan Turf OommiMi
Room. Commissions' taken on 8
Francisco and eastern races by wit
Pools told on sporting evsnti.
Dcrkee & Fitzgerald,
126 West Second street,
Honnlnln and Australian Steamers.
San Francisco. Jan. 8 —The 8.
Arawa of American and Australian li
will not sail until 3 p.m. Saturday, Ja
12tb. The 8. S. Australia will sail at
a.m. Saturday, Jan. 19th, taking t
first of Cook's personallyconduoted ton
to Honolulu. Another will go on t
12th of Februery. fAll expenses of ti
strictly first class excursion from I
Augeleß and return, $236. For partic
lars apply to H. B. Rice, agent, IU
Second streat ]
Notable Arizona Murder Cal*.
Tccs-. n, Jan 8 — Argument was CO!
menced tins aftoruaon iv tbe oase of t
territory ajjainet Ki. Mewksbury, oha
I cd with tha murder of Tom Graham t
yeara ago iv Salt River valley. Thii
one of the moat notable osbss in
criminal history of Arizona. The £
trial a year ago, resulted in a disagn
ment ol the jury. The re-ue»ring, wh
hao been in progreos here about a wo
hue attracted att-mtion nil over the t
ritory. Hia likely the case will go
jury tomorrow afternoon.
Debs In Jail.
Chicago, Jan. B.—Eugene V. D
ami associates undar jail sentence
contempt surrendered to United Stl
Marshal Arnold today, and jail comn
meuts were promptly made out.
proceedings iv court looking towari
stay of sentence were begun. All
delendsutH except Howard and Ell
were present iv the marshal's office.
AtMte ware, etc., at Furrey'e, 161
Spring et. }i
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powi
World's Fair lUgfrea* Medal and Dlpleaa
I our rustotag^H
! lii CVi l <l-«- • thit comra-.-iicera^B
3 ■ i ii>-n'.wumu lo the tarn
' ril mil i-vy brgan to iih Wmm
Celery ooinpooutL XtjH

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