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lOiina's New Commt:;i!i>r
I for Ueinli>rc.'inp«M.
Agents Endeavoring' to s 'cure British
Sailors for the Nsvy.
War Material Being Stile In Tits
t Country for the U.e .if the
Chines* Gov rniuent.
peelal to Thi Her ild.
liONdon, Jan. 8 —The Times will nub- '
ish tomorrow » dispatch from Shanzhni I
giving that (ianor.tl Snnir had sent it '
pisaago to the Chinesa government that |
his force is completely at too mercy o!
tike Japanese, aad he.'jing fir reiuiorca
ment'i or permisaiou to ra'urn.
A -teh from Tien Tain says thi*
i" :'i • agents have been discovered
itiducs British sailors to deaert
" ;n in or Jo.- to servs in t!io
aron, Jan. H —If reports are
Sr avotl the United States is su rt
p > i Chinese government with wfir
> . • th« last tw s months tha II o'.e'i
I s in Connecticut h-.va basi
H it nui dtv turning out gin s
lara ition. According toinstruc
livid in Wvi!iia;i)u by the
itfi ' io II itnhkiso oi.ii i ii;?. Ct i-
Hi • tv, ttiij in tteriai iidsstinsl
' u'hm, m»J sliipmns ii mttts
-to tho ej i it v; '.'ij II >-,o'i
tAf. .'.lore. BoyioreV ship inputs hiivs
p-. .' I-o iintothi present time, nnd
! i will be m ill >.; tha 1-Mi au 1
! > ranid-ftrlng jn no! the ona
•ooid typo have been shippaJ.
I n ' iv' ' I i i !i ild in vri'.s. and
>, cc r t . ,—
ion to the extent of 40,000
' is been manufactured for their
tbe three nations which this
a destined for, one, it is prob
iltely known, ia Brazil, aud one
aid to be China.
aa to the Paaewge or the Cur
rency BUI.
H roTON, Jan. 8. —The action of
It ' .'scauc'JS is tbe absorbing topic
oaberis of ths house. Repre
at»;ii;i Walker of Massachusetts, a
an member of the currency
ea, said:
' :auous establishes beyond a
t! it the bill is dead. On the ratio
tl ucus vote yesterday, tbe vote
:hi ÜBe, if every member attended.
c 135 (or tbe bill aud 221
ait.st. But aa there will not be a full
te nee, I estimate tho vote an 80 lor
uid 157 against. Tha advarue
ludes every Republican end
bi -122 in all, and many Damo
k! he number of votes for the bill
is its greatest strength."
. • ratio friends of tha measure
hoivovor, that in the caucus
rubers who opposed it will vote
l tha house. A canvass ol the
false made before tho caucus by a
iKiocratic congressman showed 111! for
111 bill, 1(18 agf itiot end 711 doubtful.
Sir. Springer saw Seere;ary Carlisle
ijVnight and went ov«r the develon
fcntsef the c.-.uciia. Mr. Springer bi-
Eased coulidenco that the bill tvouiJ
llltttne; Wow" on Cox-v.
kj*ASHiN'iTt>.'J, Jan. B.—-J. S. Coxnr will
|be heard by tho sonato committee
t&nance in advoev;7 oi Ins go-ni ro.-ulj
?1 bond bills, (Itiairma-i Voorm-e* <w
ttararf to Mr. C >: >y aft".- tlit: *dj ur.v
Jttt ol the committee tod.iy.
A Aoocpte.
|fjkw Yobk. Jan. B—ihe followi::::
BjEfraai was aunt to Heereiery tiraut
BE* Jtoyal Yacht rquadron by »x
--| sataodoro Jatne-J S. Stnilh. cha.rm.io
I ihe America V cup committee, today:
I 'Terms of settlement as modified by
j ir cablegram oi the 7th ere accepted."
It Odors Hloh'r;«n l»«ra*>« From Horse-
Wtl ppltcet l |t( n.
Astuxr, Mich . lan. 8. —The editor of
the News, 0. K. Armstrong, who was
horje-shippsd by Cora Ilusbrook, sur
prised the village by go-ng tr-th* post
ofllce curving a Winchester ritla aud
tao revolvers and a belt filled with
cartridges. Nobody molested h : m aud
later his piper came out with the fol
lowing announcement, roferring to per
sons who would harm him:
"Tv nil such parsons, we will say th-1
we loni ago learned to have no fear of
leaden messages; in fsct a good share of
our life has been spent among people
who generally shot, tirat and hi. wed
about it aftorwarila."
To ttio woman lie s.iid :
"Horsewhips hold no fear for ne, sni!
rielit here, old girl, lei us rise to remark
that if any of your sneikini, low-lived
nan.: wish to try that kind of medicine
on iv again, we w.trn you that all it will
i cost them will be thair own doctor bills.
!Wo have started to purge this locality.
| ami we will do it or die in the attempt."
Tho hotter class of people at Ashley
are wit.n tho editor, who announced
himself last night as "Wild Hill" to tho
applause oi the crowd. Mrs. Marshal
i>. Sickels and Miss Husbrook were
! going lo repeat the thrashing, bat the
editoi'a gun stopped them.
iNCi'jr:sTAL,i.Y si i nisi ton.
tiih oejeot «.r Blttyi Sae4«fioa''i V s.tto
A in - risa.
New Toes. .inn. B.—.udics Sibyl San
derson, the California prima donna who
lis to bo hpurdUaVr* tha first time in this
i country ct, opera bouse,
larlived yjfeterdiy on tho Champagne
Dnriu/r* her t:«y in Amo ica -\1 iea San»
] dcrsYoc may bo htard in Manon, Phrynna
, anrl Baraphla, Btelaramonde or Thetis.
Incidantallv'. she saye, she boost to
marry Antonio Terry, a Cuban of con
siderable wealth, *.vho ia tquaiiynt homo
in IViria or New York.
''the flu c ol ou* marriage," paid the
pine»T, 'a Ith anaaefne fr-nkn-» u ». "de-
JAPANESE MILITARY POST. fFrom a Photograph.|
pends on a divorce suit which is pending,
| ior unfortunately Mr. Terry has a wile.
He haa noc lived with her for quite 11
I years, though I bsliove she ia a very
[ charming pe.-aon."
Mr. Terry came over iv the Cham
pagne with Mies Sanderjon.
The Town 80I0T14 Hold it Ble-tlog and
Trnniect ttuiiueal.
Baiita Monica, Jan. B.—The board
of trustees met en Monday evening.
Warrants were ordered drawn i0r5660.37.
The proposal of Prof. Le Roy D. Brown
to rent the present town hall and offi
cials' headquarters in the bank block
for five years at $75 per month, includ
ing tbe fire house and the construction
of a vault for safo-keeping of the city
records, waa accepted.
Ordinance No. 202, fixing the compen
j cation of town engineer at $6 per day,
1 wits passed nud Thomas H. Jams] waa
j nppoiutcd to tho office.
j Ilelf a Doiin of CEiraCell't Sharp Shoot
ers Btata,
Fakis, Jan. B.—At a cabinet counoil
today M. Dolasao, minister of colouiaa,
announced that ho had received a com
munication from Ojlonel Monteil. in
j command of tho French lorcos in Ton
qoin, saying that on Dsccinber 13th the
column formed to proteot Hong egninat
C.hiof Oauairay, was ambushed Oy
Samoray's men. Six sharpahootera
were killed, inclnling two officers. The
enemy, however, were driven off with
heavy loasej.
The It er Int*>rfv rl mjs> I*«>|;c<im.111 c
I Nashua, N. H., Jan. B—The police
1 commissioners of this city hays been
j requested to investigate tne charge made
1 by v local minister from hia pulpit that
lit polico ofhoer notified tho proprietor
before a rail wa9 to be made on the
Woodward house, nnd that tho latter
hid his liquor under tha snow in the
I yard while the officera searched bis
| bouse.
llrllnou K«i-oleo-.etl.
Pauis, Jnn. 8 —At tha opining of tho
chamber of deputies today M. Henri
Brisaon was re-elected president oi the
Ptisaittiist's Council Ordered
. liito.McKinlfy!s_i^»urt.
A Writ Issued Against Creating the
Southern Pacilis Franchise.
Christian Knrteavnr M«i:us H>n«
Officials Kl>,ot*il— 9ooU' Eroute.
Tasadkma, Jan. 8. -The city council
did not meet thi: afternoon, end for
vary good nnd o'lfiicierit reasons the
Southern Poaißi) Irancltiee Bp Broadway
Is etill a tin or of the fnttire.
The OOBnoU Chambers were crowded
with oitissn* this »ft*>ttO>i in eutioipa
tion of tho expected ilght over the fran
chise. Tho actors, however, failed to
put in an appearand), and tho audience
waa disappoi-itod fir a BQOOtvd titus.
Tha programme which had beau
mapped out by llio S mtheru Pacific aud
three morn bers of tha city council for
railroading trie franchise through the
city council today, waa knocked olean
off the track by a writ liaaod out of
Judge McKiulay'a court, department
live of tha superior court, commanding
I the OOUucil to protect copies of their
proeee lings far the court to levlow-, and
' to de ist from oil proceedings relative to
the Sittthern Pacific frensblea. The
writ waa ii-ntd upon application of
Willhui Morgan. Mc-.\vy property
owner en Brondwiy.
Tha writ teats* that it appears frrin
an affidavit from Wm. Morgan that in
the mutter oi granting a franchise to ,i.
A Muir. tb» defendants have etceeded
their powar and jurisdiction. Tney are
therefore commanded to send to the
superior court a full iransciiet of nil
pr. c«e.Jiissts relative thereto on the 14th
day oi Januory, 1893, arid in the mean
time they are commanded to desist from
further proceedings in tiie matter to be
Ou the application Mr. Morgan ap
pears as the plaintiff and the city coun
cil aa defendants; it seta forth that on
Nov. 28, J. A. Muir made tn applica
tion for a franchise to construct and
operate- a steam railway over Broadway
avenue. Then follows Ihe resolution
of intention which wsm adopted by a
vote of 3 lo 1, only four memberß being
present. The ordinance which is re
ferred to in tbe franchise ia also given
in full. Tbe action of tbe board on Dec.
31, when Mr. Lukeus riaclamd the
motion to open bide loit, is given in
fell, also of the meeting of Jan. 2, when
Mr. Lukens was deposed from the
ohair aud the resolntiou accepting the
bid paaeod.
Continuing the writ enyo:
That at all times herein mentioned
said J. A. Muir waa anil now ie an
officer, towit: the division rmperiutend
eut of the Southern Pacific company,
which ia a corporation organized end
acting under the lavrs of Kentucky ;
that aa your petitioner is informed and
believes, in making application for aaid
franchise J. A. Muir acted aa agent and
representative of the Southern I'aciflo
company, and that it ia not hia inten
tion tn build or opernte any railroad
under tho franchise, hut it is the inten
tion of the Southern P.ieiSc company to
build and operate tho ro.td.
Your petitioner, Wm. Morgan, ia the
owner of property abutting on and ex
tending to the center line nt Broadway,
and that if aaid road ie built according
to the terms of tbe franchise it wonld
most curiously injure and ttamage said
property. t
Your petitioner ia informed and be
lieves it ia the intention of three mem
bers of tho board, towit: J. 8. Cox, S.
Washburn and 0, F, Weed, to vote in
favor of tho passage of eaid ordinance,
and the intention of J. ti. Cox to de
clare the ordinance passed unlese pre
vented by thia court from ao doing.
Your petitioner further alleges find
states, that tho kg: o! the board in at
tempting tn pass the resolution on Jan
uary 5, 1805, and tiie act of J. ti. Cox aa
president in declaring said resolution
psased, were without jurisdiction and
were void.
Therefore your petitioner prays tha'. a
writ of reviow eimmandinr tha said
hoard of trustees of Pasadena eitv ti
certify to thi* court a transcript ol all
records and proceedings of the bttrtl
relative to the application of J. A. Muir
for ■ franchise. An I als-j rrqilrlng ihe
.hoard in the moantima -an I until thtv
furlher order of tho court to absolutely'
desist from proceeding farther in
matter and that niton a review oi tile
proceeding that all ao!S of the hoard
and J. S. Cox beset aside.
Copies of the wr.t were sarvel OS all
members of the council tadsy, putting a
stop to the meeting.
At a meeting of ths Young Peopte'a
Sacioiy of Christian Kidaivor ol the
friends Church, held last evfei ig at the
residence of C. C. Koevnolda, office™
warn elected for tho ensuing year as iol
lows; Miss Buffcin, president; S. H.
Ilrnnn, vice-president; Mi's White,
secrwtar*; Harold Ashhv, treasurer:
Mias Towaaend, superintendent of
finance work. Following ihe bostnesi a
very pleasant nodal hour wna pasted,
refreshments bsing aarved by tbe
ho tinea.
The annual meeting ol the stockhold
ers of the Pasadena National bank win
held this moruing. All officers Wore
re-elected, 'ho board of directors con
sisting oi T. 1". Likens, William Stun
toil, <t. Ruecoa, riiomas L. P. tlauoeit
E. B. Pierce, J.tmee Campbell, K. ii
•l ines. Mr. T. P. I.ukena was re-elected
president. William Stanton viue-preai
itsnt and E. E. Jones eashler, Trie an
nual repor's showed ihe condition of
ihe bank to bo most satisfactory in
every way. The Pasadena National is
> among our m >"t lubstintial institutions
! and with the prtsent efficient manage
ment is rapidly growing.
Company B will hold target practico
lon Friday afternoon next.
N jw poles are golllK up at o rapid rata
for I li • electric read.
Colonel Schreiber of ths Seventh regi
ment was out last evening and inspected
Company li.
The public schools are iv a very
crowded condition, a largo number
oi pupila having etorted in with the
winter term yea onlay. Mare room i« a
pressing necessity,
Mahera'i colored minstrels are billed
for the opera house tomorrow evening,
the 7th. Ihe combination is laid to be
a very good one.
Miss Laura Wiley entertained a party
of friends at her home on De Lacy
stieet, lastovening. Those present ware
Misses Nettie Underwood, Jessie Co-jk,
Maijorie Durnr, Laura Wiloy; Me«sra.
Bnrt Obadwick, Geo. Thompson, Root,
tiaylord, lirnost Howard.
A very pleasant progressive euchre
party was given at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. H. I. Stuart on Terrace drive last
] evoning. Those present were Mr and
j Mrs. F. R. Harris, Mr. and Mr.. F. C.
Millard, Mrs. Conger, Misses Millard,
Conger and Bull; Messrs. CrauK and
Tbe regular University extension lec
ture will occur tomorrow eueniug at the
Univerealist church. Mr. Frank Polley
will address tbe club on Early California
Literature, which promisee to prove a
most inteiesting subject.
Tha Doings of Trustee,, Supervisors
and 11..0.1..
Santa Ana, Jan. B.—Last night the
city board of trustees ordered cement
walks laid on both tho north and south
sides of Fourth street, between Ross and
Birch streets.
The city attorney was instructed to
serve notice on all parties notified to put
dowu cement walks who bave not done
Say—Have Hickox make come photos
of you to return for those ycu received
on Christmas.
City Marshal Curtice appeared before
the board of supervisors today and stated
that the town was overrun with tramps.
He RBked that some action be taken to
provide employment for them. Chair
man Nickey wne appointed to confer
with the city for the working of the
county prisoners and to report at the
next meeting of the board.
Un motion, tho couuty surveyor waa
instructed to make a set of maps fer the
assessor, at a cost not to exceed $1200.
One hundred and thirty-two coyote
Bcalpa were counted and destroyed.
The county physician's sulary was
fixed at $500 per year, tbe physician to
furnish all hie madioine.
E. C. Jonea cut himself severely in
the right foot with a chisel. It will lay
him up for some time.
A marriage liceuae was issued last
night to Frank Cutter, 119, of Santa
Monica, and Allenette Cutter, 32, of Las
Angeles. The ceremony was performed
by Justice George E. Freeman last
Last night about 40 hobos congre
gated at the old brick yard in the north
eastern part ot the city and became in
toxicated on five kegs of wine.
Two of tho gang went to Mr. Elmen
dorl's bouae, and came neai getting
shot by the doctor, who was after them
with a shotgun.
Earnest Beard has now fnll charge of
the Postal Telegraph office in this
city. Quite an important position io
one co young.
Street Improvement, — Rate* Adopted
for Urangei.
Rrdlands, Jan. B.— V goad deal of
street improvement ia going on through
individual enterprise. Property owners
on Highland avenue, oast of Oajon
stieet, have cluhbed together and are
making improvements on that thorough
fare to the extent of several hundred
dollars' worth. To a lesser degree the
same is being done on Cajon street.
A mandolin end guitar club is being
organized by tho Y. M. 0. A. Lestor
Payne is tbe lender.
The Y. M. 0. A. gymnasium classes,
which were discontinued during the
holiday period, have been resumed.
A new baby girl brought added joy
to It. 0. Shepherd's homo last night.
Lee Angel, the employee of F. 0.
Hoogstrent'a livery etabl*, who recently
skipped tho town with some of his em
ployer's funds, has uot vet boeu cap
tnred. At last accounts he was iv Los
Wednesday ths Redlands Orange
Growers' aaeociation und the Earl F/uit
company will adopt the uniform rate of
$2 50 for navßl oranges and |2 for soad
Svtlc'.d.-ri on Elte W'Clillfig Kv*.
Ci.bvi.land," O , Jan. B.—(ioorgo W.
1.) vi«, claim ugent of the Lake Shore
road, committed suicide last night with
a rovolvor, shooting himself in the tem
ple. A dispute with ais mother about
hia engagement to a young woman is be
lieved to be the wm, Davis was to
have married tbe girl last night.
D«l«?gateß to the K;ii!road Muss
TheCbeUtrher of Utimrnv , i > «* Will Xix
tha Date Today,
Ohamb -r of Cuicin.rcfl E eotlon - Cltrm
Fair ■taetlae—Woueollau
A lotter received by ths chamber of
commerce from D R C-inoron of Ihn
ford, Cal., c':vcß the following us dele
gatesepp-Hnted be thi hoard of taper*
visora of Kings county to attend the
railroad meeting t-' bo held nt tin
chamber of commerce lit OH etrly dale
trt this month: .S. K. Biddle, Frank 1,,
I). K. Oimeron. Thi date for
this mooting wii! he set by tin hoard oi
directors toiUv. '
Tho annual election of the chamber
for ofDaen and directors for the snioing
• ear will take place at the chamber to
day. The polls will be open from !) «.
tn to II p. in. This will afl'ird an nppor
lunity for members who hava not yet
Ylrited the chamber, alter easting their
votes, to epaud un hour looking over the
exhibit and the general arrangement of
tha offices, ate.
There will be a meeting ol nrangn
growers at the chamber tomorrow at 1
o'clock to arrengo preliminariei for tha
citrus fa r. I', is expected that tho fruit
associations will be largely represented,
and will take an active part in making
tho fair a eoeo«*BS
Amon/, too donation! roceivid yester
day were naval oranges raised without
irrigation sent in by L. S. Purtor of
Pasadena. Mr. Porter also inikea an
exhibltof Mission olives. J. do la I'erriu
of Fruitlend made a fine exhibit of red
Chili peppers. 11. 1.. Qrtffin of San
Diego makes an exhibit of Bonnie Brae
An unusually largo crowil of visitors
was ttt the chamber yea'erday, among
them many Chinese, who had evidently
read Ariiat Aoki'a poetry about tho
mammoth fmit in This Hrbald, and
ctmeupto oeo the big pumnkins for
themselves. The heathen were unani
mous in tho opinion that the exhibit
was "hoop gloat."
Arnorioa** Richest Wuitian uucl ft- r Ec
New York, lan. B.—Mrs. Hatty Green,
the rictiest woman in America, bobbed
up at poliea headquarter) and passed
fully two bourn iv the building, though
the bucines-j that bronght her there
could have beon transacted in as many
minuteo. She lookod so shabby when
Bhe pushed her way through the swing
ing doorß that Policaman Jordan was
about to tell bor to go to tha housa of
St. Barnabas, adjoining the building, if
she wanted assistance. But ahe took
the breath out of him by snapping out:
"I want to 800 Mr. Allen—Mr. Allen
of tbe bureau of electiona, and quick,
too, for I have not time to eporo."
She was told how to reach the huroau
on the second floor, and ambled down
the corridor, using a ainghatn umbrella
for a cane. She had known Mr. Allen,
chief clerk, for m ny years, and greeted
him volublj'. While ahe told him her
or rand tho clerks in the office took stock
of her make up, which was unique. Shu
wore a vari-tinted, gr cien-oatchetl dress,
which Bhe eaid later was made ol rubber,
so that ahe could resdily wash it.
"I havo five more lika it at I ome," eho
added. "They aro all imported."
The dress showed seven distinct
patches, each of a brighter color than
Ihe old drees. She were a brown waiot
and sleeves and a worsted sleeveless
jacket, a rust-black summer shoulder
cape trimmed with lace and beads, nnd
a beaded and feather-trimmed, little,
eld, dirty bonnet. Her eea.skiu muff
was almost bare of fur, and her black
kid gloves had holes in them. Hor
shoes were the worst of the whole out
fit. They were without laces and the
heole wore run down on tbe aide. Hav
ing transacted bor business for two
bourn, Madams Hetty sat nt n long table
with a dozan clorko around, reicaling
them with stories and reminiscences of
her past tiuuncial career.
A TR IXr.I'AKKNr Tilt if.
The Plata Gluss Combine Iflvanceß
I'ricee Sev ral Pag;*.
Chicago, Jan. 8.- Chicago ropressnta
tives of the two biggest plate glass com
panics in the United States have re
ceived notice that the price has been
advanced 20 per cent, the figures going
hnck to those fixed October 27th, but
which were subsequently cut on account
of a disagreement at a meeting held by
the comimniea' representatives at Cleve
land, December 20th. Toe reinstate
ment ol tha price Beams to indicate that
the plate glass companies have come to
on . agreement and presages tiie pur
chase by the Pittsburg Plate Glasa com
pany of all tho other plants iv the
United States and the formation of a
plate glass monopoly. In fact some
Chicago johbers were willing to say that
they thought the purchase was already
Kokomo, Ind., Jan., B.—The Diamond
Plate Glass company of this city states
that the plate glass combine is a go.
W, L. Clause, secretary of the Dia
mond company, said:
"We have received an intimation that
the matter is closed, but we have no
positive information. It may be a week
before tbe details are arranged."
The combine is capitalizad et $20 000,
--000 The Diamond company i;oes in at
$2,000,000, an advance of $500,000 over
its original capitalization.
Orlnie at ■iefttersfiald.
Bakkeßfii£ld,C*!.. Jau. B.—John Win
tors wan arresed Friday, accused of
having murdered his 10-year-old daugh
ter Hattie, on December 28th last, but
was set at iiberty the following day. Ho
wae arrested again Ir.te Siturday night
and is now in jail. The case wus at first
thought to be euieide through ehaine at
the prospect of having to testify the
second timo at a retrial of a man named
Diamoro, who was charged with having
outraged Miss Winters, and waa con
victed. Laior, Diemore was given a new
trial. It Is hinted that the arrest of
Winters is for the purpose of oxculpat
ing Diimore of ihe crime for which he ia
to be tried.
l*OOl it.,ton, CIOMM ItdSO
Chicago, Jan. B.—The Raby pool
rooms have decided not to bravo tiie
wrath of Governor Matthews, and will
run no longer. Four books, with re
turns from Snn Francisco, New Orleans,
Madison and Old Dominion tracks,
have been running ever since tbe gates
closed at the Roby race course. A spe
cial train carried the gamblers to the
dreary station every day, and fair sised
crowds frequented tbe pool rooms.
120 'RofLh hHin StfSM, Hdlman Block.
j li j cat I c '■■•ti -ii ted Ir •« of chtr re o 1 all privAto a jd chrpnlti divaMf of both sexes.
1 ** A per teat care w irr.mt'.d. HoitiOU*eibee***l a . Jort*k-'ii. Ho Inj fioin dii;«».
ifaiArt \ thro o, laill and b or.rl (*.i en vftl f\.n dlly atM permna- nt y cured by my new sys
■ tern of hih.JiLitot«! eontpOU'id naltcat »1 yapo 1 . I> ".iaSBH of tit» jyatem, hominal
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a leiety, m iWunaaly, indlae*elton ( • c, to »>i>n nn of tbo btatn aud ItiasA.if, iini edt
j nit'tiH innvr.'lhK''. allotltialtiOA*ea warranted to ciitH li * vj y shori time; looojil easos tv a
i tew <i.i n, uo m ti\ -r wiut y.»u bivo tiitt-.u «: »t •> f tile.t t"> turu yo .
Ijvao TUIJ j'Wi l :C- I n .y oti' -tlj;hth of In tJBS tola l it human lafloiiftl is caused by
j reOQffl*) oJtftt* es—filio .'ti n'i l i!:e. r r« oik . Aultlllts'4 WOn.l-u'lul niv/ rcintdy is ihe bost and
iourrmot-lt medio.ttQt tor t-r-torinu it'e-uj !t atDbUljtl and in those who lOflo " from all
bi. va ", ch.'u ito aai nervon*dM a*s , *u6n as blood Hri, « 'kio dtsoast i, Kyphi Roroluluh, fu*
! yon*! eryaipo a* t »a trb mm, p iripltlu&l, i> oriasU, 11"., and ImpuriUtii of tho blooti, can lug
c.up iodJi DtmpteSsj bo die-, iaUlugout*Ol 1 iheliAl , e:r.
i'XIIVATi DliKAiBS— 'Bnanitin et p"KthtU>)- Blencrrhces ur thrro. jtonorrhoDa, (tl'.ct,
Ftr'rtnr.-, ki'lney nn ! Idettld r lr..u.j ccyi 100, VOslia vtrlcotele, tirsoc.lo,
orchi:i> ct epiaidyntUt*, c»leull r-isicso. ur m no, l:ti.ia«-h.
.VOMENVi IH-KA3IS4—B leb M p:o'ap"\ a;iuit»etion, rjlcflafl'.ion, k-ucorrkea and all dU
ehAtgs) , ch-onic. 1 l il*inm;iil.t'i and all thOf ulArities, eti*., promptly erad-cut.'d. Many hua
| dJtdi of ac-eahea iv Qrat>l« ftsttos I QOrod in Mont an \ and o:ber vtakt*
I OPCIOaI 8 >'.'R ~-9iBo B.m. to r-m.; 5 p.m. -o r*»*.
Wherein a V.'ord to a Wise Pupa OofUt to.
Co (Wrfitrtcnt,
"i cm getting to to tho mo-,5 bom
fftcetl a:nl versatile liar ca onrth," said
the bucliclcr, "ami it'R ail ou nceonrit
o£ two little innocent babies. Two of
my friends :it tbe office have recently
been Invested with tho honor of pater
nity—both boys. Frontier papas yoa
nover savr. Ono ot (Item, ttones, is ca
amateur photojrrnplicr, rvad tho other
day bo took a picture ut' bis buhy and
brooght it to tho oiSee.
"Of course you k::0W how intelligent
a child cf one mouth looks 1 ," continue:!
tho bachelor, ttrolting hi 3 bald head
with the air cf a connoisseur iv infau
cy, "but tho bcyr. in tho office wern
loyal. They Rworo it wa:t tho btisthtesti
looking kid they had overseen and that
it Was tho imago of Jones.
"If it had been any one else's child,
Jones wonld havo knocked somebody
down for tho insult, but ho tool; it as B
groat compliment ami static tho pic
turo up ia a frame on his desk.
"This was too much for Smith—tho
other papa. He hasn't any camera of
hia own, so ho got a young man who
lives next door to corao in and take his
baby's picture, and ho brought it down
to tho oftlco art ua opposition to Jones.
Really I'm sorry fer Smith if his haby
looks like that picture, hot I rather
think tho amateur artist libeled tho
child aud made it tho monster it ap
"Tho picturo was not foor.t;cd prop
erly. It represents Smith iv tho back
ground holding oa his knee a mammoth
infant nearly as big no he ia. Tho ba
by's hands arc or.tstrcicbed toward tho
camera and look as though they might
belong to Mr. Fiissiaimous or Mr. Cur
bett. Smith thought it was beautiful,
and when fiomo oae suggested that tho
boy looked just exactly like him ho or
dered drinks all around aud put the pic
ture up on his desk as a further opposi
tion to Jones.
"Every time I cento into tho office I
havo to stop and admire those pictures,
and I'm acquiring great Roll control by
keeping a straight face whenever .Tones
er Smith says, 'Aud still you will re
main a bachelor, will youf " —New
York Herald.
This 13 the Way In Which to Errjoy tiie
lleirrht of Luxury.
Thoro i 3 nothing which gives ono quite
tho sam.o feeling of luxury and afilu
enco .as breakfasting iv bed—that is,
unices oao is forced to do it. Then it
Bcems merely an annoyance But when
tho woman Whom unkind fate, and do
mestic or business duties usually force
to bo up with the lark can lio in bed
and havo a daintily appointed breakfast
tray brought up to her she feels that
the final joy of sybaritism is hers.
Sunday morning 1b tho best time for
tho daughter of toil to indnlgo in this
luxurious habit. If she is v churohgO
ing woman, pho may man ago by baring
breakfast at 0:15. If she desires to bo
both pious and lazy, tkero aro thoso
who compromise by reading morning
Service in bed, and their method is per
haps not to be despised.
The first step toward enjoying this
lu:;ury is to havo one's warm bath, hair
brushing and tho liko. Then slipping
ou a bath sobe or a dressing sack, the
seeker after luxury should slip back into
bed, adjust her pillows comfortably and
prcceetl to enjoy Iter broukfost. It
should bo au unusually dainty ono and
served with tho most appetizing regard
for appearances. The tray should bo
covered with a delicately embroidered
cloth. The china pot iv which tho coiTeo
comes up should bo as pretty as coffee
pots can be, tho sugar basin aad cream
jug the very perfection of, daintiness.
Thero should ho a little glass bowl of
mignonette or violets, or a oonploof car
nations, or even some fragrant green
geranium stalks. A bunch of grapes,
duskily purple or pink and opal, coffee
clear as amber and fragrant a.s only cof
feo can be, toast, a slieo of bacon and
nn egg or eggs boiled form a breakfast
fit to servo on tii" pretty troy.
If tho woman who breakfasts in bed
will proceed to spend the rest of the
day there, sleeping when sho cat), read
ing a little, entirely undisturbed hy tho
cares of her household, aha will ward
off tho approach of hideous old ago half
a decade. —Philadelphia Press.
rfiss C. 's portrait hens on tho wall
at tho esuibiticu. lifts 0- ha::/? around
her portrait. Miai 0. botl lips that an
ablebodind tacit would wall: five uxilea
to kiss. Ecr eyt a were twin BtfttS. Upon
her forehead lm<::; two boatetital PWIS
—twin curls. Idit'j C. was delightful
to behold.
Shu was iaruerccd ia the study of Iter
sataloguo. Of courco sho was not there
to listen to tho co3Ktaout»
"Beautiful picture, isn't it?"'
"Y*b; I wciidor if it's truo to lifer'
"I don't know. Ha awfuliy pretty
"It is pretty. Tho feature:; era per
fect, but I don't think tho look:; very
ilius C, with a critnr-on face, slap
ted her book shut crrcl walked away.—
How York World.
Water Colors, DRAPERIES
And Curios.
! 34 £. Raymond Ave., Pasadena,
Jnnuary 12th Bind 14th, nt 10 a. m. and 2 p. m.
Thi* roll*CtU8 I'OraprilM about 400 pieces
| ot UurlOfi Brnc-a hrao, map n***, etc., from all
p.rsof (o« world, collected byafadv nhile
I > akinff * tort* of ttiu world. Ealtj positive aud
I Without tvsefft*.
I Auctioneer.
! Fine Furniture, Carpets
WEDNESDAY, JAN. 9, at 10 a.m.
| Corner \V. Seventh and WhitlUr street*, four
blocks west of 1'carl.
! COMPKISIN'ti-One while Knameled Bed. wilh
canopy topi brass trimming?, clipner bprlnga
stid wnlte curled hair in a uresis; 1 Oa». Fold
in.! Bod 8H<1 «' rut-p.Oak Bmlrooin buit, Oak
}'.■■ OKCffse Jl*ll True aud Chaff nler, m!1 witb
beveled FVeneh Plato Mirrors Oak Rockers,
lirooadod Bo I Conch, Oak library Table, ele-
K' lit Dpi iii Piano, ebony can. standard
inhUi* aud n-.ariy new; U riolfd Oak l)mln<
Uhufro, with leather s?ats; 0 canr-battom
DtuttiK i:h»l!F, l! xtension Table, Kitchen,
Sawjnsr aud Typewriting Tp.blesRefriEcrators,
Alto 100 yards b«*t hoi!y Body Brussels Car
pat, oxtra hue Bedding. Table Linen,complete
to* Tabid NllverwQSr. Knives, Fonts, Spooiif,
Dishes and Crystal Ware, looking Utensils,
Gafotlna .stoFe, *-tc.
I One Cup My,
Which will be found below.
For one coupon and 10
cents you can get any
of the books on this
fiSJ-Presont t he coupons at tho Hfr.u.o
ohico. Or tiny ore of those books will be
inaiie.i to any address, poitpald for I coupon
and 10 cents.
I ;
i IlEYOVD THE CITY . A.Conan Doyt*
TEE MAN IN BLACK Stanley J. Woyinan.
Till! MAHARAJAH'S GUEST, An IndlanExlle..
8. Van-Zile.
SEL '. Anthony Hop3.
UAKK TWAIN, His Life and Work.... Will It
THI! MAJOR . Major Randolph Gore Haraplon
KOBE AND NI3BTTB Alphouse Daudet
AT LOVE'S EXTREME 1..Maurice Thompson.
BY RIGHT NOT U* R. II. Sherard.
JjODO, A Detail of the Day E. F. Benson
CUE3 J. M. Barrie.
Voyages Frauc B. Wilkle.
OUT Geo. Booth.
UNCLE TOM'S CABIN.. Harriet Biecher Btowe.
DREAM I.IKE.Marvel (Donald H. Mitchill)
COSMOPOLH Paul Dourgot.
RBVEMHS Of A BACHELOR ..Ik. Uirvsl....
, (Donald O. M
w*P IT BOJCLDK? ElU Wheel,! Wllciz
j POiMB AND YARS8....James Whltcoiub....
Kilty and Bill Nye.
I ' .' Mntio'ou Powell.
J PL'OP B'EltKPXRfX.'.E BOOK-9;> i,!)9;) Fact,
j HEALTH AND Hi<AUrr....lCml,y A Hon ton.
SOCIAL El'jQyETTE Entily «. BoiltJU.
THE PAS.I.VJ SHOW. ..Richard Heury SaTage
% — t
♦ CUT THIS COUFON OUT, and aend f
«j> or bring to thu 11kra.l,i>, with 10 cents, £
0 aodnnyone et the above list of boohs ♦
will bj miilid or pres uted, without ?
C fLrlher charges. *
' ♦ O

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