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Short Stories of the day.
City Hall Notes.
The ordinar.c) calling a B pedal elao
lion for the parposo of submitting the
imposed charter amendments will Be
oreeented to the council ou Monday.
Hie date of holding the elec ion. votina
nieces and election officers will be
{rafted into the ordinance at that time.
H. J. WcollkOOtt has died a petition
lo the council eakiru that n quitclaim
deed to two pieces of land in the city he
Uede to him, claiming that through an
»v«r»ight of the ofti litis no record ever
appoaind of tho making of a dead here
Tlio hoard of public works of the
souncil passed moat of yesterdiy in rid
ing about the city'getting arqnslnted
with 'he ne?ds of the city in tiie way ol
iireels, street improvements, sidewalks
>nd the like.
M era here of the city council will join
the board of supa/viso-a of the comty
in a ride out beyond tbe end of Fig
aerne street to the innth today.
Trie pU'pofce of tie irip is to devise
lome men-is of caring fo.- the storm
Water which fl .wr> out Fifcueroa atrfe 1
and onto the lamia of private individ
aala, Agriculv.uat ui-rk and th? high
ways beyond ttie eit° liuntH.
Some of the contractors who put in
bids oa seaer work at last Monday's
council »ra ion, nre sirring up a fuss
over the n,alter, claiming tbat certain
of ttie contractor, f,nv« not. put in cu
rec l> !••. A ie>v ol the bids weta not
signed except on the boo:!-' accomo iny
ing tiit-m, while tnms witii clocks in
aloae 1 had the signatures of the bidders.
It is the bids wh:c , ore not signed that
are claimed to bn irrognlar.
Court Notes.
The signing or Jod-o Smith of the
bill of except! in iin the Craig appeal
sase was yaitarJiy continued until
February (ssh
In department nix a decree was or
tared for plaintiff in tha cisc oi ths
Security Savin I* U ink and I'm st com
pany against Rlunnd .1. and D. 11
Clintoo fot iC!oon f.irecloiuro of mort
gage. E. Iv I! des vaa appointed com
miasiouer to *cli the property,
Gustave 0 ! ti*n, n » itive of S-ffti lan,
was vesfcerda/ h' .fudge
Shaw Mary X «-In, ths *idowoftha
late Capt, ,f >hn R »ard in, Mlo 1 tier pati
tion for thu pro iate sif hi.t will, i'be
value of the estate is animated at
136,11011, Rod Ilea in ttis states oi Nj
break* au I Ivans* i,
Aoomplr.!!,t w.is sworn oit ye'terdsy
again?: Axel Ellbo, who w >rk« in a lum
ber yard at the corner o' First aud Ale
meda etreets, charvti!i ; hiir "ti'h bavins
obtained from C Bricker, a h orsedealer,
on May 28:b of hi-t year, mim of $4 I
by selling a *fiiiti he represented
to be bis proDfrty, while it really be
longed to bis Bister»in-law. (»The r-orso
was replevined three or four days ago
by the woman, an.', at that -ime Rib a
went on the s>.n \ ,u;.i swara that, he
had uevtir h».d any interest or proprie
tary righta i:i the animal. Rabe va*
arrested in tbs af crn ion.
A Pan of Grease.
Between 10 aud 11 o'clock yesterday
morning,on ao alarm from boi GO. ttie lire
department plunged thrptirn the nrid
to tbe house of £ E Harrington to hod
a pan of grease on lire and tbe inmates
of tbe bouse badly frightens j
Tbe pan of grease was extinguished
and no damage done except to the tire
John Belt's Bad Language.
John Belt, the negro who attained
some little prominence during the Rob
coe train robbery trials, was arrested
yesterday at Trooico on camplaint of Z
T. Snyder for disturbing the peace, it
Ie alleged that Belt used some very un
seemly and profane language in the
presence of ladies. He will be tried by
Justice Young next Monday morning.
The Tramp Nuisance.
Despite the efforts of the police and
the local constabulary of Tropico no
trace has yet been secured of tiie tramps
who burned the Southern Pacific oara at
tbe little town. Tramps havi been very
trouble-mi.'; in suburban placos nince
Los Angelea has taken decisive otepj to
run them out of here.
Mrs. 0. K. Smith end Mrs. C. 0. Car
penter are now prepared to receive the
ladies of Los Angeles and vicinity for
artistic hair dreieing, cutting, shampoo
ing and manicuring in the latest ap
proved stylo", at eastern prices. Satis
faction guaranteed. Rooms 133-4 5,
Stimson block.
Just think of it! Today you can buy
beautifully 'remed etchings lor $2, $2.25,
and $2.60 a. J.icutonbargers art em-
Dorium, 107 North Main Birei't. Take
advantage of this offer and buy pome
thing wbich the whole family will ap
Dr. Rebecca Leu Doreev, Stimson
block, first floor, rooms 129, 131), 141.
Special attention given to ohstetrical
canes snd all dipeases of women aud
children. Electricity scientifically used.
Consultation henra, 1 to 5. Tel. 1227.
1„ S. Seaman, nltomoy at law (for
merly police judge), has resumed the
practice of law. Offices 4, 5 and 0, Allen
block, cormr of Spring and Temple.
Tel. 91)51.
5i Conradi, joweier and watchmaker,
113 S. Spring street, makno a specialty
of fine watch und jewelry repairing,
dinrnond setting; an elegant line of opti
cal goods; a Sue stock of watches and
jewelry always on hand.
Special — For a short time only, finest
enameled cabinet photoi in tbe city, ro
duci to $1 por d<zen. Sunbeam Art
l'erlors, 230 Sooth Main street.
Maihnsbuk nnd tbe Briggs iiweet tone
pianos for sale and to rent at No. 118
V> iii-tou etreet. A. G Gardner, prac
tical piano turer.
Adams Bros., dentist.?, 239!,; S. Spring
St. Painless filling and extracting. Bsbi
sets of teeth Irom $C to $10. Hours: fc
too; Sundays, 10 to 12.
Dr. W. H. Ward, Mucllor block, Fifth
end Broadway, rooms 24 and 25. lies .
MB Flower st. Tel.. office 1421 ; re.3.110.
The Advance Davis sewing machine if
the beit. Office, 128 Soutb Alain street,
Sharp tk f r.msco,funeral directors (in
dependent i, 580 S Springst.; tel. 1029,
•Sewing inaciiinoi!, in good working
order, far $5 each. 128 South Main st.
All kinds of sewing machines to rent:
128 South Main strcot.
insure with A. C. Golsh, 147 South
Rooms $2 a week. U.S. hotel.
Buy tbe Whitney make trunk aud traveling
bat. Factory 4ii3 8. Si ring . t.
New Notes.
Alexander Napier Carnpbell-Johmton
1 petitioned' the superior court yesterday
.to have the wiil of tho let» Mrs. Kr»or;es.
lillen Campbell-Johnston probate'.
The property of deoaseil is estimated
at 160,000, e insisting of realty in L/n An
>:eles and Madera counties. Mrs 0*81 p-
Hell-ioliuston was a resident of London,
: Kngland.
A petition for the probate of the will
I of John D. Whits. fUo»*««4, was filed.
\ His 6Btate is valued at $7d)d.
The Saviue-i Fund ami liuilding 3o:i
| sty SOtjd Joseph and Carrie OaQOliUi
on foreclosure of mortgage for <S'J2, in
terest, and $1H0 attorneys' fees
Sarah J. Kinnsy brought suit for dt«
I vurce against George B. Kinney, alleg
icg desertion.
The Pelton Wheel cotnpany, incor
porated, sued I. da liartli Sborh and
wife to recover JOiS 2). balance due on
I an electric light plant.
.Vlrs. N D. Hoxiesuei M B. Hoxie
| for a divorce on. the grouul that ae
! failed to provide for hor.
Talk About Fiests unknown
It has baen rumored that arranga
! merits are undar way to give a week's
racing at Agricultural park during fiesta
week in April, and that all tha great
running horses now racing at the Bay
District track in San Franoisci will ha
brought down here for the meeting.
Secretary Thorns oi the Agricultural
association states thore is a possibility of
inch a meeting, hut that it will not he
given under ttie auspices of the associa
tion, but by outside parties, if at all.
Should this plan not carry then; is a
possibility of • grand spring meeting
of trotters and runners, to ha given ba
fjre the horses oi ths coast are taken
eastward for too racing season on tho
other ;ide of the moltntatnl,
Minor Police Court Casses.
In the palica court yesterday F. E.
Hewbaner. Tow OHm and C. D. Bow.
■ leu were fined ii> each for disturbing
toe pence. Tie lirst two raised a row
on First street end ths latter took too
much wbiakv on Alameda street. Ah
Un/, a ceiostia! wlihoot heme or ccen- :
nation, waff rent to the chain trang for 60 j
• la-rs. Frank Jehoton, Mike Burns and
It. S. Dapree wer? re'eas«d Iromcbarget
of petty larceny. Paul Bloscar, a hoy
who works 10 hnurt a day ior $10 a
month, ns! fjtied $2 for leaving his i
horae unhitched.
Committed to Whittler.
Florin Franklin, a 14-year-old boy. of
263 North Truman street, Fast Los j
Angeles, was committod to Whittier j
during his minority, yesterday, b» Judge I
McKinley. Tha boy is given to chicken
stealing, entering public school houses i
and doing similar unlawful acts. He
has arrested several times for i
minor offenses, waa convicted once and j
on another occasion the sentence was j
suspended pending good behavior.
A Drunkroll-r Goss in Folsom.
James Cuilen yesterday withdrew his
plea of no*, guilty to a charge of grand
larceny, committed by stealing a silver
watch from, one Sim Collior, in a saloon
whilo Sim was drunk and asleep on
December 9th The defendant, although
pleading guilty, aaid thai; he did it
mereh because his witneasoa had a 1
left and in order tv sav6 himself, but
that ho had really not committed tha
offense. Judge Smith sent him to
F'olaoni for five years.
Single Taxers.
The programme announced tor the
single tex Bympoaium last Monday even
ing, and postponed for a week on ac
count of the rain storm, will be given
next Monday evening, "rain or ehino."
It comprises brief speeches by nine
single taxere and muiic, both instru
mental and vocal, banjo eolos, and elo
cution by Pearlie Gleason and other
| artiste.
The First Anti-Toxine Case.
The first diphtheria patient to be
treated with the anti-toxine received by !
Health Officer Towers is a boy named 1
Thomas Huulon, living on South Hayes
street, Dr. Kannon, assisted by Dr. J
Powers, administered the remedy yes
terday. Too caso is a very Bovsre one,
and will serve to teat the efficacy of thu
now remedy protty thoroughly.
Trunk* ami Lenttmr Good*.
All -styles and varieties Laro s:oc< alway.*
on hand, aul repairing a Bp HSlaltf, J- C. 0U11
, uinghani, 230 8, Spring Ht. Tel. Sltj.
Santa Catalina Island.
j Taree-and-a-lMH hoar* to n bountiful cu a-
I try and Charming climate. Good hotels* i
i Steamer SaLun! iyr, from dan i'edro, QD&noctlug
With morning traim from Lou .Uiktele . WU- |
■ niogtoBTnssportattoa Co., '««2- 8. Spring su j
Wagner's Kimberley.
! 108 i*. Main, opposite Old court nous*. Specs
j ard eye-e-asses a specialty. Fine watch and j
, jewelry repairing. Also diamonds and Hue i
| jewelry at lowest tlgorea. Wagner, (ho old ro- <
■ liable jeweler.
Our Home Brew.
Malor it Zobcloin's lager, fre*h froTi rh-ilr
breweXfi on draught In all the principal sa- I
loous; delivered promptly in bottles or
Office and brewery, -ill Alisj ntro.it. telo
phono oi.
Stop Paying Rent by Building
j Through the Savings Fund and Building 8o-
I piety of Lofl Aufjelrs. Monthly payments, j
: STwolIth auuui! series now open. K. II. i.rujctt, i
s\reury, room 108 Wilson blocx, First and
* v -™'
Mir.virp, both French and German pi ite. can
now ba hud nt a groat savin? on former prices
Freuch mirrors, bote plain and biv-loi; also
Develed p;ates mads to order. All irorJC gOaf
tnteed II. Raphael & oo„ 440 B. spring *t.
dhampoolng ana Mcnicurini'after tho roost ap- j
: proved styles and methods by the very bast i
I ar iitis, at tho Imperial Half Built, 934*236 \
! West Becoad street.
The Finest Flavored Oysters.
| In hulk and cans, 00 cents, full qr.artu; line, fat j
( and juicy. Cans, 50 cents. Discount tc hotel* i
: and lectaurauls. Fred Fiauirr.an's ilott Market. ,
Fine Fruits and Vegetables.
Everybody says Richardson, Lowry Si Co.,
| 10'j E. First st„ have nfcest and cloams
I fruit store in Loa Angeles. Telephone 1378.
Tony Zorb Is now in Anon Hal'. 101 Ro
| qnena street, wnere he serve* a commercial
lunch from 11 to 2, aud has a fine bowling
Mrs. C. Doscn, millinery parlors. 230J$ 8.
Spring st , rooms 43 and 44. Ladies, 1 have
the extreme styles.
W. A. Ryan, attorney-at-law, rooms 4. 5 and
ti, Alien block, cor, Bpring and Temple street?.
A. A. Kckstrora has removed to 324 South
Spring street with his Btoc* of wall paper.
Mrs. C. C. Carpenter entertained mo et
delightfully at luncheon at her home on
West Twenty-eeventh etreet yestarday
afternoon. Daylight w.« excluded and
in the center of the iarga round table
wad a tall candelabrum thro wing soft rave
uf light from uftde, ptalt shades ove*
the beautifully appointed table. At
the b».ee of thie ware large oldsters of
vioUta so arranged aa to farm s circle, —
at the coB ilueion of tho lano/heoa eacn
guest appropriating a bunch. Tbo place
car<i%ffere held to the handles of pretty
little Japanese fans. A delicious mtnu
wes served. Those present besides the
ho.toes worn Mrii. Joho. ES. Piattr, lire,
Alphotuso Wigmore of Sin Franci.cn;
Mrs. Denis. Mra, T. A. Lews, Mra New
hall, Mrs. Hugh Macnail, Mr*. Habbell,
Mra. it. T. Lee, Mre. F. Burnett, Mrs.
I, ideaek of Cincinnati.
Mis Modini Wood entertained moit
delightfully at cards at osr !i»od?omi
home on South Pearl street yesterday
afternoon in honor of Miss Jennie
Kemptou, auuouucing her engagement
to Mr. J, R. Hamilton. Ttie drawing
rooms were arti3ticullv decorated with
pi nk carnations, maiden hair fern and
tinilax. On the curtains and lambre
q tins of the mantel were Urge hand
printed hsarts edged with Bolilax. In
the hall call» lilies and smilax were
used effectively. The score cards w&re
small white latin hand*painted hearts,
each having an individual desigu ami
tied with different colored ribbon. Part
ners were chosen by matching these
ribbons. Hearts wore played during
the afternoon, after whioh dalloinui rs»
freshmetits were served; the ices and
email cakee were .heart-shaped. A
change wns made ill the, distribution of
prizes, ac ell were drawn for
and not awarded according to score.
The first prize w,ib drawn by
Mise Frances Widnev, cnt glass bell;
Becoud priz«, Miss F. Loekhart, Dresden j
china boo bon dish; consolation prize. !
Mias Mina Jevne, Dresden china caimlo
labra; booby prizs, MUs Jennie Donay,
china head powder b-jx.
The guests were Mines. F. K. Aina
worth, tt. W. Wells, A. Barker, Ozro W.
Ohilds, Percy Rots, M. liobos, VV. B.
Hopkins, Granville MacGowan, Bnrne'.t,
Clocius, I>. Chandler. Ford, j, H. F.
Peck, E. M. Rom, E. P. Johnsou, jr.,
the Mis-ei Jennie Bonsall, Jennie
Horsey, Chapman, Del V'alle, Bessie
Ellis, Kitty Forman, Fuller, Nellie
Fuller, Mina Jevne, Helen Klokke,
Jennie Korapton, tba Misses Loekhart,
Mullins. Anna Mullins, May McOlellan,
Newton, May Newton, Maud Northam.
Robitoti, Louise RobitOD, Francis Wid
nev. Carrie Waddiluve, Johnson, Ger
trude Johnson.
Mr. nnd .Mrs. William Caswell enter
tained k few friends last evonir.g in a
very novel and deli/ht.'ui ni*r.ner with
a .Spanish dinner, given in honor of |
Mice Alio* Owen ol Han Francisco. The |
party of 12 met at Mr. Caiwell's bank on j
.vlain etreet fat 7 o'clock, and went from i
there to one of the Spanish 'natauranti !
whcie most delectable in<-a!s are ssrved.
The guests of Mr. *ni Mil. Caswell
wore: Mr. and Mre. 'Vm. Hollidav, Er. !
and Mrs. Edwin T. Earl, Mr. and Mr.-.
Walter B. Ciius, Mra. Victoria Harroil,
Misses Alice and Mac Owen and Mr.
Louis T. Vetter.
Miss Mildred Thomas entertained
Tuesday evening in honor of Mise Jargs
torff of Wilmington, who will be the
guest al Mis? Thomas for two wosks.
The meeting o! the Assistance leaguu
thia week will be with Mra. Froderincfc
T. Griffith, oa Severance street. Satur
day afternoon, instead of with Mra. li.
Wiley Wells, as has baan previously an
Two Criminal* tn Court.
Thomas Ryan, the young burglar
from Boston, who was caught in the act
ol robbing a roar room of tbe Bellevue
Terrace hotel, Sixth and PoarJ etreets, I
was arraigned in Justice Morrison's
court yesterday, but the setting of the !
date of examination wae continued until
Gso. Finn, who, in tha eacae court,
waa charged with larceny in having
seen red the watch of Oh as. Robinaon i
by metno of tricks, war, released of tho |
i felony charge hut rearrested for pjtit !
larni-r y.
Jr, Otdan Tlm»«
People overlook! the irapcrtancd of ,
permanently beneuttiel offeots and were |
eatistied with transient action ; but now
that it is generally known.that Byrup of
! Fig 3 will permanently 'jure habitual
constipation, welUiniormed people will
not buy other laxative*, which cct for a
-time, but finally injure tbe system.
Mo Blood Spllltd.
There are no nsw developments in |
; Chinese trouble existing in Chinatown, i
| Despite thß rumor thai nice higbbind- ,
I ere have been brought irons San Fran- |
) oitco to ncsist in killing off the taction 1
.of which Wong Ghee is the recognized
| leader, everything is quiet, end no out
break if expected for v few dsyti at bait. |
Batwo.n First an-t Sdcond Sts.
Additional to the regular bill of fare:
Boiled .Sea Tr'Ut, Hollaiidaim* Sauce, wilh po
tatoes, bread, butle' aud coffae 15c
Round ol Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes aDd Cof
fee, wilh bread ami batter Iftc
New Englan 1 rii:m?r 15a
Slewed Beef Spanish, with potatoes, bread, but
ter and coffee 15c
Fried Calves' lavor with Onions, pan gravy,
potatoes, bread, butter and r.oliee 15c
Coatish Cakes, cream snuce, Willi potatoes,
bread and batter 10c
Baked Pork and Bean-, wltu potatoes, bren-1
aad butler 10c
i,£F~Freth Butter Cakes served free
of charge instead of br<-ad for break
fast, if so desired,
The only restaurant in tlie city
where tho kitchen is wide open from
the dining-room, so that the-nests
can observe ac a glance with what
cleanliness and ueatuess the meals
are prepared.
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Ammmmf pure
'■it I>ATMlopi».»iit* Iti ii 1 1' if i* fx-.:, thn
KtiUbarg W»r< Old t£»n'U kI.
lll.i iIUSIUftBUt
An Ontario gentleman, who waa in
thiß city yesterday, gave a reporter oi
Taii Hkrald aome recent davelopmaiits
In the hanlc robbery case in that city
some days ago.
Tho gentleman, who had talks d with
Cashier Stamm in the morning previous
to coming to this city, says that the hank
officials and the Ontario officers have
given up any hopes they may have •
tertaiued o! capturing the bold, h
robbers in the regular war, and expert
to lose the amount takon unless sumo
unusual thing happens to reveal tbs
identity of tbe rascals.
Tbe two men who did the work hud
boen seen around Ontario for nearly
three weeas befure tho robbery, niad tbe
oilicers bad beeu watching tbem. Tbe
same party bud also been noticed by the
olHcera in Pomona and Onoamonga,
The robbers secured exactly "f-lSOil, all
in aold. They did not touch a tray of j
silvdr dollars lying on tbe counter in 1
plain sight and tbia fact is cited by the
officers ol Oatario aa proof that they
were old bands at tiie busiiiesi.
R, I. Sibley, tha man who wai ham
mered on the back of the neck by tho
robbers with ths butts ofttbeir revol
vers, was ablo to be about jaTitariay for
the Brst time. He says tint before he
wae struck by tho men he had 110
thought that they were robbers, but in '
A lazy sort of rr.iy the idea cams into !
his bead when he entered the bank that j
ho had come onto v c iiidlo ol cre.zz mars
escaped from Highlands. He spoke to
them laying, "Here, you follows are too
fresh with those p'.atois," thinking to
attract thsir attention fro 11 tftamtd
more than anything else.
K,ftmpi Mi«a h Bruakfasr,
The new "tramp barracks" now con
tain only 'lis prisoner*, all of whom
wore transferred from the city jail. Tne
us./ quartora vr- used principally for
lodgers, or eight prisoners who
wen? released from the Now High street
jail, thoir terms having expired, failed
to get a meul lhat wui due thstn yester
day. Tin, terms of the vagrants expired
at noon, bnt they were released oarly
and Bent up to the old jail, to gut ttieir
breakfast. When the men appeared at
the station tbey wero i lood.
Tbey protested but it did no good.
Many stubborn and uggrs?ati"g casep
of rheumatism that were believed to be
incurable und accepted ac life legacies
have yielded to Cbambetlain's I'aiu
Balm, much to the surprise and grntili
cation of the sufferers. Ono applies
tion will relioye the pain and suffering,
and itr continued use injures an effect
ual cure. For sale by Off it Vaughn,
Fourth and Spring; 0. F. Heinzeman,
222 N. Main
B. L. DOHBNT, Manager. 3. A. CONNON, Snpfc
-7;FUEL O.L&-
IN AMY QUANTITY at market pric;s. Satisfaction gui.ranteed. Our oil
contains no benzine, naptha or other dangerous explosives. We furirsa
' rvTaier-Zobelein Brewery, Los Angeles Cold Stirage Co , Cuoahy Pack n%
Co., and many other consumers, to whom we refer. Can be bur us.l with any style
t.i burner.
Telephone 1472. Wells & Office cor. Dougias &W. State sts.
Of Now York, permanently located in I.os Angelea,
And only Doctors in Southern California treating
Diseases of I\/g C Exclusively
JIM fife v,. > m
fiot a Doltat 1
Until We Cure Yen,
No guarantej or Socurity -vy-ha-toyer is domanded. Wo trust to the honor
if our x>3.tient3 to pay us v/hm? r:ured v as is cuaLumary with a// regular and
reputable physicians.
U'e mean tin. 1 abovo statement emnlmtienlly—it means everybody, and it is to show our
sincerity, honesty anil ability to eurii th"se diseases, of which unmake a specialty. We
have the largest: practice in Southern California, Hequh'ed by skill aud ni'.ideritte charges.
Onr Oflices un? tlio must elaborate a oil private in tin* city, and you Deed see no one but
the doctors. Private entrance on Third street prevent* publicity. We make it apart of
our business to deal iv sacred confidence with our patients. have nbundoiied the
treatment of all diseases except ev-rv form of Private WeatenoMses, Unnatural Secretions,
Vile Habits and their effects, Blood Taints and .Surgical Diseases of Men. We believe that
we thereby attain the highest possible degree of BUCCOhS for th'; speedv,thorough and per
manent cure of tUese peculiar cuses. Onr experience lias tauirht us that medicine* alone
will not cure thene diseases, Improvement begins at once upon the application of our local
treatment Our book on the nature and treatment of tin mi diseases, together with rules
for diet, exercise und sleep sent free on application; altouur sell diagnosis sheet and our
opinion us to the curability of She ease.
Consultation, Examination and Advice absolutely Free.
Oozy Main farad <s%l:sj.«
ICd O'Brien wild T.-x«* Frenohy tn a
Yan-Reauil Ou.
The principal attraction to be pre*
sented by the Athletic club at the
boxara' ni:;ht to be given on WnJuei
day night, the 2oi, will bo a 10-round
glove contest between Kid O'Brien and
Hurst, batter kuowu »s Texas Frenchy.
Kid O'Brien is well known as n gams
fighter and possessed of good science.
He has never had an opportunity to dis
play his .Having qualities in any con
test in this city, but those who have
see.i him ia action say he ii no disap
Texas Frenchy is something of an un
known hare. Ha ia undor the manage
ment of .Mattin Murphy and will be
trained ; >srd nnd ought to put up a good
Tbe club has arranged for some good
preliminary even's, among them a
wrestling tnatoh batrveju iwj good local
<»»I>«1 Ihs Tailor.
That SJr. McKay, tha well-known
I manage, of the tail ariug establishment
I oi Mr. iiubei. situated at 312 8. .Spring
j street, is Very sanguine about business
' improving, is very plain by tbo very
many Improvement! be baa introduced.
He bus been 00 overwhelmed with or
dpra as to find it a.■ ■■ v. to enlarge his
working rooms and add more light witii
an elegant ekylbtbt wbich he has put in
at great expanse. Tbia enables his ex
tra help tog itber witb old hfends, iv all
numbering about iiO experienced artists,
to work witii more speed and comfort.
This skylight is thoroughly protected
by a wire netting, making it perfectly
aufo in case of Ure or other accident.
An Innoc-nr 'I ... Arr-iitnfl,
The arrest of E. S. Dnp-ee on a chargo
of petty larceny seems to hive been a
serious mistake on the part of the olii
cera. The raau was c'veu a trial iv
Jnstloe Morrison's notwl yesterday and
wa a honorably discharged. It was proven
beyond a doubt that Dupree wae inno
cent, and that Traoy, the complaining
witoess, was mistaken when lie identi
fied tho tools of Dnproe as beioiiging to
him. Many wnuebsea were put upon
tha stand to show the man's innocence,
aud ihe a/rest free moat uoforltiuate.
F »r Ovsr Vmhta
Mrr. Wfmlow's Booth'ng Syrup haa bc-n used
fo' eiiLdreit teetbltig. It* sojihei tlio chiid.
softens tne ganta, alleys all pain, cure* w.nd
uoilo and is tee best remedy for uiarrh ea
Twenty-nvecents a bolt ...
cinrli Crawford, paaadena 40
Clara 8. i.raves. Pasadena 31
Joseph P, lirownlcy, Loa Angelea 41
Mrs. P. \V. Chrl tlancy, Loa Angeles 4i
Loui- 11 Marian, Loa Anteiea 24
Mildred E. true, Loa Angles 21
William J. Peok, Neenaoh 29
Mia. SB'lic- lireeii, N.-emu'li 27
Leading FfjecraS Director
Mount Lowe Railway Tally-Ho Line.
Most Beam Ifa I aud Oomfortabla (Joaeh Hide ou th« Pacific Co*gt,
—li. L -—- j /ps> i id
|lt;i . pjjff fpl^^^^K^^
Mount Lowe Railway Tally-Ho Line.
Will begin its regular trips (running cv ry f'lir day) between Lot) Angeles ami Altadena Junction,
on Monday morning, January 7ti:, coun-cting with special oar at, Auadena Junction {oral,
r.o iity on ihe Mount i-OWQ Kai way and Brld.eroadv, as fodowa: Leaving tin; company's oolu<t,
corner Thin and spring Mtreeiß, Loi Angeles, at © » ca., passing through Los An .relet tn E<jk:
Lug Pain direct, to the .-an Gabriel Valley winery, trio laneest in the wo:Td, ihrough the beauti
ful village of Aihanibra, iias-in* the Raymond Hottd, thro igb Pasadena by way o. Gx«ud up< ra
House, pissing the prinelp i" hotels and public bui din»(» to Altadena Junction, arriving at Al
tacen . Junction at i- o'eock, Echo Mountain «i 12:30, In tuple time for dinner, (hor won
derlul HceiK.3 and rointi-of lnterebt, rt-ad Echo Mountain tCciiSd advertisement in tliia paper).
Returning, leav.i echo Mountain at ;i o dock, Alt*detta Junction at 8:30, paining by the bean i
ftil homeii in Altadena. mo udin* tao«* ni Andrew MuNalty and Col. G. G.Green, ps>«-stng
through another portion of Pasadeni, taking In Colorado s'reet, tue business eeutt-r, %nd tbe
uefb-ated Orange Grove avenue, through South Pasadena, Lincoln Pa* a, Garvansra, nighlan,
Park, Sycamore tir vc, F.a-<t loh Augeks uuu Lcj Aug.de*, de Ivoriug pattßttfetft at ihe principal
liuieis aud me company's office.
Tickets by this line and by the railway will be good for any length of time, allowing tbe
hol!eiy to revain fit Kclio Mountain House days, weeks or mon hp.
Foe railway conm ction-i io Kcho Mountain aud Mount Lowe, Bto Terminal aad Mount
Lowe railway lime card.
Fare, round trip ftom Los Angeles to Altadena Junction, $3.00.
Fare, round trip from P*6Hd«ua to Altadena Junction, $150.
Book jonr namesb7 calling at the company's ofnou, Stimson Block, corner Third an 1
Snrim; streets, Los Angeles. Te ephoue ur at Main olncj, Pasadena, G and Oj era lluu-e
bto a. Telephone 78,
iWfi?*" Mm When Everyone Else Has Failed
¥M 'WSk Go t0 THe OLD - THE
f ~ J , C*TAHI?H A SPECIALTY. We cure the
-l^v^'*' worst ca'c in two to ihr, c moiuns.
"r;y;'^/■' !l^, v Si.ertal .Surgeon from San rTanrisco lUsperstiry
Jl*?V\<&i'WBSii in coua unt • xaminatioii, with Mil p. ,» or.-., in
{nMimmHl eluding analysis', PkKK lO EVERYBODY.
> '. v' V, 'l.'i , i ■ :; ' 1 !I ' ■"''v 1 : 1 ''' ':' ;i
. ~ l r r.ouys Oar loi'g experience enables m to treat
I , --, \ \ V-v ihe worst casea ol aecre 1 ..r private disease* w.tli
kIIi J^f«-.£^?'^ ■. '">' j" ' ab*oi ute c. ruinty of success.
' *$• ; \ \" &&~*o matter what you. trouble Is, come and
' * t lalk with ua. You will not regret it.
(aiSPW*" 123 S. MAIN ST.
Highest Medals Offered lo
( y / V World's Fair Convection of Pno-
Ingraphers and Woild'a Kxposl
-8 y CMcigo,'93. Hißbi'et pro
-\ — \p/ mlumi Lo> Amelia Pair, '89. '9i,
L '93, Ana alio unaldid Ilia
Ns^—ajlJV^^^t^^v- — ' *—hl(rb-.i primlem. tor last fair,
" 1 mg ending Oct. 20, '9*.
Our Awards are the High
i est Awarded An> Phoiojf-
Speaking Volumes for the Superiority ot the stpckel Photographs.
220 S. SFRINQ ST.,
Opp. I* Theater and Hollenbeck Hot*
9tliYear in Los Angeles.
Ssminil weakness, impotenry, etc., Inducing
tome oi the following Bymptoms, aa dizzin»e*, !
eonfunion of Ideas, di frctlTß nt> mnry, j
aversion to ioclety. nl«tchw«, #ml««toni, j
. xh«u«ti(»n, THricoQni*. et"., are perma j
nantl\ cured. I
troubles, weak back, lncontlnenco, gonorrhoea .
gleet, stricture and aU unnatural discharges j
are quickly nnd perf* et'y cured |
pausing ulcers, eruption?, swelling in groin , |
tore throat, falling hair aud othor sy-nptonn |
; ore removed, aod all poison permanently ersd- j
Icated from thenyptem,
at office or by expreu'. !
LetU rs strictly confidential
PK3S»I MPORTA NT I "ThreS-oard |
monte " "dhell ganic." "Sold hMCk." ;
•»Flim-flam," "Kot a doll ir need b* paid," Ptc., j
ton-iaeiice prooopHloUß, not operat.d i<ic>n
nectlon with thia Dr. Whuifs
reputation fur honorable dealing with all ii 1
established. !
Hue Solomi.n'H i'roverbw, Chap. Hi, v. 9.
J. HORSH , M. D.
Lato of Wuerzlmrg a id Berlin.
Hours 0 'o 11 n M)., 2 to i and 7 to 8 p m.
Office 3U3 S M.in 81., op. W.'itnimster hotel
Otliee lelephonu, 734.
KesMence ?24 south Orunrl avo"uo.
j. M Grlffltn. Pre<. Jotin T. Griffith,V.*Prei j
F. T. Griffith, P.ecretarv sml Tr -imuref.
Geo. K. Wnites, yuptot Mill.
And Manufacturers ot
Artistic Mill Work of Kvery Poafiriptioa.
U3N. Alamclis ~ bos Angles, «.IftV
When what, you re a 1 is entertaining ami when
yon don't hi v. to f train your eyes in perming
it. Yoi can almrd to 1)3 reckless with anytniug
batyoureyes; yon can aflbrd to tike chance
with anything hut your Bight. We make all
sorts of for all sort 3 of eyes, ami for their
expert examination no churge id made. You
will find in our fine stock everything to im
prove one* evenlght iv the way of clauses.
PACIFIC Ol'l'lUAfj '-0., Scientific Opthbins
107 N. ripring at. JpSF-Doii't forget nuaib r
X-Mone To By ffoinSfa | HEL IASLOfi
312 South 3prin2 St., below Third.
! job !
♦ ♦
* Executed With Neatness X
*r And Dispatch at the *>
l! Herald Job Ofneef
| 309 W. SECOND ST. *
! % J. W. HART. Manager, it
: ♦ ♦
A Cure That Cures.
I TT F? I-T 10 1 aRV(; cured thousands and can
I JL jeure thouiamis more who sulfer
flsyuj do, of iCmih.ions, L:a polenoyj KtrvouSJ
j Debt iy, VaUcoctle und senm-cn i'arta,
Unused by tieif abuse, by >t simple rt;in<;dy w bt4&
; cured me, reeipu f»ir wuinh 1 will t,<vuA (*eae'J)
1 FKKtt to any Mifftrur. AnMn*>, with Mump
DAVID B. JCMiliiT r ilox 870, gngLefrpiKt. IU
11-17 lyr
I O ❖
| t KOBT. L. GARRETT & CO* $
j £ 330 N. Main it., Los Angeles.. J
f IUNEBAi mmm and bhwisu %
i Fiwt elMs equipment. Lirgeand web
I + benefited hoou.. Reuse uab.e and fair £
;<► pries*. Carelm and skillful treatment, tri
[ * special attention given to embalming <l
j and shipping bodies to dutaut nam o£ <»
I<• the eouuiry. «r Nightcslis prompt- *
r» i ly attended 10. it>
4* ICdlophnn* No. 75. <► f9
j *

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