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JOHN F. HUMPHREYS Vice-President
WM. LAOT Secretary
JOHN T. GAP KEY... Managing Editor
DOUGLAS WHITE. Business Manager
O. A. STEVENS City Editor
Fell Lbased Wirb Bkrvick.
TUESDAY, JtlUMltV 89, 1895.
It ii not unnatural in a free govern
ment tbat tbere should be differences
touching men and meaaurea, and when
inch differences do exist tbe formation
of two or more parties follows ac a logi
cal consequence. Alignment in oppos
ing ranks arouses the combaliveneac in
human natnre, and tbe contention for
victory is liable to excite a spirit of
hostility. It often takes intelligent
men some time to learn tbat those wbo
think otherwise tban tbey do on public
questions are sincere and patriotic.
There have been timea in ;tbe p.iat of
party contests when men of the sincer
eit patriotism bave been regarded by
political opponents as bardly leas tban
pnblio enemies.
Daring Washington's terms there was
ao party organisation, and very little
feeling tbat leads to it, but tbere waa
asucb oppoaition to tbe policy of tbe
elder Adams, and inchoate formation
of parlies. Feeling ran high in the con
test oi 1800 and the organization of
partial, called Federal and Kepublican
followed, and under theae names popu
lar division oontinued with a maniieeta
tion of more or lass epirit for a quarter
at a century, but patty spirit ao de
alinid that tbe laat term oi President
Monro* baa been called the halcyon
period ol oar politics. Party lines were
broken in 1824, bat tbe coalition be
tween tha friends of the younger
Adams and Mr, Clay produced no in
considerable animosity, and tbe rise or
a mora Intense party spirit and the re
organisation Of parties under new
Daring nearly forty years after the
government waa organized under tbe
constitution removals from office on ac
connt oi party affiliation was not a
prlaoiple in any party creed. J efferann,
who np to 1828, was '.he most partisan
at all oar presidents, waa sparing in re
movals, and in no case was it avowedly
dona to give pla** *o a aupparter of bia
General Jtckjoc mmc to (be oresi
deooy on a wive ol excited feeling
which resulted from many closes. Be
ing ■ mm oi positive obitacterigtics,
and impressed with the doctrine de
clared by William L. Maroj that "to
the viotore belong the spoils," be first
carried it into effaot by removiia from
and nppointmenti to office for partisan
reasons. Thia doctrine was dominant
up to the time of the war of the rebel
lion. Preerdent Lincoln, in tbe dispen
sation of patronage, made no distinction
between Repnblioani and war Damo*
crite, bnt Mr. Johnson tried to fill tbe
offioei with men who were sappcrters ol
his policy. Daring General Qrant's
terms there waa muoh party feeling,
aad patronage waa dispensed to men of
hia party quite exclusively. It was dur
ing hia flrat term that civil service re
form waa suggested, and the first step
taken to introduce aad experiment
with it.
The prinoiple of dealing out offices to
■one bat partisans is fael to the flame
of party spirit. It is bribery to induce
partisan work. At times the practice
has been carried to such aa extent tbit
partisan aervice has subordinated every
other consideration. Tbe dirtier tbe
work, if effective, entitled tbe performer
to the highest political rewards. To
this ma;; be traced mach of the irregu
larities, end oorrnpnon ol oar politics,
and bat for official aad money reward? a
condition of political parry weald be
easily achieved; indeed.it is probac-le
tbat parity woold he the universal re
There are political services tbat saonid
be rewarded. In all elections there are
Issnes of greater or less importance.
Work in propagating jaet principles end
In securing the adoption of wise vness
area should be recognized ior tbe bene
fits It bestows upon the pnblio offices in
which polieiea are controlled or influ
anced, should be held by those favor*
able to tbe views of tbe people as last
expressed. Submission to popular judg
ment is the basis and safeguard o! free
jovernment. Policies and raeaiur*B are
controlled or influenced in legislative
bodies, and in tbe administrative de
partments. Bnt the work in by far the
greater number ef places is clerical, rou
tine, or ipeoial, and in which no princi
ples are involved, bnt those of honesty,
capability and faithfulness What is
best for the country is that euob duties
■ball be performed well, and that the
offices shall not be used to compensate
for political work, for partisan service.
Stability of teoure assures iodependence
ef eonviotiona and the best public cor-
Tlee. It help* to atrengthen manhood,
while the opposite polio? weakens man*
'ood and demoralizes character.
Inordinary times expenditure of tbe
pablie money is the most important
subject. Appropriations are made by
law, bat disbursement to an extent
rests ia the judgment and discretion of
•Peers appointed to discharge tbat duty,
such as eommiaaionera and boards of
managers, and thaaa officers are numer
ous. It it proof of the decline of party
spirit that thaaa eommlasions and boards
an by law raqairad to be filled by rep
resentatlTei frem tba different parties.
looh also is th* law touching the police
forces of cities in many cases. It is
oftin laid that it is necessary to have
two parlies in order that one may watch
the other. It is far bitter to bave soma
el the watohtoweri on the inside tban
all of them on the outside. When op
position eyas are looking on, there is
less probability that money will be
squandered to promote partisan ends
through rewards to partisan workers.
There may be soma danger that boodlers
will be seleoted from both aides, but the
appointing power ig responsible for tbat,
and his crime or mistake in inch mat
ters tbe people mast dial with.
Party spirit is apt to rise in propor
tion to tbe gravity of tbe issue before
the oountry, and upon which both sides
think they ara right, and it also often
deolines in tbe presence of ench an is
sue. Such was tbe case in both north
and south during the war. At the pres
ent time party spirit is subdued by the
prevalence of impure politics, for intel
ligent and honest men feel tbat unleae
the political crimes which have been co
numerous and pervading in tbe last
quarter of a century, are not prevented
in future, there will be general demoral
ization, confnaion and anaroby. The
general disposition is to obliterate party
lines and to join in putting down ma
chine politics and bosiism, and restore
to the people the management and con
trol of political methods. It is well
known that excessive taxation results
from defective or objectional legislation
and from jobs pat up to remove those
who sustain special interests and per
form nefarious political work.
The balances of trade in China and
Japan against tbis oounfry range from
$20,000,000 to 125,000,000 annually. We
pay those balances in gold notwith
standing Japan and China are silver
nations, This comes from allowing
London to be tbe clearing bouse of tbe
world and oar practice of paring trade
balances indirectly through London in
stead of making payments directly and
tbrough our own agencies. London
sends little or no gold to China or Japan,
lot payments ate made with eilvrjr, and
London is allowed to regulate tbe silver
Balances of trade against ns are in
scarcely none bnt silver countries and
by tbe practice of a little good sense all
eush balance* might bs paid with silver
instead of gold. Our export trade with
such countries is small and our impor
tations are large, and it is in large part
done indirectly and througb foreign
transportation, and payments are made
through foreign agenoies. We are play
ing second fiddle to European countries,
while from our wealth and ability to
produce we Bbonld be independent and
tike the lead in international trade aa
we are first in domestic commerce.
Witb proper effort there may be dis
covered many ways in which silver can
be utilized tr. help out in cur present
financial difficulties. We have been de
pending too much on foreign capital to
carry our enterprises. For tbe time it
seems beneficial, as it adds to tbe money
volume, but when pay day oomea tbe
contrary appears, as ia ao keenly real
ized at tbe present moment, when
gold ia drawn from tbe country to pay
for our securities held abroad. If silver
had not been demonetized twenty-two
years ago it is almost certain tbat our
own money instead of that of foreigners
would bave been put into our enter
prises, and payments would now bs
made to our own people. Our adher
ence to loreign monetary policies and
the use ol foreign capital, when we
should have provided our own, are
tbe causes of our present financial dis
Competitive Drills to Vast* Plana Dor-
Ins; th» r-e.'a.
The advisory committee of the fiesta comtt
tee met list evening. ,
It was suggested that the Merchants' associa
tion be requested to appoint a special co mmit
tec to confer w th the rsiiroad companies with
a view of obtaining reduced rates from tho
east ior round trip iickels during the fiesta.
Colonel Screiber of the military committee
made the following suggestions: That the
whole brigade of 14 companies, the signal
co ps and Iho several staffs oould be assembled
here for a grand military parade If transporta
tion could be furnished and provisions made
for sleeping accommodations for the outside
companies. Also that a whole day be set aside
fur tne military; a parade early In the [ore
noon and n grand oompany and Individual
prize dnli in the afternoon at Athlet c park.
Director General Mcvnerg guarantees hand
some prizes for the competitive drill.
Th-j southern California eotumitiee reported
that their trip to San a Barbara with a view of
having tho flower feslival there tostponed,
ha i heeii iv vain for the reason that the flow
ers this year being so much earlier, would
comp.il them to give the festival at the date
Her > -ii I. tone V'vlan.
Los Angeles, Jan. 28, 1895.
Mr. Editor Heral.d:-I am the little girl that
won Mr. Fixen's prize doll. I write to ask you
to please correct the way my name was printed,
lone Vivian, instead ol Jane. lam named for
my godmother, who is -Miss lone Vivian Patton.
Her father was Governor Patton of Alabama.
If I was a b,y I would sign your San Pedro
paper, anyway 1 will save my nickels this
week and give 125 cants for the NeDraska prvjr
people, and will call and show you my pretty
doll. lone Vivian Andrews,
775 Myrtle avenue, corner Eighth street.
P. S.—My pet name ia "Rosebud."
Ws» Will Do It?
To the Editor of the Herald:—Why don't
some of our local geniueas invent an appliance
for the heating of stoves with petroleum?
Los Angeles, Jan. 28, 1885. 1 1 1
Governor Millar* ttons, Xarill*,.
Lieutenant-Governor Millard departed yes
terday for fndlo, accompanied by his wifo and
Dr. Davidson. It is expected that
the dry climate of thi desert region will have
an immediate beneficial effect on his constitu
Spnclmea f)s,tcf.
8. H. Clifford, New Cansel, Wis., wai troubled
with Neuralgia and Rheumatism, bin stomach
was disordered, hie liver was affected, io an
alarming degree, aopettte fell away, end he
was terribly reduced In ilesli and strength
Three bottles ot stleuri.-. Bitten cured him.
ltd ward Shepherd, llarrlsburg, 1,1, had a
run Ding sore on his leg of iglit yeara stcna
lug. Used three bottles of Electric Rlttoru and
seven boxes of Bncklen's Arnica Halve, and his
leg Is sound and well. John Speaaur, Catawaba
0., "ad five large fever sorer on his log, doctors
satd ho was Incurable.. One bottle Electrii
Bitters and one box Bucklen's Aroiea Halve
cured him entirely. Sold by C. P. Heluzjraan,
druglst aud chemist, 222 N. Main street.
A. A. ICckstrom has removed to 384 South
Spring street with his stock of wall paper.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Highest Medal and Diploma.
Hli Appe«r»DH In tbe Bap»rlor Court,
-i hero Was No O«r»o. Id iv*
TV arrant*
C. B. Barnes, tbeallered Ontario bank robber,
appeared yeiterday morning at 11 o'ctoek be
fore Jud<e Van Dyke, in tne custody of De
tective Goodman, on habeas corpus proceed
Barnes is a very tall, slim young man. with
greenish yellow hair, thy back of which still
shows a little of the dye whi2h he used to color
iti his eyelashes are white. The face Is not
preposseasiug, but flrmiy accentuated, and the
massive chin and j.w indicate resolution.
There was nothing dudish about tbe c othe, of
this young man, who has Deen reported to bo
such a hlgn roller and spendthrift of other peo
pie's money, but his clotbtng looked oecent A
few days spent in tne nasty city jail are not
conducive to the improvement oi a man's per
sonal appeaiauce, and the lack of shaving ma
terial was painfully apparent on the stubby
cheeks and chin of unshaven Mr. names.
Attorney J. M Luca*», who appeared on behalf
of the petitioner, alleged that his client was
unlawiuliy restrained of his liberty by Chief of
Police J. M. Glass.
Assistant District Attorney Williams proved
by documentary evidence that Barnes was holtl
under a warrant issu"d hy O. E Hardy, justice
of the peace of Pau Beraarolno, charging the
Erisouor with robbery, ■ and that said war'ant
ad been indorsed by i'owii-bip Justice Young,
allowing it to be served within the county oi
Los Augjles,
Thu document had bo been endorsed a little
whilo before tho prisoner was brought lutv,
court, aud immediately after having been
served upon Bim ne was conveyed from the
city jail to the court house.
Attorney Luca, objected to the va'idyty of
the warrant because it had not at the time it
was forwarded to this city been accompanied
by an affidavit of the connty clerk n£ Ban Ber
nardino county, certifying: tbat Hardy was a
ju tiee of the peace within that county.
It waa not a good day lor technicalities yes
terday, and Mr. Barest of Ontar o. who bad
been reading an o d paper to give htm-elf a
couu'enance, a difficult task under tbe circum
stances, bad to fold it up and return it to tbe
tall pocket of hit willleboy garment and follow
Deleotive Goodman back to dursuce vile, in
obedience to the order of the court dismissing
the writ and remanding the prisoner.
Barnes was taken to San ittrnirdlno in the
afternoon, where he will be confined in the
county jail panning examination at Out.no.
In the ati r:i > >.i. betote Judge Clark, a
motion was argue 1 to dissolve the attachment
brought by tha Ontario baua against tbe
$191)4.40 wnich was found hi Barnes' valise
alter h s arrest. Mr. Lucas atlen.Ud to Barues'
interests and Sheldon Bordea represented the
bank. Tne lormer sr.iu?d that this was a case
in which nu at'acliment, under the statutes of
tha state of Ca iforn a, cou d not i*-, because
the suit of the ba: k was not b 'B'd upon a con
tract, express or implied, for the 0 reel pay
ment of monay. Counsel a number oi
decisions to sustain his p >9ilion.
Sheldon Borden argned toat the attachment
was oa an ac inu ior det>t. lmpikd by law. and
cited authorities. The case was taken under
(Ths Herald under tnl« bending prints com
munications, Dut 1 >"- not assume responsi
bility for the soatim nts expressed].
A Pies far PtoieoHm.
To ths Km -ok of the Heiald :—Please
permit me to call tbe attention of the public,
tbrough your columns,to the utter lack of bene
fits received by tbe residen.s of an importint
part of the city in return for th * large amount
of taxes win. .) they pay. 1 refer to that portion
of the city lying in the vicinity of Centra ave
nue, aud towari the aojtm-rn boundary liar,
which ia recognized a- one of o ir mo t d-sira
b.e residence parts and is rapidly acquiring a
numeraus population of the best e.wm nls oi
our ppopie.
This section was for year*, and for thai mat
ter is now, one of our local pr.des, as It was
once the orange grovja of Los Angele*. und its
beautiful orcnu.di have done tueir fu 1 shate
toward th* promotion oi th * prosper.tv of our
city, both iv the matter of indm ing Immigra
tion aud in contributing to its material re
White the growth of population has forced !
the division iuto lota of much of this
territory, there are *liil left very
many handsome tracts of land which are
attractive to vl-iiors, and where subdivision
h-s bjen accomplished the form-T conditions
are retained lv a gie»t measure in m.ny in
stances, beside* which the great improvement
which has ueeu made and its excel ent charac
ter add larg.-ly to ihe value, Importance and
attractiveness of the DCaiity,
There is uo part of the city more beautiful
tban this, nor is any other part growing with
greater rapidity or scouring a butter class of
inhabitant?, and nowuere iv the city, onttlrL*
oi the bus*ne*> center, is real estate ns-essed at
a higher vaiuo: yet ,i h all these coud tiotia
the people of tula section are almost total.y
neglected, in so far as munuipal attention is
When street repairs arc in order tblßjportion
is tbe Inst looked to, and many of tile streets
are never in good condition: tbere iv hardly
an electric light iv the wh de district, and po
lice protection is a benefit entirely unknown.
This latter matter has been n source of coulln
ual anuoyauc to the people in this part of town
for a long time, aud Is particularly noticeable
at this season, when the ripe oranges mnke a
tempting bait for feloulous marauders. These
orange thieves are very bold, often ope
rating lv bands and eomewnes provided
with firearms with which to resist attempts to
drive them off, and always carrying away large
quantities of rutt. to be paddled atound the
streets aft-rword.
Au appeal to the police department hasoniy
resulted in the detsllof one officer on horse
back, who is unable to p operly patrol the
whole district alou It is only fair to assert
that, in vt iw ol me lmpor auce of 1 his section,
with its large and desirable population, and in
return for its heavy contrloutlon toward de
fraying th * expenses of municipal government,
'it is entitled to a tair share of tho boheflis
which should come from a municipal corpora
tlou ant? at least receive ad- qus'.e po.ice pro
lection. Orange Grower.
Los Angeles, January 25.
Mr. Hitmllt.on and ill* Muatolan*' Union.
To the Bditor of The Heuild :—Although 1
am opposed to rushing Into print upon the
slightest provoO'Uion, 1 cannot forbeir at the
preent time from making a brief statement of
my position In rig rd to the lately fotmed Mu
sician.' union, or the Los Angeles Musical asso
cialinu, hj, it styles itself.
To begin with, I aot not fighting the union, as
stated by so no ot the paper-,. lam merely act
.ng as any man wonld act iv my position,' hav
ing convictious of my own to defend. I de
clintd to join the newly formed ussnclatioo for
very good rei": ns, which I wrote out at length
aud bad read b?fore the uuion. I supposed that
wuuid satisfy them aud they would drop the
matter. lusteal of doing so they appointed a
committee to wait upon Manager Wyattof the
Los Auiteles theater and demaude 1 of him that
he dismiss mo at orchestra leader. Upon his
refusal to accede tc their (to him) unreasoua
blo demand they stitcd that the uuion musi
cians paying iv his thea'er would resign at
once, and that it wou d he imposslbln
for him or ma to fill their places. They
did so, and their plaeesSJ] were fillet
atonca. I nave no animosity toward the men
who left They are I think, still friends of
mine; but they hive had bad advisers, as it
seems to me.
I desire the pub.ic to understand that I am
not wording against musicians, for I am oue
myself, and if I was convinned that a musi
cians' union was the best thing for the pro
fession as a who'e, I would be the first man to
Join it. Bell67iU£ the contrary, however, so
strongly as 1 do, 1. most be p aln to every one
that a connection with such an Institution
wonld be Impossible for me. Very respectfully,
Habley K. Hamilton.
4r£crn*al Train*. P5.,,, A-ray tn « an
San Francisco. Jan. 29.—William Irelan, sr.,
one of California's most noted pioneers, is
dead. He took a notable part. In the commer
cial history of early Kan Francisco. He came
here in 1850 on the famous three-masted
schooner i'prsy, with 38 other argonauts.
fie established the first shipbuilding yards
ever opened In this city at Rincon Point and
built most of tlio trading t.hor.ters which in
augurated traffic in early days between Ban
Franr-isco and vaiious coast points, among
them being t;»m sebooiiers ."ride of the West
San Pablo, Ko-suth, William irelan, S. F. Blunt
and other cm'; v/hos-j names tre familiar to
pioneer skip; erf.
™7*.r,t Nnme Wmtt
A company of Englishmen has been
formed here for :.c. vice under the Mexican
flag, in case ol a war between that country
and Guatemala. The captain has received un
otlicial itiliimlion from the Mexican govern
ment that lv case ol war their sc.-vices will be
Are Training Nnw.
The Falcon bicycle team are working out at
Athletic park every day now, and the public is
invited to go down to the park any atternoon
and watch the cracks while they spin.
Two Well Known Lt»S Angel** Mod Em
bark m Rasioeaa aa Furtners.
Charles W. Eldridge and J. de Barth Shorb
have entered into a partnership under the
Arm name of Eldridge & Shorb. to do a general
business as so icitors iv the various branches
of the government, both federal, state and mu
nicipal, aud for the present to make a specialty
of the income tax and other internal revenue
Mr. Eldridge is an attorney and counsellor
at-law, and has been for 1!5 years in trie in
ternal revenue service. Ho is an acknowl
edged expert In internal revenue law and
practice, and is the author ot a comprehensive
work on tho subject, now in the press of
Houghton, Mifflin tS Co. His duties In the in
ternal revenue service familiarized him with
the income tax on persons and corporations as
formerly administered. He is also a compe
tent accountant, of wide experience In ihe ex
amination of the books of banks, railroads aud
other corporations
Mr. Shorb is a business man of long experi
ence, and extensive acquaintance with the
public men ol the state and its leading citi
zens. As a larg-i vintner and distiller, he has
also had occasion to familiarize himself with
tho internal revenue laws and prac ice. and
brings great familiarity with the affairs of cor
porations ami business enterprises generally,
to the service ol the linn.
The new income Uw is very far-reaching in
Its scope, taxing tiie entire'annual income
aborts4ooo of aUciUiena, whether residing
at home or abroad, at 2 per cent, and levying
the same lax on resident alicna. Non-resi
dent aliens are taxed on income derived from
property owned or business canicdon in tho
united States.
This firm starts out under very favorable
conditions, and has taken quarters in tho
Phillips,' block.
Two Prisoners K«osp» aud Two Others
Make the Attempt.
A bold attempt at escapo was made by sev
eral members of the chaingang yesterday.
While working the prisoners iv the First street
cut. Captain Huston discovered indications of
arcvolt. Fred Ealson and Sara liursh, 100
--day men, were found to havo brokan tho ball
and chain from their ankles by means oi picks,
with which they were working. They were
just about to make a break for their nborly
when discovered. These young fellows were
sentenced last week for stealing a bicycle.
More fortunate were two other members of
the chaingang who were working on Boyle
Heights, i'hey evaded the guard anddcaped.
They were short term vagrams,
t V Int BO ■*>.
Last night's service by Evangelist Boss at
Trinity church was of great power.
The text was from Proverbs, 33d chapter, 7th
verse—"As a man thinketh in his heart, so is
that man."
- If a man Is pure in heart he will be pure in
A man's immoral appetite impregnates his
very being.
God says if man will keep his mind on Me he
will have perfect peace.
A man's face is the indication of his heart
and also of his breedings
The face will indicate the condition of his
If a man is evil in destre, if a man is evil in
thought, it will come out in his walk, his look
and his every action.
If a man gets to thinking about God he will
run to God as naturally as water will run down
Phelower a human being is the more he
tends to go down. The purer a human being
is the purer he wishes to bo.
Il some young women thought about God as
much as they do about some of these cigarette
dudes they mould get religion.
If human beings wo XI not stand to have
their hearts read by man. how can they ex
pect to stand befor the judgment bar « f God?
Men can smile themselves right into hell, ior
a smiling (ace can hide a sinful heart.
Ti>e speaker said that the only wav to have
our secret ins blotted out is through iaith in
Jesus' blood.
The meeting closed with an earnest prayer.
He announced thai at 10 o'clock this morn
ing he would preach on old-fashioned, Holy
Ghost religion.
H m - nnd City ML**©!**©*
The second lecture of the missionary ex
tension course will be given tonight at the
Fi st Presbyterian church by Iter. Alfred
Docking of San Francisco His subject to
night is. Our Country; the Sunlight, the
Shadow. Those who have heard Mr. Docking
say he is a forceib.e and interesting speaker.
The missionary extension course consists of a
series of addresses on jnusionary topica—home
and foreign—given under the auspices of tho
United .-ocieties of Christian lwideavor.'
Rev. Bert Lstes Howard will also address
the meting this event im on Los Angeles* I*7—
VVhat Does It .Mean? hvery Eadeavorer will
enthuse at the thought of it.
Oi»ir K et Wltn Maitelartaf Mlsehl'f.
Leon Gasave was arretted on Sunday at Cala
basas on complaint of a man named Manuel
Dominguez, who accuses him of malicious mis
ch ci in having on the t4lh mat. injured iron
water pipes, barrels and tanks belonging lotho
complainant, Gasave was brought before Jus
tice Young,-who required.him to give a $>00 |
bond. The case wil. be tried next Monday,
The defendant cluims that the pipes were on
his own land and that hut.ok them up be
causj they were In his way.
Polio • 4'onrt ''.»t>-«.
E. L. Morgan was fined $5 by Justice Morri
son yesterday. He drove his horses too fast at
Spring and First streets, Othei police court
cases were disposed of as follows; Charles
Etzlerawl H. A. Stemmons. petty larceny, dis
charged; Henry Hath, violating saloon ordi
nance, fined $10; Frank Purls vagrancy, $ 15;
Den Forking disturbin t the poace, tined $5;
James Guthrey, same offense, discharged.
Wo in ni IlOit-r Ji'lfsd.
Frank Kramer, a German peddler, who was
recently acquitted by Jurtlce Young on a
charge of beating Anna Kramer, his divorced
wife, with whom he was living at Ver
non, was rearrested yesterday on a charge of
battery upon the same person and put in the
county jail in default ttf $100 bond-. He gave
her a severe ben ing because she had brought
au action aguiust him to quiet title to her
property. He will be tiled by Justice c W.
Sexton at University.
Of Good Cooking*.
the nc ™jsl^
if-JW cooking purposes. JBf
naff Good cooks who have
EgS tried is never go back jjjtfy
ffjSv food, better health £3
ISSgf brought to any home
mm by Cottolcnc. Will you KM
MS/ ' 9 a vegetable pro- Jjsk
(KSjjjf duct, more healthful,
■fin appetizing and economi-
Mfit cal than any shortening
known. Have you j%
told in 3 and 5 pound palls, by all groeera
Mado only by
(Sa jti The Km K " Fairbank
VfeVfgFr/ ST. tOCIS and
C2.lcuso,3i(nv Tvrb.
Ufa Information Filed On tho Old Com.
p taint nnd a N<-w Ono Insaed
tv Be Strictly Legal.
A new chapter was recorded yesterday in the
noted Alexander Pooler embezzlement case.
II wil. De remombered that Doctor embezzled
$yOOO from Mow (iunst, tbe tobacconist of San
FrancUco, for whom he waawoiklng as sales
man. The money, or rather a cneck on which
Doctor drew the money f.om tho Farmers and
Merchants bauk, was given to him by Mike
Pulaski, who owe! Uanst for gooda parchaied
throniih Docter.
Some t;uio after Docter's flight ha wai arrest
ed on a complaint chanting htm with the em
bezzlement or a 98000 check from Gunst.
He waß given a p>u itninary exaininaion in
Justice Seaman's court and held to answer to
the superior court Thu district attorney, in
lonkliiir over tbu oomplaint, evidently fouud a
"flaw," for ne filed no luforma lon, probab.y
on the presiur.ption that the ln*truiu ;nt would
not hold good when the case came to trial.
A new complaint was sworn to yesterday by
Detective. Bos.jui. chargiue Doeter with the
embezzienuat of both toe check and the mon
ey. The new move w.-.s probably b-iseu on the
recent decision of the supreme court wliureiu
no district attorney is allowed to file an infor
mation on evidence other than tnat brought
out at the examluati >v, or more property
speaking, on charges not iucluJed in the pre
liminary complaint.
Docter was taken into Justio* Ow?n'« court
yesteidav aft rnoou for arraignment, and ms
examination was set for Mouday at 10:30
Ths Loi A tig*, lei T«nito Suffers * Bad
The cricket match at Ontario on Saturday
last be* ween the Ontario tOrim and a team from
the Los Angeles Athletic club was watched by
n large number of people and being mostly
Ontario peoplo, they were naturally much
pleased with the outcome of the game.
The match had to be decided on the first In
ning and the score was 7f> to 44 In favor of
Ontario. On the second inning Ontario had
made i>7 runs, with three men out. when the
stumps were drawn. For the home eleven,
Horace Little made 22 runs in the first inning
and in the second was "not out" with 23 runs
to his credit. C. Litilo was "not out" in the
second inning for 39 runs and sicoles piled up
for Ontario 22. 1
The I.os Angoles eleven's highest individua
score was eight runs by Dunbar, Tufiield and
Little. But for bad luck, Tufiield and Barry
would have punished the Ontario bowlers
The best bowling for Ontario was by Horace
Little and Scnles; for tho Angel city team,
Barry and Dunbar.
The return match will be played in Los An
geles at an early date.
Kieilwfay Not**.
A, Phillips has gone to San Francisco on busi
It Is rumored that J. W. Hobart, formerly
general manager of tho Central railroad, is
likely to be elected president of tho Santa Fe
W.J, Carroll assistant tn the general solicitor
of the I'nion Pacific, is mentioned as the head
of the legal department of that system.
Brings comfort and improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of tiie pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence ia duo to its presenting
in the form most acceptabl'. and pleas
ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative; effectually cleansing the system
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
and permanently curing constipation.
It lias given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of tho medical
profession because it acts on the Kid
neys, Live-:' and Bowels without weak-
Ming them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup ol Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and 81 bottles, but if is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
'.'(..only, Whose name is printed on every
oackage, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
md being well informed, you will not
Kcept any substitute if offered.
♦ ~~ ♦
««♦«-♦♦♦♦» ♦««»«♦♦*«♦♦♦♦«*<>»
330 N. Main st., l.os Angeles. J
O FUst clMi equipment. Large and well >
4> selected Htocii. Reasonable und fair s>
At prices', darelm and sitillriil treatim'nt. i
«> Special attention given to embalming e>
s> and lalppillg bodies to distant partsol s>
«> tbe country. isaf .Niglucilis prompt- ♦
4> ly uttendedt >. e>
«> O l-l«phoiio No. 75. 4> 4.
««4>««W4>«> »*♦•♦♦♦♦♦* » »♦ »««>•«•
♦ __ •
A Cure That Cures.
TTOTj I Is 1 1 havo cured thousand's, and caa
A IXXIiVJ cure thousand* more >tho suffer
asyoi uo, oi Krnia»ions, Imiioteuey, Nerroua
Debl.i y, Varicocele and Sfcrun.au Parts,
caused byself abuse, byasimple remedy which
cured me, recipe for wnlch I wlil send (seated)
FKHK to any kulTerur. Artdn sf, with stamp
DAVIS ii. MIMKT. Box 670, ingle wood, W
11-17 1 j»
Medical aad Surgical aSauitarium.
Twelve miles from Los Angeles, via Santa Fe
railway. Tiie place for ihe weary to rest and
the Met to get well. Hot and cold sulphur
bathsat popular Correspondence ttollo
ted, 9-29 6m
Have you SoroTfiroai, Fimples, Copper-Colored I
Spots, Ach"?, Old Sores, U.'ccrs In Monti., Ilnlr-1
Falling? Write Cook XEetaedy <*.., BOY Mil- £
d;ait»lfi,aESfiJ;o,y>'d*>. Pittlcutncurcd nlno ycur*nh
*~^fimiim fim am sj lJ trU^vrS*av^*
J ****** Market St., Han Francisco
% ffi*9) \ (between Cih and 7th Sts.)
f!o aiul * earn how wonderfully ; ou
It'll il fiA :il ' v and how to avoid ftteknrs*
VA A (jtl and disease. Museum enlarged witb
ft I\ th'Jupamia of new objects. Aduiic
** v Bion 2"» ccs.
I'r&viUo ofilM-sanio Zluaßdinff
10.'» i lUurkcri. Street- Diseases of men:
stricture, loss of manhood, diseases of the skio
and kidney;* quickly cured without tho use of mer
cury. Treatment pwdonally or by letter. Send
tor book.
Old establish©! and reliable practltontrs.
How Are Your Lungs?
This is the time when you should be
careful about taking cold.
Will keep toii w*rm and prevent you from Using cold. We have them of a l slz.-s
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And when in need of any Medicine, remember that
we are still selling them at Cut Rates.
Wolfs Cut-Rate Drug Store
When Everyone Else Has Failed
£ ' \^h^^J^ Xf Special Surgeon fr-im San Francisco Dlspeusary
Ss;aiMBMßgß^S6grilll>LW>MaMl Id constant attendance. Examination, with UI.
body !o, ' K ' lncl '" ,lnß *" n!ys "' bbebtobvbry.
' J'.. '"'"I ««»"<> 'rat at charge from LU
•'> ■ i »" Our long , xperlence enables us to treat the worst
"""i " e ( "et or private diaeaaes with absolute
m * 'y" Wll iU f°°'. tr " ut,le '"• come an I
♦ ♦
♦ Adjoins their celebrated Brlswolter and Adams-street Tract, and contains G2 fine bulldiD? ♦
lots fronting on central avenue, Thlrty-firit and Thirty-second streets, which are graded *%
aud curbed and have cement wains, shade trees planted and water piped: sandy loam soil: A
a no mud. We have put the prices su low and the terms so easy that every lot will sell *>
£ within :;o days. I
% PRICES fIOO, $125. $150 to $225. t
£ TlCRM3—ip'2s down, balance $10 a month, or a liberal discount for cash. No interest i
~ will ho charged on lois sold during the next 00 days. Once more you have an opportunity
•*> to buy residence lots on a double electric car line, ♦
.*> At one-half their actual value. Take the Central-avenue cars at corner of Second and <►
Spring rtreeis to our branch office at the oorner of Twenty-niuth street, where our agents <>
*y will show the property, free carriage to the tract. For maps and prices see 4
T TOTFI T? A MOV A i OR - N , G andTbirdstsTl^
iIV/XJLjIJ AVxi-ivl V/jLI JrY European plan. Greatest frontage southeast. New
management: renovated; refitted: refurnished. Rates moderate. P. B. MaLLORY, Prop.
lXV'llZilj 01, illl VjrjjjLiV/ now open. High elevation. Superior [or
health. Rates reasonable. MRS. A. M. SMITH, Proprietor
miV OrJliilMv 1 Avlr It/ In Los Angelas, *3 to $10 per weei. a well
healed House. Mea.s at moderate rates. 423-425 a SPRING STREET. P. 0, CONDON, M«r.
ABPVT V centrally located, olive and second sh.
JIV/JLXI<JU iVIL V J 1 \.j I j Day boarder. Rooma elegantly furnished. All modern
conveniences. Table cannot be surpassed. Tarm, reasonable. D. E. BARTON, Prop.
r ri 11 - "\ 7 TMT A first class family hotel, opp, sixth-st. park
IXlli \ littl 1 i> l.\ convenient to all atreet car lines. Rates reasonable,
\X(\ I? rpM a \T TIY'sTTC"!/ 411 427 >"orth main st., is unexcelled in
II\JY X 1 .MiAiX Jlvi U u£i Los Angeles at any price, being first class only
Ifl.lij t0*2.50 per day; longer as agreed. T. W. STROBRIDGE, Prop'r.
Airier I tvctav 313 north broadway, near temple nt
UlJli VV HilvivliN Vj L VJiN Family hotel. Convenient to all street car lin-.s
Rates reasonable.
Santa Barbara, California.
M s~\ rtl T" 1 T A ~C> A T~A T A BANTA MONICA, CAL.
Jtriyy X I—lJ —l Xi -LV V-V J— ) X. I~\ , 150 rooms: steam heat; hot ocean
water baths. For information as to rates, etc., apply at Los Angeles office, 231 WE3T FIRST
fcTREKT, opposite Nadoau Hotel.
S. REIN HART, Proprietor.
TTTI? IPTOTHTJIT redondo, cal. the mow popu
-1 II Yj I\JtVL»v7IN IJ\) llvMlliJU l.ir winter resort on tha o>ist. Acnes
siblo by trains of the Southern railfornia and Redondo Railways; 40 minutes' ride from Loi
Angees. Jivery rooni an out-idy ono, Sunn/ and bright. Bxoailent t-tble. Billiard parlors
Dancing room and tenuis court. Hot salt wat'?r swimming and plunge baths near hotel. Fins.
rshlng from the wharf. Free transportation to and from Los Augeles to weekly or monthly
guests. For description aud illustrated books and ratesapp yto
Redondo Holul, Redondo Beano, Cau
Brt,db_ury_Bioulc, Log Angeles. , t
i-* Arcadia, Los Angeles Co., Cal.
iJtt £ C'XTBB!» MILKS FROM' ' 03 ANGELES, 7 mile, from
/^fi L * 1 jf O Paeadeun, ou B. J, Baldwins fninous B.nta Anlt*
.-Jmrf* k,', , . i ii ~"ihr ranch. Eleven ttalus daily each way. Malta dlllgdnt
'-SE-^ißavw^wlliv^i*^r " 1 cf* 1 '" Inquiry conc:rnina this paradise !■ r the we liv traveler,
ii'-!8lr ! i rt'WWlßff»-V.. msct ba'ore dccl ting upon your winter re»ting plae-. Guests
' ,1" ■ „ •• ',£■;"•,;.■-.. . U M ■•„■ oakitwoo-t h,.v ■ tr.- accoas to "Lhoky • Baldwin's
•W'StSW^iiiSW"* k } -■" '*' - tomoiia ranch—a heanliful pUyaroinid ol 51,01)0 sorej.
T » ..s>. M . L-A W RENCE, Manager.
Hotel Metropole, Avalon
The Inn at Little Harbor; tu.i celebrated island Btage road and the popular coast excursions
opened Febiuary la', 1895. Adellghlfu visit.
Hotel service second to none; seen-ry, c lmate an 1 other natural attractions of the island
dunngthe wintermonth" are un.pproacho'l. Excellent quail, dova and wild goat Shooting
Tbe bays team with tlshol variety. The upland scenery, as viowjd from the stage road
defies description ... ...
Siuta Cataliua Isendorsed by the traveling public as possessing attractions superior to an,
localityon the Pacific Coast. , r . ,
Regular steamer serv.ee, as per railroa I tlma tab.es in Los Angeles dally paper ; only threa
audoue-lbird hoursfrom Los Augeles.
Do not fail to oi'talu full Information from the Banning Company, 222 South Spring slreet,
Lo« Aneele,, Cal. Illu-trated pimnhlets mailed to any address.
Best Appointed Hotel ia
Los Angeles.
American and European L'Uns.
Central Location.
First-class service.
Seasonable Kates.
Finest Cafo in the City
]n Connection.
430 South Bprlux etreet. 1,0; mj, CaL »'

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