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strikingly illustrated the need of speedy
communication betwean Hawaii and
the authoritiea here. Tb» condemna
tion of an American citizen was by a
new and hastily assembled tribunal. It
nndoubtedly called for speedy interven
W.hile the debate proceeded Minister
Thurston of Hawaii entered the diplo
matic gallery and was joined by Senator
Proctor of Vermont.
Mr. Morgan attached ranch aignifi
eanee to the faot that no word of oppo
sition had come from Kngland eince the
senate had passed the Nicaragua canal
bill 10 days ago. He said it disclosed
that England had abandoned hops of
controlling tbe Isthmus canal, and had
centered all her energies npon controll
ing western commerce by securing the
Hawaiian cable concession.
The senator declared that Great Brit
ain was seoretly endeavoring to wrest
from tbe United States the great coal
ing station, Pearl harbor, in Hawaii.
"It is vital that we aot, and act at
once," said Mr. Morgan impressively.
"I would rather see every rule of this
senate broken than to have this amend
ment fail."
Strong as the case of Hawaii was to us
she would not much longer be kickod
•boot the American congress. She
would at last reluctantly turn to Great
Mr. Morgan then turned his attention
to tbe latest dispatch of Mr. Willis. He
defended dur poicy ot nou intervention.
If Hawaii made a mistake she must
abide by it, For himself, Mr. Morgan
said he wonlii have more respect for
Hawaii if she shot a traitor tbun if aba
forgave him, but tue best thing for tbe
United Statee to do was to keep out cf
tbis new phase of tha euhject.
Mr. Hawley questioned the correct
ness of Mr. Morgan's doctrine of n■ .-
Intervention. He said it would be con
strued as approving ot Hawaii's purpo •
to execute those now imprisoned.
Mr. Morgan rose to say that ba simply
meant to assert that Hawaii onght to
left alone.
hawley'b personal interest.
Mr. Hawley aatd be had a personal
interest in the latest advices from Ha
waii. The Mr. Seward, under sentence,
waa well known to him. The aenator
paid the highest tribute to Mr. Sew
ard's ability, and aaid it was ridiculous
to charge bim witb this conspiracy.
Mr. Hale earnestly protested against
Mr. Morgau'a apparent approval of tbe
course uf the Hawaiian goverumsnt in
Imposing tbe deatn penalty.
Mr. Morgan—l gave no approval. I
stated cold, naked rights.
Mr. Hale said that tbe leniency of the
north at the close of the rebellion had
been a marvel to the world. "Then,"
the senator said, "and if Hawaii now
proceeds witb tbase executions, she will
be adopting tbe method of Mexico and
of South America, rather than those of
this country, for this republic should ba
warned in time tbat the sentiment thus
far favorable to theirs, will be quickly
changed il tbeae executiona occur. The
American people nave thus far sympa
thized witb Hawaii, but there will be a
speedy change if tbia barbarous coarse
Is pursued."
Mr. Hoar and Mr. Call aaid they
wished to ba put on record as heartily
sympathizing witb tbe protest expressed
by Mr. Hale.
The diplomatic and consular bill was
then laid aside.
At 5:40 p.m. tbe sonata held a brief
executive session and then adjourned.
A. Dnll Day In trie Honns—The Presi
dent*- Bteneaga Kiferred.
Washington. Feb. S.—ln the house
today discussion and filibustering on an
appropriation to allow congreanmen
Clerks at $1200 per annum, brought for
ward as an amendment to the legislative
appropriation bill, retarded materially
the progress on that measure in the
bouse today. It being evident that a
vote on tbe proposition waa impossible
today, tbe bill was later in tbe day laid
aside and the business considered until
President Cleveland's message, advis
ing congress of an arrangement to sell
162,400,000 4 per cent bonds, was re
ceived witb alight approvals of applause
on the Democratic aide. Speaker (Map
promptly reierred tbe message to the
committee on ways and means. There
was no debate on this reference and no
outspoken objection.
Tbe speaker laid before tbe house a
message from the president on the
Hawaiian question and the accompany
ing papers were read. When the read"
ing was completed, Mr, Boutelle asked
whether a motion to refer the message
and dispatches to tbe committee of the
whole was in order, in view of tboir
demonstrating a remarkable and strik
ing change of tbe public policy of our
government between January 19tb last,
when instructions were given to Rear
Admiral Beardgiee in which tbe doc
trine was laid down that American
sitizsns in foreign climes at the time of
a revolution and participating therein
forfeited their claim to tbe protection of
tbe American government.
At this point calls for the regular
order were made, and tbe speaker re
ferred tbe message and papers to tbe
foreign affairs committee.
On motion of Mr. Ricnurdson, Demo
crat of Tennessee, senate bill providing
for tbe immediate relief of the suffering
poor people in tbe District of Columbia,
was pas Bed.
On motion of Mr. Kithian, the house
agreed to a conference on the senate
amendments on the bill relating to the
navigation of tbe rivers, harbors and
inland waters of the United States.
A dozen or more private pension billn,
coming over from the two previous Fri
day nights, were paused, and the house
at 4:15 p.m. adjourned.
The President Again Addresses Uon
er-ss vii thn Financial Uriala.
Washington, Feb. 8 —The president
today sent the following mt>e°a|;e fo con
gress :
"Since ray recent comiuu ideal ion to congress
Calling attention to the financial condition and
suggesting leg! station wliico I deem essential
to our national welfare and credit, llie anx
iety and apprehension then existing in busi
ness circles have cotitltiuiu. As a precaution,
therefore, against the lailii'C ol timely lesos
latlve action, cautious preparations have been
pending toeniployto tile nest pos-ihle nd
vantage, In default of hi tter means v such ex
ecutive autiioriiy as may. without additior.nl
legislation, be exercised for the purpose el re
lniorcing and m imainliig m our treasury un
adequate and safe gold reserve.
"In the Judgment of those especially charged
With this responsibility, the ims.nes- ~;ti:.' i, ..
issocritical and the leKlsln ive situation so
unpromising, witli the omfssioD t!i>:s far on
tbe part of congress to briefly eularg tlie piov
ers of the secretary oi the treasury ill the pre
mises, as to enjoin Immediate executive act inn
with the fiicilt.ies now at hand.
"Therefore in pursuance oi seelion UT'iO of
the re .ised statutes details of an arrangei lent
this day liave been concluded with parlies
abundantly aide to fulfill their under.aklng.
whereby bonds of :ne Lulled elates authurizeu
under Act of July 14, 1-75, payable in coin :-.n
years alter their date, with interest
of 4 per cent per sunum. to tho amount ot n
little less ill an ifii'J, 400.0 >'. ■!.
lor the purchase ol gold coin uuiountiiii'to v
sum blujn.'v in excess of i)WS,oOO,eUi', to ue ue
liverod to the treasury of the I'nitad States,
which sum, added to the gold now held In our
reserve, will bo rest In such reservo as to make
it amount to something more than $100,000,-
-000. Beck premium is to be allowed to tho
government upon the bonds a* to tlx tlie rate
of Interact upon the amount ofM realized at
per e-nl per annum. At least half ut the
gold to be obtained is to be supplied from
abroad, which Is a very, important and
favorbale feature of the transaction. Privilege
Is especially reserved to the government to
substitute at par within 10 days from this
date, in lieu ot 4 per cent coin bonds, other
bonds In terms payable in gold and bearing
only H per cent interest if :ho issue of the
same in the meantime be authorized by con
gress. Arrangements thus completed, which
after careful Inquiry nppear In the present efv
cuinstanees, and considering nil objects de
aired to he the best attainable, develops such
difference, in the cntimnt!on of Interest be
tween bonds made payable in coin and these
specifnally payable in gold, in favor of the
latter, as is represented by three-fourths per
cent annual interest.
"In tin' agreement just concluded the an
nual saving of interest to the government, if
the 11 per cent gold bonds should be substitut
ed for tho 4 per cent bonds, under the privi
lege reserved, would be )K030,109, amounting
.:. 30 years or at maturity of coin bonds, to
Sllti. 1 74,770. Of course there never should be
doubt in auv quarter as to redemption iv gold
of bunds of the government which arc made
payable in win. Therefore the discrimination
in the judgment of the investors between our
bond obligations, pavnble in coin, and those
especllleally made payable m gold, Is very sig
nificant, ft Is hardly necessary to suggest
that whatever may be our views on the sub
ject, the sentiments or preferences of those
with whom we mtit't negotiate in disposing ot
our bonds for gold are not subject to our dic
" "I have only tit add In mv opinion the trans
action here Intimated for the information of
congress promises better results than tho
efforts previously staile la the direction of
effectlvelv adding to our gold reserve through
the sale of bonds. And I . slleve it will tend,
as far us action can in the piesent circum
stances, to meet the determination expressed
In the law repealing tho silver-purchasing
clau'e of the act of July 14. 18110, and that In
the language of such repealing act the ar
rangement made will aid our efforts to secure
znafntenasce o' 1 - of the value of coins of
the two metnls »'td equal power of every dollar
at all times ti: the maiket and in the payment
of debts."
(Signed.! Orovf.r Cleveland.
Executive Mansion. Feb. H, ISilo.
Nine rersone Lose Tholr Lives oy the
;i>o is'er and the Vessel Blows to
Forest City, Ark., Feb. B.—Meager
details are received here tonight of the
explosion near Madison, on the Bt.
Franols river, of the Cyclone, a river
ateamer of considerable capacity.
It ia reported that nine peraons were
blown to atoms.
Tbe boat left Madiaon on a trip down
tbe river tbia morning, carrying two
families, whoas namea are not given,
and a crew. Her cargo incladed several
barrels of gasoline. The boat had
reached a cut-off, fonr miles from Madi
son, when the explosion ocenrred,
wrecking tbe cralt and toasing those on
board high in the air. None live Jto tell
the tale, their bodiea being torn to
Tbe explosion waa terrific, and was
beard three milea distant. Further de
tails of the disaster are unobtainable to
OC ATE.'MAI. »-M ) X I DO.
Warlike Demonitratlone Reported at a
Mexico City, Mexico, Feb. B.—The
Mexican government baa commissioned
Judge Joaquin Calderon and a large
corps of assistants to tako personal cog
nisance of tbe actual damage enatained
by Mexico from the invasion of Guate
malans on tbe southern frontier. Tha
party has left San Juan Bautista, in tbe
atate of Tabasco, and will aoon enter
npon its work. The pueblo of Teno
aiooe ia tbe first point to be viaited,
where the various invasions have oc
enrred. To facilitate matters in the
wild and tropical country in which the
inspection ia to be made tbe steamer
Cadrenaa has been ordered to be at
tbe disposal of the appraisers and
many other preliminaries arranged.
Roads have been clsared through tbe
dense forests and eeveral bridges are
already constructed over Impassable
streams, which bridges will also come
in handy in any sudden movements of
troops and artillery which may be found
necessary in the disputed territory. A
strong military force is guarding the va
rious bridges and roada to prevent any
advantage accrning to the Guatemalans
from their nse. By order of tbe gov
ernor of tbe federal districts the atndente
arrested for tbe riot of Sunday night
have been given their liberty. They
were given a hearing at the municipal
palace belore the governor, and having
explained that tb-sir t.-an-nrnseiou, were
but the result of patriotism, and being
admonished by the governor to be more
careful in their future demonstrations,
were allowed to go.
Tbe Mexican warship Zaragoaa la ly
ing in tbe harbor of Acapuioo, on the
Peoitio coast, awaiting orders from the
general government.
He Telle Hie Plane and le ir
Napa, Feb. B.—John Wooden, a sa
loonkeeper, made elaborate preparations
to rob the Bank of St. Helena today
and is now in jail. Word came from
St. Helena that au attempt would be
made to rob the bank and officers were
sent from here to frustrate the attempt.
Wooden's plan was to first enter the
bank and get soils money changod,
survey the premises and then return
and commit the robbery. Wooden car
ried out hie plan as far as getting tbe
money changed, and then returned to
hie room at the hotel, first having
bitched his horse in an alley brick ot
the bank. In order to avoid bloodshed
the onicerß did not wait for him to at
tempt tbe robbery, but ar'eated him in
iiie room. Wooden tried to get a bell
boy at tbe hotel to help him, and the
boy at ones informed the police.
Wooden bears a hard reputation, and
being under tb9 influence of liquor,
would doubtless have att.iinntcd to rob
tbe bank in broad daylight had he not
bosn arrested.
* r-rrlble Visitant.
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tion Is pioyontab.e, In cases of rheumatism, by
A timely resort to Ho,letter's Stomach ill tecs,
which checks tne encruaclimenti of tilts obitl
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gans aud termlnato life. No testimony is more
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innr-nlite*. soreness and sti fines i of the aged 4c
is h.gidy beneficial.
Wall paper at Eckttrom's, 32i 8, Spiing st,
s > .-,
Continuation of the Blizzard in
the East-
The Southern States Have Suffered
Railroad Travel Thronghout lha coun
try Interfered Villi — Kopurta
From Many Points.
New York, Feb. B.—The storm which
swept over the greater part o! the
United States last night and today still
hovers in tbe vicinity of New York and
threatens to continue for an indefinite
time. With increasing force and vio
lence bonriy growing in severity and
with scarcely a sign of abate
ment, tbe blizzard maintained
its Icy sway from Thursday night until
this afternoon and continues in a slight
ly milder form tonight. Today and to»
night the ferries, elevated roads, surface
cars, steamers, boats and pedestrians
have been impeded and in a great many
cases stopped by the storm. The steam
ers of tbe different lines plying between
here and Boston have been seriously
interfered with and the various ferries
have not been merely delayed but
stopped for several hours,
Compared with the blizzard of 1888,
there has been less snow, but the tem
perature has been much lower aad the
wind is of greater velooity, Tbe storm
hit abated somewhat tonight.
Montreal. Feb. B.—Tbe blizsard bag
delayed all traina. Tbe Canadian Pa
cific reporta that no traina have arrived
here aince yesterday afternoon, It has
practically demoralized atreet railway
Washington, Feb. B.—This city is
passing through one of the severest
spells of cold it has ever experienced.
The snow hna been falling since after
noon and by nightfall the ground was
five inches deep in snow, while a high
wind added fo tbe intensity of cold
which was near tbe zero mark. The
snow continued until 2 o'cl ck and
drilled co badly aa to stop travel on the
euburban atreet car lines and to render
transit about the city alow and uncer
tain. The thermometer went down juat
below zero in the early hours this
General delays in the postal aerviec
are reported here aa tbe result of the
severe storm that baa been raging dur
ing the past few days.
Mails in the east are delayed between
six and ten hours.
Pittsburg, Feb. B.—The weather la
growing colder and the local weather
office baa isaued a bulletin predicting tbe
worat blizzard for yeara in tbia section.
Railroad and atreet car traffic ia seri
ously impeded, all through trains being
late. Tbe supply of natural gai la very
Kansab City, Mo., Feb. B.—Tbe cold
■nap ia broken and tbe thermometer is
gradually creeping up again. Before
making the change, however, the low
mark for the last ten years waa
reached when at lOo'clook this morning
tbe thermometer was 12 1 ., degrees be
low. Over Kansaa alao tbe weather baa
become warmer. Neverthelesa many
trains are still anowboand and will be
for a day or two. Tbe poorer clauses
are still suffering great bardsbipa.
Cleveland, Feb. B.— Tbe blizzard
raged witb unabated fury throughout
tbe day, eanaing more or less delay to
railroad traffic and demoralization of
atreet oar service. A heavy gale from
tbe west, witb the thermometer slightly
below zero, prevailed tbrougbout tbe
day. The school autboritlea held a con
ference and oloaed all tbe schools in the
city at noon.
Lexington, Ky., Feb. B.—The ther
mometer at tbe atate college observa
tory registered 14 dogrees below zero at
6 o'clock tbia morning, the lowest point
aince 1872.
Hazklton, Pa., Feb. B.—A train is
snow Ouund on the mountain branch of
the Pennsylvania road. The train
which left here at 11 o'clook for Waverly
is stalled on tbe Beaver Meadow branch.
Not a mill or mine is working. Two
sleighing parties are lost on the moun
tain road between here and Tamanaque,
and grave fears are entertained for tneir
Baltimore, Feb. B.—Dispatches from
all sections of tha atate ahow tbat yes
terday's atorm approached in magni
tude the great blizzard. For tbe first
lime in years aerioua railroad blockades
bave occurred. In thia city several
street oar lines were at a standstill this
morning. The thermometer registered
I Inn.. Pa., Feb. 8 —Tne continued cold
weather has caused much suffering and
inconvenience here. Fully one-half of
the buildings in thecity are heated with
natural gas pined 811 miles from the gag
regiong. The low temperature has hin
dered the flow of (he gas and increased
the consumption. Coal and wood could
not be resorted to, for, in most cases,
the stoves are built for gas only. Erie
bay is covered with 18 inches o! ice and
water pipes in all parts of the city are
Wichita, Kas., Feb. B.—Dispatches
from the territory tell of eevore Buffer
ing. The cold snap, accompanied by
great quantities of enow, atlll prevails
and is driving wild animals fiom the
woods to the different settlements and
causing much alarm among the settlers,
[o "X" county, Oklahoma, last night
Vlra. Abner Johnson and her three
children while returning home were
chased by a pack ol wolves, but reached
shelter before the animals caught up
with them.
N 4.Huvii.i,E, Term., Feb. 8 — Coldest
here, with one exception, in 25 years.
Thermometer six degrees below zero.
Miami*, Term.. Feb. B.—Two and
twc-tenths below zero, coldest in 15
years. Tbe river is full of heavy ice
and local packets remain at tbe bank.
Bis TON, W. Va„ Fab. B.—Tue ther
mometer is from 14 to 20 degress below
zero in the mountains. Trains are
being delayed from 2 to 12 hours.
CiiAir\:*oooA, Term., Feb. B.—Three
degrees below zero, tbe lowest since
M'kisgfiki.o, O , Fab. B,—Low nrea
sure oi natural gaa today compelled tbo
disaiissa! of moat of the public schools
ou account of the, cold weather.
South Ikooxuk, Feb. B.—Telegraph
linos are down and buried in the rocks
for half a mile. Twenty-two houses
and shops were washed off the beach ;
nothing was saved at Middle Head. All
the fish stores were swept away. At New
iiaven all the fish stores and dry goods
are gone. These are the results of yes
terday's storm.
Taihta, Fla., Feb. B.—Snow fell here
four hours today, tbe first on record.
Tho mercury fell to 24 degrees above last
night, bat is slowly rising today.
Orange trees were killed and the
damage to truok and fruit farms is
Pana, 111., Feb. 8 —It was 28 degrees
below zero here at ti o'clock this
Marsuali.town, la., Fab. B.—The In
tense cold of the past week reached the
climax at 4a. m. today when the ther
mometer indicated 21to 29 through
out the state.
Philadelphia, Feb. B.—The snow
ceased falling in this city shortly after
midnight but the wind piled ud high
drifts, rendering street car and other
travol almost impossible. According to
the weather office report the lowest
point reached by the thermometer was
one degree below zero at sa. ro. Entire
reports six below, Belfont nine, Wil
liaraeport six.
New York, Feb. 8 —The worst snow
storm since the blizzard of March 14,
1888, started in last evening and hat
continued uninterruptedly up to this
time. Traffic on tbe surface street
railways is much delayed and the ele
vated roads are taxed beyond their
oapaoity. Ferry boats have stopped
running. Thousands ate snow bound on
the railroads.
Chicago, Feb. B.—The weather is in
tensely coll here today, thermometers
showing 16 degress below zero. A
strong north wind added to the severe
ly of the cold.
Indianapolis, Feb. 8 —The cold wave
still hovers over Indiana. The natnrat
gas snpply is weaker than it bas been
since the fnei was piped to the city,
and there is a great deal of severs Buf
fering. There are but few homes in
which the temperature can be raised
above 55, and in some sections of the
city there is hardly euuugh gas M&UsIK
to light a fire. People are not prepared
to burn any other fuel other than gas,
and just now oould not get any other
were they prepared to use it. For 20
hours a cutting wind has been blowing
from the nortb.
Hastings, Neb., B.—Reports have
reached here that a family in the south
eastern part of the county perished from
the cold list night. Their namei could
not be learned. According to the re
port tbe father had gone to tbe village
of Junlßta for provisions, but was over
taken by the blizzard and frozsn to
death, and his family periebed during
bis absence The weather baa been so
bitterly oold that an investigation has
been delayed.
Birmingham, Ala., Feb. 8 —The cold
est weather in years now prevail?. The
enow has ceased but a regular norther
keeps blowing. Suffering is intense.
All fruit transportation on the railroads
has ceased. An unknown white man
was frozen to death on tbe outskirts of
tbe city.
Wilmington, N. C, Fab B.—With one
exception this is the coldest day here in
24 years. At 3 o'clock the thermometer
registered 10 degress above.
Toronto, Ont., Feb. B.—High gales
began early this morning with heavy
snow. Street cars are stalled and trains
are blocked. The thermometer regis
tered 10 degrees below.
Lyons, N. V., Feb. B.—The wind is
blowing at tbe rate of 60 miles an hour,
with no abatement in sight. There is
much suffering among the poor.
Savannah, Qa., Feb. B.—The temper
ature tonight promises to go lower than
last night. All vegetables are de
stroyed, but can be replanted in time
for early shipment.
Great suffering exists among the
negrnsß, and a number of deathe may
result from exposure.
Nashville, Term., Feb. B.—The day
has been severely cold. Tonight at 11
o'clock it is 4 degrees below zero. There
is much suffering among tho poor.
Roanoke, Va., Feb. B.—Tbe cold snap
has been intense here since yesterday,
resulting in the stoppage of the electric
street care and delay in the arrival of
trains. This morning the thermometer
Btood at 7 below zero.
Louisville, Kv., Feb. 8 —The present
cold weather smashes all records in tbia
vioinity, 15 below being recorded. Re
ports from throughout the state ranged
from 8 to 20 degrees below.
Cincinnati, Feb. B.—Dispatches from
all over tbe Ohio valley show unusnall v
cold weather, with the loss of life lim
ited to frozen tramps. Live stock baa
suffered very muob.
Tbe Ohio river is gorgsd in several
Death Sentcuoei Most Not Be Rnforced
Until a Fall Inquiry Is
Washington. Feb. 8, —Affairs in Ha
waii have taken a turn that has caused
the interference of the Ualtod States
government again, as is made evident
by two telegrams Bent to congress by the
president today. The first is from
United States Minister Willis to Secre
tary Gresham, dated Honolulu, Janu
ary SOtti, and wired from San Francisco
on February 6th, reading ns follows :
"Revolt over oo the 9th. Casual
tiee, government 1, Royalists 2. The
court martial convened on the 17th and
has tried 3S oases ; 200 or more to be I
tried, and daily arrests are being; made. !
Gclics, former minister, and Steward,
minister and major general oltba army,
both Americans, and Riclcard. an Eng
lishman, were sentenced to death. All
were heretofore prominent in polittos.
T. B. iValkor, formerly of the United
States army, is sentenced to imprison
ment for lire and a $50,000 fine. Tbe
other sentences were not disclosed, hat
will probably he death. I requested
copies of the record !or our government
to determine its duty before final sen
tence, but have received no answer yet.
There is much bitter feeling and threats of
violence wtiich the arrival of the Phila
dalphia yesterday may prevent. Liliuo
kalsoi was made a prisoner on the 16th,
and on the 24th relinquished nil claims
and swore allegic.nco to the republic,
imploring lsniency for the Hawaiian*.
In response to tbe above, Secretary
Greaham addressed tho following tele
gram to Mr. Cooper. United States dis
patch agent, San Ijiancisoo:
Forwardthe following by first steamer
to A. S. Willis, United States minister,
If American citizens were condemned
to death by military tribunal, not for
actual participation in tho reported rev
olution, but for complicity only, or, if
condemed to death by such tribunal for
actual participation, but now, after an
open-face trial with an opportnnity for
defense, demand delay on execution,
and in either case report to your gov
ernment evidence relied upon to support
death sentence.
(Signed j Guesham.
4. N>tv Fish Ootumlillouer,
Sacramento, Feb. B.—Governor Budd
today appointed H. F. Emsric of C >ntra
Costa fish commissioner, vice 11. L.
The Good Roads Congress Fixes
the Size.
A State Department of Highway
relegates From the He-rural Counties
Show Great Interest In the
Sacramento, Feb. B,—The good roads
convention held an nil day session to
day, and the delegates showed consider
erable interest iv every matter affecting
tbe establishment of good roads in the
state. The convention adopted tbe re
port of tbe committee on wide tires,
recommending that a law be passed that
all vehicles of a carrying capacity of
2000 to 3000 pounds should have tires
not less tnan three and one-half inches
in width, and wagons of a carrying
capacity of 3000 to 5000 pounds
should have tires not less than
four inches in width, and tires
should have an additional width ol
half an inch for 2000 pounds additional
carrying capacity, six inches being the
maximum width required. The oom
mittee aloo recommended that a law to
carry the above suggestions into effect
should be passed by the present legisla
ture, to go into effect January 1, 1807,
and that a penalty should be attached
for non-oompliance alter the time it goes
into effect.
The convention also adopted the re
port of the committee on state engineer
ing, recommending that the office of
state engineer be not established, but
that there be created a department of
highway administered by an advisory
board of three members to be appointed
by the governor.
The convention also recommended
such legislation as will permit boards of
supervisors to employ road engineers in
the laying out and construction of roads,
euoh engineers to be emu loved at the will
and under tbe immediate direotioa of
tbe supervisors.
The convention adopted tbe report of
tbe committee recommending that the
survey of roads should be marked
and that monuments be set at lsast ev
ery mile and not less than two to eaoh
road; that also in obtaining right of
way the supervisors are not to pay more
than double tbe assessed valuation of
tbe land condemned ; also that all land
taken for the opening, widening or
straightening of roads be paid for from
the county genersl fund.
The convention also adopted the
recommendation that road districts
may vote a special tax for road purposes
not to exceed 40 cents on eaoh $100 of
ths asssssed valne of any one year.
The recommendation of the commit
tee on bond laws tbat the limit of
county and municipal credit should be
fixed at 40 years instead of 20 years to
which bonds maybe issued was adopted.
A resolution was adopted requesting
tha legislature to empower the state
prison directors to go into the rock
crushing business at the cobble bads
near Foleom, with a view of reducing
tbe cost of crushing to a minimum and
then celling the produot at or near oost.
Tbe convention then adjourned sine
die to meet in San Jose subject to tbe
call of the executive committee.
Perilous Position or Thrae Men In a
Milwaukee, Wis., Feb. B.—Some
where out in tbe lake nine men are
supposed to bs adrift in two yawl boats
that left tbe North Point pumping sta
tion last night. The first yawl boat is
manned by four men who came in from
tbe orib for supplies and started back
with provisions. It is supposed this
boat failed to reach the crib and tbat it
drifted out toward midlake. About two
hoars later a second yawl boat manned
by five volunteers went out to tbe orib
in anawer to distress signals. This boat
also baa not been beard from, and it is
supposed tbat it too failed to reaob the
lake end ol the in-take tunnel.
The fire boat Foley, having in tow
a orew of volunteera in the surf
boats left the harbor at 9 p. m., and was
seen to communicate with the men on
the crib and then steam out on tbe lake.
The supposition is that tbe fire boat is
out in search of tbe yawl boats and
their occupants, but up to this hour it
has not returned to port. If the men
in the yawls failed to land at the crib
tbey were probably frozen to death,
because the thermometer was 20 degrees
below zero ou the lake and some of
them were Ecantily dressed. Tbe men
are all miners employed on tbe shore
end of the tunnel. They bad just come
out of the shaft and when they beard
tbere was danger on the orib they vol
unteered their Bervioss at once. The
lake seemed calm near the shore, but
out a way quite a strong northwest wind
waa blowing.
Late this afternoon the tug retained,
without finding the men.
Rnport of tha Stat- Board of Media
Albany-, Feb. B.—The report of the
stats board of mediation sod arbitration
on tbe Brooklyn strike was presented to
the legislature today. It is very vol
uminous, it says: "Tbe primary cause
of this Brooklyn strike and all kindr ed
strikes is that the legislature in creating
railroad corporations has neglectod to
make necessary provisions for stable and
efficient service of operating forces upon
tbe Hues to subserve the ends for which
they were clothed with the state's
power ol eminent domain. The inter
ruption of operation of the railroads in
service to the people, by reason oi con
troversy or dispute between tbe com
pany and tbe operating force, or strike
of tbe latter, should made impossible."
Thunton In Ifcnoranae.
Washington, Feb. B.—Minister Thurs
ton said today he had not seen the dis
patch by Minister Willis to Secretary
Gresbam. and when informed that it
etated that several death sentences
have been made by tbe court trying tbe
rebels in Hawaii, replied that he had no
inlormatioa on the subject, that his
government bad not telegraphed bim
anvtbing to tbat effect,
Sutro After the Railroad Alacnatef.
San Fkancisco, Feb. B.—Mayor
Adolpb Butro says he will have H. E
Huntington. C. F, Crocker and Super
intendent Vining of tbe Market atreet
road arrested for tearing up streets to
lay track on Church street, instead of
arresting the workmen.
This evening a trace was declared ia
tbe war. The railroad officials bave
agreed not to do any more work on the
street until tbe board of supervisor!)
shall decide whether its franchise is
legal. Trie supervisors have requested
the city attorney to give an opinion.
General Booth Talks of till Beont
Toronto, Ont., Feb. B.—General
Booth, of the Salvation army, said last
night in reply to a question with r.gard
to the prophscr enunciated by him that
the end of tbe century would be signal
ised by catastrophes, that this forecast
was one which would be mads by any
one who knew the present social condi
tions throughout tbe world. The great
mass of people in all countries bad not
only became aware of the fact that they
had wrongs which required redreasiag,
bnt were determined to have them re
dressed, and nnless various governments
instituted legislation tending in that di«
rection, there would be a popular out
burst, which would resemble in its fnry
tbe French revolution. Last night a
grand reception was held, the lieuten
ant-governor presiding.
Kiioobatl Out With a Belaying; Pin.
San Francisco, Feb. 8. —Captain Al
Williams of tbe steamer Ellen struck
Jack MoCarthjr over the haad with a be
laying pin yesterday aod knocked bim
out. McCarthy was taken to the re*
ceiving hospital and his head sewed np.
Then he went back to the steamer which
proceeded to Vellej<> today. Williams
was arrested, but as no one appeared to
prosecute him bo was released.
The Same Old Story.
Boise. Idaho, Feb. B.—The senatorial
ballot today wat without change.
Report or the Committee on Platform
and the Sleotion of Offi
Ru.mun, N. C, Feb. B.—The supreme
council of tbe National Farmer,' alli
ance listened to tbe annual address of
tbe president at today'b session. It was
also platform day and the report of tbe
commi-tee in obarg. thereof recom
mended some planks which brought on
earnest and lively discussion.
The transportation plank, demanding
the government ownership and control
of railroads, ia modified so as to demand
tbat tbe government aball own and
operate just enough of tbe competing
lines of the country to effectually give
tbe government full control of regula
tion of paasenger fares and freight rates.
The officers for the next year are:
President, J. F. Willets, Kanaas; vice
president, H. 0. Snavely, Pennsylvania;
secretary-treasurer, D. F. Duncan, South
Carolina; national exeontive commit
tee, Mann Page of Virginia, H, L.
Loucks of South Dakota, I, E. Dean of
New York, H. C, Damming Of Pennsyl
vania. Marion Butler of North Oaroliua.
A. Latter From an Anarohiet,
Lowell, Mass., Feb. B.—Mayor Court
ney laat night received a letter signed
"Anarchist," warning him.of an awful
death wbicb awaita bim. His fate, the
writer eaya, will be tbat of fielanger or
Chapul, both of whom were murdered
in thia city. The myatery of these
Crimea baa never been fatbomed. Be
langer waa found with hia bead cut off
and Chapul waa diuembowoled. Tbe
letter to Mayor Courtney covers a page
and a half of note paper, and tbe offense
wbicb tbe mayor ia charged with hav
ing committed ia the appointment of
Henry Landay to be janitor of Hunting
ton hall.
A. R. C. Man Indicted.
San Francisco, Feb. B.—lndictmenta
were issued by the federal grand jury
against a number of men charged with
being unruly members of the A. R. U.,
two of whom proved today that they
were not members of tbe A. X I), and
had never been engaged in any branch
of railroading, establishing also alibis in
connection witb the strike troubles.
EHernhfrg Sentenced.
Ban Francisco, Feb. B.—Louis Stern
berg, convicted of procuring false
registrations from tbe Baldwin hotel,
was sentenced thia morninj- by Judge
Wallace to sizyeara in the penitentiary.
Died From Hia Injuria*.
Santa Koba, Oal., Feb. B.—Lucia
Damico, robbed Sunday morning of a
large aum on the road to Valleyford, is
dead from a blow on tbe bead inflicted
by footpads. No trace of tbe murderers
has been found.
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c/ii/drerv and deli
cate bersons, fhaf
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these tninrjs must be
so, but the /V£rV
i% better than lard for
afl burjboses ;^
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effects of lard,
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Notice for Publication of Time for
Proviuff Will, etc.
J. Los Angeles, state of California, s.s.
In the matter of the estate of Melissa Bow
dish Irland, deceased."
Notice is hereby given that Tuesday, the 19th
day of February, 1*95, at 10 o'clock a.ni. of
said day, at the court room of this court, de
partment number two thereof, in the
city ot Los Angeles, county of Los
Angeles, and state of California, has
been appointed as the time and place
for hearing the application of David K. Irland
praying that a document now on file in this
court, purporting to be the last will and testa
ment of the said, deceased, be admitted to
probate, and that letters testamentary he la
sued thereon to your petitioner, at which tine
and place all persons interested therein may
appear and contest the same,
Dated February 2, 1895,
T. E. NEWLIN, County Clerk.
By C. \V. BLAKE. Deputy.
D. Allen, esq., attorney for petitioner. IS
United States Marshal's Sale.
ern district of California, sj.
By virtue of a writ of venditioni exponas, to
me directed and delivered, issued from the
district court of the United States for the
Southern district of California, on the 15th
day of January, 1895, at the suit of the United
States of America against one hundred and
foity (1-10) rive (5) tael cana of opium, lam
commanded to sell the above doscribed prop
erty, in accordance with a decree of said court
made aud pronounced on the 2Hth day of De
cember, 1594, I hereby give public notice that
on Monday, the 11th <tay of February, 1995. at
llo'eiocka. m. ot said day, in front of the
door to the entrance on the north side of the
United states government building (United
States postofUco building), corner ot South
Main and fcust Winston streets, in the city of
Los Angeles, I will sell the above described
property (140 live tael cans of opium) at pub
licauetion to the highest bidder for cash, pay
bio at the time of sale.
2-11 United states Marshal.
Notice to Stockholders.
Lot Angles, Feb. L 1995.
_L holders of the Houton Water company
wil be held at tho general office of the com
pany, corner Firsl and Myers street*, in tha
city of Los Angeles, Cal., ou Tuesday, February
12,1895, at CO.aO o'clock a. m.. to elect di
r-etors to servo during the ensuins year and
10 transact such other business as may come
belorc them. F, K. RULE.
' Stcretarr

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