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Condition of Markets at the
Close of the Week
Features of the Trading on the Chicago
Board of Trade
San Francisco Call Board and Produce
Exchange Prices-Livestock and
Los Axon.Es, Feb. 16.
On the whole the week just ended
was a satisfactory one in local trade circles
Merchants report fair to good business in
nearly all lines. Dealers in building materials ,
especially, have no cause for complaint, as j
there is no dimiuition in the course of con- J
lv the produce market, the feature of the |
week was a drop in eggs, which are now I
quoted about 8 cents lower than Saturday
night a week ag\ The average price received j
by wholesalers today was about 13 sen's. As
low as 11 cents was paid. One retailer was ad- j
vertising two dozen eggs for '25 cents. Proba
bilities are that prices will rule very low the
coming week.
Cheese is a little weaker. Butter is un
Fha de-mind for vegetables remains good
Cabbag i is (Quoted at 70i'i$H0 cents.
Quotations for most agricultural products are
Hogs are firmer. Receipts at the Cuahy
packing house are falling; off. Total receipts
for the week were only-iOO. A bunch of very
fine porkers was brought in by the Los An
geles Farming aud Milling Company today,
l our,dollars per hundred weight is paid for
good hogs.
Poultry is weaker. Cold storage supplies de
moralize tiie market
{following are produce quotations:
Creamery—Fancy 2 lb squares, 40#42'.;c;
28 oz squares, Itj'^aj.t.'ie.
Dairy—Fancy 2 in squares, SIM (350; 2 oz
squares, 2.">fq»-*Oe; 28 oz rolls, 22; a ig)20c; fairto
food 28 oz rolls, 20t22 I .aC.
California—Full cream Hats, 12 , , c: Young
America. 1 2 c; hand, 1-U a e; half cream,
tjttis,Bc; Young America, 90j hand, lOc.
Eastern—Cheddars aud twins, 14*414^0.
Imported—Swiss, 38<$25c* Kdain, per doz.,
*-».rKi®H.so;liinberger, brick, 14
@.jc; Westphalia,-Uc; 'iockford, 40c,
California ranch— l:'MlHe.
Hens -per doz, $4.35314 50.
Young roosters—-M Ms(rS4.7fc
Old roosters-H4.
Broilers $d.50
Turkeys - i I 1.12 c per lb.
Ceese—[email protected]> per head.
Beets-7oc(ssl.Co per 100 lbs.
Cabbage—7o<«)Boe per lilt* lhs.
Carrots [email protected]$ 1.00 per 10J lbs.
Cauliflower- o ;c per doz.
Green onions—Sue per doz.
lettuce — i2((t>loc per doz bunches.
Parsuip3-80it»Oc per lUO His.
Unions-sl.2.Va 1.40 per 100 lbs.
per 100lbs
Sweet potatoes -$1.40,'<t,1.i>0 per 100 lbs.
Hams—Rex, per lb, picnic, 7c; bone
less, Be.
Bacon — Per lb, Bex, boneless breakfast
10' 4 e: light medium, Oo; medium, Be. ,
Dried beef - Per lb, set, 12c; insides, L3WO
Dry salt pork-Per lb. clear bellies, S'-jC;
ShoricloHrs, clear backs, *i : V-
Pig pork -Per half bbl, 80 lbs,*/.50.
Lard—Per lb, ivory compound, lie ce j ,
rexo.ene, 7; 2 c; pure leaf, 7c,
Grain and Hay.
Barley—Per cwt, feed, BxSOoe; seed, [email protected]
fl.tiO. .
Corn-Par cwt, $1.10(91.15.
Wheat-Per cwt, $1 00*1 O.V
Hay—Per ton, alfalfa, $12.00 '512.50; barley.
*15 uO Aid.so: oat*, #15 O0o}l0.00; wheat,
&15,[email protected]
Citrus Fruits
Lemons—Uncured, $1,00(91,36; cured, $2 00
Oranges—Per box, f. o b., shippers' quota
tions; Extra fancy Washington nereis, $'.J5;
fancy navels, $3,00: choice, $1.75, standard,
$150: extra fancy seedlings $1,75; fancy
seedlings, $1.50; choice, $1.35; standard,
Dried Fruits.
Apples—Ter lb, HailOc.
Apricots—Per lb, s^7'aC.
Reaches-Per lb,
Prunes-Per lb, .i'mve.
Kalsins—i'er lb, 1 J
Flour—Los Angeles, $3.10; Stockton, 93 70;
Bran—Per ton, local, 830.00; northern,
Shorts—Per ton, local, $22.00: northern
Boiled barley —Per ton, $20.00.
Cracked corn -Per cwt, $1.20.
Feed meal—J'er cwt, $1.25.
Hides and Wool.
Hides—Sound dry, per lb. culled, 7c;
sound kips, 7c; culls, sc: sheep pelts, nomi
\[email protected]
Fresh Meats.
Butchers' prices for wholesale carcassea;
Beef-o'aOaJtic per lb.
Veal-5' 3 i#7e.
Mutton -o"(#7c.
Hogs -Per cwt, $3.70(04.00.
Beef cattle -f2.so{aaoo.
Ca1ve5—52.75(93.25 per head.
Honey and Beeswax.
Honey—Comb, B(slßcper lb; strained, s®7c.
Beeswax—2o(c&2Be per lb.
The Day's Transactions on the Chicago Board
of Trade.
Chicago, Feb. IH.—At the opening the wheat
market looked for about two minutes as If lt
might rule firm for the day, but quickly faced
about and became weak. May wheat opened
with buyers at 53 l £c and some sales at the
same tiraeat 53 :i ,£". Be (Or b 45 minutes of the
session had gone it was down to 63*40. The
weakness was the outcome of the increase in
the receipts at primary markets this week,
leading io the belief that the previous falling
off of ths market was the result of severe
weather and not of any aearcisy of wheat In
creasing the primary market receipts; the
quite moderate export clearances were like
wise matters of discouragement. Bradstreet's
statement of weekly clearances of wheat and
flour from both coasts showed a total of 5,572,
-000 bushels this week, of which 1,150,000
bushels went from tho Pacific aide. The west
ern primary market receipts were a totai of
V 7,000 bushels against 2.14.000 on the similar
day of last year. Export clearances from the
Atlantic seaboard for the twenty-four hours in
wheat ami flour together wtis 221,000 bushels
The feature of tho trading was the freedom of
the selling. Long wheat, came out first in
large quantities and that encouraged the scalp
ing crowd to add to their offerings, thus
swell'ng quantity for sale loan extent which
caused a further break to The latter
pr.Ce was touched about ten minutes from the
Oloseaiul was virtually un recovered, the latest
tr idl ng being at 52 : i^c.
< orn dropped Into its natural secondary
position today and hocamo weak in sympathy
wnii wheat. There were reasons other than
■he decline in wh.at, however, which caused
corn selling down. The movement from
co • increasing and ot the re-
OS here a considerable pro
po o go l,i store, the shipping
fie sufficient to absorb il all.
lit 1 yesterday at 44, 7 8 (jJ45c,
op gat4l" ti c and at once be
ga c decidedly. It sold down
to ol it at l-Ui lower. Pri
ma -ts were 017,000* bushels
*«*» ' ' -nelson the corresponding
day of last year. At the decline shorts were
said to be buyers, md the long* were sel'in*.
Oats were quite active and met with a very
good sale for sat .inlay. Tils, feeling was easy,
influenced entirely by com May started at
■J!ic, sold off to '28%e, and closed at that price
Tne provision market was steady at th •
opening, but weaketied later in sympathy
with the grain markets. Pork and lard were
relatively weaker than they were when th?
price began to give way, closing with a net de
ellne of LOO, lard and ribs onlr -*>'c.
Hog receipts were 'J 1,000 toda7 and the
lo.al receipts for the week were '230,000.
The leading futures closed as follows
Wheat No. 2—
February . .40*.
May r.S'S
ft >■ ... .... M%
Corn No. 2—
February *'*''• •
May 4 i '„
July lIH
Oats No. a—
February ...27\
May Ml
July nst
Cash quotations were as follows :
Flour—steidyj Winter patents. «J.35(12.60;
straights, •i.OOtjM o°< »prlng patents, fd.OO*)
8,50: siriiights, 92,00(92.7,); bakers' extras,
Wheat—No. 2 spring. 529r£ W&ttpi No. 3
spring, nominal | No. 2 red, 4i*; B '|ssvPj|o.
I'orn — No. Sl, 42l- 4 e.
Oats- No. v, 28c; No. 8 white, 31432 c;
No. ;t white, 3O&310.
Uve—No. 2, oii lac.1 a c.
Barley -No. 2, s">; No. 3, No.
4, 53 c.
Flax seed-No. i, $1.40.
Timothy seed -I'rime, $5.53.
Mess pork—Per bbl. $10.00010.10.
1 ard -Per 10 i lbs. *d,.-) 0.
Short ribs—Sides, loose, *$'>. 10(45.15.
Shoulders — Dry salted, boxed, #1.02' ±(51.75.
Short clear—Sides, boxod, *VV.Ao®>.4,'.
Whisky—Distillers' (inistied good, per gal.,
On the produce toJav. ths butter
market wassteady.ereamery, LSO'itfWoJ dairy,
«(a> *3e
Kggs were linn; fresh, '.'3!^,
Article. Receipts Ship'ts.
Flour, barrels ... ... 11,000 12,000
Wheat, bushels 8,00 » 3,00.1
Coin, bushels 112,0 fit ftt»,oo »
oats, bushels 104.u0t llD.ood
Rye, bushels 5,000 4,oi>>
Barley, bushels 43,000 O,OJO
Call Board Prices—drain and Produce /love
San Francisco, Feb. 10.—Wheat — Weaker;
December, t»4' a c; May, 88
Barley— Weak: May, 74' a; December, 74l*c.
Flour-Family extras, $3.25 43 35; bakers'
extras. $3.15(43.25; superfine, $2.10:42.40.
Wheat -Movement on export account con
tinues light No. i shipping, 82% With the cus
tomary advance for more choice qualities.
Milling, 87'i'fW.ju i Walla Walla, 75c tor fair
average quality: (7 l ja)ioc for blue stem and
B7UQ for damp stock.
Barley—The demand is quite slim, and the
situation is against sel ers. Spot offerings are
not large, but it is understood that there is con
siderable mock in warehouse which in time
will be delivered on Call Board contracts.
Fr ed, fair io good. 72 1 v4750; choice, 7u&Q|
brewing, 85 jSjOOd
Oats—Buyers are few and their wants are
not of a proportion to cause any very active or
general movement at present. Stocks on hand
are ample. quotations are as follows:
Milling, £t,o2U<r»i*ls; surprise, $1.05(41. 15:
laney feed* ft.oo 41.05; go.) Ito choice, 95eo>
$1.00: fajj to good, BOtfAOci poor to fair. 82 v '
bTaok.*Ltsj>t 30; red, $l.o3'jftl. 17 »:
gray, y2H'tt97J^.
Flour, sacks 3,720
Washington 3,215
Wheat,centals 8, 81
Washington 19,300
Barley, centals 4,1)00
Washington 4 700
Oats, centals 2,1(71
Corn, centals 2,f)sß
Keens, sacks 1,171
Potatoes sacks ft,250
Washington 215
San Francisco Vegetable riarket.
San Francisco, Feb. io. — Receipts ol vents
tables today were OtllV 4 boxes of rhubarb, 17
boxes of asparagus and 10 sacks of greeu
Hot house cucumbers— 75ca)1.25 perdoz,
Asparagus— 17' -se.
Rhubarb -$I.7s"per box.
String beans-7((Jl0e per lb.
Ureea peas—s'49c.
Squash—Marrowfat, $8.00410.00 per ton,
Hubbard. $7.00«55.00.
■ Peppers—Green, 2<c4c per lb.
Turnips—soc per cental . ;. -t
Beets—[email protected] per saak.
Cabbage -I r.QkOc.
tiarlic—3(a>3', 3 c per lb.
Cauliflower—gtfHKOf per do
Peppers-Dried. t2U<a>lsc per lb.
Okra-Dried, 12Iie.
Pointers on the Market! by Private
Lo, Anoei.es, Feb. 16.
In the wheat market today it seems to be go
ing to pieces, which is due to heavy liquida
tion. There is no bright lining to the cloud of
low prices, but experienced people know that
the old Baying of being darkest before dawn is.
applicable also to prices in the grain market
Wheat is within i«c of the lowest price on
record and must go higher. We are bulls on
w heat, and believe consistently that wheat be
low tiuc a bushel Is cheap enough for even tho
man who buys it to sell again.
lv corn, from the receipts, one would judge
that corn and hogs were the only things left to
the farmer to sell to get money for his necessa
ries. Corn and hogs are being rushed to the
market with freedom, which argues much
lighter receipts in the spring.
Opened. High. Low. Closed.
Wheat, cash . «»>(,
May 531f 53»j! DM M«f
July 54 54 54'„ M%
C-irn,cish .... I{JU
May 44M 44J. 4A% 4A»i
July 4»», 44!, 44y; 44 \,
Oats 27'J
May '• " 2542
Pork, May .. V10.22',' $»90 $9.90
Curb— 52 :, rtC: puts, calls, 52% c.
Wheat-May, 89!/,, *B<t ; closed 51:15 a m see
slon. 94!* c; D.ceuiber closed at 11:15 a. m.
session, 05c.
Harley— May, 74',: closed at Ittilt a. m. Ml
-5i0u.74.12C Decemoor, 7414 c.
Opened. High. Low. Closed,
Sugar 9U» Di% 91. 92%
Chicago Oas.. 73 TAV. 78W 72k,
St. Paul 55W 55 55' 2
W. U. Tel. Co. 87 874 87 87",
C. B.&tJ 70 % 70* 70' , 70' ,
Manhatun ... 107' i W7V. 10U'7 107
Lake Shore ... UffU VJTA 137U
Lackawanna.. 158', 158(4 108!, 15i'4
Northwestern. 90', 90U 89'!. 90 l a
K. J. Central.. 8484-ti 83 83
Distillery 8)6 8% ay. 8 ;l a
llcadiug 10 10 11 lv
Liverpool Market.
Liverpool, Feb. lti.—Wheat—Spot, steady:
demand poor; No. 2 red winter, 4s li'nd;
No. 2 red spring, 5s 3!Jd; No 1 hard Maul
toba, 5s No, 1 California, 5s 2d.
Futures closed steady with Feoruary aud
March 1 farthing lower and other months
unchanged. Business heaviest on spring po
sitions. February. 4s Ud: March, 4s7' ,d
April, 4s 7d; May, 4s 7;, d; June, 4s 7»il;
July, 4s Sd.
Corn—Spot, firm: American mixed, new,
4s 4'gd.
Futures closed firm, with near positions 1
farthing higher and distant positions un
changed to 1 fartulng higher. Bu<iness heav
teat on early positions. February 4s
March, 4s April, 4s 4£d; May, 4t Id-
June, 18 Id; July, 4s Id.
Flour—Steady: demand moderate: St. loins
fancy winter, bs tid.
Hops—At London, Pacific coast, £2 15i.
Chicago Live Stock Markets
CHICAGO, Feb. 18.—Cattle -Dressed beef and
»hinptni,s3.4oes».Bo; cows and bulls, »i.40u9
4.U0: Texas cattle, $2.00 ■4.40.
Hogs; advanced sc; common to primo heavy
*3;90«M.3.1; common to choice light, t3.75(a
4.10; Built, W.01Kfi.25. " '
The sheep market was steady at $2 li»2 45
for shr>ep Hiid »3.26(85,40 for lambs
Receipts—rattle, 1000; calves. ■ hoes
22,000; sheep, 1ft,090. *
Wool Market
New York. Feb. lti.-Wool-Dealers genera'
ly are still quoting a quiet trade, the volume
01 business reported foots up to a fair average,
and manufacturers are making mauy bids
Prices aro now about on the basisof former
California-Spring northern, 13d14n; mid
dle spring. 9 *ilc.
Oregon—Eastern super, lofn)i2c.
The General Trade Shows Some Signs of
| The California wine trade, which has for a
year or more past been greatly depressed, is
! showing some signs of revival. The wine
trust, recently organized, seems to be succeed
ing in the purpose for which it was formed,
namely, forcing higher prices for the product.
The Association of Califmnia Wine Growers,
I now controlling the market for California vin
] tages, recently sold 1,00J,000 gallons of new
j wines at 12? a cents and has since advance I
the price to 15 cents, at which rate It lias
several order - for large quantities.
The New York commercial Bulletin of Feb
ruary titb, speaks thus of trade : In ad 11 Hon
to the auction sales of California wine, which
I were Inaugurated by Sgobel & Day last Sep
tember and continued at regulf.r intervals
since that time, they have now arranged to
sell flue California brandy lv the same manner,
an i tho tirst sale at auction will tuke place on
Thursday of this week f when, under their in
structions. Wood row <k lewis wll sell fi f y bar
rrlsof Zinfandel fifty barrels of port ant
| thirty barrels and forty half-barrels of prime
j old brandy 11892 .
j The sale of brandy ot unreserved auction is
I a new departure, but the owners in California
i have faith that as the auction sales of wine
j have i een satisfactory there is no reason why
: brandy should not De handle! iv the same
i manner. It. Is true that prices obtained iv the
\ past for the wine have not equalled the prices
I asked by jobbers here, bnt as business in
creases the difference between same wiil
doubtless be lessened, as the buyer." become
m re accustomed to the auction system of dis
| posing of these goods.
i The fretjiht rates from San Francisco have
| been advanced, so that it OOStS several i cuts
: per gallon more freight ou all wine than it
, has cost previously, aud buyers here will be
; quick to take advantage ol the p eseut ofler
The First Presbyterian Church Buys a
! Building Site
Permit, Taken Out for Two Mnslness Blocks
on Broadway—Divers Deals in
City Dirt
j The First Presbyterian Church, which will
today ho d services for the last time initsoid
| quarters at Second and Broadway, has decided
on a Location for its new home John McAr
thur has just gold to the church organization
a lot 120x210 feet on the west side ol Flgucroi
street, between Washington and rwcnty-lirst,
'■ tbo consideration being a little less than
j $0000,
I This ls a very line location, and upon it the
j congregation will shortly erect a handsome
{church edifice, costing $10,1.100
Plans for the building have not. yet been con
sidered, but Ihe work will bo pushed as fast as
[possible. The congregation will hold services
| tomporarily in I litiois hall.
Penults for two large business blocks on
; Broadway were grained duaing the week, one
being for the Ford building (Boston dry (roods
' store , opposite the City Hall, locost $t",00u:
i the other is for tic Pirtle & Hallett building,
southwest corner of Broadway and Fourth, to
| cost $30,000.
Tho firm of Clark & Bryan sold yester
| day to Waller Leakin of Sau FraneUco the
i southeast corner of Kightli and Hope, 130x170
feet, for $l;>,00l>. The same firm also sold alot
jon Flower street, near 8 xtcciilli, tor s>liloo.
jOn Thursday last the same firm sold the fifty -
| foot livery stable ou east side ol Broadway
! south of Seventh street to J G. Jarvis of Tiius
vlllo, Ky., for ifiU.OUO; also a lot on Tenth
1 stree ,in the Clark A Bryan tract, to Mrs.
i Fogarly forsGOO.
Saturday, Feb. 19th.
BLAUSON, J S, and A X Poineroy trust
ees, td ' Dft'edo w lebers—B V'v l «.
blk A. JloFarland's sub..Marengo'
Rancho ... ... $ .Jl!s
WOOI.I.ACOTT, BJ. to Uio I) Fondle- I
lon-8 if lot U, blk 171, s&nla
Monica 2000
WOOD, Catherine, to John Lopizieh —
Lot 32, Rosas trt 900
Thomas, (i X, to z I Pajmelee -Lot 9,
blk 13, Woo en Mill tit 1000
ROBINSON, Clarlnda B, to Carrie A
Hanford—Lots N and 0, blk 4t,
Santa Monica, other considerations
and 10
EBERLE.H s,to J X Hleekman-Eots 19.
21 and 22. blk 1, sub eastern por
tion Jeffries trt 1750
SLAUSON. .las. to J L Dougherty et al,
trustees—Lots 311, 37 and 38, blk
3li, Azusa 145
M6KB£, Luella F, lo Andrew Mullen-
Lot 4 and YYlOfl lot 13 of re-sub
lots 1 to il'2, lnclu-ive, and lot 20,
blk 3La Fuente place, Pasadena.. 1000
TROY ICR, Louisa, to Andrew Mullen—
£ 40 ft lot 13 aud W 10 It lot 12,
blk 3, re-sub of lots I to 22. Inclus
ive, and lot 25, blk 3, La Fuente
place, Pasadena 600
JOHNSON, Leah, to Wilson J Hummer
—l.oto 1, 2 and 2 and 30 1-I()feet
off h side lot 4, blk E, Giffiu's sub
Lopez trt, Rancho San Jose 1000
STRANGE, R F R, to J B Hleekman—Lot
17, Meadow Park trt 2,009
KIMBLE, J C, to 8 W Oarretson—Lot
53, sub of lands of St. Paul's school
in lot 1, blk 37, HS. S.OOO
SURANCE CO toll S Games audit
C Hlnman—Part lot 7, Sierra Madre
trt, 4— SOi 4,890
BELL, N W. toG W Stimson—Lot 1 and
s 1 j lots 2, 41 and 42, lots 5 and prt
lot 6, Locke Haven, Pasadena 13,090
SHAW, FIDELIA E, to Clarence Kwen—
N 43 feel S inches lot 90, aud lot 91,
Miller A Harriott's sub Harper trt . 7,500
BRUCE, T P. to W H Bradbury—Land
In Pomona 5,000
GIBSON, F A, trustee, to Cora M Fulker
-Bon— Lots 74 and 75, Grider & Dow's
sub Rriswalter trt , ~ 350
HUNT, J F, to T H Oxnam -Lot 10, blk
F. Voi an trt 2.V.00
PAGE, H D, to Adeline T Page his wife
— Lot 19, re-sub Turner trt, sub of
part of Division B, lands Sau Gabriel
Orange Grove Assn Rancho San Pas
uual; also lots 25, 26 aud 27,
White's sub lot 9. blk I), San Pas
qual trt of Lake Vineyard Land and
Water Assn -. 3,000
POMEROY, F, to his wife-Lot 29, blk
C, Shafer A Lantermau's sub Mon
tague trt 2500
PACIFIC LOAN CO, to Mary Jane Dav
idson-Lot H, blk X, Knob Hill trt.. 1500
EATON, FRED, toncrvalse Purcell—Lot
43, extension Knob Hill trt 1000
HALL. CHAS V, to M 0 Melklejohn—
Lot 16, blk 2, Chas V Hall trt 600
COOK, AJ, to Adelaide A Tichncnog—
West 100 ft of lots 24. 6 and 8, blk
132. Long Beach 1000
DANSK IN, GEO M, to Ed Ward Kramer
—Lot 5 blk 26, California Co-opera
live Colony trt . . soo
STEWARDSON, WM, lo Geo Mortensen
—Lot 3, blk 1, Schicffclin trt 1200
Deeds 4g
Nominal.. 15
Total $37,837.00

Saturday, Feb. !•.
RANDOLPH. MRS P L dwelling. Twen
ty-llfth, between Eigne.os st and
Grand aye a 1,9J0
FOOT, MRS L B, dwelling, New Jersey,
between Cuinmlngs aud st Louis . . LOOO
OWENS, R, improve store iront, 333
--333 S Spring 6,000
HALLETT, W il and PIRTLE J A, store
sw cor Fourth and Broadway. 30,090
CHASE, J A, frama dwelling, lUiO Pa
New York Cotton Market.
New York, Feb. 16.— Cotton opened steady
at an advance of 1 point: at the best showed
an advance ol 142 points: closed dull but
steady at the lowest prices of the day. Total
sales, 57,000 bales.
t -— —
New YonK. Feb. 16.—Petroleum - Faster.
Pennsylvania oil sales, none; March option
sales, none; (dosed at Lima oil sales,
The Orange Market.
New York. lob. io.-Oranges—.Nominal:
Florida, ¥2.OOOS'J.ftO; others, 1*4.2504.75.
Another Big Increase in Local
Bank Clearings
The Couiu> Treasurer Issues a Call lor
Outstanding Bonds
Speculation In Wall Street -Activity In
Government Bonds-A Review ot
the Week's Business
Los Anuei.es, Feb. 10.
The week just closed, thong i fraught with
anxiety, on account of the unsettled condi
tion of the national finances, was eminently
satisfactory so far ss local business was con
cerned. Tiie Innk clearings were heavier than
usual, Kb owing an increase of 33.1 per cent
over the eorrcsp mding week of last year.
Kvery hthg is running along smoothly in
banking circles, the only diversion during the
week from the usual routine being a little
sijiiabble over tbe division i f the county funds
among the banks This appears to have been
only Li question letween the County Treasurer
Ihd hisbondsmen, the banks furnishing the
largest part of his security naturally claimi-g
the rlgh' to dictate where the funds shall be
deposited. The result WSJ a reapportionment,
$197,00 > being removed from the vaults of one
bank and deposited In another.
As in transactions involving tho handling of
Uttdi large sums of money there are usually
| wh' els within wh eU, so in th s case there are
compile *tions —oil of a st'letly personal na
ture, however —whic'. do not ft'pear on the
surface. Ail the public know-is that the funds
; left a safe place of deposit and found lodgment
I iv another of most unquestioned soundness;
and there public int rest ends.
( IAS public funds constitute ft special deposit,
and must be kept separate from the other funds
of th • bank, and cannot hs used in ordinary
business transactions, theyareofno parttou ar
value to the institution that is honored Witt,
their keeping. Therefore the withdraws! of
of such moneys, iv ever so large sums, does
! not impair the capital of the bank deprived of
1 them. Ju ■■lew of these facts, the public funds
are safe, as ihey were before, tho Treasurer is
at pesos with his bondsmen, and the banks go
on In the even tenor of their way. If any per
sonal differences remain to bo adjusted, they
can he fixed up outside the columns of the
The CountY Troasure: lias issued a call for
: the redemption of #3 1,000 worth of county
bonds o: various denomiuat ions,
The Day * Speculation In Wall Street - Review
of the Week
1 NEW York, Feb 10.-The slock market dur
ing the two hours Ol business today WAS very
irregular in its movement, but in the main in
clined toward higher prices this tendency b. -
ing due to the closing out of short contracts
'■ At the Opening speculation was strong in tone,
s fractional advance being recorded The im
provement, however, was not maintained (or a
long lime, a b.oak of in National Lead
. causing a sympathetic decline iv the general
market: New Jersey Central was alsoatlacked
and broke liefore 11 o'clock the temper of
speculation bat) undergone a change for the
better, Lead having rcovered I Jersey Cen
tral rallied 1 on covering of snort contracts,
and i he rest of the list moved up under similar
1 influences. About 11; 0 here was a slUht re-
but in the final trading the market was
/liriu and closed in goo I tone, tho greater part
j of the shares dealt In being higher on
j the day.
; Speculation was restricted in the early part
[of the week, As but little hope was enter
-1 tamed of Congressional relief to the financial
situation, the defeat of the bond bill merely
j added sjlgatly to the existing depression. An-
I other factor of weakness was the unfavorable
reports of railroad earnings, notably the
' granger roads. The re-pub ication of the
j terms of tho Government loan, and that it had
i sold its 4 per cent bonds to tha Belmont-Mor-
I gaii syndicate had a good effect. The require-
I meut which provided for the importation of
i gold from from Europe, and that which re*
| quired its best efforts to prevent the with
drawal ofgold from the treasury, were looked
upon as very favorablo to the market. The
bears attempted to exaggerate the importance
of purchases of some gold in tho open market,
the buyers paying a commission of Hvfi P**
cent to bullion brokers. But the effort to cre
ate a scare on the gold premium waa ineffect
Northwest was a feature of the share specu
lation throughout the week aud suffered from
heavy liquidation. Tobacco was forced down
"i x i. The primary cause of the break was a
rumor to the effect that an Insider was selling
the stock. In the latter pirt of the week there
were evidences of inside buying, which result
ed in a rally ol 4' v Street gossip to the effect
that the affairs of the United States Cordage
would soon be transferred so the care of receiv
ern resulted in a slump in the stock.
The closing trades of the week disclose a de
mand for Cordage stocks, and they are marked
up i% BJg snd 14t«j respectively, the net losses
being only % for the common, 1 for the pre
ferred and % for tha guaranteed. Sugar, while
most prominent In the trading, moved within
comparatively narrow limit*. The aggregate
sales of the week were 800.300 shares.
The general bond market today was firm but
dull, the sales aggregating $:tOli,olo. Trading
during the week was extremely uninteresting,
final sales for the most part being below those
of a week ago.
Governments showed more activity than
for some time past, the combined sales aggre
gating $080,000, The 5s show an advance of
% and the 4s oi per cent which is due to the
high bids mado for ihe new 4 percent loan
taken by the syndicate.
Bond List.
New Yokk, Feb. Hi.—The official closing
quotations on the stock bo*rd for the bond list
is as follows:
U. S. ss, reg U6W Den. & R. G. 7s ...114
doss, coup . ..llSlg do 4s .... 8«' 4
do 4s, reg HO* Erie Seconds 58
do4s, coup ..110-YG. H.4&S. A. 01.. MU
do'als. Reg 05 j do 7s 100
Pac. ss, of '95...MW |H. AT Cent ....100!*
Ala., Class A .104?,: do Hs 102
do Class B, .105 111 K. T. Ist 4s .. 79^
do class U 00 | do 2nd 4s tfJlf
do Currency. .90 Mutual Unionos. llU*
La New Cons, 4s. N.J, cen. Qo&dsltllS
Missouri Us .. .100 (North. Psc lsts.. 11U' 4
v Carolina 05... 125 i do'Jnds 05
do 4s »» 'N. W. Consols—l4l
8 Car, Nou-Fuud. la , do S. F. deb, 5s 100
Term. New Set (ii- 34 i Rio 0. W. lsts. .. 04^
do ci 100 jSt. Paul Con. 75.124
do 3a ' do C, A P.W 5s 109* i
do Old 0s 00 ,St. L.it 1. M.Genss 70
Vs. Centuries . .58 l i |St.L. &HFGen os. 103}*
dopfd 0 Ten. Pac lsts ... 84',
Atchison 4s fl4<6 do 2nds Sftj
jo-nd A 17i| N. P. lsts Of '90. .108J|
Canada So 2nds 104S Went Shore 45.... 104>4
C. Pac. Ist of '95 lOO'-i So. R. R. 5s
1 »id.
Government bonds-Strong and higher.
State -bonds—Dolt
Railroad bonds-Firm.
Alining Shares.
San* PftltfOfSCO, Feu. 10 — Tha ofßMal closing
quotations tor mining stocks today were as fol
lows :
Alta 32 Jul is —•
Alpha Con 00 Justice ... .06
Andes 21 Kentuck Con 03
Belcher 35 Lady Wash'n Con.
Belle Isle .Mexican.... ,67
Best & Belcher 00 Mono —
BodleCon. fru|Mi. Diablo 10
Bu lion OiijNavajo —
Bulwercon Ifl Osfloefetsj Con... .05
Caledonia Ophir 1.40
Challenge Ton 25, Overman M
( hollar 43 Potosl 43
confidence 9«> Savage 3»
too. Cal. * Va 2.4oeoorpion
Con. Imper ul 01 Blerra Nevada 97
l Con. New York Sllror Hill 03
i - rown Point 3» Silver King 10
! Exchequer I'd ad Con 40
Gould & Curry..... .23 Ctah Con
Orand Prise Yellow Jacket 40
\ Hale A Norcross . .7(1
Closing Stock,.
New York, Feb. 16.—Tho cloaing quotations
I we c;
; Atchison 4\iV. P.D .4 Gulf...
■ Adams Xx 141 Northwestern. .. 90
Alton, Terre H .. 3*. dopfd 137
dopfd N.Y. Central . WW
American Kr .110 N.Y. AX. Kng... MM
Ball. A Ohio Bl'i Ontario A not .. 13S,
Can Pacific 4B i , Oregon Imp
Can, Souths n... 48> OregonNav IS
Central Pacific . 12fi OregonShortLine
Chea.it Ohio lit! ANorthern 4'-<
chic. 4 Alton. .115 PnclncMatl . ... 22
C. M. A n TO-, Peoria Dec. 4E. 2'i
Chicago Gas 7jfJt Pittsburg 104
Con. Gas 127;.. Pullman 154
C. C. C. 4 St. 1,... 30 Reading 10
Col. Coal 4 Iron 6 ItlchmondTar....
Cotton Oil 1B», do pid
Del. A Hudson 1.7', RloG We.itrti .. W%
De . Lack. IV lftfti. do pid 4 3
I). A It v. pfd.... 35 i Rook Wand til*;
Distiller, 8 \ .St. Paul 6 '»
, East Term do ptd U6»»
j trie flj, St. Paul 4 0 30',
1 do pfd '20 do pfd I<>B
Fortrtavne I*6 Southern Pa Iflc 17* a
(it. North'n pfd 10i> Sugar Reflnerv .. 9.-S4
C. 4K, I L pfd ... 00 Term Coal Al'ron 13?,
Hocking Valley lv Texas Pacific B' a
Illinois can ...... 8;i Tol Ao.cenpfd 7<.',
St. Paul 4 Duluth 80 UiiioiiPaclllc »••„
I Kan. 4 lex. pfd. SgSVa V. A Express ... 43
j Lake Krle A\V 15'J Wabash, bi.Louis
do pfd Oil*, & Pact He 54
i lake Shore 137 i» dopfd 12',
; Lead Trait Wells Fargo Ex I'd
LAN 02*, WeslernUnlon 87!.,
I. &N. Albany... « Wheeling* L, E. 9,
j Manhattan lon lOli'i dopfd 37
i Meiunhi, A Char. 10 Minn. A St. L fttU
! Michigan Cen.... 1)3 . A It. U lIX
i Missouri Pacific, 2 % lien.Electric iS'j
Mobile 4 0hi0... 15 .Nat. Linseed la 1 ,
Nash. & chat 01 Col. Fuel A Iron, til
Nat. Cordage 4 1 .' dopfd 75
do pfd If: H. A T. C '2<4
N. Y. Central .... 88", Tol. A.A. A North
Norfolk 4 \V. pfd. 12', Michigan 1
Norlh American. 3', Tol. bt. LA K. C. 1
Northern Picnic. 3 dopfd 7
North'n Pac pfd I.V. AmcricanTobao..
So. It. R 3>, do pfd
I Hid.
flonay Quototlona.
New York, Feb. id.-.Money on call easy at
2 per cent: last loan at 1 1 , per cent; closed at
1U cent.
Prim*, mercantile paper -4oer cent.
Sterling exchange—Steady, arltn actual busi
ness in bankers' bills at SJI.SB itiH-Rtt!, for de
mand and *4.87J§4.87'4 for (10 day.
I Posted rales-s)t.B tui «SU.
Commercial bill >-M.M.
Silver cerllHrates— 99;*.
San Fram;us.:>, Feb. LO. — jight drafts on New
York, ncr *100. .">c.
Telegraphic, 7' 3 c.
LciNoo.N Fob 1(1. — Bank of England discount
rate, z per cent.
Consols, i "4 %.
Boston Quotations.
Boston, Feb. 16.—The closing quotations
Atchison 4 Mexican 6 l i
Hell Telephone.. lnii'iSan Diego .._
Burlington 70", i
Weekly Bank Statement.
New York, Feb lb'.—The weekly bank state
ment is as follows:
Increase Decrease.
Reserve * 252.800
Loans 1,204,000
Kp cle 841,200
Legal tenders. 41,000
Deposits 2,5^0,000
Circulation $138,400 •»
The banks now hold 008,*31 025 in excess
of the legal requirements—2s percent rule.
Silver Bullion.
Ran Francisco, Feb. 16. - Silver bars, per
ounce. 59$tfMa{C.
Mexican dollars, Ii 1 , «4!>c.
Nkw York, Feb 18.—Silver bars, per ounce,
Mexican dollar,, 4'c.
Londox, Feb. 1(1—Bar sliver bullion, per
ounoe, .925 flne, 27d. 9-18
Exports and Imports
Nkw York, Feb. 16.—The exports ol specie
from the port of New York for the week
amounted to fi3,200 in gold ant $550,048 In
Tho imports for the week were: (.old, $217,
--8 IK; silver, iiWil; dry goods, 1*2,207,652:
general mcrcliandi c, 04,281,371.
Local Bank Clearing,
Los ANOEI.EB, Feb. 16.
Following are the Los Angeles bank clear
ing for the current week:
Day. Exchanges. Balances.
Monday $ 186,934.76 $49,336,69
Tuesday 176,850.89 99,749.94
Wednesday 425,291.03 68,338.73
Thursday 170.782.46 19.488.27
Friday 172 633.56 51,0.17.82
Saturday 153,163,37 30,198.02
Totals $1,289,658.07 $254,185 07
Year. Exchanges. Balances.
1804 $905,601.73 $232,882.84
San Francisco, Feb. 16.—The bank clearings
for the week ending Saturday, February 16th
folow: Clearings $13,877,860.
Bank of England Bullion.
LovnoM, Feb. 16.-The amount of bullion
gone into the bank of England today amounted
to £23,00 .
Observations at Los Angeles and at Other
United States I) partment of Agriculture
Weather Bureau's Reports, received at Los An
geles February 16, 1805. Observations taken at
allstatlons at 8 p. m.. 75th meridian time:
. Obupo
I 51!
• r>8
; 58
i 50
I 58
I 60
I 5U
(18 iNW
02 INW 1
04 jNB i
00 o'm •
62 W '
60 !NW I
... .» i
60 !w i
58 IN i
5a |SE i
Weather Bureau
Los Anheles, Feb. 16.
Temperature—Report ol observation, taken
at Los Angeles February 16th. [Note—Barom
eter reduced to sea lerel.]
Bar. |Ther. 'HH'm W'd.
30«3, SO 38 .NE
Sl».3l! 66 I S3 INW
S OU*. I
5:00 p. i
Maximum temperature, 68.
Minimum tempertture, 48.
kalnfall for season, 11,65.
Weather Porecait
For Southern California: Oooaalonal rain
along toe co,»t toutgbt or Sunday, I robsb.y
fair In tue lv e-lor; nearly stationary tempera
ture-light to f<*»h ratlable wlnas, generally
Kedondo, Feb. 18.
Steamer Santa Roia, from San Diego, with
13 passengers.
Steamer Rival, for San Francisco.
Steamer Santa Rosa, for San Francisco, with
SO tons freight and 18 passengers.
Prosperous Dairymen
The creameries and cheese faotorles of this
vicinity are a steady and reliable source of
Income to our farmers. Through them a large
amount of money is distributed monthly
throughout the entire year. Dairy farmers, as
a rule, are prosperous, and none moro so than
those of the l.os Nietos Valley, who enjoy a
climate of perennial spring.—Downey Cham
pion. _________ _____
Bankers and Brokers,
114! j S. Main st. Telephone 1469.
Chicago Grain
New York Stocks
S. F. Wheat and Barley
Bought, sold and carried on margins. Dally
circular and little books on speculation, or
HOW TO MAKE MONEY, mailed fro..
It Ii Not Manufacture*. B-it Dsvelopsl In the
Fruit ond Extracted
J. L .lowland, one ol the leading olive crow
en of Pomona gives the following .iuieresti ng
description of the -ocalled manufac ure of olive
oil, In the I cbr itry uombtr ol tho California
Olive oil is not inanufactnre 1 but is devel
oped In the olive ai it rlpotM, fr.>m whi:di tt is
extracted as follow s : When the olives have
turned to a dark red or black, they hay ■ atttt
ciently ripened lo pic*. They are gr.tliere I
ai follows; A lurf i canvas, which is slit t<>
the ceuter, is sp cad on the ground around
the tree; the pickers have a sic;. <!nm;frOti
their shoulders, the mouth k. a |,t
byalialf barrel hoop se.vn into it* top, th 1 ;
ends resting against the breast of tue picker
Witu bis left hand he holdt tho brane i to keep
it from breaking, aud wit i his ri lit strip- th i
bcrrlos off Into the sack | so ne fall on tho o*9
rat, from where they are fathered up a.i 1
poured into baskets. Thoollvei are now spread
on trays aud allowed lo dry until they cum
in nee to thrive]: then they are put into a
iron lias n within wliicu revolve two
Urge vertical lro:i wheels which work tne
olives into a li..c pulp without cm 'Mil* the
pt s. The p ilp is then put into ru h aa k ,
which are piled up In the press and »vi j - ted
to a slow pressure. The oil ami water i odd tue
palp, ax lt runs from the press, is collected in
tin receptacles from teuton the oil is skimmed
off, put tn .arge tin tanks and allowed to stand
for several weeks lo clarify. Theu it is tillered
by straining ttmnwh white lille- papers
which aic put into a lot of the funnels set in
th'd top of a large tank in which the oil is col
lected. The oil is drawn irom tho tank, put
into bottles and is now icady for the market.
The press which I use is a powerful hydraulic
press, made especially for me, and gives a
pressure of several hundred tons. All our ma
. hinery is run by a gasoline engine, and so
managed that by moving a lever a part or all
the machinery will run without using any
hand labor. After the pulp is pressed once it
is dumped into a Urge tin-lined bin and after
war, m put into tho grinder and reground, pits
and all.which makes a second grade oil,which
we do not put up in glass. The pressure ot
tne press must be very g adnal arid slow. The
pressure Ib put on and theh stopped, and the
oil allowed to drip out of the pomace: then a
little more pressure is used, and so on till the
oil has been nressed out of the pomace.
For a small plain for making oiiveoil anyone
could uae one of the portable cider mills, which
cost about $25. and from that ihey could put
in as expensive machinery as they pleased.
There is no secret in making olive oil, and any
one can do it who has common sense. Kvery
thing must be kept very clean, and all the ma
chinery end everything which comes in con
tact with the oil and pulp should be washed
with hot water every day while you are mak
ing oil. The oil must be kept in a cool place
and from the sunlight.
Children Cured in 10 to 14 days.
Adults Cured in 1 to 3 months.
No Operation,
No Pain,
No Danger,
No Detention from Business,
No Pay Until Cured,
Consultation Free.
Office, 155 North Spring St.
HOURS: 10a.m. to 4 p.m. daily; 10 a.m. to
12 m Sundays.
An TUMORS posi
% i lively cured. No Lnii. l
VI 1 or pain. JVopavui/u
1 1 jjH welt. Write for book
jl| of home testimonials
°f wnu derful cures-
WLw \ mostly in women's
BkaSw 211 West First St.
\\\Wmf\\ Clnfißr HosmUl: 211 W. Ann St.
Please send this to someone with Cancer.
Notice to Creditors
Li Notice is hereby given by. the under
signed administrator of the estate of John Ale-
Clatn, deceased, to the creditors of and all
persons having claims against the said de
ceased, to exhibit tbe same with tie neeessarv
vouchers, within four months after the tirst
publication of this notice to the said adminis
trator of the estate of John Mct'lain, deceased,
at the office of W. F. Henning, 0* Krvson
Building in the city of Los Angeles, Calfomi
that being the place of business of said admin
istrator for the business of said estate.
Hated this 14th day of February, A IX 1805.
W- T. Henning, Attorney for Admistrator.
2-17 sua'it
Copartnership Notice
isting between us, under style of. Holts 4,
Conger, is this day dissolved, F, H. Cougur
having sold his interest to Wm. A. Phelps.
Referring to the above, the undersigned
have this day entered into partnership for
purpose of conducting a business' as wholesale
andretail dealers in carriages, buirgies, har
ness, etc., at Nos. 332 to 336 South Main
street, Westminster Block, under st\le of
Bot s it Phelps.
A. J. BOTTfi.
Los Angeles, Cal., February Hi, 1805. 17
I WraL 10A1 Market St., San Francisco
Iff tJ|i W (Between 6th and 7th Sts.)
sffVorvV f ' n ft[,< ' * earn how svonderfully; nu
MLy'l are made and how to ovoid ticknese
V \ fl m * ukl disease. Museum enlarged with
JL R thousands of new objects. Admit
■ v Sion 25 eta,
Private Ofllce—*anin Rulldlnsr
1051 Market Street—Diseases of men:
stricture, loss of manhood, diseases of the akin
and kidneys quickly cured without tbe use of mer
cury. Treatment personally or by let-tar. Send
lor book.
Old established and reliable practltoneri.
% Wholesale. Retell
Chinaware, Bronze, Lac
quer Ware, shells. Paper
Napkins, Bamboo Art. all
latest style of hand work
Druggist and Chemist,
Prescriptions carefully compounded day or
U/4 TFR 218 % tf
rrrt I CA Tiil.M'HoNK 1101
950 TO 1)60 BUENA VISTA ST.,
Adjoining S. P. t.roumis. 101. IU4.

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