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Southern Pacific Diplomacy Is
The Uniquely Wordeil Biil Introduced at
Ail the Deadfalls Closed Since the New
".Constitution Can Again Open
Their Doors
The reopening ol the dives is going to
be made possible by the adoption of Ken
ate Bill 310, which is not at all unlike,!;
during the present session of the Legis
laicire, unless ihe publicity which the
newspapers are giving the matter wil
make the Senators refrain from placing
themselves upon record as having vote*
for the measure.
The hill referred to was drawn by the
best attorneys in the state, und it is
claimed that the Southern Pacific Com
pany Uwyers had a hand in its prepara
tion. When the idea of framing the III]
was lirst conceived the dive-keepers de
cided to offer a decoy measure which
would divert public attention from bill
2-l'i. which they dcalfed to have become a
law at all hazards. About, a year ago the
saloonl.ocjK-rs made a bowl tor a uniform
license, and they formed associations,
appointed committees and did everything
in their power to hoodwink tiie 'public
and make it believe that they de
sired uniform license, which" was
not their real aim at all. As a result,
numerous protests were sent to Sacra
mento. They withdrew the uniform li
cense bill, but iv order to make the peo
ple believe that tbey were sincere when
they offered the bill, they had it again
introduced., and once again attention was
directed toward the hill, and it met with
concentrated opposition.
All this time Senator Bert, the saloon
keepers' friend, chuckled to himself and
had bill SKI lidvanced. It provided for
certain inoffensive amendments to the
county government act. It is a volumi
nous document, and is intended to amend
Section StS of the act to establish a uni- !
form lyst.m of county and township gov
The hill provides for the duties of county
officials. It regulates the subdivision of
counties, elections, mails, bridges, and 1
all the rest of it. Nearly every depart
ment of county official life Is considered,
and it is not until near the end that the
joker is inserted.
That provides that "the Boards of
Supervisors in their respective counties
have jurisdiction and power, under such
limitations 3nl ' restiuctions as are pre
scribed, by law, to license, for the purpose
of regulation and revenue, all and every
kind of business not prohibited by law
and transacted and carried on in'such
county: and all shows, exhibitions any
lawful games carried on therein, ami to
fix the rates of license tax upon such busi
ness, shows, exhibitions or games, and
pro vide for the collection of the same by
suit or otherwise, provided that such li
cense tax shall be based upon a fair and
dilutable distribution of the public bur
dens upon. aH classes of business, hav
ing due regard for die volume of business
transacted, without unequal or arbitrary
discrimination against any kind or class."
This provision destroys all power to
close dives and disreputable saloons in
every county in the state by demanding
and exacting a prohibitory license.
Not satisfied with this vitally important
privilege, the dlvekeepera wish to reopen
every disreputable resort which had an
existence since the adoption of the new
Constitution. The provision of Senate bill
24<i, which gives them this power, is as
follows: "To make and enforce within the
limits of their county all such local, po
lice, sanitary and other regulations, as arc
not in conflict with general laws: provided
that the provisions of this section shall
not be so construed as to empower said
boords of sn.erviso.rs to prohibit the con
ducting of itjny business for which a
license has hitherto been authorized under
the laws of this state since the adoption
of the new Constitution of 1879."
This is the bill which the divekeepers
wish to sec adopted. It is the bill which
Bert has introduced in their interests. It
is the only measure in which they are at
all interested. Uniform license is simply
a blind. The fact was discovered today
and the affair is now one of common
Some of the prominent local saloon men
were..i seen last evening by a Herald re
porter and' none of them had heard of
Senate bill 241>.
Bob Kearn, proprietor of the Richelieu,
said that he hud never heard of the ob
jectionable measure. "Last summer,"
said he, "when Attorney Baker of the
State Protective Association was in town,
he told me that the bill providing for
uniform licenses would be introduced
anrl of course I am familiar with the pro
visions of that bill, and favor its passage,
for it provides for the knocking out of
locnl option.
"Regarding the reopening of the dives
t have this to say: No first-class saloon
man favors the existence of dives. They
are detrimental to our interests and do no
good, but upon the contrary, ftirnii.li
criminals and drunkards for the Police
"This bill referred to I have never
heard of, and 1 doubt very much,that it
provides for or makes at all possible the
reopening of the deadfalls, fori reiterate
that 1 voice the sentiment of the State
Association of Saloon Keepers when 1 say
that I am now, and always have been, op
posed to granting a license to any one
who is not above reproach."
C. F. A. Last, the well known wine
merchant, who is one of the most intelli
gent and thoroughly posted liquor dealers
in the state, stated that he is not a nicm
her of the State Association at present,
but is likely to rejoin it later on. "I
have not heard of bill 2K1," said
he, "except what I have read in the
newspapers, and I doubt very much if the
objectionable measure quoted provides for
the openi,.. of the dives which have been
dosed at various times since the adoption
of the new constitution in 1879. The rcp 7
r'esentative wholesalers and first class
saloon men arc all unalterably opposed to
the dives and would give a good round
sum to see them wiped off the face of the
earth. They only disgrace the reputable
dealer, and furnish criminal and dis
graceful news for the press. It is the pro
hibitionists Who want the dives main
tained, for as one of them aaid to me in
the rooms of the Board of Supervisors
sometime ago 'if the dives were closed we
would no longer be able to tight the Honor
tratllc' " =i
Charles Schroeder, proprietor of the
Hollenbeck and Reception saloons, said
thai he had paid hut little attention to
the Protective Association's measures at
Sacramento. He knew that a hill provid
ing fate uniform license was introduced,
hut he professed igni.irance regarding bill
21H. "You may say. however." he said,
"that the association does not want dives
maintained or reopened, and I am linn
in the belief that bill 2411 contains no such
provisions as claimed. If the dives were
cleaned out the first-class saloon man
would not be looked down upon as he is
now, for he would lie a uinti among men
mill in a business as respectable as any
The Glenwood II is the most perfect
cooking range in the market ami saves _0
percent of fuel. 1«1 N. Spring st.
You save about one-fourth trading with
the Ited Kice Furniture Co., North Main
and Moss (Did Pico House).
l»r. I>. i. liifJet'backer, dentist, rooms 4 and
6, 119 S. Spring sL, Los Angeies.
A Cycle Deal of Magnitude—Los Angeles a
Cycling Center
"The opportunities for wheeling in this
city surpass those of any other locality
in America," remarked the genial and
wide-awake .1. W, Thomas, genera) repre
sentative of the great Crimson Kirn Bi
cycles, while in our city during the past
week. "1 understand, front some of the
members of the l.os Angeles Wheelmen,
that this organization already have plans
perfected whereby they will soon establish
your city, at one"houu*d, asoneoi the very
greatest cycling towns of the country, by
i-otistritoting a three-lap cement track" and
accessories, the only thing detaining them
being certain minor details which are yet
tn Ik- retried. When this scheme is carried
into execution, your town will be the
'cycling tnecca,' and all the expensive
tennis will here, spend the winter and take
i 'go' for the records and keeping in con
.Mr. Thomas believes that with our
roads and pleasant weather there should
sasily be lu,ooo wheel, used in Los An
{elcs wliere a rider can use one every day
• fiii. year. Wheeling in the East has
become the thing with society people and
many millionaires tire now devotees of the
:yole. "Void of flattery," Mr. Thomas
remarked, "the great number of hand
tome ladies seen in California, if inter
■stcd in cycling, would lie udding the
most pleasing factor to wheeling and if
possible increase the rosy hue already
secti on many happy faces""
" flic famous Mine Mini herger will man
ige the Syracuse racing team the coming
season, and it is commonly predicted
(hat he will himself be the fastest man in
the world, riding the Crimson Syracuse
racer. There w ill be three i tier riders of
note oii the team trained by Prank Ly
man, who isa recognized trainer of great
ibility in developing speetl men. De
3ardy holds the world's roatl records from
ive to twenty-live miles. Inclusive, on
he Syracuse, while ft. I". Searle holds
-oad records up to HXItl miles, made be
.ween Chicago and New York, on the
sturdy Crimson rims.
The Syracuse people have heretofore
'ailed to place their wheel in this section,
ts they havo been unable to so connect
themselves in such n way as they care to
lave their wheel represented; tliey do not
■are to place theirlme in other hands than
hat of the wide-awake and thoroughly up
o date dealer They are recognized as
he most liberal and unique advertisers in
he business all over the country, nnd live
igents find it a seller and the riders rind
t a "winner" as well as a "spinner.'
Sir. Thomas'; before leaving, consummated
he largest cycle deal ever consummated
n California, wherein Mr. Will Knippen
icrg becomes the general agent for
Southern California of tbe fatuous Syra
cuse; and the latter gentleman announces
iiat he hopes to soon be able to announce
he locat on of the agency's headejuarters
n "Cycle Row." That it will he one of
Tie handsomest cycle stores in the state
he past reputation of the genial and
lustltng "Knip'' is sufficient guarantee.
Knippenberg is already after one or two
rood men for the Pacific Coast Racing
Team of The Syracuse, aud soon expects
ioland them and later land his share of
records and prizes during the coming
Looking Over the around
Mayor Katler, Street Superintendent
Howard and City Engineer Compton com
posed a trio of city officials which went
out yesterday to view the property on the
Corner of Bellevue avenue and Hill street,
which Mrs. Mary Banning owns and
which it is asserted will be damaged to
the extent of $20,000 by the opening of
Hill street through to Bellevue avenue.
Owing to the indisposition of the owner
she could not be heard in the matter yes
terday, but a date was set when she' is
requested to present her case.
The Herald's Sporting News
Hereafter the sporting page of The Her
ald will be given on Monday morning in
stead of Sunday. The change has been
made necessary for several reasons, the
principal one being that the events in a
sporting way of greatest interest happen
on Sunday and come in better play for
Monday's paper.
The Herald lias made arrangements for
sporting news from all the towns and
cities »)f Southern California, and here
after tin? page will contain, in addition to
local events, the news from other places.
The Anheuser Restaurant,
At 243 South Spring street, sets commer
cial lunch from 11 to 2 and 5 to 8 p. m.
Finest delicacies always on hand; also
iishes a la carte. The "celebrated Anheu
ser-Busch St. Louis beer always fresh on
tap. Charles Bauer, proprietor.
Frank Ornbed fell in a tit on the street
in East Los Angeles yesterday and was
taken to the branch station house by Offi
cer McKay. The patrol wagon was tele
phoned for and the man was removed to
his home.
Of New York, Permanently Located in Los Angeles,
The Leading Specialists for
Diseases of | MEN [Exclusively.
Hot a Dollar f^~~\
jsLS Need be Paid
Medicine or Treatment
Until We Cure You.^fffßF
We mean the above statement emphatically—lt means everybody, snd It Is to show onr sincerity, honesty and ability to cure these
diseases, ot which ive make a specialty. We have the largest practice in Southern California, acquired by skill ami moderate chaises
Our Offices are the must elaborate and private In tho city, and you need see no ono but the doctors. We make it apart of our busi
ness to deal in sacred contldeuce with our patients.
CURE/D censtitutes a prominent feature of our practice, through which many
At: IlOIlie! thousands of cases of chronic weaknesses are annually cured without hay
— i — ing to visit us for personal examination. Our book on the nature and
treatment of these diseases, together with rules for diet, exercise and sleep
sent free on application ; also our self-diagnosis sheet and our opinion as to the curability of the ct\se.
have abandoned the treatment of all diseases except those of # Private, Nervous and Chronic
Nature of Men. We believe that we thereby attain the highest possible degree of succeaß for the speedy thorough and
permanent cure of these peculiar cases.
Every Form of Weakness, Acute and Chronic Discharges.
We understand every feature of these disease, and have every instrument and remedy known to make quick and permament cures,
Every form of weakness, with their symptoms, which are too well known to repeat, cured anH the
victim prepared for marriage and life's duties. Chronic discharges resulting from bad treatment a particu
lar specialty. Onanism cured in thirty days. Blood Taints, Varicocele, Hydrocele, Warts, Etc.
Oorner Main, and Third Streets,
o ver Wells-Fargo Express Office. Private side entrance on Third St. Telephones—Office, 1309; Residence, u6 W.
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Corsets fitted at the Unique,
The CafttM band is coming.
The finest eastern maple bowling alleys
at 322 South Broadway.
Life reading, $i; satisfaction guaran
teed. Fanny Green, 144 S. Main, room >■
The greatest citrus fair ever held in the
itate will rake place in Hazard's pavilion
February 28th, for 10 days.
Santa Catalina island steamer connects
laily, except Sunday, at San Pedro with
Sonthern Pacific company's train leaving
Arcade depot at 12:5o p. m.
V. \V. C. A. gospel meeting, 107 North
Spring street, at 3:46 today, led by Mrs.
.). V. Rice. Bible class at 3 p. in. All
vomcn invited.
Rev. A. C. Bane will preach at Trinity
Methodist Church South, Broadway, 11
i. m,, The Wedding Garment; 7:30 p. m.,
from Bondage to Liberty.
John Olsen raised a row on Broadway
yesterday and was arrested by Officers
Houston and Tyler, who charged him
iVith disturbing the peace. He deposited
flO bail.
A grand patriotic celebration of Wash
ngton's birthday will be held at Simp
.on Tabernacle on the 22d at 7:30 p. m.
Let all patriotic Americans turn out. A
iterary treat is in store.
Bourjasal te Panache at Lyon it Cabbc's,
14 South Broadway. Ask your grocer for
>ur best brand mince meat, put lip in
! 1-2 pound cans, manufactured by Holt :
Packing Company, Los Angeles.
Heading by Miss Addie L. Murphy and
Miss Anna E. Robinson, assisted by 1
Krauss Quartette Tuesday evening, Feb
ruary 19, Y. M. C. A. "Hall, .200 South !
Broadway. Tickets 50 cents at Blanchard i
Pitzgeral'd's. No extra charge for re
served seats.
Mary Ewing, who lives on Maple aye- I
me, got on tne warpath yesterday after
noon and abused several of her female |
teighbors. She was arrested by Officer i
lohnson and locked up tnthe city prison.
Later in the day her case was called in the
police court and she was assessed for $3 >
tier merriment.
H. F. Vollmer <fc Co., 116 South Spring j
street, will continue their discount sale f
:>ne week longer on account of the request j
}f so many of our patrons and friends )
We offer discounts in every department to
:ash purchasers. It will pay you to get [
jut prices on dinner, tea anil toilet sets,
lamps and plated Tvarc.
Santa Catalina Island steamer connects
laily, except Sunday, at San Pedro with
Southern Pacific Company's train leaving
Arcade depotat 12:55 p. tn. The steam
ship Falcon is being painted and reno
vated. For the next ten days the Wil
mington Transportation Company's
staunch and fast ocean tug Warrior will
make daily trips, Sundays excepted. The
rompany reserves the right to change
steamers and their days of sailing.
Important Notice.—Webster, tailor, Mac
cabee Temple, distributions hereafter a 1
7 p.m.. commencing February 16th. Olul
No. 1, Contract No. 43, I. Sanders; Chit
No. 2, Contract No. 30, Lewis Lavin
Club No. 3, Contract No. 30, T. Schmidt
All parties entitled to suits will pleas*
take notice that they must get them a'
once or lose them. All parties owing ot
contracts must pay up on same by Sat
urday, February 23d, at 12 o'clock, oi
otherwise their contracts are surrenderee
and become null and void. Very respect'
fully. Ed. B. Webster.
E. L. DOHENY, rtan.ger. J.A. CONNON, Supt.
•*F\JEI_ OIL-.^
|N ANY QUANTITY at market prices. Satisfaction guaranteed. Our
I oil contains no benzine, nahptha or other dangerous explosives. We
furnish Maier-Zobelein Brewery, Los Angeles Cold Storage Co , Cudahy
Packing Co., and many other consumers, to whom we refer. Can be burned
with any style of burner.
Telephone 1472. Wells and Office cor. Douglas &W. State sts.
George M. Biggs, of San Diego, is at the
Hotel itamona.
J. B. Alvord. of New Jerusalem, Cal., is
at thfl Hotel Kaniona.
Messrs. Henry and Fritz Plagemann will
I be in Los Angeles this week.
W. T, Bennett of Central City, Colorado,
haa returned to the Hotel Kaniona.
Dr. A. Babcook, of New Hampton, lowa,
is registered at tho Hotel Kaniona.
Mr. McKce manager of the VUlo de Paris
left lasl evening for San Francisco on a
business trip.
F. D, Joy, of Pomona, is in the oity for
a lew daya visiting his nieces the Misses
Bdftb and Eleanor Joy, of the public
There will ho a promenade concert this
afternoon at Weaflake Park by the Loi
Angeles Military Hand, weather permit
A very hrilliaut niasipierade hall was
given hy tlie Turn Verein (icrinania last
evening at Turner Hall. South Main
street, whioh lasted until a late hour and
was the means of lunch joy to the partici
Telegrams for the following persons are
at the Westerf) Union Telegraph olliee,
corner Spring anil First streets: H. C.
Stone, John Klynn. 0. H. Yanhouten.
•lack Kraser, who is niatehed to meet
Fred Hogan heforc the Los Angeles Ath
letic (.Tub in a liftmen-round glove contest,
to take place March il, has arrived from
Sau Bernardino and will begin training
tomorrow at Pico Heights. He is looking
tine and is confident of winning.
At St. Paul's Church. Episcopal, on
Olive street, this morning: The Rev.
John (tray preaches upon the important
subject of Church Unity. In the evening
the rector delivers an address upon the
Americanism of the Episcopal Church.
The choir will sing a selection from
Haydn's third mass. All strangers wel-
The Cilenwood range is superior in all
points i»f mechanical construction over all
other stoves, that is the reason why it
will save you money when it will burn M
per cent less fuel than all others. Furrey
Co., 101 N. Spring st.
| William K. Dial, Los Angeles 29
' Ellen M. Morse, Los Angeles 25
Ernest Frabant, Los Angeles 23
| Katie Adams, Los Angeles. 10
l Edward F. ltea, Los Angdes 31
| Mamia E. BtraMrser. LO3 Angeles 22
j George J. (iucnther, Los Angeles 25
j Margaret E. lUnde, Los Augeles 23
Wedding Invitations and announcements,
j visiting cards, etc.. engraved or printed. Work
| done on premise*. Lee & Rro , 14t> N. Spring
Leading Funeral Director
For Today, Monday, February 18th.
We are going to make it interesting for you in our domestic depart*
ment. One of the best things will be 1000 yards of 27 inches wide
1 Every yard guaranteed fast-colors. Bargain No. 2 will be
1 1000 Yards White Nainsooks, at 4 Cents Per Yard.
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\ day. Extreme novelties at a wonderful reduction. ~
| DR. LIEBIG & CO.'S *B?spmsAi%
When Everyone Else Una Failed, Onto
pensary in eonstautattendnuce. Examination,
I'hVpoor treated PREE OF CHAROE from 10 to
Our long experience enables ns to treat the *|asgjMjPp|f^^
tfjyjp-Nti matter whal your trouble i", come nnd I^fr
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I y _y »*** World's Fair Convenlion nf Pho
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d^^L*^** * i "» miums I.os Angeles Fair 'till,'Dl.
■ 'f»2, '98 And also awarded the
highest premium, for last fair,
ending Oct. 20, '34.
1 1 Cloudy Weather Preferred
Our Awards are the hignest awarded to «ny photographer, speaking vol
ume* for the superiority of Steckel Q t-| OTOITI DAPHV
Photographs. We do every class of * *|W ■ WVJ tv./-V rl I I
11/1 Opposite Los Angeles Theater
<tCZU O. Oprillg Ot., Hollenbeck Hotel.
I > y| ' 'y y j f*> Having purchasedthe stock ot
l*J /~\ IV /~V 1 11. • J. S. BENNETT, consisting of
Furniture, etc., of the Latest Style,
l \*lll sell cheap for cash. Cometo 408 and 410 SOUTH BROADWAY and
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BDR. WHITE, the oldest es
tablished specialist, has de
voted more time, as city pa
pers show, to tho exclusive
treatment of Fexual and
chronic diseases of men and
women than any other adver
tising physician in this city-
Btood and skin diseases, red
spots, pain in bones, I ire throat and mouth,
blotches and eruptions of the skin, ulcers,
painful swellings, etc ; kidney and bladder
diseases, frequent micturition, scalding, in
flammation, gravel, etc.; organic weakn ss,
undeveloped organs, impediments to mar
riage, nervous debility, impaired memory,
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back, lott vitality, melancholy and all dis
eases resulting from excesses, indiscretion or
overwork, recent or old, speedily, thoroughly
and permanently curod. "Where shall I goto
get cured?" many a Buffcrer asks, not know
ing whom to trust Go where thousands of
others hove gone and be res'ored to perfect
health, the comforts of home aud the enjoy
ment of society—to Dr. White's old-established
office, located eight years in Los Angeles. All
lingering chronic diseases that have been neg
lected or have fuiled to yield to the treatment
of less skillful hands soon get well under I)r
Whit ,'s superior treatment. Patients wishing
speedy relief and sure cure should consult Dr.
White, whose long, ixtensive experience en
ables him to apply the proper t catment at
once without useless experiments, thus saving
the patient much time and expense. Oflice
and private laboratory, |'J8 North Main street
l.os Angeles. Cal. O.it-of-tovrn patients
treated by mail and express.
Fine dold Filling, Crown and Bridge Work.
All Operations Painless.
Rooms 18 and 19.
Steam I Domestic Coal
Columbian Coal, $8 per ton, In bulk,
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improve one's eyesight in the wav of glasses.
,L A ™j> , ",° tTI < !At ' '*>•• Scientific Opticians,
167 N. Sprint st. |]f Piin'i forget number.
The Reiulk of not Suik Madti
312 Sonth Spring st., below Third.
D. D. 5.
Room 132, Stimson Block.
A rtificial Tee h
Difficult and irregular cases i
Gold and porcelain crowns ar
Fine gold fillings.
All work first class In every pi i
So,d on Easy
ESwRSL t arria X t ' s route!

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