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How Azusa Ciained a (iood and
Solid Citizen
A Happy Sequel to the Chicago Orange
Carnival of 1891
Hoosler f : ntt*rpris? and PhUanthrophy In
Southern CaWonla-- A. P. Griffith's
As the result of the orange carnival
held in Chicago several years ago, Los
Angeles county gained at least one solid
citizen and Indiana lost one of her most
progressive men. The gentleman referred
to is A. P. Griffith of Asuse. While trav
eling for an Eastern mercantile house Mr.
Griffith visited Southern California, but
happened to reach here during one of the
most inclement period this section lias
ever experienced. After a brief visit lie
got disgusted with the country and re
turned East. In Chicago he visited the
orange carnival and ran across frank
Wiggins, one of the managers of the ex
hibition and a fellow Hooslet, to whom
he expressed his opinion of Southern
California in no complimentary terms.
Mr Wiggins told him he had received a
impression of the country ami that
he should go and see it again under more
favorable circumstances.
Mr. Griffith did so, and upon his arrival
here Mr. Wiggins took him in hand and
showed him around. Under such guid
ance Mr. Griffith had his eyes opened to
the advantages of the soil and climate of
this region, and he then and there re
solved that Indiana couldn't hold him any
Having decided to go into orange cul
ture, Mr. Griffith took a pick and shovel
and went prospecting for the right kind
of soil. He examined the foothill lands
from Pasadena to Pomona, and decided
that A-SUSS was as good a place as any.
He accordingly bought forty acres of land
which by subsequent purchases be bus in
creased* to UK) acres, now owning alto
gether seven ranches.
Next he settled up his affairs at the
East, moved his family here and started
in to develop his new possessions, which
he has done with vigor. As the result of
his labors he has now as line young or
chards of deciduous and citrus fruits as
can be found anywhere along the foothills.
Last year he experimented with three
fifths of an acre of strawberries, which
brought him such satisfactory returns
that ue will this year put out ten acres.
Mr. Griffith has erected in the town of
Azusa a $25,000 business block, the finest
in the county outside of Los Angeles and
Pasadena, the rentals of which at the
present time net him 8 per cent on his in
vestment. In this building are located the
postoffice, a drug store, shoe store, hard
ware store, and one room is held in re
serve for a dry goods establishment. Thus
is this enterprising citizen contributing to
the prosperity of the village in which he
lias so recently located.
Nor is this all. Mr. Griffith took bold
of the old Aausa Water Company and re
organized it. He is secretary of the irri
gation district, which is laying many
miles of new pipe and is now in a most
nourishing condition. He has also just
completed an $8000 reservoir for his pri
vate use.
The enterprise of this gentleman does
not end here. He is also a philanthropist.
At bis own expense be has founded a
kindergarten and free public reading
room, having erected v building especially
for the latter purpose. He is now on the
point of building a Baptist church. He
also contemplates erecting a number of
residences for rent or sale.
The benefactions of this mode) citizen
are not limited to his own immediate
vicinity. He takes a live interest in all
public matters pertaining to the welfare
of the county and state. He is an active
and enthusiastic member of tbe Los An
geles Chamber of Commerce and can al
ways be depended upon to lend a helping
hand when agricultural or citrus fairs are
being held. He. contributed greatly to the
success of the citrus displays at the
World's Fair at Chicago and tiie Midwin
ter Fair by collecting fruit for the exhibit
and otherwise assisting in the work.
lv short, there are few "tenderfeet"
who have made themselves so generally
useful to the community as has Mr.
Griffith during his few years' residence
in the county. While he is, per
haps, an exceptional example of the
class of persons who have been
attracted to .Southern California through
the agency of such advertising as was
afforded by the orange carnival, the |
world's fair and similar exhibitions, there
are abundant instances where men of |
wealth aud enterprise came here as the
direct result of such exhibitions. Red
lands and Pasadena especially received
valuable accessions to their population
immediately after the Chicago orange
carnival. There are hundreds of others
who will admit that the Southern Califor
nia exhibit at the world's fair and the
midwinter fair fetched them, and the
Chamber of Commerce lays claim to
bringing hundreds of others, which claim
can he fully substantiated.
Los Angeles understands the art of ad
vertising as no other section of the coun
try does. The results fully justify the
trouble and expense. Let the good' work
go on.
Ten days loss of time on account of
sickness and a doctor bill to pay, is any
thing hut pleasant for a man of'a family
to contemplate, whether he is a laborer,
mechanic, merchant or publisher, .lames
O. Jones, publisher of the Leader, Mexia,
Texas, was sick in bed for ten ilavs with
lite, grip during its prevalence a year or
two ago. Later in the season be had a
second attack, lie says: "In the latter
case 1 used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
with considerable success. 1 think, only
being in bed a little over two days. The
second attack I am satislied would have
been equally as bad as the lirst but for the
use of this remedy." It should be borne
in mind that the grip is much the same
Ma very severs cold and requires pre
cisely the same treatment When you
wish to cure a cold quickly ami effectually
Rive this remedy a trial. 50 cent bottle's
for sale by Off A Vaughn, Fourth and
Spring; C. F. lleinzcinan, 222 North
Main, druggists.
He Broke His Arm
AH Chung fell on Los Angeles street
yesterday morning and fractured his arm.
lie was taken to the city receiving hos
pital in the patrol wagon, ami Dr. Bryant
attended to the patient. A gang of Celes
tials called later in the day and took the
Mongolian to Chinatown, 'wdierea Chinese
dot tor gave him the chicken gizzard
In Olden Times
People overlooked the importance of per
manently beneficial effects and were sut
i-ue.i with transient action: but now that
it is generally known that Syrup of Figs
will permanently cure habitual cotistipa
ion, well informed people will not buy
other laxatives, which act. for a time, but
linally injure the system.
Ralstonites Only
M ill be furnished valuable fnforrr.arion free.
Addres, t\ K. Hrown, No. 314 South Spring
street, LoS Angeles, Cal.
SOD envelopes 90s tWj ream writing paper at
i f.ngsludlcr, 1107 N. Main at., opp. Baker block.
Buy the W!,;fey mnke trunk and traveling
taj. Factory 4*2J spring St.
Congressman Wilson Will Vote
for Two Things
A Man Who Has Positive Ideas on Live
The Great Trade Thnt California Ought to
Have — The Senatorial
"If the Oregon Legislature fails to elect
Dolph as Senator and Idaho fails to elect
its Senators, then there is grave doubt as
to tiie Republicans having control of the
next Congress." said Edgar Wilson, the
Republican Congressman from Idaho,who
is sojourning in this city with bis family.
"The situation is simply this," contin
ued Mr. Wilson, "the Populists nuistcome
to our rescue, and that speedily. In my
own state the Populists polled a larger
vote than the Democrats, but they are
with the Republicans on the free silver
question and other issues, and hence
should, and 1 believe will, ultimately vote
for their Senators. So far as the Populist
party in Idaho is concerned, I believe it
has reached the zenith of its power and
numbers. Tho Cceur d'Alcne strike gave
it a false strength. At the time of tbe
strike the Republicans were in power and
it became necessary for the party to end
the small civil war which grew out of it.
This made the miners the enemies of the
party ami they went to the Populists.
"The people of Idaho elected me, and
when in Congress I. shall certainly follow
their wishes with my votes, favor tbe
Nicaragua Canal, free silver and oppose
the gold bond issue. Personally, lam op
posed to the Government ownership of
railroads, but do favor the foreclosing of
the Government's mortgages on railroads
and the collection of the principal and in
terest on the debts, even if ttie Govern
ment has to take tbe railroads aud sell
them again. Free silver I favor, of course.
Our people just now are devoting all tlieir
capital to the development of gold mines,
allowing the silver mines to lie idle. The
silver in Idaho is mixed with lead, mak
ing the galena ore. Well, as long as lead
was worth $4 it paid to mine the silver,
hut when the tariff was taken off of lead
and Mexico began to supply it at at $3
and less, then silver mining became un
profitable, because silver is worth only
59 1-2 cents today and it costs that much
to put tbe bullion in the mint.
"There is one thing I want to talk to
you about," said < 'ongressman Wilson
earnestly, "and that is the apathy that
exists in California toward the trade of
Idaho and all the Northwest. In Forty
nine days San Francisco had all the trade
of Idaho, because there were only stage
lines running from that city to tbe North
west. W T ben tiie East awoke to tbe fact
that Oregon, Washington, Idaho and other
Northwestern states were little empires in
themselves the capitalists built railroads
out to us, not one line, but a half dozen.
California capitalists surveyed a line
through to Butte via Boise City, but
stopped there. The result is all the North
west trade goes to Chicago. We are closer
to Chicago than to San Francisco. To
reach the latter city we have to go *>00
miles east before we touch n line
reaching it, while to Chicago we
have a direct route. Now if the
projected railroad had been built from
San Francisco to Butte we would be with
in eight hundred miles of a market where
we could buy, and San Francisco would
have an outlet and connection with live
transcontinental lines which would for
ever emancipate them from the Southern
Pacific, There is no such feeling against
the railroad in Idaho as there is Tiere.
"Now what am I going to do in Con
gress?" said Mr. Wilson. "First I am going
to vote for free silver; next for Tom Reed
for speaker. Those are the only proposi
tions oh which i am prepared to speak just
now. My state is growing and it will
undoubtedly have needs that Congress
must consider, and of course I shall do all
I can for them. I only wish that Califor
nia was close to us, by railroad I mean,
and I have great hopes from the proposed
Valley Railroad. When they realize what
it can do then a line to and through the
Northwest is certain."
Congressman Wilson will remain here
several weeks ami during his stay will
probably make one or more addresses be
lore the Jonathan and other clubs in the
Free art exhibit. Matron Ad, Bra tin &
Co., the famous publishing house of Paris
and New York, will exhibit their cele
brated line of carbon prints, re-produc
tions of all old masters of the great Euro
pean galleries, as well as the Paris .Salon,
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb
ruary 18th, 10th, 20th. You and your
friends are cordially invited to view this
grand display. Sanborn, Vail & Co., 133
S. Spring st.
Dr. Rebecca Lee Dorsey, Stimson
block, lirst floor, rooms 12!), IHO, 141.
Special attention given to obstetrical
cases anil all diseases of women and
children. Electricity scientifically used.
Consultation hours Ito 5. Tel. 1227.
S. Conradl, jeweler and watchmaker,
lIIS. Spring, street, makes a specialty of
line watch and jewelry repairing, dia
mond setting; an elegant line of optical
goods. A tine stock of watches and
jewelry always on hand.
The Nadeau Cafe is Riving a 50 cent
dinner, including a bottle ot Zinfandel,
Riesling or beer. Private rooms if de
sired; also meals a la carte.
Teachers of the public schools can buy
portraits of Washington, Lincoln, Colum
bus, and of all the authors. fbrSdecorating
schoolrooms, at Lichtenberger's Art Em
porium, 107 North Main street.
Adams Pros., dentists, 2.1!) 1-2 South
Spring street. Painless filling and ex
tracting. Pest sets of teeth from $11 to
$10. Hours: Bto 5j Sundays, 10 to 12.
The Citrus Fair this year will be
greater, grander and more beautiful than
ever before. Hazard's Pavilion, Febru
ary 28th; ten days: 25 cents admission.
Muthushok and the Hriggs sweet tone
pianos for sale and to rent at, No. 118
Winston street. A. 13. Gardner, practical
piano tuner.
Hr. W. 11. Ward, Mueller block, Fifth
and Broadway, rooms 24 and 25. Kes.,
1083 Flower st. Tel.. office 1421; res. 110.
Insure in the Plnenix Assurance Com
pany of London. A. C. (lolsh, agent.
Office, 147 s. Broadway; telephone 890.
Dr E. .1. Hadfield, of Philadelphia,
surgeon and physician; office Bradbury
bldg., tel. 125; res. 589 Olive, tel. 1168.
The Advance Davis sewing machine is
the best. Office, 128 .South Main street.
Sharp * Samson, funeral directors (in
dependent), 638 S. Spring st.; tel. 1029.
Sewing machines, in good working or
der, for $5 each. 128 South Main street.
All kinds of sewing machines to rent;
128 South Main street.
Rooms *2 a week and op. U, S. Hotel.
Photos, any size, tl. Plaza Gallery.
The Famous Cassasa Band.
To the people who are suffering from rupture
Prof. Joseph Fandry, formerly of Berlin, tier
many, now of Santa Barbara is practical rup
tare specialist and truss manufacturer, in
lotlnatlon free whereby you can r.eeome cured
Those having tried all kinds of patent trusses
and found no relief also have given up all
hope, lo those people I am calling their atten
tion and especially ask them to send me their
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Corsets fitted at tbe T'nique.
Tbe Cassasa band is coming.
The finest eastern maple bowling'alleys
at 222 South Broadway.
Life reading, $1; satisfaction guaran
teed. Fanny Green. 141 S. Main, room ">.
Plums for Puddings; Persimmons thai
don't pucker, at Lyon ik Cobbe's, 44U S.
The greatest citrus fair ever held in the
state will take place in Hazard's pavilion
February Sftth, for 10 days.
The death of Mrs. Guy B, Barham oc
curred last evening. The notice id" time
of funeral services will be given tomorrow.
Dr. Milton Combs, tiie negro doctor who
was assaulted on Friday night, was the
victim of footpads, lie had not quarreled
witli anyone, nor had he engaged in any
Grand ball. All are invited at Armory
Hall, Tuesday evening, February 18th.
Conducted by Magnolia Lodge No. 34,
I>. of H., of A. 0. CW. Admission 50
cents, admitting gentleman ami lady.
Ah Garo and All Chung were arrested in
Chinatown yesterday by Officer Davis and
booked at the police station for having
lottery tickets in their possession. They
deposited $50 bail each and departed.
James Connolly and Jack Kennedy
tilled up with whisky yesterday afternoon
and engaged in a quarrel on East First
street, when they were arrested for dis
turbing the peace by Officer Wilkinson.
A match to shoot with revolvers between
the Signal Corps, A. ti. C, Seventh Regi
ment, and the police team has been ar
ranged to take place at the East Los An
geles range on the 24th instant at 2 p. m;
Robert Case visited the "row" on Ala
made street yesterday, and became so
troubleconie to tbe occupants of the dives
that he was arrested by the police, ami
was booked at the station for disturbing
the peace.
Reading by Miss Addle L< Murphy and
Miss Anna* E. Robinson, assisted by
Krauss (Quartette Tuesday evening, Feb
ruary 19, Y. M. C. A. 'Hall, 209 South
Broadway. Tickets 60 cents at Hlanchard
Fitzgerald's. No extra charge for re
served seats.
Has some kindly-disposed person an in
valid rolling chair that they would like to
donate for tbe use of a crippled invalid
who has not the means to purchase one
for herself? It is a very worthy case, and
would be an act of true charity. Anyone
wishing to assist in this way will please
notify J. Stuart, Secretary of* the Associ
ated Charities, room 11, Court House.
Santa Catalina Island steamer connects
daily, except Sunday, at San Pedro with
Southern Pacific Company's train leaving
Arcade depot at 12:55 p. m. The steam*
ship Falcon is being painted and reno
vated. For the next ten days the Wil
mington Transportation Company's
staunch and fast ocean tug Warrior will
make daily trips, Sundays excepted. The
company reserves the right to change
steamers and their days of sailing.
The Anheuser Restaurant,
At 243 South Spring street, sets commer
cial lunch from 11 to 2 and 5 to 8 n, m.
Finest delicacies always on hand; also
dishes ala carte. The celebrated Anheu
ser-Busch St. Louis beer always fresh on
tap. Charles Bauer, proprietor.
This is the seoson to get the best val
ues and attention in tine tailoring from
H. A. Getz, 112 W. Third street.
You save about one-fourth trading with
tbe Red Rice Furniture Co., North Main
and ITaza (Old Pico House).
Wall paper sc, 7 I a c P er r°b. 3-8 S. Spring
E. L. DOHENY, Manager. J.A. CONNON, Supt.
IN ANY QUANTITY at market prices. Satisfaction guaranteed. Our
oil contains no benzine, nahptha or other dangerous explosives. We
furnish MaierZobelein Brewery, Los Angeles Cold Storage Co , Cudahy
Packing Co., and many other consumers, to whom we refer. Can be burned
with any style of burner.
Telephone 1472. Wells and Office cor. Douglas &W. State sts.
Iv Southern California treating
Diseases of M EINJ Exclusively
To show our honesty, sincerity and ability to cure the. diseases pi which wo
make a specialty, we require
In Advance
Fop MEDICINE on but mill tuait
We have abandoned tho treatment of all disea&es except Private Weaknesses and
Diseases of Men- We think that we theroby attain thy highest possible degree of success
for the speedy, thorough aud permanent cure of these canes. Our offices are the roost pri
vate nnd elaborate In the city, and contain every instrument aud remedy known to science
tor our special treatment.
our specialty consists of the quickest, easiest an T cheapest treatment of all forms of
Weakness, Acute and Chronic Discharges, Blood Taints and Stricture and Gleet, tho results
of badly treated Gonorrhoea aud surgical-diseases of men.
Our little book on the nature and treatment of these disease*, together with rules for
diet, exercise and sleep, sent securely sealed, free. We make it part of our business to keep
all matters regarding our practice sacredly confidential.
If you waut to get well, call upon us fora free consultation and examination. If we can
not oure you no power on earth can, for we understand every feature of the diseases of
which we make a specialty.
Cor. Main and Third Sts. Over Wells-Fargo Kr. Co. Private entrance on 3d St.
Woither Bureau
Los AKGELKB, Feb. 17.
Temperature-Iteport of observations taken
at bos Angeles February 17th. [Note-Barom
eter reduced to sea level.]
Time. | Bar. Thcr/UH'm W'dlValjW'thtr.
.VOO «. in. 30.23! r>4 | 38 NK 4 '.Clear
5:00 p. in.j30.li; 08 | 31 I \Y | 3 Iciear
I Maximum temperature, 76.
Minimum temperature, 49.
Weather Forecast
For Southern California: Probably fair but
I somewhat threatening along the coast; cooler;
fresh uorUioriy winds.
Trunks and Leather Goods.
All styles and varieties. Lurge stOL-k always
on hand, and repairing a specialty. J. V. Cnn
niagham, 2id S. Spring street. Tel. SIS.
Wagner's Kimberley,
158 N. Main, opposite old court house. Specs
and eye-glasses a Bpenlalty. Fine watch and
[ jewelry repairing. Also diamonds and line
i jewelry ai lowest figures Wngner, the old re
I,liable jeweler.
Our Home Brew.
! Maier & Zobelein's lager, fresh from their
brewery on draught in all the principal sa
loons; delivered promptly in bot'les or kern',
office nnd brewery, 414 Allso street; tele
phone 01.
The Finest Flavored Oysters
In bulk and cans, 00 cents, full quarts; fine, fat
and Juicy, tans oO cents. Discount to hotel*;
andreitauiants, Fred tfantman'i MottiMarket
Stylish Jlillinery.
Mrs. C. Doach will be found at No. 313 S.
I Spring st., just below Rauiona hotel. Ladies,
I see my New York spring styles.
N edding invltntions and announcements,
visiting cards, etc., engraved or printed. Work
done on premises. Lee & Hro , 140 N. Spring
A. A. Fckstrom hns removed to 324 South
Spring street with his stock of wall paper.
Dr. I), -j. Differbaclier, dentist, rooms 4 and
5, 119 S. Spring st., l.os Angeles.
Wall paper house of the coast, 323 S. Spring.
Wallpaper hung, 10c roll, 328 S. Spring
Can German Family Soap.
CONANT-In this city, February 10th, 1895, at
the nge of s:t year*, 7 months and 'zt days.
Mrs. Semantha Con ant, mother of Mrs. Or.
E. A. Clark and Mrs. J W (iardner.
Funeral from the residence Of J. W, (iardner,
No. 1111 West Thlrty-tirst street, this, Monday,
afternoon at 2 o'clock. Friends in uted to at
WALKER—At Long lleach. o,i February 17th,
1895, Captain George M. Walker.
Funeral private.
Members of Court Los Angeles No. 422, Inde
pendent Order of Foresters ure hereby notified
to meet at our lodge room, in new Turner Ifall
building. Wednesday, February 20th, at 1 p m.
sharp, to attend the funeral of oor late broi her
E. O. Oolnev. All brother Foresters invited.
Guy s. Allen, jr., C. R 0. H. Nuunaley, R. s.
Druggist and Chemist,
Prescriptions carefully compounded day or
H'Aen Everyone Else Has Failed, Go to B
nt'ii.Miry il) constaiit'attendance Examination,
' trcateil FRI B or CHA.ROI: from 10 to
Our long experience enables us to the ''j' '
jfJ(T-N'o matter what your trouble Is, come and
Adams=st. Tract.
See this tract and compare prices and the street improvements with other
tracts before buying. . . „, ..
Three hundred 50-foot residence lots, fronting Adams s reet, 1 wenty-seventn,
Tivcntv-clKhth and Twenty-ninth streets, at *;ii)(> and up.
streets arc graded aud graveled; cement walks and curbs; beautiful street trees
and palms on all streets Building restriction*,, aud undesirable cla.sof bai dings not
perm tied. Visit this tract and see the many beautiful homes being ou.lt. Grand view
uf the mountains. Itich garden loam. No mud: HO feet higher than Figuoroa street.
Don't fail to we the lots fronting BEAUTIFUL ADAMS STREET, Twelve minutes ride
I from Second and Spring streets, on the new double electric Hue down Cenral avenue.
Agents at our branch office, corner of Central avenue and Twenty-ninth streets.
Free carriage from our office. For maps and prices call on
Grider & Dow, 109 I=2 S. Broadway
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
I Gas and Electric Fixture f
♦ ♦
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Highest Medals Offered
| y i World's Fair Convention of Pho-
I V ) tograph*-rs and World's Expnst-
I tion. Chicago, 'OH. Hignest pre-
/ '92,08 And also awarded the
highest premium, for last fair,
1 ending Oct. 20, 'd 4.
Cloudy Weather Preferred
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umes for the superiority of Steckel f-9 OTOO PAPHV
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ZfZU .O. spring Ot., and Hollenbeck Hotel.
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tablished specialist, has de
voted more time, as pity pa
pers show, to Ihe exclusive
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chronic diseases of men and
women thnn any other adver
tising physician in this city.
Blood nnd skin diseases, red
spots, pain in bones, s 're throat and mouth,
blotches and eruptions of the akin, ulcers,
painful swellings, etc ; kidney and bladder
diseases, frequent micturition, scalding, In
flammation, gravel, etc.; organic weakn ss,
undeveloped organs, impediment? to mar
ringc, nervous debility, impaired memory,
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back, lost vitality, melancholy and all dis
eases resulting from excesses, indiscretion or
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ment of society—to Dr. White's old-established
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lected or have failed to yield to the treatment
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Whites superior treatment. Patients wishing
speedy relief and sure cure should consult Dr.
White, whose long, extensive experience en
ables him io apply the proper t eatment at
once without useless experiments, thus saving
the patient much time and expense. Office
and private laboratory. l'-I8 North Main street
Los Angeles, Cal. Out-of-town patients
treated by mail and express
Fine Hold Filling, Crown and Bridge Work.
All Operations Painless.
' Itooma 18 and li).
Steam! Domestic Coal
Columbian Coal, $8 per ton, in bulk,
TKI.S. 36 anu 1047. Til SOUTH SPAINQ HT
K?f* v ( Bring safety, comfort and health,
gs- v Look out! There are Imitations!
V T Don't take any risks. Seethatyou
" \ got Dr. Catos's, the original and
j only absolutely safe and certain
> preparation. Drug stores, or by
J^££%^f^flMiuea) niau for ar. Advice froo.
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you don't haffi to strain your eyes in perusing
it You can afford to be reckless with any thing
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sor r of glasses for all sorts of eyes, and. for
their expert examination no charge is mad'-.
You will find in our fine stock everything fd
improve one's eyesight in the wav of "glasses.
PACIFIC OPTIMAL CO.. Scientific Opticians.
167 > (• ,r K R t number.
You Bet We Get. a Move On. '
&u/6s To Order in 24 Hours
313 South Spring at., below Thirl).
D. D. S.
Room 132, Stimson Block.
Artificial Teeth ,
Difficult and irregular cases solicited
'iold and porcelain crowns and bridge work.
Fine gold fillings.
Ail work first class in every particular.
>51 Market St., San Francisco A*
(Between 6th and 7th Sts.)
Co and learn how wonderfully you / ;
are made and how to avoid wcknes* J 'A
and disease. Museum enlarged with/
thousands of new objects. Admiei f
sion 25 cto. r *
Private Office—same Bui loin/J
1051 Market Street—Diseases of nA f
stricture, loss of manhood, diseases of the ssk> >
and kidneys quickly cured without the use ot mei<
cury. Treatment personally or by letter. SendV
for book.
Old established and reliable praetltoners. # \

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