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The Orange Market Affected
by the Weather
As the Temperature Rises Demand for
Fruit Increases
Prosperous Condition of the Fruit HYchanges.
Notes About the .Tovement of
the Crop
Los AXGILSJB, Feb. 18.
The opening of the week finds the fruit ex
changes busier than ever. hi proportion as
the tcmpersture risen at the East, the demand
for oranges increases, l itis seems to be tho
condition, at least, us evidenced by the re
ceipt of orders since the blizzard subside!.
No ohjeetion is ever made. :o the exchanges'
prices by eastern buyers, exeapt now and then
at a point where ft "floater*' is unloaded by a
Shipper outside the exchanges st cut rate
figures Dsuftllf this fruit is reported to tho
trs.de Afi fancy Riverside or Redlands, when In
lad it consists 01 odd sizes or is fruit Irom the
I oast district* At the prices paid Riverside
and Redlands ffrowers, shippers outside the
Ixchangescan not sell under the exchanges'
f. o. b. schedule and make money. Where cut
ting is done by the outsiders, the exchanges*
customers ask protection Rgainst it In the
nature of a similnr redaction. This is always
refused. In no case have the exchanges
shaded their prices or sent out floaters this
season and they say they do not intend to do
so. While they lose an occasional order by re
fusing to meet reductions made by a com
petitor. It does not worry them, as they arc
perfectly confident that they can soil all the
fruit controlled by them 'four-fifths of the en
tire crop) at the prices now demanded.
The exchange system is growing in favor
with the producers. The results attained
thus for arc highly satisfactory. The cost of
marketing the fruit is relived to the mini
mum, prices are kept up '.md the growers get
profits instead of the middlemen. So success,
fu! is the system as applied to the orange crop,
that the deciduous trait growers are taking
stent tdorganise for the purpose Of marketing
tins year's crop in the same manner.
The walnut growers are already organized
and have found the system a great benefit to
them. The dried fruit men, beekeepers, dairy
men and other producer* are also talking of
co-operative marketing.
Las.week a prominent raisin grower of Han
ford, Kings county, was In the city fo: the
special purpose of studying the exchange sys
tem, tie said iiamord and vicinity produce
about 150 carloAds ot raisins annually, for
which the growers hardly receive the cost of
production, while raisins are retailed iv east
ern cities at !S(g,Ji cents a pound. The gen
tleman from Hanford said the raisin growers
bad allowed the middlemen to grow rich at
their expense, and now tlicv propose to make
a little money for themselves if there is any
viMue in the co-operative system of market
Last Saturday the Ontario Fruit Kxchange
declare 1 a dividend of 2 cents a pound on
fancy navels shipped to date, and i} 3 cents for
choice. These figures represent only part of
the net price the growers will receive for the
s.ason's crop. Subsequent dividends and the
final settlement Will no doubt etichauce the
growers' receipts considerably.
Trade st Ontario, and in fact at all the
nrsnge centers, is beginning to feel the stimu
lating effect of the money put inlo circulation
by the moving of the orange crop.
President Story of the san Diego Fruit Ex
change was in the city Saturday and Sunday.
He says San Diego Is stirpaislpg herself this
year in the quality of her fruit. Tiie lemon
crop is exceptionally fine, not the least
bleinisn marking any of the product. The Sau
Diego exchange embraces nearly all the
grower! of 11,111 imperial county and will
handle ibout lOOcarlonds of oranges this sea
son. One man at Fallbrook alone has about
ten carloads,
Mr. Story estimates the San Diego lemon
crop at 300 carloads, lemons having been
planted In that county much more extensively
than oranges. There are about HOC,OOO lemon
trees in the county, most of them be'.ng quite
young. When all come into full bearing tbe
output will be enormous, Tue excellent qual
ity of the San D ego lemons is beginning to
be appreciated not only on the Pacific coast,
but at tin East, where they, along wiih the
iemons ol other Southern California counties,
will in tine crowd foreign lemons out of the
market, is they have already done on this
jiccii good raurr.
The qutlily and condition ol the fruit in
every nook aud corner of the citrus belt is pro
nounced Übe better than ever befoie known.
San Fernaido, ior instance, which has hereto
fore not beau conspicuous as an orange dis
trict, is tbl year producing fruit that compares
favorably nltb that of nearly any other sect.on
of southern California.
The excellence ol Hie I'aßadena crop this
rear Is atested by the fact thai wherever tbe
Pasadena iiangc Association has placed a ear
ol fruit, Unorder has immediately been dupli
hie situation at rivera.
A F.ivera lorrespouilent says the orange in
dustry is boimlnu tlieso beautiful days. The
association tias rented J. 11. Burkes warehouse
and will us< it for packing iv connection with
the depot wi rehouse The accommodating su
perlutendci;, Tracey Abbott, informed the
writer that they huve shipped about Sid car
loads to dan E. .V. Altland & to. have bought
a number oforchftrds, not in tiie association
and have a Urge force packing and shipping.
Says the lowney Cliampiou: Owing to the
extreme coldweather tn the East, orange pack
ing was suspiuded this week. To date the as
•oclat on hasahipped six carloads and the Earl
Company four. Two carloads of tine navels
from the Couity Farm Rre boxed and read)* to
put aboard tic cars, The association will com
mence packiig again on Monday.
The Memphs commercial Appeal ol Febru
ary 6th says the first carload of Mexican
oranges over eoeived in Memphis has just ar
rived, consigned to D. Canale & Co., 3!z!) Main
street. This flilt is very juiov, tine flavored
and much bettor than the Florida oranges
would be this are In the season, even if they
had not been fos.el. U. Canale &Co will re
ceive regular shipments ol Mexican oranges
until lute in the spring.
Tie Valencia ereeze.
The New Yort Commercial Bulletin ol Feb
ruary Btii contdus the following: Cables to
this market yeserday reported a had freeze in
the Valencia oisuge groves. Messrs. Kgobel A
Day received a cable from a Loudon house
which deals exftusivelv iv Vatencia oranges
saying; "Valeicia crop frozen : hold Hi m." '
Mr. Day, wl«n seen yesterday afternoon
said: "The soiree of this information is such
that it cannot be ques ioned, slid similar
cables have al obeen received by Messrs. \V II
Mestervelt 4 (>. aud F. a. Robinson <fc Co
The crop of Valencia oranges is about half
shipped, but ena-mous quantities are left, a
full share of ijhlch would have come to this
country under arrangements already effected
I; II possible th* 2,000,000 cases were affected
by the frost, anmhis will prevent the possibil
ity of partially filing up the gap made by the
loss of 2,ooo,oo<(boxes of Florida oranges dur
ing the recent ffceze.
••The cropinScily is a full one and hfeavy
shipments aie bling made, based on the Icbs
of the Florida crip. All fruit received will be
needed, for nutate of mo growing soctlou of
lamaica the onl; source of supply left Is Cali
fornia, and our icighbors lv that stateare cer
tainly having thngs their own way. The or
ange cropln Ca torniathls year will equal just
about 1,550,000 loxes in round numbers, ol
j which nearly 1,000.000* boxes are narels and
the remainder seed Mugs. 1 judge the visible
supply of Valencia-nil route during the next
thirty days would hftTj been nearly 20,008
t eases.*'
; Messrs. \V. 11. Wostervclt St to have received
! a cable fr-m London stating: 'Valencia te
. porti much damage done by the frost." Late
!iu the af eruoon the 'Inn reee'ved the follow
} Ing cable; 'Crop damaged by frost, calculated
i extent oi damage, 80 per cent partial aud '10
1 per cent total."
Mr. W. 11, Wostervelt said: "The Valencia
crop uas large this season, and I estimate tiie
: visible Supply en route to «his market, lor tlis
[ next thirty days woula bare beta between
I Ifi 000 sum 20.P00 cases "
' Several im porters received similar cables,
iln one it was stated thai ihe mercury regis-
I tered 10 degrees above zero.
I Joseph Weldt ts about to open a general store
; at San Pod-.0.
Mr. Swan, formerly of Pasadena, has opened
t a general merchandise store at Vineland.
i A branch of the Los Angeles Building and
| Loan Association has been established at Men
i rovia.
! The Mohawk i anal and Improvement Com
j pany, at Riverside, has been sued on a note for
I Ontario shipped forty-three and a half car
j loads of dried, green and canned fruits last
i month.
[ 'f he Banning Water Company has been in
j corpora ted at Banning with s capital stock of
i 900,000.
j K. Benzie, proprietorof the Long beach steam
; laundry, has been granled an electric light
W. C, Clark, a dealer In windmills at San
Bernardino, has gone Into insolvency. Assets,
01712; liabilitiess23-7.
captain Banning purchased a 30-foot lot on
the ocean front at Calallnn Island from t'lark
A Bryan for ft* 1000 spot cash
<*. J, Dimond of Pasadena was in san Ber
nardino la-t week with a view to opening a
large general morcin ndise store in I hat city.
r. 11. Conger, of the wholesale carriage house
OfßottsA longer, on South Main street, has
sold his interest in the (inn lo A. W. Phelps of
New Orleans.
Good Easier Keurro pears from California,
Which had been kept in cold storage in New
York, were lately selling in that market at the
rate of $1 per dozen
Rowland A Lacy are arranging to lay a pipe
line from their I'uente oil wells to the Chino
sugar factory, thirteen miles distant. Hy
pumping to ft huge tank on a hill near by the
oil wi 1 run by gravity to its destination.
.1 J. Suess, the enterprising grocer of Red
lands, has bed electric buttons placed on the
awning posts in front of his place of business,
thus enabling his lady customers driving up to
his storj to call out his clerks to take their or
Monday, Keb, 18th,
James N'unn to 0 A Garner— Bl C, The
* Palms 910.000
WK Hubbafd to E S Hubbard-Lots 4
and 5, bl 6, and lots H ami 5, blk B,
Marat .:on irt; also s1 , lots T, 8 and
9, blk 4, Hutchinson Irt 1,320
C B Sumner to Arthur W Fiirt — Lot S,
Pomona L A \V ( o's sub bl 150, Po
mona . . 300
Same to liruce A Rice—Lot 9. sub as lasi
above 300
John Blirr, sheriff, to Emma P Dunnells
—Lots 3, 4 aud 7, .Millard's sub of
Oarer Place trt 1,500
B I Steams to Ell* V Oetchelt-Lot 22,
Wallace Bros' tub, Pasadena 3,500
Frank A Foote to Sarah F French— E 175
ft lots 15 Alid lb, IV N Abbotts sub
lot 9, bl J, Pasqusl trt .. 830
A J Wallace et al to Oorotiado N Lopez--
Lo 13, Wallace. Bros' sub n\\ lot 0,
bl E Sun I'asqual trt ... 475
OH Churchill to Sarah F French —Lot
38, Uixbyttt, Pasadena 500
C M Mimsoii to a v Orifhlh—Lot lti, bl
47, Azusa. 810
W T Daiton to Ida Eaton—Lot 13, bl 5,
Geo Paltou Sr tri 250
[Estate Geo l.orenz, deceased, to Wm X
Anderson—Lot 1, Merriam Marsh
ifc Gardner's sub 830
John Bur:, sheriff, to Main St Savings
pans and Trust co —Lots 3 to 12, bl
2. Douillnrd trt 1,500
A B Poincrov to II G Glove-Lot H, bl
116, liv Providencla «t Scott trt 000
( has II Witrner to W P Henry Lots 9,
10 and 11, bl 24, Wolfskill Orchard
trt 10
Ellen MHSkell to J \\ Gross—Lot ti, Mas
kell trt 1,000
V* D Turner to Alice M Partridge-Lot
7, Decker Sc Lucas'sub, P-sadena... 450
Palmdale Colon v to Jennie d Paige—Lot
14, sec 30, tti ii, rll w 500
Jas Nelson to C Jensen-Lot 15, bl 1,
Washington st trt 700
Jno T Buchanan lo Kate M Duncan—
Lot 00, bl A, A J Painter's sub Pas
adena 150
8 X Lindlev to s c Fov-Lot 31, exten
sion Nob Hill trt 3,500
Fred Aykrovd to Henry liohrman—Lot
74, Clark <fc Bryan trt, subject to
$300 mort 600
W N Harris to Helen J Hough and
Lewis T Love jay —Lot 34 Hiid 25, bl
19, wolfskill Orchard trt 10
Wm Farrell to .las Hewey—Lot 20, sub
lot 1, bl 11, Han PasqUAl trt 2,500
Jas Dewey to F C Bolt —need of trust
for p-operty last above described.. 2,000
Rosamond Br. tn, trustee, tn Geo 11
Frost-87 it lot 13, blk B, si'trt,
Pasadena 4,200
Redondo Beach to Chas II Quandt—Lot
5, blk BB,.Redondo Beach 225
VY Sf OSbom to Mojave Lime i'o—N 40
ft lot", blk Hi, urd's survey 8,500
Olivia J Dickey to Sarah M fash—Lot
50. Ol ML Wolfskill orchard trt.... 500
Vicente Botlllerde Ybarrando to Chas
Kickenbach — Lots 31, 33 and 35,
Widow Boliller trt 2,200
Carrie A Hotchkiss to Mrs M V Taylor-
Lot 80. Clark & Bryan trt 375
Savings Hank so Cal to Jennie B Paige
tot 0. Sec 30, T ti N, H 11 W 250
St'M Mary;
Deeds 40
Nominal.. 10
Total $40,777.00
Observations at Los Angeles and at Other
, Points
Unltetl .states D .parlment of Agriculture
Weatherßureau's ituports, rectified at Los An
geles February IS. letus. Observations takcuat
allslations at 8 p. m.. 7jtu me-idian time:
Plaoei i Bar. '
Lo« Angeles^O.lO 1
Hau Diego.. 30 10
8. 1.. Oblapo 10.18'
Fresno 30.18
San Kran'cn 30,18
Sacramento 30.18
Kail Bluft .. 30.18'
Itnrena .30.2,
RoMbnnr.. 30,'Ji
l'ortland. .|80.aa|
Mm. Tm.|Wn4jW'tb»r
Weather Bureau
Los ANOatES, Feb. 18.
Temperature-flepqrt of observations taken
at Los Angeles February 18th. [N'oto—Barom
eter reduced to soa level.]
Time. I Bar. iThor.lRH'm W'd.Vol W'tlior.
n.OOa. in.[30.12 53 j OK NK I «*'Clear ~
r.:00 p. m.|3()._10l_73_|_ 35 NW | 1 !Clear
Maximum temperature, 82.
Minimum temperature, 51.
Weather Forecast
For Southern California: Fair; n-a-ly sta
tion*, y temperature.
Honey In Prunes
A T. Hatch, the well-known fruit grower,
makes a statement, that will surprise many
people He tinds by actual experience that he
can sell cured prunes at 3 cents a pound, f. o.
v , in sacks and make $100 per acre from his
orchard, besides allowing $37 per acre for cul
tivation and other costs of production; and
this calculation is based on an annual crop of
only one-half his average crop tor the past four
years. Tills is a very remarkable showing
and, coming Irom Mr, Hatch, may be relied on"
Local Bank Clearings
Los Angeles, Feb. 18.
Following are the Los Angeles bank clear
ing fur the current week:
Day. Exchanges. Balances.
Monday $ .128,915.40 $31,897.52
Bank ol England Bullion.
London, Feb. 10.—The amount of bullion
gone into the bank of England today amounted
tv £23.00t'. * "*" u "" :u
The Orange Market.
New Yobk, Feb. ls.-Ocangea -Irregular:
Florida, $2.0004.50; others, $3.25®4.757
Condition of the Local Produce
Heavy Consignments ot Butter From
Up the Coast
Wealtncs. of the Ornin Markets- A Firmer
Demand for Australian -
Los Anoei.es. Feb. 18.
The week opened quite satisfactorily In the
j produce markets, Monday i. usually a busy
; day 011 Los \ngeles street, and ihis was no cx
; cept ion lo trie rule,
Sunday a steamer brought 109 eases of butter
from tho uorth. This, with loci supplies-,
made the marlie: quite easy, but it went off
readily at Saturday's quotations.
Fggs VfCre, if anything, a little weaker than
at the (dose of last week sales wtie heavy at
12c. Outside quotations are 11(0)30.
Brier] frnltseontinue to show improvement.
The l.astern demand Is better and prices show
a little advance. Balsins are re ported j : 1;
--freely and at bet er figure--.
Following are produce quotations:
Creamery—Fancy 2 ih squares, 40 042^0;
28 oz squares, 3 '!-s<333c.
1 Dairy—Fancy 2 to squares, iii'jt;! >c; Sat
! squares, 25(g) fOe; 38 OS r.dls, 22) a 025 c; fairto
: good 2H oz rolls, 2tli,22' a c.
California ranch—llfiKlc.
California—Full cream flats, LftWej Young
America 13' ac; hand, I M 3 >-; halt cream,
flats, Sc; Young America,Oc; hand, iOc.
Eastern—Cheddars and twins, 14414UC
Imported— Swiss, 23(d>25c; Edam, per do/..,
$«.suioit.sO;limbergcr, brick, 14
(015 c; Westphalia, .Oc: Hockford, 40c.
Hens -per do/, 25 itji 50,
Young roosters—¥4.2o(o4.7s.
Old roosiers-V4.00r04.50.
Turkeys -J 110X20 per lb
CeeßO—76efosl.(H» per head.
Beets—7sc(osl. r 0 per 100 lbs
Cabbage—7o(oSOc per 100 lbs.
Carrots—7sc(osl.oo per 100 lbs.
Cauliflower- 01 c per dos.
tireen onions— Sue per do/,.
Lettuce- -12(015c per do/ btiuche?.
Parsnips—SOiOOc. per 100 lbs.
onions -$1.25(01.40 per 100 lbs.
Turnips—SOnOOc tier 100 lbs
Sweet pota oes—$1.40(01.00 per 100 lbs.
Hams -Rex, per lb, I0 :, ie: picnic, 7e; bone
less, Sc.
Bacon—Per lb, Itex, boneless breakfast
10' 4 C: light medium. Oc; medium, Sc.
Dried beef Per lb, set, 12c; Ins Ides, LSJ-fc
Dry salt pork—Per lb. clear bellies,
Short Clears, clear backs, o\e.
Pig pork - Per half bbl, 80 lbs, */ iO.
Lard—Per lb, ivory compound, tic.cc,
rexolene, 7'aC; pure leaf, 7c.
Qraln and Hay.
Barley—Per cwt, feed, 85000 c; seed,
Corn—Per cwt, $1.1001.15.
Wheat-Pur 6Wt, $1.0001 05.
Hay—Per ton, alfalfa, $12.00 012 50; barley.
S15.oO01H.5O: oat , $15.00010.00; wheat,
Citrus Fruits
Lemons—Uncurccl, $1,00<51.25; cued, §2 00
Oranges—Per box, f. o b., stunners 1 quota
tions; Extra fancy Washington navels, s> .-5;
fancy navels, $11.00: choice, I.TTi, standard,
91,50: extra fancy seedlings $1.75; fancy
seedlings, $1 59; choice, $1 35; standard,
Local -75 fl)Bsc,
Dried Fruits.
Apples-Sun dried, sacks, par lb, stfc; boxes,
B.aße; evaporated fancy, 9«filoe.
Apricots—Fancy, Srt9c; choice, os7c.
Peaches-Funcy unpolled, 7(riSe; IS
Nectarines—Fancy. B(£9e; cholee, 0 tj>7c.
Pears—Fancy evapuratcd, 5(07c.
Plums—Pitted, choice, 7(r6',»c,
Prunes—Choice, boxes, 6<s7e; sncks, 4 ojb*c
fancy, 9®loc.
Flour—Los Angeles, $3 10; Stockton, $3.70;
Oregon, $,».V5.
Bran—Per ton, local, $JO.OO; northern,
$17. SO.
Shorts—Per ton, local, $22.00: northern
* 18.00.
Rolled barley-Per ton, $20.00.
Cracked corn—Per cwt, $1,2(3.
Feed meal—Per cwt, $1.20,
Hides and Wool.
Hides—Sound dry, per lb, 7 l aP: culled, 7e;
sound kips, 7e; culls, sc: sheep pelts, nomi
Wool—4 (Side.
Fresh Meats.
Butchers' prices for wholesale carcasses;
Beef— sMtigtie per lb.
Veal— 5' j|(fl&7c.
M ulton—6*d)7c.
Hogs -Per cwt, *3.75 ((4.00.
Beef cattle —*2.50:<93.00.
Calves—[email protected] per head.
Honey and Beeswax.
Honey—Comb, B'qjl3c per lb; strained, 5(&7c.
Beeswax— 20.<528c per lb.
The Day's Transactions on the Chicago Board
of Trade.
Chicago, Feb. 18.—At the opening the wheat
pit was flooded with selling orders at!£c be
low Saturday's closing prices. The latest trad
ing on Saturday was at 52;! 8 e for May and at
02f-ga and there were evon more sellers than
buyers at s^ B o, so tbat 52 became almost im
mediately the trading price.
An anticipated decrease in the visible stocks
since a week ago, 3,000,000 bushels, was a
potent bear factor. The Northwestern re
ceipts weje 150 carloads more than those of
the corresponding day a year ago. A gre-M
deal of long whest was again offered on the
break, and although at around [email protected]|92|{C,
local shorts covered abundantly, there was
little reaction during the first hour and a halt
of the session.
The visible supply soon began to give evi
dence of a larg r decrease than had been
looked for, tun! when the decrease was ulti
mately found to amount to 1,598,000, or three
times as much as many had expected, the
shorts commenced taking back the wheat they
had unloaded. From being quiet and weak,
the price gradually hardened.until about two
hours from the opening it recovered to 52!-4"c.
Primary market altogether received 209,000
bushels against 149,000 a week ago and 280,
--000 a year ago. The English visible supply
showed a decrease of 800,000 bushels following
a decrease of 1,4-.*0,000 on the previous week
and New York reported a good business done
there for export. The prico advanced hereto
62f£e and closed at 52? 8 e.
Corn was weak at the beginning. Later,
when wheat had recovered from Its early drop!
corresponded to the change in tone of its
neighbor as well to the result of the visib •
supply statement, which showed a decrease of
233,000 bushels since last Monday, and com
pared with an increase of 7?5,000 a year ago.
The opening sales of May were at 4434 c, at
which price it closed.
Trading In oats was very scattered and only
of fair volume. May started at from 28U to
26% sold to to 20, at which price the market
Provisions started as weak as the grain
markets, but soon faced about aud wound up
higher all around. At tho Un sh May pork
was l7! a e, May lsrd 2}£c and May rins 7Uc
The leading futures closed as follows
Wheat No, 2—
February '. ,50l 8 450* i
May 52M(*W2
July 53-^
Corn No. 2—
February 4^14
May 44H
July :44»v544?i
Oats No. 2— j
February 28
May 29
July 2h%
Cash quotations were as follows;
Flour—Steady; Wiuter patents, [email protected];
straights, $2.0(i(0 ?. 50; «pring patents, $3,00 4
3.50; straights, $2,t0(02.7.j; bakers' extras,
Wheat —No, I spring. 5? h i"tlss» B e; No. 3
spring, nominal; No. 2 red. 50' N nso^o.
Corn-No. 42 , 4 (0l2 r, fre.
<»Nts No. a. snHlj No. 2 white,
No. :i while, 30*.lie.
RvC -No. .', olUc,
Barley No. 2, 53: No. 3, No.
4, 52<a53 c.
Flax seed - No. I, $1.30.
Timothy seed—Prime, 185.75.
Mess pork-Per bbl,. $10,00(010.15
t anl—Per 10 'lbs. astf.4 e(tti.»7' J( .
Short ribs—Sides : loose. $5. 10(5).i.15.
Shoulders -O.y salleil, ' o\cd, f>o2 1 a <7&4.75.
bborl clear—siues, boxed, e5.40(^>.4i.
Whisky* Distillers' finished goo I, per gal.,
on tiie prodaeeexoltangf today, the butter
market was steady; creamery, 1 Jdi ::P 2 e ; dairy.
|M| iOo
Kggs were firm; fresh, 250836.
Article. Receipts, Ship'tn.
floor, birr ell la.-Hio L%ono
Wheat; bushels 9,00J lO.UOJ
< orn, hushcls ]oo,0(0 25,00.)
Oats, bushels ItfS.OOD otf,OOo
Rye, bushels 0,000 4,00-»
Barley, bushels ... 47,000 89,000
Call Board Prices -drain and Produ:e Move
San Franctsco, Feb. 1 B.—Wheat—Ensy:
Deoeml er, May,
Hurley-Itiuc.ive; May, 7u; December,74' h c.
Com—*l..2 l a
Bran 13.r0.
Flour family extras, $3.'.'5 *3 35; bakers'
extras, s ß,lsio>'j.Bs; superfine, $ J.10(d>2.40.
rt he.it i lie week does not open Oh a brisk
market No. i rhtoping, np v with the Cus
tomary advance for more choice quftlltlea
Milling, HltU/aOOC] Walla Walla, 7ic for fair
average quality; /7i£ojeOO I'm* blue stem and
07UC lor damp stock
Barley— The demand is quite slim, and the
sit i tat is against sol era, spot offerings are
not large, but it is unders Qpd that there Is con
siderable stock In wa eeOOie which in lime
will be delivered on Call Board eon tf act*.
Fred, fair to good. 72 a vj7sc; choice,
brewing, 85fft90e.
* tats —Buyers nre few and titeir wants nre
not Of a proportion to cause any very active or
general m »Voment at present. HtOogH on Ii md
are ample. liuotailons are as follows;
Milling, .ftl,o2' .j vi. 15; surprise, $1.05(^1.15 ;
lanev feed, $1 ,oo*>t,ost good ''i choice, 95cK
$1.00; fair to good, 00s>tf5ci poor to fair. 82 9
ifiß7Sc; black,;Hl. 33; red, IJIL.OA(s)L 17-*:
gray, U2L. % 07,' 2
Flour, sacks 5,005
Wheat, centals .\074
Barky,centals 2.3 fl
Oats, ecu I ills ', 2,07 I
Corn, centals 380
Beans, sacks btW
Potatoes sucks o,ts<
Onions, sacks 4t>o
san Pranoieco Vegetable narket.
San r RANcifi.o, Feb, is. Receipts of vegeta
tables today were I box of egg plant, selling at
l -'.V per pound; SI boxes of asparagus and
31 sucks of green peas and 3 sacks of string
Hot house cucumbers—7se ($1.25 pordos,
Asparagus —17' :sc.
Rhubarb tf*L 75 per box.
String beads— per lb.
Ureeli peas - 5 aOe.
Squash —Marrowfat, $8.00910.00 per ton,
Uunhard. $7.00 f**S.OO,
Peppers—tireen, 2 r4c per lb.
I'urtiips—soc percental
Beets— oi)(g>7sc per suck.
Cabbage ~3i*<j|4oa
Gnrlic-3(flJ3 1 3 c per lb.
Cauliflower—3mg)loc per dor.
Peppers—Dried. 12 perib.
okra—Dried, I2 l 2 c
Pointers on the Markets by Private
LOS AjVOgLKS, Feb. 18.
Trade was quiet, but there was considerable
improvement in tone, prices working up Vet)
' fl c from the opening ligures, with business
showing quite a little improvement. May
opened ;, „ lower than Saturday's clese, sold up
:, nc, and closed strong and \c above Saturday's
close at 52 r, H 'g»o2 , 4 c.
Openedi High. Low Closed.
Wheat, cish.. 60*
May 52 59Ja* 52 bU%
July 584/1 53 a 5J 53 rt
C irlli c ,sh 4'J :i „
May 44' „ 44 r ' (i 43 T S 44> H
July 43 S B 44* 44*
Oats 2t
May 29
Pork, May . $[Q.Q7l{ $10*80
Curb— 52 :t i'c
Wheat-May, <dosed 51:15 am ses
sion. 89). s c; I) ceiubei' closed at 11:15 a, m.
session, 9.» c.
Hurley -May, 74%: closed at 11:15 s. m. ses
sion. 74 :i M e. December, 74 :, „c.
Opeued. High Low Closed,
Sugar 92' i 93> 8 92'-j 93
Chicago Gas.. 72 * 73 » 7l'-}i 72' i
st. Paul 5* 55' i 65 50',.
W. U. Tel. Co. 87? i 87\ 87.* 87*
C. B. Ail ... 70), 70' B 70' a 7t»' 8
Manhattan ... 107 107 ; 107 l(»*'i
Lake Shore ... 137J4 137', 136' 4 137 ~
Lackawanna.. 156% 15s IS6s£ 157' a
Northwestern. 90 8094 9o 90..
N. J. Central.. 82£ 84' i 82 83
Distillers BU B^ B y-i;
Reading 10 10 11 10
Liverpool Market.
Liverpool, Fel>. 18.—Wheat-Spot, steady:
demand moderate; No. 2 red Winter, 456)4(1;
No. 2 red spring, 5s No 1 hard Maui
tuba, 5s 2d; No, 1 California, 5s 2d.
/ Futures opened firm and closed easy, with
(near positions 1 to 2 and distant positions 3
farthings lower. February. 4s 6d: March,
i4s 6,' ad; April. 4sH'.;d; May, 4s 6 :, jd; June,
J 4s 7s4di July, 4s 7!^d.
I Corn—Spoi, firm; American mixed, new.
4s I 4Q.
Fill tires closed quiet, with near positions
unchanged to 1 farthing lower and distant po
sitions 2 "faitnings lower. February, 4s 1 d;
! March, 4s ' a d: April. 4s ' a d; May, 4s'oil;
June, -Is 'ad; July, 4s R ,d
Flour-Steady; demand moderate: Bt. Louis
fancy winter, bs Od.
Hops—At London. Pacific coast, £2 13s.
Live Stock Markets
Chicago. Feb. 18.—Cattle-The effect of to
day's small receipts was to give the market a
strong start, aud II maintained a firm tone
throughout. Extra 1000 to IrtOO pound steers,
[email protected]; light steers, $.j.90\<*5.00; cows
and bulls, $ .25(03.25
Hogs—Steady; export i»rime, 83.85(94,80;
light, $3.90®4.05; heavy. $4.20.
Sheep—Receipts were comparatively light
for Muiiday and tlierc was a firmer tone to the
market. Common to prime sheep, $2.50 <v
4.20; lambs, $ ;.7.Va)O 40; the bulk of the sheep
sold at 5>3.00.a)4,00
Receipts—Cattle, 13,000; calves, 3000; hogs,
34 000; sheep, li'.OOO.
Wool Market
London, Feb. 18.-A dispat h from Sydney.
N. s \\., says there is an excellent demand for
wool, especially by French buyers. Receipts
are decreasing, and prices at tbe close of the
market on Saturday showed an adrance of s^p
1 Oc on the week.
New York. Feb 18.—Wool—Dealers genera -
ly nre still quoting a quiet trade, the volume
of business reported foots up to a fair average,
and manufacturers are making many bids
Prices are now about on the basis of former
California—Sprfrig northern, mid
dle spring. 9 <oi 1 c.
Oregon—Eastern super, 10Cd)l2c. ,
floney Quototlons.
New York, Feb. 18.—Money on call easy at
2 per cent; last loan at I!a per cent; closed at
1 5 cent.
Prime mercantile pap3r-r3 1 3 ''ir)s!£ cer oent.
Sterling exchange—Steady, with actual busi
ness iv bankers' bills at 84.88L4(54,88}i for de
mand and , 4 for 60 day.
Posted raees-#4.89u*4.89' t \
Commercial bill--s4.Bd.
Silver certificates—6o.
San Franciwu, Feb. 18.—3ight drafts on New
York, ncr $100. sc.
Telegraphic, 7^o.
London. Fob 18.—Bank of England discount
rate. 2 per cent.
Consols, 104 11-16.
Silver Bullion.
Ban Francisco. Feb. 18. —Silrer bars, per
Mexican dollars, 4S! 2 dj49c.
New York, Feb. 18.—Silver bsrs, per ounce,
Mexican dollars, 49c.
London. Feb. 18 —Bar silver bullion, per
ounce, .925 fine, 27d. 7-16
New York Cotton Market.
New York, Feb. 18.—Cotton opened steady
at an advance of 2 points; at the best showed
an advance of 2 points: closed quiet but
steady from 1 point net decline lo 2 points net -
advance. Total sales, 56,000 bales.
New YonK, Feb. 10.-Petroleum — Easier,
Pennsylvania oil sales, none; March option
sales, none; closed at 104 : > 8 ; Lima oil sales,
i The County Treasurer Reducing
the Public Debt
Share Speculation Depressed by Silver
AgitQtion in the Senate
1 British Gold Bugs Da Not Like the Bluster of
| „ the Free Silver Advocates in
f.OS ANGELK.M, Feb. 18,
The bond call recently made by the County
Treasurer is for the following denominations:
I Lo; Angeles county funded debt, issue ot
j 18*2, Nos 15 and 10, $1000 each, bearing 0
j r er cent
j Los Angeles county funded debt, issuo of
j 1884, N'os. 15 to 17 inclusive, $10 0 eaoh,
bearing 0 per cent Interest,
t Los Angeles county funded debt, issue of
, 18S5, Hot, 70 to 105 inclusive, 01009 each,
i bearing 4' 2 per cent interest,
Los Angeles bonded debt, issue of 1887 (court
I house and jail), .N'os. 20 to 34 inclusive, 8)1030
I each, bearing A 1 1 percent interest
Los Angeles county bonded debt, issue of
1800 (court house and j nil/. KOS, ti to 14 Indus*
ive, $1000 each, bearing 5 per cent Interest
The call is for a total of $29*000, and interest
will cease on all bonds call d for that arc not
presented lor redemption within 40days from
January 25 last,
j The redemption of these bonds will save the
f county a neat little sum in interest, as all tho
j different issues were for a period of twenty
j years.
A Heavy Tone Characterizes Speculation In
Wall Street
New York, Fob. 18.—The week opened on
the Stock Exchange with a heavy tone to the
speculation, which was due to the depres
sion in American securities on the Londuti
market. There was foreign selling iv the in
ternational stocks, chiefly in St. Paul and Erie.
The discussion in the United Slates Senate Sat
urday on the silver question had a disquieting
effect in this ai well as in the London stock
market, and imparted an unit tiled tone to
The coal shares were weak, and of the active
list Delaware end Hudson sold off 2U from the
opening price. New Jersey Central broke 1%,
rose2end reacted ',; Delaware,
and Western declined \% aud reacted Read
ing was Deflected, only 4QO shares being I Id,
the stock receding % and regaining } x . The
heaviness of these shares was due t > rumor-,
unfavorable to trade prospects, of which ttie
bears took advantage- to raid the properties.
Compared with tbe prices of about a mon'h
ago, the low point of today shows a de precis
lion of \'l l 2 percent in New Jersey Centra!, 10
per cam tri Lackawanna and 8' 4 in Delaware
and lludsoi.
The geiii ral list was irregular throughout
th j day, but in the last hour the market came
iuto belter tone. The tinai ligures made a re
covery comput ed with Saturday's closing quo
tations, bin iv a majority of cases are higher,
notably Cordage guaranteed.
There was a muuerate amount of business in
tbe bond market today. Total sales, $732,500.
The changes were insignificant.
Closing Stocks.
(few York, Feb. 19,—The closing quotations
Atchison 4'g U. P.D A Gulf...
Adams Xx 14- Northwestern..., fOj-j
Alton, Terre H... 35 ; dopfd 13s
dopfd NY. Central ... 119
American Br ...110 N.Y. A N. Eng .. *J9 7 a
Halt.it Ohio 02 Ontario A West.. Jt*V«
Can Pncilic 4H 7 M Oregon Imp 9
Can. Southern... 48 OregouNav 19
Central Pacific . 13 OregonshortLine
Ches. A Ohio L6sf <fcNorthern 4.,
Chic. A Alton... 145 PacilicMail , 22
CB. A Q 70\ Peoria Dee. A E.. 2%
Chicago Gai 7ns4 Rlttuburg 154
con. Gas 128 Pullmnn. 153 U
c. c.c.A st. L... Reading 094
Col, coal A iron.. 5 RiohmondTer ——
cotton Oil 1714 do prd
Dei. A Hudson; , 126V£ RioG.Western... 169$
Do, Lack. W 167! a do pfd 43
D. AR. G. pfd 99 Rock Island bl 1 *
Distillers 9' 2 St.Paul .. . 5"»V 8
Last Term ~ dopfd 117
Erie §26*t< *0 301 *
do pfd IT\ do pfd , ..109
FortWavnc 156 Southern Pa -iflc 17 1 .j
Gt. North'n pfd. iof) Sugar Refinery... o. \
c. it E. il. pfd 90 Ten ii. Coal A Iron 1 89?
Hocking Valley.. 19 Texasl'acilic
Illinois Cen 8(i Tol itO. Cenpfd, 7oi*
st. Paul it Duiuth 20 UntonPaclfio 9' 4
Ksu.it rex. pfd. 21'a'r. S. Express 42
Lake Krie A W... Wabash, fat.Louis
dopfd BgJrJ a Pacific 5J£
Lake shore 137 do pfd ..
Lead Trust 27 1 * Wells-Fargo Ex.loo
LAN 72U1 Western Union .. 87» B
LA N. Albany. t . 6S WheeliugA L. E.. 9s
Manhattan C0n..1061., dopfd 35«
Meinnhis A Char. 10 Minn, it St. 1 20
Michigan Cen.... 93 I). AR G UU
Missouri Pacific,. 2l> 8 Gen.Electric 28-';
Mobile A 0hi0... 15 Nat. Linseed 18» 2
Nash. Achat Ot Col, Fuel A Iron, 34
Nat. Cordage 494 dopfd 55
do pfd o ;i 4 11. AT. C 2U
N. Y. Central 82 : ' a Tol. A. A. A North
Norfolk A W. pfd. 11 Michigan 1
North American.. Tol. si. LA K. C. 1
Northern Pacific. 3 dopfd 7
North'n Pac pfd 1514 AmcricauTobac..-- —
So. R. R 3'v do pfd
do pfd -1
1 Bid.
Bond List.
Nkw York, Fch. 18.—The official closing
quotations uu the s-toek boird for the bond list
s as follows:
U.S. ss, reg 115 Den. A It. G. 75,.. ] 14 1 C
do ss, coup.. ..115% do 4s 87
do4i», reg 110' 4 Erie Seconds 5S' a
do 4s, coup 111 G. 11. AS. A. 65.. 92' 3
do 2s. Reg 95 I do 7s 100
Pac. ;is, of '95...10n H. AT Cent . . .105U
Ala., class A lOt ji do Us 102
do Class B 100 , M. K. T. Ist Is . 80
do class C 97'j do 2nd 4s 45
do Currency.... Mutual Union 6s 111 'a
La. New Cons, 4s. 92"., N. J. Cen. Gon.ssllli2
Missouri 6s HiO |North. Pac UU..112V
N. Carolina 65...124 do2nds 84';.
do 4s 09 N. W. Consols... .138
P. Car. Non-Fund. 1., do s F. deb, 5s 106
Term. New Set Ov 84' 8 Rio G. W. ists. ... 61' 8
do 5s 100 [St. Paul Con, 7s 124
do 3s ! do C. A P. W 5s I 09' a
do Old 6s 60 BLL.AI. M.tienOs 78
Va. Centuries ~ .58 j 3t.L. A BFGon 'i.s 103
dopfd ti i Tex. Pac. Ists ... 81
Atchison 4s 64 '~ do 2uds 23
ih> 2nd A 17 4 ]V. P. I sts of '96. . 103%
t'anada So 3udl .101 West shore 4s 103%
rj Pac. Ist of '95. lODVgj-So. R. R. 5s —
I Bid.
Government bonds-Firm.
State bonds—Dull.
Railroad bonds—Firm.
Mining Shares.
San- PXANCHOO, Feb. 18. —The official closing
inotatious for mining stocks today were as fol
Vita 33 Julia
Vlpha Con 06 Justice ,06
V rides. 23 Ken tuck Con. . .03
lelchor.... 36 Lady Wash'ri Con. t
ielle Isle Mexican... 73
Jest A Belcher 76 Mono
todieCou 88 Ml. Diablo 10
iv lion 10 Nuvajo —
lulwer Con .l2JOcciaetital Con... .04
Caledonia 1.45
'balienge Con 25|Overman 11
'hollar 54 Poiosi 4i*
'outldence. 90.Savage ,4L
lon. Cftl. AVa 8.40 acorpion ~.. .. ,
lon. Imperial Ol Sierra Nevada. ... ,sfl
Jon. New York ... j-SJlver Hill 03
Town Point 38 Silver King 10
Ixchequer Union Con 44
iould A t'urrv 43 Utah Con —-
irand Prize — Yellow Jacket 40
laic A Norcross... .*;l
Boston Quotations.
Boston, Feb. 18.—The closing quotations
tchison 4 Mexican 6J£
tell Telephone... 190»5 San Diego
lurlington 70> a {
London Stock Market
New York, Feb. 18.—The Evening Post's
ondun cablegram says:
Tho firmness in silver stocki was again the
eature ttday, wi'b consol drafts sellinj.l
rates ranging t>; .>•!. Amertcm slock- who
riopres."'! h, the •'absurd bluster *or the sil
y.rlt.s in the -enate on Wturd.f. This cour.o
la strongly condemned here by all but uirael
a'llsts. , ■
Ixindon agents of New > ork f'cnnsvl rUM
and i "bio rail roads kuvo n.itlee that over
B\ooO,Uooof flr.l nond< »»»• MN
deposit-it, ttms insuring the rarri.ffe flf th.
scheme i„r r. r« iir-rngcinwt "f the Capital.
■ Light
on packing house methods of lard
rendei ing, and there will be less lard
! used. IVany people realize that it
is impossible now-a-days to procure
• old-fashioned leaf lard. They
demand something better than the
: modern stock-yards product.
The New Vegetable Shortening
fully supplies that demand. It is
clean, delicate, healthful and eco
nomical. Ask your grocer for tbe
genuine Cottolene.
Chicago, New fork, Bolton*
■ *
Bankers and Brokers,
lld! 2 ' S. Main st. Telephone 14H9.
Chicago Grain
New York Stocks
S. F. Wheat and Barley
Bought, sold am! carried on margins. Dailj
circular and little books on speculation or
HOW TO -MAKE MONEY, mailed free.
" fully because they weaken you slowly, gradu
ally. Do not allow this waste of body to make
yon a poor, flabby, immature man.Health, strength
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The tircnt Hiidyan is to be had only from tbe Hud
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HI'DSON ItIKDICAIj institute,
Stockton, Market und EIIU Sts.,
Notice of Sale of Property
ol" assessment lor improving Iliuton ave
Notice i.s hereby given that default having
been made in the payment of the semi-annual
interest and one tenth of the principal on tne
hereinafter described bond, being improve
men) bond, l ties i, issued for the improving
of Iliuton avenue, between Pearl street and
BeaudrV street, In the i ity of I.os Angeles, state
of California, and the Santa Cruz Mine com
pany of Los Angeles, the holder ot the bond
having demanded that the city eeasurer Pro
ceed to advertise aud sell tbe'lot and parcel
d scribed In laid bond, and upon which piece
Of property said boot! is a lien,
Now. therefore, I, W A. Hart well, Oil J treas
urer In and for the city of Los Angeles, sta eof
*. allfornla, hereby give notice that by virtue of
the authority vested in me hv law, unless said
hereinafter described bo id, together with the
interest, cost and penalties is paid on or before
Febiuary HO, m*if>. ut 10 o'clock a. m., I will
on that day and time offer lOr sale «t public
auction at the easterly do »r of the county
court house, in the Olty Of I.os Angeles the
hereinafter described lot and parcel of land
upon which said bund i.s a lien, and that I trill
ceil the s mallei I quantity of said lot and parcel
of land that will be taken by any person for
the amouir of the principal, Interest, costs and
penalties remaining due and unpaid upon said
The foi rowing is a description of the tiond.
giving its number as welt as the assessment
number, for which It Is Issued, a d a descrip
tion of the property Upon which it is a lien,
the description being given by lot, block and
tract all being iv *he city of Los Angeles, and
the amount eel after the lot or tract is tho
amount of the principal of said bond.
Koud'.u"..; s «»' s ' **• \ Tnet - j «•'"«= ~
3 I i l_ 1 J SM S'ict'r Heigh's .f 11(^.17
riitru is also inteie-l due upon said amount
at the ruteof 7 per cent, per annum, v inch
will he added to said amount, together with
the costs and penalties allowed by law; and
the total amount of principal, interest-, costs
aud penaltte. wilt be the total amount for
which the properly will be sold.
1 will continue such sale from day to day
until such proper,y hereinbefore sol f,nth. or
so much thereof as may he necessary, shall
have been sold. W. A. lIAKTWKLI.
riiyTreusurerof the t'ily of I.os Angeles
Dated I.os Angeles, California. January 29,
»»¥» 39-4. 12, 19

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