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More Talk About the Salt Lake
The Railroad Commissioners. Fruit Rates
and Refrigerator Cars
The neetingol the Chamber ol Commerce--A
Big Palm Tree-.The Pire st
There was a meeting Of a few prominent
citizen in the assembly chamber of the
Chamber of Commerce building las', night,
for the purpose of considering; what could
be done toward building a railroad to
Salt Lake City. The meeting war. called
to order by Colonel J. SI. C. Marble, and
Mr. Ward was elected secretary, Among
the citizens present were Charles Koi
rrst'r, Captain Cross, J. H. Braly, Joseph
Bixby, W. H. Workman, j. H. llurkc. ML
K. Avery, J. F Sartori and otliers. The
proposition presented to the nicotine; was
that the people of Los Angela! should
•end a committee to Sacramento to urge
tbe legislature to pass a law similar to the
Ohio law, which allowed the city of Cin
cinnati to build the Cincinnati Southern
Hailroad and then lease it to the highest
bidders. It was shown in the discussion
thai Cincinnati was receiving .in income
nf over $1,01>J,1100 a year from the road it
built, besides Retting all the trade along
Ihe line for its merchants, and it was
ch-arlv indicated that if allowed to do so
Los Angeles city alone could build the
railroad to Salt Lake, and inside of ten
years be receiving a revenue from it.
The plan of taxation has already been
discussed and in the proposed bill the
only change would lie to make the rate of
taxation tower. It was timilly decided to
appoint a committee to draft a bill, mod
eled after the Ohio bill, and present the
B line to the Chamber of Commerce on
Wednesday afternoon with the idea of
getting that body to indorse the proposed
It was also decided to call a general
meeting of citizens for Wednesday night
at 7:30 o'clock, at Assembly Hall, Cham
ber of Commerce building, to discuss the
proposed legislation.
On the committee to draft the bill and
present it to the Chamber of Commerce
Messrs. Workman, Marble, Ward, Allen
and Davis were selected and the meeting
then adjourned. As there are but sixteen
more days of session for the present
legislature it. is necessary that if anything
is to he done with the proposed hi'l prompt
action be taken. Not a day can bo lost
safely, for Ran Francisco is waking up and
it is'by no means certain that the pro
moters of the proposed Ran Joaquin Val
ley Hailroad may find a way to Salt Lake
City rather than to Los Angeles unless
the" people of this southern metropolis
show some spirit and grit.
Discussing Fruit Rates.
The Railroad Commissioners have at
last awakened to the fact that there exists
in California such a class as "thepeople,"
who are shippers of freight and who have
rights which the Southern Pacific is
hound, if it oheys the law, to respect. The
following telegram is self-explanatory, but
tbe Railroad Commissioners want to hear
witnesses on the other side, and this they
will probably do. The special says:
San Francisco, Fch. 18.— There was a
full attendance at the meeting of the
Hoard of Railroad Commissioners this
afternoon. The Assembly resolution call
ing upon the Commissioners for a detailed
statement of the charges for transporting
fruit overland, with particular reference
to the charges for refrigerator cars, was
taken up. J. C. Stubbs, W. H. Mills and
C. F. Smurr, representing the Southern
Pacific Company, and several agents of
refrigerator devices were present.
Upon invitation W. H. Mills said
that he came to make an answer to the
resolution. He -did not represent the
Southern Pacific Company, but came as a
student of the industrial resources of this
state and the intiuence of transportation
upon fruit shipments. Mr. Mills then
tiled a statement concerning the cost of
moving fruit and also concerning the ap
paratus used. It set forth that Mr. Per
kins has invented a device for using ster
ilized air, which preserves fruit and saved
$100 per car as compared with refrigera
tion. Mr. Perkins experimented with a
carload of fruit which was moved from
Oakland to New Orleans and back at the
expense of the Southern Pacific Company.
The car was absent lift eon days.
The experiment was satisfactory. If
that device had been put in general use
tWO years ago there would have been a
saving of $1,000,000 to California this sea
son. Mr. Mills thought, there, ought to be
a fund or legislative appropriation which
would enable the Hailroad Commission
ers to investigate devices of this sort cal
culated to save money for the producers.
The secretary read the communication
presented by Mr. Stubhs, which con
tained a statement of rates charged per
car, the weight of ice, etc., and set forth
that the transportation companies have
nothing to do with refrigerating charges.
The railroads, said Mr. Stubbs in his
communication, favor the ventilated cars.
The company does not own refrigerator
cars. The best car is yet to be made
which will make shipping of deciduous
fruits cheaper. Mr. Stubbs was of opin
ion thut refrigerator car charges have
been too high. He said that the charges
for transportation are about as low as
they can be made under all circumstances.
The board also heard other gentlemen
concerning green fruit shipment and re
frigerator charges and discussed the sub
ject at considerable length.
Trying; to Bring Them In
Chicago, Feb. 18.—R, D. Caldwell,
chairman of the Western Trunk Lines
committee, left tonight for St. Louis to
confer with the Missouri Pacific and the
Missouri, Kansas & Texas regarding the
membership of these lines in the com
The attitude of the Hlo Grande Western
in declining to become a member as long
as the Union Pacific allowed its side trips
which are allowed only because the Rio
Grande Western gives stopovers at Salt
Lake City, is likely to cause further com
plications in the West and it may be some
time before they get straightened out.
The Bocfc Island and the Burlington,
which arc eastern connections of the Kio
Grande Western, are disposed to take an
amicable view of tbe situation ami the
chances are that the trouble will be ad
justed within a short time.
A Big Palm Tree
Trainmaster Prior on yesterday bad re
moved from the Los Angeles yards and
shipped to Fresno for transplanting one
of the gigantic palm trees that have been
grown there. The tree when ready for
shipment weighed eleven tons and is one
of the most magnificent specimens of its
species in the state. It was 15 years old
a rtiouth or two ago, and being in splen
did condition, will no doubt live many
years in the genial soil of Fresno.
Tbe Wilmington Fire
The wisdom of equipping switch engines
in railroad yards with bose reels and lire
pumps for use in case of fire was fully
demonstrated on Sunday afternoon last.
About 2 o'clock a telegram sent simul
taneously to the Southern Pacific and
Santa Fc railroad, offices here announced
that McDonald's warehouse at Wilming
ton, near San Pedro, was on tire, and that
numerous freight cars belonging to both
roads, as well as other property belonging
to citizens and adjoining the warehouse
was iv danger. Two switch engines, fitted
with lire apparatus, one from the Santa Xc
yards and one from the Southern Pacific,
were sent on a rash to Wilmington and
arrived there tn time to save most of the
A number of freight cars were partially
deetroved and the warehouse and its> con
tents was a total los-. All the burned
property was fully insured. But for the
switch engines there is no telling where
the tire would have stopped,as Wilmington
is but poorly provided with tire appara
Notes end Personals
1). R. Kohinson, first vice-president of
the Santa Fe system, is in the city with
his family and will remain here some
time. They tied Chicago when tbe 30 de
grees below' zero arrived for an apparently
unlimited stay.
Sixty passengers went to Catalina Isl
and yesterday, tiiostot them carrying guns
and bent on "getting a shot at a wild goat.
From thirty to forty carloads of oranges
leave this city for the Eastern markets
daily now and "the business is steadily in
Action ol the Northwest Improvement
Association at Lnst fleeting
The regular meeting of the above asso
ciation was held at the hall, corner Mon
treal street and Bellvue avenue, last Tues
day evening.
The committee on Temple street im
provent was, by request, discharged and
a new one appointed, with instructions to
canvass the district thoroughly and re
port at an early date whether the majority
of property owners favor a compromise
grade or to have the present ordinance
revoked anil commence new proceedings.
The committee on streets and four
others were appointed a special commit
tee to confer with the commissioners on
extension of Hill street (formerly Caste
lar) to Bcllevue avenue and sec that the
rights of property owners in the assess
ment district are protected. The com
mitec on health and sanitation reported
several nuisances and were instructed to
ask the Health Officer to have them
The special order of business being the
proposed regrading of liellevue avenue
preparatory to the extension of the elect
ric railroad, a long discussion on that
question ensued, which was, on motion,
continued until next meeting.
The special Order of business at the
meeting this evening will be the regrading
of Bcllevue avenue, prepartory to the ex
tension of the electric railway. All who
are interested are urged to attend.
Evangelist Mad.tine
Tbe revival services at the First Chris
tian Church have begun in earnest. In the
meeting large and attentive audiences
are listening to the inspiring sermons and
touching appeals of the eloquent evangel
ist. He is addressing church members
this week and arousing them to a sense
of their obligations to God and their
fellow men.
Ho preached last night upon Consecra
tion. He set forth the higher, suprcmer
joys of the Christian life as compared
with deadening and ruinous effects of sin.
in becoming Christians, God only asks
man to give up that which is hurtful and
that he live in harmony with the law of
God, both in the realms of the physical
and spiritual world. The congregation
was much moved by his earnest appeals
for consecration to" the great work ot the
Professor Colyer, who is a fine singer,
has charge of the music, which is es
pecially inspiring and helpful.
Eight Chinese Vagrants.
Eight Mongolians, all of whom are
cither owners of female slaves or living
of their illicit earnings, were arrested
in Chinatown yesterday upon warrants
by Officer Roberts. The complaints were
sworn to by Officer Rich, who stated that
they have "no visible means of support,
ami that they wander around the streets
aimlessly at "late and unseasonable hours
of the night. They were released by each
giving a bond for $100. Chinese property
owners qualified on each bond.
Dr. Rebecca Lee Dorsey, Stimson
block, first Moor, rooms 120, 130, 141.
Special attention given to obstetrical
cases and all diseases of women and
children. Electricity scientifically used.
Consultation hours Ito j. Tel. 1227.
S. Conradi, jeweler and watchmaker,
j 113 S. Spring street, makes a specialty of
I line watch and jewelry repairing, dia
| mond setting; an elegant line of optical
I goods. A fine stock of watches and
! jewelry always on hand.
I Teachers of the public schools can buy
; portraits of Washington, Lincoln, Colum-
I bus, and of all the authors, for decorating
j schoolrooms, at Lichtenbcrger's Art Em
] porlum, 107 North Main street.
I.os Angeles Cure Rath and Massage in-
I stltute, 630 South Broadway, gives first
class massage treatment and all kinds of
baths. This is the cleanest place in town
for taking baths. We also give first-class
vegetarian diet.
Adams Bros., dentists, 230 1-2 South
Spring street. Painless filling and ex
tracting. Best sets of teeth from $6 to
$10. Hours: Bto 5; Sundays, 10 to 12.
The Citrus Fair this year will be
greater, grander and more beautiful than
[ ever before. Hazard's Pavilion. Febru
ary 28th; ten days; 25 cents admission.
Mathushek and the Briggs sweet tone
pianos for sale and to rent at No. 118
Winston street. A. G. Gardner, practical
piano tuner.
Dr. \V. H. Ward, Mueller block, Fifth
and Broadway, rooms 24 and 25. Res.,
I 1033 Flower st. Tel., office 1421; res. 118.
Insure in the Phoenix Assurance Com
pany of London. A. C. Golsh, agent.
Office, 147 S. Broadway; telephone 020.
Dr. E. J. Hadfield, of Philadelphia,
surgeon and physician; office Bradbury
bldg., tel. 125; res. 539 Olive, tel. 1168.
The Advance Davis sewing machine is
the best. Office, 128 South Main street.
Sharp & Samson, funeral directors (in
dependent), 536 8. Spring St.; tel. 1029.
Sewing machines, in good working or
der, for $5 each. 128 South Main street.
All kinds of sewing machines to rent;
128 South Main street.
Rooms $2 a week and up. U. S. Hotel.
Photos, any size, $1. Plaza Gallery.
' The Famous Cassasa Band.

Trunks and Leather floods.
All styles and varieties. Largo stock always
on hand, and repairing a specialty. J. c. Cun
ningham, 236 S. Spring street. Tel. 818.
Wagner's Kimberley,
158 N. Main, opposite old court house. Specs
and' cye-glaßses a specialty. Fine watch and
jewelry repairing. Also diamonds and nne
jewelry at lowest figures. Wagner, the old re
liable jeweler.
Our ilome Brew.
Maier & Zobelein's lagor, fresh Irom their
brewery, oil draught in ail the principal sa
loons; delivered promptly in bottles or keuti.
' Office and brewery, 414 Aliso street; tele
-1 phone 91.
The Plnest Flavored Oysters
In bulk and cans, 00 cents, full quarts; fine, fat
and juicy. Cans 50 cents. Discount to hotel*,
aud restaurants. Fred Hanlman's Mott Market
1 —i
Stylish nillinery.
Mrs. C. Posch will be found at No. 313 S.
Spring st, just below Ramona hotel. Ladies,
see my New York spring styles.
1 Mrs. Secord, massage for ladles. Robarts b.k.,
cor. Main and Seventh st. Room 47.
Highest of all in Leavening Power.— Latest XJ. S. Gov't Report
Corsets fitted at the Unique.
The Cassasa band is coming.
?Agcnts wanted at Webster's, Maceabee j
The finest eastern maple bowling alleys
at 222 South Broadway.
Roses that will bloom in the spring tra
la at Lyon & Cobbe's, 440 S. Broadway.
Life reading, II; satisfaction guaran
teed. Fanny Green, 144 8. Main, room 8.
The greatest citrus fair ever held in the
state will take place in Hazard's pavilion
February 28th, for 10 days.
Ladies, we will allow you !r37.50 for
your old machines. No Treadle Sewing
Machine Company, 750 South Olive.
Social dance by Professor Payne Tues
day night; all friends invited and all
members of the school; Illinois Hall,
Sixth and Broadway; music. Schoena
man-Blanohard orchestra.
Grand ball. All are invited at Armory
Hall. Tuesday evening, February 19th.
Conducted by Magnolia Lodge No. 34,
1). of H., of A. 0. U. W. Admission 50
cents, admitting gentleman ami lady.
Thomas Morgan, who entered the Goss
residence a few nights ago and stole a lot
of valuable silverware, was yesterday
hooked upon a charge of burglary, by De
tective Alible.
Some hay, set on fire by children, called
the fire engines to the corner of Maple
avenue and Twenty-seventh street yester
day afternoon. About $8 worth of the hay
was destroyed.
Reading by Miss Addie L. Murphy and
Miss Anna K. Robinson, assisted by
Krauss Quartette Tuesday evening, Feb
ruary 19, Y. M. C. A. "Hall, 209 South
Broadway. Tickets 50 cents at Blanchard
Fitzgerald's. No extra charge for re-
served seats.
The young ladies and gentlemen of the
city with a predilection Tor the stage have
decideil to organize a local dramatic club
and give performances from time to time
for the benefit of charitable institutions.
The classic drama is the study to be en
tered upon, nnd Mr. I. J. Duggan of the
Burbank theatre is to be the tutor.
Santa Catalina Island steamer connects
daily, except Sunday, at San Pedro with
Southern Pacific Company's train leaving
Arcade depot at 12:55 p. m. The steam
ship Falcon is being painted and reno
vated. For the next ten days the Wil
mington Transportation " Company's
staunch and fast ocean tug Warrior will
make daily trips, Sundays excepted. The
company reserves the right to change
steamers and their days of sailing.
The Petroleum Fields of California is
the suggestive title of a lecture before the
Science Association this evening at the
Chamber of Commerce Hall, it will be
given by William V. Watt, associate in
the field of State Mineralogist Crawford,
and author of an elaborate treatise on the
oil fields of Sacramento and San Joaquin
valleys. He has been examining the Los
Angeles and r-ucnte oil districts and can
talk interestingly on his theme. It will
be illustrated by lantern views. Admis
sion free.
The Anheuser Restaurant,
At 243 South Spring street, sets commer
cial lunch from 11 to 2 and 5 to 8 p. m.
Finest delicacies always on hand; also
dishes ala carte. The celebrated Anheu
ser-Busch St. Louis beer always fresh on
tap. Charles Bauer, proprietor.
This is the scoson to gel the best val
ues and attention in fine tailoring from
H. A. Getz, 112 W. Third street.
Dr. D. 3. Diffepbacher, dentist, rooms 4 and
5.119 S. Spring St., Los Angeles.
E. L. DOHENV, manager. J.A. CONNON, Sunt.
IN ANY QUANTITY at market prices. Satisfaction guaranteed. Our
I oil contains no benzine, nahptha or other dangerous explosives. We
furnish Maier-Zobelein Brewery, Los Angeles Cold Storage Co .Cudahy
Packing Co., and many other consumers, to whom we refer. Can be burned
with any style of burner.
Telephone 1472. Wells and Office cor. Douglas &W. State sts.
In Southern California treating
Diseases of |y| £ Exclusively
To show our honesty, sincerity nnd ability to cure tbe diseases ol which we
make a specialty, we require
In Advance
Fop JWEDICINE or> TftJHATmEfIT, but will rjuaut
We have abandoned the treatment of all diseases except Private Weaknesses and
Diseases of Men. We think that we thereby attain the highest possible degree of success
for tbe speedy, thorough and permanent cure of these cases, i Our offices are the most pri
vate and elaborate in the city, and contain every Instrument and remedy known to science
for our special treatment.
Our specialty consuls of the quickest, easiest and cheapest treatment of alt forms ot
Weakness, Acute aud chronic Discharges, Blood Taints and Stricture aud Gleet, the results
of badly treated Gonorrhoea and surgical diseases ot ninu.
Our'little book ou the nature and treatment of those diseases, together with rules far
diet, exorcise and sleep„scut securely sealed, free. We make it part of our business to keep
all matters regarding our praotice sacredly confidential.
If you want to get well, call upon us for 8 freo consultation and examination. If wecan
not ours you no power on earth can, for we understand every feature of the diseases ot
which we make a specialty.
Car. Main and Third Sts. Over Wells-Fargo Ex. Co. Private entrance on 3d-St-
What Is Now Being Used In the Hoffman Calc.
The Empire Chandelier
in the description of the Hoffman Cafe
in Sunday's Herald, one of the most at
tractive features was inadvertently
omitted. The immense chandelier that
is suspended in the center of the bar was
designed aud furnished, by a local firm
i that has lately taken the. lead In the iniiii
' ufacture of gas and electric fixtures. The
chandelier is made to supply twelve gas
and twelve electric lights, and is of the
latest style, called the Empire. It is fin
ished inartistic manner and has highly
cut glass globes called stalactites.
The handsome and elaborate silver table
service was purchased from Messrs. Mey
berg Bros., ami the beautiful soup tureci s,
sugar bowls, forks, spoons and knives, a d,
In fact, all the silverware that makes
dining room so attractive, was selected by
that linn.
i 0. W. O. Hardman, Sheriff of Tyler
I county, West Virginia, appreciates a good
thing and does not hesitate to say so. He
j was almort prostrated with a cold when
Ihe procured a bottle of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. He says: "It gave me
prompt relief. I lind it to be an invalu
able remedy for coughs and colds.'' For
sale by Off A Vaughn, Fourth and Spring
streets; C. F. Heinzeman, 222 North
Main street, druggists.
You save about one-fourth trading with
the Red Kite Furniture Co., North Main
and Plata (Old Pico House).
Fitzgerald, house and sign painter, 222
Franklin; telephone 1449. Low prices.
Alberto Yaldez, Pomona 35
Dolores Laustanan, Los AngCies 25
F, Mari-'ii Davis, Pasadena 30
Mary J. Burgcson, Pasadena 23
Wedding invitations and announcements,
; visiting eards, etc.. engraved or printed. Work
j done on premises. Leo & Bro , 14.0 N. Spring
I . =====
APFFEL—In Los Angeles, Monday, at lip m.,
Mrs. John Apffel, aged til years, born in
Woerlli, Alsace. Funeral will take place
from her late residence, 851 Maple ave., at
3 p. ra.. Ji).h fust
New Orleans, Dubuque and San Francisco
papers please, copy.
! BARHAM -la Los Angeles. February 17, 1895,
Li Hie Ellis, beloved wife of Guy B. Barham,
a native of Los Angeles, aged 25 years,
i Funeral at 11 a. m today from 825 Alvarado
] street.
■ REYNOLDS—In this city, February 18, 1895.
I ' Mrs. Catarina Reynolds, aged 80 years,
i Funeral from tho residence of Mrs. B. Far,
I 4S*i Dueomniun street. February 20th ai ii
j p.m. Services will be held at the church of
' Our Ladv oi Angels. Interment Calvary cem-
I Story, Friends invited.
_ FUNERAL JV?"^^£^5_
Members of Court I.osAngeles No. 422, Inde
pendent Order of Foresters, aro hereby notified
to meet at our lodge room. In new Turner Hall
bUlldlnft. Wednesday. February 20th, at 1 p.m.
■ sharp, to attend the funeral of our late brother
| E. (i. L'ol'uv. All brother Foresters invited.
Guy 8. Allen, jr., C. 11 O. H. Nunnaley, R. H.
\ Leading Funeral Director |
Today, Tuesday, Feb. 19th,
Tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 20th.
TFTIRTY PlE r ES—nearly 1000 yards—all-wool, 36 inches wide — m
All the newest 6PRIXG COLORINGS to select from-tans, browns, blacks, two shades in
blue, garnet, cardinal, modo. This barga'n cannot be duplicated.
FAIL to visit our Domestic Department. We ar> offering extra values IB
Ducks, Piques. Percales, Dimities, Japonettes, Challles, White Goods etc. Our prices cani.ot (a
eqt aled.
This advertisement smangnd every other day. It will pay you to watch this spate, f
will be hard to duplicate »ny of our offerings, Goods delivered tree In any part of I ssadc a.
Mail orders solicited. } •*■
FtiXEN & CO., 135 S. SPRING ST.
Adams=st. Tract.
See this tract and compare prices and the street improvements with other
tracts before buying/ ,
Thrrehundre.lSO-foot residence lots, fronting Adams a reet, 1 wenty-seventh.
Twentv-eigbth and Twenty-ninth streets, nt $X 10 and up.
i Streets are graded and graveled; cement walks and curbs; beautiful street tree*
and palms on all streets Building restrictions!, and undesirable cla'sof bui dings not
perm ttod. Visit ihis tract and sec the many beautiful homes being huit. (lr.,nd view
ol the mountains. Rich garden loam. No mud: 30 feet higher than Figncroa street.
Don't fail to see the lots fronting BEAUTIFUL ADAMS STREET. Twelve minutes ride
Irom Second and Spring streets, on the new double electric, line down, Cenral avenue
Agents at our branch office, cornor of Central avenue and Twenty-ninth streets.
Free catrlago from our office. For maps and prices call on
Grider & Dow, 109 I=2 S. Broadway
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»»♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«>♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«»^
! Gas and Electric Fixture I
: i :
:WE ARE NOW IN A POSITION TO SHOW I In former premises, ♦
AND MANUFACTURE A MOST ] ~.,.„,.. _ „ . . ♦
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Highest Medals Offered
_ in America.
a s\ f i _S isast jEjr World's Fair Convention of Pho
\ togrnph-rs and World's Exposi.
tion. Chicago, '93. Highestpre-
I V f — f \ *G . miums Los Angeles Fair '8«>1.
'ii'J,'93 And also awarded the
highest piemium. for last fair,
* ending Oct. 20, '84.
Cloudy Weather Preferred
Our Awards are the hignest awarded to any photographer, speaking vol
umes for the superiority of Stsckel p U /VT Ofl PAPHV
Photographs. Wa ojpevsry class of rllV/l IV™ » ■ ■ P
*%{\ cy CT#a.». •?#»*» 6LV Oppnit* to# Angeles Theater
££\J «3. jprJllK and Hollenbeck Hotel.
DR. WHITE. the oldest «■
tablished specialist, has de-
A voted more time, as city pa-
BB ZtQJw pers show, to ibe exclusive
treatment of •.cEun.t and
chronic rlisrnses ol men and
ivomon thnn any other rulvor-
Using physician city.
Blood and skin diseases, red
spots, pain in bones, sore throat and mouth,
blotches and eruptions of the skin, ulcers,
paiaful swellings, etc ; kidney and bladder
diseases, frequent micturition, scalding, in
flammation, gravel, etc.; organic weakn si,
undeveloped organs, impediments Ao mar
riage, nervous debility, impaired memory,
mental anxiety. Absence of will power, weak
back, lost vitality, melancholy and all dis
eases resulting from excesses, indiscretion or
overwork, reeemt ©r old, speedily, thoroughly
and permanently cured. "Where shall I go to
get cured?" many a sufferer asks, not know
ing whom to trust. Go where thousands of
others have gone and be restored to perfect
health, the comforts of home and the enjoy
ment of society—to Dr. White's old-established
office, located eight years in Los Angeles. All
lingering chronic diseases that have been neg*
lected or have failed to yield to the treatment
of less skillful hands soon get well under Dr
White's superior treatment. Patients wishing
speedy relief and sure cure should consult Dr.
White, whose long, extensive experience en
ables him to apply the proper tiealment at
once without useless experiments, thus saving
the patient much time and expense. Office
and private laboratory, 1128 North Main street
Los Angeles, Cal. Out-of-town patients
treated by mail and express.
Fine Gold Filling. Crown and Bridge Work.
All Operations Painless.
P.ooms 18 and 111.
418 South Main Street.
Chas. F. Kuhl is the proprietor of this hand
some resort snd is well supplied with a large
6tock of choice wet goods. Mr. X uhl is an old
lime saloon man In this city and knows how to
please all coiners. You are invited to attend
tho opening SATURDAY NIGHT.
Druggist and Chemist,
222 i. MMIN ST., 10S SMGELES.
Prescriptions cafefulb- compounded day or
When what you read is entertaining end when
yon don't ha»*e to strain your eye a perusing
it. You can afford to be recsless with anything
but your eves; you can afford to taks chances
with anything but your sight. We make all
sor s of glasses for all sorts of eye., and for.
their expert cxamin tion no charge is mad:'.
You will find in our fine stock everything to
improve one's eyesight in the wav ol glasses.
PACIFIC OPTICAL CO., Scientific Opticians,
187 N. Sprinj st. forget number.
All 'TO '
312 South Sjiringst., below Third. i,«
D. D. S.
Room 133, Stimson Block.
Artificial Teeth
Difficult and irregular cases solicited
Gold and porcelain crowns aid bridge work.
Fine gold fillings.
AH work first class in every particular.
\v* v f Bring safety, com trt and health.
ffS" Look out! There Ire imitations!
V _J Don'ttakeauv rials. See that you
J get Dr. Caton's, tie original and
J *v only absolutely sife and certain
x preparation. Drui atores, or by
qP^SFE&> B eaied. mall for $t Advice free. .
' ACattji Specific Cj. Boston, Mass. /
.gffjlj Sol ' on Kas - Peyments.
dSBSm m Invalids' Chairs and Children's
OlfltES Carriages rent'l by ihe day,
week ouuonth.
T. MARTIN, k\ S. Spring S*.

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