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The Ol pheum.- Some very entertaining
people are on at this house for the week.
Last night the place wus packed und the
generous applause accorded to the entire
collection proved that Messrs. Walter A
Pet rich are appreciating the desires of
Los Angeles audience?.
The bill this week grows better as the
night grows older, llnilcy and Jordan,
parodists, arc not bad and Stack and Mil
ton, bar experts, do some really wonderful
work. Hilda Thomas is a charming com
edienne; she gives something new.
something quite original. Conway and
Leland arc acrobatic monopolies-that is
to say they have but one log each and
this fact, howevpr sad it may seem, is
really the life of their act. Shy on legs as
I hey, are these two do clever acrobatic
work and sandwich it with itinny little
sayings and doings. Harry Potter, the
eminent baritone, sings and the audience j
waits tv see the Kddy family. Wonderful j
people these. Marvelous acrobatic feats
they do in correct evening dress and never
seem to even muss their Clothes. It is the
nest hill the house has presented yet.
■b * it
Rurhank Theater.—Among Hip stock
company now playing ut tliis tinnier
there li one nieniher that ere long »hOUjd
achieve a national reputation as a star,
anrl as the e<ntul of many more preten
tions ones now lief ore the public. The
young lady is May Nannary, and her con
ception of Ruth Hope, the suffering or
phan in Wages of Sin. ii a beautiful piece
of acting. From the impulsive, careless
heiress to the sorrow stricken-mothe* and
criminal is a wide range, that was pic
tured with careful modulation, pleasing,
intense dramatic effect, and with an in
telligence ami grace that bespoke a high
standard of dramatic intelligence. Mr.
Snow was careful and conscientious n
(ieorge Brand the curate. Mr. Kallett
displayed a very neat piece of acting as
Stephen Marler, and Mrs. Marshall was
particularly effective a* Mrs. Bloggso.
The remainder of the support was accept
able, with a slight sin-inkling of excel
lence. The piece, us its title Implies, is
a story of suffering, shame and sorrow,
•nd the situations ID several instances are
hiohlv effective and praiseworthy.
The audience was exceedingly appreci
ative, and aside from repeated hearty en
cores, gave the principals several "curtain
calls. " It must be said of the company
that their representations in this city,
and they have covered a Wide range, have
In all cases been highly creditable.
The Wages of Sin will be given during
the entire week, with a matinee on Wash
ington's Birthday.
* *
Let Aneeles Theater. —The only attrac
tion this week is the opera of King Solo
mon, rendered by the Royal Operetta
Company, late of the Thalia Theater,
Now York City. Mr. N'eavescon. the di
rector and one ol the managers of this
company, is well known in the East as
the manager of the Hungarian Theater
and director of the musical entertain
ments given in the Hungarian village at
the World's Fair. The opera as given at
the Los Angeles Theater, opening on
Thursday evening, will be presented in
its entirety with over eighty people in
the cast. 'The costuming and scenic ef
fects will he exceptionally complete. The
sale of seats opens on Wednesday evening.
* * *
Jolly Nellie McHenry, with her Night
at the'CiTCUS, comes to* the Los Angeles
Theater a week from Thursday for a short
engagement. Her cisco-farce comedy has
been a great success. Miss McHenry ap
pears in the play as Mile. F.lectra, queen
of the arena, and as such is surrounded
hv all kinds of merry characters, such as
clowns, acrobats, gymnasts, equestrians,
and all such folks that go to make up
life beneath the white-domed tent.
Mrs. Alfred Solans and Mrs. John E.
Plater will give a tally-ho party Friday
afternoon, February Stud.
■ Cards are out for progressive whist at
the residence of Mrs. W. L. Graves, cor
ner Toarl and Tenth streets, Tuesday,
February 36th.
Mrs. Louise Liddell Smith.who lias been
at Kedondo for the past six weeks, has
returned and will be at home as usuul to
her friends Thursdays.
Mr. and Mrs. Telfair Creigbton have is
sued cards for an at home Monday eve
ning. February 2oth, at 834 West Wash
ington street. Whist.
gMrs. E. F. C. Klokke and Miss Klokke
will entertain with hearts Monday even
ing, February 26th, at their home on
Figueroa and* Twenty-tirst srrccts.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Mendelsou have issued
invitations for the marriage of their
daughter Adele and Gustave wangenheim,
at CapiStrano, Sunday. March 3d, at 12
A committee meeting of the Los Ange
les federation of societies was held Mon
day morning, at the residence of Mrs. R.
M.Widney. the president. It was decided
that all organizations wishing to join the
frderat ion could do so before t lv- next
meeting, ami it is desirable they should.
This can be done hy the president and
secretary of each society signing the con
stitution and by-laws, and paying the fee
of two dollars. Mrs. English ol the Wo
man's Exchange, No. 3301-2 South Broad
way, will have charge of the constitution
ami is authorised to receive the dues.
Mr. ami Mrs. M. L. Samson celebrated
their silver wedding on Friday, February
Cith. The house was artistically decorated
with smilax and pink roses. Mrs. Sain
ton was presented with a beautiful basket
tof carnation pinks and hyacinths, and
many handsome presents in silver. Mrs.
Caleb Mill i fan sang Silver Threads
among the Gold, and Mrs. R. F. Wirsch
ing rendered two pretty songs in the
Spanish lang'uuge. After enjoying the
music refreshments weie aerved. The In
vited guests were: Mr. aud Mrs. R. F.
Wirsching, Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Mi Riga n,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles 11. Baker. Mr. ami
Mrs. J. W, Van horn, Mr. and Mrs. Weslev
DOdd. Mrs. Atkons, Mrs. Anna Benths,
Mrs. Helen Percival, Mrs. 11. Kurhart,
Mr. and Mr.v Hodgman. Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Moor. Miss Leone Moor, Mii-s Amy
Baker, Mr. Slmfer, Mr. Earnest Milligau*.
The second Krauss Quartette concert
was given last evening in the Blauchnrd-
Fitzgerald hall betore an audience that
might have been larger but which was
nevertheless fairly good in numbers, and
cordially appreciative of the excellent
work done by the performers. As al the
last concert there were places that were a
Utile ragged and times when the quar
tette showed its need of more rehearsal
work together; but as a whole both tiie
llayden and Beethoven numbers were in
telligently reail and conscientiously
played. The adaprio of the Beethoven
showed more artistic finish and even, good
work than the other movements; and in
the susses Erinnen movement of Unstuv
S, hafcr's quartette the performers also did
some of their best work. Mr. Krauss has
seldom played better than he did last
night; his intonation was particularly
-wect and rich all the evening, and in the
ex tremely difficult Viotto concerto his ex
ecution was so brilliant and masterly that
!:e was enthusiastically recalled. For an
encore he played Kieniawski's exquisite
l.ogende delightfully. Mrs. Lillian Fel
lows Burdette was the vocalist and her
rich voice, that is especially sweet and
beautiful in the middle and lower reg
ister, was well handled. Mrs. Burdette
sings with much dramatic power, and
after her Heaven Hath Shed a Tear she
ivas cordially recalled and sang De Kov
> n's Japanese Lullaby with much artistic
Concert et Ellis and Trckle Clef Clubs
The Ellis and Treble Clef Clubs will'
give their next concert at Simpson Tab
ernacle Thursday «TBoiogx February 21st
The first part of the programme w ill he
the second part of Barrett's Ancient Mar
iner. An orchestra accompaniment with
Mr. Krauss at the tint desk will add to
the enjoyment of what promises to be a
delightful evening.
Reading at Y. fl. C. A. Hall
This evening, at the Y. M. C. A. Hall,
a reading will be given by Miss Vddie L.
Murphy and Miss Anna B. Robinson,
assisted by the Krauss Quartette, with
the following programme:
Quartette. No. 57, Allegro con brio,
Meniietto. Finale. Haydn
The Child Wife, Charles Dickens: (b) The
Waltz ol Yon Weber. Nora Perry; (c) uriggs
by's Station, James WoiUomb Kilcy—Mlsi
••Rags." Richard Harding Davis-Miss Rob
inson. , ,
Violin solo, Caprice de Concert, Musltr—Ar
nohi Krauss,
Pauline l'avlovna, Thoinai Bailey Aldrleh—
Miss Murphy.
Quartette, .a) Aue Yerura, Mozart; (bi A la
Hunproise, Fr. Schubert.
Hiding Down, Nora Perry; (b) Mammy's Li'l
Bnv, its. Bdwaras—Miss itobiuson.
Quartette, Allegro from G Minor, Quartette
No. 4, Beethoven.
critical situation, Mark Twain — Miss
M arpby.
Concert at .Miss Marah's School
A very enjoyable concert was given last
evening at Miss Marsh'i school, on Olive
street. The programme was varied, and
those taking part nil showed the advan
tage of good training, i.. M. 0.
An Unusually hue and very interesting
exhibition was opened yesterday at San
born A Ynil's art gallery on Spring street.
Max SchWerdersky of Sew York has just
come to Los Angeles with a number of
Braun carbon reproductions representing
many of the Attest examples of the old
masters and some of the masterpieces
from recent Paris salons hy the moderns,
as well. Meters, Adolpb and Qastoc
Braun have invented und perfected a sys
tem of photography, the process of which
i* unknown, Liv the result surpasses any
other known method of reproduction, and
by il they succeeded in making reproduc
tions of great pictures which arc owned
and retained by the public and private
galleries in the old world, and their repu
tation is world-wide. The only thing
lacking isthe coloring; hut the lights and
shades, the respective values and the va
riety of tone, are fully and faithfully re
produced, "they are printed iv a brown
ink, and to see a Braun photograph Is the
next best thing to seeing the painting
their factory was started tit Dornach
thirty years ago. and the work is still done
there, although their main hou-e is iv
Paris, and they have recently opened n
branch in New York. Among the prints
here are examples of Botticelli. Van Dyke,
Albert Durer, Michael Angelo, Titian,
Murillo, Velasquez, Rubens, Rembrandt,
Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Carlo Dolcl,
(Jnido Reni. tiivuzc, Corregglo, Bonguer
sau, Jules Breton. Julien Dupre, Jean
Francois Millet, Meiasonler and Corot.
Raphael's wonderful Transfiguration,the
original of which is in Rome, aud his
Sistine Madonna: Dolcis 1 St. Cecilia:
Grenge'a Broken Pitcher, original in the
Louvre, and Ids Head of the Youthful
Napoleon: Rembrandt's Night Watch,
which is in Amsterdam, and his Syndics,
which is also there; v portrait, one of his
masterpieces, which is at St. Petersburg,
and his Lesson in Anatomy are among
the many famous pictures represented.
Murillo's Immaculate Conception, and
his Holy Family that is iv the Louvre;
Reubens' Descent from the Cross, in Ant-
Vreri ; Titian's Venue; Valasquex' Puke
of Benaventa, in Madrid: Botticelli's
Spring, in the TJfßxl gallery at Florence;
Corot & Matinee, in the Louvre; Meissoli
eir's 1814, also in the Louvre; Bouglier
eau's Madonna Consnlatrice. in the Lux
embourg, and his Madonna and Child;
his Wasp's Nest, that was exhibited at
the Columbian exhibition; Millet's
Gleaners), in the Louvre; Breton's Song of
the Lark, in the Metropolitan Museum,
New York — these are a few of the many
important and beautiful prints on exhibi
tion, which also includes the reproduction
of many pieces of famous statuary, and the
whole makes a collection that is a liberal
The exhibition will be open only today
and tomorrow, and all art students or
lovers of art will lind it worthy a visit.
' BS, M. C.
The Approaching Citrus Fair Will Surpass
All Its Predecessors
Preparations for the Citrus Fair are go
ing nn apace. Nearly all the localities nnd
associations that will participate in it have
appointed their managers, who are busily
engaged in making arrangements for the
Charles Nccdhatn will have charge of
Ihe \/usu and Clcndora exhibit, I. C.
Woods will act as malinger for the Ontario
Exchange, C. 1.. Loud and .1. Fred Smith
will represent Pomona, W, s. Corwin ami
W. F. Frow will act. for Highland, w. C.
Fuller will look after the interests of the
San Bernardino County Fruit Kxchange,
W. D. McLeod and li. .1. Rudisill will
have charge of the Riverside Fruit Ex
change's extensive exhibit. Frank Bcoville
will represent Souih Riverside, .1. It Mc-
Nahwill inn tinge ihe Fillmore section, for
which sixty-six entries have been made;
Ihe Sun llicg.t Kxchange will he repre
sented by .1. c. Frishie. E. A. Churcher
nnd Charles Painter: William Chippen
dale will supeHntendend the Duarte dis
play. n
.1. L. aowland und John S. Calkins, two
of Pomona's most prominent olive grow
ers, have made application for spue- for
displays of olives and olive oil. Space will
he grunted them und the olive exhibit will
not be the least interesting feature of the
All the space on the main th,ur of the
pavilion is engaged, and overflow exhibits
will have to be placed ill the galleries.
This promises to he the biggest and
best citrus fair ever held in California.
Class A Bicycle Riders Justly Dissatisfied
For two weeks bicycle riders have no
ticed a handsome writing desk in Hawley,
king A'Co. - window, donated by William
A. Obenauer for lirst prize in the quarter
mile class A race at Duarte next Friday.
Consequently many class A man have
spent time and money training to win, if
possible, this desk. To their surprise
they became aware by the published li-t
of prizes that this desk hud been taken
out of the class A and put inn, the class
B runs. They hoys arc annoyed hv ihe
trick, as they term it, and have decided
not to ride at Duarte unless the Duarte
wheelmen give this desk as first prize in
the quarter-mile class A race, as adver
A Cottage Burned
Kire at 11 o'clock last night destroyed a
cottage occupied by J. C. Keinhart and
family at First and Myers streets. The
blaze commenced in a shed adjoining ihe
house, and is believed to have been started
by tramps. The loss is between $900 and
$100(1. Mr. Crucz was the owner.
Will Be Knocked Out
Senator Mathews, in response to a tele
gram from the Chamber of Commerce
protesting against the passage ol the bill
to abolish the state mining bureau, writes
the chamber that he will do all he can to
defeat the bill and thinks it will be
knocked out.
Whea Baby was sick, we gaTe her Caatona.
When she was a Child, she cried for Caatona,
When she became Miss, she cltir.g to Gastoria,
, Worn she had Children, aae g\ra them Castoria,.
ontinu'd t roni p»»tjc ft]
"jug" ii" coolly locked 111 door and put*
ting the key in hi* pocket aud did not
lot them out until ample justice had been
done to v nice lunch.
On the ifjnd hist, the Hospol Mission
wilt hold ;ill day berviees.
The Southern California Lumber t'orn
pany have secured ihe service*, of Mr.
Baldwin M manager of their Tormina!
Island yard: they arc also driving the
piles for their new whaYT.
To show the extent id tlir fifth.ng in
dustry, the Terminal Railroad Company
atone has handled Stnm» pounds of Ran
Ron tiere to Los Angeles during the past
Mr. Leighton Of St. LottH, president of
the Terminal l!;ti I way tom pany. and Gen
eral Manager Burnett, made a tour of In
spection ti> the island last week. The
changes being made are being pushed
rapidly forward, and it in on the tapis to
build a hotel on the island before the
bathing season open a*
<t. Spring ot the Corman settlement
is dangerously ill.
Captain Wliilteyof the schooner Koo-
Weo sailed with a cargo of lumber for San
('lemente [eland on Wednesday.
I hiring Wednesday's hoaVv blow < lap
tain Wheeler..f the tug Sea Witch of Re
dondo had to come in here for shelter.
The library election of officers will lie
in ill on weoneaday night.
How It Has Affected a Number ot Cattlemen
In Arizona
Plnenix. A.T., Feb. 1".- Cochise county
cattlemen are much exercised over the
quarantine law that went into effect on
the border yesterday. Strange as it may
appear, there is opposition to the quar
antine from the very men on the border
who, a few* months ago, were saying that
tiie importation of Mexican cattle would
ruin their business. All the available
steers in Southern and Central Arizona are
about gobbled up and a number of the
heaviest buyers have been in Sonora lately
making arrangements for the transfer of
thousands of bond of feeders to American
soil, snys Mr. Powell, the LoB A ugelos
buyer, who has lately leased the great
Con 11 Worth farms ami contracted for un
oven thousand bead, and bis men are now
in Mexico rounding up the animaK
which are to he brought to Pinal county
for fattening. He will hardly get a small
fraction of them over the border before
the law takes effect. Then Hooker, of the
Sierra Bonita ranch, Graham county, had
bought 100b head and hud sent his
vaqueros out to bring them up, but the
men at Benson a few days ago learned of
the i|uarantine ruling and were compelled
to turn back from that point.
A large number of Mexican feeders
would have come to the Salt River Valley
for fattening, and whether the quarantine
is apt to work evil or good to Arizona
stockmen is a mutter of much discussion
among them.
Monthly Report of Voluntary Observer H. S.
Pasadena, Fch. 18.—Hftrrold S. Char
ming, local voluntary observer of the
United States Weather Bureau, furnished
the following report for January:
Mean temperature, 49.8deg.; moan max
imum temperature, 58.3 deg.; mean mini
mum temperature, 41.6 deg.; highest
temperature (11th), 72.0deg.' lowest tem
perature, (28th and 'J7tht, 84.0 dec; total
rainfall during month, 7.~>ii incites: sea
sonal rainfall to date, 14.16 inches; num
ber of clear days, 11'; number of fair
( partly cloudy days), 6; number of cloudy
days, 13; number of days ,01 or more rain
fell. It; prevailing wind, southeast. Tbe
month was unusuuUv elotulv and stonnv,
the storm of the 141h-*Joth, inclusive, be
ing unusually heavy. No frostsof any se
verity have yet occurred this winter. Tbe
raintall for February to date is t.t.'t. mak
ing a seasonal total id' lo.:!"* inches. The
weather lias been so terrible over all the
country except California, and Oregon that
no one should lind fault with our unusual
cloudiness. March will he very wet and
stormy, reasoning by analogy,
Recent Happenings of Interest—News Notes
and Personals
Pasadena, Feb. IM.— The damage done
to Hotel Green engine house by yester
day's tire was not as large as at* first re
ported. The machinery was all in run
ning .shape this morning.
The Free Methodist quarterly meeting
will be held in the church on North Fair
Oaks this week. There will be preaching
every evening, Mrs. Norma Roberts will
preach Prdd4y evening at 7:30.
Recent arrivals at Hotel,(ireeu are: Mr.
and Mrs. F. W. Wood. Mr. and Mrs. .1. S.
"Chapman, Mr. and Mrs. C, F. Last and
child, Los Angeles: Gertrude Auld, Paris;
<>. M. Munger, Bourbon, Ind.
The W. R. Thimble Society meets
Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs.
J arris, 123 Elevado drive.
The funeral uf Kose Hollenbeck, whose
death occurred yesterday, was held today
from the residence on Illinois street.
The mother of Mrs, Frank Stevens has
been quite low for several days and her
recovery is doubtful.
The Baptist, young people will hold a
basket picnic al the residence of Jos. Wal
lace, on Lincoln avenue. Washington's
Birthday, February ii2d. A good time is
promised ami all are invited.
A meeting of the Board of Trade was
held this afternoon. William Btaats was
granted jiermission to have 10,000 extra
copies oi the Pasadena pamphlet struck
oft ut bis OWH expense.
Aoki. the famous Japanese art ist whose
illustrations iv The Herald have attracted
a great ileal of attention and much de
served praise, is now giving daily recep
tions at his parlors in the Hotel (Jreen
between 2 and 9 o'clock in the afternoon,
to which the public are invited free of
i barge. At these receptions Aoki gives
exhibitions Of his rapid, free-hand
Mrs. Emily Thome, who resides at
Toledo, Wash., says she has never been
able to procure any medicine for rheuma
tism that relieves the pain so quickly
and effectually as Chamberlain's Pain
Balm, and that bite has also used it for
lame back with great success. For sale
by Off «t Vaughn, Fourth and Spring. C.
I. Hein/.etnan, 222 North Main, drug
Try a gal. Maltese Club whisky, $8.00,
unexcelled for purity aud tlavor. T.Vaohe
«fc Co.,cor. Com mere 1 it Alameda. Te1.909.
Drink Shasta Water: Woollacott, agent.
Redlands oranges at Alttionse Bros.
"iiy a thorough knowledge of the natural
laws whhh govern the operations ol digestion
and nutrition, mid by a careful application of
the tine properties of weil-selectcd cocoa Mr.
Kpps lias provided for our breakfast and supper
a delicately flavored beverage which may save
us many heavy doctor's bills. It is by the ju
dicious use of such articles of ilfet that a con
stitution may be ~; ad tall y built up until
strong enough to resist every tendency to dis
ease. Hundreds of subtle maladies arc float
ing around us, ready to attack wherever there
is a weak point. We may escape many a fatal
shaft by keeping ourselves well fortified with
pure blood and a properly nourished frame."—
Civil Service (.osteite.
Made simply with boi ing water or milk.
Hold only in half-pound tins, by grocers, la
beled i hits;
JA.-1.-S EPPS & CO., Limited, Homoepathic
Chemists, London, England,
Automatic Burner.
Will Save You from 25 to 50 per
cent in cost of fuel over any other.
Has low water alarm. Absolutely
105 N. Broadway. Los Angeles,
ii " J|
Ami honest, Intelligent treatment and
reasonable prices nre given.
Private Diseases of Men,
Sue), as stricture, Syphilis, Meet, <.onor
rlncH. Spermatorrhoea, seminal Woftknets.
Lost Manhood, Night Emissions, Pceaved
Faculties, etc., etc. cured by the OLDEST
and most BUCCKSSFUL specialist on the
Kidney, Bladder,
Blood and Skin Diseases
Successfully treated and uuicUy cured.
Our SPECIAL BURGEON, reeootly from the
largest Chicago hospital (diploma- and certili
cates to be seen hi office, has made diseases of
the lieart and lungs a lite study. Hueeewful
•treatment by the latest methods. IMAGNOSIS
ninde by the aid of the microscope,
A special department by an experienced
■ Specialist on all disenses of Ihe
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.
If you cannot call write for InstfUClOni for
Hom6 treatment.
A special depjutment ddnyteu exclusively to
tin- treatment oi nil [emale discuses.
Consultation and Examination FREE.
OFFICE HOURSI 9to 1 and 7to S. Sunday,
10 lo 12.
OAt s> nA,N ST- '
I Rooms 1, 3, 5 & 7.
are tbe most powerful, safe, sure aud reliable
Pitl of this Kind in the Market. Most
effective remedy in suppressed menstruation
and all female troubles arUing- from it.
Drug-sdsle soil it, Bewareof Imitation* and
fee that you net the Getmhie Winchester's
Enalish White LitufJirrte Brand Pennyroyal
Pills, unth White Lily In centre ofrirrie. Our
box bears our signature, Winchester Chemical
Co. on every side. Ask your Druggist. If he
don't keep it he will get It for you, or write direct
to us and we will send it upon receipt of price,
12 by Mail, Postpaid. Baud 6c, for Particulars.
Winchester Chemical Co., Chicago, 111.
St CO..
120 North Main Street,
LOS ANGELEfI, CAL,, where they design to
cure ami treat all medical and surgical d senses
of both sexes, especially I he affections of a pri
vate nature, diseases of al I raucous membranes,
catarrh, inflamed tonsils, sore throat, et'-. In
digestion, dyspepsia catarrh of the stomach,
cancer in stomach aud lungs, or any affections
pertaining to the lungs, bronchial tubes, as
thma, hay fevers, etc . speedily and perman
ently cured hy our n»nv system of inhalation
of eoinpoutid*medtoated vapors. Rupture,
tumors, cancer in all forms, Varicocele, hydro*
Ottle and r'-'-tal troubles cured and treated
without the use ol a knife or nostrums or de*
temion from business, no matter what your
case Is or who failed to cure you or how long
standing, the well-known European specialists
ul I forfeit Five iho died Dollars (sr>ttin for
any CHse taken under their new remedies
which fails to on re in all such diseases. Hpeela)
attention given to all chronic inflammation*,
discbarges, irregularities in diseases of wo
men, liver, kidu y and bladder troubles,
oystitoe, paralysis, caleuita vesicae, gravel
ami stone in the bladder, orchitis et epi olid y*
mitts, semi nn Weakness night losses, loss of
sexual powwr,«eaaatdebUlty, etc , restored by
our new remedies in a short time Skin diseases.
*vph ilis.ht ofula. fevers.erysipelas, pemphiuin
psoriasis, old ucers, etc*, promptly eradicated,
uitliout ttie use of mercury, used by the no
called great bh.werAmsric.in specialists. Pri
vate diseases, blenorroea urothrer*e. gon
iioirhbea, gleet, stricture, cured in a very
Hhon time. Come him! get cured from your
trouble. Our charges are low.
O '.rants Fe Route
IN EFFEt i F..H..IAKY 10. 1 Sl»s
! Trains leave and are due to .rrlve at Los An
geies (Lt (.ratide nation) First street
and >anth l 'e avenue.
Leave tor Los AM.fcTaa , Arr. troin
; R:o• h in chicaco Limited fiJW a.m
.:10 a m Overland Express t»:0 p.in
«:'."» f.m .Sn:> Diego toast Line. 1:10 pin
4:-' op.m Hnu Diego roast Line. B:40 p.m
7 :t:o a m .San Bernardino. . 9. tl a.m
it t& 'am . a!* M n.m
a I 100 !• m V* | Al ;OT pro
0100)101 Pasadena j 0190 p.in
| 7:00 n.m .'.Riverside *V.BS p.m
i>:<mj a.m . Via san Hcrnardlno. Bttfop.ni
a J1 IOQ n.m Itivrrside nd San Her- 10; Ift a.m
4:110 p.ni nardlno via Orange. u;iß p.m
All:'K)a.m Red 1 And* & Metiione 10:15 am
4 .30 p.m via orange A It!vers"e aH:4S n in
7:00 a.m ..Redlands, Mi ntone, b9:30 a m
0 :oo a in, and A9:5rS a.m
A4:oop.m .Highlands 1 Alißft pm
f*:Uop.tn via Pasadena. .. tf:HO P.HI
7:00 a. m Monrovia, Azusa... a.7.30 a.m
0:09 >■ m j 8:-V> a.m
1 ;s6 p.m BOtsA a.ra
A'l:'i()p.in a-d 4,9:55 a.m
, all too p.in a i :dS p.m
a 5 ;30 p.m :t: ft p.m
j ti:->op.m Intermediate .Stations 0:30 p.m
7:00 a.m l'a>adena ■ A7,BA n.m
9:ooa.ni , I'asadeua S:."»t>n.m
a 10:."i(J i.m Pasadena [ l>:ii."> a.m
1 ;3> p.m Pasadena 1 A9ldft a.m
a 4 :U0 p.m Pasadena All:.")!* n.m
0:00 p.m Pasadena Al;3fi p.m
Asl3op.ni Pasadena ! S.ftfi p.m
*i:&op.iu Pasadena «t :3t» p.m
8:15 a.m Santa Ana. .. I 8:48 a.m
a'J :00 p.m. Santa Ana 1:10 p.m
4:20 p.m Santa Ana (1:45 p.m
7jsJa.ni'. MnteMonlee.. .. 9:4% n.m
10:15 a.m . . Santa Monica 3:45 p.m
4:15 p.m Santa Monica 0:34 p.in
10:00 a.m ..Redondo 8:30 a.m
4 ;45 p.m Redondo 3:45 p.m
a 7:00 n.m San J4clnto via Pas'd'a Al :35 p.m
A9:ooa.m snu Jacinto via Pas'd'n a0;30 p.m
All :00 a.m S. .Inr-in o via Orange a 6:45 p.m
A9:OOa.miTenieoUia via Pased/a a 1:35 p.m
; A 1100 a.m Temei.ula via Orange
.\M:lsam Escondido via Const 1 Al;t6 p.m
b4:20 p.m Bscondtdo via Coast L
a Daily except Sunday. n Sunday only.
P Saturday only. All oilier trains dni y.
Trains Vis Pasadena line arrive at Downey
avenue station 7 minutes earlier and leave 7
minutes later.
Palace vestlbuled sleepers, unhoKter< , d tour
ist cars, through to Kansas City and Chicago
daily. Personally conducted exeu lions lo
Kansas City. St. Louis, Chicago, st Paul. Min
neapolis and Boston every Thursday, For fates
•leapingoar reservation--, etc., cnif on or ad
dress R, \V. M'I.EF.
City Passenger and Ticket Agent. (29 North
Spring street, and La iirande Sta ion, Los
.INO. J, HYI.NE, Of nerul Passenger Agent.
j Los Angeles depots : Ms-t end I irvt-s reet and
howney-avenue bridges,
j Leave Los Angeles for Letve Pasadena for
Pasadena. Los Angeles.
a ti::i."> a m. ,v 7:15 a in
a 7:10a.m a 8:05 a.m
a 8:00 am a 0:05 a.m
a 0:00 a m aIOs 45 a.m
AlOitfO a.m aPJ:BO p.m
a 13:35 p in a |t4op.m
a lt4o p.m a 8:05 p.m
j a :i;0O p.m.. *. 1 ;f)5 p.m
■ a 4 [00 p.m a 5,30 n m
| a ft :30 p.m \ 7:05 p.m
; a ti:io p.m.., a 8:05 p m
ul 1 :M0 p.m.. 919:10 a.m
c 0:30 p.m 010:15 p m
I lowney-avenue leaving time 7 minute* later.
Leave Loa Angeles (or Leave Aitnuuua .lunc-
Allndena Junction. tion tor Los Angeles.
a 0:00 a. in .. a 10:10 a m
a 10:90 am A 13.00 s.m
a 1 :40 p.m \ B:4fl p:m
a 4 :00 p in a s:oti p. m
All traint* start bom 1- irst-sireei di poi.
Leave Coi Angeles (or LedTveiileiidal* for Los
• ilendalc. Angeles.
h OltO a.m h 7 ;S ! a m
I a s:lsa.m a oto7a.ni
| 3:00 p.m a it: 10 p m
' a 5;-sp.m. a ('•:'.:. p.m
Leatra Los Angeles for Leave East ban Pedro
Long Pencil and East for
Ban Pedro. Los \ngele-.
h 7:- * a.m
' a 0:55 s.m r ( 7>soa»in
]<■ 1:96 p.m . el'i: Oam
p. 5:15 p.m.. ,j a :i:IO p m
c 0:p0 i» m [, c 4 15 pm
Hetuecn Last Sau I'edro aud Long Beach lo
1U 810 i'ANYOn'aND ft UOMOI/N'i AIN
Train■ leave Los Angel.i da ly * [ 0 aw.
L 0:30 a.m ■ 1 :40 pip. and 4 p. m.
line pavilion and liotei. <irand scenery.
'l lie Wilaiingtotl ' 'transportation htenmrrs
connect tor Avalon liast san I'edro with
train leaving Lob Atigelcs 0:55 a.in. daily ex
repl Sunday, returning at BliO p.m, except
| a Daily. » Daily except Sundays c ouu
days only.
stages meet the H a.m. and l'J:»5 p.m. trains
at Pasadena for Ml Wilson on new trail.
Passengers lonving Los Angeles on the 8 a in.
train for Mt. Wilion can return ha me day.
Special rates lo excursions and picnic partle .
Depots east end ol First street nnd Downey
avenue bridges.
( ity tie Lei office (ireenwald's cigar store,
corner Second and Spring streets.
(ieneral offices. First-street depot.
T. li. BURNETT, lieneral Manager.
\V. WlNt LP, (,cn. Passenger Agt.
fit. Lowe Railway
(Joodall, Perkins & Co., General Agents, San
F rancitoO)
Northern routes embrace lines lor Portland,
Ore , Victoria, B. C.» and Puget Sound, Alaska
and all coast points.
i.f.Ave san fp.anciwo.
Port • flUrford S.S. Corona, Feb. 8 10 84,
Santa. Barbara March 1.
Pott Los Angeles . S.S. Santn Reaa, Feb. 4, VJ,
Newport , 20, iiti, March 8.
San Diego .|
For- 8.8, COOS Bay. Feb. «, 14,
East San Pedro a'J; March «.
San Pedro and way 8,8, Eureka. Feb. 9, 10, 18,
porta— — "JtO; March *>.
For— -.S. Santa Rotta, Feb. (i, 14,
93 { March U.
San Diego S.S. corona, Feb. 2, 10, 18,
j 20 ; Mai oh tl.
For—" s.s sunta Rosa, Feb. rt, 1 ti,
San Fraaciseo 34: March 4.
! Port Harford s. . corona, Feb. 4, 12, 20,
! Santa Barbara.. 2d; March H.
For- s.S. Luteka, Feb."5,13, 21,
Sun Francisco March ),
and >.s, CO0« Bay, Feb. 9, 17,
way ports 25; March 5. <__
Cars to connect with steamers via San Pedro
leaves. P. it. R Arcade depot at, 5 p.m. and
Terminal R, it. depot at 5:18 p m.
tars to connect via Redondo leave Santa Fe
depot at lon.ni. or from Redondo railway de
poi a 1 9 8-ni.
Cars to connect via Port Los Angeles leave S.
P. R. R depot at 1 :10 pm. for steamers north
i bound,
! Plans of steamers' cabins at agent's office,
where berths may be secured.
The company reserves the right to change
the steamers or their day* yt sailing.
MS* For passage or freight as above or for
tifkets to and from all important points in
Europe, apply to W. PA KRIS, Agent.
offico No. 124 W. Second a reel, Los Angela*
Redondo Railway
JAN 14, 18i)j.
I.os Angeles Depot: Corner (jrand avenue
ami .leffi-rsoli street. Take urand avenue caule
Or Main streel ami Agricultural pari; horse cars.
Trains leave Trains leave
l.os Angeles Kedondo 'or
lor Kedondo. LOI Angeles.
9:08 a. iv. dally. 7 Mo n. m. daily,
i! ;:i0 p. iv. d Hy. 10:il()a. ra. daily.
I>:in p. m. dally. «i»0 p. in. daily.
»x:0r» a. in. At;:ir, a. in.
ASnturdavs and Kumlays only.
7:30 train Troin llodnndo in the morning
makes run up in l.> minutes.
f> :U0 I rain irom Lqi Angeles In the evening
myites run down ill 40 minutes.
l or rales on freight and parsenaers apply a',
mom 432Bradhury building. corner Third and
liroadway ClMiouu IHK4), or »t depot, corner
(irand avenue anil Jefferson at. ('Phone No. 1
WesLj li. McfAHLAND. Prwidenl.
, J. N. BUTTON, .up.rlnteud.ot.
ggfrhls time table li rubll.hed by TH^
HKKAI.D for the convenience of it. reader,
and the traveling public
Other ra Irood companies pay for the publi
cation of their lime table!.
The South**!! I'aciflc company ielusc» to pay
for the publicailon of in t'me table in THE
HIRALO because this paper is criticising the
corporation's policy oppo ing a harbor at Ban
Pedro; its attitude toaard the Nicaragua
p,oposltion: its attempt to oppress and rob
the people of Pasadena, and Its tyrannous dii
crimination against the Interests of the people
of the San Joaquin valley.
Arcade Depot, L"S Angeles.
1 cave for. Destination: , Arrive.
Friday i "winset Limited" j Saturday,
■j:l'(iam ).. New Orleans...( ; B:lop.ea
tBee foot note.)
Saturday, j , I .''^J-
M-40 p.m j Sun Francisco .I i 1 :J0 a.ra
2:00 p.m San I ran A Sacram'lo / :30 arc
7-4.-) p.m san I'rnn A sacram'to l:t»P»
2:110 p.m opilenA East, 2d class i :30 a.m
7 :»5 p.m Ogden i Bast, Ist class I :4S p.m
7-4 ft p. m Portland, ore 7:30 p m
S -30 a.in .. El Paso and East . :00p.m
S:3oa.m ...Iteming and East... , :00 p m
8:30«. m Banning 7:00p.m
Kediands ' «9:20a.m
I ' t":3oa.m Redlands .10:10 a m
10:30 a. tn Refllnnds ! 4:Wp.m
. 4:110 p.m Redlands 7:00 p.m
. Colton s9:2oa.m
I h:3o».iu colton :*10:10»m
. 10:30 a.m ( ultun *!§{j
4'3on.m colton ; 7:00 p.i»
j Riverside. s9:2oa m
! S:':oam RtversldC |a 10:10s.t«
10:39 am Riverside 4:SBp.m
4:3 op.in Rtvtirslde. 7:00 p.»
San Bernardino.. .. 89 :M ara
H:3O a.m . ..San Hcrnardlno.... A 10:10 a ra
10:30 a. ni ....►an Bernard in 0.... 4 :ftw p.m
4:110 p.m . .san Bernardino 7:00 p.«•
Cblno j AB:4»a.n"
H :30 a. ni Chino I sO :20 a. ni
4 :30a.in chino AlO:10a.r."
Aft:3ft p.m chino 4:58 p.m
t.:soa,ui Monrovia B:ioa.m
A2:lftp.m Monrovia A12:45p.m
n:lfib,n Momovia 4:Sop.ltt
i 7 :30a.in Santa Barbara . l :48 p.m
3:00 p.m ....Sant* Barbara.. B:DAp.»
, 9:40 a. in Santa Ana & Anaheim B:44a.in
i a 1 :ftft p.m lianta Ana A Anaheim Al :0» p.io
ft :10 p.m Hanta Ana.v Anaheim 4 .'Jy p.io
ft: 0 p.in Tuslin 8:44 a i»
0:40 a.m Whittier 8:44 a.31
: Al:»sp.ni Whittier.. , . Al:0!«p.i»
I ft; 10 p.m Whittier 4 :29 p. 111
0:38 a.m Long B'h & San I'edro 8:1,").. m
13:85 pin long B'h & San I'edro tt:.>4ain
1 S:08 p.m Long B'h 4 Bao Pedro 4:20p.1.
9:30 a.m Santa Monica 8:00 a \n
l:10p.m Santa .Monies. . 8:81 a.m
ft:lftp.in .Santa Monica.... 13:12p.r0
0:00 p. in . .Santa Monies— 4:ftiipro
0:30 a m Soldiers' Home ... 8:51 a.m
tl:f3op.ro . Soldier.-'Home— 4:48 p.m
9:30 a.m ( Port Los Angeles 1 13:12 p.m
I and [ 4 :.iB p.ia
1:10 p.m (Norlli B'ch Slation)
f chaiswortli Park j
AB:3oam ( trains stnrl irom, A'.':4op.io
I River slalion (
{ Fern ■ ndo -v only. J
] sgundaysoniy. »Bundsvs»xc»pt.4 Another
I other :rai ns daily.
' Connecting with VY. T. Co.', steamers st san
P.d ro.
! Leave. Arcade uepo:. Arrive.
I Daily, except. ...
I 12:Vipm si'mdays 11:.i4a.m
I "Sunset i.imiteit" — East bound, arrives am!
; ilep its River Slation only. West bound, ar
! rives and departs Arcade depot. Passenger.
can board vestibule sleepers of Sunset Limited
I at Arcade depot Thursday evenings; 8 until L.i
o'clock inidnignl. 1 ickels. can there be hough:
j nnd b.tf.gs checked until midnight; aft..'
J m diiight at River station.
All of the seaside and local Interior trains
Ist p at the new station corner of First and
1 Alameda s;ree:s.
Ihe train nrrlvin : irom Ssntfl Mo- lea at a a.
' in stops only at the Palms und Cuiversity b§
tueen fcnnla Monica him! Ar ii-le ilepot.
1 leueral passenger oflirc. 144 8. springs!.
iiii iioie liiiS
: river, fool i f Morten si., New York.
Travelers by this line avoid both travel by
BhlglUh rallw-y and the discomfort of cross
ing the ehannni in ■ small boat.
■ a N'orniandle, February '-J.
1 nba <ba nipagne M areb
i.a Ueacogue, Much 9.
La Bourgogno March 10.
La NormSUUIe, March - I.
La champagne, March .4U,
New Vbrb to Alexandria, Egypt, via rarhr
tfrst'Olasa 810t», «oc udclasi «ll«.
For freight or passage apply to
.A. 9oRUKT. Agent
No. 9 Bowling oreeu, KOW York.
.LP. FCGAZI .t CO., asjenta. 8 Mun aomory
aye., >nn Frnneuco. Brancll oftice. 19 Mont
gomery si. I ickeis arc for sale by all railroad
and hteanohip offices
DR. WONG HIM, whQ hat* practiced medi
cine in Los Angeles for 30 years, and
i whose office is at fiHO Upper Main street, vU'
neat by medicine all diseases oi women, men
nnd children. The doctor claims tint lie hat
remedlea (hat are superior to all others as a
specific fur troubles of women and men. *
trial alone will convince the kirk that Dr.
Wong film's remedies are more efficaeous thart
can be prescribed Dl, Wong Him Is a < hines'j
physician of prominence and a gentleman r.f
responsibility. His reputation is more theu
well established, and all persons needing h:a
services can rely on his skill aud ability, a
cure in guaranteed iv every eiiee in which a re
covery is possible. Herb medicines forsaie. /
639 Upper Main Street, Los Angeles.
P. 0 BOX 897, STATION C. (
Lqb AK011.19, Cai... June 17, 1894. |
To th li Prune: I have been suffering with
piles and fcidney trouble for over five vea-v,
and nave tried several remedies, but all failed
to relieve me. A short time since I tried I)*
Wong Htm, R'di* Cpper Mdin street, and 1 aisv
now well and strong and consider him a first
class doctor. Yours truly,
335 y. Hilt St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Los Angeles, June 0, 161)3.
To the PtJBUC: For over five years I have
been troubled with nervous sick headache and
liver complaint. I didn't secrn to find any help
from the many doctors aud medicines that *
tried until I tried Dr. Wong Him. 639 Upper
Main street. I am now well. Yours truly,
MISS M. ii, BROL'k.
43 Hiuton aye., Los Angeles, Cal.
Lou AHOELES, Cal., July *Jl, ISO*.
Dll. WONG HIM, 899 Upper Main st.
l>< ai: mi: : I lake pleasure in adding my tev
thiiony to the many you already have received.
1 will say thai after taking your treatment io**
catarrh of the head and throat, that I am now
well, and ask you to re er to mc any person
that may feel skeptical and 1 will satisfy the*,
as to tbe etticacy of your treatment. You-e
truly, P. E. KINO.
Attorney and Notary Public,
Harvaiizs, cal
Easily, Quickiy and Permanently Jteatoretii,
Celei rated English lUnir-v
It is sold on a positive B _S
ffimrauteo to cure any a» 4e?Wf
iorm of nerrous pros* iJi
trntionor any uisorder T *4Pr
of tho genital orgnns of L *V
either k<-k, caused e»»wi»tliV!ihs
Before* by oxeossiv© use of AftO™
iVbacco, Alcohol «>r Opium, or on accouß**
if youthful indiscretion or orer indulgence Mto.»
dfrxiness, ConTulainns. 'WakefulncsH. Headache,
Mental Dcptessioii. Softoningof tbe Brain, Weak.
Memory.'hearing Down Pslna, luminal Weakness, 1
Hysteria. Nocturnal Emissions, SpermatorriuV,
Loss ol Power and Impoteney, which If neffleoHL j
may lead io premntiiro old age and insanity j
Positively giiirantetd. Fttam. #l.oo%bo<,lboasrN
:or9ii GO. b/ mail on receiptcf price. A writt*"'
guarantee furbished with, overy $6.00 order raeelvei*
o the morjey if a permanent cure is n*>l
PR VIA MEEICINK tVt 0»i -*• •
For sale by 6BO* H. FREEMAN CO., 103 North
Spring street.

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