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Interest Is Growing in the Field
Day That Is Coming
Every Captain Thinks His Team Is Sure
to Win the Cup
Why the Peeling Now In That Some
Records Will De Broken at
the Meeting
No other athletic event ever given in ;
pout hem I 'alifornia in previous days, with i
th»* exception, possibly, of the recent
football tournament during the holidays,
has awakened such interest among oollege
On Friday. Washington's Birthday, will
be *>een a Mght which is of universal in
teiest among the college athletes and all
interested in athletic contests, at the coin
ing intercollesiale Meld day. Athletic,
sports as they are carried on iv the differ- j
ent colleges lind a culminating interest in
the lielT days, when the enthusiasm- of
the college siudent is at its highest, alike [
in his s&itfMet as in athletics the student
feels h growing pride in aeefng his coin ge
team work towards sitocesH,
In their tfttccesiftta and their failures he
is i ontiiiuatlv \>\ their side. fn nn other <
uporl can be found hoy.«> who will lend a ;
helping hand to their comrade, be he COO* ■
cjueror or the vanquished, quicker than iv '
college alhlet k:s.
The pboto> which are now on exhihi- 1
tion in some of the -show-windows, are i
fine specimen* oi ihe photographer'--art.
The piclures of the learns of the four col- |
John D. 'oak, HO. Elmer E. Elliott, '98. Roy Abrarns, '9*. Wiltord C. TwUe, '98. tl. L Martin *M. Cant.
H, M. Haley,'oo. A. P. Thompson,97. Phllo Jones, '98, char es carver, '97.
Chester a. iiobitisoD, 'W. 1 Ho, "■hanabsn.
leges, Occidental, Pomona. Chaffey and
University of Southern California are laid
on a single sheet; of hoard with each of
the official collefeecolore in the cornel.
Almost every afternoon at Athletic
Park may ho seen sonic of the studious
chape, alter the rdudv periods arc over,
training and toiiling away at the event
for which they are entered, holding the
highest hope start they Will ho the win
ning ream. It is interesting see the pro
found look on the countenances of the
different captains as their men train for
the different events.
K. H. Smith. '98, captain Of the Pomona
team, while at the park last Saturday,
paced a mile on a bicycle in li:'Jl. Charles
Carver, 'UT, of University of Southern Cali
fornia, tossed thoaixteen-pound hammer
»ome ninety odd feet, il is certainly a
true and sure sign tbat the amateur ath
letes in I he collegrs of Southern California
are being rapidly brought lo a high
standard of excellence.
Harry Lee Martin, t*i. captain of the
University Or Sornherii California team,
is already laying considerable claim to
the intpr-enllcgiuii' cup. lie. too. [strain
ing with Ins team in the two-mile bicycle
race, ami between Ilim and Siniih. '98,cup
tain of the I'omona team, there promises
to be some lively yelling on both sides
when they cross tho (ape peek aud neck.
Elmer i-'.. Elliott, bokle the record
for Ihe best, all-round athlete iv the team.
In all the events which lie entered on the
"preliminary held day - ' he made splen
did record:". Tho Univrrsity of Southern
California places its greatest hopes in him
t0 win in the llu-yard da.-li.
11. M. Seely, '00, who outers the IOO*
yard dash with the vim of I'escador iv
his celebrated races, is by no means a
-low chap, be being of splendid build. 8
feet U inches in height and Hit! pounds in
5 Chester Robinson, '98, being of medium
height and weight, is built just about
right for the (ifty-yard dash. His advant
age is in tbe start which he takes, leav
ing the other contestants to follow.
Hay A brain-, lis, Is also for the same
event aa Charles Robinson,
John It. Punk, 'its, is Martin's comrade,
and Itli constituents are laying their great
eel boj.es in bis winning the one mile
Wilrord c. Twins, 'ie. is booked for one
of the tno-i diffl nit and tempting of the
races—the mile walk ami all the student*
in I . S. C. regard him as a sure winner
in reeling off the mile walk in less than
Charles Carver, '!i7, the giant of the
train, being ait feet four inches in height
and 196 pounds in weight, is Appropri
ately entered for tossing the sixteen
pound hammer. He stands in the ring
seven feet in diameter und with Simple
ease tosses tbe hatnmerovpr ninety feet.
Phllo J Olios. \m already holds a s|,l.,u
-did record for the high jump, being me
dium in height und weight.
i ioorgo Sliiimihan, 'HO, is training both at
tbe park and on Ihe home track for the
pole-vault, nnd all University of Sonth
•ern California is unanimous In their sup
port of hiln.
Boon the officer! of the day and com
plete arrangements will be given out.
Among the officers are some well known
men in the line of judges and timers. The
executive committee has decided on a race
of 26 cents tn the grand stand for gentle
men, and ladies to be admitted free.
Died on Board the Cars
Mi<s Sadie Biuuers, a native of this
-late anri 20 years old, died on hoard of
the incoming Santa Fe train yesterday
afternoon, shortly after the cars had left
San Bernardino. Tho deceased fall on
her way from tho Kasl to San .lose, ac
companied by her sinter, anil Intended to
reskia In the latter place io recuperet* l ,
she was suffering Iron, dtaeawe of the
longs, that unetotinteffly wwtha cmise of
Iter death. The body arks removed nma
undertaking {>arlors of Bresee ft Kregelo
upon the arrival of the train and alter the
inquest will be fiVfwarded to S;in Joae,
Where the Interment will take place.
J. W. Cook Expires l-rom the Excessive I'se
of Intoxicants
.1. W. Cook of Azusa was found dead in
bed yesterday morning at UM Cnited
States Hotel. The deceased, it i* Mid,
had been on a protracted spree, cantinu*
ing through the past two nto'iih-.. and
was 15* years of age. Nothing was found
in tho room to judical" suicide, ami death
had evidently resulted from his Intemper
ate habha. The body was remove'l tn
the andrtaking establishment of Ho ben
t/, (iarrctT A- Son, where an impiest was
beld hy Coroner Campbell yesterday aft
ertnoon. the verdict being tMI death was
canted by alcoholism.
All Over a Tamale
A lively little tussel took place last night
about lit o'clock on the corner of First and
Los Angeles streets. It was all over pay
ment for a tama'e. ami the assailant.
Thomafl Kane ami the tanialc man started
in to produce a supply of ehUc-con-rarne
not exactly down in the bill oi fare. * *rti-
ccr Ftfleld happened along just then and
took a Hand, with the result that tbe
belligerent Thomas bad to put up $10 bail
for his appearance at court today.
A Hilarious Drunk
l>on Carlos Miller, an ancient and
weather-beaten veteran from tiie Soldiers'
Home, was admitted t"ibeCii\ Jail early
this morning in a slate of the highest
exhilaration. The don. who is sergeant
of his company at the home, indulged iv
some severe personalities and oilier pleas
antries With Clerk Dean, which resulted
iv his quickly realizing thai tbe company,
instead of being at his hack, was many
miles distant and not available m bis
present necessity.
The Kiffhth (iame in the Pool Tournament
at Brunswick Hall *
Tiie eighth game of the pool tournament
ai the Brunswick Billiard Hall on North
Main street wus played yesterday after
noon. Owing to the withdrawal of Mr.
Cohen of San Francisco. M. Aschner took
his place, playing P. Winuc Kilmer, I2n
balls to Inn. The score ended in a very
dose and exciting way. Kilmer having 06
balls ami Aschner having 11:1. The balls
were broke by Aschner. Kilmer pocketed
three halls and played safety. Aschner
made a very difficult shot and run the
balance of the balls down, making the
game a tic. It was decided between the
two ], layers to liuish the game after mid.
night. The game was culled ut Ijtia and
a greal deal of money changed bands ~n
it. The game ended in Aschner's favor,
125 to Kilmer's 111. There were a great
many difficult shots made by both players.
The average was li 7-18.
Aschner clearly outclassed his opponent
and is conceded to be the greatest pool
player west of Chicago.
Played. Lost. Won.
Hayden li ti 1
Gray 3 'J 1
X ilmcr 2 1 'I
Finlcy g 1 i
Richardson 10 1
Aschner 0 0 0
Sceklnn Editor Otis' Arrest
Daiton Wheeler, a guest at itelmont Un
til, applied yesterday fo the District At
torney for a complaint against 11. (1. OtY'
of Ihe Times, for criminal libel. The
Times published lately two articled pur
porting io be aii cxppse of "Belmont Hall
and its new breed of fakirs. "' whose do
ings are described a" an extraordinary
hodge-podge of bosh and blasphemy. The
District Attorney has taken the matter
under advisement.
New Citizens
Samuel llrice, a native of Kngland, was
naturali/.ed yesterday by ,1 udge McX inley.
Henry Uairbaiiirh. also a native of Kng
land, was. admitted to citizenship by
.lodge Van Dyjte.
Unlike the Dutch Process
No Alkalies
Other Chemicals
u««ed in ihe
<|wC W, BAKER & CO.'S
I ImßreakfastCocoa
BS * I V ii't'tch is absofatety
mil l t irl '/'Pitt 1 r«ij/r/fc of Cocoa nii>*tMt
ujlfcv' J " I L witl] Starch, A nowrooi oi
Stiffs r, anil is tur more eco
nomical, coining /ess ihan one cent a cup.
It is delicious, nourishing, and basil*
Sold by Grocer* tTerywhers.
W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mai»
Discharged Government Clerks
Seeking Work
Ice Piled Twenty Feet High in the
Potomac River
In Less Then Two Weeks the Plfty-Third
Congress Will Br a thing of
Memory Only
Special C/OllSSyondencs to Tup Herald
Waafaingtoß, Fob. I:..—The storm which
passed over tliis city last week was the :
j most severe for many years. The ther- |
j mometer registered i degrees below zero ;
i once or twice, and for some days it re- i
i nsallied steadily at ■"► degrees above. Day ■
| before yesterday as two gentlemen were '
| riding into tbe city from Fulls Church,
Va., they found Imbedded in .1 snowdrift
(be body of a man. standing upright. ,
with bead slightly bowed, indicating that
he bad been overtaken by death while in
the act of lighting the storm. This is
not the only instance of death by intense
cold, and the suffering, even in the city
alone, is something beyond the under
standing of our California people, who
know naught of the pitiable plight of the
poor in an Kustern winter. A bill was
lately passed appropriating $10,000 to pay
for cleaning the snow off the streets. It is
claimed that .Mm men, many of whom are
discharged 1 ioverniuent clerks, have ap
plied lor work, und the pay is only SI
per day. Mechanics, carpenters, en
gineers, and in tact all sorts and condi
tions of men have applied, ami wherever
there is snow to be cleared away there
will certainly be found plenty of wilting
bands. Tbe
Associated Charities yester
day hail 188 rails for aid, next to the larg
est record of the season.
There were six hundred applicant! reg
istered al the Central Union Mission yes
terday. The Ladies' Aid Society reported
that l.iii families were furnished with cloth
ing and provisions during the last week.
All these societies have headquarters
which are kept open daily. 1 think tbat
no < aliiornii olty can show so much pov
erty, and although hard times have pre
vailed in the West, the suffering Is com
paratively slight.
Every railroad running into the city was
blocked by the snow for several days. The
railroad people are noi prepared for such
-tonus in this part of the Union, and
such things a- rotary -now plowsare never
-cm. Hence, there was nothing-no do but
to wait for the weather to clear.
Borne remarkable stories regarding cold
«eat her. etc.. were told iv the House a
few days ago and reiterated in the corri
dors. One Is about as follows: A House
attache said the water pipes in his house
burst and tbe Kitchen floor was covered
wlili water. His sister, who was looking
at an oil stove, had her feet so tightly
fro/en to the lioor (notwithstanding the
fact that she wore rubbers) that she bad
to I" t loose wiili a hatchet. Ido not
vouch f,,i- the veracity of the gentleman
in question. Personally 1 doubt the story,
as it bears 100 close ~ resemblance to Hi,,'-,,
appearing in 'The Capital."* copy of
which journal was kindly forwarded me
last week by its genial 'manager, Major
Harry Washington ration.
A letter was received in Ibis city a few
[lays ago regarding some changes'which
' have taken place in the Office of "Our
Steve In Los Angeles. It appears that
in addition to the eleci rle lights lately In
troduced Into hi- office in Temple Block.
I there has been added much new raiment.
William Cardwell -everybody knows
"Billy Cardwell"- has blossomed Out ill a
large check suit, and is prepared to re
ceive the Washington delegation iv style.
Speaking about checks reminds me that
no, becks arc worn now, and that nl-
I though the fashions are somewhat pecu
liar at times, yet the check is entirety.out
j of date.
Senator Hill is now engaged*in the her
culean task of endeavoring to unite the
gold and silver men. h seems to me he
has undertaken a much more difficult task
than be assumed when he ran for Gov*
crnor of New York. He possesses lota of
pluck, however, aud success may crown
Ids efforts. Since his contest with the
President is practically settled, he is at
liberty to take up .smaller lights. The
Hnauclal question is the question now
agitating the public mind, nnd the next
session promises to bring forth some
lively discussion upon the subject.
The financial question is what is
keeping Secretary Carlisle awake nights,
and he is disposed lo believe that there
arc softer places than that of Secretary of
the Treasury.
Secretary llresham's name has been
added to the list of eligible* for the seat
which will hi- made vacant by Justice
.lack-on's retirement, chief Justice Pul
let ami Associate Justice Harlan have
lately had several consultations with the
President regarding the matter. It is
suidthal should Gresham be appointed
that S('cretar> Carlisle will succeed him as
Secretary of Stale. No particular reason
is given for this transfer. Outside of
Hon. W. L. Wilson, of West Virginia,
nothing is said as to the personality ol
the oaxt Secretary of the Treasury. TbaTfl
tl aa tlouht hut that the Pn'si'lcnt will
bbooae came Kastern man who la a--
ce/fd with hi-* linancial view*. Mr. WnV
non is also mentioned ror appointisent aa
Judge of the Court o( Otainie.
Navigation in the Potomac if* -dill Mia."
pemlcil. The ice ;tt SOBte Uoluta if piled
as high as twenty feel and Ihe river is
lower titan for many years, owing to ihe
heavy iinrthwe-l winds. Toga have been
employed to break the Ice co that it will
noi gorge al the Unig Itridge. Then- i«*
considerable anxiety among ship and
dock owmßl on the river EtOXtt*
Senator Btackbnrn baa Introduced a
hill providing; tor (die investigation of the
mental, moral and professional condition
uf officers of the navy and marine
corps by a board to be designated hy the
Secretary Navy, whenever it shall
appear thai such officers are dlaquallfied
to parfrom their duties. The board Is to
he guided by the rules which control the
boards which examine officers for promo
tion, and its finding is to be reported to
the President?.
In three weeks the Tifty-third Congress
will be a thing of the past. The hulls of
( ongress will become silent once more,
and nothing save the steady tread of the
patrolman will be h atd in the big build
ing, except il he the voices of those who
come to visit the nation's eapiiol. Many
a member will go home to his people anil t
through all ihe long days of .summer will
endeavor to explain why he did not fuifU]
the promises he made when lirst he placed J
his foot upon the stump. Certain it ia
that the majority of those who came to !
Congress frdU go home with the knowledge |
that one man in the House of Representa
tives does not amount to nmch, unless he
he a Reed or a Cockran. A Congressman
at home and a Congressman at Washing
tun are two different persons. At home
he can demand attention, at Washington
he can hut ask for il. Some Congress
men's wives rush hen and then* around
the city in search of room*, and at last,
settle upon a location and "move in."
When they are settled and ready for the
season, remarks something like* this are
heard: "Well. I guess rhese rooms will do
for Mrs. Cleveland to call to see me in."
But, alas, Mrs. Cleveland docs not call,
and gradually Mrs. Congressman comes to
a realization that "there are others," and ]
thai when at home she is better satisfied
and more highly honored. And some
there are who do not court fashion, who
do not attend receptions, theaters, etc.,
hut who live more than a mile within
their means, and finally emerge with a
good sized piu>e.
An instance of this kind was reported lo
me the other day. A certain Congress
man eume to this city and procured a
minor position in one of the departments
for his son. The family lived out in the
suburbs, and each day the father ami son
would carry their luncheon with them.
Mr. Bland often asserted that he would
save the Whole of his salary as Congress
man, and said that he desired tv buy a
farm upon which he had often looked
withCOVetOUS eye, and that he could do
so with the 910,000 which he Intended to
save. The wife and daughters we c never
seen in society, never attended the Opera,
hut remained Ht home. At the end of bis
term the gentleman hail saved his entire
salary, and his family had managed in
the meantime to subsist upon the salary
of the son. This is an isolated ease, how
ever.as even among those who are saving,
few can he found who at the end of the
term can show much mure than a saving
of one-fourth of their salary. If one
wishes to see ihe other side
of the picture, as it were, he
has simply to visit Chamberlain's some
evening anil there he will see money
spent most lavishly. The little game
called poker is carried on here and it is ,
said that one must "put up" twenty-live
hundred dollars before he can enter the
game, this money being placed to his
credit by the cashier who pays him at the
end of each month his winnings' or dis
burses his los-es.
This is really an innocent, qulel looking
city, but to one who knows the ropes it
presents*a much varied amusement.
lam told that sometime ago a certain
Senator gave a little luncheon to several
of bis friends, male and female, in his
committee room. By chance one of ihe
invited guests was unavoidably absent,
consequently there was one empty chair
at the table. When everything was ready
for the fun to begin, the private secretary
of this jolly Senator knocked at Ihe door
and informed the gentleman that his
wife was coming. The Senator hesitated
a moment and then said: "Leave her to
me: I'll flxit, girls." He thereupoaurenl
to the door, met bis wife ami. faciflr bis
guests, said: "Allow me to introduce my
wire." Then, pointing to ihe empty
chair, "Yon see. my dear, we expected
yon; is your chair. Tell John to
bring on tbe oysters." The poor wife was
nonplulsed at the unexpected turn of
events, but was forced to accept things as
she found them. It was also noticed that
the "girls" took but one glass of wine,
being "unused to more than one glass,
my dear Senator, don't you know."
This shows us that it is bad even for a
Senator to be kept under ihe restraining
influence of "Senatorial dignity," for hu
man nature will break out sometimes and
scatter dignity to the four winds.
Mrs P Ptedmati, Mifß A tftedmmi, Mi*s C
Stedman, Miss E Kttdman, Lansing, Mich ; G t'
Marlitt, Portland, Ore; c H Daggett, t'oronado;
Mr and Mrs M I. KlSChbeltl, Duluth, Minn; (i
V MoLure, Troy, Ala; J W F lMss, San Bernar
dino: O L Crapper, tjanfn llaibara; A M Mer
win, Pasadena; E P Aekerman, M Abrani\ D
P Thomas, F B Rollins, Mr and Mrs W 1> Cot
ton, E J Jolly, Han Francisco j A a 'iabriel.
Miss X Kavanaujth. Mr and Mrs O QQthriS, II
C iiaihnieii, Chicago; m Van' Osier, Aeampo;
C itipka, Philadelphia] Frank Ky, Sama Ana;
A E Turner. .1 W Flynn, New York; A E Blu-
Kenzle, iienTCr: ,! W VOUnx, ilelena. Mont; It :
h Korts, Huenerae; Mn c c Wright, Pus
dena; J W •Jet'hcscy, Ked Wing, Minn.; EH |
llanney, Kalamazoo, Mieh;C Oberlander. Sun
liiego: Mr and Mrs C F Dillinan, Sacramento; 1
.1 Pdlniiiti. st bonis. ; 1
Brings comfort, and improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, hy more promptly
adapting the world's best product; to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to liealtli of the pure liquid
laxative principle! embraced iv the
remedy. Syrup of Figs.
Jls excellence is due to its "-.resenting
in the form most acceptabll and pleas
ant to the taste, the refresh ing an.! truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
alive; effectually cleansing the system
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
and permanently curing constipation.
It lets g' yen satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession because it acta on the Kid
lieys. Live! 1 and Bowels without weal;
Miing them and it is perfectly free Irom
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs ia for sale by all drug
gist's in 50c and SI bottles, but it is man«
ifacti'ied by the California Fig Syrup
On.©nly, whose name is printed on every
laekage. -also the name, Syrup of Figs,
Bid being well informed, you will not
gjcept any substitute if r ■V**-'
nwri'if mm iVniiMi«irV'>w M ™**"' MM '^ w^WMM * M '' lIMM '^™
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111 So. OiTord St., Brooklyn, X, Y. gestion,
Without injurious medication.
ilae use of 'Cast oris. It. so universal ann "For several years I have recommended
its merits so well known thrtt. it seems a work your ' Oaatotia, 1 and shall always continue to
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Intelligent families who do net keep Castoria results."
witL> easy reach." Fnwix V. Pinnrs, M. P.,
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Addrei* J> A V Oi MJBJDICIUIBI <0., I*. O. Box SOV3 l-Voietoo ' •
C. H. HANCE, Agent, 177-17f* X. Bpflng street
lURPLUB AND KK6B&VK 830,000.0«
TOTAL ti,uiio,co^oo
I. W, HELLMAN President \ W. H. Terry. C..X. Thorn, A. Oltssell,
11. w. HKI.LMAN Vice-President I 0. W. chillis, c Ducommon,
JOHN .MILNKIt Cashier 1 T. U tnuiuu, J, B. lankershim,
11. J FLKISH MA N Assistant cashier! B. w. Bellman, L w. Hellman.
Sell and Buy Foreign and Domestic Htchangc. Special Collection Department.
a general banking baalnaai transacted, interest paid oa time deporlta We act as trustees
Guardians, administrators, etc. Safe deposit boxes for rent.
H J. WOOLLACOTT, President. J. ft TO WELL, Ist Vice-President. WARREN GILLELBN, 2d
Vice-President J NO. W. A. OFF, Csshfer. M. H. LBWIB, Assist Cashier.
W, p. <; AKI'IN BR.. B I. BALL,
Capital Mock #400,000
Surplus and uiul'il profltsover 2'io.noo
j. m. eli.iott. President
W. G. KERCKHOFF. V. Pres't,
li. B SHAFFER, Ass't Cashier.
J. If, Ellltotl, J, l>. Bieknell,
F. 0. Story, li. .levne.
J. I), Hooker, W. I Patterson,
wm. g. Karekhott.
No public funds or other preferred deposits
received hy this hunk
iVJ TRUST COMPANY, Junction ol Maid,
Soring an (I Temple streets 'Temple block, l
Capital Stock »1200,000
Surplus at.il Profits 11,000
Five per cent paid on lei in deposits.
Money loaned on real estate only.
T. L. DUQIJE, President.
J. B. LANKEKSH IM. Vice-President.
J, V. WACHThI. Cashier
It. W. Hellman, J. B! L&nkershlm,
I. N. Yau Nuys, 0. T. Johnson
KftsuaroCohn. IL W, O'Mclvenv. :
W. G. Kcreklinff. T. L. Diw.no.
Daniel Meyer, s. I.
O 101 s. Spring st.. Nadeau block.
L. N. "BREED President
WM. F. bosbysmei.i. Vice-President
C. N. FLINT Cashier '
W. I. HOI.I.IDAY Assistant cashier i
Capital, paid in -fold coin . #1100,000
Surplus and undivided protlts ... IiO.OOO
Authorized capital 800,000
nt rkotors :
1.. N. Breed, H. T. Newell, Wm. H. Averv, I
Silas Holman, W. H. Bolliday, F. c. Bosby.hell, j
M. Began, Prank. Rndcr, I), Kemiek, Thus, goss,
wm. v. Bosbysheil. I
iewis; ,ott
The best $8.00 Men's Shoes on the
Made from tannery calfskin, dongola
topi, all leather trimmed, solid leather
soles with Lewis' Cork Killed Soles.
Uneqnaled for beauty, fine workman- 1
ship, and wearing qualities. Your choice I
of ail the popular toes, lasts and fasten
Every pair contains a paid-up Acci- j
dent Insurance. Policy for $100, good for ,
f)0 days.
Wear Lewis' Accident Insurance
Shoes, and go insured free.
Bold by THE I'tiuK MAN'S WEND.
W2 Nonh Mam et. I
430 South Bprfng street, I.os Angeles Cal.
223 S. Spring St., LOS ANGELES.
I*, W. Stimson Wm. Ferguson W. E. McVay
PimL Virri-Prtttt. ' (nhifr
C. 0. Harrison S. H. Mott R. M. Baker
A. E. Pomeroy S. A. Butler
Tapitnl $500,000
Surplus 37,~>00
Total *.537,.500
!'. V, HOWES Cashier
K. W. cjk Assistant Cashier
Ceorj;e H. KonobrCHk, Warren cilielcn, P. M.
Groetl, Cha* A.Marrincr, VV, C, Brou n, A. W.
PrailCisco, E. P. Johnson, M. T. Allen, F. C,
Xj '230 N-.Main st.
Capital Stock $100,000
Surplus 35,000
j J. E. Plater, Prc<. H. \\\ Hellman, V-Pres.
VV. M. Caswell, cashier-
Directors 1. VV. Hellman, J. K. Plaier, H. \V.
! Helinißti, 1. W. Hellman, jr., W. M, Caswell.
Interest paid on deposits. Money tuloan on
i lirst-class real estate.
1-1R P. Main st., near Second.
catiiial stock $200,000
Five per cent Interest paid on deposits.
Money t- aned o:i real estate only,
j IiinBCTORI AND OFPIC^M—J. F. Sartnri. rres.»
i Maurice S. Hellman, v.-P.! W. I. Loiißvear.
j C shier; llermnn VV. Hellrnan. Henry Fleish
man, M. l. Fleming, J. A. Craves, C. A. Shaw,
I ,l. H. shanklu'd. 0 l. Johnson. Df.W. L. Craves.
,r. M, Griffith. Pres. John T. (;rifntii, v.-rrsi'
I. T. Griittth, Secretary and Treasurer,
Geo. R, Waites, Sup'toi Mill.
Lumber Dealers,
And Manufacturers of
Artistic Mill irk ol Every Description.
Doom, Window*, HI md* and Stairs.
:ii> N. A 1 aiuctla iti| I.os Aujs-Ics, Cal
Druggist and Chemist,
22! N. MAIN 81, 10$ AH6ELES.
Prescriptions carefully compounded day oi
Adjoining 8, r. Grounds, Tel. 124.

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