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There has seldom been given here a
more delightful, artistic and enjoyable
afternoon than the niusieule with which
Mrs. diaries C. Carpenter entertained a
large number of her friends yesterday,
Her charming; home on Twenty-seventh
street was beautifully decorated with
calla lilies and tlieir leaves, stuilax aim
In the spacious entrance hall are ft num
ber of columns of a fine light wood. which
were trimmed with garlands (if lilies from j
tup to bottom. From this hall open a
large library and dining rooms on one
side which also open into one another,
and a reception room on the other; over
each of the doorways is a fretwork of
Wood, which was entwined with dainty
strands of smilax, and little tendrils
dropped below, just clearing the heads of
tiie guests.
Un stands and mantels, piano and honk
cases stood handsome vases and cut glass
bowls, tilled with exquisite ruses and
more lilies, and iv the hull a rare Satsums
annch bowl was placed on a stand and
Blled with champagne punch.
Daylight was excluded and the house
was brilliantly lighted with gas ami
lamps. The piano was placed in the bay
window of the dining room, and chair's
were placed in all the rooms and hall,
where the guests were seated as they
Mrs. Carpenter was assisted in receiving
by Mesdames .1. S. Owens, Shelley Tol
hurst, A. C. Jones and Misses Blanche
Kngcrs and Mary Gray.
SEesdames T. A. Lewis, Ridgway and
Taylor, assisted by seating the guests, and
Mrs. Shoemaker had charge of the musi
cal programme, which was as follows:
Liebst. aunt, N0.3. Sonette de Petrarco, Liszt
—MerrThllo Hceker.
Grande Valse Ui Canto. Paulson—Mrs. Albert
Carina Jones
Call Me Hack, lienza— Dr J. W. Jauclt.
Le Romeo ' Koineo et Juliet), Uellint—Mrs.
Minnie llance-Owcns.
Second Po onalse, op. 21, Wlenlawskl—M. J.
Bond Francisco.
Serenade, Gregh—Mrs. .Tosefa 8. Tolhtlrst.
Nocturne. Preludes, Chopin; Walderauclicn
— Ilerr Thilo Pecker.
Drei Stelu Quartette.
The whole programme was exception
ally well rendered; Mr. Becker played
with his usual exquisite art; Mr. Fran
cisco gave a masterly reading of the Pol
onaise, and the songs were all delight
fully sung by Mesdames Jones, Owens,
Tolliurst and Dr. Jauch.
The Drei Stein quartette was quite the
feature of the afternoon. Messrs. C. C.
Carpenter, I>. F.. Spangler, 0, S. Walton
and l>r. Jauch are all members of the
esoteric club which rejoices in that
euphonious name, and clad in the robes,
cowles and rope girdles of the order, they
solomnlv filed into the room chanting in
harmonious unison, each holding a
small black score book in his
hand. With solemn countenance
and dignified mien they sang several num
bers, after which they as solemnly filed
out, their voices dying away in the dis
tance. It was a very unique ending to a
charming programme and was capitally
carried out by them all. At the conclu
sion of the programme ices were served
and altogether the entertainment was one
that was as perfectly conceived anil ex
ecuted by the hostess as it was enjoyed by
her guests who were: Mesdames J. J.
Akin, F. K. Ainsworth, Anderson, M. A.
Ilriggs, Butler, W. Bonsall,Mary Banning,
.1. 11. Bralv, Lewis W. Blinn. Bennet,
Ulaisdell, Vtillliam Bishop, Frank Burnett,
T, C. Burnett, Bailey, Chichester, (ieorge
1.. Cole, Wesley Clark, Cook, Ozro W.
Chillis, (I.W.Churchill. Caswell, Capen,
.i. I. Conroy, Telfair Creighton, Chand
ler, Danskin, Eldcrkin, Evans, Kaston,
Churles .1. Ellis, Edwin T. Earl, T. J.
iI ■ ning, Flint, Fixen, Oroff, M. L.
Craves, (libbon, Griffith, L. C. Goodwin,
il W. Haralson, Sumner P. Hunt, Marga
ret Hobbs, Godfrey Holtcrhoff, jr., Fred
urtiss Howes, William 11. Halliday, H.
'. Hughes, Walter J. Hughes, Margaret
Hughes, Victoria Harrell, Dr. J. Haynes,
Albert Carlos Jones, John T. Jones, E.
V. C. Klokke, Kelsey, J. Stormont
Owens, T. A. Lewis, S. B. Lewis,
s, ~i wick, llradner W. Lee, Seymour Locke,
Charles Monroe, Merrill, McKinley, Mul
len. Richard Mercer, Marriner, Karl B.
Millar, Meserve, George Mead, McFar
land, Granville MacGowan, Prager, John
E. Plater, John H. F. Peck, Hidgeway,
Bobbins. J. 8. Slauson, Alfred Solano,
Shoemaker. Scott, Stevens, A. M. Steph
ens, .1. F. Sartori, Nathan Stowell, S. S.
Salisbury, Ed I>. Silent, Charles Silent,
Ezra Stimson, Willard Stimson, Walter
Taylor, Cameron Thorn, Francis J.
Thomas, K. B. Taylor, Jay H. I'tley, J.
S. Vosburg. Hugh Vail. J. Wiley
Wells, Dwight Whiting, Wideineyer,
John Wigmore, S. H. Wigmore, Wool
wine, J. S. Ward, Widney, Mr. and Mrs.
C. 8. Walton, Mr. and Mrs. Thilo Becker,
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bond Francisco, Mr. and
Mrs. Gilbert E. Overton, Mr. and Mrs. J.
N. Kinnev of Cincinnati, Misses Kyan,
Owen, Wharton, Easton, Parsons, Den
nen, Wedeineyer, Rogers, Srap, Alden,
Banning, Patterson, Dangertield, Green
leaf, Tilden of Cincinnati, D. E. Spangler
and Dr. Jauch.
Orpheum.—The performance at the Or
pheum was witnessed last night by an
audience that packed the auditorium* The
ahow in a great one and it* deserving of
big houses all week. Daly and Jordan
tell some funny jokes and give a laugh
able, burlesque. Gretta Le Roy, the song
and dance artiste, gives a clever perform
ance and plays the banjo well. Stack and
Milton, the bar performers are great.
Miss Hilda Thomas lias established her
self as a prime favorite. The musical
comedietta affords her scope for a number
of character impersonations mm songs
that .are given in a most captivating man
ner. Harvey Potter's sweet baritone voice
is heard to better advantage in Denza's
Call Me Buck than in the number he sang
lust week. His voice is rich and pure, of
good range and bis flinging is artistic.
Conway and Meland, the great teaiu of
one-legged men, give a most remarkable
acrobatic performance, and do some bur
lesque work that is full of laughable inci
Too much could not be said of the sen
sational feats performed by the Kddys.
They are the peers of any acrobats who
ever appeared here, and the cheers and
applause which greet them every night
demonstrated their popularity and the
appreciation that is due them.
A special matinee is announced for
Friday, Washington's Birthday, in addi
tion to the regular matinees Saturday and
Bund ay.
* * *
I/)S Angeles Theater.—The sale of seats
opens this morning for the opera, King
Solomon, which is given for the first time
in b<>s Angeles tomorrow evening. The
opera, the management claims, is to be
presented 00 a very grand scale by the
Hojffld Opera Company, while not being a
grain! opera properly, it has all the quali
ties that make a successful play of that
character. The music and words, essen
todiy oriental, are adapted to the subject,
which is taken from the Bible, as follows:
King Solomon, not satisfied with his
thousand wives, sees in his royal
garden the beautiful Buhmiitha, and
Uosires to add her to his harem. Sula
mitlia, however, is in love with a young
native shepherd, Shuhun, ami this little
comedy forma tiie subject of the opera,
Which is told in a series of solos, duels,
trios, etc., abounding in funny situations
and replete with musical numbers. The
chorus, it is claimed, will consist of
eighty voices and will be heard with a
Vast of excellent singers.
The New Vienna Buffet
Delighted crowds still continue to
throng the New Vienna liuffet. The ad
mission is free but that does not detract
irom the merit, of the performances given.
A bar and restaurant is connected with
ihe establishment where refreshments of
. kinds are served at reasonable prices.
A charming and interesting exhib&lo 1
61 water colors by Hoary P. Bpatlidlll j
opens today iv llurtlett's Music ll.dl. i
liih North Spring street, which will !>• on ;
view the rent of the week. Mr. Suauldiiv !
held an exhibition here last spriii.', and j
the superior excellence id his work is well
Last summer he sketched near Ginu- !
coster with Mr. H. F. de Haas, and ot icr j
prominent Eastern artists, and the present
collection shows more strength, freedom |
and versatility id treatment than anything
before seen by this artist.
A trip to Alaska just after he left here
last spring is evidenced hy several clever 1
pictures ox the glaciers on Sitka harbor, \
in which the vivid coloring of the far I
north is cleverly portrayed. A number of
mission pictures and sketches are faithful
in coloring and atmospheric effects, and
are as characteristic ol Southern Calilor
nia.as arc others of the Altuntie seaboard
of that locality; notably No. ti, some sand
dunes at Newliuryport.* No. 7 surf on a lee
shore, which was sketched with Mr. do
Haas, than whom we have no better
marine artist.
No. 1. at Anchor, shows a delightful
vista of placid water, with tbe shadowy
outline ol craft iv the misty distance, and
a more deary seen vessel lying idly in the
foreground. The treatment is poetic and
yet delightfully broad..
The marines, and missions, landscapes,
ami hits of Alaskan scenery show the
artist's versatility, in that each is charac
teristic of its respective locality; and all
nre noetic in treatment, yet freely
handled, and while the coloring in many
of them has the richness of oil, in many
the paint is so thinly aplied that the paper
on which it is done shows through, there
by adding to the effect.
Mr. Bpauldins is a member of the Bos
ton Art Students' Association, which has
its headquarters, in theGrunemannstudio j
building, and last month two ol' his pic- ]
tuli s were accepted at the Jordan Art Cal- j
lory exhibition in Boston, and both were '
sold. The jury for admission to the I
.lonian exhibition was 1. M. Gaugengigl,
Boss Turner, Walter 1.. Dean, J. .1. Finick
ing, and that his pictures were accepted
speaks well for Mr. Spauldlng'a merit as
an artist.
One of the most delightful of all is a
little sketch of one corner of the Capis- ■
trano Mission; it was done just after the
sun dipped and as the shadows arc
Softened, the w hole is in a misty warm
glow that is seen nowdiere in America.nut '
of California, and Southern California at
that, and Mr. Snaulding not only saw its
exquisite feeling hut was luosl happy in
hit delineation of it. In all. the collec- i
tion numbers over sixty pictures, and
most of them are admirable in composi
tion and treatment. E. M. C.
a boTjt - womTe n
Though superabundant brains and s«r
passing beauty may but seldom be com
bined in the same tenement, it dot s nut
follow that all women of good sense ami j
sharpened intellect are necessarily plain.
In fact, few women of brains, unless they
are aggressively bluestockingy. are re
pulsive Oil that account. Brighl thoughts
enliven the most ordinary face until the
reflection of the glorious mind shining
out in all its pure radiance makes one
forget that the 'features are not pure j
Grecian, and leave us to believe that, iv
very truth, such a woman is a great beauty.
The young woman who pleases through j
nil time is not the strictly beautiful one. |
She may attract the pj'n for the lime hi'
ing, and her power \v ■ c her beauty lasts ;
cannot be gainsaid, Inn when it wanes, as ;
it inevitably must, the woman of esprit
will occupy ihe place that beauty lias no I
longerany chance to fill.
The vivacious creature of varying moods '
and quaint fancies is one of ' charm. A
man forgets about the type of beauty she
may or may not possess, s<> interested'does I
he oeeome in the pleasing study of a mind ]
that renders her face at times light with |
airy fancies, again sorrowfully sub
dued by deeper thought, imto ever win- ;
ning. irresisiihle and pleasing, because, :
like the surface of a hike,' there cornea a j
change with every vary ing emotion.
Cultivate the mind, .for a grace of soul i
and education of spirit count for more
than limpid eyes, a rosebud mouth and a
dimpled chin. Be ever teachable, for there
is not one iota of lovableness in the man
(tr woman who thinks he or she knows it
all. Interest yourself in timely topics,
, keep the cobwebs well brushed out of your
brain, and though you may not possess a
single good feature, you will be most
pleaaing to many Who appreciate an act
ive mind at its full value.
"The thought occurs to me why should
women become passe?' 1 said Mr*. JennesS
Miller the other day. "The man of 40 is
not passe, and surely there should he a
beauty peculiar to the Woman of 40 or the
woman of 00, as well as the woman of 20.
It is the compression of the vital organs,
the corset-brought back-aches and
head-aches which are responsible for
the passe woman. Youth triumphs
aud is beautiful even with displaced
hosOSl and tbe inartistic depres
sion at the waist, but when years and adi
pose tissue come, the woman is but a
mass of inartistic flesh and ill-used mus
cles, which are molded into a temporary
shape tbat collapses into Uuseeml i noss.
Yes, f remember the controversy in New
York as to whether its women are beauti
ful. I think New York women are the best
groomed women in the world. They take i
much better cane of themselves than j
Western women. 1 do not think we have
any distinct type of female bcauly iv
America, except, perhaps, tbe voluptuous
Southern type, which is passing away.
There is a distinct intellectual type of New
Kngland, but it is wholly intellectual.
There are many beautiful women in New j
York whose features are not regular, but j
1 think they are much ihe same
as the highest type of Knglish women and j
the highest type of Irish women. The |
Ultra-high-bred Irish type is the most
beautiful in the world, but its beauty does !
not last like ours in America. America
must ultimately produce a distinct type.
At present there are too many strains of
blood tv tix any distinctive countenance
or form as peculiarly American.''
There was a beginning, a starting point,
for all this talk of the New Woman,which i
we hear on the stage, in the periodicals, j
in the novels and everywhere else from
Cooper Union mass meetings to afternoon
teas in Sau Francisco. It was Mrs. Moua
t'aird who said the iirwt word when she
arose and asked her historic conundrum,
"Is Marriage a Failure?"
It happened to be a dull season in Lon
don, with no great political questions be
fore the 1 public, no great scandal in high ;
life, nor anything else which the readers 1
of the Telegraph consider interesting.
Mrs. Caird wus a writer of novels and j
articles* which bad rather a strong flavor, 1
but nobody paid much attention tv her. j
Tiie young Knglish girls of those days—a I
few years back -did not read the reviews !
in the spirit, in which they read them now. j
They had not discovered that they were j
latchkeyless. Mrs. ('ami's article seemed j
to be read by the people who think, rather j
than talk, and that would have been the !
last of it. Hut it happened thatOacar
Wilde was directing a department of a
London newspaper, and being too indo- j
lent to hunt up subjects tv write about, he i
invited the British public to till his col- |
umns with its wise answers to Mrs. [
Cuird's question. To be sure Mr. Wilde j
himself wrote most of the earlier and clev- I
erer replies, but they kept tbe ball rolling :
until almost everybody had come in and i
said his say, and Mrs. t'aird regarded her
self wit h extreme seriousness, and asked,
and received, high prices fur her iiianu- |
script.—Munsey's Magazine.
No one in ordinary hen Ith need become bald :
or gray if he will fallow sensible treatment
We advise cleanliness of the scalp aud'.he vi j
oi Hall's Hair Kenewer,' j
.1. I, o Park, of Oakland, is at the Ka
t>. .1. OilTord, uf Kigjtt, BL, is stopping
..; toe Area le Hotel.
A. C. Mc<l!a;hii'i. of San Francisco, is
registers I at the Kadeau.
It. 1-. Ramsey and wife, of Pittsburgh,
Pa., are at tbe Are.tde Uot.'l.
George W. Smith, of New Jersey, is
registered at the hotel HailtOttft.
Morris 1,. FisrhUciu and wife, of Dv-
Itlth, Minn., ar.' guests ol the llollenhcck.
■ Dr. aud Mrs. .To.urtellette. of Minne-.
apolis. Minn., are registered at the Hol
U. li. Streets and li. (1. Hughes, of San
Pedro, are in the oily and are registered
at ihe Baniona.
Miss M. B. Van" Antwerp. Mrs. L. A.
Pomeroy and her son. Dr. Pomeroy, re
turned yesterday from San Diego und are
dots ieiled at t tie Kaniona.
Harvey Scolield. John B. Livingston and
Thomas' Booth, all of New York City, ore
at the Arcade hotel, where they will prob
ably remain as winter visitors.
Mr. D. 11. Priest, the well known cigar
I man. who has been connected with Craig.
| Stuart <V Co. for some time past, will
shortly remove to his old home in Oak
land. *
1!. L. Freeman, ex-rerciver of the
United States land Office at Vlsalla, ac
companied by bis wife, arrived in the
city yesterday for a visit of several
A. (I. Gabriel, of Chicago, a member id
the linn of Benedict, Goldman A Co., of
that city, and a man wdm numbers his
friends here by the score, is registered at
the Hollenbeck.
A. F. Baumgootner, of Oakland, who
has been with Tillman .v. Bendel, of San
Francisco, for many years, will arrive in
the olty ill a few days ami will make bis
home 'here. His iamily will follow him
l-ootpads Relieved a Young Butcher of His
Pocket Money
A young man named Kurts, a outcher,
was held up and robbed of Iff)on Monday
night near tie corner of Hill street and
■ Temple. Kurts had quit* a tussle with
the two highwayman, and but for the
fact tbat one of them had a heavy sand
1 bag he might, have bested the pair.
The two man tame up behind Kurts,
I who had no thought of hold-ups. Bud
; denly one of the men grabbed his arms
! and pinioned them behind his back. The
j other went through his pock
, ets and secured $10. Kurts was perfectly
1 cool, and when the robber released his
I arms he turned on him and, after a short
) struggle, threw him to the ground. The
other robber had gone some distance away,
: but seeing his partner being roughly han
i died he returned and smote Kurts behind
! the ear with a heavy sandbag.
Kurts thinks he would know bis assail
ants should he set eyes on them again, but
the chances of his doing so are slim.
Sunday Races at Athletic Park
The Wheelmen's Training League will
i give a raci' meet at Athletic Park Sunday
morning, February •_'lth.
The follow ing programme has been ar
| ranged;
Match race, quarter mile, novelty—-.!. J.
; Long rides with one foot: N. 1.. Biehl.
Match race—Professor William 0. Obe
! miner. T. fj. Hall.
I Quarter mile dash.
1 One mile handicap.
Match race, quarter mile, handicap
IJ, J. Long, scratch; Use Stephens, flirty
• yards.
I Record race, half mile, unpaced,
Entries to the open races close with the
secretary at the Athletic Club Saturday
evening at ;i o'clock.
The admission to the,grounds is free.
Hares will start promptly at 10 a.m.
The Duarte wheelmen wish to notify
class A wheelmen that the writing desk
presented by William (I. Olienauer for lirst
prize in the quarter mile dash for Class A
i riders will be awarded for that race, and
not tortile lirst prize in the mile race,
j Class B.
Removes wrinkles and all traces
of age. It feeds through the
pores and builds up the fatty
membranes arid wasted tissues,
nourishes the shriveled and
shrunken skin, tones and in
vigorates the nerves and mus
cles, enriches the impoverished
blood vessels, and supplies
youth and elasticity to the act
ion of the skin. It's perfect.
Beware of substitutes and
counterfeits. Yale's Original
Skin Food, price #1.50 and
At all drug stores.
MMX. tf, YALL, Health anil Complexion
Specialist, Yale Temple of Beauty. 14t» Btate
btreet, Chicago. Haddington ,t Co., wholesale
druggists, Sail Kraneiico, 'are supplying the
Paclflo coast with all my remedies.
Medical and suicqi liii.
'Iwelvo t.iiles from Lob Angeles, via Santa Ffl
railway. Til* place ior the weary to rest and
the sick lo get well Hot and cold sulphur
ba-iJ*! at popular prices. Correspondence nolle
lied. -j-uy-uu.
PACKING leads all others
for steam, water or any
other purpose where GOOO
Packing is wanted. If they
tell you some other "is
just as Rood,"
j Don't Believe It!
1 Hi! My Go.
10S N. Broadway, - Los Angeles,
Snow 11 Pip Works
Have established a branch
for Pacific Coast at
105 N. Broadway, L. A.,
They manufacture the high
est grade of Steam Pumps for
every service, and can be had
at above address at
! lift GUIS' PIES
It will PAY to communicate
I before buying elsewhere.
S3l ■1!
Automatic Burner.
Will Save You from 2D to 50 par 1
cent in cost of fuel over any other. :
Has low water alarm. Absolutely |
105 N. Broadway. Los Angeles.
<;kxeual western alknts
he hi urn
S CO..
120 North Main Street,
LOS ANGELES, CAL.. where they design to
I cure nnd treat all medical a nd surgical d seascs
| oi both Rexes, especially the affections of a pri
| vate nature, discuses of al 1 mucous membianes,
| catarrh, Inllamed tonsils, sore throai, etc. In
1 digestion, dyspepsia catarrh of the stomach,
cancer in stomach and lungs, or any affections
! pertaining to the lungs, bronchial tubes, as-
I thma, hay fevers, etc . speedily and pernian-
I entlv cured by our n w system of inhalation
of compound'-inedicated vapors. Rupture,
' tumors, cancer in all forms, yam ocele, hydro-
Cele and rectal trounles cured and treated
without the use of a knife or nostrums or de
tention from business, no nintter what your
! case is or who failed to cure you or how long
I standing, the well-known European specialists
wid forfeit Five Hundred Dollars for
miv cuse taken under their new remedies
which fuils to cure in nil such diseases. Special
attention given to all chronic inflammations,
discharges, irregularities in diseases of wo
men, liver, kidn-y nnd bladder troubles,
cystitoe, paralysis, ealeulm vesicae, gravel
and stone in the bladder, orchitis et epiolidy
mitis. semi na weakness night tosiea, loss of
sexual power,sexual debilitj, etc , restored by
our new remedies in a short time skin diseases,
svphilis.se o]ida,feverß,erysipelaB, pemphiuni
psoriasis, old veers, etc 1 , promptly eradicated,
without the use of mercury, used by the no
j called great bLiwerAineric«n specialists. Pri
l vnte diseases, ulenorroea urethrerue, gon
norrhocn, gleet, stricture, cured iv a very
I short time tome und get cured from your
i trouble. Our charges are low.
itw mm "iir'iii' t mm inim
m-TBaWftmccfM"l i l-B
Have yon BoroThroat.Pirnii'es, Copper-Colored
| Spotfl, Aches. Old Bores, Ulcers in Mouth, Hair
! Falllna? Write Cook Remedy- C 0.,807 M»-
of cures.
Capital 8500,000. Patlentscurod nine year*
nCn rHuCti tiu; VMtnr«tanafi«moy.T a
Idk lllemißheii, In 160 p. b»nk fur a HUimp.
I John 11. Woodbury, 127 W. IM St.,N. V.
| taiwur ul WuuJUurj- s Facl.l Suap.
(eanta Fe Route ,
Trains leave and are due to arrive at Lot An
geles (La orande station) First street
and santa Fe avenue.
l*eave7of~l COS ANUELta | Arr. from
5:00 p.m . Chicago Limited... 9:3.') a.m
7:00 a.ra . .Overlan! Express 0:30 p.ni
8 :15 a.m .Sao Diego Const Line. 1:15 p.m
4 ;20 p.m .ban Diego Line. <» :4i> p.m
7 .00 a. m . .SAD Bernardino.... 9 ;Mo a. m
9 :Oo a m a 9:55 a.m
a 4 :00 p m via A 1:35 p.m
5 :00 pm Pasadena ! ti :30 p m
7:00 a.ri' Riverside A 1:35 p.in
9:00 a.m .Via Han Reruardino. t>: !0 i.m
a 11:0 ft a*m RiVersnle arfd Han Ref- NK49 a.ai
4:20 p.m nardlno via orange. 0:45 p.in
All: 10 a.m Redlaud« A Mentone 10:15 am
4 ;"J0 p. m via orange *k Rivers'* a 0 :i5 «. ■
7On u.ni ..Redlands. Mentone. 19:86 a.m
9:00a.m and i a 9:55 n.m
A4:oop.m Highlands 1 a 1 :35 pni
5:00 p. in via Pasadena. . 0:190 p. m
7:00 a.m . . .Monrovia, Azusa. a 7:35 a.m
9:0) am a.m
1:35 p.m b9:35 a.m
Al :U0 p.m and 4.0:55 a.m
b;i ;00 p.m A i p.m
49:90 p.m | : i 0 p.m
0 :50 p.m Intermediate Station" (i:;t0 p.m
7:00 a. m .Pasadena I a 7 :35 a.m
9:00 a*in Pasadena ' 8:50 a.m
AlO:50«».m Pasadena 9:35 a.m
1 :3"' p.m Pasßdena a 9:55 a.m
A4:oop.m Pasadena a 11:59 a.m
s:oop.iti Pasadena a1;35 p.m
As:3op.m Pasadena 3:*»5 p.m
0:5" p.m| Pasadena 0:30 p.m
8:15 n.m ! Santa Ana. ... 8:48 a.m
A*J:oop.m; SHntaAna 1:15 pwaj
4:2 up.m Santa Ana 9:46 p.m
7:5: a.m... Santa Monica ;>:•**» a.m
10:15 am Santa Monica 11:45 p.m
4:45 p.m Santa Monica. ...j 0 34 p.m
10:09a.m Redondo 8:29 n.m
4:45 p.tu Redondo I 3;45 p.m
a7;00 a.m San Jneintovia Pas'd'a Al :35 p.m
A 9:00 a.m San Jaeintovia Paß'd h aO;30 p.m
4 11:00 a.m S. .lacin'o via Orange' 46:45 p.m
49;00 a.m Tcmccula via Pnsad a ai :35 p.m
i All 00 a.m Ti'iuei iila via Orange
j aH;isb m Eaeondido via Coast L Al:15 p.in
I Pi :'£o p.m Escondidn via toast L
a Pally except Sunday. h Sunday only,
n Saturday only. All oilier trains daiiy.
I TraiiiK via Pasndenu line arrive al Downev
' avenue station 7 minutes earlier and leave 7
mi ti utes later.
Palace veslihuled sleepers, unholstered tour
i Ist ears, through to Kansas city and Chicago
'd> lly. Personally conducted excutsinns to
Kansas City, St. Lo its, t/hieugo. st Paul, Min
imtpoHa and Huston every Thursday. For rates
sleeping cur reservation*, etc., cell on or ad
dre-s K. W. tt'GEE,
cii/passenger and Ticket Audit. 129 North
i spring st reet. and La «irunde sta' ion, Los
' \ngeles
.l.\"0. .1. IiVP NX, (ieneral Passenger Agent.
j lais Angelas depots: Baal end Fir-d-sreet and
Pou ney-avenue bridges.
Leave I.os Angeles fur Leave Pasadena for
Pasadena. Loi Angeles.
i" (i:T> a 111. .it 7:15 am
\ 7: lo a.m a H :(»5 a, m
a -'«:0u 11.'ii, a 9:05 a.m
a IOMOn.m »Wi»aa
»HU OH.JD. .....a12:80 p.m
ilVrtfS p m a 1:45 p. m
a If lo jt in a 3:05 p.m
a 3:0O pra a 4 :(i5 p.m
• 4 jo p in a 5 :-5 n m
! f> ;'.'o p 111 , a 7:05 p. 111
• 1!: 0 t .111 a 8 :l>s p m
ti 1 1 ::fii p m.. t* 1 ti: 1 & a m |
$ 9:1 p. in r 10:15 pm ■
' <*\\ ney-Mvenue leaving time 7 minutes later, j
1 'caw 14W Angeles ior Leave Altudenn .lunc- '
A Ittulena Junction. tion for I.os Angeles.
• : n a.m 4.10:10 a m
O:; ;o a m al2 :00 a.m
\ 1 ;to p.m a 2;to p:m
. 1; hi p 111. .... a 5:09 p.m
AH t miii ■ siuri ( viii First-street depot.
I■. pvc I.os Angeles for Leuve < ilendals for Loa
Olendale. Angeles.
! 0 0: M* n.m b 7 :"J ; a m
1 a i»:' 5 a m.. a 0:07 a. m j
*.!;0.l p.m a 2:4Apm |
1 k ;i:'-5p ai. ... a ■OjISp.JU
1"a PC Los AtmelcH for Leave East sun Pedro
I on,: Heart] and l ast lor
: .'.'n l'odro. Lot Angeles,
j" ..v. . . * jv7:- s tt.in
i ■ 9.55 h. in 75t)a.m I
;t: 1: spm . . cl 2: <» a m
1 :i::!jpiii . b ;i:4o p m
! .. »»:no n 111... <• 4*115 p.m
j rt-;«een l.ast tfau Pedro and Long Iteaeh IO
| Trains leavo Loa Angelis dady nt 9 a.m.,
10 :'M> a.m , I:4u p UL and 4 p tu.
I l me pavilion nnd hotel, (irand scenery.
, "j lie U'llniinnto i T:ans)iortatuni steuiners
1 .;onneet for Avalon at. hast san Pedro with
: 1 rain leaving Los Angeles 9:55 a.ni daily ex
tept Sunday, reluming nt tftflO p. m, except
I : iinday,
.• Puiily. B Pally except Sundaya. 0 Suu
; drvfiunly.
Manes meet the I a m. and 19:25 p.m. trains
at Pasadena for Mt Wilson on nvw trail.
I Passengers leaving Loa Augeleson the 8 a.m.
I train fo* Mt. Wilson cun return same day.
1 Special rates to excursions and picnic paj-tio*.
Depots cut end ol First street und Downey
avenue bridges,
cily ticket office Oreenwaid's cigar store,
corner Second and Spring streets..
flCUOral Pffloaa Fir>t —trect depot.
T. li. BI'RXKTT, General Maoager.
\V. WINCUJ', <ien. Passenger AirL
lit. Lowe Railway
p vclFir i OAST STEAM'SII ! P CO.
tioodall, Perkins & Co., tieneral Agents, Han
JNorthern routes embrace lines tor Port land.
Ore , Victoria, R. C and Paget Sound, Alnaka
and nil cuast points.
lkAvk has kbascihco.
Port Harford S.S Corona, Feb. 8. 10,154,
santa Barbara March 4.
Redondo '
ion Los Angeles 8.6. Santa Rosa, Feb. 4, 13,
Newport | 150,158, March 8,
San Diego
"""JOT— S.S.Coos Pay. Feb. 0,14,
East San Pedro |3j March '2.
San Pedro and way S.S. Eureka, Feb. % 10, 18,
porta I 20; March 0.
' j>"or— -.s. SuntH Rosa, Feb. ti, 14,
1 22; March 2.
San Dlcgo s>. Corona. Feb. B, 10, 18,
J iiti; March <>.
For— IS.H. Santa Rosa, Feb. 8,10,
San Francisco I 24; March 4.
Port Ilariord S. . Corona, Feb. 4, 12, 20,
Santa Barbara.. \ 28; Muron_H.
For - IS.S. Eureka, Feb. 5, 111, 21,
San Francisco March 1.
aud ls.B. Cnos Bay, Feb. 9, 17,
wuy ports ... ... | 25; March 5.
~~cars to couneetiewitii ateMiiers via San Pedro
leaves. P. R. R Arende depot at 5 p.m. and
Terminal R. R. depot at 5:15 p.m.
Curs lo connect, via Kedondo leave Santa Fe
depot at lo a, 111. or from Redondo railway de
pot at 9 a.m.
Curs to connect via Port Los Angeles leare S3.
I. R. R depot at 1:10 p.m. for steamers north
' Plans of steamers' cabins at agent's ottlec,
where berths may be seemed.
The company reserves the right to change
the steamers or their day* yf sailing.
lor passage or Leitrtn u> KDO¥C or for
tickets to and irom all important points in
Europe, apply to W. pakris, Agent
Otlice No. 124 W, ?eeond % reet, Los Angeles,
Redondo Railway
.lAN 14, 1895.
Los Angeles Depot: Corner Orand avenue
and .leffersuii street, l'nko (irand avenue cable
or Main street und Agricultural park horae cars.
Trains leave Trains lenvo
Los Angeles Redondo ior
for Redondo. Los Angeles.
9:U5 a. in. daily. 7;ilii a. m. daily.
2:80 p. in. d.ily. 10:30 a. m. daily.
5:",i0 p. in. duily. 4:1»> p. 111. daiiy.
A 8 :O0 a. in. aO :45 a. m.
A.Saturdays and Sundays only.
7:30 train from Redondo in the morning
makes run up in 45 minutes.
5:30 train from Los Angeles in the evening
Kai kes run down in 40 minutes.
For rales on freight and passengers apply at
room 432 Bradbury building, corner Third and
Broadway t'l'hotie 1804), or at depot, corner
Oraud avenue and Jefferson st. ('Phone No. 1
West.) D. McFAKLAND, President.
J. li. SUTTON, superintendent.
' '"• time table la published by TH 1
HERALD for the convenience of lta readerf
end the traveling public.
Other railroad companies pay for the publi
cation of their time tables.
The Southern faciac company refuses to pay
for the publication of its time table in TIIK
HERALD because this paper Is criticising tha
corporation's policy opposing a harbor at Han
Pedro; its attitude toward the Nicaragua
proposition; its attempt to oppress and rob
the people of Pasadena, and its tyrannous dis
crimination against the interests of the people
of the ban Joaquin valley.
. /lIMF TABLE-DECEMBER 20, 1894.
Arcade Depot, Los"Angeles.
Leave for. Destination. arri»«.
Friday, \ ".-unset Limited" i Saturday.
11:10 a m (.. . New Orleans... J 8:10 p.m
I (See foot note.)
Saturday, ( ( Friday,
8:4o pni f san Francisco.. j 1:30 aum
2 :n>o p. in San Fran A-sacrara'to 7:30 a.m
7:45 p.m San Fran A Sacram'to 1:48 pin
'2:00 p m ogdeiiA Eust, Sid claea 7:30 a.m
7 :45 p. in Ogdcn & East, lat class 1 :48 p.m
7:45 p.m Portland, Ore 7:30 p.m
8 :30 a.in El Paso and East... 7 :00 p.m
B:3oa.in ...Demlng and East... 7K)op.m
H:3oa.m Banning 7:00 p.m
Rediunds s9 :20 a.m
8:30 a.m Redlands \ 10:10 a m
10:30a.m Redlands 4:58p.m
4 :30 p.m Redlands % :00 p.m
Colton s9:9oa.m
8:905.m Colton AlOdOsm
10:MOa.m Colton 4:58 p.m.
4:3opm Colton 7:00 p.m
Riverside 89:20 a m
8:90 a. vi Riverside Al0:10a.»
10:30 a.iv Riverside 4 'iHp.g
4:30 p.m Riverside. T.oosp.m
San Bernardino 89 :20a.m
8 :30 a.in . ..San Bernardino.... a 10:10 a.m
10 :3Q a. in ....nail Bernardino.... 4 :58 p.m
4 :30 p.m ~ .Sau Bernardino.... 7 :00 p. in
Chino A 8 :45 a.m
8:80a.m chino s9:2os.m
4 :30 a.m Chino a 10:10a.m
a 5 :2ft p.m Chino 4:68 p.m
w :50 a.in Monrovia S-.90a.m
13:10 p.m Monrovia A12:45p ra
5:16 p.m Monrovia 4 .20 p.in
?:90a.m ...Santa Barbara 1 :48 p.m
2 jOO p.m Santa Barbara 8 :35 p.m
9:40 a.m Santa Ana <t Anaheim 8 :44 a.m
Al :55 p.m Santa Aim a Anaheim Al :09 p.m
5:lo p.m Santu Ana & Anaheim 4 :29 p.m
s:iop.m Tustin 8:44 a.m
9:40 a.m Whittier 8:44 a.m
Al :55 p.m 1 Whittier. Al :0f) p.m
5:10p.m .Whittier 4:'J9p.m
9 :25 n.m bong B'h a San Pedro 8 :10 am
L 3 :55 p m Long B'h A San Pedro 11:54 a.m
0:03 p.m LunK B'h & Sau Pedro 4:20 n.m
9:3oa.ni Santa Monica 8:90a.m
1 :lo p. m Santa Monica 8 £1 a.m
5:15 pan . .santa Monica..... 12 jl2 p.m
6:00 p.m.. .Santa Monica 4:56 p.m
9:3oa.in Soldiers Home 8:51 a.m
6:00 p. m .. Soldiers' Home.... 4t(V6 p.m
9:30 a.m ( Port Los Angeles j 12:12 p.m
) aud 5 4:50 p.m
1:10 p.m (North B'ch Station)
< f chatsworth Park "1
AB:3oa.m J Trains start from! A2:4op.m
1 EUver station (San f
I [ Fernando st) only. J
ssnndays only, a Sundays excepted. All other
other trains daily.
Connecting with W. T. Co.'s steamer* at Saa
Leave. Areacae Depot. Arrive.
Daflv, except
12:55 p.m Sujidaya 11 .•54 a,m
"Sunset Limited"—East bound, arrives and
departs diver station only. Westbound, ar
rives and departs Arcade depot. Passengers
run board vestibule sleepers of Sunset Limited
at Arcade depot Thursday evenings, 8 until 12
o'clock midnight. Tickets can there be bought
and baggage cheeked until midnight; after
midnight »v River sttation.
All of the seaside and local interior trains
Stop nt tbe new suation, corner of First aud
Alameda streets.
Ihe i mi n arriving from Santa Monica at S a
m stops only at Tine Palms and University be
tween Santa Monica and Arcade depot.
General passenger office. 144 s. Spring st.
\j river, foot off Morton St., Now York.
Travelers hy tfais line avoid both travel by
Ensile!) railway and the discomfort of cross
mg the elm nn el in a small boat.
i a Norimmdic*, February 23.
La champagne. March 2.
Lji Oascogne, 'March 9.
La Bourgogne. March 16.
La Noriuaudjc, March 23.
La ('hampurine, March 30.
New York bo Alexandria, Egypt, via Paris
iirst-clasa iSHIO. st ond-elaaslHllO.
For froight.or passage apply to
A. FORGET. Agent,
"No. 2 Bowling Green, New York.
,L F. FCCA/f & CO., agents, 5 Montgomery
aye., Han Pnmci.seo. Branch office, 19 Mont
gomery st. Tickets are for sale by all railroad
and steamship offices.
DR. WONG liTIM, who has practiced medi
cine in 'wis Angeles for 20 years, and
Whose office is al Upper Main street, will
treat by medicine all diseases of women, men
siid children. Tin; uoetor til aims that he has
remedies ilia* are superior to all others as a
tneoifto (Or troubles oi women and men. A
irial alone will convince the sick that Dr.
Wong Him>. remedies are more efflcacous than
Can be prescribed Dr. Wong Him is a Chinese
physician t>i prominence and a gentleman of
real sibflity. His reputation is more than
well estaybllshed, and all persons needing hie
services csn rely on his. skill and ability. A
cure is guaranteed in evapy esse in which a re
covery hs possible. Herb*medicines for sale.
6)9 Upper Main Street, Los Angeles.
i.os Angelas, Cal., .1 une 17,1894.i
To TiiK Public: \ have bean suffering with
piles and kidney trouble for over five yoara,
and have iried several remedies, but all failed
to relieve me. A short time Mnee 1 tried Dr.
Wong Him, 699 Upper Main street, and I am
now well and strong, nnd consider him a Urst
clttss doctor. Yours truly,
* W, 11. HILLYER,
235 8. Kill st., Los Angeles, Cal.
Los ANtiEi.ra, Juno 9, 1893.
To mR Pufiun: For overlive vc»rs I have
bean troubled with nervous ilolt headache and
liver complaint, 1 didu't seem to ti nd any help
from tlw liiuny doctors and medicines that I
tried until 1 tried Pr. Won- Him. 039 Upper
Main street, lam now well. Yours truly,
MISS M. Li. 11 ROCK.
4ti Iliuton aye., Los Angeles, CaL
Los Anokmu. CaL. July 21, 1894.
DU. WONG HIM, 099 Upper Main st.
DSAB Silt: 1 takcpleasure in adding ray tes
timony to the many you already have received.
1 will say that after taking your treatment for
catarrh (it the head and throat, that I am now
well, and ask you to re er to me any person
that may feel skeptical and I will satisfy them
as to the efficacy of your treatment. Yours
truly, P. E. KINO.
Attorney and Notary Public,
Oarvanza, Cal.
Easily, Quickly and Permanently Rcstorud
Celebrated English llsuznr
4fli9\ WERVIA. mf&\
It is sold on a positive
v* »\ guarantee to care any fiW Si *3|
ifcL form *>f nervous pros* >*. aj 1
trniion or any disorder |
*'* tho K t:Di,a * organs of I ~- I9 S
«J2fcj\2jami either sex, caused mmW^^Stf
Before* by excessive use of After*
Tobacco, Alcohol or Opium, or c:i accoiiß*
of youthful indiscretion or over indulgence etc..
Dimness, Convulsions, Wakefulness. Henduche,
Mpntnl Depression, Softeningof the Brain, Weak
Memory, lienring Down Pains, Seminal Weakness,
Nocturnal EiiiiEsiona, Spermatorrhea,
Loss of Power and ImpotoDcy. which if neglected,
may lead io premature old age and insanity.
Positively guaranteed. Price, $I.ooa box; 0 borce
forSft.OO. Sent by mail on receipt of price. A writtcc
gunrantee furnished with everyss. 00 order reeeiveO.
to refund tbe money if a permanent cure ia dob
■VFRVIA r.v t» n
For aale by GEO. B. FREEMAN CO., 102 North
Spring btreeu

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