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The History of
A Day in the Southern California Cities
An A. P. A. Lecture Delivered at
Cars Propelled by Electricity Now Used, j
Muslcalea and Socials-Local
Pasadena, Feb. 20.—A vicious cutting
affair, which came near eliding fatally. 10
far as two of the participants wore con
cerned, occurred dn East Colorado street,
near Lake avenue, Last evening about v
o'clock. The tight was the result of a
drunken row. The young fellows, live in
number, having visited Garibaldi's saloon,
located jutt out-due of the limits, were on [
their way home when the fight occurred.
W. Harrington, who lives at the corner
of Colorado street ami Hill avenue, ami
Elmer Newton, who is employed by Har
rington, were out. The other members of
the party are Ray unit Will Fit/.pntrick,
sons nf w. F. Piupatrlck, the contractor, j
ami Andrew Parks, a foreman (or Fitz
patriek. These three young men have
made themselves scarce since the cutting,
ami us yet the police have not been.able
to locate them.
It seems the crowd met at tho saloon,
ami after drinking, started fur town about
11 o'clock. On the way they got into a
quarrel which ended in alight just in front
of the East Colorado street car stables.
Newton and Harrington were pitted
against the Other three and came out in
bad shape. Knives were freely used, New
ton being stuck twenty-two times, nine
teen stabs being in tin' face and neck. One
of the cuts almost severed his nose and
another barely missed his eye. His face i
is. in fact, all'cut tn mince meat and pre- 1
tents a terrible appearance.
Harrington got off with fewer cuts, but !
One wound reached the spine and may
prove serious* The erics ul distress aroused j
people in the neighborhood, but when they
arrived no one was in sight. Later Har
rington notified Officer Orr, who, in com
pany with Alexander Stewart, made s
search. Newton was found on the back
J torch of Dr. Kugg's residence, where he i
•ad crawled. None of the other fellows j
were in sight.
The Fitzpatrick boys were cut In the j
aif ray, but how brolly is not known. War- j
rants have been issued fur the arrest of all 1
three of the men, but up to a late hour
this evening they had not been caught, l
It is thought that both Harrington and 1
Kewton will recover; hut they will carry I
the scars for life.
Rev. a. C. Rone Lectures Under the Auspices
of the A. P. A.
The Mask Torn Off Romanism was the
Subject of an address by Rev. A. 0. Bane, 1
at the M. E. Tabernacle last evening, j
under the auspices of the A. I*. .V.
Among others on the platform were 1
fltOv, Clark Crawford, Bfiv, H. K. Ward,
Rev. Dr. HanweU and officers of the as-1
The speaker was introd need by Rev.
Clark Crawford. Taking up at once his
theme, he said: "The A. P. A. is not
opposed to religions Liberty but to relig- ,
fous Intolerance, it la not organised to
bring religion Into politics, but to drag
religion out of politics, The Catholic]
Church does not believe In religious lib
erty and has always set her face against
it. We claim that this is not. a country
to be ruled by any church—Catholic,
Presbyterian or Methodist. No church
should rule here. It. was the intention of ■
the Catholic Church to gain control of
our political machinery wherever pos
sible. The Roman biararcby claims Im
munity from the civic law, as shown by
the encyclicals of Pope Plus IX. A man
who acknowledges allegiance to Rome
and the T'npe cannot be true tO the con
stitution of his country." Extracts were |
read from the Jesuits' oath.
The Catholic Church, said the speaker,
is founded on secret societies, and yet she
ip continually waging war against secret
Societies outside of her control. Mosi of
the Catholic societies are of a military
nature.-and it is stated that 700,000-Cath
ollc soldiers can be raised in this Country.
"The great danger," said Rev. Mr.
Bane, "is from the church gaining eon- ,
trolof the Government. It is estimated
that Catholics compose about 16 per I
cent of the population of the United
states, but hold *2 per cenl of the offices.
"Koine's aims are again t the public
schools and she purposes to t mil them.
The people, however, arc waking up. til
< o ogress last year new members voted
that the English language should not hi'
taught in the public schools of New Mex
ico. One hundred and sixteen of 1 hem
were left at home at the last election.''
Congress was scored for appropriating
millions ,»f dollars to Catholic schools and
Catholic Indian schools, a political turn
over was predicted in in:*;. " The A. l\ a.
has grown to membership of in
six years and has Increased 50 in I'asa
tlcna in the past week."
firs. Remplon of Los Angeies (lives an
Entertainment it Hotel Green
A musicals was given at Hotel Green
this evening by Mrs. Kemptou of ItOH An
geles, which was largely attended, being
su invitation affair The programme was
participated in principally by her Los An
geles pupils.
Overture, selected -Orchestra
itotnauss, Dio Possentl, faust, Gouuod—lir,
laidwig £otitle r,
guana and una, Aii forse tui, LaTreviats,
Verdi—Miss Jenny Kempion.
Flute solo, Usphaela. Terschah— Mr Wall r
oavaLlna, be. Itotueo, Romeo aud Juliet fie]
litfl- Mrs Uance Owen.
teens ami aria, Krnanl In raolanrii Ernenl,
Verdi—Mr* \. Carlos Jours
A l ift, M'appari, Marts, 1 'lOtOW —M r. James
seen* and prayer, piano solo, Del Fretehuts,
Weber—Mrs. Orr Haralson.
song, [ Fear no Fee. PTn«utt— Dt Seuner.
Bong, HnoWflakes, cowen-Miss Kotopton.
Baiiaii, violets, by rennest, Roma—Mrs.
song, Marguerite, Lour—Mr, Martin.
Banjo suio. selected -Mr. Ursuuis.
Quarts, te, iteti» Hgila, Rltoletto, Verdi—Miss
Kempton. -Mrs. Owens, Messrs. Martin and
The New Service Inougnrnled Last Night a
Pasadena, Pen. la). -The first car ever
propelled by elect ricity was run over the
line from Raymond to this city and
uvouml the loop formed by Pair Oaks,
i inosl out strcei, Raymond and Bollvlew
lastuight about 10 o'clock. Two electric
cars were brought out from tho city yes
terday ami the main feed wire connected
with the Los Angeles system furnishing
power. This morning a regular half-hour
service was established Oil the Fair Oaks
line between Columbia and Chrsiuut
fctreetv. The current, although I runs
'■•titled about I*2 miles, is strong enough
to send the ears along at a rapid rate. 0
is expected that the power house will be
completed and the en 1 ire line between
This'city ami Los Angeles in operation in
a week or ten days.
Nothing oontributes more towards a sound
digestion than the use of tiie genuine AngCs
tu.a Bitters ot Dr J. v. B. blSgerl A; sons. Ask
your druggist
I'sx Geuman Family Soap.
Burned to a Crisp While Playing With !
Projected Steal Bridge Over the San
Timoteo -Kfllgfets of Pythias
Oive a Rail
Bag Bernardino, Fen. 30. —The trial of
Euillo Garcia for the murder of James
Guitminot at Cotton In November last was
commenced in .fudge Campbell's court to
day. Thus far only live jurors have been
IS'lbe crime for which Garcia is on trial
was one of the most brutal murders in the
annals of this county, tn company with j
Juan Perra, who since his arrest lias I
made a full confession of the murder,
Garcia went, to the cabin of the old French
man, who kept a small chicken yard at
Alva Warren's ranch, near Colton, and
after enticing him out of the house on
some pretext, struck him with a knife, in- 1
Rioting a number of wounds about the
breast and neck, linally severing an
artery. The old man fell, expiring in a |
Garcia and Terra searched the house
for valuables, taking what they wanted, ,
and then made their escape. No trace of j
the criminals could be found for a inim- |
ber of months, but the officers worked on |
In the dark until iinally a clue led to the I
discovery of the whereabouts of Garcia, j
who was arrested near Hesperla.
William Jud and B. R. Amiable appear ,
for tbe defendant, while U M. Sprccher
and 11. C. Rolfe, Jr., are prosecuting.
Monday the County Supervisors paid a■.
visit to the wrecked Lytle Creek bridge,
between Colton ami Ban Bernardino, and
from there drove up to San Timoteo
Creek, where the bridge on the Moreno
road was washed out some weeks since.
it is proposed to put in three sixty-foot
spans over Lvtle ('reek, and the esti
mated cost is from 93500 to $:tonO. The
kind of material has not yet been de- <
cided upon.
The proposed San Timoteo bridge will
be one Span of U9O feet. The material will
either be all steel, or part wood and part
steel. The necessity for a substantial
bridge, with solid foundations, is atopar
ent when it is remembered that the tirst
bridge built over this creek, ami which
was Washed out tWO years ago. was but
thirty feel in length. The second bridge']
was seventy feel long, and now thechan- 1
nel has widened so as to demand one 130 j
j feet. The cost will be about $2200 if nil j
steel is decided upon, otherwise from]
llfiOO to $1800.
The Demorest grand gold modal contest
at the Christian Church last night called
out a large attendance, and the programme
was very much enjoyed by those present.
A four-year-old daughter of Hans Nel
son, living near Redlands, was burned to
death yesterday, the fire being caused by
matches with Which the child was play- j
lug. In some way the baby set lire to her
! clothing, and was' so severely burned be
fore help arrived thai she died*
Nelson is employed on Judge Otis'
ranch, about live miles out from Redlands,
on the Moreno road. The child was play
. Ing aboul the house ami happened to And
1 its" father's vest where the latter hud
thrown itdown. and the little girl at once
i picked Up the garment, and, slipping her
i arms through the vest, began to wear it
i about the yard. In one of the pockets
were some matches, which she was not
slow to And, and taking them out she be
gan to light them one hy one, and con
tinued the sport until her clothing caught
tire from one of the matches, and in an
instant she was enveloped in Harries. Her
screams brought the parents and others
who were near, and they hastily extin
guished the tire, but not until the little
one was so severely burned that she died
in a few hours.
The Knights of Pythias gave one of
the prettiest parties of the year at the
siewart last; night, In honor of the thirty
first anniversary of the founding of toe
order. There was a big attendance, but
'. 00crush. The committee of arrangements
; was Composed of J. B. Frith, John W.
Barton and Arthur Palmer; the reception
of guests was in the hands of John \V.
Barton. Arthur Palmer. E. R. Bowel 1, R.
w. McGUvary and B. K. MoGibbon; and
; the floor committee consisted of J. H.
' Frith, D. W. Norton. EE, F. Pourade and
Dr. C A. Maekechnic,
Wanted to Cut Up an Actor With a
Pocket Knife.
The (iarvan/a (irocer Arrested at Redlands
for an Assault With a
Deadly Weapon
Redlands, Feb. DO.—Tuesday nigh 1
Constable Rivera returned from Los An
geles with Ralph Rogers, whom he had
placed under arrest. The complainant is
I Jules Trees, of this city, wno'lAiargi's the
: defendant with assault with;-a deadly
■ weapon. Rogers was arraigned before
Judge Camp ibis morning, and his hear
ing set for Tuesday morning at In o'clock.
The story connected with this arrest
would be sensational it' it were- possible to
j learn it all. Trees is a young actor, and
Cathe 10 Redlands some mouths ago in
search of health. For the past several
. weeks he has occupied a room In Mo
teer's lodging house. •
The defendant's home is in Onrvan/.a,
, Los Angeles county, where he is a mem
; ber of the Methodist Church of that
1 defendant alleges that some months
ago. out of pity for Trees, who was sick
and without rnonej". he took him to
his own home, and for a time
, boarded a d roomed him free of expense,
iHe further alleges that through Trees'
Improper conduct (toward his wife his
; home was broken up, the result being
' thai later on he obtained a divorce from
his wife.
Learning that his divorced wife was
furnishing Trees' with money, solicited
, from time to time from Rogers, he stepped
1 on the train Sunday morning and cometo
1 Redlands jo see iT the intimacy between
; Trees and bis divorced wife could not be
1 broken. Filtering Trees' room lie found
• his divorced wife sitting hy the sick
j actor's beside, fanning him. 'The sequel
i was vituperative language On the part, of
I Rogers, and. according to Trees, he freely
I threatened to cut his existence short by
J means of a Jaokkntfe. 80 far as known",
i Trees has conducted himself in a straight
forward manner since his residence here.
The Anneuser Restaurant,
;At 243 South Spring street sets oommer-
I clal lunch from 11 to j ami 0 to 8 p. m.
IPi nest delicacies always on bund; also
j dishes ahi carte. The celebrated Anluiu
j ser-Busch St, Louis beer always fresh on
[ tap. Charles Bauer, proprietor.
Try a gal. Maltose Club whisky, $8.60,
1 unexcelled for purity and Havor. T.Vachc
IA: Co. ,cur. Cummcrc'i & Alameda. T 1.309.
i Drink Shasta Water; WooUacott, agent.
I Rodlands oranges at- Althouso Bros.
The Town of Santa Ana Is Now Going in
for Style
A Cattle Inlet (lets Five Years-Receptions
and Entertainments by
the Score
Santa Ana, Feb. 20. —At the meeting of
the City Board of Trustees Monday night, ;
a petition signed by G. A. Edgar, asking j
the hoard to have Fourth street paved
with porphyry rock and porphyry block j
gutters, between Main and Hush streets. |
was granted. Tbe property owners are j
falling in line, and those who were loud !
in denunciation are now coming to the
Resolution Xo. 51, declaring it the in- 1
tentlon of the hoard to order street work
done, was adopted.
The notorious George H. McCarthy, who
formerly lived in Santa Ana aud carried
off everything he could get his hands on,
is again in limbo in Los Angeles lor steal
ing a watch and some money.
The celebration last night of the anni
versary of the Knights of Pythias was a
decided success in every particular. The
programme In Spurgeon's Opera House
was well rendered, and every number was
a gem. The house was literally packed.
The Kbell Society will hold "its regular
monthly meeting at the Knights of Pythi
as Half Sat urday, February 28d, at 2 p,
m. The subject is, Our National and
State Parks.
.John Shears ami Joseph Mclvin, the two
young scamps who stole clothing and jew
elry from J. R. Walker's residence last
Thursday, were bound over today by Jus
tice Huntington on the charge of burg
T. B. Nortuup sold to Mrs. '/,. Mont
gomery lots 1 to 11 and lots I:; and 14,
Block A. of Walcott's addition to Santa
Ana. for 9100. and a portion of land ad
joining for $900.
Miss Minna Roper will entertain a num
ber of her friends tomorrow evening t' l
honor of her friend Miss Agnes Blukcly of
Los A ngeles.
Miss Lottie Ileffellinger has issued invi
tations for a rainbow party Friday even
ing, February 22d.
Mrs. A. A. Dickson will entertain her
friends tomorrow afternoon and Friday
Mrs. C. H. Parker and Mrs. A. K. Har
ris entertained a number of their friends
at hearts tonight, at the realdence of the
Pedro Alvarez, who stole 20 head of
cattle from the San Joaquin ranch, was
yesterday sentenced to Folsom lor live
Miss Adcle Mertdelson and Oustave
Wangenheirri will be married at the home
of the bride's parents in Capistrano on
March 3d.
Mrs. Daniel MeOonigal and son of New
Orleans are visiting their relatives. Mr.
and Mrs. P. Truman, of ibis eitv.
Dr. E. W. Whitney of Salt LakY City is
here on a visit to bis cousin, X. H. Whit
Late Events In Social Life - Personals and
News Notes
Pasadena, Feb. 20.—A social and mu
sical entertainment will be given by the
Adelphiuu Society of Throop tomorrow
The ladies of the Congregat tonal Church
will give a ''colonial" supper in the
church parlors Friday evening.
The professional nurses held a meeting
last evening and organized,a local society.
Rev. Florence Kollock addressed the meet
A regular meeting of the W. C. T. P.
will be held in the Methodist Church to
morrow afternoon. The liower mission
will be discussed, and it is desired that
t here be a full at tendance of members.
A very pleasant entertainment was
given in Calvary Presbyterian Church on
Columbia street last evening by Miss
Merwitl's 'Mission Baud. She provides
for the support of an African mission
.lose VerdugOi a Mexican mil on hail of
$.">D for stealing wood, failed to show up in
Justice Merriatn's.court this morning, and
the amount was declared forfeited..
R. Johnson went to get off a car on
South Fair Oaks last night which w«« go
ing faster than he thought, and he landed
on his head. He was, however, able to be
about this morning.
The near completion of the electric road
is having a good effect upon the steam
lines. The Terminal has cut down its
running time live minutes, and proposes
to cut it live minutes more in a few "lays.
Exercises will be held in the various
public Schools Thursday afternoon, in
honor of. Washington's birthday. Xo
school will be held on Saturday.
Mr-. Blanche Preston Smith of Washing
ton. D. C, is visiting heraonts.TMra.War
ren Hibbard and Miss M. Uuddleston of
North Marengt, avenue. Pasadena, would
probably Stay here lor a 'ew months and
to visit some Interesting places along the
Pacific Coast to Ban Francisco to visit her
cousin, who is a chief clerk of Custom
House at San Francisco; then to return
by next fall to Washington, where she has
lived with her other cousin, who is a Chief
I nterstate I !6m inlssioner.
A Tenement House in the Hills Destroyed
by Fire f
South Pasadena, Feb. 20j -- Yesterday
was noted as ihe day for selling property
on Which city taxi's hail not. been paid.
As usual some of the be>t men were de
linquent- hadn't the money just at tux
paying time, or forgo! it altogether. One
such piece of property was the tine resi
dence of Mr. Rigglns, on Orange Grove
and Meridian street, worth $5000 or more;
but it was hid in by J. R. Swain, who be
ing an old bachelor had no use for it -
unless some of the marriageable girls of
the town entrap him into the notion of
beginning housekeeping*
The first destructive lire in a good many
years occurred this morning during the
cooking of breakfast In the tenement
house owned hy Assel Mitchell of Brook
lyn. X. V., Located in the southern gap in
the hills. It was a two-story, cheaply
built affair, but accommodated four or
live families, Who lost their little all. The
owner, luckily, can nilord to lose his in
The lirst 'dectru: street car rolled
through the streetn of South Pasadena
behind six horses lust evening, about S
o'clock, and it is this-day making trips
through tin* streets of Pasadena proper,
to the great delight of our rival neighbors.
Mr. Truman I). Keith, one of our most
worthy citizens, suffered a severe hem
orrhage Monday night, and he is lying in
a critical condition. His physician has
some hope of his recovery, however.
A Lost Boy Taken Home
Charles Mallick, a little 2-year-old hoy,
was found wandering around tbe street
yesterday by a kind-hearted negro, who
took him to the police station. A passer
by recognized him ami he was returned
home hy an officer*, and, it is strange to
say, his mother had U6t missed him.
Tin* ia the seasqu to jk&t tlid Uefrf val
ues and uttentioii In am t iilnrin,' from
U. A. liclz, \V. Third alrcut..
A. C. Guirado Demands an
Eighth of It
They Would Involve Nearly Seven'
Hundred Thousand Dollars
Buta Very Valtiab 1 * Document Establishing
the Rights of Claimants Is
Irretrievably Lost
There was filed yesterday in the office
of the County Clerk the complaint in an
action involving nearly fIHO.OOn. R. C.
Ouirado, formerly a druggist in this city,
is the plaintiff, and his suit is only the
forerunner, in the event of success, to
three others by which one-half of the
late Governor John G. Downey's estate
would be diverted from his present heirs
to go to those of his first wife, Mrs. Maria
J. Ouirado, wdio was burned to death
in the Tehaehepi railroad disaster of
January 90th, LBeB,
The action is brought against J. Downey
Harvey, administrator Of the estate , and
! Eleanor Martin. Annie Donahue and
i Winefride Martin, the heirs at law of the
I late Downey. The allegations are that
i Governor Downey died intestate in March,
I 1894, leaving an estate of $1,401,428.37,
jas appears by the inventory which was
! bled in June," 1884, In 1852 Downey mar
; tied Maria J. Ouirado, who died on Jaiiu
! ary 20th, 1883, leaving, beside her hus
-1 band, four brothers named R. C. Ouirado,
I M years old. Leandm, 50; Bernardino
| 49, and Frank, now deceased. The latter
i left three children whose names are
] Vicente, of the age of 12; J. X., 10 years
| bid, and AloniO, who is now f years of
; age.
| Plaintiff Ouirado says that after the
! death of his wife, Governor Downey asked
him ami his brothers to give him a quit
claim deed to their interest in her prop
erty, so that he might handle the totality
of "the Downey estate without hindrance.
| and dispose of it to advantage.
In order to secure the consent of his
i wife's heirs. Ouirado avers that Governor
, Downey promised that if they did his
j bidding they would lose nothing by it,
I because he would remember In bis will
i and provide for his four brothers-in-law.
Relying upon this pledge, the four men
! executed to Mr. Downey a quit-Claim
: u*eed for all their interest in Mrs. Dow
ney's property. On September 17, 1888,
; the deceased, in his turn, fulfilled his
' promise by handing to K. v. Guirado the
' following document:
Los Angeles Cal.. Sept. 17, 1888.
I agree to leave in my will one-half of
my estate to the heirs of my wife, Maria
! J."Downey, now dceased, which I admit
; and acknowledge to be one-half of my
■ estate, anil' upon my death, when this
paper is shown to my executor, be is au
thorized and directed to make a deed to
i one-half of my estate to my wife's said
■ heirs. The deeds heretofore made by
said heirs, or any of them, are to be of
no validity against them after my death.
John G. Downey.
Witness to this copy of the original* R.
, C. Guirado.
This document remained in the cus
tody of Mr. Guirado until the Ist of Jan
uay, Isici, when, by some unexplained
meatu it*vrai Host or destroyed.
Ouirado now claims that his right to a
, part of the Downey estate remains un
! affected by the loss of this paper, and
that its conditions are still in full force,
because the deceased made no will in his
■ lifetime, died intestate and left his
pledges unfulfilled. He states that he
and the other heirs of his sister have
made a demand of the administrator and
the heirs of the Downey estate, for one
half of its amount and that it was refused
Personally, he alleges, he is entitled to
one-fourth of the property left by Gov
ernur Downey, and he prays, the Superior
, Court of this*county that the due execU
-1 tion of the contract he established by
1 judgment, and that J. Downey Harvey
ami the ottier heirs be directed to deliver
to him a deed for his share, or failing
this, the sum of $175,178.29. R. A. Ling,
; is the attorney of R. 0. Ouirado.
Pair Managers Take Possession of the
Decorators Converting the Big Building; Into
a Bower of Beauty A Bulletin
to Orange Growers
The Citrus Pair Association took charge
of Hazard's Pavilion yeserday and began
the work of arranging for the forthcoming
exhibition of citrus fruits. Superintend
ent Frank Wiggins has esahlished ' his
office in the Pavilion, and with a large
force of assistants will push the work of
decoration to rapid completion.
Word comes from Orange county, On
tario and the Semi-Tropic Fruit Exchanges
that those localities and associations
have selected their fruit for ex hi bit ion and
will be ready in a few days to begin the
work of installing exhibits. Other lo
calities also report progress, and great en
thusiasm is manifested on allsides.
The Pomona correspondent of The
Herald writes as follows: The fruit ex
changes of this place, Ontario and A/.usa
(which includes Olendora and Covina)
comprising the territory classified under
the general head of the San Antonio
Fruit Exchange district, will make a most
magnificent exhibit of oranges, as they
I are hankering alter one of those line
j pri/.e.s so alluring to exhibitors. Our
i olive industry is to he fully represented
also. Just keep your eye on the Pomona
[ exhibit.
i ui The following were elected to member
• ship in the chamber)
I Isaac Brothers, Unique Glove house.
Edwards A' John SOD, wholesale seed and
j fruit brokers.
J. Smith iV. BriggS.fruit pitting machines.
Chas. E. Mitchell dairyman.
In the matter of a complaint liled by
the minority of the stockholders in a cer
tain Irrigation district in Antelope Valley
that they were not receiving justice at tiie
I hands ol the majority, the committee on
j lands and irrigation reported through
its chairman, Director Graff, that the
matter was not one that came Within the
province of the chamber to consider.
The report was adopted.
In the matter of the petition of the
Humboldt Chamber of Commerce to the
State Legislature that ships he exempt
from taxation, the cominitee on laws re
ported through its chairman, Director
Graff, that it was, in the ppinotl of the
committee, not good policy to make a
distinction between various Kinds of pro
perty its to Us being taxed or not taxed.
This report was adopted as the sense
of the board.
The secretary report.id that the offer of
the chamber to give a gold medal worth
$.~>n. lor the best box of oranges grown in
Southern California, had been repotted to
the citrus lair committee and that they
were willing to provide space for tin- dis
play and to make (henecessary regulations
ami arrangements. It- was moved and
carried that the matter be left to the
citrus fair committee.
A communication from the Scrantou
Class company asking about the facilities
tor manufacturing t:las- in this section
was referred to the committee on manu
New Chamber of Commerce
Secretary Willard and Superinteadeo
Wiggins Re-Elected
A Committer Appointed to Co to San Francisco
In the Interest of the San Joaquin
Valley Railroad
The new hoard of directors of the Cham
ber of Commerce held their lirHt business
session yesterday afternoon, President
Patterson occupying the chair. Ex-Presi
dent Freeman was present in his new
rapacity as chairman of the commerce
committee. Other new directors in at
tendance were the following:
O. T. Johnson, capitalist and proprietor
of the Westminster Hotel, chairman of
the committee on immigration.
Hancock Banning, of the Wilmington
Transportation and Banning companies,
chairman of the committee on mines.
Louis F. Vetter, insurance manager,
chairman of the committee on member
J. S. Slauson. capitalist, of the stock
holders' committee*
Dr. J. H. Davisson. president of the
State Hoard of Health, chairman of the
committee on parks.
The following directors who were mem*
; hers of the old board were also present:
Forman, Klokke, Parsons, Mullen, Graff,
: King, Jones, Cohu ami Stevenson.
Directors ('.raves. Munson, Cline, and
! Francisco were absent.
The president, announced the appoint
! ment of standing committees as pub
', lislied in the report of the annual meet
ing a week ago.
(J. I>. Willard, the secretary ot the
Cham her, and Frank Wiggins, superin
tenilentof exhibit, in Iciognitinn of their
! satisfactory service in the past, were
unanimously re-elected to their respective
J positions for the entiling year.
The following bulletin has been issued
to orange growers relating to competition
: for the Chamber of Commerce medal:
"Every orange grower of Southern Cali
fornia is entitled to compete for a magni
ficent gold medal, costing $a0, which the
Chamber of Commerce proposes to offer
annually hereafter for the best box of
oranges* grown in the seven southern
counties. Kach grower may enter one
box only, and the frn't is taken as a do
nation to the chamber after the contest
is over. The' package and packing is
considered in the awarding of the prize,
but the box and wrappers must be of a
commercial character except that they
must be free from brand or other means
of Identiflcalion.
"Expert judges will be selected to
award the pr.ize, and they will do the
work without knowing whose fruit is be
fore them, in this way a perfectily im
partial {udgemeAt can be secured.
"The fruit for this competition must
l>e sent to the citrus fair. Entries for the
fair close February 138th, at noon, but en
tries for the gold 'medal competition will
not close until March 8th at noon.
"The citrus fair this year promisesto be
an unusual success, T*he exchanges and
! associations have taken hold of the work
j in earnest and a lively Competition is
! under way for the (2500 worth of pre
j miutns. AH the space available has been
j eagerly taken for display of fruit. The
i decorations of the building will far BUf
1 pass anything ever seen before. The
! music will he provided by the Cassasa
> baud, the most famous organization
i of its sort in the West, which will give
j promenade concerts every afternoon and
evening. An enormous attendance is ex
; perted at (his great fair. "
It was moved and carried that a prize
| of .$5 he offered for the best design for a
. sea! for the Chamber.
A committee consisting of T. W. Ras
kins, W. H. Holabird and T. L. Winder
was heard in the matter of the proposed
appointment of a special railway and !
transportation by the Chamber. It was >
- moved and carried that, such a special :
committee he appointed to which all mat
; ters relative to railways be referred. The ■
. following were appointed as such com- j
inittee: Director Parsons, chairman, W. j
K, Workman, R. Mc Garvin, T. L, Winder, i
; I). K. Edwards.
A committee consisting of Messrs. J. i
: M. C. Marble and W. il. Workman was
heard in the matter of Indorsing the pro
posed act to he presented to the Legisla-
Eure authorizing counties of tin- size of
, Ijos Angeles to issue bonds for the con- j
struction of a railway. This matter was,
on motion, referred to the railway com
Mr. Ossian Guthrie of Chicago, one of
! the original projector* of the Lake Michi
! gan and Mississippi River waterway now
j in process of construction, was heard by
, the board. He stated that the City of Chi
i cago, which had expended $25,000,000 in
I the construction of this waterway, pro
posed to ask the United states Govern*
1 ment to spend $f>,(MHf,(MH) additional lor the
construction of locks and dams and
asked that the Chamber should request
the representatives of this district in
Congress to favor such an appropriation.
He staled that the completion of this
j waterway would strengthen the Nica
ragua canal proposition throughout the
] West, and for that reason it should be fa
1 vored by the people of the Pacific Coast.
I Tim matter was referred to the commit
, tee on transportation.
The following were appointed as a com
mittee to go to San Francisco in the in
terest of the San Joaquin Valley Railway
proposition: |>. Freeman, W. II. Hola
1 bird, Nathan Cole, Jr.
The board then, on motion, adjourned.
But what rubbish is all this talk of
i "best possible husbands." A girl lakes
■ the man who offers, if lie appears to lie
upright, honorable and In*earnest. If she
does not. she runs a risk of going
m seed, with :i rod nose, a canary
bird and a lap dog. The Chief trouble
with her is not to know whether she has
got the best article in the market, but
whether the man who says that he loves
her means what he says. tt is easy for ;i
man to acquire the art of lovemak
ing, and. with a little practice,
some men can do it quite skill
fully. fcToW to know when they are
obeying an Irresistiole and ungovernable
impnlr-e is the thing a girl wants tn be
able to determine. Better learn than
make herself s connoisseur In men. a
woman's happiness is to a large degree
dependent on the quality of him to whom
she has given herself, body, soul and
heart, hut, if he really love** her, she can
mold him liim to her will. Then eon
sidering that ail women believe they
know how to "manage" a husband—she
tan make a "good husband out of him,
for lie will be like clay in the hands Of
the potter.
The Ralstonitcs
Another enthusiastic meeting of Kats
tonites was held lust eveiiiu,; at tbe rooms
of the Friday Morning flub, and com
pleted a permanent organisation, many
new members signing the roll of member
ship. The. services of Professor lles
slng were secured to train the members in
tiie hygienic exercise*; and the meeting
adjourned after listening to a very Inter*
eating essay on the merits of Ralstoti's
methods by Dr. DeTurktd l.ong Beach.
Wallpaper hung, 10c lull, a. spring.
Thousands of both men and iromeM
whose daily life is making severedrafts on
their vitality, require something that will
bring now material to the worn out nerv«
centers. This is just what Dr. Miles' Re
storative Nervine docs.
"I had been suffering for years
from headaches, neuralgia, sleeplessness,
and general nervous prostration, unfitting
mo for social, household and business
duties, and, periodically, was
Completely prostrated with pain.
I tried several physicians and a groat many
remedies, but received uo benefits until I
Used Sir. .Wiles' Restorative Xerrine,
when I found almost iinniediato relief, and
have become quite my former self and am
Again able to attend to my business,
which is that of a brush manufacturer. I
have recommended tho Nervine to others
who have used it with tho same good results"
Milwaukee, Wis. Mrs. Anna Peuseb. 1
Dr. Miles' Nervine Is sold on a positive
guarantee that the first bottle will Doneflt.
All druggists sell it nt. $1,6 bottles for $5, or
It will be sent, prepaid, on receipt of price
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The Great Rudyan is to be bad only from the Hud
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II I'lt VAX Is purely vegetable.
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lII'IIVA* CttrSfl debility. abrvOUSnoSS, BS3S>
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j Paiimlnthe book, losses by day or nbrbi stopped
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j pretnaturcnesa means Impotonoy In the first
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the use of Had/on. Sadyan eos,s no more tiiaa
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