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College Presidents Interested In
Athletic Sports
The Studious Graduate Is Looking
Forward. To
What Tav Be Kxpect'd n( The Team That
Van Leuven Has Been Training
at Pomooa
Again the college, athlete is to be heard
from, tic is soon to have his innings
on the great intercollegiate field day when
the hundreds of students come together
for their greatest day of days: when
studies are laid aside for the time belag
ami the Student makes himself too
boarae to be heard in the class recitation
ie the following day . and e.uising the
"Prof." to wish such .lays Were in the
times to come. Hut from what has been
heard from the professors of the different
Cottages it can he safely said that "they
are right in with the boys," iv their ;
sports. They are more than ready to join !
in their zip! boom: ah'l, to blow their
horns and sratfe their college colore* They i
are not the men who. on a college field
day, sit hack with stern and dignified
look, hut are with them in their success j
and failures in Sthletlcs*as well ;is studios, j
Tomorrow afternoon may be >ccii the
FT It Vonrheen, 'Oe. 1.. M. Talman, '08. Van l euven. (team trainer.) t. T. Whitney, 'i>7. H, Sloan, 00.
J. ft BeM 'Ml. E. H. Smith.'Oft, captain. F, Nance, '90.
I.ns Angeles Theater.-Tonight the his- i
torical-religious opera. King Solomon, j
will be produced by a company including
a number of locut artists, al the Los An
gsltS Theater. Chls is the Hrst time this
Opera has been given In this city. King ,
Solomon is a compromise between grand |
opera, comic opera and the drama proper.
It is said to he adapted to al! classes of I
music lovers. The religious element is j
furnished in a view of the scenes related i
in the scriptures, thai are old hut ever
new. Those who care for light opera will
tilit 1 it iv the romantic love story of the
young shepherd.
Dancing ll no! forgotten, as there is a j
charming corps de ballet, which shows]
some very artistic dancing. King Solo
mon, it i- claimed by the managers, will
tome before the public tonight well staged, j
rich in oriental costumes, with a strong [
chorus and a strong cast.
Little Suey Operated t pon last Night hy
Itr. Bryant
Politic Surgeon Bryant, assisted by sev
eral other physicians, operated upon Lit
tle Sucv. who was shot by Wong dice's
Orders on Wednesday night. His back I
was laid open, the surgeon desiring tons- I
certain if any fragments of hone were
pressing upon the spinal chord, it was
found that their expectations wero not
correct, but ll was learned that the spine
was completely severed by the bullet. As
a result hi- lower extrentetles are para
Wong L'hcc. who is as tough « high
hinder as evet lived in this state, is slili
at liberty and cannot be found by the
police. Hew-in in hiding soon after the
shooting, as the i,i-i seen of him war. on
Spring street a- be passed by the Nadeail.
Suey, the wounded Chinaman, for a
number ol years was a porter in the
Brunswick saloon kept by De Qarmo on
Spring .-tree: years ago being well known
to alt old timers. Ite speaks English
fluently, is possessed of a genial tempera
ment and was looked upon hy the "gang*'
with, greater fuvoc than perhaps unv
Chinaman who was ever- in Los Angeles.
Several Clever Indentions Exhibited at. the
Clmmhcr ot Commerce
.i. Smith Priggs. of 800 South Olive
Street, lias placed a very interesting
exhibit in the chamber of Commerce in
ll'o shape of a fruit cutting and pitting
machine), it is of very simple construc
tion but performs its work with marvel
en- exactness. It cuts the fruit, entirely
around and pits it more carefully than it
can be done by hand. One man turns the
crank and feeds it and the work i: dour
with wouderful rapidity, six pits being
Attracted at each revolution of the wheel
whether the fruit be free-stone poaches
of the lurgest size or plums of the smallest,
li is capable of handling one ton of apri
cot- per hour, cutting "nearly all" the
long way of the fruit and removing at
leant HO per rent of the pits. Eleven hun
dred tons of apricots have been satisfac
torily handled with these machines; thus
it has pi ssed the experimental stage and
he* evidently conic to Stay.
ijuc mail with the machine will do the
srssjlabia personage <d President K. N .
t'ondit ..f Occidental College trying his
Ifvcl best in drown tin 1 yi'lls ot itic others
with the "Tamarack" of his college.
Am near him Way perHaps lie noticed
tho dignified personage "f Pr. J. r.
Wldnoy, but ha Will have l"~t his dignity
then, wnvitig his college colon In the
air ancl shouting himself hoarse. It is the
day when the college graduate will look
back upon his faun days unit say to him
self that his days at' the "intercollsgi-
Btes" were the Happiest ever spent. It
is a day when the enthusiasm of even
the most sluggish must rise to sotne ap
preciable level, and he, too, must "yell
with the boys.'
Pomona's team !• now bard at work
and is hy no means to he left to t'ollow any
ot the other contestants. Van Leuven,
the professional trainer, is determined
that the team shaji take every event in
the livid day. K. 11. Buiitil, '98, captain,
is of the same mind as van Leuven in
Bringing the team to its highest stand
ard of excellence.
Captain Smith is training hard for the
neo anil two mile bicycle race. He
nieanatogive Dorman, Occidental; Beam,
Chaffee, and Martin, 1. s. c. the most
difficult time to keep him in tight. Last,
Saturday he paced a mile in 1:31.
I l..whitney, '97, is the "Pomona vet
eran," he having been with tue college
team in the two previous field days and
each time added new laurels to his crown,
lie is their crack sprinter anil holds some
enviable records.
Pomona is already beginning to lay
claim to the medals for the 00-yurd dasn j
and the high jump.
I. M. Tillman, '!*•. is Pomona's best
null: for the 440-yards dash and the ham
mer throw, he being a full si-: lect in
beighl and 185 pounds in weight, fo
il ii evidently believes iv having tbe
i«>t men for the moat difficult events as
she fa, dcoendiiig on V, Nance. 'TO, in
win the trophy for tbe 100 and 200 yards
dash. As In- touches the tape President
Baldwin will rise on his feet and in uni
son will swell the chorus of voices that,
will greet him as soon as be is declared
the winner.
I'm- the mile run a Hying start has been |
work of twenty men i>y hand. Every
fruil grower should examine thfi wonder-
Ful Invention.
Another Los Angeles. Invention is ex
liibited alongside the fruit pitting ma
chine, it is the Loa Angelas Incubator,
ami is attracting the attention of poultry
Of three crude oil burners In practical I
use, two are of local invention, i.,,» An- .
gelea genius is getting to the front.
He Is Resting Easily and He Stands a Chance j
of Recovery
Marco Heilmon, *.vh.» attempted suicide
In a spring street stun- on Tuesday after
noou, is resting comfortably upon a cut in |
tin- city receiving hospital. Dr. Bryant, '
wlio is in almost constant attendance !
Upon him, said last evening that the 1
young man Is lining ns well as could be I
expected. The fever is rednood and lie I
takes some nourishment, which is in !
Itself vert encouraging.
lie frequently asks the police surgeon
about hi- injuries. anil manifests the great- I
est crn regarding Ins recovery. While j
his wounds are very dangerous, his recov
ery is barely possible. Mr. Bryant is
using every device known to medical
science to save him. Should Hullm -c
cover. Dr. Bryant will have one more case
to add in many others he has treated
where recovery was at Brat supposed to
In' Impossible,
he had a tramp s pass.
A Uulqua Contrivance Taken Prom a Brake
BeaßS Tourist.
Oscat Roberts, a tough and vicious '
looking individual, was overhauled on i
Alameda street yesterday, hy Officers i: Ich
anil Blackburn, anil taken to the city
prison, where lie was locked up on mis'- j
piciou. When searched lie had on his '
person a tramp's pass," which Is aj
unique ami handy contrivance, and daily
used to advantage by the brake beam
tourist. It is a small piece of wood about |
a fool long and siv inches Wide, with a I
groove sunk across it. This groove !
Tits into the iron reachos under a coach
and affords a comfortable seal tor a tramp
as he whirls along through the .lust from |
place to place.
Evangelist Mcl.anc
The First Christian Church, corner;
Hope and Eleventh streets, was well
rilled again last night to hear Evangelist
Mcl.anc preach on Prevailing Prayer.
The sermon was based upon the prayer of
.lesus in Qethsemane. it is by prayer thai
the soul is kept iv harmony with God.
This intimate relationship is kept by
constant communion of man with God in
prayer. The church, hy virti f union
with (lod. is the bridegroom ami in this
union children are born into the church
and of the world. Such a purpose or end
i- ever attained by true obedience to
Christ in prayer. The sermon was touch
ing and inspiring. Professor d.lyes is
conducting the music; which is very
Three tramps were arrested at the s, p.
yards, on San Fernando street, yesterday
by Officer ( rait; ami hooked for'vagrancy!
Walter Robinson and Henry Silbo were
found sleeping iv v ham early yesterday
morning, on Main street, by officers tfe-
Lain and t'onley, and were arrested.
2 pkgs.
mkmil ,or 25 cts.
washing fit WVWw
Largest size—All Grocers.
| % Peddlers and some unscrupulous grocers will tell you
r ß^. r £^ , ' this Is as good as' oi 11 the same as Pearline." IT'S
JL-*$ VV wl/JL FALSE — Pearline is never perldled ; if your grocer
Stnoj you an imitation, he honest— send it bad:. JAM Its PYLI, New York.
put iii and H. Ms Voorhees, '00, is tie*
| pended upon to oapturo tin: hard earned
I One tif tho niti.-i tliitieult and tempting
races of the day is allotted to .1. R. Bent,
'M, he being light in weight ami medium
in hHtfhi.
In the pole vault last year Pomona got
second place, the Occidental man getting
ahead of him by only a few inches. Thi>
year the rousing an if encouraging 'rabn of
Pomona will carry 11. Sloanc, Lit. over tlit*
bay to success, lie Is years o>l age,
feel i" inches ami but 147 pounds in
weight. As ho reaches the top notch
which carries alike the foellngs of the
Bp rctator and contestants to a pitch of ex
citement they will rise in "-in body; a
slight >ij:na! from tho "yell prompter"
of Pomona will lot forth with ail her force
her now official yell, I'alt! rah! rah!
Zip! boom] ah I Viva! lal viva! la Po
A Trio of Celestials (lathered in bv the
Police Yesterday
Ah Qunng. a celestial who make?* his
living by puddling vegetable*, neglected
to hitch his nag yesterday on Seventh
street, and in- was arrested by Officer
Bhearon for violating the hitching ordi-
Ah Joe, another vegetable vendor, was
found In Chinatown with no number on
his wagon, as required by law, and lie
was arrested by Officer Blackburn and
Locked up in the City Prison for violating
a city ordinance,
Officer Blackburn took a notion to search
Charloy Chon on Los Angeles street yes
terday, and as be 110 doubt anticipated,
he found a lottery ti< ket in his possession!
and accordingly locked him up. There
are several lottery joints on Blackburn's
t>eat, but he has received no instruction*
to raid them, and he perhaps is afraid of
Losing hi* position were he to SWOOP down
upon them on bis own responsibility.
l\s Rjo l hty^d.ih t st
tn suppose that fin imitation offers
the customer any guarantee like
the original does. Take Cottolcne
for example. The Fairbank Co.
discovered it, perfected it. and
ppent thousands in making its
merits known. It is plainly to
their interest to make and keep it
what it is to-day—the most popu
lar shortening iv the world.
But when you come
Tg accept: wvf
these guarantees all disappear,
and the housekeeper is at the
mercy of an imitator who deals
on others' reputation and who
profits only by others' loss.
To ensure having good cook
ing and healthful food stick
ri fht to COT-OLRXR rind let all
imitations severely alone.
tfold la 3 anil it pound palls,
\ llc.do only hy
1 • The N. K. FairbanK
[/ Company,
f SI 1 . IA)V 'IS mid
Chicago, Ncn York, Roitoau
\VIIKrr "k\.\Ml s\i ION" a
And hottest, intelligent treatment end
reasonable priest a re given.
Private Diseases of Men,
Such ai Stricture. Syphilis, Meet, tionor
rhn'H. Spermatorrhea Seminal Wenkue.sN,
host Manhnoit. Night Bnuaslons, Decayed
Faculties, etc., etc. cured by tbe OLDEST
ami mMt specialist on the.
Kidney, Bladder,
Blood and Skin Diseases
buectissi'uiiy treated and quickly <ured.
I our SPECIAL gUUGBON, recently from the
I largest Chicago hospital (diplomas aud certiri*
[ cntcv to be seen at offlcei has made iiiseascri of
; the heart and lungs s nfo study, successful
treatment by the latest methods, DiAi»i>o»isi
I made by the aid of the microscope.
A special department by an experienced
gpeeialist on all disease? of the
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.
li you cannot call write EQC iuMrueions for
hotae treatment.
A special depaitmant devoted exclusively to
the treatment of nil female diseases.
. Consultation and (Examination FREE.
OFFICE HOURS? 9tp i and 7to 8. Sunday,
10 to 12.
i <~)A I S. HAIN ST.,
A* T 1 Rooms 1, 3, 5 & 7.
j "I have been using Cere brine two week*, ami
, i run giad i«> report the moat excellent result.
! I was in a state of nervous prostration that
utterly Untitled mo for atfy Continued mental
I work. Prom the Hrst tins,* I experienced a re
j newed intellectual grasp ntid-powet ami clear*
, ness and joy in mental work that I had not
known for years. Besides this lam conscious
of an increase! oi musqala* strength and uu
-1 durance that surprises me. At first ! was in
| ClillOd to suspect that ,iiese results were due to
j strong, stimulating properties in the Animal
Kxtracts; but as I Studied their effects I found
1 that they were not only permanent, but were
I nf an entirely different character from thojie
i produ ceil by a stimulant, rnder the influence
| of n v ordinary st lmulant 1 felt a highly exalted
i slate of body aid mind, but the activity was
i feverish and eccentric, wlitle the effect of the
j cere brine is to give a sense of coot, satisfied,
I lelf-oontroUed mental and physical energy•
j "Sincerely yours WaYLAWD JOHNSON,
"Pastor first Baptist Church."
' DOBS, Five Drops. Price (8 drachms', 91.00.
! Where local druggists are not supplied will,
| the Hammond Animal Extracts ifiey will he
j mailed, together with ail existing literature
, on the subject, on receipt of price by
Washington, i>. C.
| FOB BALE BY it M. BALI .1 SON, 'J'JO s.
Bpringet., Los Angeles,
•loi and 407 s. Main si.. Los Angeles.
Qoodsll, Perkins A: Co., Genera] Agents, Ban
Northern routes embrace lines for Portland,
Ore . Victoria, K. c. und Paget Sound, Alaska
aud all OOSSt points.
j For-
Porl Harford 18.8 ( oronn, Fell. 8 lti 'J4
i snnta Barbara tfareb i.
. Redondo
| Port l.os Angeles Santa Itota, Feb, 4, 11
Newport ; w, as, March 8.
i Sun Diego . !
I' sf s.s. i 3cm Hsj I e£. o, 14.
East San Pedro KB; Msroh tt,
sun I'edro and way£.B. Eureka, Feb.?. in is
ports ail; March 0.
I.EAVS POST l.os ANtiKLKH AND l:*UJt7snt7.
For— . ' S. Santa liosa, Feb. ti, 14,
B'-'; March '-.
Bat) liiego jS.S. c orona. Feb '1, It), IS,
-0; March B.
For— B.S. Santa (tuna," Feb. M,lO,
wan Francisco 'J I: March 4.
I'ori Harford....... g>. Corona, Feb, t. IS. '-'0,
| Bants Barbara.. , liSjMarouß,
For- s.s. kiiieka. Feb. 5,13, 11,
San Franc.nco March 1.
! and s.s. Coos Bay, Feb. i», 17,
way ports j •>-, : March 8,
far. Ui Conner! «itli Mcmicr-i via San I'edro
leave s. I. 1! It Arcade depot in :> p.m. and
Terminal it. R. depot at Bit*, p m.
earn to connect yia Redondo leave snnta Fa
dcpoiai 10 a.m. or from Redoudo railway de
pot at '.» a. ED,
• 'sr.. to connect via Foil l.os Angeles leaves,
p. B, R depot iv l ;to p.m. lor steamers north
Plans of steamers - cabins at agent's olllce,
where bfftbsmsy be seen red.
The company reserves tbe right to change
tbe steamers or their da v. vf xailinK.
rmr l or passage or freight as above or lor
tickets to and front all important points tn
Europe, apply to tV, FAItIt I s, Agent.
I Once No. 104 \V. Second » rwi, Loi Angeles
*«>» ♦<«•*♦*♦♦•«»**♦♦•♦♦*♦**♦
J SBO N. Main st., l.os Angeles, X
First < 'ins* equipment. Large and ▼
T well selected sj.oek teetisonaote and ♦
J fair prices. Uaieful and skillful treat- ♦
e> nienf. Bpeclal attention given to em- ♦
♦ b*il niioLi and sfclpplnfi bodies to distant ♦
♦ parts of the country. calls ♦
1 ♦ promptly at ended i". ♦
♦ Telephone No. 75 *■
PACKING leads all others
for steam, water or any
other purpose where GOOD
Packing is wanted. If they
It'll you some other "is
just as Rood,"
DoiVt Believe it!
Ik MM ft
10S N. Broadway, • Los Angcics.
#TH B*
Sin Sinn Pip Mil
Have established a branch
for Pacific Coast at
105 N. Broadway, L. A.,
J They manufacture the high
est grade of Steam Pumps for
every service, and can be had
at above address at
It will PAY to communicate
before buying elsew here.
Mil 1!
Automatic Burner.
Will Save You from 35 to 50 per
cent in cost of fuel over any other.
Has low water alarm. Absolutely
105 N. Broadway. Los Angeles.
IN EFFKCT FEB. 18TH, 1«95.
Los Angeles depols: liast end It i st-s.reet and
Downeyavenue inidgej..
Leave Lbs Augelei tor Leave Pasadena for
ra>ndeuo. Los Angeles.
B U a m H 7 :1S n in
a 7 :10n.m a 8 :»>.") a. m
a K:ooa.m a D:05a.10
a n:OOa.m A 10:38 a.m
\l(>:::oa.m *\12:90 p.m
\l2:'Jo p iv a (S4fl p. ni
a 1140 p.m..a :i:of* p.m
a :t :oo p.m a 4:06 p.in
a 4 tOO p.m 1 a 5;3A o m
a s:*Jop m a 7tDfip>m
A fi; iO p. in a >* tOfi p m
nil ::tu p.m Bttt;lo H.m
c 9:tfo_p.ra « 'Oiift p m
Downe)**avenue leaving lime 7 minutes later,
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Altadeua .luuc-
Altadensj Junciion. Hon forLes Angeles.
a f>:ooa.m \Hi.lo a ra
AIO I3U a in Al 2 :00 a.m
a 1 :40p.ni a ii;io p:m
\ 4 :00p in. ... . v 5:00 p.m
AII t i aiii< man fiom Fi rst-st reel ib pot.
Leave l.os Angeles for Leuvc (Ilcndii 13 for Los
(deiidule. Angeles.
X (1 f4oa.m B 7 a m
a »:lr» a.m. a 9:o7a*tn
3.00p.m a p.m
a 5 p. m . a 6:18 p.in
Leave Los Angelas fur Leave l.asl gan Tedru
Long bench aud Kast< for
San I'edro. , Los AitKele-'.
.. , B 7 tflrg a.m
a U :.">,") a. in <• 7 :50 a. in
c l:Qe p.m clgi Oam
B .'»:!!> p.m . w :*:4O p in
0 »> :00 v.in «' 4 t."» p.m
Lletween Lasi San I'edro and Long Heiieh 10
in i miles.
Trains lenve Los Aag#leS daily at ii a.m.,
iv [90 a.m., 1:40 p m. and 4 p.in,
Fine pavilion and hotel, (.rand scenery.
'the iTilmtngtoii Ttansportatien
connect for Avalou at Last sau Pedro with
train leaving Los Angeles Oii>A a.m daily ex
cept . uuday, returning at 8:40 p.to . except
a Daily* b Daily except Sundays, c Sua
days univ.
j Htages meet theS am. and IfltgO p.m. trains
at Pasadena for Hi \\ ilson on new trail.
PtiSri(-iiKcrn leaving Los Augeienoti the 8 a.m.
! train for Mt. Wilson can return same day.
Bpeclal noes toexcurslonsandpleniepartle*. :
i Depots easl end 01 First -ilreet and Liowney }
J nvenuu bridges.
City ticket office (ireenwald'a cigar store, ;
, Corner Second ami Spring streets.
General Olttces, Firsl-?«ireet depot.
T. R HURNKTT, (iencral Manager. !
W. WINUDP, Oen. I'asnenger Agt. i
| fit. Lowe Railway
Steam \ Domestic Coal
Columbian Coal, SS per ton, in bulk,
! TEL& 30 AM. 1047. tat SOUTH BPtUN 81
'baula Fe Route i
] Traini* leave and are due to arrive at Los An
geles (La toande isiationi First street
and Hants. Fe avenue.
Leave lor Los ANUELuC j AM, from
6:00 pm .Chicago Limited 9 (SB a.m
' T;ooa.m ..Overland Express Bißy p.m
s;is «.m .Bitn Diego Coast Line. 1:19 p.m
4:20 p.m .San I>iego coast Line. 8145 p.m
! 7:0Oa. in .San Bernardino. .. !»:*!» a.m
9 :00 a in aD:33 a.m
t I :00 p.m V,R Al [SO p.m
; s:oopm Pasadena «l:*J0 p.m
! 7 :i»0 a.m Riverside a 1:35 p.m
. B;O0 s.in Via.sun Be-nardino. 0:30 p.m.
| tll:oUn.ni liiverside and San lier- 10:13 a.m
I 4awß>m nerdiao via orange.' B;i8 p.m
& 11:00 a.m Redlands «\ Mentone 10:1j a sa
4:30 p. in '. in orange A ll'vers'e a 6:45 n as
7:ooa.in .Ledl«nU«. Mentone. b!*:3o a.in
0:00 a.m anil A9.5S a m
A l :O0 p.iu .Highlands At .86 P ni
I ijo j -:, via Pasadena 6:30 p.m
i 7 :O0 a. iv Monrovia. AlUia. a 7:35 •>■>
9:o} a m 8:40 in
1 ;8S p. vi al* :B6 a.ma 4
■a4 :QQ p.ii". a-id *0:35 a.m
nil :00 p.m al :to p.m
< a 5 :BU p.SB 3 I*6 p.m
6:50 p. m Intermediate Station" 8:30 p.m
7:00 a.m Pa-adctia 47:86 a.m
9:00a.m Pasadena. .... 8:50 a.in
a io :30 a. in Pasadena 9t85 cm
1 :3S p.ni Pasndena ,*0:55 a.m
a 1 :00 p.m Pasadena al] :3f> a.m
5:00 p.in Pasadena al:K.i p.m
A.VOOp. m Pasadena 3:Vj p.m
0:00 p.m Pasadena Bisu p.m
8:13a.m santa Ana. 8:18 a.m
! Aaiwop.ni Santa Ana 1:13 p.m
4t9op.ni Santa Ana 0:46 p.m
7:oia.m . , SSntaMonies o:-n a.m
! lo: 13 am Santa Monica, ... 8:46 p.m
| 4:!3p.ni SautaMoiiiea. . 0:34 p.m
lO:0t)a.m .Redondo B:'J9 c.m
•1 [46 p.m .Itedondo 3*46 imii
a 7 ;00 a.m San Jacinto via l'a<.'d'a Al :35 i>.m
a*.> ;oo a.in San Japlntovia Pas'd'a AOteO p.m
All :00 a.m 3. .laeiu o via ornnge A 6.45 p.m
aO:0"h. in I t nieeula via Pnsad'a a I ;35 p.m
ah ooa mTemeotils via orange
Art:isa m Escouttldo via Coast. L At*l6 p.m
D4:2op.m Bseoadldo via coast I
A DSIly except Sunday. r Sunday only,
D Saturday only. All other trains dai.y. ,
Trains via Pasadena line arrive ai Downey
avenue station 7 minute*, earlier and leave 7
minutes Inter.
Palace vestlbuled ileepersi unholstet*d tour
ist cars, through to Kansas City and Chicago
daily. Personal I y conducted excursions to
Kansas City, St. Loots, Chicago, st Paul, Mm
! neapuhs and Boston every Thursday. For rates
sleeping ear reservation*, etc., call on er ad
dress E. w. M'OEE.
City Passenger and Ticket Ajrent. ISO North
Spring st reet. and La G rande sta I ion, Los
JNO. J. BYRNE, General Passenger Agent.
Thi<; lime (ahlp i« published by THE
HERALD tor the convenience Ol its readers
and the traveling public.
Other ra I road companies pay for til* publi
cation ot their tine '.aide*.
The Fouthern.Paoifie odmpany refuses to pay
for die publication of its time table in THK
HER ALP because this paper is criticising the
corporation's policy oppo ing a harbor at Sen
Pedro; its attitude toward the Nicaragua
proposition] its attempt to oppress aud rob
the people oj Pasadena, audits tyrannous dis
crimination against the interests: of the peopla
of the San .loaqtiiu valley.
Arcade Depot, Los Angeles.
Leave for. I>i:siination. a rri ve.~~
Friday, \ "sunset Limited" j Saturday,
•j:iunm J.. New Orleans.. \ 8:10pim
[Sec. (opt note.)
Saturday, j j F.iday,
Hi4o p.m f ..San Francisco I i I'iu n.m
BiOO p. m shu Fran »t v scram'to 7 :110 a.m
7:43 p.Ol Shu I ran £ Saerain'to 1 :4H piu
•j iOO ptu i igaen & Bast, gd data 7mom. ru
7:15 p.m Ogden .<c Lust, Is.class 1 :48 p.m
7i46 p.ni ....Portland, 0re..... 7tgo pin
B rno a. in Xl Paso and East,. 7:041 p. m
8:80 a.m ...DemlQgand East... 7:00 p,m
s,:3oa.in Banning 7:00 p.m
Itedlands sO:JO a.m
y MO a.in I!edland? \ 10:10 a m
lo:.lon.m Redlands. ... 4:>Kp,m
4:30 p.m Redlands. . 700 p.m
Colton s9:Uoa.m
s:;i(> '.m Culioti. ... Al0:10n m
10: to a.m Colton 4:68 c.m
4 !aU t>.ui ~ Colton 7:00 p.m
Riverside. s9:3oa,m
j s: o a.m tßiverside ,\lo:lOa.ni
10:.tun m Riverside 4:3s p.m
4 :3j p.m Riverside. 7 [00 p. m
i .. .sanßernardino, ~ s9:2oam
h :ho a. tu ..San Bernardino^,. a lotto o m
10:;! >... i. ~..ran Bsrnardtno. 4:58 p.m
i:3O p.i.i ,Banßernardino,.., 7^K)p.m
Chino [ aH :45 a.in
S:3oa.m Uuiliu sO:'JOa.m
4;:toa.in Chi no ilOllOa.Bß
A&:W p m CUIUC 4:5H p.m
* :."><* a. m Monrovia 8, JO a.m
I A9ltu p.m Monrovia vTJ;4sp.iri
11:16 p.m Monrovia 4;Wp,m
7:3Q a.m SRiita Hartara i p.m
iiiOOp.m ... SanU Barbara 8:'-i3p.m
9:4oam Santa Ana & Anaheim M;44i.m
a1:."»s p,m-genta Aua« Anebeim Al:oHp,tn
3:10 p. in Santa Ana I; Anaheim 4:'Jop.m
3: Op.m Tustiu ...... 8:44 a.m
n :4pa.rt Whittior 8;44 a.m
a 1:33 p.in .Whlttler.. ... Al:o:»p.ni
6:tO p.m Whlllier 4 :-9 p m
|:2A a.m Lung B'n & san Pedro 8:15 a.m
13:55 pm i ong K'li san I'edro 11 :34 a m
3 :0.1 p.m l.onu Mii >a i Pedro 4 :20 p.m
9:80 s.m Santa Monica 8:00 am
l:tOp.ra Santa Monica. . 6.81 a.m
6:10 p.m .saiiiM Monica PJ:l'Jp.m
(i:00 p.m .Santa Monica. .. 4:6opm
0:30 a ni Soldiers Home.... 8:31 a.m
H:00 p.m . soldiers' Heme.... 4 :A6 p.n;
9:30 a.tn t Port toa Angeles i 13:14 p.m
? and / 4:38 p.m
l :t0 p.m 'North B'ch station)
f chatswortli Park
AB:.ioum |Trains start from I AJ:4op.in
t I River ntnti'»n »an (
1 { Fernando sti only, j
sSundeysonly. ABundavs excepted. Allotber
other trains daily.
connecting with W. i. co.'s steamers at san
Leave. Arcade Depot. Arrive.
.. Daily, except
1S:60 p.m .Sundays. 11;.»4a.m
"sunset LI ml ten"—East bound, arrives and
depots River Station only. W4stbound, ar
rives and departs Arcade depot. Passengers
can In.aid vestibule sleepers ot Sunset Limited
at Arcade depot Thursday evenings, ft until 1J
o'clock midnight Tickets Can there be bought
and baggage cheeked until midnight; after
midnight at River station.
All of the seaside and local interior trains
st- p at the new station, corner of l lrst and
AlSmedl streets.
• l he train arrivlne from Santa Monica at M a.
m stops only al The Palms and University be
tween Santa* Monica and Arcade depot.
Ueneral passenger once, i-i4s. spring st.
CiPli Generale Ifiililp
V river, foot of Mot ion ot., New York.
Travelers by this line avoid both travel by
I English railway and the discomfort of cross
ing the Obannel In a small boat.
I v Normandle, February 28.
Ltt Champagne March %
La < lascogne, March 0,
La BourgOgue, March Hi.
t La Norntaudle, March SB.
La Champagne, March :to.
New York to Alexandria, Egypl, via Paris'
first-class ftlOO, lecond-elas' Bllft
For Height or passage apply to
A. FORGET. Agon?.
No. 2 Howling Green, New York.
I r. PUGABJ & CO., agents, 3 Montgomery
aye., san Francisco. Branch oftice, 10 Mont
gomery st. Tickets are for sale by all railroad
and steamship offices.
Redondo Railway
JAN 14, 1805.
l.os Angeles Depot: Corner Grand avenue
! an.l Jefferson street. Take li rand avenue cablo
| or Main street and Agricultural park horse car..
I'ralus leave Trains leave
; l.os Angeles Itedondo lor
for Itedondo. l.os Angeles.
!t:<>r, a. in. daily. 7 :M a. m. daily.
m, d .ily. 10::!(la. m. daily.
r» :3<( p. in. daily. 4:l<> V- m- daily.
a« :»5 a. in. a():40 a. in.
ASiiuudavs and Sumlays only.
! 7:il0 Irai'li from UedondO in the morning
muUes run up I" 4ft mlnules.
blitO train Irom l.os Angeles in the evenins
HMkes run down in 4U minules.
lor rates on freight and passengers apply at
t 100 m Bradbury building, corner Third and
Broadway I'Faotle IHiUJ, orat depot, corner
; lirand avenue and Jefferson st. ('Phoiie No. 1
1 West.; D. Mel'Alll.AMi. I'rosidenl.
, J. N. BUTTON, Buporintendcat.

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