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The History of a Day South of the Tehachepi
His Unsafe Way of Selling Safes
to Pasadenans
Washington's Birthday Observed by
School Children
Amateur Theatricals-Convention of Baptist
Missionary Societ> —Notes and
Personal Mention
Pasadena, Feh. 21.—During the past
three weeks this city has been Infested by
an exceedingly smooth individual who
went under the name of Fairbanks and
claimed to be representing the large firm
of safe manufacturers of that name. Thut
the fcliow is smooth goes, without saying,
when it may be mentioned that he de
frauded eight or ten of our leading mer
chants of sums ranging from $10 to 900
and has got away, leaving no clue to his
whereabouts. The fellow made his last
appearance in the city Monday evening,
and since that time has been eagerly
sought for by many confiding ones. The
police were notified, but have endeavored
to keep the matter quiet in the hope of
locating the man. The Herald man, how
ever, dropped onto the affair and gives
the results. It is about three weeks ago
that Fairbanks arrived iv Pasadena, ac
companied by a woman, whom he Intro
duced as his wife. Ile engaged rooms at a
fashionable boarding house on North Kair
Oaks avenue, and was ready for con
His manner of operation was to learn
of some business lit*in which was in need
of a safe and present himself as a travel
ing representative of the firm of Fair
bank A Co., Chicago.
A bargain being struck at an exceed
ingly low price, the man stating that he
was introducing the goods on the Coast,
an advance deposit was asked for on the
contract, which was usually forthcoming.
In this way no less than eight linns are
known to have been duped for various
su m«. When this scheme had been
worked for all there was in it he took a
DOW tack and tried the bogus check dodge.
In thin he was successful in at least one
case, that of a leading drug firm, where a
check for $28,715 was cashed the night be
fore he left. The cheek was drawn on a
San Francisco linn and was returned as
no good. How many more people he may
have victimized for small amounts is not
known, but in all he managed to get out
of town with it good Lot of Pasadena
Fairbnnk is described as a man ol
about ;i5 years, of line appearance, a
smooth talker, making a display ol a
number of diamonds and claiming to be
an expert in the line of precious stones.
Last of a* Series of Instructive Lectures on
This Subject
Pasadena, Feb. 21.— The vestry of the
Tniversalist Church was crowded last
evening at the fourth and last lecture by
Professor G. Wharton Janes in the Uni
versity Extension course upon Memory.
Ihe special subject taken up was the
physical basis of memory, from which an
interesting aud practical lecture was
given. In the process of developing
memory the act of reviewing is all essen
tial. It is this which gives a lasting per
manency to the memory, and it should
always follow- observation and reflection.
The sneaker did not believe fully in the
old idea that a thing once known is never
fully forgotten. He Likened the memory
of many people to a man who lias money
in a bank and wishes to cash a check',
but finds the cashier out and the presi
dent cone to Canada. The money is safe,
but you can't get it when you want it.
Mental impressions may or may not be
lasting. In many cases a second Im
pression may entirely obliterate the tirst
and true impression. In this way
many of the seemingly inexplicable con
tradictory statements by reliable wit
nesses may be explained, and we should
be exceedingly lenient in judging of the
Statements of others. The speaker gave
as an illustration a case in his own expe
rience where he had added an im
agl nary circumstance to an Inci
dent when relating it afterward
which was an actual misstatement
of the truth, though made in good faith.
The only to make impressions lasting and
correct is by review. The will is a strong
factor in the cultivation of memory and
should be called into use. When a person
forgets,there are two ways of recalling the
lost idea. One is by reference, the other
by will power. The speaker usually
used the latter, but would in most cases
recommend reference, If it was followed
up until the memory would recall without
assistance. The memory must be strength
ened by degrees, and in this respect the
best way is to make haste slowly. Taking
up the physical basis of memory, atten
tion was called to the morning as the best
time tor mental work. Professor James
found his best time for work lour hours
before breakfast in the morning. It is
never best to eat a hearty meal before at
tending a lecture which one wishes to
remember, or to attempt hard mental
effort. Stimulants are 'the curse of the
nineteenth century. They are of no possi
ble benefit to a healthful organism, and do
much harm. The lei-tun- closed with a
few practical illustrations in rapid writ
ing, which was held to be largely the
result of mind power.
The Public Schools Celebrate the Anniversary
of His Birth
Pasadena, Felt. 21.—The anniversary of
the birth of the father of his Country
was quite generally observed by the pub-
Ire schools this afternoon with appropriate
exercises. At most of the schools there
was a good attendance of visitors. In the
high school there was ;1 huge crowd of
parents and friends in attendance Tin
following programme was given.
Address of welcome-President Frank Wei
Piano duet— Misi Wood and Miss Wickeus.
Essay, George Washington-Kied Kenvon.
a tragedy from Shakespeare in two acts--
Messrs. McGilvary and Taylor.
Vocal soio—Miss Breed. *
Class paper—Mr. Freeman.
Scene—-From Pope's Rape ol the Lock.
Recitation, The Behoolmsstar's Guests—Miss
Mandolin solo—Mr. Julius Pr nee accom
panied by Miss White.
Oration, Lessons From the Public Life of
Washington—Arch la strong.
Humani phone—Conducted by Mr. Allen
Essay, influence of Women In Our Govern
ment— Miss Higley.
Oration by George Washington Snowflake
(Ben Lacey.j
Piano solo—Miss White.
Tableau—Washington's I'itst Command.
Presentation of Louglollow'* portrait—Rev.
Jir. Cook.
Recitation- -Miss Gearhai t.
Vocal solo—Mr. Brock way.
Presematjon of Washington* portrait—Mr, 1
Benjamin Rape.
Response—Professor Graham
At Washington school the seventh and
eiirbth year grades look pari iv the exer
cises, which were most pleasing. The
rooms were especially decorated with
flags and bunting. Fourteen young
ladies represented the original states and
the Goddess of Liberty. Those taking
part were: Adclide Towhe. Mabel Collins,
Mai tie Lam on. Bertha Eldrldge, Pauline
Lewis, Queenie Cummings. Lnda Dotyi
Augusts Gould, Lena Jones, Mabel
Gould, Alii c Caldwell, Alma Allen, Nora
The programme given was:
Opening hour, Mount Vernon Bells.
liecitation — Mat tie l.amou.
Recitation—Ernest Bent.
Song by school, Washington's Christmas
Kecitaiion—Adeline Tonne.
Kecitalion—Norman Abbott.
Piano duet—Lulu Ciitnmim;!*, Nora Elsmore.
Recitation— Pauline Lewis.
Pong, Hot ton Tea SOiig.
Recitation—Blanche Walker.
Recitation — Roy JepHon.
Piano solo— Alma Allen.
Paper. The Washington Hatchet, editors-
May Collins, Bertha KUlredge.
Banjo solo—Roy Jeasoii.
Closing exercise,
Society People Indulge in a Turn on the
Pasadena. Feb. 21.— Amateur theatricals
arc all the go at present. My Lord in Liv
ery was very cleverly given last evening at
the home of Mrs. ,1.0. Day on A lent t
place. The east was as follows:
Alfred Hopkins Mr. Halluck D. Day
Alfred Spiggott Mr. Walter but/
Lord Thirl mere Mr. An tone Wallers
Sybil Ainherley. . Miss Paulino Lutz
1 aura Miss Turnbull
kose Miss Laudcrhaek
Robert Master Reynolds
The rooms were very prettily decorated
with pink roses, smilax and pepper for the
occasion. After the programme dancing
was enjoyed by the young people, refresh
ments being served later. Those present
Dr. and Mrs. Burton, Mr.and Mrs. Bliss,
Dr. and Mrs. Berry, Mr. and Mrs. Rey
nolds, Captain and Mrs. A. D, Sutton,
Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlln, Mr. and Mrs.
11. M. Lutz. Senator and Mrs. Delos Arnold,
Mr. and Mrs. C. \V. Whitehead, Mr. and
Mrs. John Teagle. Mr. and Mrs. Turnbull,
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Mason, Mr. and Mrs.
K. L. Hine, Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Millard,
Dr. aud Mrs. Harry Maeombcr, Mr. and
Mrs. Shirley Vance* Martin, Mr. and Mrs.
N. 8. Leithead, Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop
Voting, Mesilames Kimball, J, B. Nlb
loek, A. P. Mc llhennv. W. 8. Lauder back,
Bateman, s. M. Millard. Cook, Marshall,
St int sun. Misses Church, < icuevieve
Church, Jen kins, Cooper. Conger, Mil
lard, Mullen, Wood, Hall, Donham, New
ton, May Newton, M Wood, Marjory
Wood, Chamberlin, Ni block. Km ma
Nihlock, Burton, Mary Burton, Lowe.
Mcllhenney, Luts, Button, Pauline Lutz.
Lvuderback, Grace Turnbull, Mine, Mabel
Mine. Gardner, Kathorine Gardner, Clark,
Reynolds, Marble: Messrs. Henry P.
Spaulding, Samuel Merrill, Jr., Merrill
Griggs, C. S. Green. 11. M. Green, Wood,
Mennig, Craig, Stafford, Holmes, Whip
ple, Rogers, Maoomber, Rhodes, Rora
back, Radebaugh, Oattern, Will Leithead,
Cherry, Tannanill, Gale, EC 1 block, Arnold,
Guy Wood, Wallers, IL Lutz, J. B. Tab
cote, William G. Tatcott, Tinge, Sutton.
Semi-annual Convention of the Baptist
Missionary Society
Pasadena, Feb. 21.—The semi-annual
conference of the Baptist Missionary
Union of the Churches of Los Angeles
County was Held in the Baptist Church on
North Fair Oaks today* The morning
session opened at £0:30, and meetings
were held all day. Encouraging reports
were received from the various church
societies of Los Angeles of the work ac
complished during the past six months in
the missionary Held, Mrs. B. Bussell,
corresponding secretary of Los Angeles,
was present, aud gave a very interesting
report of Hie general work of the com
bined societies. Miss Kmma Miller spoke
particularly on the children's work, being
a traveling* missionary for this particular
department of the missionary work. Miss
Chapln, who was a missionary in China
for several years, was heard With great in
terest as she described the conditions
which exist, and the difficulties which
have to be overcome In the far East.
A more extended lecture upon this sub
ject was given by Miss Chapin in the
evening, and Mrs. Hoyd spoke on the
work at home. The evening session
called out a good audieuce.
The Eighth Birth Day of the Local
Organization to Be Celebrated
fasadena, Feb. 21.—0n Sunday even
ing next the eighth anniversary of
the Y. M. C, A. will be celebrated at the
M. E, Tabernacle. Reports will be re
eived of the past year's work from the
officials, and an interesting meeting is
promised. The programme as arranged is
as follows:
Voluntary, piano and organ.
Jnvoct lion-Rev. N. IL <i. Fife.
Anthem, Jehovah's Praise, ii. L, White; solo
part*—Miss Bollinger.
tcrlptn.e selection-Rev C. X, Tebbetts,
Prayer— Rev. Clark Crawford.
i resident's opening remarks—Or. F Grin
Hinging. All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name—
General secretary's report—(leorge Taylor.
Duct, My Faith Looks Up to Thee, Basslord —
Miss Stouten burgh* Mr King; accompanist,
Mrs, N. biosb .
Address, Tiie Value of Young Men's Chris
tian Associations - Rev. Henry A. Cook, Bos
Remember Now Thy Creator—Star quartette,
Messrs. Cole, Edward*, Parker, Streb'ii.
Response from tiie and ience.
Antnem, Zion Awake -Choir.
( losing remarks —Rev. A. H. Smith, Oak
Singing, My Country, 'l is of Thee—Congre
Benediction—Rev. H E. Ward.
Social Happenings nnd General Mention.
Amusements, Etc.
Pasadena, Feb. 21.— Judge Magee is
home from a trip north.
Mr. and Mrs. Grllinell entertained this
afternoon and evening.
Miss York entertained the Brownie Club
at her home on Galena avenue this even
The Lconoiuie Club was entertained by
Miss Hubbard at her home on Raymond
Architect Bisnop is drawing plans for
a |2000 house for William Gayl.u-on the
corner 6f Oakland avenue and Center
A special train will be run out of Los
Angeles tomorrow ''veiling ul 9:30, over
the Terminal, to accommodate the dele
gates to the Christian Kiidenvor concern
t ion.
The death of Buelah Barrett occurred
yesterday in this city at Ihe age of ."»
years. Funeral services from the under
taking parlors of Uaynold A Van Nuys
Friday morning al L 0 o'clock.
In the case ol the .Mexican Yerdugu,
charged with stealing wood, the jury dis
agreed and was discharged. The defend
ant failed to put ll) an appearan. c and the
trial conducted without him.
Ibe Funeral of G. H. McLeman, the
Southern Pacific brakeman who was killed
by being hit while pausing into a tunnel
near Sacramento, was held from Reynol ■
A Van Nuys' parlors this afternoon. *
The three fellows who were mixed up
in the cutting on Bast Colorado street
Tuesday evening are still at large, but the
police claim they will have them under
arrest soon. More developments are
looked for in this case, as it is nuw stated
that, there were more than the live people
mentioned mixed Up in the light. The
two men who were tut up so are still in
bed, but are getting better rapidly.
Important Changes in Arizona Gold
[ A Halt-Breed Indian Shoot* and Kills a
riexlcan In v Japanese Lodging
House at Jerome
Prescott, Feb. in.— Freighter Moi;.mii
WW caught in the rise of the river ycM'T
d»jr and suffered the loss oF two hows,
says the Pfescott Courier. Ife was haul
ing wood with six horses and two wagons
I ami hail crossed the river with one
I Wigon. He went hack and hitched on to
the trail wagon. When ahout the mid
| die of the river the horses dropped al
most out ot sight. He succeeded in free-
I ing four of the animals, hut two of tliem
hail drowned before he could cut the har
J The dedication ceremonies of Pres
cott's magnificent new Catholic Church
were well attended yesterday morning.
People of various religious deii.uuinations
were noticed iv the well- lilled house.
It is a church edifice of which any town
should feci proud.
I Mark Smith recently [pined in a de
hate in the House of Representatives,
wherein he explained to certain Eastern
Congressmen that il was a waste of
money and a howling farce to educate
Indians in the Bast ami then turn them
adrift on the reservation. Smith very
correctly argued that the Indian should
he educated in a school established ..n
the reservation and that it should he an
industrial school at that.
John McDonald btts taken a bond and
lease on Scotty Thomson's gold claim on
, theHassayainpa, and left Prescott Batur-
I day witli a wagon loaded with suppliesand
j tools to commence work on same. One
jof the claims is the old Often mill",
I which was worked nearly thirty jrears ago
iby tCfrklandj who wOVked the ore in an
j arrastre with good profit. A Mr. Cham-
I hers is working the extreme north exten
sion of the Often mine, taking out. rock
which ranges from $lon to |160* per ton
George BfcCann is reported t.» have sold
to 11. Rout Sham and William 11. (lilky
his interest in Ihe liig Bug onyx quarries
for $34,000.
Lively Times in a Frontier Mining Town
In Arizona
Jerome Feb. lit. -About o'clock Sun-
I day morning Jeff Frazier.a half-breed tv-
I dian.shof "Big Jesus," a Mexican, in the
' lodging house of Japanese Charley, says
j the Jerome correspondent, oi tho PrGSCOtt
Citizen. Dr. Woods was called and pro
nounced the man dead. Fra/.ier hastened
to the home of Deputy Sheriff Hoherts,
announcing his act and delivered himself
over to that officer, who permitted him to
go about though in hailing dis
tance. Justice'Otey wait notified and an
Inquest will he held. (Crazier lots been
dealing a game al Joe Tambonno's lor
some 1 ime and is well spoken of. Both
men were last seen al a dance at Sparks
A- Co.'s saloon, not over an hour before.
Pay day occurred on Friday and the
saloons have been lining a lively busi
ness. Two Preecott ::irls made their iirsi ap
pearance on Friday night singing at differ
ent saloons lor live hours nightly on a
' basis of $2 per hour. Blind Billy added
to the musical supply for two nights,
I returning to Prescott Sunday night.
Postmaster Maguire's hotel will 'be
finished in ahout" two weeks. Booms
j have been at a premium ior some days.
: Wilcox's "Jerome Chronicle" (weekly) will
; appear March 28th. Wilcox will give some
interesting history that will awaken cer-
I tain circles, though a change in his pur
poses may deprive the readers of his
i paper of many dainty morsels.
Pittock, who was in tiie city last week,
1 reports a lack, of appreciation among
j Phoenix people, the press excepted, for
his paper, the Aibubuerque Citizen,
I which covers a Held in which the Phoe
; nixites are most desirous of marketing
I their products of the valley. He fre
quently remarked that he was anxious to
; get back to Prescott and will he there
i again shortly.
I A Colorado company is sinking ashat;
ion a claim bonded from Hon. tj. W.
Hall. It is at the bend behind the Harrall
place. A boiler and other machinery lias
arrived from Trinidad.
The telephone line from Jerome to the
Junction will be finished March Ist.
Arizona's Grand Lodge in Annual Session at
Phoenix, Feb. 21.—The fourth annual
session of the Grand Lodge of Arizona,
I. O. G. T., convened in Phoenix today,
at 1 p. in., and will continue in session
three days. It is expected that every
lodge in the territory with the exception
lof the one at Kingman, will be repre
i tented.
On Saturday night a grand public mass
meeting will be held in the Baptist
Church,which will be addressed by lead
ing members of the order.
Such topics as tbe Mission of the Order,
j The Juvenile Department, The Relation
lof the Order to the Church and Reasons
Why Business Men Should Be (rood
Templars, will be discussed by able
Grand Secretary Walbridge says that
the order has held its own in Arizona the
past year notwithstanding the hard times
1 and the absence of lectures in conse
The present year bids fair to be a pros
perous one tor the oritur, as arrangements
J have already been made for able speakers
, to enter the field in the early spring.

Not Because One is Nee Jed, Kiut Because It Is
Customary to Have Oiu*
Phoenix, Feb. 17. —There was a stream
of visitors to the new County Jail yester
i day, which was practically completed.
The prisoners will be transferred from the
: old jail tomorrow or Tuesday.
> The new jail contains twenty cells in two
! tiers, with capacity for eighty prisoners.
I The cell department is in the center of the
I structure and no arranged that the moye-
I ments of each prisoner can easily be
I observed by the jailor, who can lock
j and unlock the doors of all the cells
! without entering the eoinpart ment. The
boxes containing the levers by which this
.is done are Looked by combination. Bach
; tier of cells is provided with toilet facili
ties and on the lower Hour corridor there
. is a bath tub.
The structure is highly creditable to
j Architect ileiulein and Contractor Ami
i mult.
The Mall Carrier Question Up Again
for Discussion
Pomona, Feb. 21.—There will be LOOpeo
; pie of this and adjacent communities thut
will take in the field day sports in Los
Angeles tomorrow.
Quite a jolly crowd of Pomonans went ,
. up last night to witnesss the presentation
of The Governess In A. 0. I. W. Hall, >
! Ontario, for the benefit of the Episcopal 1
■ Church Society of that place.
; J. W. Tincher and his crew came in j
this morning from tiie foothill region
above Lordsburg.
Mrs. 0. M. Herring, for some weeks the
guest of her parents,' Mr. and Mrs. James
Allen' and Child left today via the South
ern Pacific, for home, Washita. lowa.
A young brother of Miss Viola Marsh
ami Nlrs. J. A. Woy is iv from Arizona tor
a few weeks' visit.
Mrs. Carrie Sweet Leonard, formerly of
this city, but now of Oakland, has come
on a short, visit to her Pomona friends.
The free delivery question is once more
jon the tapis. The* poslottice people show
lan increase in the receipts over 1H!)1 us
follows: $1221* more iv postage, $275 more
in box rent, ami ■ > 11 pounds in news
papers. The total receipts, according to
the present average, for tuis year, ending
April Ist, will probably foot up $8800.
Mrs. Webber, who has been seriously ill
for weeks, is slowly recovering.
Mrs. Q, 11. Tinsicy has been spending a
few days in Los Angeles this week.
Should this weather continue a few days
longer, the stoves will be relegated to
their summer hilling place, wraps will be
stored away and the soda water ami ice
business will once more be on tup.
Rev. Joseph Lowe, formerly of Missouri,
but more recently of Headdshurg, this
state, has been called by the Christian
Church of this city to till the vacancy
Caused by the resignation of Mr. Dowf
ing, who goes to Louisville, Ky. An ar
rangement for three months *has been
shipping News and Personal Mention From
the Port
San Pedro, Feb. 21.—The heavens are
Illuminated from the grain still burning at
McDonald's Wilmington warehouse.
The Eureka, Captain Green, arrived
Wednesday from the north with one ton
of freight for the S. P. Co., 60 tons for the
Terminal and 20 passengers.
The steamer Santa Cruz got in Tuesday
afternoon with 80 tons of merchandise for
the Terminal.
the steam schooner Sunol arrived on
Wednesday from Humboldt witli a cargo
of lumber for the Southern California
Lumber <'mnpauy.
The shipment of fish from here to Los
Angeles has been nnprccedentedly heavy
during the last tew days.
The Alpha brought in nine tons on Sun
day afternoon for the cannery. This has
kept it busy this week.
W. W. Laraway is laid up with a severe
attack of rheumatism.
A special train came down on Tuesday,
consisting of St. Louis and San Fran*
cisco, Southern California, und Los An
geles Terminal private cars, with Presi
dent Leighton of the Terminal; K. 11.
Wade, general manager of the Southern
(lalifornla Railroad Company: General
Manager Burnett and superintendent
W. W. Wincup, of the Terminal road, and
a party of about thirty persons, many of
whom went to Redondo on their return.
On Sunday morning at tho M. E.
Church, Rev. S. A. Wfdney will preach
on the Lord's Supper, and in the evening
there will be a patriotic service suitable
to the approach of Washington's Birth
day, with appropriate music.
ihe building of a belfry and vestibule
to the M. E. Church will be proceeded
with at once, the necessary arrangements
having been made.
Miss Agnes Hawley, of Los Angeles,
scored quite a sin-cess at the M. E. social
Last Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Maguire are the proud
parents of a bouncing baby boy.
John Fabler and R. D. Haskell are
congratulating themselves on the arrival
of daughters at their respective homes.
Eph Ryder's little daughter was chris
tened at the M. E. Church last Sunday,
Mr. and Mrs. Williger acting as god
Arrival of Eastern Railroad Men and Tourists
at the Seaside
Santa Monica, Feb. 21.—Mr. E. Pen
nington, general superintendent of the
Surf Line, lion. K. ii. Langdon, A. H.
Ldntou, S. R. 11. .Robinson, Frank Conkey
of Minneapolis, and 1). W. Grant of Fari
bault, Minn., spent today here, the guests
of Mr. J. H. (.'lark, who showed them the
beauties of the seaside town. The gentle
men are out on the Coast on a tour of in
spection, having come to Los Angeles in
their special car from Phoenix, Ariz.,
where they have large interests in the
mammoth irrigating canal.
Street Superintendent Richmond is put
ting the Seventh street park in shape.
Mr. Mackey, of the firm of Lewis A
Mackey, spent the day at the beach.
There will he a theater train tomorrow
on the occasion of Washington's Birthday,
leaving here at 8:30 p. m. and returning
from l.os Angeles at Ll :30 p. m.
Edgar C. Coffman ot Rivera was mar
ried to Miss Kilna Earl Orr at. the resi
dence of the bride's parents in the St.
James hotel.
Delta Chapter of Delta Gamma was en
tertained recently hy Misses Turner and
The Wheelmen's Club of this place is
quite an active organization. It has lately
taken trips to Redondo, Glcndale ami
IL L. Park, formerly of the Jefferson
Street Drug Store, has bought out the
Postofflce Drug Store.
Married, by Justice of the Peace Sexton,
February 2d, Miss Delphia C. Riley to P.
F. Li 11 ten.
Phil Shanahau will take the place of J.
A. Gray in the pole vault for the U.S.C.
team at the Intercollegiate field day. The
University corps have been training hard,
and expect to win, notwishstandfng the
fact that the illness of Mr. Gray has made
thesndden substitution of Mr. Shanahau,
who has had no opportunity to train,
There is 11 petition in circulation for
the curbing of Vermont avenue, between
Adams and JclTcesun streets.
Mrs. E. W. McKnighl gave a very en
joyable and informal hearts party to a
few oi her friends on last Friday evening.
Wong Chee, the highbinder, Lodge:! in the
County Jail
Wong Chee, the notorious highbinder
by whose orders, it is claimed, Little Suey
STBS Shot) was arrested yesterday by
Citizen C. Mugneini, wdio turned him
over to Deputy Constable W. E. Turner.
Chee is now safely lodged in the Hotel
Burr on the Hill, where he is Likely to
remain until he furnishes bail. He was
arrested on a warrant charging him with
assault to commit murder, and if he had
not been captured yesterday he would
have left town last night, and he would
have remained away until after the pres
ent trouble blows over.
The police officers made no effort ap
prehend hint. Mugneini, who at one time
was an Officer, decided to capture him,ami
he Succeeded, lie found Rim in hiding
in Dr. Wong's sanitarium on Main street,
below Seventh, ami he arrested him
without any trouble. One of the Chinese
women said that Chee would have left
last night if he had not been captured.
A Quarter Century Test.
For a Quarter of a century Dr. King's New
Pi eovery has been tested, anil the millions
who have reeelved benefit from its use testify
to iis wonuerfnl eurailve power tn ait disease ;
of tiiroat. cheat and lungs, a remedy that lias
stood the test so long and that has liven so :
universal satisfaction is no experiment ttaoh ,
bottle is po iiiveiy guaranteed to give relief or
the money will bo refunded. Ul* tuitnitted to
hett:e most reliable for coughs said colds. Trial
bottles free at c. 1 Heliisemau'i drug store, ;
■j_*J N. -Main st. Large si/" Mtc and *i * j
Wall paper ai Kckstrom's, ;i24 s. ripriug su
f\p£ Here's a pretty mess!
\ a fine subject for Pearline. Wash the child
and everything on it, with Pearline. They'll
come out absolutely pure and perfect, as far
o*\ as cleanliness is concerned. "
\ \ Pearline for bathing : Pearline for wash
/// )).'£ ' n ,? clothes ; Pearline for washing every
l vW;' f* thing that you'd put water to. Pearline
\! If// til ' s sa^e or t ' le most delrcate skin or most
Ay CJLI l delicate fabric. Not only safe, but it makes a
saving. There's no wearing rub, rub, rub,
{■Yir 01 scrub, scrub, scrub.
mm \ v\ Meddlers ;M.<i some unscrupulous grocers will tell
U% ('§=4 \ \l vjCllU, you " this is as good as" or "'the same as Pearl
p Wsi il I / \ \ /-.''- ITS PAl.SE—Pearline it neverped
■ 1 vv If \ \ 'lied, and if your grocer sends you something
Iff in place of Pearline.be honest— sena4i back.
\VIU you go ahout althe of ymir life ***
i ■trumentwhien la constant jr increasing . ~~ mm
your dirticully, wlit-u small unusi-
lmaKine, because you hare worn trusses, that you know all about them A properly se
lected And fitted instrument will gradually remedy your case, while an improperly
fitted truss, though it may feel ull right, will gradually make tiie rupture larger.
ShOtUd pIAC* yourself in the handa of a competent person who makes a study of these
things, and who is prepared to linndlo such cases with the best modern, up-to-date in
struments. You cannot
by using a cheap truss. Tbe best is tho cheapest, The ADAMS ADJUST A BLK TRUSS
exerts a pressure identical with that of the hand or finger in holding rupture, gives
uniform automatic pressure in the correct direction, confirms readily to your shape.
and doe-- nnt r quire heavy nres.-mre. ft combine* security with comfort and durability
guaranteed. In fact it tills all the requirements of a perfect, modern, up-to-date truss.
m uWipa_
326=328=330 S. MAIN ST.
Special Inducements
fite, tflfitt in li tils. Ek.
Remember Our Location. The Largest House in the City.
An Adjourned Meeting Will Be Held at the Assembly
Room of the
Friday, February 22d,
* RT 7:30 P. m. &
To consider the propriety of securing the Salt Lake
Railroad by the Cincinnati plan, which was published
in full in the daily papers. Does Los Angeles propose
to lay down when other places are subscribing mil
lions, that will result in side-tracking this city ?
for Srf? : v>r '■' rrSJdren.
•* Cawinria |SSO W*& adapted tOehfldrt 1.1 hat fu v <•:-,:» fir s IV('• >Tistlpntton,
I reccM;:;;e:!d it c.s !v.:;>erior toany prescrintiun BoUrStomach, Dtai?b&A> I>uctatlon,
knowTitoiv.a" 11. A. Aitcv.un., M. D., Kihs Worms,*gives olaep, aud yroiootea dS
111 So. 0-:ord Ut., UiouUyu, N. Y. jreetlorl,
I VVlthout injurious rrwlleation.
"Tbe usa of 'C'astoria Is so universal nnii I ''For sevend yearn I hnve recommended
fts merits so wi H L:'.ov.-n licit It so<*tii:* a Wt>i k | your ' Caatorla. 1 and Bhr \ alwoya continue to
of sc;*'r rotation to endon-e if. |Vjw ore the. 6 do so as tt baa iavai'i.i!;!y protluoed b'.-aeflciol
families who do not koe;> C\u-tuna 5 r.'su!^. - '
wiiiuz casyroc.ch," \ Kcins F. PAarrE, 51. P.,
Caclos Mahttn, D. D., lST.th Street and Vth Aye, Now York Cicy
New York City, j
The C'KNTArrt ro%rr.\.?:Y. 17 ATT-nrjAT , * 1 Xn:w Yo:js Titt.
A Cure That Cures!
PDPP 1 luue oured thonsHinis, find can
rfl*v puru thousands mere who suffer n>.
you do, of [Cmis-ions, impotenoy, Nervous Mo
rality, varicocele and BUruiilten Partt, caused
by self*afcuae. by a simple remedy which cured
me, recipe (6r which I will lead,sealed, fi:i-:k ,
to any sufferer. Address, wiih stamp, david
ii. EMMKTB, Box 7t>, Koglewood, ill.
MsH om Surgical Smiofli.
I welve miles from l.os Angeles, via .Santa Fe
railway. The place for the weary to rest and
the sick to get well. Hot and cold nuiphur
haihaat popular prices. Correspondencesolic
ited. y-a»-Om
J. M. Griffith. Prfrf, JehHl T (.riflim, V.-l'rsa
K. I. Griffith, Secretary :;ml Treasurer.
Geo. It. Waitrs, Bup't of Mill.
Lumber Dealers,
And Mo mi fat turer.i o(
flriisiic ii work oi [ : /e r y wmm.
Doors, Windows, Blinds and flairs.
Hi) N. Alameda .st., bot An* les, <'«>i
13d Commercial St., - Los Angeles, sal.

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