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Details of the Intercollegiate
♦ Athletic Events
Colors of Four Colleges Will Float at
Athletic Park
Order of Events as Arranged and
Assignment of Officials to Have
Charge of the Track
Occidental - Vamerack! Tamerack I Zip:
Boom! Bah! Lacra! Lacra: Ha! Hal Ha! Oc
ei den tal! Zip! Boom! Bah!
Pomona- Kah I Kali! Kali! Zip! Boom! Ah!
Viva La! Viva I,a! Po roo-ua !
chsffev Hip! Boom! Ah! Boom! La! Ka!
( haffev ! Chattey ! Kah ! Kah ! Rah !
V. S. < . Rah : Rah! Kali! V S. (*. Ah! Boom
Rah ! tSoom Kah ! Kah I Kah ! Rah I
Official colors- Occidental, Muck and cold;
Pomona, blue and white; V. ft C, crimson;
chaffev, olive and gold
Officers of the Intercollegiate Athletic Asso
ciation for I*93—President, Charles H. Ward,
Pomona Collcee; vice-president, Harry L
Martin, '9H. I. S. C ; secretary, Herbrrt 1.
Priestley, Ciiaffey; treasurer, William K. Park
e 'Do. Occidental.
This is the great, day of Southern Cali
fornia college sports. This is the field day
when the four great educational institu
tions of Southern California send their
trained athlete* tn ■ ssoetlng where they
will contest fur supremacy in faces and
games. This is the day when thousands
will gather to witness: the contests of
strength, endurance and ability and to
wave handkerchiefs and banners and Mow
tin horns- the intercollegiate field day.
At. I'M o'clock Athletic Park will pre
sent a gay ami festive scene, and the first
event will 1m; announced amid the ringing
shouts and yells of the enthusiastic spec- ;
tators seated in full view of the track.
The executive committer has nt last coin- j
pleted all arrangements, and all the ofti-
B. J. Priestly, captain. T.. K. Toland. .t. F Ap l.ynn. (team Iralner.)
W.J. i utter. Andrew Noble. DennU H«am.
I.e. Knoles F. U. Braden,
rial * selected. Vot the field pAcers bette
men could not be ctxpaen, us the majority
are well-known in utthletic circles. They
are as follows:
Releree l>r. H Bert Fr.'tis.
fudges -c. r. Lyndell. I'neo Bessmg, Dr. w.
F. Kenne.lv.
Timers J. W. A. off, W. K. CWIBi one to be
.-tarier— A. C. Way.
Scorer- Sherman Day
Atlliounccr Frank llutchius.
clerk of course- It. i . stiueliliehl.
The field officers ars:
oratid marshal —Williamui Edgar MeKee,
Marshall I liarlcs II Ward, I'omoua; 0. C.
Mueller, Occ denial
At a Uljtf. boor thocntries were received,
and are as follows:
One hundred yaid-iun--F. L. Fairbanks, '9S.
occidental; F. Nance, '99, Pomona; M. 11.
Seely. I. s. i.; CO. Toland, chaffey. I. ('. A.
A. record for 1891, 104-.J sec.
Sis reeii-pound bainmet th row—W . H Kant
■ur Occidental: L. M. Tolman. '90, Po
mona; Charles caner. '97 t 0. 8. C.; G, E. Ap
I.vnn, Cbaffev. 1. (.'.A. A record ior 1894, 70
I wo-mile bicvele—(jeorue Donaan, '98. Oeci.
dental; It. II smith, 'in*, Pomona; 11. I. Mar
tin, F. 8 C ; Dennis llcaru, chaffev.
Filly yard dash Vi a. F.dwards. '97, Occi
dental: I. L. Whitney, '97. Pomona; Chester
Kobtnsou. I" s. c., c. «,. Toland, chafley. 1.
C. A. A record tor 1894, 5 4-."i sec.
Mile run 1., E. Lynn, '95, Occidental: H.M.
Yoorhees,'oo, Pomona; Elmer E tlliott, *W,
C s. c. Andrew Noble, ensffey.
Pole Vault—A B, Bell,'llS, occidental; II
Bloau.'OOi Pomona; Georjre Shanahan, 'ou, c
6 C; T. C K. holes, chaffey. 1. C. A. A. rec
ord lor 1(94, 9 t'eel - inches'.
Iwo hundred ami twenty-yard inn—W. A.
F.dwards. '97, Occidental; F." Nance, '99, Po
mona; H. >!. S«ety, '(hi, V. 8. C.| W. J. Cutter,
t halfay. I. c. A. A. record tor 1894, Ufi sec.
one utile walk— F.. 11. Miller. '98, occidenlal
J. R Bent,99, Pomona: W. c. Twiss. '95, I .
P. L'.J F. B. Braden, I haHcy. I. c. A. A. record
for 1894, si Barn, ai sec.
High jump—Ncal Murray, 'UO, Occidental, 1.
I. Whittle,,97. Pomona: Philo Jones. '9S, I .
£. C.; C.G. Toland. rhaffey. 1. t' A. a. record
for 1894, .'j feet :i inches.
one mile bicycle -tieorge Donaan, 'N. oc.
cidental; E H. smith, '9», Pomonu: J. D.
Funk, '98 L". 8. C ; bennis Ileatu. chaffey. I.
c. A. A. record lor 1891 '_' mill. ;14 '_•-.*. sec.
Four hundred aud iorty-vard dash—A E.
Jnluor.h, '98, Occidental; I. M. Tolimtn, '90,
Pomona; Klnier K. Elliott, '9b\ V. H, C: W J.
I utter, rhaffey. I.e. A. A. record lor 1594,
59 '.'-5 see.
At last Chaffs) College team lias been
heard from and verifies the Claim that the
team which enters today expecting to win
new laurels for Chaffey'* crown of sue
ccss, 's the hesi. all-around lot of athh'tcs
Which the school has turned out since the
nig foottiall game they had with the Stan
ford two years ago, They arc the youngest
of the four teams, averaging ahout hi
year*. To show Ihe new development of
athletic material in educational institu
tions In Southern California, only three
oi the team have ever been in any con
test of this kind.
ti. X A i Lynn, the Chaffee giant, lie
being It feet 1 Mich it: height and weigh'
iv : 'Jin pounds, sprained bis wrist while
practicing the bummer throw a short tiint
alio, and has ilist recovered.
l>e;iut> Ileum is finding bis legT on t.be
Athletic track dinler competent bands,
and will do sonic spieudid aiuatettr work
in tile bicycle event-.
I 11. Hraden bus put in some well
spent, time in getting ready for the mile
walk. Chaffey » Captain claims that if he
docs mil win he will give the men some
har.l pushing*
• . i.. inland is now doing the 00
--yttrd dash iv less than ,"> seconds.
VV. .1. Cutler la a loiig-wiuncd eitap.
i-a.-d. Tuesday he made bit imi-yurd dash
in less than 21 seconds. In the 410-yard
dash he retains an enviable speed through
out the race.
Andrew Xuhlr is keeping up his loputa;
lion for the mile run.
T. 0. Knoles every day has been clearing*
the bar at J) feet 8 inches. He has a very
graceful vault. Chaft'ey comes expecting
that her team will carfv a goodly number
of medals home with her, and from the
looks of her team it is evident that her
hopes have some basis.
Arrangements have with the
different railroads for extra* coaches*on all
the trains running into the city this
morning, and it is expected thai the out
side trains will constitute a large number
of the crowd at Athletic Park. Pomona
and Chaffey colleges combined have a
special train to themselves and will ar
rive early this morning. \t S p. ni. in
tho Westminster parlors the medals will
be presented to the suecessfal eon test a nts
and the handsome intercollegiate silver
cup to the winning team.
The Pool Tournament.
Tbe tenth game of the pool tournament
was played at the Brunswick billiard hall
[yesterday afternoon between L. A. Kinley
of Los Angeles and I>. W'iuue Kilmer of j
New York. The SCO re ended in Kinley's '
favor by 100 to Kilmer's W». The game was I
very Interesting and many difficult shots (
were made by both players.
The game this afternoon will probably ,
decide the touruameni between A. v..
Richardson of Denver and l». Wlnne Kil
mer of New York. Should Mr. Kilmer
win this game it would make it a tie, he
having won three games and lost one,
Mr. I!ichardson having won four games
and lost none. If Mr. Richardson should
win the came it would decide the Tourna
ment in his favor. The betting is about
even on today's game.
Fraud and Conspiracy Alleged by Mrs.
Mr*. Reynolds' five-Thousand Dollars May Go
the Way of the Oyster in
The Fable
Mr?. C. Reynolds died in this city last
Sunday Leaving some property which is
worth probably $9000. A COUple of days
after her demise Mrs. B. Pay riled a peti
tion in the Superior Court for the probate
of a will alleged to be the last one made
by the deceased.
Yesterday Knearnacion Sanchez appear
ed on tbe scene witli a paper by which she
opposes ihe admission to probate of Mr-.
Fay's alleged will of Mrs. c. Reynolds,
and she has many reasons to give 'for tbe
request. In the tirst place, she says that
neither Mrs. Pay nor ber brother, I. 11.
Uomiaguel, nor her daughter. Attilia
afaxon, all of whom would he benefici
aries under the will purporting to have
been made by the deceased woman, are
biood relatives, but that she herself,
although not a relation to the late Mr-.
Reynolds, was her god-daughter.
When the lady died whose property is
now in a fair way to go to the lawv'ers,
-he had no known heirs. According to
Mrs. ICncarna. iou Bandies' version of the
status of things, at that time, she and
the Sisters of Charity of this city were
however, the sole legatees-of Mrs. Rey
nolds' estate, by virtue of a will which
was never revoked.
Unfortunately this will is not iv Mr-
Sanchez's possession and she apparently
does not know where it is. a-
Oof express herself ill) the subject. She
-ay-that it is being searched for. and Hun
is all that there is tangible about this
will which she declares to lie lb dy
true one. Then come allegations of
fraud and conspiracy against Mrs. Pay
her brother and her daughter, who are
accused of having used undue Influence
With the deceased while she was of un
sound mind in order to get her property
niter her death. It is also alleged tluii
the will which Mr-. Pay offers for pro
bate was not signed by the testatrix nor
witness,.d by two witnesses, and that if
it is not a forgery, it Was obtained by un
lawful influences entirely.
The petition of Mrs. Sanchez avers ton
that Dominguez dictated the will, hut by
reason of ambiguity in the document it
does nor appear to whom he dictated it,
whether to a stranger or to testatrix her
self. Mrs Knearnacion Sanchez prays
that the public administrator he appointed
special administrator to Mis. HeynldV
estate. *
Mrs. Barham's Will
The will of UUle Wallace Barbara, the
second wife of Police Commissioner Guy
B. Burbam, was tiled yesterday for pro
hate. Decedents' holographic 'testament
dated July 8. 1193, i eaV( , s ,„ h( „. surviving
husband all her property, the omission of
the name or testatrix's daughter. Helen
Louise, in ii,e win being intei ial, as
deceased was satisfied thai ihe father would
lidly lake care ami provide for hU child
1 he estate is valued tit 19000,
Mrs. Emily Thorite, who resides at
rolSdo, Wash , says she has never been
able to procure any medicine for rheinua
tism iii;.t relieves the pain so quickly
and Brteotually as Chamberlain's Pain
Halm, and mat she |,a;i also used it f or
ame back with great success. Por sale
by Off tt \ aoghn, Fourth and Spring t
t. Hoiltsoman, 2iJ North Main, eTrug
_ Plumbing done of every description at
i'urrey s, ltd X. Spring street.
•Jj0cnv«lopo»50t:: ).j ream writing paner at
l.atn<siadlor, till, N. Main ;it.. opp. Hakcr bluck.
huiu-, 10c roll, 3HB 8. Spring.
i The Commissioners Don't Want
the Ordinance Violated

Agents Who Sign Petitions Must Give
Proof of Authority
A Petition and a Recommendation for a Branch
Police Station on Boyle
The present Police Commission believes,
that the present Sunday-eloHhig saloon
ordinance lea good one. uml the members
l are determined to see that it is not vlo>
j latod.
' The queation of granting restaurant
1 licenses to saloons came up yesterday.
Charles Kngelke, who was recently grant
ed a transfer of license for a saloon from
Joeremann ft Brunohl, at 2M Baal First
street, asked to have %\ restaurant license
transferred to him. The application was
favorably reported on by Chief (Mass hut
al yesterday's adjourned meeting of the
Commission the question was raised
whether or not the granting of a restaur
ant license to a sidoonkooper did not sim
ply give him the privilege to sell liquors
It seemed to he the sense of the Com
mission that each ease of this kind should
be investigated, and if it was found that
the restaurant license simply allowed the
saloonkeeper to violate the ordinance, the
application for a License should be denied.
The application of Mr. Kngelke was there
fore referred hack to the Chief.
The first opportunity for an application
of the rule adopted by the- Commission
that agents signing for non-residents on
petitions should have their authority so
to do came yesterday. Fred Arbogart
asked for a saloon license at M \ Commer
cial street throe weeks ago. The petition
then lacked a majority of the frontage of
the street It was sent hack, and yester
day was sent in again with a majority
representation. A porcon of this was
signed lor hy an agent, who ,101 not prove
his authority. Again the petition was re
ferred back.
Cbiel < iinss reported favorably upon the
petition which was sent in for a branch
police station on Boyle Heights. Tbe pe
tition was signed hy nearly every resident
ol Boyle Heights. The Chief favored the
building of .1 bouse which will tain the
(ire engine company and the branch police
»»' together. The matter was ri ferre
to the < 'ouneil.
. The petition „f ,1„. \v. C. T. P. regard
ing the proper separation and attention of
prisoners m the City Jail was also re.
ferred to ihe Council.
A petition was sent In by residents on
Eighth and Ban I'edro streets asking that
the license granted to .1. Sresovieh for a
saloon on the corner of these streets he
revoked Ihe hceiine was granted for
the Eighth street entrance, and Sresovion
promised to keep the San Pedro street en
trance closed, lie has D ot done so and
tbe residents are objecting. The chief
was instructed to investigate the matter
and if the fads as stated in the petition
are found to he true, the license will he
The City Attorney gave an opinion that
tbe special officers and the Chief are ex
empt iron, the payment of 12 per nth
to the beneficiary fund. The opinion was
™ ed 1 ause the Council is ahout to make
tbe specials regular men. The vacanev
on the special lisl was tilled by the elec
tion oi George sparks.
The application of Vicente Botelo to be
a regular officer and that of G. G. Brown
J? .j'l'l/oint i special for service in
" d district were received, and Sotelo's
Chief BltJWn'i referred to the
Saloon licenses were granted to MoGin
MBBrothers, transfer from Then I'imm.
1518 san Fernando; Ihe.,. Pimm, transfei
from Fred Arbogart, 617 North Main
street: Iwnil Ovonvig, transfer from
Guenther ,t Bernard, 385 South Sorina
street. ' •
The hill of the Onion Ice Company for
813, lor lee furnished to the police station
in January, was denied, because the police
station hail used no ice in January
Applications for license were "received
iromt baric KeUey, transfer from Mar
tin Forrest, lAMSan Fernando street: P
Hltntl, new license, for 290 Bust Fifth
street, and M. K. Curran, transfer from
A. 11. Hrockamp, 102 South Main street
and referred to the Chief.
Battered With a Shoiel
The complaint charging Frank Trapp
With an nssauit witli a deadly weapon up
on W. W. Alward. near Florence, was ilis.
missed yesterday hy Township Justice
Young, hut Trapp was lined ISO or ten
days imprisonment for battery. A shovel,
which was t hie instrument claimed to have
been tho deadly weapon, might become so
according to tiie place where it is used,
but in this case it was shown that Trapp
used it upon the broudest part of Alward's
jeans, whore there was no danger of pro
ducing concussion pftthe brain.
The Way to reach catarrh is through the
h.ood. Hood'stsaraaperlila. by uuriiying the
blood, removes the cause of the disease ami
permanent;;' cures catarrh. Take only Hood's.
Hood's Pills act uitily. yet promDlH' Hid
euechveiy, oa the Urer and uowals, ■oc'
Brings comfort and iuiprovement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
leßs expenditure, by more promptly
I adapting tiie world's best products to
' the needs of physical beintr, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
rented v. By rnp of Figs.
Its excellence is due to it* presenting
in the form most acceptabll, and pleas
ant to the taste,tbe refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative; effectually cleansing the system
! dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
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It has given satisfact ion to millions and
I met with the approval of the medical
! profession because it acts on the Kid
neys, L;<"er and Bowels without weak
ining them and ii is perfectly i'ree Iroui
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And honest, intelligent treatment and
reasonable prices are given.
Private Diseases of Men,
Bticb a« BtricturA Syphilis, Meet, Oonor
rhtea. spermatorrhea. Seminal Weakness,
Lost Manhood) Night Emissions, Decayed
Faculties, etc., etc. cured by the OLDEST
ami most SL'Ct ESSTTL specialist on the
Kidney. Bladder.
Blood and Skin Diseases
Successfully treated and quickly cured.
Our SPECIAL BURGEON, recently from the
larpcsi Chicago hospital (diplomas and certifi
cates to he seen at otßee. lias made diseases of
the heart and lung* a life study. Successful
treatment hy the lateM methods.' DIAGNOSIS
made by ihe aid of the microscope.
A special department by an experienced
Specialist on all diseases of the
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.
If you cannot call write for instruclons for
home treatment.
A special derailment devoted exclusively to
the treatment of all female diseases
Consultation and Examination FREE.
OFFICE HOCUS: 9to 4 and 7to 8. Sunday,
io to 18.
*JA | S. fIAIN ST.,
I Rooms 1, 3, 5 & 7.
. _
Goodatl, Perkins & Co., General Agents, San
Northern routes embrace lines for Portland
Ore , Victoria, It. c and Puget Sound, Alaska
and all coast points.
Port Harford s.s. Corona, Feu. 8 1« 21,
snnta Barbara Marco t.
Port l.os Angeles S.B, Santa Ros-i, Feb. 4, 12
Newport 20, 28, .March 8.
San Diego ,j
For- s.s.coos Hey, Feb7TTi47
East San Pedro 22; March 2.
Han Pedro and nvs.s. Eureka, Feb. 2, 10,18,
porta 2U; March (i.
For - -.s. Sanla Rosa, Feb.B, 14,
82; March 2.
San Diego S.S. Corona. Feb. 2,10, 18,
i 2U; March 6.
For— 8.8. Santa Rosa, Feb. 8,16,
Sen FranClseo 24: March 4.
Port Harford 8... Corona, Feb. 4. 12, 20,
Suuta Barbara.. March 8.
For— s.s. F.nicfca, Feb. 5, 13721"
Ban Francisco March].
and s.s. OoM Itav, Feb. !>, 17,
way ports 2.".; March ft.
cars In connect with steamers via' San' Pedro
leaves. P. P.. 14. Arcade depot at , r > p.m. anil
Terminal It. It. depot at 6:ft p m.
Cars to connect via Redondo leave Santa Fe
depotal to a. m. or from Redondo railway de
pot at 9 a.m.
Cars to connect via Port l.os Angeles leaves.
P. It It depot at I :10 p.m. for steamers north
Plans of steamers' cabins at agent's office,
where berths muy be secured.
Tho company reserves Ihe right to change
tbe steamers or their days yf Failing. ■
omr~ For passage or tre'ight as above or for
tickets to and from all important points In
Europe, apply to W. PARRIS, AgcnU
onice No. r.!4 \V. Second h reel, Los Angeles.
Redondo Railway
JAN 14, 1880,
l.os Angeics liepot: Corner Grand avenue
and Jefferson street. Take Grand avenue cable
or Main sin c! ami Agricultural park horse cars.
Trains leave Trains leave
I.us Angeles Redondo ior
for Reoondo. l.os Angeles.
t,:o."ia, m. daily 7:80 a. m. daily.
2:: lop. in. d ily. 10:110 a. m. daily.
0:30 p. in. daily. 4:10 p. in. daily.
AS:(l. r j a. m. A«: 45 a. m.
ASaturdayi und Sundays only,
7:80 train from Redondo i'u the morning
makes run up Iv 45 minutes,
s:Botrain Cum Lot Angeles in the evening
iii 'kes run down in 40 minutes.
For rates on freight and passengers apply al
room TM Bradbury building, curner l bird and
Broadway t'Plione 18,14), ur at depot, corner
Grand u\euite ami Jefferson si. t'phone No. 1
West., li. McFAUJLAND, President.
J. -V SUTTON. Superintendent
PACKING leads all others
for steam, water or any
other purpose where GOOD
.. Packing is wanted. If thej
tell you some other "ll
just as good,"
Don't Believe It!
ihe Mm Supply Go.
105 N. Broadway, - Los Angeles,
Snow Steam Pump WorKs
Have established a branch
for Pacific Coast at
lt)s N. Broadway, L. A.,
They manufacture the high
est grade of Steam Pumps for
every service, and can be had
at above address at
mum pries
It will PAY to communicate
before buying elsewhere.
11 ■1!
Automatic Burner.
Will Save You from 35 to 50 per
:ent In cost of fuel over any other.
Has low water alarm. Absolutely
105 N. Broadway, Los Angeles,
.oh Angeles depots: East end First-Street and
Downey-avennc bridges.
Leave Los Angeles fori Leave PVsadens for
Pasadena. Los Angeles.
to ;'.,'} a in .b 7:15 a in
7;10a.m a 8:05 a. m
k 8:00 a.m a 0:05 a.m
v 9:00 a.m a 10:30 a.m ,
110:30 a, m aIS :30 p.m
i\2 :2o p.m '■ a 1:45 p. m
i 1140 p.m a 3:00 p.m
i 9 :00 p.m... a 4:05 p.m
i 4 :00 p. in a 5:20 D m
i 5:20 p.m A 7:05 p.in
* 8:20 p. in A 8:05 p.m
ill stop.in nl2:is a m
' 0:80 p.m clO:15 p m
)pwnay-evenue leaving; time 7 minutei later,
.eavc Los Angeles lor Leave Altadene .tune-
Altadena Junction. tlon far l.os Angeles
i 0:00a.m i a 10:10 a m
,lO:;iOam L .... al2 :O0 a.m
. 1 :10 p.m I a 2:10 p;m
i 4 rOO p m. a 0 :oo p. m
All t iitius siart fiom First-streetdepot
.cave Lor Angeles lor Leave lilendiHs for Los
Ulendak'. Angeles.
: 6:iOe.nl B 7:2 1 a m
t Sijfi a.m a 0:07 a.m
'2:00 p.m a 2:45 p.m
i 0:20 pm a till 9 pro
.eav*- Los Angeles fori Leave E£ast Bau Pedro
Long Beaoli ami Kant for
Ban I'edro. Los Angeles.
t B 7:2* a.m
t 9:00 a.m c 7:50 n.iu
1:00 p.m . ..(12: O a m
i 5:15 p.m B 8:40 p m
• 9:00 pm c 4 15 pm
Jetween Kaat Bao I'edro and Long Beach 10
mlnut es.
Tralnt leave Los Angeles dally at B a.m..
.0:80 a.m , 1 :40 p ni. and 4 p.m. "
Fine pavilion and hotel, Grand scenery.
The Wilmington Tt a asportation steamers
lonneet for Avalou »t Bait san Pedro with
rain leaving Los Angeles o:sft a.m. daily ex
•ept Eunday, returning at 8:40 pm, except
v pally, v Daily except Sundays, c Sim
la*! onty.
HtSges mccl the 8 a m. and 12:25 p.m. trains
it Pasadena for Ml Wilson on new trail.
Passengers leaving Lo* Angeles on the 8 a.m.
.rain for .Mi. Wilson e»n return sume day.
special rates to excursions and picnic partie*.
Depotseasrondoi First street and Downey
tvenue bridges.
City tick el nttice t.rcen wald's cigar store,
:orncr .Second and spring streets.
Oencral offices, I- irsi-xtreet depot.
T. R BURNKTT, General Manager.
W. WIM FP, (ien. Passenger Agt,
nt. Lowe Railway
Steam! Domestic Coal
;oiumbian Coal, $8 per ton, in bulk,
[ELS. 36 and 11U7. Ml e/L 111 sfillNU DX
J. <;. oarpnfr Prop.
C. E. Harrow. Auctioneer.
FEBRUARY tttk, 1895,
At 10 A. M.. .
At Salesroom,
WILL SELL, without reserve, a household oi
t.*i rooms, constating of Furniture, Carpets,
< leneial 1 im tnsluiiijs fie.
0 (Pant a Fe Route t
IN EFFECT FEBRC \f.N in, 1895.
Trains leave and are due to arrive at Los An
geles (La Grande station) First street
and Santa Fe avenue.
Leave lor LO.s ANOELEE. Arr. from
6 :O0 p m .. .Chicejro Limited... 9:35 a.m
7:00 a.mf..Overland Express 8:10 p.m
9*lo h. m .San Diego Coast Line. I: 15 p. m
4 ;30 p.m .San DlegO Coast Line. 6:45 p.m
7:ooa.ra Han Hernardino 9:35 a.m
9 £00 a m 4.0)55 a.m
a ! 100 p.m ▼» Al JO p.m
6:00 pm Pasadena 0:30 p.m
7:00 a.m Riverside 4.1:35 p.»
9:00 a.m .Via San Bernardino. 0:30 p.m
a 11:00 a.m Riversidesnd San Ber- 10:15 a.m
4:20 p.m nardino via Orange. 6;io p.m
a 11:00 a.m Redlands A Mentone 10:16 am
4:20 p.m via Orange & Klvefs'« a6;45 a.m
7:00 a.m ..Redlands, Mentone.. h!»:3S a.m
9 :00 a. in and 4.0:55 a, in
a-1 :00 p. in ... .Highlands U :35 pm
&:00pm via Pasadena. ... 6:30 pm
7:00 a. in Monrovia, Azusa.. a 7:35 am
9:00 a m I g;SO a.m
1 ■•*» K m b0:35 a.m
a 4 ;00 p.m and 49:55 a.m
*$ -gO p.m a 1 A 5 p.m
40:80 p.m $:A a pjn
0:50 p.m Intermediate Stations, 0:30 p.Yn
7:00a.m Pasadena I a7lBB a.m
9 :00 a. in Pasadena 8:50 a. m
a io :.>o <).in Pasadena 9;35 a,m
1 iB5 p.in Pasadena a»:55 a.m
A4:oop.m Pasadena A 11.59 a.m
5:00p.m Pasadena j a 1:35 p.m
As.;top.m Pasadena ' 3:55 p.m
ti:so p.m' Pasadena j "6:80 p.m
S:lsa.m Santa Ana 8:18 a.in
A"J:Oop.mj Santa Ana. 1:15 p.m
4:90 p.m ..SantaAna : 0:45 p.m
7:09 a.m Santa Monica I 9:45 a.m
10:15 a.m Hanta Monica. 8:45 p.m
4:45 p.m Santa Monica. 6:34 p.m
10:00 a,m Redondo I 8:29 a.m
4 :40 p.m Redondo 3;45 p.m
a 7 [00 a. m San Jacinto via Pas'd'a Al :35 p.m
49:00 a.m San Jacinto via Pas'd'a a0;30 p.m
a 11:00 a.m 8. .laeinto via Orange a 0:45 p.m
a 9 :0o n.. m Temeeula via Pasada aI :3d p.m
a 11 :0o a.m Temecula via Orange
Art:) 5 a.m Eseondfdo via coast 1. a 1:15 p. in
ni :20 p.m Kscondldo via coast L
a Daily except Sunday. r Sunday only.
D Saturday only. All other trains daily.
Trains Via Pasadena line arrive at Downer
avenue station 7 minutes earlier and leave 7
minutes later.
Palace vestibulcd sleepers, unholsterfd tour
lit earl, through to Kansas City and Chicago
daily. Personally conducted "excursions tv
Kansas City, st. Louis, Chicago. St. Paul, Min
neapolis and Boston every Thursday. For rates
sleeping car reservations, etc., call on or ad
dress E. W. M'GEE,
City Passenger and Ticket Agent. 129 North
spring street, and La Grande Station, Los
JNO. J, BYRNE,General Passenger Agent.
£jaw-> This time table is published by THE
HERALD for the convenience of its readers
and the traveling public.
Other railroad companies pay for the publi
cation of tludr time tables.
The Southern Pacific company refuses to pay
for the publication of its time table in THE
HERALD because this paper is criticising the
corporation's policy oppodng a harbor at san
Pedro; ita attitude toward the Nicaragua
proposition; its attempt to oppress and rob
the people oi Pasadena, and its tyrannous dis
crimination against the interests of tbe people
of the San Joaquin valley.
Arcade Depot, Los Angeles.
Leave for. Destination. ATrive!
Friday, j "sunset Limited" I Saturday,
2:10 a m y... New Orleans .. j 8 :10 p.m
(Sec foot note.)
Saturday, t * Friday,
8;40 p.m i . .san Francisco, j 1 :l<o a.m
2 :i 10 pm Sa ii Fran A Sacram'to 7 ;30 a.m
7 :45 p. in San I ran A Sacram'to 1 ;48 p m
2:00 p in Ogden A- Fast, 2d class 7:30 a.m
7 :i5 p. m Ogden A Last, Ist class 1:48 p.m
7:45 p.m.....Portland, Ore 7:30 p.m
5 ;30 a.in Bl Pasti aud East.. 7 :00 p.m
BMO a.m... Deming and East... 7:00 p.m
B:3i)a.m Banning 7:00 p.m
Redlands 59:20 a.m
8:30 a.m Redlands a 10:10 am
10:30 a.m Redlunds j 4:58 p.m
4:30 p.m Redlands 7:00 p.m
Colton I 89:20 a.m
8 :80 H.m cnlton a 10:10 a m
10:30a.m Colton 4:58 p.m
4-30 p.m ...Colton 7:00 p.m
Riverside* i 19:90 a m
a. m Riverside a 10:10 a.m
10:30 am Riverside ! 4:58 p.m
4 ;3o p.m Riverside 7:00 p.m
san Bernardino a 9:20 am
S;3on.m .San Bernardino Al0:10a.m
10:30 a. in t-an Bernardino 4:58 p.m
4:30 p.m . .San Bernardino....! 7:00 p.ra
Chino j a 8:45 a.m
8:30 H.m Chino I so:2oa.m
4 :30 a.m chino. a 10:10 a.m
a 5:25 p.m Chino I 4:58 p.m
* :50 a. m Monrovia 8:20 a.in
a 2:15 p.m . Monrovia A 12:45 p.m
5:15 p.m Monrovia 4:20 p.m
7 :30 a. in . Santa Barbara ( j :48 p.m
2 :00 p.m.... Santa Barbara.... 8 :35 p.m
9:40 a.m Santa Ana A Anaheim 8 :44 a.m
Al :5o p.in Santa Ana A. Anaheim Al :09 p.m
5:10 p.m Santa Ana A Anaheim 4 :29 p. m
5: op.m Tustin ! 8:44 a.ra
9:10 a.m Whittie*r i 8:44 a.m
ai ;55p,m Whittier. Al:oWp.m
5:10p.m Whittier ! 4:29p.m
9:25 a.m Long B'h A San Pedro 8:15 a.m
12 ;55 p.m I ODg B'h & San Pedro 11:54 a m
5:03 p.m Long B'h & San Pedro 4:20 p.m
9:30 a.m Santa Monica 8:00 a.m
1 :10 p.m santa Monica j 8:51 a.m
5:15 p.m . .Santa Monica ' 12:12 p.m
6:00 p.m.. .Santa Monica ! 4:50 p.in
9:3oam . Soldiers Home 8:51 a.m
0:00 p.m.. Soldiers' Home ! 4:50 p.m
9:30 a.m < Port Los Angeles i 12:12 p.m
\ and > I 4:56 p.m
1 :to p.m (North B'ch station)
f ChatswOVtfa Park 1 j
AB:3oa.m J Trains start from' a 2:40 p.m
] River station iSan [
i.Fernando st) only. J
ssi.itdays only. ASmidays excepted. All other
other trains daily.
Connecting with W. T. Co.'s steamers at San
~~Leave. j Arcade Depot. I Arrive.
.Daily, except
12:55 p. ra Sundays I 11 :&4 a.a
"Sunset Limited"—East bound, arrives and
departs River Station only. Westbound, ar
rives and departs Arcade depot. Passengers
fan board vestibule sleepers of Sunset Limited
ht Arcade depot Thursday evenings, 8 until 12
o'clock, midnight, 'tickets can there be bought
and baggage checked until midnight; after
midnight at River station*
All of the seaside and local interior trains
stop at the new station, corner of First and
Alamcdu streets.
1 he trtdn arriving from Santa Monica at 8 a.
in stops only at The Palms and University be
tween Santa Monica and Arcade depot.
General passenger office, 144 S. Spring st.
collie ioiie liiittw
\u river, foot of Morton St., New York.
Travelers by this line avoid both travel by
English railway and the discomfort of cross
ing the channel iv a small boat.
t.a Normandie, February 23.
La champagne. March 2.
LaGascognc, March 9.
La BourgOgne, March 10.
La Normandie, March 23.
La champagne, March 30.
New York to Alexandria, Egypt, via Fads 1
first-class $100, second-class $110.
For freight or passage apply to
A. FORGET, Agent,
No. 2 Bowling Green, New York.
J. F. FUGAZI A CO., agents, 5 Montgomery
aye., San FruncUco. Branch office, 19 Mom
goinery st. 'I icltets are for sale by all railroad
and steamship otllces.
Adjolulng aP. Urouudi. Tti. 134,

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