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• • ©
1 rTH6 Goods Must Goi+[
v . ■ ci
• We Give Our Reasons: I
■ TOWIT:-=Having bought heavily last fall for "Spot Cash" an enormous stock m
• of Winter Suits, Overcoats, Underwear, etc., for Men and Boys, and being g
• handicapped with too much warm weather at the commencement of the ssa= o>
■ son, we find ourselves |]
iiii KH
S Very Much Overstocked §
• and must unload at once to make room for new Spring Goods now En Route 5
■ from the East, and have made TREHENDOUS REDUCTIONS in every depart= 1
■ ment in our Store. I
9 ©
1 — Q
■ m
2 Men's $12 Suits and Overcoats CA 7C • • • Men's $15 Suits and Overcoats 75 ®
• must now go at ■ T 7 must now go at ■ §
• Men's $20 Suits and Overcoats CI 2 7 E 1
• must now go at *PiO. I ©
■ ty
J In fact our whole stock must now go at prices that will prove a sure stumbling block to all competitors.
• ©
■ M
I Chicago Clothing Company, I
J W. B. DUNNING, Hanager. ' 1
■ WA
• 125 & 127 NORTH SPRING STREET. ©
■ Phillips Block. §
5 Yellow Awnings and Red Letter Prices. 5
• 0
■ • m
■•■•■•■•■•■•■•■•■•■• m
Arizona and Mexican Towns Are in
Holiday Attire
The rirand Carnival Will Open at Nogales
Today—Elaborate Programme ot
Nogalei, Ariz., Feb. 23.—Preparations
lor the grand carnival are complete, and
the lestival will begin tomorrow morning
at 9 o'clock.
The Governor of Arizona and his staff,
and the Assembly and the Council arrived
at 1 o'clock this afternoon.
The Governor's entire staff and the Con
gress of the state of Sonora, Mexico, will
arrive on the morning train.
At 12 o'clock Mayor Proto of Nogales,
Ariz., and the Cortina of Nogales, Mexico,
with the bands will welcome the King of
the Carnival, deliver the keys of the two
cities to him, when, with street parades,
athletic sports, ball games, bicycle, horse
and foot races, a grand masquerade ball
will follow,
The carnival will be a grand success,
and the twin cities will do themselves
The Late Unpleasantness of Two Old Warriors
Smoothed Over
David Daniels was tried in the Superior
Court yesterday and found not guilty of
assaulting John Whiting with a pocket
knife on December 25th, with intent to
murder him. The two are old soldiers
who reside at the Sunset Home. Daniels
was picking his teeth with his knife after
having eaten a big Christmas dinner, in
which the flowing bowl had a large share.
Whiting came up to him, and in a
drunken struggle, which followed some
"joshing" Daniels' army toothpick
found itself encased in Comrade Whiting's
abdomen. After the trial was over the
late combatants went down to the pension
bureau, in the basement of the Court
House, signed some affidavits and went
away as good friends as if there never had
been any little late unpleasantness be
tween them.
Court Notes
George Brazier, a native of Great Brit
ain, was naturalized yi iterday by Judge
J. W. Summers, sentenced to ninety days
in the City Jail on December 31st by
Police Judge Austin, for being an idle
and dissolute person, has appealed from
the sentence to the Superior Court.
James Lacy, who conducted a steam car
pet heating machine within lUO feet of a
church OS Centennial avenue, and lined $25
by Police Justice Seaman on the 27th of
January, has also appealed.
The "District Attorney tiled informa
tions in Department One against J. W.
Davis for perjury, in falsely swearing to
certain facts at the Wilmington Justice
Court, in the case of the People against
Michael McXulty and others, accused of
riot, John Vaughn, assault with intent
to murder J. O. Taylor in this city, Jan
uary 10; John liugar, burglarizing the
room ot Dr. P. M. White, 128 North Main
strcit.un Kebrunary Ist,and James Fergu
son, burglarizing Henry Cooley's harness
shop Decemder 25th.
This is the season to get the best val
ues and attention in fine tailoring from
H. A. Getz, 112 W. Third street.
Hollenbeck Hotel Cafe. Grill rooms and
private dining rooms. Oysters on shell.
*A Chance for Tourists to View a Charming
On Thursday next an excursion will be
run from this city to Perris, the lively
young city in the famous Perris Valley
in Riverside county. J. W. Nance, who
might fitly be called the father of Perris,
will have chage of the excursion, which
is equal to saying that it will be a suc
The affair will afford those who have
never seen this part of Southern California
an opportunity of taking a delightful trip
and of visiting some of the wonderful gold
mines of California. Added to this they
will view one of the wonderfully fertile
valleys of the south and find themselves
among orange groves, waving fields of
grain and orchards of tine fruits. The
young City of Perris will give them an
Idea of a Southern California town built
upon a solid foundation at a time when
no boom existed.
The regular Sunday afternoon concert
at Westlake Park by the Los Angeles Mil
itary Hand will begin at 2:30 p. m.
A meeting of the Commercial Travelers
of the Pacific Coast, called for the purpose
of organizing for the celebration of the
coming Fiesta, will be held at 7:30 o'clock
tonight in the rooms of the Jonathan
The music at High Mass, 10:30 a.m.,
at the Cathedral will be Weber's Mass in
G. At the offertory Miss Ethel Graham
will sing a solo Aye Verum, by Millard,
A. G.Gardner, organist and choir director.
The Vespers are at 7:30 p. m. Today is
(iuintuagesima Sunday, the seventh Sun
day before Easter.
flusic at the Park
The following programme will he given
at the concert at Westlake Park at 2
o'clock this afternoon by the Los Angeles
Military Band:
March, Pieadore, Sousa.
Overture, I.a Gazza Ladra, Rossini.
Waltz, Visions of Paradise, BenneL
Selection, Maritana, Wallace.
Serenade, Moszkowski,
March, Our Rudy, Douglass.
Overture Fra Diavalo, Auber.
Airs of All Nations, Brown,
Waltz, The Violet, Waldteufel.
Spring Song, Mendelssohn.
The Guard Mount, Ellenberg.
Tin Roofing
W. C. Furrey & Co.. 159 to 165 North
Spring street, make a specialty of all
kinds of tin work, including tin roofing
and repairs. Estimates furnished on short
notice. All orders promptly attended to
and satisfaction guaranteed.
Leads the
Superior Quality
Lowest Prices.
HANDSOME rnrr - ft ...
■"tow™ FREE 10 ILL
135 North Main,
3SI South Spring,
Los Angeles,
Large Sums of Money Paid Out for In
competent Medical Services
Dr. A. J. Shores' Low Fee System Indorsed
by the Rich and Poor Alike—Words of
Praise in Favor ol This Expert
Specialty Treatment
The average doctor's fees are entirely
exorbitant, according to the amount of
good that they do the patient. Not alone
his charges, but you are made to go to
the druggist's, and there another bill
stares you in the face. It is not rare that
you hear people remark: "Well, I have
spent a fortune with doctors and druggists
and I don't intend to spend any more."
That is true, as many readers will verify.
of today are the men who make the money.
Dr. A. J. Shores has done away with all
this high fee business and drug store rake
offs. Yet while he has been educating the
public to the fact that the best medical
service could be obtained at the low fee
rate of $5.00 a month and medicine made
free, the high fee misfits of the profession
have been saying: "Oh, Dr. Shores can't
afford to do that. He will get tired of
treating people for nothing," etc.
This is a grievous error. Dr. A. J.
Shores treats his patients at the lowest
possible rates and furnishes all medicine
free. His expert specialty system is the
best known and most successful in Cali
fornia. He cures more patients in a day
than all other doctors together.and does it
at a low rate that makes it possible for the
poorest person to take advantage of it.
Don't experiment with people who ad
vertise impossible things. Don't be "hum
bugged" and "flim-flammed" by a lot of
irregular and incompetent men who imag
ine in their own diseased minds that they
are doctors. They are not honest enough
in their profession to make honest an
nouncements. What would they do when
they have the patient's life in their own
Dr. A. J. Shores has from time to time
exposed this class of medical pretenders,
and the effect has been to drive them from
the ranks of honest physicians. Read
carefully the testimony given today from
persons who have tested Dr. A. J. Shores'
em mm
Miss Flora Lawrence, Stenographer at the
Bradstreet Mercantile Agency, Indorsed
Dr. A. J. Shores' Expert Treatment
Miss Flora Lawrence, a stenographer in
the employ of the Bradstreet Mercantile
Agency, has thoroughly tested Dr. A. J.
Shores' expert specialty treatment in a
severe case of nasal catarrh. Her prom
inent symptom has been terribly distress
ing headache, so severe, says Miss Law
rence, "that I would have to give up my
work in the middle of the day; my eyes
were very weak and pained me, all from
the effects of catarrh.
"I did not know I had it, but after be
ing cured I am convinced that Dr. Shores
understood my case exactly, and can cure
any ease of catarrh he undertakes."
Miss Lawrence resides at 1318 Main
street, this city.
aim id i fevTr
After Taking His First Treatment fir. J- E.
Fithen ol Redondo, says He Experienced
Immediate Relief
Mr. J. E. Fithen, who is at present
stopping at the Hotel Redondo at Redondo
has tested Dr. A. ,T. Shores' treatment for
catarrh and hay fever. In an interview
with the reporter Mr. Fithen says:
"Yes, lam perfectly satisfied with the
treatment I received at the hands of Dr.
A. J. Shores. I was greatly afflicted
with catarrh and hay fever. Sometimes
I would have to sit up all night, being un
able to lie down from the feeling of suffo
cation. Hot water ran out of my eyes and
nose; my head and throat were also
affected. After taking one treatment with
Dr. Shores I have never had the slightest
return of the hay fever, and 1 have gained
twenty pounds, and in the way of recom
mendation I cannot say enough in favor
of this admirable system.
Catarrh oi lie MM MR
When catarrh of the head and throat is
left unchecked it extends down the wind
pipe into the bronchial tubes, and after a
while attacks the lungs. Speedy and in
expensive cur 6by the Dr. Shoies new
Have you a cough?
Are you losing flesh?
Do you cough at night?
Have you pain in side?
Do you take cold easily?
Is your appetite variable?
Have you stitches in side?
Do you cough until you gag?
Are you low-spirited at times?
Do you raise frothy material?
Do you spit up yellow matter?
Do you cough on going to bed?
Do you cough in the mornings?
Is your cough short and hacking?
Do you spit up little, cheesy lumps?
Have you a disgust for fatty foods?
fs there a tickling behind the palate?
Have you a pain behind the breastbone?
Do you feel you are growing weaker?
Is there a burning pain in the throat?
Do you cough worse night and morning?
Do you have to sit up at night to get
If you have these symptoms, you have
catarrh of the brochial tubes.
GfllonH ol lie IM
The liver Is affected by catarrh through
tbe disease extending from the stomach
into the tubes in the liver. Speedy and
Inexpensive cure by the Dr. A. J. Shores
new system.
Are you irritable?
Are you nervous?
Do you get dizzy?
Have you no energy?
Do you have cold feet?
Do you feel miserable?
Is your memory poor?
Do you get tired easily?
Do you have hot flushes?
Is your eyesight blurred?
Can't you explain where?
Have you pain in the back?
Is your flesh soft and flabby?
Are your spirits low at times?
Is there a bloating after eating?
Have you pain around, the loins?
Do you have gurgling in bowels?
Do you have rumbling in bowels?
Is there throbbing in the stomach?
Do you have sense of heat in bowels?
Do you suffer from pains in temples?
Do you have palpitation of the heart?
Is there a general feeling of lassitude?
Do these feelings affect your memory?
If you have these symptoms, you have
catarrh of the liver.
Cirri ol lie Ml.
Catarrh of the stomach is usually caused
by swallowing poisonous mucus, which
drops down from the head and throat at
night. Speedy and inexpensive cure by
the Dr. A. J. Shores new system.
Is there nausea?
Are you costive?
Is there vomiting?
Do you belch up gas?
Are you light-headed?
Is your tongue coated?
Have you water-brash ?
Do you hawk and spit?
Is there pain after eating?
Are you nervous and weak?
Do you have sick headaches?
Do you bloat up after eating?
Is there disgust for breakfast?
Have you distress after eating?
Is your throat filled with slime?
Do you at times have diarrhoea?
Is there a rush of blood to the head?
Is there constant bad taste in mouth?
Is there gnawing sensation in stomach?
Do you feel as if you had lead in stom
When you get up suddenly are you
When the stomach is empty do you feel
Do you belch up material that burns
When the stomach is full do you feel
If you have, you have catarrh of the
stomach, or what is commonly called dys
(Ml 0! IK Mitt.
Catarrh of the kidneys results in two
ways—first, by taking cold; lecon I. h '
overworking the kidneys in separating
from the blood the p nsona th it have b \ •n
absorbed from catarrh, which affects all
organs* Speedy and Inexpensive cure i>y
the A. J. Shores new system.
Do your hands and feet swsU?
Is this more noticeable in the mornings?
Are they cold and clammy .'
Is there pain in small of bapk?
Is the urine dark and cloudy?
Does a deposit form when 1 (ft st Hiding.
Is there a desire to get up at night?
Do you see spots flo iti ng before tin- eyes?
Are the eyes dull and st .ring?
Is there a ba I taste in the month?
Have you pain in top o; liej 1?
Is your hair getting gray?
If so, is it silvery white?
Is the skin dry and harsh?
Is the hair dry and brittle?
Is there nausea aft r eating?
Has the perspiration a bad o lor?
Is there puttiuess under tli 1 ey
Are there" dark rings around ths eyes?
Is the skin pale and dry?
Has the skin a waxy look?
Do you see unpleasant things while
Have you chilly feelings down tlia back?
Do the joints pain and ache.'
Do the legs feel too heavy?
Ml 0! 112 Ml Oil lIOL
The must prevalent form of Catarrh, anc,
results from neglected colds, ripssdy an
inexpensive cvire by Dr. A. .1. Snores' new
Is the breath foul?
Is tbe voice husky?
Do you spit up slime?
Do you ache all over?
Do you blow out scabs?
Is the nose stopped up?
Do you snore at night?
Does your nose discharge?
Does you nose bleed easily?
Is there tickling in throat?
Do crusts form in the nose?
Is the nose sore and tender?
Do you sneeze a great deal?
Is this worse toward night?
Does the nose itch and burn?
Is there pain in front of head?
Is there pain across the eyes?
Is] there a pain in back of head?
Is there a dropping in the throat?
Do you hawk to clear your throat?
Is the throat dry in the mornings?
Are you losing your sense of taste?
Do you sleep with the mouth open?
Does the nose stop up toward night?
This form of catarrh is the easiest v
1 ... I
i j. i m §
Parlors I ( 5,6 Relet Nock.
Specialties — Catarrh, Asthma, flronohltli
Nervous uiseases KheumatNtn, lAlng trouble
and all clirouic affaotloiid of the stomach llv r
and kidneys.
Otßce Hours-9 to 12 mornings; -1 to "i u(t»r
noons: 7 to 8 evenings; Sundays 10 to 12 m
4l»-Persoiis living at a distance send for
tr alise on Catarrh and Chronic Diseases.

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