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As Perfect an Exhibit as Was
Ever Devised
Generally, Pronounced to Be tbe Peer of
All Predecessors
The Pavilion a Scene ol Color, Wealth and
Fashion, and the Attendance
' Rapidly Increasing
One-third of the ljfe of the Citrus Fair
for I*l6 haa passed away. On Saturday
night next the curtain will descend for
the last tifne on a scene that is brilliant,
entertaining and instructive. Yesterday
Was Sunday, during which the doors were
closed, and it afforded an opportunity to
review in a general way the triumphs of
tlie preceding three days, and, in a specu
lative way, to present the results that
shall have been attained when the drop
curtain shall hide from the public all fur
ther view of this unique and beautiful ex
The triumphs have been told from day
to day in the columns of The Herald and
the public is familiar with them. They
have been emphatic, and nothing so far
es bas been learned has taken place that
would mar the degree of perfection that
has been attained both by the Citrus Fair
management and by those making entries.
That tbe fair as such, is larger and in
every way better than hitherto seen is
generally admitted. That tbe several offi
cers of £he Citrus Fair have performed
duties the most, exacting and at times
perplexing; apd liaverdone this in a man
ner satisfactory- to all Concerned may not
be generally known, but is a fact appre
ciated by those who are familiar with
such Undertakings, and that the exhibit
ors themselves have provided more artist
ically devised displays rtiul that they are
giviilg'.-'thqm a care fully equal to that
f iven in paw. years is also known to the
houeahds who daily inspect the many
groups »f citrits fruits.
The music provided has been of the
best procurable. Cassasa stands alone in
all this coaat region in his profession. He
and his famous band have reached an
enviable position In the interpretation of
classical and modern compositions, and
the musically inclined—and who is not?—
appreciate this feature to the full.
The attendance has been large, yet not
nearly so large as it might have been.
This, however, was to be expected. It is
the last half of an exposition that is most
liberally attended. That it will be so in
this case is undoubted.
This week will witness all that is confi
dently looked for in sightseers and it is
confidently believed that the Citrus Fair
of 1895 will prove all that its friends hoped
for it and that as a factor in inducing im
migration, that as a help to Southern Cal
ifornia's rapid and substantial growth and
that as a medium for adding a greater
luster to the one citrus country's glory it
will be long remembered.
Tbe Official List of Associations and Individ
uals Making Entries of Fruits
Following is the official list of entries
for the Southern California Citrus Fair,
Class 1, best exhibit of citrus fruit
from exchange or county—Duarte-Monro
via Exchange, Duarte; San Bernardino
County Fruit Exchange, Colton; Ventura
County, Ventura; Sau Antonio Fruit Ex
change, Pomona; Riverside Fruit Ex
change, Riverside, San Diego County Fruit
Exchange, San Diego: Semi-Tropic Fruit
Exchange, Los Angeles; Orange County
Fruit Exchange, Orange; Queen Colony
Fruit Exchange, South Riverside.
Class U, best exhibit of citrus fruit by
association or locality's-Fill more Orange
and Lemon Growers' Association, Fill
more; Duarte Citrus Association, Duarte;
Ontario Lemon Growers' Association,
Ontario; Highland Fruit Growers' As
sociation, Highland; Colton Fruit As
sociation, Colton; Pomona Fruit Growers'
Association, Pomona; A. C. G. Associ
ation, Azusa; .Brookshurst Ranch Com
pany, Brookshurst; Fernando Fruit Grow
ers' Association, San Fernando,; Arling
ton Heights Association, Riverside; Ever
est Rancho, Riverside; Co-operative Asso
ciation, Riverside; Riverside Heights As
sociation, Riverside; Pachappa Associa
tion, Riverside; Azusa Valley Citrus As
sociation, Azusa; Rivera Fruit Associa
tion. Rivera: Pioneer Fruit Association,
Vernon; Whittler Fruit and Produce
Association, Whittier; Downey Fruit
Growers' Association, Downey.
Class 3, best exhibit budded and seed
ling oranges grown by one exhibitor—J.
A. Maddock, Duarte, ; H. A. Buttolph,
Duarte; William Chippendale, Duarte;
A. P. Harwood, Ontario; O. S. Pitcher,
Ontario; W. A. Robb, Ontario; Miss F. T.
Black, Ontario; W. H. Backus, Riverside;
J. S. Castleman, Riverside: Riverside
Orange Company, Rivers.de; D. W. Mc-
Leod, Riverside; J. E. Cutter, Riverside;
W. F. Grow, Highland: W. E. Nye, High
land; W. S. Corwin, Highland; R. D. Stet
son, Colton; J. Livingstone, Colton; F.
K. Adams, Pomoua; H. J. Nichols, Po
mona; E. S. Thatcher, Nordhoff; Brooks
hurst Ranch Company, Brookshurst.
Class 4, best exhibit of lemons grown
by one exhibitor-Harwood Bros., On
tario; J. W. Freeman, Ontario; W. M.
Stroud, Cucanionga; Ensley it Griswold,
Ontario; W. A. Robb, Ontario; Little
Bros., Ontario; John Hoffman, Cucamon
ga. W. F. Grow, .Highland ;W. S. Corwin,
Hiehlilrid; .1. B, Packard, Pomona; E. S.
Thatcher,' 'Nordhoff; J. W. C. Pogue,
Limekiln, Tulare county IT. M. Higgins,
Ban Diego.
Class 5, best exhibit of Washington na
vels, grown by one exhibitor—C. C. Elkins,
Fillmore; W. W. Martin, Fillmore; J. 1).
McNab, Fillmore; Newton Barries, Fill
more; gespf Land & Water Company,
Fillmore; McLaughlin, Fillmore; Guy
Goodrioh, Fillmore; M. Dodsworth, Fill
more; Ellis, Fillmore; J. A. Maddock,
Duarte; Miss F. T. Black, Ontario; A. P.
Harwood, Ontario; <>. 8. Pitcher, Ontario;
W. A. Robb, Ontario; W. H. Backus,
Riverside; L. 0. Waite, Highland; \V.
F.Grow, Highland: J. W. McCraclten,
Colton; J. S. Castleman, Riverside; N. 0.
Hudson, South Riverside; W. 11. Jameson,
South Riverside; Boston and South River
side Full Company. South Riverside: Joy
Brothers; South Riverside; A. <'. Miller,
South Riverside; R. li. Taylor, South
Riverside: Frank Scoville, South River
side; .1. H. ter Mulen, South Riverside-
E. E. Hunijlton, South Riverside; A. G.
Frazer. South Riverside; Mrs. M. Ander
son, .tjodtrj Riversiiic; (!. L.Joy, South
Riverside; W. D. Grow, South Riverside;
F. A. Newejl. l'oiuona; E. 8. Thatcher,
Nordhoff; .1. F. H. Jarchow. San Gabriel;
P. A. ovcrhoizer, Covina; A. i;. Powell,'
Azusa; Mission Farm, Azus;.; W. s Cor
win, Highland; D. W. Mcl, I, River-
Arlington Horghts Association,
R ivrrsiMe'j Matthew Gage, Riverside;
Everest ilnneho, Riverside; Riverside
O.'unge Company, Riverside; J. E. Cut
ter, Riverside; Ralph Granger, Paradise
Valley; W. C. Kimball, National City;
K. Carter, Dunne; < . ft. McKevett, Santa
Paula; C. Smith, Downey.
CJa,sst>, besi exhibit of Mediterranean
sweets grown 'by one exhibitor—;C. C.
Elkins, Fillmore'; 11. B. Hiack, Fillmore:
J. D. McNah. Fillmori : Sespe Land ami
Water- Company, FUBuore; Guv Good
rich j Fufinorc A. Maddock, Duarte;
W. 4. Robi., Ontario; W. 11. Backus.
Riveisirle; C. L. Fr.i2e>, Highland; .1.
S. Castleman, Riverside; X. C. Hudson,
South Riverside; Boston and South River
side Fruit Company, South Riverside;
Joy Brothers, South Riverside; J. H. I
ter Mulen, South Riverside; E. Hamllton,
South Riverside; H. J. Nichols,
Pomona; Mission Farm, Azusa; Brooks
hurst Ranch Company, Brookshurst; W,
8. Corwin. Highland.-,; Riverside Orange
Company, Riverside: Arlington Heights
Association, Riverside: H. L: Story, San
Diego; Cyrus Brown. Downey; Chapman
Brothers, Covina.
Class 7, oest exhibit blood oranges by
one exhibitor—W. H. Buckus, Riverside;
W. E. Nve, Highland; Joy Brotners,
South Riverside; <A. G. Frazer, South
Riverside; E. S. Thatcher, Nordhoff; J.
H. F. Jarchcw, San Gabriel; George H.
Dole, Riverside; A. J. Twogood, River
side; Riverside Orange Company, River
side; J. E. Cutter, Riverside; J. An
drews, Colton; Bvrus Brown, Downey.
Class B,best exhibit of St. Michaels ly one
exhibitor—C. C. Elkins, Fillmore; Sespe
Land and Water Company. Fillmore; J.
D. McXab, Fillmore; Miss F. T. Black,
Ontario; W. H. Backus. Riverside; W. R.
Ingram, Highland : J. H. ter Mulen, South
Riverside; H. J. Nichols, Pomona; F. J.
Smith, Pomona; W. S. Corwin, Highland ;
D. W. McLeod, Riverside; Riverside
Orange Company, Riverside; A. Duffill,
Class 9, best exhibit seedling oranges by
one exhibitor — William Chippendale,
Duarte; W. A. Robb, Ontario; W. H.
Backus, Riverside; W. F. Grow, Highland ;
Ethan Allen, Highland; J. S. Castleman,
Riverside; A. G. Frazer, South Riverside;
M. C. Allen, Pomona; W. S. Corwin,
Highland; D. W. McLeod, Riverside; S.
W. Culpepper, Riverside; J. D. Clapp,
Riverside; Melville Archibald, Colton;
James BarnhiU, Colton; P. L. Buddingcr,
San Fernando; H. L. Story, San Diego;
H. M. Higgins, San Diego; Cyrus Brown,
Downey; A.. Duffill, Rivera; M. A.Abbott
Rivera; Tracy Abbott, Rivera; P. O.
Johnston, Rivera; G. W. Maxson, Rivera;
J. W. Siler, Rivera; W. B. Cullen, Glen
Class 10, best exhibit of Lisbon lemons
grown by one exhibitor—W. A. Robb, On
tario; Eiisley & Griswold, Ontario; J. W.
Freeman, Ontario; W. S. Corwin, High
land; W. F. Grow, Highland; W. S. Bullis,
Colton; T. P. Drinkwater, South River
side: Kiverside Orange Company, Kiver
sida; W. C. Fuller, Colton.
Class 11, best exhibit of Villa Franca
lemons by one exhibitor—Harwood Broth
ers, Ontario; J. W. Freeman, Ontario; J.
E. Packard, Pomona; R. C. Allen, Bonila.
I Class 12, best, exhibit of Eureka lemons
by one exhibitor—George A. Betts, Pla
centia; John Hoffman, Cucanionga; W.
M. Stroud, Cucanionga; Ensley & Gris
wold, Ontario; J. W. Freeman, Ontario;
D. Lord, South Riverside; J. W. C. Pogue,
Limekiln, Tulare county; W. S. Corwin,
Highland; Little Bros., Ontario.
Class 13, best packed box of oranges—
K. Carter, Duarte; Ontario Fruit Associa
tion, Ontario; Azusa Valley Citrus Asso
ciation, Azusa; Miss May Houston, Po
mona; 11. Fuller, Redlands Junction;
Allen Bros., Highland; D. W. McLeod,
Riverside; Riverside Orange Company,
Riverside; Everest Rancho, Riverside;
Chas. L. Wilson, Los Angeles; A. W.
Boggs, Riverside.
Class 14. best packed box of lemons—
George A. Betts, Placentia; Lemon
Growers' Association, Ontario; W. C.
Ormiston, Azusa; Riverside Orange Com
pany, Riverside; Chas. L. Wilson, Los
Angeles; Everest Rancho, Riverside.
Class 15, best thirty specimens of any
variety of navel oranges grown by one
exhibitor—Guy Goodrich, Filmore; J. D.
McNab, Fillmore; W.Chippendale, Duarte;
J. A. Maddock, Duarte; Bliss Bros.,
Duarte; Mrs. S. A. Crane, Duarte; Bailey
& Johnson, Duarte; I. B. Wickoff, Nord
hoff; P. O. Johnston, Rivera; O. S.
Pitcher, Ontario; Miss A. S. Harwood.
Ontario; Conger tt Woodford, Ontario;
A. P. Harwood, Ontario; M. J. Harwood,
Ontario; C. H. Dwindle, Ontario; G.
Whitten, Ontario; C. E. Harwood, On
tario; Miss Bessie Black, Ontario; Miss
F. T. Black, Ontario; Jos. Dondos, On
tario; W. A. Robb. Ontario; J. L. Paine,
Ontario; G. P. L. Spader, Nordhoff; W.
H. Bachus, Riverside; E. Gibson, Ojai;
A. P. Griffith, Azusa; Hall it Burns,
Nordhoff; W. F. Grow, Highland; L. C.
Waite. Highland; Captain Frye, High
land; E. C. Winslow. Highland; Jas.
Root, Rivera;.T. S. Castleman, Riverside;
R. D. Barber, South Riverside; Joy Bros.,
[ South Riverside- E. B. Alderman, South
Riverside; Leo Kronen, South Riverside;
'G. L. Joy South Riverside; O. A. Smith,
South Riverside; A. G. Frazer, South
Riverside; Jas. Becket, Pomona; H.
Fuller, Redlands Junction: J. H. F. Jar
chow, San Gabriel; W. I. Rice, Ventura;
C. K. Ingersoll, Monrovia; Mission Farm,
Azusa: J. C. Preston, Azusa; W. S. Cor
win, Highland; J. H. Slocum, Highland;
W. E. Nye, Highland; D. R. Suly, High
land; H. P. Canby, San Fernando; R. P.
Waite, San Fernando; R. S. Maclay, San
Fernando; Hunt it Reynolds, San Fer
nando; G. W. Vaughan, San Fernando;
Piru Rancho, Piru City; C. L.Fox, River
side; J. M. Edminston, Riverside; River
side Orange Company, Riverside; Miss E.
C. P. Edwards, Riverside; H. D. French,
Riverside; A. B. Judkins, Lordsburg; J.
C. Friable, San Diego; X.Carter, Duarte;
H. J. Croft, Riverside; D. W. McLeod,
Class Hi, best thirty specimens of Medi
terranean sweets grown by one exhibitor
—0. C. Elkins, Fillmore;' Hy. B. Black,
Fillmore; Guy Ooodrich, Fillmore; J. D.
McNab, Fillmore; J.A. Maddock, Duarte;
11. A. Buttolph, Duarte; I. B. Wickoff,
Nordhoff; W. A. Robb, Ontario: Wallace
Robb, Ontario; W. H. Backus, Riverside;
W.C. Ormiston, Azusa; John Came, Nord
hoff, Hall & Burns, Nordhoff, C. L.
Frazer, Highland; W. E. Nye, Highland;
Bliss Bros., Duarte; Joy Bros., South
Riverside; E. B. Alderman, South River
side; Leo Kronen, South Riverside; W.
H. Jamison, South Riverside; 0. A.
Smith, South Riverside; Boston and
South Riverside Fruit Company, South
Riverside; N. C. Hudson, South River
side; H. J. Nichols, Pomona: H. Fuller,
Redlands Junction; W. I. Rice, Ventura;
Chapman Bros., Azusa; W. B. Cullen,
Azusa; Brookshurst Ranch Company,
Brookshurst; W. S. Corwin, Highland; J.
Flanders, Highland; D. R. Suly, High
land; Mrs. M. A. Clemens, High
land; John Burr, San Fernando;
W. R. Ingham, Highland; Piru Rancho,
Piru City; Mrs. M. E. Darling, Riverside;
C. P. Fox, Riverside; Riverside Orange
Company, Riverside; Miss E. C. P. Ed
wards, Riverside: H. L. Story, San
Class 17, best thirty spcimens of St.
Michaels grown by one'exhibitor—C.C. El
kins. Fillmore; Newton Barnes, Fillmore;
Guy Goodrich, Fillmore; H. A. Buttolph,
Duarte; Mrs. S. A. Crane, Duarte; Miss
F. T. Black, Ontario; Miss Bessie lUuck,
Ontario; W. H. Backus, Riverside; H. 0.
Briggs, Azusa:W. R. Ingham, Highland;
W. F. Grow, Highland; P. S. Dinsmore,
Riverside; R. D. Barber, South River
side: W. H. Jameson, South Riverside;
G. L. Joy, South Riverside; O. A.
Smith. South Riversiiic; 11. J. Nichols,
Pomona: W. s. Corwin, Highland; D, R.
Suly, Highland; Mrs. M. E. Darling,
Riverside; D. W. McLeod, Riverside; .1.
M. Edminston, Riverside; Riverside
Orange Company, Riverside; Herrick <t
Chamberlain, Riverside; A. B. Judkins,
class IH, bcstgttiirty specimens |blood
oranges hy one exhibitor- 1. B. Wickoff,
Nordhoff; E. <;ib.s'm, Ojai; Hall it Burns,
Nordhoff;.W. E. Nye, Highland; W. F.
Grow, Highlaildi J- 8. Castleman, River
side; Boston and South Riverside Fruit
Company, Joy Brothers, E. B. Alderman,
Leo Kronen, W. H. Jameson, G. L. Joy,
A. G. Frazer South Riverside; M. C.
Allen,Pomona; J. 11. F. Jarchow, San Ga
briel; W. 1. Rice Ventura; W. B. Cullen,
Azusa: R. Handy, Riverside; Hunt it
Reynolds, San Fernando; C. L.Fox. D. W.
McLeod,Riverside Orange Company J. E.
(hitter, Miss E. C. P. Edwards, Riverside;
K. Carter, Duarte.
Class IH best thirty specimens Japanese
oranges '. B. Wikokoff, Nordhoff; A. P.
Harwood, O. S. Pitcher, Ontario, W. H.
Backus, J. S. Castleman, Riverside; G.
L. Joy. South Riverside: O. F. Girfin,
Pomona. W. S. Corwin, Highland; W. 11.
Backus, Riverside : i leorge Vaughan, Hunt
ii Reynolds. San Fernando; A. 15. .lud-
Uilis,. Lordsburg; C. E. Harwood, Ontario.
Class 20, lv st thirty specimens Valencias
J. D. McNab, Fillmore; Fi M. Doug-
Ins, Bailey & Johnson. H. A. Buttolph,
Duarte; J. B.Wickoff, Nordhoff, A. P.Hur
wooil, Ontario; E. Gibson, Ojai: James
Root, Rivera; J. S. Cnstlciunii. River
side; Huston and South Riverside Fruit
Company, K.B.Alderman, Leo Kronen, li.
L. Joy, 0. A. Smith, Sooth Riverside; F.
K. Adams, Pomona: H. Fuller, Redlands
Junction; J, H. F. Jarhow. S;m iiabriel;
W. 1. Rice, Ventura; Ruddock Company,
Azusa; C. C. Elkins, Ncspe Ltiml and
Water Company, Fillmore; Riverside
Orange Comnanv, J. B. Cutter, Miss E.
C. P. Edwards, R verside; A. B. Judkina,
Lordsburg; K. Carter, Duarte.
Class 21, best thirty specimens seedling
oranges—P. M. Douglas, Duarte; H. A.
Buttolph, Duarte; William Chippendale,
Duarte; J. B. Wickoff, Nordhoff; P. 0.
Johnston, Rivera; W. A. Robb, Ontario;
A. Duffill, Rivera; W. H. Backus, River
side; A. P. Griffith, Azusa; John Came,
Nordhoff, Hall & Burns, Nordhoff; W. F.
tirow, Highland; J. E. Allen, Highland;
E. Gibson, Ojai; J. 8. Castleman, River
side; P. 8. Dinsmore, Riverside,; A. C.
Fraze>. South Riverside; Mrs. H. W. R.
Strong. Whitticr; J. 11. F. Jarchow, San
Gabriel; W. I. Rice, Ventura; W. S. Cor
win, Highland- J. A. Maddock. Duarte;
D. R. Beelev, Highland; R. P. Waite. San
Fernando: John Bun, San Fernando; J.
H. Alcock, Fillmore; C. W. Edwards,
Fillmore; Sam. Ewards, Fillmore; Mrs.
M. E. Darling, Riverside; J. M. Edniin
ston, Riverside; Asa Hall, Azusa; H. L.
Story, San Diego; H. M. Higgins, San
Diego; W. Chippendale, Duarte.
Class 22, best thirty specimens any
variety orange not mentioned before—J.
B. Wickoff, Nordhoff- P. 0. Johnston,
Rivera; Miss A. S. Hnrwood, Ontario;
C. E. Harwood, Ontario; 0. 8. Fitcher,
Ontario; E. Gibson, Ojai; W. E. Nye,
Highland; James Root, Rivera; Leo
Kronen, South Riverside; H. J. Nichols,
Pomona; W. I. Rice, Ventura; Harwood
& Woodford, Ontario; C. H. Dwindle,
Ontario; D. W. McLeod, Riverside; River
side Orange Company, Riverside; H. L.
Story, San Diego; J. C. Frisbee, San
Diego; J. 8. Castleman, Riverside.
Class 23, best thirty specimens of cured
lemons—Mrs. S. A. Crane, Duarte; Bliss
Bros., Duarte; Geo. A. Betts, Placentia.
Louis Spader, Nordhoff; J. B. Wickoff,
Nordhoff; 0. E. Harwood, Ontario; C.
Huber, Cucanionga; Conger & Woodford,
Ontario; A. P. Harwood. Ontario; J.
W. Freeman, Ontario; Ensley & Gris
wold, Ontario; W. C. James, Cucanionga;
G. R. Thayer, Cucanionga; C. C. War
ren, Cucumonga; W. M. Stroud. Cuca
monsa; John Hoffman, Cucanionga; G.
W. Whitten, Ontario; G. Gibson, Ontario;
Little Bros., Ontario; W. A. Robb, On
tario; C. E. Harwood, Ontario; Stew
art Bros., Ontario; E. Gibson, Ojai;
W. C. Ormiston, Azusa; W. S. Cor
win, Highland; W. F. Grow, High
land; W. E. Nye, Highland; I. C.
Waite, Highland; W. R. Ingham, High
land; F. N. Freeman, Ontario; J. E. Pack
ard, Pomona; J. W. C. Pogue, Limekiln,
Tulare county; T. P. Drinkwater, South
Riverside; J. W. Corwin, Highland; John
Burr, San Fernando; Riverside Orange
Company, Riverside; A. B. Judkins,
Lordsburg; H. M. Higgins, Son Diego.
Class 24, best exhibit of limes—W. H.
Backus, Riverside; E. 0. Winslow, High
land; O. A. Smith, South Riverside; Jolin
Burr, San Fernando.
Class 25, best exhibit of grape fruit—F.
M. Douglas, Duarte; Elmer Gilbert, Col
ton; J. I. Merry field, Colton; R. D. Stet
son, Colton; D."M. Hathaway, Colton; J.
D. Casin, Pomona; Mrs. J. Judah,
Lamanda- John Burr, San Fernando;
George H. Dole, Riverside; Sanford B.
Dole, Riverside; C. 0. Whittemore. Chula
Vista; Gulick Bros., Chula Vista; N. C.
Hudson, South Riverside.
Class 20, best exhibit of shaddocks-
John Came. Nordhoff; W. R. Ingham,
Highland; L. D. Connor, Pomona; Pirn
Rancho, Piru City; W. C. Fuller, Colton.
Class 27, best exhibit of citron of com
merce—D. D. Johnson, Norwalk; Piru
Rancho, Piru Cif; L. D. Baily, Sweet
Water Springs.
Class 23, best, exhibit of prepared citron
— Mrs. M. McLaren. San Diego; Mrs. E.
D. Johnson, Norwalk.
Class 29, best exhibit gallon of olive oil
—J. L. Howland, Pomona; Mrs. Hugh
McMillan, Nordhoff; F. Kimball, National
Class 30, best exhibit gallon pickled olives
—H. Wheeler, Pomona, John Burr, San
Fernando; Mrs. Hugh McMillan, Nord
hoff; F. Kimball, National City; J. L.
Calkins, Pomona.
Class 31, best twenty pounds packed
raisins—W. H. Backus, Riverside: Boston
Ranch, San Diego.
Class 33, best exhibit products of orange
and lemon —Miss G. McNab, Riverside;
X Hatchett, Monrovia; Mrs. A.W.Cottrell,
Riverside; E. G.. Driftill. Pomona; Mrs.
W. C. Fuller, Colton; Mrs. Shorting, South
Pasadena; Mrs. Givins; Riverside; Mrs.
M. McLaren, San Diego; Mrs.A. L.Wheelei,
Pomona; S. M. Woodbridge, Los An
Class 34, best exhibit other semi-tropic
fruits—John Grimes, Fillmore; Brice
Grimes, Fillmore ;W. C. Kimball, Nation
al City.
Class 35, best exhibit of products of
other semi-tropic fruits—Mrs. A. W. Cot
trell, Riverside; Mrs. W. C. Fuller, Colton;
Mrs. Shorting, South Pasadena; S. M.
Woodbridge, Los Angeles.
Parties desiring to compete for the
Chamber of Commerce medal can make
entries up to Thursday noon, March 6th.
The list of entries will not be published
till all are in.
Valuable Guide to Tourists and the General
The Amusement Bulletin made its first
appearance last Saturday. Its publication
is not only for the benefit of the general
public, but the Bulletin will serve as a
valuable guide to the tourists, as it con
tains in addition to the announcements of
various attractions and amusements, a list
of the hotels, rooming houses and restau
rants in the city.
It is the intention of the publishers,
Messrs. Johnston and La Montague, to
issue the Bulletin every Saturday and
distribute it free for one year.
One of the principal features is the pub
lication of a diagram of all the theaters,
thus enabling tiie public to select seats,
without being obliged to call for them per
The Bulletin is neatly printed, with a
blue cover, and will greatly aid the tour
ists in their wanderings around town and
the selection of pleasure and comfort.
Excursionists Arrive
Arrived Saturday, March 2d, via El
''Paso, in charge of T. Perkins.
] Mrs. E. Banner, Miss May Hanner,
i Mrs. M. Nancurron. Waverly, la.; F. P.
Conklin and wife, Cedar Falls, la.; Miss
Helda Johnson, W H. Stiles, St. Paul,
Minn.; Mrs. 3. W. Adams, Miss Cather
ine Adams, Minneapolis, Minn.: J, M.
Lovejpy, C. H. Swallow, Kansas City,
! Mo, : Miss Ella Cramer, William Mc
j Cuthen, Wichita, Kas. ; E. F. Ingram and
i wife, N. D. Ingrain. Mrs. L. Scbnack
l Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Harris, Miss Alice
Thomas, Chicago, 111.; Charles Johnson,
London, Eng.
"Perhaps you would not think so, but
! a very large proportion of diseases in Xew
i York comes from carelessness about catch
, Ing cold," says Dr. Syrus Edson. "It is
such a simple thing and so. common that
j very few people, unless it is a case of
; pneumonia, pay any attention to a cold.
New York is one Of the healthiest places
lon the Atlantic Coast and yet there are a
great many cases of catarrh and consump-
I tlon which have their origin in this neg
lect of the simplest precaution of every
I day life. The most sensible advice is,
| when you have one get rid of it as soon
jas possible. By ail means do not neglect
j it. ' Dr. Edson does not tell you how to
cure a cold but we will. Take Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy. It will relieve the
lungs, aid expectoration, open the secre
tions and soon effect a permanent cure.
-•"> and SO cent bottles for sale by Off &
Vaughn, Fourth und Spring sts.,"and C.
I F. Heinzeman, 222 N. Main st.,druggists.
| A. A. Eokl rom lias removed to 324 .South
• bpring street with hisstoe.k of wall paper.
Wall paper sc, 7J...C per roll, 328 S. Spring
Vsr. Obbxah Family Soap.
Or. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Highest Award.
City Engineer Tries to Pump
Out Stagnant Water
Why Chief Moore Decided That He
Didn't Want to Play
The Park Superintendent Had a Plan, but It
Palled, and the Board of Public
Works Took a Smell
"Be the powers ay all th' saints, its lit
tle I'm knowing about pumps, annyway,
but thot bates me; whin the murtherin
baste '11 whaze and whaze an' no wather
be after coomin' out."
"Sure, th' dom things's got th' azme,
"Azme? azme? Divil a bit, its th' epi
zoot, I'm after thinkin', wid thot scbrap
pin noise loike th' Widdy O'Garrigan's
makin' on a Monday mornin' wid th'
washboard an' a pair o' Tiddy O'Garri
gan's wite pants."
"P.liaise oop th' handle, Moike; I be
after pourin' th' wather dooun th' throat
ay th' critter. Give 'er th' elbow wilst I
drap th' wather in, now."
"Whist! be aisy, ye bljtherin' idiut,
ycre a pourin' th' wather doown me
"Go an! ye dom fule, I'm a doin' me
juty, moinde thot. It's boss o' th' job I
The city is going to pump out the water
which has accumulated in a basin near the
corner of Park View avenue and Sixth
street. This is just beyond the northeast
corner of Westlake Park. The rains tilled
the basin with water on top of the rub
bish, garbage and manure of all kinds,
and a terrible stench is the result of the
Yesterday when a Herald reporter vis
ited the place the two gentlemen who
have had charge of the work of putting in
a pump were having trouble with the ap
paratus. The chief difficulty with it seems
to be that it will not pttmp. It was all in
place, on top of a high staging. A long
trough led from the nozzle of the nunip
some fifty feet across the ravine to the
side hill, where it connected with a ditch
to convey the stagnant water down into an
arroya where it will gradually seep into
the ground.
All arrangements were perfect by noon
yesterday, and the gentlemen in charge
had drawn lots to see who should take the
first trick at the handle, the lot having
fallen to the gentleman with the billy
The Herald reporter arrived on the
scene a few minutes later, and just in
time to hear the conversation set forth
"What sort of a pump is that?" the re
porter asked, as the gentleman at the
handle let go to wipe the great beads of
perspiration from his 45-degree brow.
"That's the domdest pump I iver see:
Moike, would yer plaze lave yer fut off
that poipe whilst I see ef I moint swing
it around till she stroikes the bole
"The pump doesn't appear to work;
something must be the matter with it,"
sugfeestetl the reporter.
"Worruck! Howly Mither ay Moses,
no! It's moself that worrucks. Moike,
git ye off th' frahmc entoirely; I be afther
takin' the dom pump out "by th' roots
again to see ay there's not sumthin' sthuck
in the poipe."
The city officials have been figuring how
to get rid of this offensive pond for weeks.
The Park Commissioners called attention
to it first and tried to get Chief Moore to
pump it out with a tire engine, but the
chief didn't care to use the engines as
filters. The Park Superintendent imag
ined he could siphon the water out with
a long piece of hose, but the Board of Pub
lic Works decided to let the City Engineer
wrestle with the problem,and the pump is
the result. What the result of the pump
ing will be remains to be smelled.
Brings comfort and improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in tbe
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptabll, and pleas
ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative; effectually cleansing the system
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
ana permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession because it acts on the Kid-'
ueys, Liver and Bowels without weafc
ining them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Fi[?s is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it, is raan
ufactrred by the California Fig Syrup
?o.only, whose name is printed on every
oackage, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
md being well informed, you will not
Kscept any substitute if offered.
D. D. S.
Rooms 109 & 110, Stimson Block.
Artificial Teeth
Difficult and irregular cases solicited
Gold and porcelain crowns and bridge work.
Fine gold tilllngs.
All work first class in every particular.
ion POCK bartHolohew & CO..
.Ait i.i \i *- V , *-f 1 AvlP IV In Los Angeles; $3 to $10 per week. A
well-heate 1 homo. Meals at moderate rates, alia-1,25 S. SPRING ST. I. a. coNuON, Manager
hi "S,> t,«- VT * l>JCi Day boarders. Rooms elegantly fu nished. All mod
crn conveniences. Table can not be surpassed. Terras reasonable. 1). E. BAH lON, Prop.
_ 7 A z vsy/LirV European plan Greatest frontage southeast New
managemont: renovated; refitted; reiurnlsheS Rates moderate. F, B. MALLORY, P,op
*i .>V,„ a. i ' P* Lo " Angeles at any price, being nrst-class only
»1.26 to »J 50 per day; longer as agreed. T. W. STROBKIDGE, Prop'r
JlnVlLmArtSr* **■ Convenient to all street car lines. Kates reasonable.
HOTEL ARCAD/A^\^^^ MO / f^^l^
J ISO rooms; stoam heat; hot ooean water
hatha For Information as lo rates, eta, apply at Los Angel s office, 231 WEST FIRST STREET
opposite Nadeau Hotel.
slble by trains of the Southern California and Redondo railways; 40 minutes' ride from Los
Angeles. Every room an outside one. Sunny and bright Excellent tab'e. miliar t parlors.
Dancing room and tennis court Hot salt water swimming and plunge baths near hotel Fine
flshin . from the whar . Free transportation to and from Los Angoles to weekly or monthly
guests. For description and illustrated books and rates apply to
Redondo Hotel, Hodondo Beach, CaL
Bradbury Block, Los Angeles. •
Arcadia, Loa Angelea Co., Cal.
llllif k from Pasadena, on K. J. Itahlwln's famous sauta
fffet j. Anita ranch. Eleven trains daily • acb way. Make ilih.
FIHTHHnVfaBBSEH gent inquiry concerning this paradise for the weary trali.
LjJttfHH'Wwl I mWll' lpr before deciding upon your winter rest tig place.
MnTffTAal ill OA I i™o'»W3flsW (, uests at the oakwood have tree access to "Lucky" Bald
' "i "ins famous ranch-a beautiful playground of 31,000
M -/if *J acrea M. LAWRENCE, Manager.
Hotel Metropole, avalon.
The Inn at Little Harbor; the celebrated Island stage road and the popular ooast ezour
sions opened February Ist, 189>. A delightful visit. ~
i Hotel service second to none; scenery, climate and other natural attractions of the Island
1 during the winter months ar» unapproeched. Excellent quail, dovo end wild goat snooting.
1 The bays teem with fish of every variety. The upland scenery, as viewed from the stage road,
I defies description.
Santa Catslina is endorsed by the traveling public as possessing attractions superior to
any locality on the Pacific Coast.
Regular steamer service, as per railroad time tables in Los Angeles dally papers; only ;i',
hours from Los Angeles.
Do not fail to obtain full Information from THE BANNING COMPANY. 222 South Spring
street, Los Angeles Cal. Illustrated pamphlets mailed to any address. ihe Wilmington Trans
portation Company's ocean passenger steamer 'Falcon" will make dally trips, Sundays ex
The company reserves the right to change steamers and their days of sailing without notice.
-*> m Echo Mountain House
Summit of Great Cable Incline,
Finest equipped hotel on the Pacific Coast, The
' '*. li'"™V~Bllri coat of a nlgni on the mountains, to witness Ihu
-"^'T^TtHi^'P^-^^- 3*l»i£3Msjl. sunset ami sunrise, with Its incomparable seen
erv > lighted cities by night, the great World's
- Fair bearcbllght, numerous car.es of native an-
imals. a look through tho great telescope, nclud-
ing hotel accommodations and all tares un Mount
eluding Mount Lowe Railway fares from if 17 oo
f~»ijiS? ;: nSeWH|B ß to $•-•?> per week, according to selection ot rooms;
stciim heat and open lires lv every room. Sllu-
Ilk,.il'll i«e»tl ||M ated above the frost line affording perpetual
flowers. More sunny days than in any other spot in California. Table unsurpassed Finest
equipped livery stables at Altadcna Junction and Echo Mountain. Reserve rooms early by tel
egraphing at our expense. l.os Angeles Terminal Railway. Mount Lowe Tftllv-Ho Line and Pas
adena street cars make direct connection with Mount Lowe Railway 11. R. WARNER, Manager,
Echo Mountain, California.
Best Appointed Hotel in ■|Sfef^^l|B^^E|^
American and European Plans. jflPTa^'ij^
Proprietors. '^^^^^^^^^'■
lite i M
Bounded by Central Avenue,
Eighth, Fourteenth
And Tennessee Streets.
we ctiofoe no interest on oererred mm.
Lots in this Beautiful Tract are
No\y t pffered on Our Celebrated
Non-Interest-Bearing Install
ment Contracts, on the Follow
ing Liberal Terms:
$225 Lots $ 10 cash and $ 7 monthly
$1450 Lots $ 10 cash and $ 8 mouthly
$275 Lots $ 15 cash and $ 9 monthly
$300 Lots $ 15 cash and $10 monthly
$325 Lots 9 25 cash and $10 monthly
$350 Lots $ 30 cash and $10 monthly •
$375 Lots $ 35 cash and $10 monthly
$400 Lots $ 50 cash and $10 monthly
$150 Lots $100 cash and $10 monthly
$475 Lots $ 25 cash and $15 monthly
$500 Lots $ 50 cash and $10 monthly
$525 Lots .$ 75 cash and $15 monthly
$550 Lots $100 cash and $15 monthly
$375 Lotß $125 cash and $15 monthly
$(300 Lots $ 40 cash and $40 monthly
$650 Lots $ 50 cash and $20 monthly
$700 Lots $ 60 cash and $20 monthly
$750 Lots $ 80 cash and $20 monthly
$800 Lots $ SO cash and $25 monthly
$850 Lots $100 cash and $25 monthly
$900 Lots $150 cash and $25 monthly
$950 Lots $200 cash and $25 monthly
For all further Information, maps and price
lists, apply to
Telephone UB2. Burdick Block.
Ksff~ E ectric cars run direct from my oflice
to the tract.
A 1061 Market St., San Francisco
9 ftSfi 1 (Between 6th and 7th Sts.)
\ gfXm \ Co and learn how ironderfully: ou
eVail' w^ utv niode and how to avoid stcknese
if disease. Museum enlarged wltb
(V X thousands of new objects. Adinia
** v sion 25 ctg.
Private Office—same Building
-1051 Market Street—Diseases of men:
stricture, loss of manhood, diseases ol the skin
and kidneys quickly cured without the use ot mer
cury. Treatment personally or by letter. Send
lor book.
Old established and reliable practtloners.
/Strictly Hand made by Skilled
/Union Workmen. Received Hlkli
[ eet Award for merit over all com
petitors at the World* Fair, Chicago.
(ft. All genuine Carl Upmann Bouquet CI- \
lll'gars have a band bearing bis name. No I
V experiment—millions made annually (or//
\, past 12 years. For sale by all first- II
,\\ class dealers i a ///,
V Xssr • /A
Manufactured under rMVE JIZESi
»t>U«UET PERFECTO, 'Wja.l In a baa.
\\\\ V ' Tne tobacco tiled In manufacturing thie
famous brand is purebaaed by tbe world- :
WCSyenowned bouse of H. Upmann & Co., of
-vVW Havana, Cuba, and la tbo highest
grade vuelfa Abajo grown In Cube.
_4__% V It Is stripped and cured In tbe sun
__fffrfk 1 \ °* th&t tropleal ollmato. so esncn-
. \ tin.; to tbe flno aroma. Then It. Is
///////////f_\:\\ packed In sine lined cases and
l//i/////////h__ forwarded from time to time as
needed. Tbis docs away wttb
111 //Jil_r )1 'be process adopted by other
lllllllllAr manufacturers In this country of
'lllultr A /easing their tobacco In water, so
detrimental to tbe manufacture of
\_\W aflneclgar. Every cigar and every
0r f,r guaranteed to run uniform. g,
:iah.lbahi( h a co., los augeles,
Whol. Distributor* f»»r Smtii.rii Cod.
J. M. Griffith, Pres John T. Grimth, V.-Pres.
F. T. Griffith, Secretary and Treasurer.
Geo. R. Wattes, Sup't of Mill.
Lumber Dealers,
And Manufacturers of
Artistic Mill work oi [very Description.
Doors, Windows. Blinds and Stairs.
931 N. Alameda at., Los Ang.-les, Cal.
i 330 N. Main St., Los Angeles, J
♦ First-class equipment. Large and •
♦ well selected stock, lteasonuble nnd ♦
♦ fair prices. Hateful a"d skillful treat- ♦
♦ ment. Special attention given lo em. ♦
♦ balmlng and shipping bodies to distant ♦
♦ parts ofthe country. s9s»r» Night calls ♦
♦ promptly at ended to. •
♦ Telephone No. 75 »
Druggist and Chemist,
Prescriptions carefu'lv compounded Jay or

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