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Foreign Interest in (he Cotints-y's
The Return of Prosperity Felt to Be
The Grip of the Eastern Heat Trust -Further
Shipment** of European Oranges
Partially Stopped
The large banking houso of Henry
CleWB A Co.. of New York, in A recent
article contributed to the Weekly Finan
cial Review touching investments and
commerce, lias much to say that is cheer
ing. It is indeed refreshing to hear the
reports of prosperity that, admitted upon
all sides, is breaking upon the country.
In part Messrs. Clews ,fc Co. say:
The foreign interest in our investments
is steadily assuming increased import
ance. Somewhat unexpectedly Germany
has appeared among the. buyers of the
better class of storks, and during the
week lome. quite important purchases on
Berlin account havo been made. This
new feature can hardly ba viewed as a
merely temporary spurt. It has been tho
result of previous inquiry ami appears to
be the outcome of a purpose on the part
of German investment houses to return
as last in a tentative way to their former
cncouiagement to tlio employment of
capital in the United States. The great
fall in the prices of our securities pending
the depression of tho last two years has
afforded an exceptionally favorable oppor
tunity for buying; and there can be no
doubt that the important endorsement of
American credit by tho Rothschilds, in
the pending syndicate operations, has
had a material influence among German
investors in strengthening confidence in
our future. Witli characteristic caution
they have waited for facts confirmatory of
this recovery of confidence, and have
found such evidence in the rise in prices
of several of our leading staples, which
they construe a.- satisfactory proof of the
beginning ol' a return of business. This
change of feeling at Berlin lias been tho
subject of inquiry by cable and letters
by foreign bankers here; and their replies
generally confirm the view above ex
It is reasonable to suppose that this
German movement has also been encour
aged by the increased interest in our se
curities shown by London, which still
continues co follow tiie recovery in prices
here without any attempt at realizing. It
is not easy to overestimate the real sig
nificance of til is return of London and
Berlin to American investments, nor is
the cliango a matter of wonder. In
neither country is there in process any
important internal development calling
for new capital, and as to investment in
the colonies and in the raw populations
to which such enormous sums have been
unproductively loaned within the last
twenty years, they must have had exper
ience enough of that kind. Outside their
own territorial limits, these two nations,
with their immense annual savings, can
find nowhere the safety and solidity of
investment tbat is afforded by the Ullitd
States. Public opinion here lias turned
in favor id a freer commercial policy;
wo have reaci.cd a point of ability for
economical production which in many de
partments surpasses their own industries;
we are b?nt upon a sound reconstruction
of our currency system, and When the sil
ver question has been moved out of the
path ot confidence, we may count upon
ten years of prosperity Ultequaied in our
history. The men who control the course
of investment in Great. Britain and Ger
many are not ignorant of this outlook,
and the probability is that • from this
time forward they "will err not on the
side of distrust of this country, but from
willingness to lend tbat will tempt us
into undue borrowing.
The restoration of wages, which Is grad
dually going on, is sn evidence of not
only an improvement in business, but
carries with it the faith of employers that
tiie change is of a substantial and per
manent character. Such testimony comes
from many mercantile interests, especially
cotton and woolen factories. I can cite
no better corroborative instance than
that of the Washington mills, which dar
ing the depression about a year ago
Stopped their works, which comprised
machinery a mile in length. These works
are now running night and day to keep
up with the orders for the goods they
manufacture. It is well to note in this
connection that tlio goods of this mam
moth concern are of tho finest quality of
woolen fabrics made in this country,
showing that the present demand repre
sents a return to moreextraavagnt outlays
from a quarter that lias been exercising
rigid economy for a prolonged period.
There are a larger number of buyers of
goods now in Now York than ever known
beforo in any previous month of April.
Every section of the country seems to bo
proportionately represented, and the buy
ing is on quite an increased scale over
what lias been witnessed for many
months past. This is the reason why the
jobbers in dry goods, hardware, groceries
and in all other lines of trade feel so
much more jubilant than they have done
for over a year. People In trade will soon
begin to realize as oi old that success be
gets success. It takes a return of pros
perity, however, to bring it about, which
is now generally felt to be forthcoming
<r -tr it
Whether the "beef famine" in the
east is tho result of a scarcity of cuttle or
whether it is the effect of a squeezing
process of the Chicago combination, or
again, whether it is the result of the two
The Herald is not prepared to say. A
late dispatch, however, says that
"there is a very good prospect that the
■grip of the meat trust will bo broken with
in the next fow days by the Cleveland ad
ministration. Inside advices received
lroni the authorities at Washington arc
aljout to remove the embargo on Cana
dian cattle, which lias been in operation
for several years past."
■ft ft ft
Tho situation in tho orange trade is
practically unchanged. About all the
navels are shipped; next week, it is
thought, will see this variety ol fruit
cleaned up. The demand for fancy seed
lings is very good, especially in the cast
Our shipments to thd Atlantic coast this
season have had their effects aud those
effects are, happily for tlio homo grower,
being felt witli force. The poorer grades
of Messina stock are now being disposed
of through New York auctioneers at an
average of about 90 cents per box. Very
many of the eastern speculators are badly
left, and California oranges are making
a lecord wdiich will be of great benefit to
Southern California not only for the next
season, hut for all time. The invasion ot
the Atlantic coast markets by California
oranges was hardly anticipated by tlio
handlers of foreign stock. The situation
today is that most of the importers have
withdrawn their letters of credit by
Which the business is conducted and fur
ther shipments will bo at the risk of tbe
people at the other end. Consequently no
new consignments are coining forward.
It is only a qucstoin of time it is thought
when the lemon growers of Southern Cal
ifornia will be compelled to resort to tho
same measures as those adopted hy tbe
orange growers, in order to effect a wider
distribution of their product.
Whdrsaic end Retail QuetatloßS, CemetaJ
LOS ANGKLK3, M:.y 2.
Eggs aro bidding the price tbey estab
lished tbm or four days ago, and seem
Unaffected by either receipts or sales.
'I IW long this balance .vill he maintained
:s problematical. Tor even mow :'« heard
talk of an advance
This rumor of an advance also embraces
poultry, Hot," soon It may ho looked for
or how far it may go cannot be prognos
ticated, evon approximately.
New potatoes present no new features,
this price of yesterday ruling.
White i h .Tries have sold today for 20c
and blacks tho same*, Tho latter yester
day brought fully 100 more, but libera!
receipts have made Hum loss scarce. At
Wholesale, cherries arc selling at $I.4othe
The vegetable market presents no new
features. Summer squash still retails at
Lie a pound. Celery is out of the market.
Mushrooms arc scarce at ,'SOc per pound.
Peas, string beans, asparagus and such
garden products are plentiful and at late
prices. .
Quotations follow:
Groen Fruits
Apples—[email protected](>c per lb.
Pears—[email protected](ic.
Loquats —r>o' 'Sc.
Cherries—White, '.'oc; black, 20c.
Raspberries—2sc per box.
Strawberries—s(3 7e.
Bananas—ll.oOCi-.-") per bunch.
Beets—[email protected] per loa lbs.
Cauliflower—BOO per dozen.
Green onions—loc. per dozen.
Lettuce—l2(3Hso per dozen bunches.
Parsnips—[email protected] per LOO lbs.
Onions—Local, $1.75: Oregon, $2.00$
2. 26.
New onions—l2.Bs.
Turnips—[email protected]
String beans—so.oo.
Green peas—92,oo, , '
Asparagus—Northern, s>jeperlb; local,
[email protected] per doz.
Summer squash -13c per lb.
Cucumbers—s 1.00 per doz.
Green peppers -800 per lb,
Artichokes—2oc per doz.
Mushrooms —30c.
Local—[email protected]
Northern—[email protected] 15.
Hens—Per doz. $4.75ftt5.25.
Young roosters—ss.oo(rfs.so.
Old roosters—s4.oo.
Ducks—[email protected]
Turkeys—Live, [email protected] per pound.
Geese—[email protected] per head-
Hides and Wool
Hide l ?—Sound, dry, per lb, ll'<Jc; no
selection, He; sound kips, SJi'c; sheep
nelts, nominal; sound calf, 12c; no se
lection, bulls and stags, oc.
Wool—Nominally [email protected]
Flour—Los Aneeles. $8.1)0: Stockton,
$8.85; Oregon, 1f2.20.
Bran—l'er ton, local, $18.00; northern,
Shorts—Per ton, local, $22.00; northern,
Rolled barley—Per ton, $19.00.
Cracked coin—Per cwt. $1.20.
Feed meal—Per cwt, $1.2(5.
Citrus Fruits
Lemons—Uncured, $1.0001.25; cured,
Oranges—Per box. f. o. b.. shippers'
quotations: Extra fancy Washington
navels, $2.40; fancy navels, $2.15; choice,
$1.90; standard, $1.50; extra fancy seed
lings. $1.65; fancy seedlings, $1; Choice,
80c; standard, 03c.
California ranch—l2olßc,
Creamery—Fancy 2-lb squares, 800
35c: 28-oz squares 25027><!c.
Dairy—Fancy 2-lb squares, 25c; 28
--oz squares, 28-oz rolls, 20®
22Uc; fair to good 28-oz rolls, 15018 c.
California—Full cream fiats, 10c; Young
America, lie;' hand, 12c; half cream
Hats, 7c; Young America, 7.c; hand,
sy.c. ' ■ •
Eastern—Cheddars and twins. 13015',,'c
Imported--Swiss, 2&t£0250; Edam, per
do/., $9.00010.00; iimberger, 14015 c;
brick, 15010 c; Westphalia, 20c; Roquefort,
Hor.ey and ttecswax
Honey— 0012 c per lb; strained,
Beeswax—l6o2oo per lb.
Hams— Hex, per lb, picnic,
boneless, O'^c.
Bacon -I'er lb, Hex boneless breakfast,
light medium, 10} 3 'c; medium,
Dried beef—i'er lb, sets, 12e; insides,
lJry salt pork—Per lb, clear bellies, B>i,c;
short clear, ~%c; clear backs. 7J4c.
Pig pork -Per half bbl. 80 lbs, $7.50.
Lard—Per lb. ivvory compound, tierces,
0t 2 'c; rexolene, 7XOJ pure leaf, Be.
Uraln and Hay
Barley—Per cental, feed, 85090 c; seed,
Corn -Per cental, $1.0001.05.
Wheat- Per cental. $1.0001.05.
Hay—Per ton. alfalfa, $9,00010.00; bar
ley, $18.00014.00; oats, $15.00® 10.00;
wheat, $15.00016.00.
Dried Fruits
Apples—Sun dried, sacks, per lb. sc;
boxes, 7®Be; evaporated fancy, 0010 c.
Apricots—Fancy, 808 c: choice, [email protected]
Peaches—Patocy unpeeled, 708o; peeled,
12014 c.
Nectarines—Fancy, 809 c; clioice, 007 c.
Pears—Fancy evaporated, [email protected]
Plums—Pitted, choice, 7©9 c. •
Prunes—Choice, boxed, [email protected]; sacks,
f-©oc; fancy, 9010 c.
Fresh rieats
Butchers' prices for wholesale carcasses:
Beet—sL,'oHi: per lb.
Mutton —[email protected]
Pork— 6c.
Live Stock
Hogs—Per cwt. $4,25.
Beef cattle—s2.6ooß.oo.
Ca1ve5—52.7508.25 per liead.
Thursday, May 2, 1805.
John II Gish to Charles F Pierce
—Lot 38, Victor Heights trt . $ 1000
George Bugbee et ux to Charles F
Pierce—Lot 38, Victor Heights
trt 300
D Galbraith to Cora May Molin— ■
Lot 22, Altadena map 2 2250
James Clarke et UK to Aaron
Twombly—Lot 20, Abbot's
sub 425
M Lawrence et. al to Isaiah Ana
man—Lots 1. 12, 47, 57, M P &
11 ad Monrovia trt 5100
David X Briarly et ux et al to
George it Smith et al—Lot 0
blk 11, L A Homestead trt.... 2000
George H Pinnev et ux to Mrs M
•Stubblefleld—Part lots 13 and
15, Garvey trt ad and lots 20,
23, Kinney trt 2500
S X Johnson et ux to John E
Daly—Lot 7 blk Z 100
Edgar H Coi'fman et ux to Mary W
Brown—s acres lteed trt, Ro
La Puentc 1000
Elizabeth Holmes et con to Jane
B Ridgway—Lot 43, Ellendale
place 1000
Mrs. Isabella Toornton to to F B
Yoakum—Lots 15, 10 blk W,
Mott irt 4000
C B Bruce to Charles J Fox—Lot
52 Judson trt 4750
Frank P Abbott et ux to Robert
Stadie— Lot 13 blk D 400
Gcorgj Van Every et ux to Anna
B Montgomery—Lot 13 blk C,
City Center trt 800
Charles J Fox et ux th Emma B
Bruce—S'i lot 2, Fox sub lot
8 blk 72, Hancock's survey 2800
James H Adams et ux to Lucien 0
AJNUJU-LIEH HifiliAJblll TlilU.Vt .M'?I( \ I.NU, Mil ¥ .J t i»'.><3.
Jones—S 122)4 ft ''its 11. 15, 10
b!k 3, Chester trt 450
Thomas P frsxier to i afuvetto
Warner et ux—S lot 4. Mnn
dou trt 2500 !
Cordelia Mallard to Anna N Wil
son Lot 0. V Mallard trt 1060 I
Calvin W Brown et ux io John 8
lioikins - Lot 25, N 45 feet lot.
22, blk 0. La I'm nr. • Place.... 0:100
Ohas A MeArthur 1.. W 11 Mo Ar
thur—NY., BEji and S., NF.','
sec 28, T I. Nit 0 W, SUM 100 ;
John Bun to W 0 Biivlie—W 1 ., BK
'. 4 and S!-; NK)< sec 28, 11.
Nit 0 W, SUM 7200 !
W (i BayliC to W II MeArthur- W
'.. SKi, and \SY. NEW sec 28.
f 1. Ml II W. SUM 7515 i
Mary F. Howler ot coll to Lloyd
scovel Iron Co—Lots '.'< and I,
blk 18, PoAmdale 170
De Forrest L Sherburne to Howard
I. Doheny—Lot 2, blk I, Ocean
View trt 1100
Clans Oftt to ( has II llance- Lot
17, blk (I, City Center trt 2000
Frank A Gibson to Samuel McOiay
— Lots 21 and 84. Gridet it
Dow'* Central avenue trt. .. 350
Frank A Wilson to Samuel McCray
— l ots 50 and 151, Grider it
Duw's Adams-st trt 875
Martha I. Wilson et al to Martha 1
Nichols—Lot 41. blk 2, Shafer
A Lanterman sub 3200
John It Porter et ux to Robert J
Whitney—2—2Bo 3500
Alamitos Land Co to N 1' Albrikt
san—Lot 2, blk P, AlamitOS
trt 616
A liotiller et ux to Bruno Rlohtor
et Ol—N 28 feet lot 45 and Sl2
foot lot 40, sub trt, Botiller trt.
20—2(1 1200
May .1 Wcsgate ot cou to J II Bralv
— Lots 10, It, 12 and 13, blk 2.
Pomeroy & Mills' sub, except,
VV 10 feet of said lots 0000
Savings Bank of Southern Califor
nia to May J Mesgate—Lots 13
and 14 of the 1410 0-100 a tit of
Rancho LosCerrltoS, Wilming
ton trt, except N 20 feet of lots
13 ami 14, and W 20 feet of lot
14 3050
Sherman Smith to 11 W Shrunoway
--Lot 1. blk 1, Mills trt 2000
Deeds 5!)
Nominal 25
Total $82,520
Following aro the Lot Angeles bank
clearings for tlio current woek:
Day. Exohanee*. Balances.
Monday $ 292,1111.39 $47.(179.28
Tuesday 151,911.0b 28,210 13
Wednesday 187,204.62 31,910.09
Thursday 240.38 $.03 25,389.75
The Day's Transactions on the Chicago Board
of Trade
CHICAGO, May 2. —Wheat opened
strong and closed weak. The early cables
again tilled the bulls with enthusiasm and
encouraged buying at an advance of %®
•>4 per cent. July started with buyers at
65}£@0d}{O, and for about twenty minutes
tbo pit kept on the boil around the top
figures. During one of its high kicks the
price struck 65% c, but inside of forty min
utes from the start it had tumbled back
to and wobbled up and down be
tween that and (i4%c for more than an
hour. An abundance of July wheat was
for sale at lioe, and tne market became
weaker than over and the price broke
lower than 011 the earlier declines, July
closing at 00 : > B e.
Corn was tirm and in good demand at
the opening, but in cite afternoon the
feeling was weak and prices considerably
lower than in tiie morning. July opened
at 4!>%c. and closed at 4flc. Tlio price of
cash corn for Shipment was. early in the
day. said to be Within a trifle of a work
ing basis for export.
Only a fair business was transacted in
oats. ' The tendency of the market was
weaker. May sold from 2H ; >io down to 28Ji
28\'c, and Closed %®%O lower. July rested
at' 28^0.
Trailing in provisions was rather licht,
hut prices improved a little anil closed 15c
higher for . July pork, 5C higher for Jard
and the same advance on ribs. Stocks
since a month ago show a decrease of be
tween 13,(1110.ooii mid 14,003,00!) pounds.
Leading futures tanged as follows:
Wheat No. 2—
May 08«
June 64JS
September til-,
Com No. 2 —
May 48Vs5sM8!4
Juno 48
September 19%
Oots No. 2 —
May 28' 4 (32S^ 8
July mi
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour—Winter patents, [email protected]; win
ter straights, [email protected]; spring patonts,
|[email protected]; spring straights, [email protected]>;
bilkers', «[email protected]
Wheat—No. 2 spring, 87%@87«0; N0.,3
spring, No. 2 red, 83%®63%0.
Corn—No. 2, i»%(M#'4o.
Oats—No. 2, 28%®28>Kc; No. 2 white,
82Ja®83oj No. 3 white, 32>i®82Ko.
Kye—No. !?, t)3®64c.
Barley—No. 2, [email protected]; No. 3,50>£@52c;
No. 4, 50c.
Flux seed—ll.44W.
Timothy seed—Prime, $5.40.
Mess pork—Per barrel, $12.15<<?!12.25.
Lard—Per 100 lbs, $6.72;1®8.76.
Short ribs—Sides, loose. [email protected]
Dry salted shoulders—Boxed, $5.37>[email protected]
Sides—Short clear, boxed, $6.37V 3 '@0.50.
Whisky—Distillers' tinished goods, per
gallon, $"1.20.
On the produce exchange today the but
ter market was steady; creamery, 10(3
17e; dairy, [email protected]
Eggs were steady at [email protected]^c.
The receipts and shipments wero:
Articles. Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, barrels 9,000 0,000
Wheat, bushels 34,000 53,000
Corn, bushels 121,000 204,000
Oats, bushels 180,000 08,000
Rye, bushels 1,000 8,000
Batley, bushels 8,000 4,000
Chicago Live Stock fTarket _
CHICACO, May 2. — Cattlo — Prime
native steers, $6.15®8,25: seconds. $5.80;
cows and heifers, $1.75®4.65; Texans,
Hogs—Heavy, [email protected]; lights, $4.40
®4.80; mixed, [email protected]; pigs, $4.25®
Sheep—Texans, $1.25(8)3.50; common to
choice natives, $2.00(314.70; westerns, $3.00
®4.40; lambs. $3.00®5.75.
Receipts — Cattle, 0,000; calves, ;
hogs, 35,000; sheep, 11,000.
Wool Market
LONDON, May 2.—At the wool auction
sales there was a fair attendance and tho
prices realized equaled yesteiday's close.
Sales in detail:
New South Wales—Scoured, 7}[email protected];
greasy, 3®Bd.
Queensland — Scoured, 7>£[email protected] 3>id;
greasy, 3%@Bd.
Victoria—Scoured, [email protected] 2d; greasy,
South Australia — Scoured, lOJ^d;
greasy, 3>£@7d.
Swan River—Greasy. s%@Bd.
Tasmania—Greasy, 59i®8d.
Now Zealand — Scoured. [email protected] Id;
greasy, 4)^@9d.
Cape of Good Hope and Natal—Scoured,
[email protected] l>;d.
For Over Fifty Years
Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup has been used
for children teething. It soothes the child,
softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind
colio and is the best remedy for Diarrhoea,
Twenty-five cents a bottle.
NEW YORK, May 2. — Petroleum
nominal at $1.09 bid.
The use of Hall's Hair Rcnewer promo'es
tbe growth of the hair, and rostores its na
tural color and beauty, frees the scalp of dan
druff, tetter, and all impurities.
A. A. Eckstrom has removed to 324 South
Spring street with hlsstook of wall paper.
Usi Gmv»:: Family Soak
Money, Stock, Bund ami Produce
Speculation W»s Active and t'.ic Market
— -
The Buying on Foreign Ace Hint a Large :
Factor In the UpwurJ Movement.
Utintts Generally (iooi
NEW YORK. May 2.—l'he story of the
day on the Stock Exchange is briefly told.
Speculation was active throughout, and
with the exception of two brief periods,
between 12 and 1 o'clock and around de
livery hour, the market was strong and
prices moved upward. Sales to rcalizo
profits were tho moving influences; The I
factors in tho upward movement were the \
good buying for the foreign account, the
firmness of Americans in London, re
ports of crop Improvement in the west
and southwest, the establishment of high
er prices of manufactured products of
several of the industi ial companies, ease
of the,monetary situation and the weak
ness of sterling exchange. Sugar rose to
118',, the highest price touched in the
present boom, ami within 1% of ihe price
reached in the groat bull movement in the
stock last year. The entire market closed
strong and with 11 few unimportant-ex
ceptions at an advance on yesterday's final
Tiie bond market generally ruled active,
but there were a few is-ues which were
inclined to heaviness. The total sales
were $2,879,000.
Government bonus steady.
State bonds dull.
Railroad bonds dull.
Mining Shares
SAN FRANCISCO, May 2.—Official
closing quotations for mining shares were
as follows:
Alta U .Julia
Alpha Con OS Justice. 08
Andes ... 11 Kuntncl; con
Belcher 00 Lady Wash'n Con.. 02
Helle Isle Mexican 75
best .t Ilelchor. ... 70 Mono 1(1
llodie Cou 105 Mt Diablo 10
Bullion 19 Navajo
BulwerCOn 12 Occidental Con 00
Caledonia 07 Oldiir. 180
Challenge Con 90 Overman OH
Chollar 45 I'otosi 4(1
Continence 125 Savage 27
Con Cal and Va .. .205 Scorpion 04
Con Illlurr.nl 02 iierra Nevada 75
Con New York —-Silver Hill 03
Crown I'oiut 38 Silver King 12
Exchequer 02 Union Con 40
Could tfe Curry 415 CtuhCon
Grand I'rizo — Yellow Jacket.. .. 84
11a c Noreross... 140 i
An assessment of 15c a share lias been
levied on Andes.
Boston Quotations
BOSTON, May 2.—The closing quota
tions were:
Atchison t% Mexican 10
Hell Telephone... 180 San Diego
Burlington 7.V i
Money Quotations
NEW YORK, May 2.—Money on cal!
easy at V 4 per cent; last loan at 1)4
per cent; closed at V-\ per cent.
Prime mercantile paper, ■ i id: i , i per
Sterling exchange easy, with actual
business in bankers' bills at $4.8t%@
4.811 W for demand and lor
00 days.
Posted rates, $L88'..'(«:4.5!;i... and $I.oo®
Commercial bills, $4.87%.
Silver certilicat.es, 66)£@66&£.
drafts on New York, sc.
Telegraphic. ",'-£c.
LONDON, May 2.—Bank of England
discount rate, 2 per cent.
Consols, 105^u.
London Stock Harket
NKW YORK, May 2.— Tlio Evening
Post's London cablegram says:
The stock markets were quiet today but
generally good from consols downward.
Lighter rates than were feared at the set
tlement imparted fresh life to the specu
lative market, and mines are again boom
ing. Americans were good, but there was
a slight spurt in tho street. St. Paul and
Union Pacific leading. The American
syndicate is still buying gold.
Silver Bullion
SAN FRANCISCO. May 2. — Silver
bars, per ounce, 66®86W.
Mexican dollars, 64®64K<
NEW YORK, May 2.-Silve.- bars per
ounce, (>6%e.
Mexican dollars, 53c.
LONDON. May 2.—Bar silver per
ounce, 30 3-Hid.
Cash Balance .. -
WASHINGTON, May ..— Today's
statement of the condition of the treasury
shows: Available cash balance, $180,524,
--240; gold reserve, $91,217,272.
Bank of England Bullion
LONDON, May 2.—The amount of
bullion gone into the Bank of England
today was £152,000.
Call Board Prices — Grain and Provision
SAN FRANCISCO, May 2.-Wheat-
Dull; December, 97> 8 e; May, 90c;
new, seller, MJ^O.
Barley—Dull; December, new,
seller, 61V£c.
Flour—Family extras, 13.40®3.50; bak
ers' extras, $3.40®3.50; superfine, 12.35(3
Wheat—Steady; No. 1 shipping, 88% c;
choice, 90c; milling, U2H'®»7!jo.
Barley—Trade dull Feed, fair to good,
03 : [email protected]; choice, Oti^((7.(i7> 2 c; brewing,
Oats—Milling and surprise,
1.17>4; fancy feed. $Lo2V£(i!)LO7'.<; good to
choice, [email protected]$1.00; fair to good. 99®86c;
poor to fair, 85(tfj87>jC; black, nominal;
gray, 86c®fl.02V»'.
The receipts were:
Flour, quarter sacks 5,969
Oregon 18,114
Washington 2,990
Wheat, centals . 18.733
Washington 2,090
Barley, centals 1,120
Oats 190
Oregon 105
Corn 300
Beans, sacks 48
Potatoes, sacks 1,020
Oregon 2,030
Onions, sacks 350
Oregon 139
Bran, sacks 1,0,0
Middling, sacks 160
Hay, tons. ». , 210
Wool, balos ... 528
Oregon 10
Hides 041
Wine, gallons. 122,550
Produce Market
SAN FRANCISCO. May 2.—Potatoes
—New, %<thX%<i per lb; Early Rose, 30®
40c; Burbanks, [email protected]; Oregon Burbank*,
40(«.75c per cental.
Onions—Choice California, Usc®sl.o9;
cut, 25®50e; Oregon, [email protected]
Butter—Fancy creamery, 12>£(8J13c; sec
onds, 12c; fancy dairy, 10}j®Uc;
fair to choice, [email protected]; store, [email protected]}£o.
Cheese—Choice to fait, <>@7c; fair to
good, 4®sWo; Eastern, per lb.
Eggs—Ranch, per doz; store,
[email protected]
Hnv—Whoat., $8.00®U,00; wheat and
oat. S4.OQNJKIt.OO: barlcv. 17.0048.00; oat,
}::s.:i w 11J..Y1; alfulf.i, *0.50(48.50; clover.
[email protected]; compressed, tf.0041 10.50;
st ck, -■*»> 0(>(.»;7.DO por ton.
Middlings -517.00tt10.00.
I around barley*-tIT.3Ot3OID.OQ.
11rau—513.50(«,11.50 |ior ton.
Straw—-10006a per bale.
Vegetable Market
BAN PRANCIBCO, May 2.-Arrivals
of vegetable! included 714 bo::es aspara
gus, BM boxes rhubarb ami tn sacks pest*.
Quotations follow i
(Jncumbers WtlTOe per dozen.
Asparagus—Ordinary, 50®91.00 per box ;
choice, $i..'."i((fj.oo.
I'bnbarb —20#09a per nox.
String beans—Otitic per !b.
Green peas—ft.oo®l.2~> |ier sack; sweet,
2«j.'!c pei lb.
Turnips—soc per cental,
i Beats—iKlM7sc per sack.
Cabbage -tI.OO per cental.
| Garlic—2sc per lb.
Cauliflower—Booooc per dozen,
i Peppers—Dried. 12V<<8l5c.
Okra—Dried, 15c per lb.
Liverpool Market
LIVERPOOL, May 2. - Wheat — Spot
! tirm; demand moderate; No. 2 red win
! ter, os 'IVA ; No. 2 red spring, 5s 65^(11
No. 1 harl Manitoba, 5s 7d; No. 1 Cali
fornia, 5s 2'jd.
Futures Hrm and higher; May.
5- 2' s »l; June. 5s 3d;- July, 5s ;j'^d; Au
' gust, 5s 4d ; September, 5s 4'.:d; October,
;5s «'
j Corn—Spot quiet; American mixed,
i new, Is (>'-., d.
Futures tirm; May, fStlWd; June. 4s
: Oil; July, 4s August, Sep
tember, 4s 7d: October, 4s fe<d.
Flour -Firm; demand fair; St. Louis
fancy winter, (is 3d.
Hops—At 1-oudon. Pacific Coast, £2 ss.
The Kind of
. medicine
you need is the
old reliable tonic and
can have
no substitute.
Cures others,
will cure you
DR. WONG Hilt, who lias practiced medi
cine In Los Angeles for 20 years, and
whose office ii at <> to Upper Main street, will
treat by medicine all diseases of women, men
and children. The doctor claims that he hss
r medics that are superior to all others as a
speclfio for troubles oi women and men. A
trinl nlone will convince the sick that Dr.
Wong Hlm's remedies nre more efficacious than
can bo prescribed, l'r Wong Him is a Chinese
physician of prominence and a gentleman of
responsibility. His reputation is more than
well established, and all persons needing his
services can rely on bis skill and ability. A
cure is guaranted in every case in which a re
covery is possible. Herb medicines for sale.
639 Upper Main Street, Los Angeles.
P. tt BOX 227, STATION C. j
Los ANGELES, CAL, June 17, 1891. j
To the Public: 1 have been suffering with
piles and kidney troubles for over fire years,
and have tried several remedies, but all failed
to relieve mc. A short time since I tried Dr.
Wong Htm, 639 Upper Main street, and I am
now well and strong, and consider him a first
class doctor. Yours truly,
235 3. Hill st., Los Angeles, CaL
Los Anc.ki.es. June 'J, 1893.
To the Public: For over live years I have
been troubled with nervous sick headache and
liver complaint, I didn't seem to And any help
from the many doctors and medicines that I
tried until 1 iried Dr. Wong Him, 639 Upper
Main street. lam now well Yours truly,
18 Hinton aye., Los Angeles, Cal.
Los ancei.es Cal.. July 21, 1891.
DR. WONG HIM, 03» Upper Main St.
Dfar Sir: 1 take pleasure In adding my tes
timony to the lnauyyou haveaiready received.
1 will say that alter taking y>ur treatment for
catarrh of the head and throat, that 1 am now
well, and ask you to refer to me any person
that may feel skeptical and I will satisfy them
as to the efficacy of your treatment. Yours
truly, P. B KING,
Attorney and Notary Public.
Uarvauza, Cal.
lll'a 3. MAIN ST. Telephone 1169.
Chicago Grain
New York Stocks
5. F. Wheat and Barley
Bought, sold and carried on margins. Daily
circular and little hooks on speculation, or
HOW TO MAKE MONEY, mailed froe.
: job I
♦ Executed With Neatness and ♦
# Dispatch at the *
I Herald Job Office f
I 309 VV. SECOND ST. ♦
X J. W. MART, manager. I
J Mral Market St., Kan Francisco
0 (JLI (Between 6ih and 7th Sts.)
1 ffVHV \ r '° aml ll!Arn bow wonderfully yon
l.a vv l ■^ are made and how to avoid sicltnes.
Vft n Hk 1 ""' disease. Museum enlarged witb
k R thousands Ol new objects, Admia
• *" sion 25 eta.
Private Office—HMM Building
10,51 Market Street—Diseases ol men:
stricture, loss of manhood, diseases ot the akin
and kidneys quickly cured without the use ol mer
cury. Treatment personally or by letter. Bend
lur book.
Old estaDlishad and reliable practtioners.
Steam J Domestic Coal
Columbian Coal, $8 per ton, In bulk,
TELS. 30 asd 1017. 222 SOUTH SPRING BT
To Get
Everybody wants a good Bicycle, bat
everybody cannot obtain one, because •
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And you know that it it is not a very dif
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Now the point of all this is that THE
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The gift will be made to the person who
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i mm
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To be independent in all things and be
free from all railroad and other corporation
influences, and speak the truth boldly
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To give the best literary matter obtain
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And to present a typographically neat
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ONE not,l,Alt A YEAR, and there
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M 111 HID.

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