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Has Grown to Be One of the Most Prosperous
Societies of Los Angeles and Now
Owns Its Own Home
Tbo Turnvcrein Germania Is Something More Than an Athletic School, and
Offers Many Attractive Social Features, and the Members Don't
Train in Mother Wiebeck's Garden Any More
The younger members of Turnverein i
Get man Is. of Los Angeles, the leading
organisation of German-Americans of |
Southern California, arc deservedly proud j
of its splendid progress and achieve- j
munis, but tlioir hearts can never throb |
SO keenly with pleasure when they ob- |
servo Itb/Sucooss as those of the veteran j
Turners who have followed it through all
its struggles from its modest beginning i
twentv-fonr'years ago.
No organization In l.os Angoles is more f
thoroughly Identified with the city und I
Its growth from the old pueblo days to '
the present time than Turnvcrein Ger- I
mania, and no classof citizens has labored I
more patiently or intelligently in ils up
building than the members of the society.
its history is interwoven with the his
tory of Ihe city itself, and the names of
many of the solid ohl pioneers are upon |
iis venerable membership rolls.
It will not he many days before Turners I
from many localities of the Pacific coast. .
will ho enjoying the hospitality of Ihe 1
society, during the Kroisturnfest of tho j
Pacific Circle of the North American I
Gymnastic union, and expressing their i
admiration for the palatial building on i
South Main street which is now its home, j
JYet Turnvcrein Germania did not al- I
ways have such pleasant surroundings, j
and a glance at some of the events iv its |
New Building of Turnverein Oermania, Los Angeles
ekered career will not be without inter
t ; at. this time.
in 1859.when the first attempt was made
to form a German society, l.os Angeles
was a straggling little place, and in their
Wildest dreams 1 he citizens never stretched
it to its present magnificent proportions.
It was not until 1871, twelve years later,
that Turnverein Gorniunia came into ex
istence as the result of the consolidation
oi two Gorman societies which were at
that time Btrugglng for an existence.
The first society started was the Ten
tonia, in 1559. and its principal object,
aside froth its social features und the
bringing together of the few members to
the German colony, was the cultivation
of singing. It did not have a very har
monious career, ami it was not very
before some of the members seceded ami
formed a new society which they named
the ESintracht. One of the traditions oi
this offshoot is that it was involved in
financial embarrassment by the purchase
of a bass-viol and after dancing perilously
The Herald Trophy
noai the edge of tho chasm of collapse
was received again Into the fold, boss-
Vied and all.
The Teutonia struggled along with
moro or less ei;ece*S until ISO 9, during
which period the German colony hud
been considerably increased by new arriv
als. In that year, however, a new society
was formed with a more ambitious plan.
Its founders were: lied Morsch. Emil
Harris. Conrad Jacoby, 0. 0. Lips, Henry
Moll. Phillip Stoll. August Ashrand. Er
nest Neteke, I sank Cohen. Ed l'reuss.
Dr. Joseph Kurtz. C. Holnzeuian and
WVndel Maier. It was callod the Los An
geles Xuruveren. and its systematic ex
cni.es, performed In Mother Webecke's
garden, b came <juite a feature in tho
amusements of the city.
It was not allowed to fill the held un
molested. There wero Germans outside
its ranks who believed there was room
for another turner society, and it was or
ganized under the name of Concordia. Its
founders wre: Henry Koch, Theo l'roh
linger, Jacob fvurhls. Simon Btoll, John
Webber, Nicolatis Muller, Henry Midler,
George Kleiber end others.
Thero was great rivalry between the two
societies. Their gymnastic apparatus was
mostly home made and not much Hke the
splendid appliances of the present day.
but somo remarkable feats were per
formed by the stalwart turners which tho
boys of tho present day would find it ex
ceedingly difficult to excel. The rival
societies had tlioir day, and in June, 1871.
the counsels of the long-headed members
prevailed, anil together with tho veteran
Teutonic they consolidated into the Turn
vcrein Germania. Ono of the first Juioves
made by the new organization was the
purchase of a lot on Spring street, be
tween Secnml and Third streets, on which
a wooden hall was built. This laid the
Foundation for tho financial solidity of
the society more firmly than the officers
of that day knew. It was way down town
then, but as the city grew tho property
became very valuable, it was here that
a substantial block Has later crocted, the
home of the society for several years. un
til it was sold for $100,000, and "the pres
ent imposing structure on Main street
was built.
During tlie twenty-four years that have
elapsed siuco tlie birth of Turnverein
Germania it has exercised a fostering
care over an entire generation. Kach
year lias seen its membership increase.
The athletic, singing, shooting and de
bating sections have each a long list of
Pleasant events iv tlioir records. Hoys
have grown to lie men under tho protect
ing wing of th society, and love to dwell
upon tho physical and mental stimulus
it lias been tt) them. It has been one of
the pleaeantest and most potent influ
ences in tho lives of many of our most
enterprising business ami professional
men. and standi) an illustration of what
may be accomplished by steady, persist
ent effort.
While many arc famiiar with the policy
and principles of tho Turner society,
there are many who, no doubt, still thitik
it is merely an organization ior the train
ing of athletes. Vet the broad scope of
the Turner societies of the United States
numbering now over .'IOO. and embracing
every state in the union, is accomplishing
much more,and is not only putting sound
minds in sound bodies, but is making pa
triotic Atnarioan citizens.
Turnverein Gerrnauia.as it exists today,
i:; an inlluenco for true manhood and
womanhood, ami is a shining example ot
the important place that the various
Turner societies of the country have won
for themselves. It has at present a mem
bership of U7O, and its olticers aro as fol
President, Adolph Vreae.
Vice-president. Louis Herzog.
Recording secretary, J. 0. Rhode.
Corresponding secretary, Fred W. Det
Financial secretaiy, George Schrader.
Treasurer, ("all Kntcnmann.
Trustees —Charles Gollmer, JosephMaicr,
Ad. Schrocder.
First Turnwart, Fred Steinikc.
Second Turnwart, John Hartnack.
Zengwart, Eugene Noilao*
Stage Munager, Otto Gcrdts.
Singwart, Paul Rudolph.
Captain of Shooting Section, Chris
Chairman Sick Benefit Section, J. Jo
Chairman Refreshment Committee,
Adolph Boeokmann.
Tho Turner building, with its bro'vn
stone front, is a solidly built structure.
It contains a general hall, 85x130 feot in
dimensions, with a 'gallery, stage and
scenery, all in modern style. The gym
nasium is 86x90 feet in dimensions and
is fitted up with modern apparatus, the
cost of which ban been 9800 U. There is a
billiard hall, reading room, lodge room,
live committee rooms, a banquet hall, re
ception room, refreshment room, all
handsomely furnished. The estimated
value oi the property of the society is
(125,000. Considerable revenue is derived
from storo rooms on the lirst floor and
basement. No organization of Turners in
tho United States is in a more nourishing
financial condition.
Tho athletic, singing, ri tic, dramatic
and donating sections are all well organ
ized and aro doing excellent work under
the leadership of Prof. F. L. Zabn in
athletics. Prof. A. J. Stamm in music,
and Maestro Otto Cerdts in tho dram
atic section. Proiesor /aim is a grandson
of tbe notod "Father" Zahn, the founder
of the German Turner system of athletic
training, ami is meeting with deserved
success in his chosen field, lender his
regime, gymnastics for women have re
ceived much attention, and there aro now
two day and two evening classes ior la
dies, lie is an enthusiast in fencing, one
of tho most delightful of athletic exor
cises, and he hits in addition to the men
receiving training in this manly art a
class of ladies who are making good
The shooting section of Turnverein Ger
mania has long occupied a creditable
Tank among the crack teams of tho
coast, and nt one time and another has
possessed some of tho best marksmen to
be found anywhere. Th© members of the
section arc in good training, and will be
heard from in the coming Kroisturnfest.
It is pleasant to be ablo to note the
prosperity and growth of such an inter
esting organization, and the history of
tho Turner societies in this, the sixth
circle erf the North American Turner
lltind. shows that they are everywhere
building tip and occupying important po
sitions in the localities wheio they exist.
Tiie Pacific circle is divided into four
districts. These are tho Pacific with
tnrnvereins at Sacramento. Oak"a id,
Stockton, San Joso, Napa St. Helo ia,
Santa Cruz and San Francisco: tho Nord
Pacific, with turnveroins at Portland.
Seattle. Tauoina and Spokane; the Bud
California, with tnrnvereins at l.os An
geles, San Diego ami Anaheim, and the
Montana circle, with a turnverein at
Helena. The total membership is about
• lOOn, and there is a steady and healthy
growth everywhere, nono being mote ac
tive than turnverein Germania.
In addition to the amusement and cult
ure sections of the society, it has a sick
benefit section which any member in
good health can join by paying a nioder-
ADOLPH FRESE, President of Turnvcrein
Qermania of Los Angeles
ate extra intiation fee anil yearly dues,
and tlie Tiiriierlmnd has a mutual in
surance organization of tried merit.
TheJ North American Turnerliund is
modeled in a marked degree upon the
government of the I'nited States in its
internal organzation. Tno supreme legis
lative and judicial powers are vested in
tl.e national organization, which con
venes biennially, and the supreme ex
ecutive power in the national executive
hoard, which is in permanent session.
In the same way the legislative, judicial
and executive powers of the districts and
local societies are cxercsod by other
oiHcors, subject to the higher organzation.
It is believed that it is conceived in tbe
spirit of true Americanism und progress,
and the wodertul success of the organiza
tion in the Tinted States is proof of its
enduring principles.
Turnverein Clermania of l.os Angeles
is in touch with the most progressive
ideas of the Turner organization every
where, and when the visitors from all
parts of the Pacific coast gather moor
city from Juno ±!nd to 28th for the Kreis
tnrnfeso our citizens may well feel proud
that the duty of welcoming them devolves
upon such a" representative body of pro
gressive citzens. .
In the shooting contests of the Kreis
turnfest The Herald lias offered a trophy,
secured at Montgomery Bros.' jewelry es
tablishment, and its fair proportions may
be seen in the accompanying illustration.
It is a handsome silvor vase nineteen
inches high, gold-lined and' golo-inlnid.
Its design is in overy way appropriate as
a reward for skill in marksmanship. It
will be awarded as a prize Ibr the best
average in the free-for-all contest during
the tournament. Surmounting tho cover
is the kneeling figure of a sharpshooter
and around the base arc rifles and ac
coutrements encircled by a laurel wreath.
The ornamentation of the vaso is chaste
in conception and artistic in execution.
It is hoped that Ihe trophy will stimu
late the contestants and that the success
ful contestant may win a record out of
Cost of Living in Europe's Capitals
An investigation into the comparative
cost of living at tbo various European
capitals resulted in tbe following intei
esting facts. At Vienna the price of most
articles of food arc lowest; ut Madrid
they are dearer than at any other coritol,
and such things as bread, moat, sugar
and coal arc very expensive. At St.
Petersburg also the price of bread is so
high that white bread is still considered
a luxury above the means of the working
classes. Next to Vienna, Bruseels is an
inexpensive city. Paris is a little higher
in tie scale, but London is "terribly ex
pensive."—Westminster Gazette.
War Prices
General Gordon'of the late confederate
army tells the following, which pri bably
furnishes the high-water mark as the pay
of the "swipe." tbo incident, or course,
occurring during the war: One day a cav
alryman rode into camp on a reasonably
good horse. "Hello, cavalryman." suid
a foot soldier, "I'll give you POOO for
your horse." "You go to (the bad
place)." was tho reply. "I just pal 1 MOW)
to have him curried."—Lewiston Jour
Rice Culture
It is not perhaps generally known un
der what hurtful conditions the culture
uf rice is carried on. It necessitates, in
fact, the inundation of the truct of couu-
FRED DET/lERS, Secretary ol Turnverein
t y whore it is cultivated, and obliges the
laborer to curry on his work during a por
tion of the year with his legs submerged
in stagnant water.
When Baby was sick, we ga's her Castona.
'When she waa a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Kiss, she clung to Castoria.
When sho had Children, she gwethem Castoria,
Mrs. Gladstone ia much interested in
folf, and frequently drives along tho
inks in a pony cart wntchin-the players
with manifest enthusiasm.
Prince Bismarck was born April 1,1815. and is consequently fonr score years old.
Ho bears his age well and the honors Germany has showered upon him with becom
ing modesty, fhn reconciliation between hint) nnd Emperor William seems complete
and his sage advice will doubtless be much sought iv the future by the young Kaiser.
Down in Black canyon, loading from
Pleasant valley to the open desert,between
Ragle mountain ami the Pin to range, In
Riverside county, is a small flat. In the
middle of this flat is a large rock, on tho
top of which is a .small monument of
quartz. The rock itself is covered with
curious hieroglyphics. On .» small tlat on
the side of tne canyon, about half a mile
away, is an Indian burying ground, cov
ered with hones and skulls.
I have often camped by a tank near tho
big rocK when hunting with tlie Indians,
and when on such excursions have heard
many legends about the Black canyon.
In the }-ears past this canyon was the
Thermopylae between the two great
tribes of the country—the Chiniehucva on
the east and the Cohuilla on the west and
south. Many stone* were told of hot and
bloody tights, in which numerous brave
warriors bit the dust and many scalp
were carried home in triumph, It
lated that once, on the eve of a great bat
tle a lignt appeared on the top of this
great boulder, also a beautiful young In
dian girl, who con-.manded the braves to
assemble around tho rock. She told them
of a!l the great batiles, and how iirst one
side had been victorious, and then the
other side hud had the best of it, and
that it was now time they should make
peace. She then lighted a pipe and
handed it to the chief on the east, and
then to the chief on the west. Each chief
smoked and were ever after great friends. ;
The smoke from the pipe was very great
and it circled around the great rock, and
when it had disappeared the beautiful
young Indian maid had also gone, and
no one had seen her go. JUeanutcii Wu/~
roump Is what ihey call this rock. The
chiefs of the two tribes met at this rock
every year or so until recently and smoked
the pipe the young girl 'had left and
made certain marks on the rock. Tho
Indians of the present lima will not go
near it at night, and even by day will
take a circuitous route to avoid passing
near it.
Three months ago 1 had occasion to go
down Black [can} on looking for a stray
CARL ENTENVIANN, Treasurer Turnverein
burro, I found myself near this rock and
concluded to climb Up to tho top and see
What the monument meant. In a small
recess were some 800 or 400 flint arrow
heads and a number of Hint spear heads.
Lying on the top of a fiat white quarts
rock ..was a curiously carved pipe, and as
my corncob was getting strong, I though
I would appropriate the pipe of peace,
or, aa tho Indians call it, OhooWOOp
That evening I 'smoked tho Choowoop
in tho presence of several of the Chiine
hueva Indians we had cutting wood for
us, and told then where 1 got, it. They
seemed sullen and downcast and soon left
for their wickiups below tho mill in the
canyon. The next morning there wns
not a redskin to bo found. But they sent
me Word that they would never come into
the canyon so long as I smoked Choowoop
Xaepwee. I smoked several pipefulfl tlie
first evening that I had the pipe. While
smoking, my thoughts persistently ran
on Indians customs, warfare and tradi
tions. As it was a warm night, 1 did
not go t.) bed until UUtte late, and when I
did turn in, I foil into a disturbed sleep.
During the night I awoke, ami my part
ner was sitting astride ».f me holding my
hands, lie told mo I had been yelling
the most awful yells and bad fired mv
pistol oil", and hu thought I bad surely
gonu insane. At tho time we attributed
it to a nightmare. Tho next, evening I
took tho pipe again to have my regular
after supper smoke, sitting in trout of
the cabin. While dreamily observing the
smoke curling in the calm air. I imagin
ed I could see wild faces glaring ut me
fiercely. Tbat night I was aroused the
same as the night before. I then con
cluded tho nightmare was caused by
smoking Choowoop Xaepwee. Tho next
evening I laid the pipe away and fell
back on my old corncob, and slept as
well as over.
Every one .coming to the camp and see
ing the pipe would ask to have a smoke
out of it. At tirst wo thought it was fun
to see the effect it would cause; but on
two ocasions the fun came near turning
out seriously. On one occasion an old
t.erniun prospector, known as "Old
John", having been out of tooacco for a
long time.smoked choowoop ul! tho even
ing. About midnight wo heard Old John
yolling most frightfully. "Hilf! Hill,
toein Uott, they'll scalp me?" T looked
out to se*> the cause of tho uproar, liy the
moonlight I could see Johu brandishins
a butcher knife and heading for the e.ib-
Ir.. We took to our heels ami ran down
the gulch and hid among the rocks un
til morning. At day.ight, returning to
tbo cabin, we found John pound asleep.
He knew nothing of his actions the night
I ofore. A similar occurence a few weeks
.tittfi wards, to an expert miner of Los
Anceles, made us put a stop to allowing
Anyone to smoke cnoowoop naepwec. I
still have the \ ipe, but 1 dent chink 1
shall cyer tackle it again,
dince writing the above I have learned
that the Indians of olden times used to
smoke niariguana, an herb a member of
PROF. P, L. JAHN, Instructor In Physical
the hemp family, growing on the warm
desert. Smoking a pipeful of this herb
has an effect similar to hashish, or In
dian hemp, only far more powerful. The
pipe had probably absorbed some ot this
dreadful narcotic, and this may account
for the effect upon tho smokers.
He Hailed From Texas
Washington Post: Thero was a tall,
gaunt Texan who came on to Wasihngton
during Cleveland's fiist administration,
lie had a pile of letcjs and recommenda
tions and indorsements about the size of
a bundle of fodder. He was in high
spirits and perfoctly confident that he
would get his appointment at once. He
took in the.town with some of the choice
spirits of the Texas colony, and regaled
them with bright pictures of what he was
jzoing to do just as soon as he was con
firmed. It turned out, however, that he
hadn't been in Texas for ten yojrs. An
other otiice-seeker caugt on to this fact,
and used it for all it was worth. The Tex
an went up to see the secretary, and hnd
a painful interview with him. and wound
up by saying: "It's true, Mr. Secretary,
I do business in Xew York, but L live in
Texas, at least I don t think I'm living
unless I'm there. Bolides, if a man can't
hail from Texas, were in tbo h—l cat he
hail from?"
Eggs in China
Tn China fresh eggs are not very much
c&taomed, but when an egg becomes thirty
or forty years old it is considered a great
delicacy,* and at 100 it is a dish tit for a
king. They have a way of burying tho
eggs and it'takes about thirty 'days to
render a pickled egg fit to eat. Home of
the old eggs have become as black as
ink, and one of the favorite Chinese
dishes for invalids i* made up of eggs
which are preserved iv jars of red clay
and palt water.
For la lies tlie best and purest tonic is An*
postura Hitters. It effectually cures dyspepMa
and tone* up the system. Dr. J. ii, li. Siogert
Si IjpJtft MTrs. At all druggists.
Sirs. Smith: "I think it dreadful that your divorce laws in America
should bo so much more lenient than they are in England."
Air. Van Rensselaer: "Well, you see, my dear madam, in England
divorce is a luxury, while with us it is—er—a necessity."
No Place Like Home
Celery Beef and Iron
In your home you have a COMPANION FOR LIFE
It stimulates the APPETITE
Strengthens the NERVES
Gives you a good night's REST
"Skillful cure increases longevity to the I "Ingeniously locating diseases through »■
world." pulse and excellent remedies ar. great Mate
I ings to the world."
Four years sgo mv daughter, Virginia Bell, was treated by Dr. Wong for what phyilela*
called hip disease, and had pronounced incurable alter treating her for eight yean. Dr.Woag
diagnosi was that she was aMLcted with one o( the 13 forms of cancer. His medicine elecMa
a permanent cure in 7 months' time. Two yenrj «go my grandson became bllad In on. eye.
I>r. Wong restored his sight in three weeks' time. A. LAS3WELL, Savannah, CaL
After I had been treated 11 years by six different doctor., for consumption, and_tfc.j had
stated that I couldn't live two months, I took Dr. Wong', medlolne and was curedlln .month*
] enjoy excellent health and weigh 170 pounda , MRS. A. M. AVbLA,
J612 Brooklyn aye., Lo. Angalea, CaL
uso of poisons.
4uuo cures. Ten years in Los Angeles.
are the most powerful, safe, sure and reliable
Pill of this Kind in the Market. Most
effective remedy in suppressed menstruation
and all female troubles arising from it.
Drug/gists sell it. Bcwareof Imitations and
$cc that you get the Genuine Winchester**
Bnallsh White TAly Circle Brand Pennyroyal
fills, with White LUy in centre of circle. Our
box bears our signature, Winchester Chemical
Co. on every side. Ask your Druggist. If he
don't keep it he will get It for you, or write direct
to us and we will scud it upon receipt of price,
S2 by Mail, Postpaid. Bead Cc. for Particulars.
Winchester Chemical Co., Chicago, 111. ,
Easily, Quickly and Permanently Restored.
' It is sold on a positive J
guarantee to care any ftp 1m W
form of nervous pros- w - j m \j
trationor any disorder |
oi tho genital organs of I 7
i either aex, caused mmZ&Ajitb
Before* by excessive use of After*
Tobacco, Alcohol or Opium, or on aceonn*
nt youthful indiscretion cr orer indulgence etc.,
Diz'iiness, t'onvnlaions, Wakefulness. Headache.
Mental Depression, fiofteningof the Brain, Weak
Memory. Bearing Down Pains, Seminal Weak new.
Hysteria. Nocturnal Emissions, Spermatorrhoea*
Lou of Tower and linpotency, which if neglected*
nay lead lo premature old age and insanity.
Positively guaranteed. Price, $1.00 a box; 6 boxes
or jta.OO. Sent by mail on receipt of price. A writter
-jurantee f urn?shod with every $.1.00 order received,
j refund the money if a permanent cure is not
rot-ted. *
vKiwirvK po -**.•.
For sale by GEO. H. FKKEMAX CO,. 102 North
Spring .Street.
""' Bs.'i «io sum- srso.r. loi-woSJirrsSFt
StOSisOaUARD:' Wne» Swccirie Co»Pwu>..Pn.
> Asthma, Bronchitis,
Chronic Constipation,
Chronic Diarrhea,
Nervous Prostration,
Neuralgia, Insomnia,
Insanity, Paralysis.
Chronic Headaches,
Chronic Rheumatism,
Hemorrhoids (Piles),
Fistula, Fissure,
Rectal Ulcer, Dropsy,
Skin Diseases in all forma.
Send for hook (free) which will explain fully
how chronic diseases of all kind, are readily
rellcvec" and cured. Rectal diseases cured la
from two to four weeks.
Satisfactory references given. It will cost
you nothing to investigate my mode of treat
155 North Spring Street,
t omce hours, 12 to 4 p.m. daily. Sundays
At the Crystal Ice Co.
508 1-2 5. SPRING. TEL. 167?*

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