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California Deciduous Fruit at
Auction in Chicago
The Outlook for the Crop of Washington
Sgobel & Day Want l.?mons, Not Cured,
but About Ten Days Alter Picking
From the free
Reports were received yesterday from
the lirst open auction sale of deciduous
fruits at Chicago. The site is said lo be
"open" ami to be established for the ox
press purpose of allowing, the small dealer
to go into tho market aim buy
on a parity with his fellow dealer
who handles fruit in large quan
tities. The Union Auction company
sold one car of fruit, and tho results are
not reported lo have been very satisfac
tory; more accurately, the tcsults aro said
to have been not at all satisfactory. The
buyers were not hucksters and fruit stand
dealers, whose needs aro supposed to be
served by the auction system, but were
commission men, bettor known as con
signees of the California shippers; and it
is openly asserted that the auction is
being used merely as a shield between the
growers and the sliippeis, whose con
signees at tho eastern end ot the route
buy in tho fruit at the auction to resell
to small dealers. The net result is that
the consumer pays he same old big price,
while the price to the grower IS not ad
vanced a penny.
* r> <r
The orange market is in rattier a bail
way. At Porter Bros.' auction sale at Chi
cago, May 22d, the prices of choice seed
lings ranged from !iu cents to $1.15 per
box. As the freight, alone amounted to
Oi) cunts, the lack of profit to both grower
aud dealer is mournfully apparent. Ord
ers conitnue to como into the exchanges,
but slowly: and the making of prices is
always hedged about with difficulties at
tendant upon the fact that, there aro a
thousand, more or less, o! dealers and
growers who have i their crop of iate
oranges on hand who are already seared
at the prospect that the bottom will drop
out of the market, The crop of Washing
ton navels is disposed of. They went off
with a whoop, and a good tuauv more
could have been sold if they had been put
mi the market, of the seedlings probably
75 per cent has been marketed, and at fair
prices. The latest variety, the Mediter
ranean sweets, is still on hand, with Ihe
exception of 5 per cent, which has Ocen
forwarded. Prices are low: the fruit is
beginning seriously to feel the effect of
competition with small fruits in the east
and south, and the market is still further
demoralized by the anxiety of ttie growers
tii dispose of the 25 per cent of the seed
ling oranges still remaining unsold. This
state of affairs, however, is not likely to
last long. The seedlings will dispose of
themselves by tho decomposition route,
which, if hard Jon the growers, will be
gooi for the market. '1 he small fruit
season in the east is very short and the
appetito for oranges persistent and peren
nial. Notwithstanding the present un
satisfactory condition of the market, the
promise is good for a better clear-up of
tho orange crop than the California grower
has known before.
■d -d -a
A letter irom Horace W. Day of New
York says that on May 21st there were on
the docks and afloat for New York 2110,000
boxes of foreign lemons. This is a large
amount, to be sure, but it is less than has
been reported at this season for throe
years past, and Air. Day sees in the report
a promise of a New York demand for
California lemons. "We want lemons,"
he says; "not cured, but not more than
ten days off the trees and through tbe
lirst sweat,' 'a demand which will be no loss
satisfactory thai; stirpri-ing to those
growers who havo been cudgeling their
brains and depleting their pockets in the
effort to supply the market with lemons
scientifically cured.
J> V
NEW YORK, May 27. The World
says: At the present time the receipts of
California ciauges aro ten carloads of
.'IOOO boxes each," The fruit is large ana
delicious, and although in a normal year
the traffic charges are against Califnr
nlant, the Florida planters being onablcd
to undersell their western rivals from 30
to 40c a box. there will in the future be
a standard demand for the luscious fruits
of the Sierra slopes. Last week a car
load of California cherries were sold at
auction. There wero 25,000 pounds in
all. At that sale the California fruit
season of ISC) was formally opened. Cher
ries were of all standard California
growths lilack I'epuOJieans, Tartarian,
Kockpoits, Governor Wood and Prin
cess, and Mold at from s, cunts to $2,06 per
box, containing less than seven pounds
each. A few apricots were included in
the shipment. Cherries will rule In tho
California shipments for tho next two or
three weeks, the apricots becoming in the
meanwhile more plentiful. Peaches will
begin to arrive about June 10th, and w ill
Constitute the bulk of the receipts until
(he lirst week in .Inly, when pears ol the
lfartlett variety—World-famous for their
size and lUSCioUHUOSS —come in, along
with California's variety of giant plums.
Wholesale und Retail Quotations, Corrected
A brisk wind and its acoompan innnt of
flying dust tended to lesson trade today,
but a fair business was transacted.
Eggs are a trifle lirruerand butter shows
signs of weakening under full supplies.
Cherries arc scarce! and a little higher;
apricots and blackberries are growing
cheaper as tho crops come into market
more freely.
Flour has been marked up. and it is
not impossible tiiat a still inure marked
advance may result in sympathy with the
advancing price of wheat.
Quotations follow:
California ranch— too.
Urcen Fruits
AI ricots -$l 25 per crate.
Apples- $2.75 per box,
Blackberries - 100 per box.
Pears $2.00®2.28.
Raspberries—lsc per box.
Red currants—loc per box.
Gooseberries—lc per box.
Bananas—s2.ooo2.2o per bunch.
Flour—Los Angeles, $3,110: »Stockton
brands, $4.10
Bran—Per ton, local, $10.50; northern,
Shorts— Per ton, local, $20.00: northern,
Rolled barley—Per ton, $19,00,
Cracked corn —Per cwt, $1.20.
Foed meal—Per cwt, $1.25.
Creamery—Fancy 2-1 b squares. 28030 c;
2S-oz squares. 25c.
Dairy —Fancy 2-lb squares, 25c: 28-oz
squares. 20«r22 l a c: 28-oz rolls, 20(822
fair to good 2H-oz rolls, [email protected],
ti rain and Hay
Barley—Per cental, feed, [email protected]; seed,
Corn—Per cental, [email protected]
Wheat--Por rental, $l.ooer 1.05.
Hay—Per ton. alfalfa. $7.00wn.00; bar
ley. fc.oo9lo.nu; oats, $9.00(#lO,00; wheat,
lu.oo® ia, 00.
HMM and Wool
as they run—Dry. 15'jC; kips,
iOiio; ilrv calf, 13'jc; bulls and stags,
Sheep pelts Nominal.
WoOl—Nominally. Be)Ic.
Beets—BsOßoC per 100 lbs.
Cabbage—Bo(3) 9ue,
Cauliflower—oo(l per dozen.
Croon onions—4oo per dozen.
Lettuce —129150 per dozen bunches.
Parsnips tOOBOo per inn lbs.
Onions-New white, 11.0001.18; red,
11.10. _
String beans-$3.00(54.09.
(■teen peas 42,00.
Asparagu."-Northern, .Vd'c per In; local,
40(f|S50o per dozen.
Bummer squash—sl.2s per box.
Cucumbers—ll.oo per doz.
Green peppers —80J per lb.
Artichokes—9oo per doz.
Mushrooms— .'loc.
Beans—Lima, 19.00; navy, l8.S9Ot8.B0;
pink, $2.25.
Hams—Rex, per lb, ll'je; picnic, 7,'ic;
boneless. !lc.
Bacon—Por lb., Box boneless breakfast,
11c; light medium, lie; medium. 00,
Dried beef—Per lb., sets, 12o; insides,
liry *alt pork—Per lb., clear bellies,
B'.,c; short clear, 71c; (dear backs, 7'.;e.
Pickled pork—Per half bb!., 80 lbs.,
$«.00. t
Lard- -Per lb., ivory compound, tierces,
BJiO; rexolene, SJtfo, pure leaf. Sc.
Citrus Pralts
Lemons- Uncured, $1.25(c.1.50; cured,
Oranges—Per box, f. o. b., shippers'
quotations: Extra fancy Washington
navels, $2.40; fanov navels. $2.15; choice.
$1.90: fancy seedlings, 11.00; choice, 80c;
standard, 85c.
New—[email protected],
Northern—9l.lo3 1.15.
liens -Per doz. 14.2004,75.
Young roosters —$ 1.750&, 00.
Old roosters—l4.oo.
Turkeys— Isivu. I2olßc per pound.
Geese—sl.ooOLso pet head.
Almonds-Soft shell, lU'Je; paper shell,
12c; hard shell. 80.
filberts — KKo.lJ'..
Pecans --14(3 l-'tc.
Walnuts Los Angeles, Be; Los Nietos.
So; medium soft. soft shell Los
Nietos fancy, [email protected]
Dried Fruits
Apples—Sun dried, sacks, par lb ~<<i)H<:;
boxes. S((J,H 1 .,e; evaporated fancy, 90100.
Apricots—Fancy, [email protected]; choice, 807.
Peaches - Fancy UUpeeled, Ikw 7c; bleach
ed. 7d'Sc.
Nectarines—Fancy, 8(/i<9c: choice, 6070.
Pears—Fancy evaporated, iwr'ie.
Plums—Pitted, choice, 7<S9o,
Prunes—Choice, boxed, 6M7c; sacks,
s<g Bo : fancy, 10c.
Live Stock
Hogs—Per cwt. 14.00.
Iloef cattle- [email protected]
Ca1ve5—52.70(33,20 per head.
Honey and Beeswax
Honey—Comb, [email protected] poi lb; strained,
Beeswax—2oo2oa per lb.
California—Full crea.n flats, 10c; Young
America, lie; hand, 12c; half cream Bats,
7c: Young America. 7'jC; hand, K'.jc.
Eastern —Cheddars and twins. 13(f I.V ~'c.
Imported—Swiss, 23'-..<(7<25c: Edam, per
do/..; $B,[email protected]; limberger. life 15c;
brick, IsOlBo; Westphalia, 20c; Roque
fort, li'jc.
Fresh Meats
Butchers' prices for whole carcasses:
• Beef—sHO6o per lb.
Muiton—[email protected]
Monday, May 27.
frank A Gibson, trustee, and Pa
cilic Mutual Life InsuruncoCo
of California to Cora May
Slack -Lot 20, Grider it Dow's
sub of Briswaltcr trt $ 10
William II HolHday Jatld Flora li
llolliday to Klla (' Fraser—Lots
13 and 14, University add 000
Ella C Feasor to John W Proctor-
Lots 13 and 14. University add 000
Charles II Warner and Isabel
Warner to Frank Moir—Lots (i
and 7 blk 28, Wolfskill Orchard
trt 10
Charles .1 Fox and Sarah M Fox to
F, S Hubbard Lot 4, Thomas
F Flynn's ado. 500
•Julia A Holladay and T I > Holla
day to 11 '1 Young—Port of
lots I and 2 blk 188, Pomona.. 1800
George It Kills to 15 (' Marliavc—
Ist 31.18 acres iv SF \i sec 11,
S, 12 W. .'I I , acres desed in
deed 84—298 3000
Jacob C lvina to Charles Baetz -
Lot 1, hi :t. Now Depot trt 100
Stephen Lynch and Eliza Lynch
to Horace I! Wing -20-10,000 of
water in Vordugo canyon Ap
purtenant to W 10 acres of bit
88, Watts' sub, 5 -200 525
Doeflo Wiebers a.id Millieent H.
Wlebors to Altu M Sohuratick
S % of lot 8, bl A, MoFnr
' land's suii 160
j,l M Holmet ami l.vdia X liohnct
to Mnry O Todd"--Lot 27, bl 81,
West LA 750
James II Scrviss to .lane W Scrviss
Lot s. bl T, the Palms 5
Millard N Sheldon and .Minnie F
Sheldon to M N Avery—Und
'4 int in lot 4, bl 11, crmston
trt 775
Kstauislao de Uroiliza, adror, to
Henry Schaefcr— Lot 108. Jo
sola sub 1800
Chester .1 Williams t,o Mrs A C
McQuillan and w c McQuillan
Lot 8, Mosher trt 2
Sarah S Scrvis and John .1 Servis
to H Adolph Wagner Lots 8
and 7, bl 5, Seutous trt 1250
Gardner H Smith and Mary F
Smith to L P Hansen Lots
11, 12 and 22, (l X Smith's sub 1
\II J Woollncott, trustee, to Ade
laide d'Artois Lota I, 11, 18.
15. 57. 57. 08, 01. 83. 85 and 07.
II J Woollacolt's First stroet
trt 2215
< J F, McComua and Km ma M Mc-
Comas to Newell U Richard
son—Lot 7, blk 8, Pomona.... 020
Sybil A Bason and U II Bason to
Caario A Lee—B 25 feet of lot
2. and N 25 feet of lot I, blk 84,
Terminus homestead trt 380
Delia X Potter and A C Pottor to
Nelson Story -Beginning at
SK corner lot 2, blk 17, O S,
west along south line of lot 105
feet, then at right angles
northerly 40 feet, etc 1800
August Krickson to Nina E Erick
oon—Lot 12, Hose's trt 10
Carrie X Pounds and Lewis H
* Founds to Rosalia A Stetson
— Lots 84 and 30, blk 28, Au
geleno Heights trt 1000
Ii I Urbanua to Mrs. Kir tie Ur
banus Lot 0. blk 45, Clare
mont 5
A A Johnson and Fiva M Johnson
to Walter X Dean—SEW of
SK'., and WK of SE!<, and
SW>4 of sec 33, 2 N 14 W 10
Lars Johnnneson to David J Ken
nelly—WH of lot 2, Hoover trt,
lot 1, blk 1, Los Angeles homo
stead trt MOO
Robert .1 Forsyth and Rebecca 0
Forsyth to Emma S Cameron
—E 0-10 of W'-i of iot O, Freer
tri 737
II J Woollacott. trustee, to Charles
A Colo—Lot 10, H J Woolla
cott First. street trt 600
Thomas B Ncsbit aud Mary A
Nesbit to B B Nesbit—Und <4
int in 12.12 ac, being lot 1,
Kirov A llhorers' subd of Soto
trt, 8 U'A nr. of W l'o no of I>l
li»!t. Pomona trt, lota li, .'!, ii
and 7. IB and M, I>l A, Woodys'
Blind N % of lot 1. bl 33. Po
niona. lot H, bl I Hi, of \V VA HO
of McGomas subd, Pomona. . 7500
A Jl Toftl anil Edward E Howe
mid Louis Phillips to Albert
Judge Lots J. li, 0 and 7, bl
A, Woodys auhd 1
William M HoeKec and Mrs Martha
Hopgeo to Arie lloegoc— Lots
ISO and 181. Grider A How's
subd of Brlswalter tit sou
Thomas Mellaniels Potter and
Mrs Tonim io Potter to Herbert
E Kronniek -Lot in. bl C, Pot
tor A West's subd 500
Thomaa E Walker and Florence S
Walker to Susanna M de Mo
reno Lot 5, Kcrckhofl'-Cti/.ner
A Co trt 050
A C Shnfor and Mary 11 Shnfor to
A Herman - Lot's and S 2d 11,
of lot 7. Hainan A Millard trt 3800
Sarah F French to Elizabeth a
Sanborn—E 175 ft of lots 15
and 10, W N Abbott's subd.... 1170
Elizabeth Stump and .1 X Stump
to Eva Mnv Clapp SE U of
HE U sec 32, T 2 S, I! I:: W.
and lot 2 or frae NE ', of
NW 1, see 5, T8 S. II Pi W ... 12,000
Los Angeles Cemetery nssooia
tion to 11 H Bixby— E ',of lot
840. Evergreen eemeterv 110
J C MoColttim to II 11 Bixby—W
'~ of lot 840, Evergreen cem
etery 110
W W Newlnnd et ux to Christina
liuftou -Lot 40, blk A, Santa
Monica 100
Mary 11 Elliott to J 11 Anderson—
i.ot 3:1, blk B, Elilott'a Ninth
street tract 200
F A (iibson. trustee, et al., to
llarker Emery—Lots 10 and
17,Urider A How's siibof Bris
waltcr trt 500
(i W Lawrence et al to B E Orr—
Lot 28, Woodworth tit 3333
11 C Hall et ux to Clo P Cantield—
Commencing in west line of
Grand aye. 120 feet south of
south line of Seventh st., etc..
Tfeed 9 53
Nominal : 17
Total $88,877.98
The Day's Transactions on the Chicago Board
of Trade
CHICAGO, May 27.—The session com
menced with tho daily repeated dxeite
inent in tho wheat pit. The most, gener
ally current price at the start was
The price rushed up ami down iv a nerv
ous manner, dropping in the last, half
hour to near 780, tbe close being at 78 : Xe.
July corn closed %a under Saturday
and oats %®yfa lower, while pork closed
with a net gain of V%v, lard 2]jc and
ribs from 2',,'c to sc,
Loading futures ranged as follows:
Wheat No. 2—
May ....77»i
July 788
September 79i„
Corn No. 2—
July. Ofif
September 50'^
Oats No. B—
May 2814
June 259 a
July "20',
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour -Winter patents, $3.40(93.70; win
ter straights, $3.25(«'-3.(i5; spring patents,
$3.75(84.76; spring straights, $2.90(33.7*|
bakers'. $2.7503.15.
Wheat—No. 2 spring. 80%@81VO; No. 3
spring, 75("Sle; No. 2 red, 77%@780.
Corn—No. 2, [email protected]|40,
Oats—No. 2, 25 : ,'.;0; No. 2 white, 32(3
32Kc; No. 3 white, 31 c,'w 32',e.
Rye—No. 2, IXItftBS^C.
Barley—No. 2, 51oj No. 5, 48<951c;
No. 4, 460,
Flax seed—sl. in.
Timothy seed—Prime. 15,00.
Mess pork—Per barrel, $12.50(3 12.02...
Lard—Per 100 lbs, $6.55(3)6,57 H,
Short ribs—Sides, loose, $o.2oer(i.2'i.
Dry saltod shoulders—Boxod, $5.37%(3
Sides—Short clear, boxed, $0.50(8(1.02'^.
Whisky—Distillers' finished goods, per
gallon, $1.28)4,
On the produce exchange today the but
ter market was steady; creamery, 10(3
17"so; dairy, 00160,
Eggs were linn at 11(311 v^c.
Tiie receipts an<t shipments wero:
Articles. Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, barrels S.OOO 15,000
Wheal, bushels 170,000 107,000
Corn, bushels 511.000 300,000
Oats, bushils 484,000 S7,0(I0
Rye, bushels 0,000 1,000
Ba-loy, busnels 17,000 1,000
Following are tho Los Augelos bank
clearings for tho current week:
Day. Exchanges. Balances.
Monday « 305,945.60 $44,092,11
Chicago Live Stock Market
CHICAGO. May 27—Cattle wero in
good demand and prices remained un
Hogs—Heavy, $4.30(34.40; lights, $4.25
(i?:4..">0; mixed, $4,25(34.00,
Sheep -Common to choice natives, 83.00
(34.75; lambs, $5.90(35.40.
Receipts—Cattlo, 13,000; calves, ;
hogs, 15,000; sheep, M.oon.
Liverpool Market
LIVERPOOL May 27. - Wheat - - Spot,
qulot; demand moderate; No. 2 red win
ter, 5s lid; No. 2 red spring, lis li' .d;
No. I hard Manitoba, 5* li;,'d; No". 1
California, 5s lP^d.
Futures higher; May, 5s 10 : !;,' d; June,
.".slid; July, 5s ll%fd; August, 88 '~d;
September, 6s : .'.td; October, Os l' 4 d.
Corn-Snot firm; American mixed,
, new, Is lid.
Futures closed steady: May, 4s 11'.,d:
June, 4s 0'(d; July, laii'.jd;' August, Is
Ojid; September, 4a v Xd; October, 4s
Hi', jd.
Flour- Firm; domand moderate; St.
Louis fancy winter, 7a 3d.
Hops—At London, Pacific ('oust, £2 ss.
* Visible drain Supply
NEW YORK, May 27. -Visible sup
ply of grain Saturday, May 25, as com
piled by Ihe New York Produce Exchange,
is as follows:
Visible. Increase. Decrease.
Wheat... 54,244,000 2,240,000
Corn.... 9,070,000 1,140,000
Oats 7,990,000 1,057,000
Rye 137,000 12,000
Barley .. 145,000 35.000
Fruit Sale
CHICAGO. May 27.-California fruit
was sold at. auction today, the following
prices being realized:
Cherries—Black Tartarian, 700(35L40;
Bigeruus, $1.15(31,70; Centennial, $1.70;
Governor Wood, $1,80; White, $1.30; Eat
on, $1.75.
Apricots—Pringle, half crates, $1.85.
Cherry plums—sl.2o.
London Stock ilarket
NEW YORK, May 27.-The Evening
Post's London cablegram says:
The stock markets were all but idle to
day. The house closes on Saturday. The
tone was good. Americans were strong
with a alight reaction at the close. Ger
man buying was said to bo largely stimu
lated by improved exports of Germany
and America.
When Baby was sick, we frare her Castona.
When she was a Child, she cried for Caatoria.
When she became Miss, she clung to Caatoria.
When she had Children, the g we them Caatoria.
A. A. Eckßtrom has removed to 324 South
Spring street with hla stock of wall papej-
Usb GaxuAN Family sjoast
Money, Stock, Bond and Produce
A Strong Market During Most of
the, Day.
Favorable Crop Reports and statements of In
creased traffic Famines Cause Steady-
Advance in Prices
NEW YORK, May 27. — Except for a few
minutes between 11 and 12 o'clock tbe
stock market was strong. Foreign houses
wero small buyers and London cables re
ported a good market for Americans ex
cept at the close, when a slight reaction
took place. Crop reports were favorable
and the traffic stateinonts received gener
ally showed increased net earnings. Spec
ulation opened strong and prices advanced
steadily, tho general market being firm
and strong to the close the changes in
tbe active list being slight.. Compared
with Saturday's prices the final sales were
iv the main higher.
The bond trading was active, the sales
aggregating $3,005,000.
Closing Stocks
NEW YORK. May 27.—The official clos
ing quotations for stocks were as fol
lows :
Atchison B\i\U. T.B t 0n.1t... 6.,
Adams iix 114 Northwestern oo
Alton, Terra H... 58 do pfd i-ti :l «
| do pill N V. Central ...lO*',
American Its ....117 N.Y.,t X. Kit*... 44',
nan.,v. ohm 04 Ontario ,t west.. ls.U
Can l'aeltlc r>3 1 , Oregon Imp 1H
can. Southern... b'iu OregonNav 20
Central Paetfie... OrcHonSlu.itbine
Ches.it onio 22? H * Northern 8U
Cfalo, A Alton... .150 Pae.ltic.Mail 2H'
0. 11. ,t(J Hl 7 „ Peoria Dee. &. E, <i :, s
chloago Gas 54>2jPittsburg ir».Vt
con. (ias 144 1 , Pullman 171
c.c.c.tst. 1,... 44H:Readlng io'„
Col. I 'oal ,t Iron.. 9V*. Itlchmuiid Ter... ■
Cotton Oil 23W do Btd
Del.A Hudson .1:11 '4. KloO. Western... 10
Del. Lack. W lot) do pfd 45
D.4R.G, pfd.... 47% Rock Island To
Distillers 20 St.t'aul Ot-.;
Kast Tenu ■ do pfd 120 ,
Erie i:i '»St. Paul A 0
do pfd 3T9i do pfd 114
FortWavae 157 Southern Pacific 20
fit. North'n pfd. .13:1 Uciinery... 117 7 *
C. &K. 111. ptd. ...100 Tcnn. Coal .tlron 88Hj
Hooking Valley.. 20lexasl'aeilic 13
Illinois Con 00 Tol. & O.Csn pfd, 7S
st, Paul & Duluth 28!JUnlonPaelHo 151,
Kan. & Tex. Pfd. 32 C. s. Express 40
bake I'.rie it W... 25' s Wabash, .St.Louis
do pf,i H2'. APaqlrlo f»y
Lake shore 140 " do pfd 20.,
Lead Trust Wells Fargo BxilOa
L. it n ftßta'WesternUnlOtt... 02\
L. it N.Albany... IO 1 .. Wheeling* L. X.. 14' ,
Manhattan Con.. 118/] do pfil 4">'„
Memphis it Char la Minn,, t St. L 88
Michigan Cen....100',, I), it li. (1 l"i
Missouri Paoltte., «85S|Qen,Kl»otrlo 34< t
Mobile itohio.... 23 Nat. Linseed. ... 28* rt
Nash, it chat .. no col. Fuel A Iron. 20
Nat. ConUge 344 do p(d .. 70
do pfd il. it Tex, Cen... 2'a
N.J. Central 10l s „ Tol., A. A. A North
Norfolk it W pfd.. 15 Michigan O
North American.. t> Tel., BtU & X.C.. V&i
N. Paoltte sfe do pfd 13
dopid .'2ol a American Tobac.ll3
So. It. II 14' , do pfd 110
dopfu 3!>'„St. P.. M. (k M....110
Bond List
NEW YORK, May 27. -Tho following
are the closing quotations for tho bond
I s new4s, rag...123', con Pee lit*, '05.103
E s new -Is.coup .120', D4J$U7a 112U
Us.'ia, reg 110 do 4s 871.,
doss, coup \W\ Erie seconds OO
do 4s, reg 112?„o II it S A lis 97
do 4s, coup 118}$ do 7s 101*
no is, reg 07 II * T Cent Ss 109'„
Paclftoßsol '08..100 do Os 10:1 c.
Ala Class A 107 MX T Ist 4s
ao Class B IOS do 2d -ls 50',
do Class c 9614 Mut Union Us 109
do currency— N .1 0 lieu 5s 116
La New Con 45.... 07 'NPaclsts \l~'- t
Missouri 0s 100 do 2ds 101
N Carolina 0s 124 Northwest Cou ,14014
do 4s 103 do Blf deb Bs.. loSyj
.s Caioltna N-fund 1% l: fl W lata 77
Tcn'n now set (is,. KOVJ St Paul Con 75.. .12S
do "is 100 do C .t I' W 55..113
do :ts 'st I. it I M i lon Os. 70' i
dooldlis 60 St Lifcß Ftien6s..llO!j
Va Centuries 00,.Texas l'aelsls.... 04
dodeferred 0l 4 do 2(ls 3F>i
Atenlson Is 74 ill I' lsts of '00.. .lOh'.j
do 2d A . 25.. West Shore 4s lev.
Can So'Jds 104>,,150 II It 5s 9i>j
Government bonds strong.
State bonds dull.
Railroad bonds firm.
Mining Shares
SAN FRANCISCO, May 27. -Official
closing quotations for mining shares were
as follows:
Alia 00 Julia 02
Alpha Con o:t Justice .08
Andes 11 Kenfuok Con 03
Belcher 46 Lady Wssh'n Con.. Ol
Belle lsie Mexican 43
Best ,t Belcher. ... 50 Mono 11
Bodic Con (IO Mt Diablo 15
Bullion 12 Navajo ■ —-
BulwerCon 0D Occidental Con— 21
Caledonia 06 Uphlr 115
Ctiallcntte Con 22 Overman 17
Chollar 20 I'otoal 44
Conlldonce 1(10 Savage — 40
Con Cal and Va ... 250 Scorpion..
( on Inioorial Ol Sierra Nevada 53
Con New York 03 Silver Hill 02
Crown Point 49 Silver King. 20
I Exchequer ... Ot Union Cou 20
Gould id Curry BO UtahGon 03
(irand Prize Yellow Jacket 5'
Hale it Norcross. .105)
Boston Quotations
BOSTON, May 27.—The closing quota
tions wero:
Atchison 8!« Mexican 12W
Bell Telephone... 300 San Diego »
Burlington tfl'a
floney Quotations
NKW YORK, May 27 Monoy on cal!
easy atlttfl'.j per cent; last loan at 1
per cent; closed at 1 per cent.
Prime mercantile paper, O.rtM'-j per
Sterling oxohange steady, with actual
| business in bankers' bills at. $4.8804.88}$
for demand and $1.87(084.87'4 for 80-day
I'.isLed rates, $4.87K<a4.88 and
! Commercial 'nils,
Silver oerttlicates,
SAN FRANCISCO, May 27.—Sight
drafts on Now York, 50,
Telegraphic, 10c.
LONDON, May 27.—Bank of England
discount rate, 2 |>or cont.
Consols, lUo!iu.
Silver Bullion
SAN FRANCISCO, May 27. —Silver
bars, per ounce, 07^088,
Mexican dollars, 63008^0.
NEW YORK, May 27.—Silver bar 3 per
j ounce, 67c.
Mexican dollars. 52c.
LONDON, May 27.—Bur silvor per
ounce, 30Jid.
Cash Balance
WASHINGTON, May 27. -Today's
statement of the condition of the treasury
shows: Available cash balance, $185,257,
--848; gold reserve, $98,280,891.
Bank of England Bullion
LONDON, May 27.—The amount of
bullion gone into the Bank of Eaglaud
today was £13.000.
NEW YORK. May 27.-Petroleum-
Dull; closed $1.(10.
Hall's Hair itcnewcr is pronounced the best
preparation made for thickening the growth
of the hair and restoring that which Is gray to
its original color.
Call Biard Prices Orjln anl Provision
SAN" FRANCISCO. May 27.-Wheat-
Steady. December, $1.04%; new seller.
Barley-Quiet; December, 669£ C
Flour -Family extras, $3.40(33.50; bak
ers'extras, $3.30(33.40; supcrline, $2.85(9
Wheat-No. 1 shipping !WWo2'»'« per
cental; choice, 93&40; milling, li7',eii<sl.un
per cental.
Barley Feed, fair to good, 82) o•"•',''';
choice, 85t966)1c; brewing, 50(3)H0o.
Oats—Quiet. Milling $1.0714(31.17X;
fancy feed, $1.02' 1.07 1 ; good to Choice,
!>■_" ..ccisl.ui); common to lair, 85(390c;
red. $1.15(31.20: gray, sur
prise, $1.10(81.20.
The receipts were:
Flour, quarter aacss 7.439
Oregon 10.040
Washington 5.205
Wheat, centals 51,04.1
Barley, centals 8,250
Oregon 818
Oati 75
Washington 1,494
Oregon 480
Corn 320
Beans, SfOkfl 171
Rye, centals 530
Potatoes, sacks 2,011
Oregon 1,703
Onions, sacks 270
Bran, sacks 1,215
Oregon 2,t>38
MiddliiK,, sacks 4H."»
Oregon 240
liny, tons 378
Hops, bnleß 07
Wool, bales 202
Washington 101
Oregon » 28
San Francisco Produce Market
SAN FRANCISCO. May 27.—Potatoes-
New river Burbankr,7s9sl j new in sacks,
501370 c: new Early Pose in boxes from the
river. [email protected]; new Peerless, 80(3700; Ore
gon Burbanks, 30f350c per cental.
Onions - New red. 55(c 10c per sack.
Butter—Fancy creamery, 12(312Wc; sec
onds, fancy' dairy, I0(3llc;
fair to choice", 0(5.0'._:c: store, 7i"7',c,
Cheese—Fancy mild new, [email protected]}<4o; com
mon to good, 3<950; Young America,
[email protected]; Eastern, 12)4(914}41>; Western, SwOc.
Eggs -Ranoh. 18(315c per doz; store,
11'.,(.' I2'.;c; Oregon, 12c'T2',c; duck eggs,
Poultry -Turkey gobblers 12(3i13c per lb
anil 12(3x30 for lions; Geese, per pair,
$1,011:. 11.25: goslings, per pair, $1.25(31.75;
ducks. $8.50(34,00 per dozen for old and
$3,00(37.00 for young: hens. $4.50(35.50;
roosters, young", $R.Oo(rf 10.00 per doz;
old. $2.00(34.00 per dozen; trycrs, $6.50(3
7.50 por dozen; broilers. $5.00(86.00 per
tlozen fui largo and $2.1X1(3 I.on for small;
plgeOUS, $1.75(32.00 for young and old.
Middlings, $17« iin per ton.
Ground "and rolled barley, $14.00(315.00;
oil cake meal at the mill, $25 per ton;
cottonseed oil cake, $24 per ton.
Hay New wild oat, $5.50(87.00; now
alfalfa, $5.50; wheat, tt.00t311.00: wheat
and'oat, $7.00(810.50: barley. $7.00(88.00;
oat. $8.00(3 lo.on; alfalfa, $7.oo<Bß.so;oTover,
$7.» ! ii./ 8.06; compressed,s7.oo(Blo.oo; stock,
$6.00(37.00 per ton.
Straw, 40(3700 pe> bale.
Vegetable Market
SAN FRANCISCO, May 27.-Arrivals
of vegetables included Slid boxes aspara
gus; 170 boxes rhubarb and 105 sacks pea.-.
Quotations follow:
Asparagus—Ordinary, 50c(8$L00 a box;
choice, $1.25(81.50.
Rhubarb—3o(94oo for ordinary and 50(3
75c per box for choice.
Green peas—7sc(Bsl por sack; garden,
2(32)40 per lb.
Siring beans—BVaO'o4l-jc por lb for green
and 4(350 for golden wax.
Cucumbers—Marysvillc, $1.50(81.75 per
Summer squash, 75c(85L75 per box.
Tomatoes—s3.oo(B3.23 per box.
Peppers—Dried. 121,(815c.
Okra—Dried, 15c per lb.
Cabbage—7sc per cental.
Garlic—7(3Bo per lb.
San Francisco Orange rtarket
SAN ERANCISCO, May 27. -The San
Francisco Fruit Auction Company had an
offering of oranges today, selling as fol
N avols—ssc (ii $2.00.
See d Jlll g a—20(3780.
Mediterranean sweets—ss(Bone,
St. Michaels—[email protected]
Malta Bloods—[email protected]
If You Have
Soros, Boils, or
any other skin disease,
the Superior
and Spring Medicine.
Cures others,
will cure you
"1 have been using Cerebri nu two weeks, and
I am glad to report the most excellent result.
I was in a stale of nervous prostration that
utterly unfitted me for any continued menial
work. From Hie lirst dose I experienced a re
newed intellectual grasp aud power and clear
ness ami joy in mental work that I had not
known for years. Besides this lam conscious
of an Increase of muscular strength and en
durance that surprises inc. At lirst I was in
clined to suspect that these results were due to
strong* stimulating properties in the Animal
Extracts; but as I studied their effects I found
that they were not only permanent, hut were
of an entirely different character from those
produced by a stimulant. Under the Influence
of nit ordinary stimulant I felt a highly exalted
state of body and mind, but the activity was
feverish and "eccentric, while the effect of the
Cere brine is to give a sense of cool, satisfied,
eelf-controlled mental and physical energy.
"Sincerely yours, WaYLAND Johnson,
" "Pastor First Baptist Church."
DOSE, Five Drops. Price (3 drachms), #1.00,
Where local druggist* are not supplied with
the Hammond Animal Extracts they will bo
mailed, together with all existing literature
on the subject, on receipt of price by
Washington, D. C.
FOR BALE BY 11. M. SALE *fc SON, 220 &
Spring si, Los Angeles.
401 and 407 N. Main st., Los Angeles.
lU'i S. MAIN ST. Telephone 1489,
Chicago Grain
New York Stocks
S. F. Wheat and Barley
Bought, sold and carried on margins. Daily
circular and little hooks on speculation, or
HOW TO MAKE MONEY, mailed free.
MFW FARFQ at.i. about eh anqing
rttwt» tn. Features and ftemov r^^m
ing Blemishes, In 150 p. book for a stamp.
John 11. Woodbury. 127 W. 42d St.,N. Y.
Inv.nlnr nf Wuodhnrv't* Kunlnl Sunn.
-AT All.— :
firem American Importing fi (ja
To every purchaser <>f DOoorfl P\\tLU flUfflV
worth of our celebrated UllCll HflHI
Teas, Coffees, Spices, Etc.
Come sec us—our very liberal inducement"
will snr prise you.
Buying ot First Hand —An immense saving
Hf-Nn Peddlers' Ptoftti to pay.
i;oods Delivered Free.
I3S NORTH MAIN, I ftfl RUnM [0
"By a thorough knowledge of tbe natural
laws which govern ihe operations of digestion
&nd nutrition, and by a careful application of
the tine properties of well-selected cocoa, Mr.
iSppt has provided for *»■ ir breakfast and sup
per a delicately flavored beverage which may
save us ninny heavy doctor's bills. It ia by the
judicious use of such articles of diet that ft
constitution may be gradually built up until
Itroag enough to resist every tendency to dis
ease. Hundreds of suiilie maladies are float
tag around us, ready to attack wherever thera
in a weak point. We may escape many a fatal
shaft by keeping ourselves well fortified with
pnre blood and a properly nourished frame.'
—Civil Service ba/ette.
Made simply with boiling water or milk,
■'old only in half-pound tins, by grocers, la
beled thus:
lAMBS fiPPS & CO., Limited. Homoeopathic
Chemists, London, England.
••• CITY
Grill and Scroll Work
Office and Bank Railings, Window
and Shark Guards,
lToral Designs of Every Description
Made to Order.
Opp. Terminal Kailroad, . .
Over First street bridge, LOS Angeles.
DR, WONG HIM, who haw practiced mefllf*
cine In Los Angeles for 20 years, .an*
whose office is at 039 Upper Main street, wilt
treat by medicine all diseases of women, men"'
and children. The doethr claims thst he has
r mcdies that are superior to all otbors is cv
Bpecitic for troublos of women and men. A
trial alone Will convince the sick that Dr.
Wong Hlra's remedies are more efficacious than,
can bo prescribed. T)r Wong Him is aXhlrieit'
physician of prominence and a gentleman Of'
responsibility. His reputation is more than
well established, and all persons needing Ml:,
services can rely on bis skill and ability. a,
cure is guaranteed in every case In which a re>
covory is possible. Herb medicines for sale.
6)9 Upper Main Street, I.os Angeles,
P, O. BOX 227, STATION C, ;
Los ANQBLBS, Cal, June 17, 18H4. (
To THE Public: I have been suffering with 1
pile* and kidney troubles for over five years,
and have tried several remedies, but all falleeV
to relieve me. A short time since I tried Dr.
Wong Him, 6U9 L'puer Main street, and I n«
now \vi! and strong, and consider him a First
class doctor. Yours truly,
235 S. Hill It, Los Angeler, CaL
LoB ANOBbBS, Junes. 18BK
To tok PUBLIC: For over live years I have
been troubled with nervous sick headache and]
liver complaint, I didn't seem to tind any help
from tbe many doctors and medicines that I
tried until I tried Dr. Wong Him, 689 Upper
Main street- lam now well. Yours truly.
48 Hinton aye., Los Angeles, Cal,
Los A NOBLE* Cal., July 21, 1804.
DR. WONG HIM. 031* Upper Main st. ■
Dear Si it: I take pleasure in adding my tn»
tiinonv to the many you nave aiready received.
I will say that after taking your treatment tot
catarrh ol the head and throat, that I am now
well, and ask you to refer to me any person
that may feel skeptical and I «ill satisfy them
as to the edicauv of your treatment. Yourfl
truly, E. KINO.
Attorney ana Notary Publjc.
liarvan/a, Cal.
Summons in Divorce
oi California, in and for the count; of Loi
Mrs. a. Lea, plaintiff, vs. Albert O. Lea, de
Action brought in the Superior Court of the
state of California, in ami lor the county of
Los Angeles, and the complaint tiled In said
County of L 18 Angeles, in the ollice of the cleric
of said Superior Court.
The people ot the state of California send
greeting to A. O. Lea, defendant.
You are hereby required to appear in an ac
tion brought against you by the a hove- named
plaintiff, in tho Superior Court of the state of
California, in aud tor Los Angeles county, and
to answer the complaint fllsU therein witli in
ten flays (exclusive of the day of service) aftar
the service on you of lb s summons, it sorvoVi 1
within this county; or, if served elsewhere,
Within thirty days.
This said action is brought to obtain a judg
ment and decree of court, dissolving the bonds'
of matrimony now existing between the plain
tiff aud defendant, upon the grounds of the
defendant's failure to support plaintiff for
morothan two years last past, or provide hor
with the necessaries of lite, having the ability
to so do, and for costs ol su|. Reference is had
to complaint for particulars,
And you are hereby notified that if you fail
to appear and answer ihe said complaint as'
above required, tbe said plaintiff will cause
your default to be entered and win apply to
the court for ihe relief demanded *v the
con) plain i.
(liven under my hand aud the seal of the
Superior Court of the state of California, in
and for the county of Los Angeios, this IMtp>
day oi April, iv the year o£ our Lord one
thousand eight hundred and ninetv-tive.
[L. &] T. E NEWLIN, Clerk.
Uv a m. ftauvam n*m*tv clerk. • -

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