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Army Of the Republic:-We are assem
bled today to commemorate the death of
our fallen comrades, to scatter earth s
fairest flowers upon their graves, to pay
one more tribute of respect to their mem
ory, to call a halt in the active march of
life and for one brief day to lay aside its
cares and duties and lo assemble our
selves together that we may call to mind
the hiStorf of the past, and that wo may
teach our children the .lessons we have
learned. . . .
We stard today, dear comrades and
friends, beside IdO.OdU graves—lOO.noi) pat
riotic, dead, lying under the sad and
mournful hemlock or under tho weeping
willow, buried In the trenches dug by
loving comrades, laid away to .est under
the sod of the sunny south, they sleep
today, careless alike of sun or pain.
Their blood has baptized tho soil that
received their bodies in its cold embrace.
They nre our dead, our brothers, our
comrades: your boys, your brothers, your
husbands, your lovers. Their eyes* are
closed in death, and we shalljiot look on
their faces again in this world. There
they rest until the end of time shall
come and they shall be called forth to
their reward. There let them rest on
the tields of their fume and glory. Tour
hundred thousand men are gone: the
light of their lifo gone out; their faces
and forms to be seen by us no more.
Yet they are not dead, for their mem
ories shill live in tiie hearts of a grateful
people* From yeat to year, as we pluck
the flowers and strew them on their
grave , their memories will continue to
grow brighter, and we will teach our
Children to lemember their valor, their
deeds and their death.
This beautiful custom of decorating the
graves was formally established in isiilt by
the grandest of the volunteer soldiers,
John A. Logan. From that grand hero,
twenty-six years ago, has grown the
beautiful custom, and tho 80th day of
May seems to be the only day not given
over to pleasure and money-making.
And so wr are gathered today, com
rades and friends, to strew the giaves
of our dead with these beautiful flowers,
ami with you today to stand with band
heads in grateful H mem bra nee to the
women who lirst conceived this beautiful
custom. In this, as in many other things
In life, we are indebted to women for her
thoughtfuln«ss. And as we gather today
In these memorial observances, let ns not
forget that woman's hands first placed
sweet Howers upon the sodicrs' graves,
and iet us remember that our lamented
Logan took tttis jewel of patriotic,
tender thought and fixed it into a memo
rial setting.
The people who now live must not be
permitted to forgel these noble patriots,
nut their memory must bo kept alive.
While wo live, dear old comrades and
friends, and while we are able to pluck
the (lowers and match to the graves ot
OU«' dead, let us go with uncovered heads
and bowed hearts to these shrines. Not
going in the sni.it of levity or merry
making, nor turning tho day into one of
gain, but go with our children and teach
them tho lessons of loyalty and patriot
ism, over remembering that men learn
little in this world from precept, hut
much from example. The nest teachers
-are the lives ot great men. and ill fact the
history of the WOfld is but the history of
men wiio have lived and the Story of
their lives.
For years after tho battle of Thcr
mopylc every child in the schools of
Ureece was made to recite the names of
the immortal 300 who had defended the
pass. Ami it would he a crowning tri
umph if every rolloolboy in the t*nited
States were taught the names of Lincoln,
Grant* Sherman, Sheridan and Logan,
and taught to remember the valor <>f all
our patriots* . . .
Comrade Da 1/ell uttered a snlomn
thought Wllefl he said: 'The Howers we
lire Catherine, comrades, for the solemn
service of Jteooration <iay will hardly
have withered or lo«t their fragrance
above the holy shrine where .mr heroic
comrades sleep until we shall lie down
beside them. The time is drawing near,
the night eometh, the three shots arc al
ready loaded in tlio guns soon to he lired
above our insensate clay. Passing away,
J&tOQO, MO,OOO of its annually and m an
accelerated ratio afl the year? roll on, we
cannot tarry MUch longer. Bid the
hungry and* avaricious orrice-soek"r and
miser be patient: we shall soon be out of
their way. Soon we shall bo mustered
under the sod. It cannot bo long. They
say we want the earth—tho earth wants
US, and it cannot wait much longer to
receive us. Graves yawn at-our feet. This
is the last Decoration day 36,000 of us
■hall ever see. Before another anniversary
day we shall rest under the ft fa "8 and
(lowers In our green tents of peace and
rest. Hoienin, then, and universal be the
service of Howera. Bring your garlands
here, old comrade*', and from your sad
eyes once more, anil perhaps for the last
time, shed your tears above these holy
graves: but o.ni ttboVe the blooming
blossoms of spring, above the quietude oi
death, let lite Mags Moat, tho sweetest of
all the flowers in the world."
Memorial l»a> in Los and W here the
Pcple Went
Yesterday Wat very generally observed
by the people ol 1-os Angeles. Business
houses were closed during at least half of
the day. and this meant an abundance of
patronising material. The street cars did
an Immense business, and fortunately
with no casualty. Garly in tho morninc
thousands Of people were d istri bitted
among the different cemeteries in order
to attend the exercises carried out by tbe
posts Of the O. A. K. A large dumber
*l ent 1 no forenoon at Athletic park, Where
throughout the entire day the wheelmen
held the fort in a series of races, than
which no better have ever been seen In
•Southern California. Simpson tabernacle
pioved a magnet In the afternoon for
many hunurcus who listened to Memorial
day oratory. Five thousand people, it is
estimated, witnessed the sports at tho
wheelmen's fete during the latter half of
the day. An unestimatcd but largo num
ber went to the seasioe resorts, there to
enjoy a dip in the surf, and anothtr large
number visited Pnsa lena, Kcho mountain
end other suburban points. Tno city
narks offered no unusual attractions, but
were well attended from early in the morn
ing until sunset, ami the theaters both at
lUatuitfe and In thecvoning were crowded.
World's Columbian Imposition
Will be of value to the world by illustra
tirg the improvements in the mechanical
Hits and eminent physicians will tell
you (hat tho progress in medical agents
has been of equal importune*, and a* as
strengthening laxative that Syrnp of Pigs
is far in advance of all others.
$20 for a Name
We offer a cash prize of $20 to the per- I
son suggesting the most appropriate name ;
Of Ihe absolutely pure distilled water '
manufactured by us for drinking and
medicinal purposes. All communications j
must he sent in before June loth. The '
lee anil Cold Storage Company of Los i
Angeles, Seventh street and Santa Fc
Santa Catalina Island
Special notice—On Thursday. June lith.
the Bttarnor Hermosu will make a special
trip to Avalon. retarding next day.
Passengers will take tne 9iHt a.m. train
Iroln the Southern Pacific Arcade depot.
No steamer Will continent with the 1 !(K)
V. in. train on above date. Wilmington
Transpotation Company.
li.icursion to Urand Canyon, Colorado River,
May :17m, under pergonal escort of Miss
J.. 1.. Whitlock, special excursion agent
iinri chaperon, Cot full particulars at
l-anta Pc ticket office, 129 North Spring
BUFPRnKitfI kroji coughs, sorf Throat, etc.,
fthould be constantly supplied with "Itruwn's
jlroueliinl 'Jiucnes."
Coolest place in tho olty to tune!>. l.it
f n Neck clams on shell. Hollenbtek cafe.
Or. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World'! Fair Hljhest Medal and Diploma.
Memorial Day Impressively
Terminal Railway Company Seeking
Franchise Amendments
I. O. Q. T. Rntertalnment—Boy Run Over.
Juveniles Prosecuted Tor Shooting
Within the City-Notes
PASADFAA, Miy 30.—The ceremonies
In commemoration of the dead soldiers
were conducted today with the usual im
pressiveness and solemnity that marks
Decoration day observances, and the pro
gramme previously announced was car
ried out without any accidents or mis
haps to mar the occasion. The various
organizations gathered early and about
in o'clock tho procession began to move
west on Colorado street in tho following
order. At the head of the column Mar
shall Hangham and aids on horsetiack,
having charge of the various organiza
tions as follows:
G. A. R„ C. 0. Brown; Sons of Vet
erans, J, H, Campbell; company B, F.
J. Coleman; K. of P. W. P. Young;
1 Beya' brigade, Q, 0. Reynolds; schools
I and Throop, V. L, Hamilton: drum
; corps of the Sons of Veterans; company
!B; Knights of Pythias; Sons of Veterans*;
! Grand Army of tho Republic; Boys'
brigade; school children; Woman's Relief
corps; Ladies' Aid society of the Sons
I of Veterans,
The school children wero all provided
' with small flags and with flowers, and
j when the head of the column had
■ reached the corner of Pall Oaks avenue
and Colorado street it was halted and the
veterans lined up near the sidewalk of the
south side ot Colorado street while the
other organizations lined up on the north
hide, all facing toward the middlo of the
street, while the school children marched
between. Then the Woman's Relief corps
and the Ladies' Aid society having lined
up in the rear of thed. A. R., the school
children faced toward them and at the
signal of call from the bugler, presented
their Howers to the veterans. There were
between four and live hundred school
Children, the girls dressed in white and
carrying a profusion of choice flowers
! and they presented a very pretty picture
as they made their Moral offerings to the
old soldiers, many of whom are scaired
or crippled fiom their many brave bat*
I ties fought to preserve the Union and
| keep untarnished the aiand old flag.
Marshal Uagham and aids drew v,> in
line when the Tcnninal station was
I reached, and company H lined up with
the Sons of Veterans and Knights of
I'vthias and stood at "present arms"
1 while the G, A. U., W. it, C. Ladies'
] Aid society and the school children
I passed to the train, the school children
taking tho train which had just come up
from Los Angeles, consisting of six
coaches, while the train from Altadena,
of live coaches, was tilled by the G, A.
R. and other organizations* and those
citizens who took this way of read ing
the cemtery. Many drove out to the 1
cemetery in'advance of the train, and the
North Pasadena members of the G. A.
R. and \V. R. C. as well as the pupils of
Washington school, went directly to the
cemetery, which is not as far from their
homes as to come to town. The veterans
jof North Pasadena, drawn up in line to
receive their comrades, numbered some
thing ovei twenty, making a total of
j about VJXj or 140 in all, though there were
[ others who were not in line.
[' Upon reaching the cemetery ihe pro-
I cession marched directly to the O, A 11..
j plot,a. beautiful little square covered with
I bluegrass, in the center of which a. neat
I design had been carried out in evergreens
ta represent the gates ajar, while over
the top .verc tho words in letters of pure
white Mowers. "To the I'nknown Dead."
Here the old soldiers drew up in line
on one side next to the stone coping sur
rounding the lot, while the \V. R. C. cc-
OUpled the other side, t he Sons of Veter
ans' filing squad at one end with tho
! Ladles' A id society just behind them,
j and the school children at the other end.
The pupils Of the Washington school car
ried tw j ban tiers inscri bed Patriotism
1 and Loya.ty, and on the reverse side
j Washington School, while above the
! heads j| all floated tb.9 Stats and Stripes
!at half-mast In honor of tho departed
! heioe*.
A quartette constating id Misses Peck
' and Stoutcnberg and Messrs. M. X Wood
, and Sire cell ret tiered Under tho Violets
! in a very acceptable manner, alter which
'. Commander Drake read the ritual. Then
'■ Chaplain Cowan offered prayer. After
, further singing by the quartette Adjutant
Williams read the general Orders issued
; from national headquarters, also the dedi
cation address given at Gettysburg in
Irtfi:!, After further reading from the
I ritual ot the 0.A.R., Comrade Ma.ssey
placed Mowers on the on llf grave in tho
j lot, that of Jutih Luce,who was buried In
j this lot by hid own request.
Chaplain Cowan tuOll made a brief but
I stirring address and the Sons of Veterans
1 tired a salute, after which they faced
| about and stood at attention while the
i Woman's Relief corps passed in front of
; them, and Mrs. Jarvis read the poem
Cover Them Over, sent in the general oi
dera to tho \V. R. C. to be read over tho
graves of the unknown dead.
Mrs. Irving, chaplain oi the W. R.C.
offered orayer, thou the Ladies Aid socio
ty passed, strewing the carves ivith flow
cis, and this part of the services came to
a (dose with the benediction offered by
Chaplain Cowan.
The veterans then divided into several
detachments and went about the oountrv
decorating the graves of nil tho old
soldiers, ot which there are forty-lout'
buried in Mountain Viuw cemetery.'
A detachment of Throop students gath
ered about the grave of father Throop
and placed flowers upon it. which was
done by the G. A. It. also.
At the tabernacle tho following pro
gramme was Oarrlfl 1 Ollt 111 thO evening:
Addi'OJSol welcome a, c. Drake, post cum
Keller'* American Hymn -Choir and ton-
B rogation.
Prayer 'Comrade Rev, W# Q, Cowan, post
l.v-t litem Rest -Harraonla quartette.
Lesson, oi ihe Day—Mrs. Lou V. chapln.
Star Spangled Banner—Solo by Miss Bo lit m
gcr; cborui, uliOir and «on a rogation,
Mediation, Home SWe t Home Miss Flora
h in bur >*.
Address—lien. A. H. Campbell.
National Hymn, To Thee, v rouniry—Choir.
Droppiug From tho Ltahks—Harmonia quar
Solo Vive I'Ameriea-Will Kdunrds.
Dokoiogy—Choir and oougregatlon,
Henediction —Comrade Rev, C J. Peng'ass.
Railway Desires to Amend Franchise
FASADKN'A, May 80.—It ia reported,
and no doubt currently, that tho Terminal
Railway company will soon apply to tho
city council for an amendment lo its
franchise by which it is compelled to run
twelve trains per day each way. It is oi
course plain to anyone who has occasion
to travel by tuat road that the present
service is kept up at a loss to tho com
pany, and it is but natural that they
sfioUld wish to reduce it. 'the effect of
tho electric line upon existing steam
roads is only a repetition of what has oc
curred and is occurring wherever electric
lines are brought Into competition With
local steam roads all over tho country,
and if the Terminal people are wise they
will extedlld their line to such a point
BJ will enable them to secure some of the
overland travel Salt Lake, for instance -
before tho Southern Pacific gets in ahead
of them. This would be a good thing
for Pasadena too. Of course It is quite
generally considered that the Southern
Pacific has no intention of merely build
ing to Pasadena and stopping here. I'n
doubtedly the company lias bigger game
in view and it need not surprise anyone
to see another overland train running
through Pasadena inside of two years.
I. O. O. T. Have a Good Time
PASADKN'A, May 80,—The members
of I. O. G. T. Lodge No. 17:!, and other
friend.*, met by invitation of Mr. and
Mrs. G. D. Terpenoing at their home, on
Concord court, Tuesday evening, to cele
brate the 21st birthday of Carlcton Ter
penning. The house and rotundas ware
nicely decorated for the occasion, Chinese
lanterns being hung outside and a pro
fusion of flowers within. Tho assembled
guests presented the young man, In
whose honor they were assembled, with
a beautiful gold watch, the presentation
speech being made by Miss Viola Well,
Ice cream and other good things were
served and the following programme was
carried out:
Violin Polo W*. Sherwood Parker
Recitation Kthel Hubbard
Recitation Anna Level 1
Music M. Homier and I.eah Yates
Recitation William Templeton
Recitation atlisGotdlO nibble
Duet .....Mr. Parker and Miss I.eah Yates
Son* of Veterans
Deceased members of Phil Kearney
camp. No. 7, Sons of Veteians:
Harry J, Allin, son of Samuel E, Allin
of company I). Forty-fourth lowa in
fantry ; St.* J. Campbell, son of James
Campbell of First Minnesota infantry:
Jamos Dogger, son of George W. Duggor,
captain copmaiiy X, Cue Hundred Thirty
third Illinois Infantry: Alfred L. How'e,
son of Alfred G. Howe, of Thirteenth
Massachusetts infantry; N. S, Mohn, son
of Harrison B. Mohn of Kighty-eighth
Ohio infantry; Frank 11. Vallette son of
H. V- Vallette, lieutenant colonel One
Hundred Fifth Illinois infantry.
PAPADE\A. May 30, •— Last eventng
about 5 o'clock a boy 10 years of ago was
run over by a heavy coal wagon, and
strange to say no bones were broken, al
though the print of the wheels could be
seen in two places, ono below his knee
and one near his hip, and he was so bad-
Iv bruised that it swelled up and turned
back and blue. The boy is a son of Mr.
and Mrs. Potter of 9b* Catalina avenue.
The driver of the wagon passed on. pay
ing no attention to the boy, who had
been running behind and holding on to
the wagon, and he was picked up by a
lady wdio happened to be passing and
conveyed to his home in her carriage,
Dr. Avers is attending him.
F. \V. Kent lias sworn to a complaint
against four boys. Hutett Oaylord and
two brothers, Thomas by name, for
shooting within tho cily limits, and it
would seem that he has the best of
grounds for making cotnpiunt. He was
sitting in his house on Oak street, in the
eastern part of tbe city when he was sud
denly startled by a shot and a bullet
whistled past him,after crashing through
the window, and was bureid 111 the wall
not fa- from where he was sitting. An
other shot struck a horse tied in front of
the house, injuring his shoulder. The
boys were firing at a board with a ti2
ealibcr rifle. Some of the boys of Pasa
dena need to bo brought up standing in
a way which they will not soon forget.
Pasadena bonds seem to sell very readi
ly and at good figures, There aro unite
a number of firmß standing ready to bid
on the last issue of school bonds as Boon
as they get the chance, the bonds not
having been adveitised as yet. One firui
in town has sold f.15,0Q3 worth of Pasa
dena water bonds in the last two weeks,
and all to Pasadena citizens, too.
The Methodists are agilati ng the matter
of constructing a r.bw building, the old
ono being Inadequate for tho congrega
tions that assemble therein. With this
work will pro Oft hi y come tho widneing ot
Colorado Street at this point t'J conform
to tho remainder of the street.
The meetings of the Chrlstaln alliance
at the liaptisi church, led by Rev, Mr
Simpson, l!ev. Mi-. Merritt and Mr.
Übapin, hive been very well attended
and productive of much good, no doubt.
I Qeasral Observance of nemirial Day—Hanoi 1 I
t-i Secretary Uresiiam
SANTA an a. May 30.—Decoration .lay i
Was appropriately observed in Santa A 11a j
today by the locat O. A. 11. p-ist and lie- |
lief corns. Graves or departed heroes '
were decorated in the forenoon and a
street parade and memorial address had
tail afteyioon. In honor of the day and
funeral obsequies of tho lale secretary of
stale. \Y. ureshatu, the Hags all over
the city were pi ice I at ualf-mast.
That Bond Contract
LONDON. May SO. —W, K. Curtis, as
Slatailt secretary of the Tinted States
treasury, reached London today in order
■ to arrange for the completion of' the bond
contract. Ho called on some of tho sub- ■
scribers to the bond issue and is now
j awaiting further instructions from tho
; treasury department. Mr. Curtis said i
that the bonds are now on the ocean in ■
1 charge ol Logan Carlisle of the treasury ;
: department.
A New Arizona Railroad
SOLOMON VILLf). Ariz., May 30.—Th«
Detroit Copper company ai Morenei, in
' this county, have put engineers at work
i surveying a new railroad from that point
Ito Soloinonville. there to make eonnec
j tiOll with the Cila Valley, Clohe. and
Northern railway.
Should be
Looked Into. |
Ever since rrof. Koch startled tlic world
by promisint; to cure consumption with the
Koch lymph and his complete failure to do
so, the people have been looking for sonic
discovery Which would prove an absolute,
certain cure for that dread disease. Over a
quarter of a century ago Dr. R. V. Pierce,
chief consulting physician to the Invalids'
Hotel and Surgical Institute, put in a claim
for a medicine, which he had discovered ,
atld used, in his extensive practice, that
would cure ninety-eight percent, of all cases
of consumption when taken in all its early
stages. Time has proved that his assertion
was based on facts gained from experience. '<
His "Golden Medical Discovery " has cured '
many thousand people in all parts of the
world, and Dr. Pierce invites all interested ■
lo send to him for a free book which (rives
the names, addresses and photographs of
many prominent people who have willingly
testified to the marvelous curative proper
ties of his "Golden Medical Discovery. "
He has also written a Hook of 760 pages on
I 'Diseases of the RespiratoryOrgaus,' 'which
treats of all Throat, Bronchial and Lung
diseases, also Asthma and Catarrh, that will
be mailed by the World's Dispensary Med
ical Association of Buffalo, N. V., on receipt
of six cents in stamps, to pay postage.
Consumption, as most ever3'Dody knows,
is first manifested by feeble vitality, loss
of strength, emaciation : then local symp
toms soon develop, as cough, difficult |
breathing, or bleeding from lungs, when
investigation proves that tubercular de- j
posits have formed in the lungs. It is :
earnestly advised that the "Discovery" be i
taken' early and the latter stages of the j
disease can thereby be easily avoided.
To build up solid flesh and strength after
the grip, pneumonia, ("lung fever"!, ex
hausting fevers, and other prostrating dis
eases, it has no equal. It does not make
fat like cod liver oil and its nasty com
pounds, but, solid, wholesome flesh
It Was Made at a Loss of Over Two
A Corner That Failed In the San Francisco
Market-The Dead Man's Broker
McLaughlin, who acted as a wheat broker
for the late James 0), Fair, and as agent
for the executors In selling it, stated this
ruorning that the balance he had on
hand, amounting to 170.<K>J tons, has
been sold at 83 cents per cental tti a syn
dicate com posed of Ueorge McXear, llal
four, Outline & CO., Kppingor .V: I 'o, and
Girvm. Ilaldwin ,V F.yro. 'I'be loss to the
Fair estate oti tlio deal will be over 12,
--0110,000, Kair having bought at, $1.39,
Storage lias cost $.")ii'li| per month since
August, I*9B,
Result of a Battle In the X entucky Wilds.
A Woman in It
PINBVILLK, fey., May 30. —A battle
occurred on Straight creek. tift.?en miles
from here, in which Long John Helton
was killed, and Jim listener and Charles
Johnson wete badly wounded. Those on
the other Bide were George Taylor, Jim
Taylor, Joe Arnett and a woman named
Sarah Griffith, who can handled Win
chester rille with tho best of men. The
Helton crowd was surrounded and fired
upon from ambush. They returned the
fire and sonio of the Tayior crowd were
wounded and carried to the mountains.
The battle grew out of a series of law
suits and a controversy between Johnson
ami Taylor over the possession of some
It Is Reported That Neither Marti Nor Gomez
Have Been Killed
NKW YORK. May 30.—A special to the
World from Havana says: That ncithor
Marti nor Gomes is dead or even wound
ed is said to be positively known here.
Moreover it is asserted upon what is
ptonounoed good authority that neither
was at Boca «le Dos Kios at the time of
tho battle in which tho Spanish reported
Marti was slain and OomCZ Wounded.
Tho man killed nt Dos ItioS, the lin.ling
of whoso body afforded a basis for the
story that Marti full, was a Cuban spy, it
is declared, who was carrying the corre
spondence of the leaders.
Welcome Showers
CLAIIINDA. la., May 30. —Over an
inch of rain, the first since early in May.
fell today. Wheat a.id oats are saved, but
hay is beyond reclamation.
i)KS MnINKS, la., Mas 30.—A splen
did rain fell bore today*
MILAN. Mo., May 30.- The drouth
which haa prevailed for the past two
months, devastating the country, was
broken last night by a steady rain which
has continued for over ten hours and it
is still raiding. It will revive the corn,
help the oats and wheat and stmt the
MARSHALL-TOWN, ia., May 30.*-Tb«
drouth was broken in this region by con
tinuous soaking rains today. The crops
are all right.
SIOUX CITY, la., May 30. — A heavy
rain fell here last night. It will be of
great value to crops.
Gould's New Yacht
LOWEBTOFT, England. May 30.— How
ard Gould'B new twenty rater IlerreshotT
built yacht Niagara stood today in the
race for ten to twenty-raters here. The
course is thirty miles long. Lord Dud
ley's tnyoni also competed, The yachts
crossed the lino as follows: Invoni, 11:30;
Niagara. II :30:0S.
If You Have
Bores. Boils, or
any other oliin disease,
the Superior
and Spring Medicine.
Cures others,
will cure you
For Pale, Worn-Out Folks.
No ono tear* spring sickness who uses j
Paine's Celery Compound, thai Wonderful I
medicine that makes people well. Noone j
need lie pale or worn out, with weak nerves t
and impure blo>d, If they use this grand
strength -giver. Try it.
&> DR. JORDAN & CO. S '
/ 3051 Market St., Kan Francisco I
m @M& \ (Between 6th and 7th Bts.)
■ psMb re t; ° ai "' RTU how wonderfully jou !
mAV' If are made and how to avoid sicatnesx j
f\U U disease. Museum enlarged with
i* li thousands of DOW objects. Admit*
P ** gion 88 cts.
Private Office—snnie 2£ui!<liii«r j
IOAI Market Street Diseases of men:
stricture, loso of manhood, diseases of the skin
and kidneys qukkiy cured without the use uf tner- j
eurv. Treatment personally or by letter, send j
for bock.
Old esian.ishel and reliable praettlonerr. j
Notice for Publication
\j April a 5, 1805.
Notice is hereby given that tho following
named settler lias (lied notiuo oi his intention [
to make Una I proof in suppurt uf his claim, and i
that said proof will be made before register, |
and receiver at I.OS Angeles, ( til., on June .
i;tth. ]S!»."». viz : I'ierre August tires llmno No. f
7(ii!'j, for the W., of lots H and U and WW of j
BW l ,i section 2, Township &Ni Range 17 Vy. s. j
H. M.
lie names ihe m lowing Witnesses lo prove
hiseout tiuous residence upon and cv uvation
of said in nd, \\ / : Henry Lettour, Pierre OoIoS,-f.
\\ Davie*, rierre hafouroade, all of Castac, I-o
Angeles county, Cal
.i. T. BOLTON, Register.
Notice tor Publication
j Hay:(, LBUff.
Noiiee h hereby given that tho following
mi men settler has illed notice ot his intention •
to make final ' root" in support oi his claim, j
and that said prooi will ho made bofo o re 4 is- j
tor aud receiver ni Los Angeles, Cat., ou June !
10th, ISOfi, via: William at, t'ailev, home No. I
7017. for ihe SIV ,ot NW'j, N!.j of KW, nnd
NVY'., of SK 1 , of section -.township il north, I
range io wi si, 8. B. M.
He names tbe fdlowlng witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation i
ot said land, via; Charles Mlon. of Los An- .
gel as, Cal. i George Kehhorg, of New hull, Ual.j 1
stefnno Cunio. ot Neivnall, Cal*: Frank Smith, !
oi Newhall, Cal.
T. J. BOLTON. Register.
I iU West Second Street,
Burplies BUsllieii Houses .lnily with flli infnr. |
malion ill tuoir line, covering the entire 1
( •). IL.
A Runaway Accident With Fatal Re
away accident occurred In Cold Water
canyon, near this city, today, in which
one momber of a picnic party is fatally
injured and the others were very badly
hurt. Kour persons, two young men and
two ladies, went out for a picnicking
tour. The horses run away, throwing out
Huston Snidow, who struck on his back
and head, and has been uuconscious
since noon. He is lying at, the Arrow
head Springs hotel, near which the acci
dent occurred. Mrs. Allen, a teacher in
the city, suffered a bioken leg just above
the kriee. and Miss Carrie Craig's scalp
was torn loose, laying half of the top of
the skull bare and tilling the wound with
dust and debris. The accident happened
eight miles from this city, and Mrs. Allen
was compelled to lie in the canyon where
she fell for five hours before assistance
cam'e.XAl] of the injured people with the
exception of Hnidow have been brought
to this city.
"Wedding announcements, engraved or
printed; mail orders carefullv tilled; sam
ples free. 11. M. Lee A Br9.,J140N. Spring.
Another Bloody ilurder Disturbs the Navel's
RlVERSlBB. May 80. — Riverside
county has another murder case. Ten
days Manuel Jtamos slabbed a Mexican
named Ramejo Leon in a drunken light
at Walters' station. Leon was brought to
the hospital at the time, at which insti
tution bo died today from the effects of
wounds inflicted by llamos. Coroner's
inriuest was held on'the remains, and the
jury returned a verdict charging Itamos
with murder. The latter is in jail here.
Mr. and Mrs. Saul A. Grusbtirg of Mil
waukee are touring in California and ar
rived at the Hollenbeek yesterday.
Beecham's pills are for bilious
ness, bilious headache, dyspep
sia, heartburn, torpid liver,diz
ziness, sick headache,bad taste
in the mouth, coated tongue,
loss of appetite,sallow skin,etc.,
when caused by constipation ;
and constipation is the most
frequent cause c>f all of them.
Go by the book. Pills io* and
25+ a box. Book free at your
druggist's or write B. F. Allen Co.,
365 Canal St., New York.
Annual sales more than 6,000,000 boi.s.
still continue to treat
Throat oiifl Luna Troubles, (Hi, ttmo,
Bronchitis. Nervous, Ghiooic ono special
Diseases oi Hen ana women.
Suffering from ihe effects of youthful follies or
Indiscretions, or who are troubled with Weak
ness, Loss of Memory. Despondency, Aversion
to Society. KidneyTroubleV.br any disease oi
ihe Qenlto Urinary organs can here find a snfe
and speedy cure. Charges reasonable, espe
cially to tne poor. CUKKB GUAttANTEED.
There aro many troubled with too frequent
evacuations <>t" the bladder, often accompanied
by a slight smarting or burning sen satin fi and
Weakening of the system In a manner the pa
tient cannot account for. On examining the
urinary deposits a ropy sediment will often be
found, ami sometimes particles of albumen
will appear, or Ihe color be of a thin, ml I k ish
hue, Again Changing to a dark turbid appear
ance. These cases art? frequently accompanied
by loss of sexual power ur lmpotency, but can
all be cured by proper treatment.
Are among the ills and weaknesses for which
they guarantee a cure.
Are speedily ami permanently cured by them
Yield readily to their skillful treatment.
Cured Without pain or detention from busi
Cured in every ease.
These famous specialists aie more earnestly
engaged today thaudver before in the noble
work of adding to human happintss and sav
ing thousands of ] recious human liv cs.
Is based upon facts. First — Practical expert
Clioe. Second—Every ease Is specially stud led,
thus starling right. Third—Medicines are pie
pared in our laboratory exactly to suit cacti
case, thus effecting cures without injury.
Calls made In Oity or country.
oto fi, 7to o\ t-undayp, 10 to 12,
Rooms 1, >* ami 7.
Calls made in oil parts of the city.
Los Angeles Medical
and Surgical
Gas and • •
Steam Fitters
Steam and Hot Hater Heating
For Buildings and Residences
I job :
: printing :
♦ ♦
♦ Executed With Neatness and ♦
♦ Dispatch at the ♦ |
♦ ♦ \
I Herald Job Office :
♦ 309 W. SECOND ST. ♦ .
J J. W . HART, nanager. J I
That we will place on sale
Friday and Saturday
35c Novelty Suitings 35c
10 pieces all-wool novelties, 40 inches wide, new
spring; styles, our regular 45c and 50c quality;
reduced to 35c per yard
15c Knitting- Silk 15c
1000 spools extra good quality Knitting - Silk; all the
leading shades, including' cream and black, 15c spool
4c Kitchen Crash 4c
100 pieces Bleached Crash for kitchen use, good
quality, heavy twilled, 4c per yard
40c Summer Corsets 40c
Dr. Warner's celebrated make of Corsets, good
quality, perfect ilttin4o cents per pair
Cream Serge I I 'nbleacheiJ Sheeting
A very excellent quality French Serge, all- ! An excellent quality, smooth finish, 2 yards
wool, une finish, worth 50c per yard. wjd( ,_ c , iusl to p Cfluol , „. or th 18c per yard.
Special 40c Special 12 l-2c
Cream Albatross j Lonsdale Cambric
All wool guaranteed. 3« inches wide, nlco ,_, , ... , , , .
finish, good value lor 00c ' 11,18 well known brand, as staple as wheat,
j but this will not prevent us cutting the
special oow j pfjog. lU ]i yara , T ide; regular price 12} ac
Cream Crepon Anecial Hie
All-wool Novelty i repon, new effects, an | special iug
extra quality, 40 Inches wido; foimer value « . „
750 per yard. | Bleached muslin
Special 50c | innn yards of a very fair quality Bleached
I Muslin, wo will place on sale at
Cream Veiling Special 4c
An extra fine quality of all-wool Nuns' j
Velllßg, 4G inches wide And worth $1 yard, j Canton Flannel
Special 65c j BO pieces unbleached Canton Flannel, aoft
j napped, good/quality for 7c per yard.
India Brocade Special 5c
A very handsome-jiiahty of Brocaded India j
r 0 r k #i l r,e , r'ya°. ! S. CCffCUtS; Turkish Towels
Special 85c I I°o dozen unbleached Turkish Towcli, a
j good quality, medium size, worth 10c each.
Cream Brocade Snecial Sc
The latest novelty in.all-wool Brocades, 41 !
inches wide; regular worth #120 per yard. , Ladies> Wa , Bts
Special *1.00 ,An Clltire i y new line o( , ne cc i obrlted
'■ j Htanley shirt Waists, tailor made, the
t j latest styles; worth (f1,25.
BlciCk Special $1.00
DrCSS QOOCIS ! * spl«n*Ul line of lislel Laundered Per
calo Waists, new styles, fast colors; worth
Vithout an equal in this line; direct iin- ; AX*<
porters, showing more styles and better special
values ihun yon can expect elsewhere.
Black Brocades I An elegant new Una o( white silk Parasols,
A VBfy bountiful line, former selling price ' the lie west styles In china and Taffeta silk.
gl.oOper yard; all wool,-in inches wide. Special $ 1.50 upwards
Special $1.00
Carriage Shades
Hlack Henrietta Bluca silk Carriage Parasols with ruffles.
A. very splendid grade "f all-wool French paragon frame, ebony handles,worthsl.BB
Henrietta, 46 inches wide, silk finished: otv
lormcrly sold for 70c per yard. special »ufc
Special 50c Shopping Bags
Black Serge ' Ladles' Leather shopping Bags'* new lift*)
An all-wool French Serge, fine surah twill, worth 35c.
■10 inches wide, v regular 500 quality. special zllc
Special 35c t ad|es> BeUs
Silk Brocades An extra quality Canvas Belt In white,
A very handsome line of pluck Brocaded black and navy, metal buckle, worth 25c.
Bilks, all siik, 'Jl inches wide, the vcrv inf
lates! designs, worth #I.'JO per yard. I opeciai iuc
Special 75c Ladies* Vests
Novelty Silks * vpr >" ,me quality Fgvption cot'on veat
For ladies'waists; a beautiful assortment high neck and long sleeves, silk trimmed,
ot styles, fine quality, splendid value lor ".regular S6O quality,
$1 per yard. Special 25c
Special 75c
n 00 ciil= Ladies' Hosiery
1 ongee jiiKs 100 doien Ladies' Bleak Cotton Bess, She
~0 pieces all-silk Pongee, fine quality and , ]Ua litv, fast black, reduced from 20c per
finish, 18yd* Iheach piece; worth ir.L.o. pair.
Special $3.00 Special 20c
From 6 until 0 o'clock Saturday Night we will
place on sale
American Shirting Percales
New Styles, Best Quality, Fast Colors, 3' x c per Yard
107 and 109 North Spring St.
Summons in Divorce
of California, in and for the county of Lot
Mrs. a. Lea,plaintiff, vs. Albert o. Lea, de
fendant. _ ...
Action brought In tbe Superior court or tho
state of caltforolßt Lti ami (or tbe county of
i.os Angeles, ami the coin plaint filed in said
county oi U a Angelee, tv the oflloe of tbe oierk
of iald Superior Court. , ,
Tbe people oi itio stale of California semi
greeting to A. o. Lea, defendant,
You are hereby required to appear in an ac
tion brought against you by the aho\e-iiamed
plaintiff, in the superior Conn of the state Of
California, in and tor Los Angeles county, ami
to answer the coiupinint llUu there.n wlthm
ten days (exclusive of the day uf service] after
the service on you oi th s summons, :f served
within mis county; or, if served elsewhere,
within thirty days.
t his snid action is brought to obtain a otdg
meot and decree <»f court. dissolving tho bonds
oi matrimony now existing between the plain
liff ami defendant, upon the grounds of n.a
defendant's failure to support plaintiff for
more than tWO years last past, or provide her
with the necessities' ot life, having (he ability
to so do, and for costs of suit. Reference is had
to com plaint for partte nlars.
And yon are hereby notified that if you fall
to appear and answer tho said complaint as
above required, the said plaintiff will cause
yourdefeutt to be entered and win apply to
ihe court for ihe relief demanded tn the
i.iwn Onder my hand ami tiie seal of the
Superior Court of the state of California, in
aud tor the eon ity o| Lot Angeies, this.'Jtiui
ilay of April, in the yea: of our l.i>rd one
thousand eight hundred tui 1 ninctv-tive.
fJU s.] T. K. NEWLIN, Clerk.
By A M. SK.wt'.R, Deputy Clerk.
Wholesale. . Retail
bwbh St CO
Chin a Ware, Bronxo Lacquer Ware. shells
Paper Napkins, liambou Ait. All latent sty lei
olhand work.
De Jarnatt's Texas
Horse • Liniment
For Man or Beast
'Is Curing hundreds of horses every
Jay in the year. Hundreds of un
sjlicited testimonials coming in all
■ the time. De Jarnatt & Co. will send
I their veterinary agent any place in
j the county to tie it, free of charge,
! any case of mishap, old sores,
i lameness, bad feet or any othei
: case-
Main office, 129 to 135 South Main
i street, Los Angeles. Cal. P. O. Box
I 630. W. H. MURPHY,
, Sole agent for the United States foi
l De Jarnatt & Co.

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