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leading to the trap. On either side were
Chaplain Drahma lof the prison and
Amos I.unt. executioner. The knot was
quickly adjusted, the black cap slipped
over the head of the doomed man while
lie.looked about and smiled. With the
words "(lood-bye, adios" on his lips the
trap was sprung and at 9:31 Garcia ejfpi
atcd his crime. lie died 'game. ' His
neck was broken by tbe fall. He did not
move after befell." After the body had
been suspended thirteen minutes Urs.
Mattner. Van Meter. Harvey and Berry
pronounced life extinct. The remains
were taken down and put in a rough
wooden box for burial.
Azof, the murderer of I.en Harris, tin
popular Southern I'aciiic detective, was
the next,. I'riest- preceded him. As be
walked up the stairs he looked about,
smiled and nodded at. the people in at
tendance. He made careful preparations
for the event. His moustache was waxed
and his hair noatlv combed, lie trt Hi bled
perceptibly, but assumed an air of bravado
as the can was drawn over his head.
After the'rope bad been adjrfsted he said
in a loud tone: "Good-bye. all: lv re goes
a brine man!" As the final words were
uttered the trap was sprung and the body
fell. It swung back and forth for awhile
but other than a few involuntary move-,
meta of the ringers thero was no struggle.
I'atriok J. Collins was a changed man
as he walked to the scaffold. The cold
sneer lie had carried during the trial and
conviction for the murder of his wife
disappeared and a benign expression had
taken its place. Evidently be bad made
• his peace with God and man. He walked
up the gallows steps firmly, with the
chaplain on the left ana the executioner
at nis right, l'riests preceded, reading
and chanting responses as they proceed
ed. The condemned man sain not a word
as he stepped on to the trap. Father
Lagan advanced to the rail, however, and
in his behalf said: "Tnis is an awful
moment for the accused. lie cannot bo
expected to express bis thoughts. lie
comes here With a sincere heart, and ex
presses his confidence in the future. He
committed an a.vful crime while drunk
and was not responsible altogether. He
wishes me to state he thinks he is forgiven
for his sins., and he forgives everybody
on earth and asks the forgiveness of all.
The priests then expressed the thanks of
the three men executed to the prison
officials for their kind treatment. At the
conclusion of Father Lagan's remarks
the cap was adjusted and the trap was
sprung. Except a few spasmodic move
ments of the limbs Collins did not move
after the fall. His necK was broken and
in fourteen minutes, life being extinct.
Ills remains were cut down and placed in
a casket beside Garcia ami Azof. With
tfie removal of the bodies the triple ex
ecution was over and the visitors slowly
filed out of prison and took tiie lirst train
for home.
Callows In Alabama
BIRMINGHAM, Ala.. June 7.—Harris
and Abo Mitchell, colored murderers,,
highwaymen and thieves, were hanged
here today before 2000 people for the
.nurder of grocervmen Merriweatber and
Thornton, lloth bodies were turned over
to undertakers, who purchased them
several weeks ago for ?1S fiom the met
Two Events Go to Them at Bay
Rey Alfonso Broke Down and the Talent
Lost a Pile ol iloney—On Other
SAX FRANCISCO, Juno ".—The fourth
and fifth races wont to the favorites to
day. In the handicap at. six furlongs,
the crack colt Key Alfonso, a;> to 5 fa
vorite, sudden ly broke down and the
race went to Hymn, a 6 to 1 shot. Hey
Alfonso carried thousands of dollars and
his defeat was a disastrous blow to his
backers. His injuries ure probably per
Pive and a half fmtongs—Tillie S. won,
Ke/nus secotwi, imp. Grand Lady third.
Time, 1:08%.
Four and a halt furlongs — Veiagua
won, Zeeta second, Leon L. third. Time.
b.x furlongs, handicap—Hymn won,
Howatd second, Mt. Air third. Time,
Five furlongs, selling—Snort McAllis
ter won, Addio second, Ucgal third.
Time, 1:02%.
Five and a half furlongs—Morven won,
Joe Cotton second, Tom Clarke third.
Time, UllH*
At Latonia
CINCINNATI, June 7.—Six furlongs-
Kins Howard won, Beifry second, Figmv
third time, 1 :lh<...
Seven furlongs— Aitnee Ooodwin won,
Miss Morgan second, Spring Vale third;
time, 1:30
Five furlongs—Epona won, Xellio Par
ker second. Leila Dell third; time, 1:03%,
" One mile—Merry Monarch won, Fred
Gardner second, Cyclone third; time,
Four and a half furlongs—The Mer
chant won, Remnant second, Martin
third; time, 0:56%.
Seven furlongs—Beadina won. Sir
Rathbone second, Tariff Reform third
time, 1:29%.
At St. Louis
ST. .LOUIS, June 7.-Mile and an
eighth, selling—Bull Ross won. Wilmar
second, Davczac third j time, 1:57
five furlongs—Fredunia won, Fondest
Second, Judge Dubois, third; time, 1:04.
Six and a half furlongs—Mollis 11. won,
Miss (Jallop second, Lottie Mills third -
time, 1:21
One mile—Ruck Massio won, Trenton
second, Km in Hey third; time. 1:42)4.
Sil furlongs—Lottie Easton won,
..Francis I'ope second, Bill WhiLe third -
time, 1:14'.J.
Five furlongs—Summatra won, William
Duke second, Ali third; time, l:02Ji;,
The Police Force to Be Increased Prom 475 to
600 on July. 1
SAN FRANCISCO, June 7.—After July
Ist the local police force wdl be increased
from 475 to WOO. There will be one ad
ditional captain, five additional sergeants
and three |more detectives. New otliccrs,
to be known as lieutenants, and rate be
tween .'sergeants and captains, will he
created. There will bo live in all. The
increased cost will be $157,000 a year.
Rubber hose that don't need heeling or
mending, but guaranteed to last; in large
variety. F'urrey company, lfjj North
Bpring street.
Is Poverty
{. . . A
• Crime?
A Herald Reporter Plays Tramp
' . -ir J e Asked for Bread and
They Gave Him the Chun-gang
Read the Story of His Experiences
Story of Torpedo Boats for
Cuban Insurgents
Report Circulated to Divert Attention
From Other Points
Another Engagement Reported to Have Oc
curred Between Troops and Insurgents.
Several Killed on Both Sides
Associated Press Special Wire.
WASHINGTON, J\me 7.-Tho report
from ft lordia U to the dispatching of
three torpedo boats with a Cuban revolu
tionary party is thotight by Spanish olli
lals here to l>o a ruse to divert attention
from movements at other points. It is
stated that the torpedo boats could make
but a feeble snowing against the large
fleet of Spanish cruisers aud gunboats
now patrolling Cuban waters. It is said
that Gen. Rafael Qaesada is the moving
spirit of the present operation! and that
he is now at Abite springe. Florida dis
patches mention Gonzales d« Quesada as
one of a ervi luitonary board meeting at
Ocean Beach, Fla. This Ceneral Quesada
is a former secretary to .lose Marti. The
latter's death is now conceded by revo
lutionary leaders, according to advices
received here.
Department official*, do not attach any
Importance to the statement of tbe Lon
don Standard that. Spain would make a
claim against tho United States based on
the piecedentof the Alabama's claim!
for permitting anus and ships to leave
tbe United States in aid ol tbe Onoan
cause. It is said that no definite infor
mation of this aid has yet been liven,
and that whenever it is given the United
States will use every available means to
suppress the traffic. In this connection
Official attention has been directed to tbe
open carrying of the flag oi the Cuban
revolution by armed bands in the streets
of Tampa, Fla.
HAVANA, June 7.- A small detach
men uf Spanish troops, it is announced
in a dispatch from Manzanlllo, was sur
prised hy insurgents commanded by
Aniadora Cucrra and tierce lighting fol
lowed. The Spanish lost one sergeant
and three Soldiers killed and had seven
Wounded, The insurgents were coin -
polled to retire leaving four dead and I
nine wounded. Tne troops pursued the
fleeing insurgents and captured live
prisoners. Another dispatch announces
that a number of insurgents recently at
tacked the village of Goaya, which was
defended by a small detachment com- ]
mandael by Colonel Castellani. The
Spanish soldiers rooted the enemy, who
left three dead upon the Held.
PERNANDINA, Fla.. .lune 7.-Captain
l.cssiero of the pilot boat Frances Eliza
beth baa just arrived and report! sighting
yesterday a Spanish gunboat cruising
about six miles off tho shore. The gun
boat was steaming rapidly from the shore.
It passed northward and returned about
live hours later, moving much slower and
closer to the shore. Tho captain of the
pilot boat concluded she wanted a pilot
and made toward her but when the gun
boat observed this she changed her
course. Considerable excitement was
created here by tbe pilot captain's story
and it was not believed Spain considered
the Florida coast of sufficient import
ance in respect to filibustering expe
ditions to he patrolled by a gunboat.
Captain Johnson of the schooner Green-
Icaf. from New York, arrived today and
substantiated the story told by Captain
Lesslere. Captain Johnson says that
when he crossed tbe Cumberland bar at
8 o'clock this morning the gunboat was
cruising slowly four miles off the bar.
apparently on the lookout. The gunboat
answers the description ot the' I'alos.
Silver Orators
MEMPHIS, Term., June 7. —The ar
rangement committee of the silver con
vention has announced the following
speakers who have accepted invitations
to address the conventoin: Congressman
J. S* Sibley, ex-Governor L, B. Prince,
New Mexico; Senator David Turpie of
Indiana, Congressman H. B. Mooney of
Mississppi, Senator J. K. Jones of Arkan
sas and Senators William Stewart of Ne
vada, George of Mississippi, A, J. Mc-
Lauren of Missssii»pi and George Shout)
of Idaho and Alexander Delmar of Cali
SaLT LAKE, tTtah, June 7.—A special
to the Herald from Butte, Montana, says:
The Butte chamber of commerce's in
vitation to Senators Carter and Mantle
and Congressman Hartman to represent
Montana at the Memphis sitver conven
tion has been accepted only by Mr. Hart
man. Mr. Carter did not reply to the
invitation and Mantle returned to Butte
today; He says private business will de
tain Inm at home all summer.
Sockless Jerry's Latest Scheme
TOPFF.A. Kan., Juno 7. —Bx-Oongrass-
man Jerry Simpson, accompanied by his
wife, wilt, according to a local paper,
leave his Medicine Lodge farm with a
wagon and mule team for Topoka next
Saturday. It is said he intends to load
his wagon with butter, eggs and provis
ions and pay his way with them by sell
ing enough in the towns he passes
through to furnish them money for ex
His arrival here may be made tho oc
casion ot a demonstration by the local
Populists. It is 'proposed that a proces
sion be formed carrying banners with un
pleasant references to the present state
The Kails Are Sale
SAN" FRANCISCO. June 7.—The John
son-Locke Mercantile Company, con
signees of tho Wa>titia\v.from New York to
San Francisco, laden with steel rails for
the San Francisco and San Joaquin Val
ley railroad, reported disabled in the
straits of Magellan, state that™ a cable
gram has been received from Captain
Holmes of the vessel, announcing the
vessel's safe arrival at Coronel, Chili,
Horsewhipped a Salvationist™"™"™™"™*
LODI, CaL. June 7.—Mrs. Codway, the
divorced wife of a prominent farmer
here, horsewhipped Salvation Army Cap
tain Thomson for having slandered her
to her ex-husoand. The parties to the
row will not talk about it.
Tan shoes; tho best assortment of low
shoes at $1.50 and .$2. M. I', Snyder <t
Co., opposite Stimson block.
California Iniversity Athletes Defeat the Illi
nois Team.
CHAMPAIGN, til., June 7.-In the
■dual athletic contest here today between
the Iniversity of California am! the
Iniversity of Illinois tho former won, by
a scors of do to 11.
Winners of the lirst events: One
hundred yard dash —J. W. Scoggins,
California, lirst: li. I. Ii .Hard, Illinois,
second. Time, 10 soconds.
Mile run- Fred Orr, Illinois, fust; Phil
Bradley, California, second. Time, 0
One hundred and twenty yard hurdle
L. A. Oyer, California, lirst; A. C.
Clark, Illinois, second. Time, 15 3-9
Mile walk J. 11. Hoaglund. Illinois,
first; L. T. Merwin. California, second.
Time, 7 minutes nil seconds.
Two hundred.and twenty yard dash—J.
W. Scoggins, California, Wont U. I.Bol
lard.* Illinois, second. Time, -I ~-'i
I Half-mile run— l-'.W. Koch, California,
first: If. K. Orr. lilinois, second. Time,
2 minutes ii-.". seconds.
One mile bicycle—Hall, Illinois, first;
Burke, Illinois, second. Time, J:'JO.
Four hundred and tortv yard dasfi—T.
L. Barnes. California, first; C. M. Lewis.
Illinois, second. Time. M seconds.
Two hundred and twenty yard hurdle
-11.8. Toirev. California, first; B. A. j
Dyer, California, second. Time, 'Jo 4-5
Field events: Running high iumn -A.
C. Clark, lilinois. lirst: M. Dnzier. Cali
fornia, second. Height, fi (eel tl inches.
Sixteen pound shot put —iweeney, lll
inois. lirst: F. W. Koch. California,
second. Diltai.ee. 38 feet SJ, inches.
Running broad jump—C. 11. WooitAYi
California, first; M. Dozier, California,
second. Distance, -0 feet.
l'ole vault -11. C. Coff.cn. Illinois,
first: A. R. Mann. Illinois, seOOnd.
Height, 10 feet. No entry for California.
Sixteen pound hammer throw--I!. VY.
F.dgren. California, lirst; L. 11. Font, 111
inois, second. Distance, 133 feet.
Colony Near Santa Rosa to .Make Radical
trurian colony near Santa Uosa lias taken
steps to effect chanties in its plans and
operations. It linn been found, after
seven months' experiment, that tho lin
ancial problem was a difficult one, and
that to ho forward tunler the old condi
tions might he fatal to the cause. Too
many members had been admitted lor
the land to support. Reliance had baan
placed on the ability of the colony to en
ter at oiu'fi on ttftnufaoturinfl enterprises,
hut the ex pact td means tor the purchase
of factory plants wore not forthcoming.
The colonists have taken prompt action
with a view to Improve tho chances of
sueeess. With tin* greatest unanimity
and in a spirit of Utmost cordiality they
decided on a radical readjustment of the
plans. Some of the members have joined
a new co-operative colony in Santa Uosa.
Another portion has organised fur opera
lions near Cloverdale on land donated for
the purpose. It was unanimously agreed
that a thiid group might assume the
work on the original site. To clear the
way for this a number of members were
left in charge ther-.*.
I is believed that under the new policy
an extension of operations may result,
planting small groups of co-operatois
hero and there, all sympathetically relat
ed and working in general harmony.
The Two Eccentric and Wealthy Women at
NK\Y YORK, June 0. —Miss Mary Irene
Hoyt has brought suit to recover ?100,000
damages from Mrs, Hetty Green for al
leged slanderous statements made con
cerning her before Referee Henry Hen
derson on May 10th last. The alleged
slanderous statements were made at the
bearing of an action brought by Ex
ecutor Henry A. Bar tl ing against Mrs.
Oreen for a Battlement of his accounts.
It is charged that Mr*. Green In the pres
ence of a number of reporters. Uttered
these words concerning Miss Hoyt: "Od,
it's sad to think of poor Irene Hoyt. Joe.
CbOatd and the other buzzards got hold
of her, ami she's in an asylum now.''
Miss Hoyt says the effect of these
words. Which were published on the fol
lowing day, was tj intimate to tho public
that BHfl was insane and restrained of ncr
liberty because of her inability to care
for her person and estate, all of which is
false, malicious and untrue. From 1884 to
IKS!* Miss Hoyt was engaged in a contest
over the will of her father. Jesse Hoyt,
who died in 1882.leaving about *7J .000,
He left his wife the income of $1,250,000
for lifo ami made a similar provision for
his daughter, Mary Irene Jloyt. Tho
case was tiled before Surrogatu Koilins.
in her complaint in this action Miss
Hoyt says her mother tcstitied in the sur
rogate's court that she was not and never
had been insane. She says she at once
sued some relatives and two executors of
her father's will for heavy damages for
her incarceration in an insune asylum,
but the matter was settled.
Plan ol Operations for the Coming fiscal Year
WASHINGTON, Juno B.—Secretary
Smith has approved iiio course of opera
tions lor tlin coming tiscai year submitted
to him by Director Wolcolt ol the geolog*
icttl survey,
out of a total appropriation of 1615,490
for tne surveys (118,700 is to he devoted
to geological purposes. The Rooky moun
tain regions aud the Aspen, mines of
Colorado will he studied and preliminary
surveys made of the milling regions of
New Mexico. Arizona, Colorado, Utah.
Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. This
will cost $;ntju.
In tho Pacific coast region J. .S. Dillor
will use 14000 on the coal und gold mines
of Oregon. Three parties will have 18000
to tise in California. Eighteen hundred
dollars is allotted to keen up the petro
grapblfl laboratory; $?uuo for rnal investi
gation in Washington and ¥!J.~ilH) for work
in the gold fields of Alaska.
In tho division of hydrography there
will he two parties, one in the east and
another in tho west, having respectively
$21X10 and MOOD to expend. The work con
sists of ganging streams and examining
i the water resources of the country. In
the mining resource district a register of
all the mines in the country will be made
and the work of mapping and mineral
deposits will bo begun, Por topograph
ical work the Atlantic region is allowed
f40,000 and the central Rocky mountain
and the Pacific regions 130,000 each. In
the surveying department, preliminary
trianguiations will be made in Colorado,
Oregon, Washington and Indian terri
To Rescue Peary
ST. JOHN'S, N, P., June 7.—The whale
boat Kite has been chartered to carry an
expedition of ten persons to Greenland
to rescue Lieutenant Peary, the Arctic
explorer. Bmi.e Pie hi isch, Peary* a
brother-in-law, will have charge of the
party. Mrs. Peary will not accompany the
party. The Kite will start about the
middle ol next month.
Oraduatecl nt Annapolis
AXXAPOUH. Md., Juno 7.—Among
the graduates at the naval academy today
were I>. V. Todd and \Y. H. Stanley of
Mow the Little (iirl Suid It
N#w York Kvening Sun: This is tbe
way the natural history Hnlshed off its
description of tbe heron: " ibis bird has
no tail to apeak oi." Ami this is the way
th*l small Margery reproduced tbw state
ment in iter composition upon (heheron:
':i'l:iß bird tiaH no tail, but you mustn't
osy RQythiPfi utiout it."
A Survivor Makes Charges
Against the Officers
Damage Suits Will Follow in Large
Ihe Steamer Colon Nearly Lost in a Similar
Manner Recently -The Official
Associated Press IpeclsJ Wire
I'nited States inspectors of hulls and
boilers commenced an otticial exaniina
j tion into the Colima disaster today. A.
X, Rlchardon, storekeeper of the wrecked
I steamer, told the story of the storm, of
| the sinking of the ship and of the rescue
! of the survivors by the steamer San Juan.
. His testimony developed no new details
j of the sodpwreck.
Third OAOtr Hansen was tho next wit
ness, stating that when,the steamer left
MaoKaniHo on May S6tU the weather was
fair. With a heavy southwest swell, lie
said that ha bad superintended the stow
ing of the cargo, that the work had been
well done an 1 that the cargo had not
Shifted. If the t'olima had not been a
good boat ho thought she would iiot havu
weathered the Btofm so long as she did.
He hoaid no explosion, He was in charge
of the bridge when tiie steamer went
down. lie believes tho wreck was duo
entirely to tho violence of the storm. On
the morning of the 27th she fell off into
the trough of the sea and listed to star
bo.iid. Three heavy seas broke over
In r And after tho third she listed over
on her beam ends with her masts in tho
water, sinking live minutes later, before j
the life boats could bo launched.
Gnstave Rowan, one of the survivors of i
i the Colima, has sent a communication to
the Call, in which he says:
"I want to make a statement now if
you will allow me to do so. You can
find out what I say is tine if you will see
the other men picked Up. Some of them
will not daro tell the truth, as they havo
been promised money to keep Still.
"The Colima was lost because she was
badly handled by officer" without ca
pacity and bad men when the gale struck
US. When I saw that the bu.p was going
to sink I went after the life preservers
and commenced to give them out to
passengers. The steward told nic to let
them alone, and ordered me forward. I
was saved because I g«>t a life preserver,
and if the others had been allowed to get j
them, too, many would hi ye been saved
with me.
"The passengers were kept penned up j
till the last moment, and then made to
gi> down In the ocean like a pack of dogs.
"If some of the passengers had killed
the steward, who Kept them from getting
out, it would have been a mercy to the
others, In spite of what he told me, I
kept on giving out life preservers, and by
this saved some of tho people from
Rowan, who was badly injured in the
wreck, also says that he did not receive
proper care on the San Juan, and charges
the surgeon uf that ship with gross
The Chronicle will say this morinng
that as a result of the testimony given at
the federal inquiry as to the cause of tho
Colima disaster, a number of suits will bo
I brought against tho Pacific Mail com-
I pnny. It is alleged that the company
I was criminally negligent in the manner
! in which it loaded the ship.
Among those who propose lo make the
Pacific Mail defend itself against a suit
for damages is L, R. Brewer, the wealthy
planter, whoso wife and three littie ones
went down on the Colima. His home is
destroyed, his happiness is gone and he
is inspired by a bitterness which words
can baldly express.
He knows much of the methods of the
Pacific Mail, and told the story of how
the Colon only a few months ago, nar
rowly escaped disaster because her decks
were piled with lumber until she becaino
tot) heavy. Even a slight swell thiew
her from her position, and the captain
did not dare to stop at the way ports
which were marked as stopping places on
his journey.
Brewer was a passenger on the Colon,
j and gives with great clearness his de
' Borlption of the inconvenience and dan
! ger created by overloading of the decks.
|He is not alone in his charge, every ac
! clisation being corroborated by another
passenger on the same ship.
The representatives of the Pacific Mail
know that an attempt will bo made tv
hold them responsible for the wreck of
the Colims. They acted upon that
knowledge when the United States in
spectors of boilers and steamships began
and practically finished their investiga
tion of the disaster.
Not one of the surviving passengers
was called as a witnoss in that Inquiry,
Theonlyjevldence asked and the only tes
timony received was from employees of
the Pacific Mail company.
The Treasury Department Ready to Refund
the Money
WASHINOTON, .)une 7. -Blanks are
I prepared at the treasury aepartraent for
I the use of persons who have claims
again al the government for the refunding
oi tho income tax. The refunding will
he made under section 2220 of the re
vised statutes, which authorises the com
missioner of internal revenue, upon ap
peal, to refund all taxes erroneously or
I illegally levied. No claims have yet "been
Hied, probably because the claimants have
been watting for ortioial information on
tho Hiiuject. Every dollar of the income
tax already collected will be paid to tho
persons from whom the collections; were
m ade.
Doath oi a Well Known Railroad Man
OAKLAND, Juno 7.— c. L. Crattrec,
general bagiiagc agent of tho Southern
Pacific, died lierc today. He was stricken
with paralysis scveial months ago. Sir.
Crabtrue was born ; n Illinois Hfty-four
years ago and came tv California in L 852,
He entered the employ of the Southern
Pacflic in 1872, and was made general bag
gage agent four years ago.
Ex-Empress Eugenic has a hedgehog
for a pet. She carries it about with her
constantly in a wicker basket lined with
padded silk.
The Oldest Dispensary on the coast. ERtahli.hcd
•JO years, la all FIUVaTK UISKAsKS Of MEN, i*f Jjk
Not a Dollar m& J&
Need be Paid
UNTIL CURED. lß!^!fflS^
CATAItHM a spccinUy. We cure the worst case v -^l^l^O^ii^lf
Special surgeon from Kan Francisco Pisponaary ;'^>v&B''\
In ii' ntt»iidanei Kxami nations with w/''y/J£kh'<s
microscope, including una lysis, Ffi/dffl
The poor treated free from 10 t» VI Fridnv-.
Our lons- experience enables us to treat tic-
W'f»:M <■«,«•- of seer.-I oi private dhsea ;cs Willi A 1J- ■* -*' 'il.fetA'rt '•'v^S l^' .^''-j>*'*" t 'l
.Mil.l Ti, i MITAIN IV mi M-« CL-. - ' ! ' i
N" matter what vonr tr.» !»le is, come and talk '•• •V-^^-'rtll
with v-,; you will not regiot It. K-'^i*'^. P'\ V'Wv'- - 'iV--^9
* are guaranteed for drains, undevel- , '*jt\ ■> '^'J^^^^y
123 SOUThImAITn STREET. <^rW^^iu^^it^^
|bAS C^MFteiiO^S
Hr.rk, yellow oily, niotliy skin, rdm-
Jilrs, blackheads, roughness, redness,
dry, thin, anil falling hair, anil simple.
baby blemishes prevented aud cured
f lIP ♦
The most effective skin rnirifyinf? nnd
heautifying eo;ip in tho world, as
well as puro?t and sweet est for toilet,
loth, and nursery. It is so because
*t strikes attheCAt'sr of most com
pkntiona] disflgurrllons, tho
Bold thrOUgbont the world. PotVSR Dura AND
Chkm. I loftp., Sole proprietor*! Bwrton. a*>* "All
■boat the Blood,Kkiß, Scoildi ana Bali /'mallodfroe.
it oua color, makes ihe halt heal-
tiiv. (!:;<! is ttiti. steaming,salt
_j i'I T'ii k;-ih Int :do not affect it.
i ' |; is ns iiflturn! its nature. Detec-
l. Black. 5. Light Chest-
Cj l'nrk Urown nut
3, Mcd m Brows <>. Gold Itiond
4. t ;«i tnul. ?. Ash Blond.
Trade Mark price $1.50.
Read What Puttl Says;
Hoffman Hot s.: 1
NKWVOSK, April 34, IrtiK). i
To ihe Imperial Chemical Mfg. Co.:
(.iTNTi iisittN —Bo much ha« been said In IB*
nr*w»p*pr!« atmut the color of mv hair, I deem
it but jnM to IST it Is due to your imperial Hair
Regenerator, which i have been and am mm
Ulltlg 1 found the Court Hairdresser In Lon*
don was applying II to ladles in btgh social
pOtltlOlli and I first hud it applied by bin;, and
HOW, during my Stay in New York, I have had
the application renewed by you.
f in- result bat been beyond my highest ex
pectation. The color obtained is most beauti
tul, unifoim and, best of nil, I tind it harmless.
Your preparation has my cordial recommenda
tion. I believe there is nothing in the world
lor the hair like It.
A free «amp'c bottle of the finest rouge, "Im
perial Venus Tint," will be sent on receipt of
Si-cent stamp. 1 mferial Chemical Mfg. Co.,
B9*i Fifth aye., New York.
For sale in Los Angeles by Owl Drue Co., 320
B. Spring>t ; Off & Vaughn, Fourth and Spring
s'.s.; People's Store. North Spring st.
Still continue to treat
iiirooi ootl Lung Troubles, conn. Asthma,
Broncniiis. Nervous. Chronic und special
Diseases ol Ken unit women.
Buffering from the effecti o£ youthful follies or
Indiscretions, or who are troubled \\ Ith VYeak
nesSi Less uf Memory, Despondency, Aversion
to Society* Kidney Trouble! or any disease of
the Qenito Urinary urgans can here tind a safe
and speedy cure. Charges reasonable, espe
cially to the poor. CURES GUARANTEED.
There are many troubled With too frequent
evacuations of the Madder, Often accompanied
by r Blight smarting or burning sensation and
weakening oi the system in s ma>tner the pa
tient cannot account for. on examining Che
urinary deposits a ropy sediment will often be
fount, and sometimes particles of albumen
Will appear, or the color be of a thin, milkish
huo, again changing to a dark turMd appear
ance. These cases are frequently accompanied
by loss of sexual power or ImpOtenoy, but can
all be cured by proper treatment.
Are among the Ills and ■weaknesses for which
they guarantee a cure.
Arc speedily and permanently cured by them
Yield readily to their skillful treatment.
Cured without pain or detention from busi
Cured in every case.
These famous specialist! are more earnestly
engaged today than ever be Tore in the noble
work of adding to human happlm ss and suv-
Ing thousands ot precious human Uv es,
Is based upon fact.'-. First—Practical expert
once. Second—Every case Is specially studied,
thus starting right, Third—Medicines ore pre*
pared in our Laboratory exactly to suit each
Case, thus effecting cures without Injury,
Calls made in city or country.
0t05,7 to 8. Sundays, 10 to 19,
llnoms 1, M, 5 and 7.
Calls made in all partsSof the city.
Los Angeles Medical
and Surgical
if You Don't Like It,
Return It
And get your money back. That's what
we tell all who purchase clothing from us.
Yes, we have $10.00 Suits, as well as
$2>.00 ones, and we will take just as
much pains to lit you wfth a $10.00 Suit.
HARRIS & FRANK, Proprietors
119 to 125 North Spring Street.
piftatf send tills to someone with Cancer,
•*• CITY •*•
Grill and Scroll Work
Office and Bank Railings, Window
and Spark Guards,
Floral Designs of Every Description
Made to Order.
Opp- Terminal Ttailroad, . . .
Oyer Flret street bridge, Los Angeles.
' the tailor m>
Si ITS Msae lo orler iron $20 MB
49-Rulea for Solf-Measureuicnt *soii
ami Samples «,f MotU scut trie '■'^'Ijf'*-**^',
Tor all orders. JE*
No. 143 S, Spring St.
Nature's Remedy lor
Rheumatism, Constipation, Indiges
tion, Diabetes, Kidney and
Urinary Troubles.
Wholesale tind Ilctail.
A It I .TO, stile cure lor nil female diseases,
i.ocul Home Treatment,
For particulars, address
Agent Ho. California,
5250. Broad way. LOS ANGELES
Stockholders' Meeting
r% board of directors of thn California Sew r
Flpo company Ims, by resolution duly passed
on the Uth day ol May, 1805, called a meeting
of the stockholders of said corporation to
meet on Saturday, August 10, 181)5, at 2
o'clock p, tu., al the office oi the company, be«
Ing 1148 Broadway, In the city of Los Angeles,
Los Augelea county, Btate of California, sold
place ol meeting being the principal place
where the board ol directors usnnily meet.
Bald meeting ot stockholder! of said torpora
t ion in called for t* c pnrpose ol considering
the propriety ot reducing the capital stock of
this corporation from 1*700,000 to 111115,000.
i hat the share -be reduced Irntn 750 i» ol moo
l-er sha*e to 1152 man sof tfioo per share.
It further urderi'd that t In* Foregoing order
he published In Tbe Herald, a newspaper pub*
llelivd in Los Angeles city, si provide-: bylaw.
Dated ihisoth dsj of June, 180 ft,
h. il. MOTT,
s-io Btoretary oi 'aid Corporation,
Summons in Divorce
X of California, in and for the county of Los
Mra A. Lea plaintiff, vs. Albert O. Lea, de
Action brought In the Superior Court of tha
•date of California, In ami tor the county of
Los Angeles, and the complaint filed In said
county of L s Angeles, in the office oi the cierk
of siud Superior Court.
The people ol the state of California send
greeting to a. o. Lea, defendant.
You are hereby required to appear in an ac
tion brought again si you by the above-named
plaintiff, in the Superior Court of the slate of
California, in aud lor Los Angeles county, and
to answer the complaint til v therein within
ten days (exclusive of the day of service) after
the service on youofth 8 summons, f served
Within this county; or, il served elsewhere,
within thirty days.
I his said action is brought to obtain a judg
men I und decree of court, dissolving the bonds
ol matrimony now existing between the plain
tiff and defendant, upon the grounds ol tho
defendant's failure to support plaintiff for
more than two years last past, or provide her
with the necessaries of life, having the ability
to so do, and for costs of suit. Reference is hail
to complaint lor particulars.
And you lire hereby notified that if you fall
to appear and answer the said complaint, as
above required, the said plaintiff will cause
your default to be entered and will apply to
the court for ihe relief demanded In the
Given nndor my hand and the seal of the
Superior Court of the slate of California, In
and for the county of Los Angeles, this 26th
day of April, In ihe year of our Lord one
thousand eight hundred and ninety-five,
LJ* a.] T. E nkw lin, Clerk.
By A. M, BEAVER, Deputy Cierk.
Partnership Notice
Angeles, s.;.
We, t ie undersigned, do hereby certify that
we are partners, transacting business in buy
ing, selling and dealing in arms, ammunition,
bicycles, fishing tackle anil cutlery, as well as
■porting goods of all kinds, and as well as all
iorts of goods, war sand merchandise to the
said business belonging, and also of repairing
and manufacturing any of such sporting
goods, articles or material as may be deemed
necesrary or proper, In i his. state, at 118 West
Firs! street. In the pity Of Los Angeles, county
of Los Angeles, and state of California, under
the firm name and style of Southern Califor
nia Anus company.
That the namos in full ol ail the members
of Buch partnership are Emll Harris, Joseph
Singer and Mas Harris; and that the place of
our residences are set opposite our respective
names hereto subscribed.
In witness whereol w have hereunto set our
hands this 28th day of May, A. I>. 1805.
Names. Residences.
EM IL HARRIS, 217 B, Olive st., Los Am
gelt", cal.
JOSEPH SINGER, 132 8. Spring St, Los An
geles, eel.
MAX HARRIS, 024 Temple st., Los Angeles,
Slate oi California, /
county of Los Angeles, t '
On this Itlst day oi May, In the year of OUI
Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety*
five, before me, W J, Va'icl, a notary public
tv and for said county of Los Angeles, state of
California, residing therein, duly commis
sioned and sworn, personally appeared Kltttl
Harris, Joseph Singer and Max Harris, known
to me to be the persons desert bed in a nd wnose
names arc subscribed to the within instru
ment, and acknowledged that they executed
the same,
in witness whereof, I bavc hereunto pet my
hand aud affixed my official seal the day and
year in this certificate first above written.
[Seal] W. J* VARIEL,
Notary Public in and for tho county of Loi
Angeles, state of California, o*2B
JL Branch; National Home for Disabled Vol
unteer Soldiers—Los Angeles county, Califor
nia, May 10, 1805. scaled proposal! will be
received at the Treasurer's office unt l 11:30
a. m., Tuesday, .1 uue 11, LBO5. and opened i BY
mediately thereafter in Ihe presence of bid
der", for tho periods sta cd in schedules hi
follows: Quartermaster, subsistence and hos
pital stores. The quantities to be increased
ten eer con', if required, during the execution
of the contra, i. Schedules, With information
and Instruction lor submitting bids, will b«
furnished upon application to tho un lar-*
signed. The rigid to reject any and nil uids is
reserved. Address
j. g. Rowland, Governor
6»10, U, 12, 13 pnd 6-8, 9.
Stockholders' Meeting
jJH met ting of the stockholders of the Main
Street and Agricultural Park Railroad com
pany will be held at the oflice of the company.
No. *j;i-4 Uorth Main street, in tho city of Los
Angeles. California, on Monday, the Ist day of
July, A, I). 1805, for the purpose of electing a
board of directors for the ensuing year, and
for the transaction of such other business as
may 1 roperly come before the meeting.
The polls will lie opened at 12O'clock m. and
closed at 3 o'clock p. in.
A. c. TAYLOR, Secretary.
Notice for Publication
J j April 25, 1805,
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his intention
lo make final proof in support of his claim, ana
that said proof will be made before register
and receiver at Los Angeles, CaL* 011 J»»o
1:1 th, 1805. vis. i Pierre Augustures Home no
7022, for the w.; of lots h and 0 and WW oi
SVt 1 j section 2, Township 5 n, Range 17 w, a.
"lie*names the fo lowing witnesses to prove
Discontinuous resilience upon and cultivation
ot Bald land, viz: Henry Lett our, Picric USIOB.J.
H Davles, Piorwj Lafouroads, all of Ceatec, Lo
Angeles county, Cal _~ ~
J. T. BOLTON, Register

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