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The Herald
By nin Hrr.ALD Publishing company.
THE Hf.hai.p owns » full Associate I Tress
franchise and publishes the complete tele
iraphic news report received daily by a special
leased wire.
ureal. Telephone 15t>.
BTJBINERS OFFICE: Bradbury Building, 222
Wesl Third street. Telephone 247.
Per week $ -°
Per monlh 80
BY MAIL, including ppctage):
Daily Herald, one year 8 00
Daily Herald, six months 4 28
Daily Herald, three month* 2 25
Dally Herald, one month 80
Weekly Herald, one year 1 00
Entered at Hie po.-aoflioe al Los Angeles as
second-clns, matter.
EASTERN OFFICE: A'-i and 45, Tiibune build
ing, Nciv York.
Frank & OaAY Eastern Agent.
Ihe papers ol all delinquent mall subscribers
tnthe Daily Herald will be promptly discon
tinued hereafter. No papers will be sen-, tc
•tibsenhers by mail uulesj the same havo beeu
paid lorin advance.
No contributions returned.
it has b?en held by theorists and re
formers that in these days poverty is
about as heinous a crime as can be com
mitted ; that a man whose only fault va ,
being penniless is punishod more severe
ly in proportion to his oliense than a
The Herald has hart a bright young news
paper man with some dramatic ability,
assume the character of a tramp. He
asked an ollicer for a quarter to purchase
a meal and was promptly arrested, put
in the city jail, and has been working on
tbe chain-fang for days, serving
out his sentence for the supposed offense
of having no money.
In tomorrow's Herald he will com
mence the narration of his experiences as
an amateur hobo and jail bird, the
articles to be illustrated.
Whether the reader believes that a poor
man ought to be jailed or not, the rela
tion of this reporter's experiences will be
found of interest and possibly profitable,
as a study of one phase of the end-oi-the
century justice and penology*
The predictions freely made the last j
few aays that President Cleveland would
appoint Attorney-General Olney to the
vacant state secretaryship, were yester
day realized. In making this apDoint
tnent the president has apparently
selected a most worthy successor to the
late secretary. Since Mr. Olney s en
trance to the cabinet he has demonstrated i
the possession of exceptionally high
ability, and the conduct of the affairs of 1
his difficult ottice has oeen such as to
justify the greater confidence the presi
dent has reposed in him. With the many
complex diplomatic issues it wan Secre
tary Gresbam's fortune to encounter, the
attorney-geneial became thoroughly con
versant as the result of constant consul- i
Ution with the department of state. He
is thus en ranpoit with the foreign policy
of the administration—the policy of
honesty—and is prepared, doubtless, to
take up the Lines of actiun in the state
department where .Judge Oresham left
them. In tho selection of the heads of
the executive departments President
Cleveland has shown rare sagacity ana
it may he warranted that in tins
instance lie has made a fitting ap
pointment. | It would seem that
Mr. Cleveland has appreciated the
tact more than any other piesident, that
the two chief essentials in a cabinet offi
cer are adaptability fur the tasks of the
office and sympathy with the objects of
the administration. He very rightfully
considers the cabinet his official family,
and his appointments have been made
■with that principle ever in view. He as
the chief magistrate of tbe United States
is personally answerable for the deeds of
his administration and all the acts of
those constituting parts of the adminis
tration. Such being the unquestioned
case, he has invited men to the council
table who are personally acceptable. He
has been brave enough to throw over
board that political superstition that a
president's cabinet is a party advisor}*
board and should be representative of
the different factions of a political organi
zaiton. The effect cf adhering consist
ently to this ideal has been to give Mr.
Cleveland the most harmonious and effect
ive cabinets in the history of the coun
try. The adoption of the contrary theory
in making up this important body has
invariably resulted in Inharmony,[faction
al bitterness and failure in administrative
designs. Washington's and Jackson's
cabinets furnish notable instances of the
futility of attempting to harmonize fac
tions in the cabinet room.
"In a lew years, months, for I hat mat
ter, there will he no break between Pasa
dena and i.os Angeles. The electric road
Is going lo hinl lup the country between !
East I.os Angeles and Qarvanaa, and al- j
ready there is a market appreciation of I
property along Ihe road and land is sell j
ing rapidly. It. look, very much as I
though Pasadena was going to be one of I
the «iti4sof the city of Ihe angels, and
if this is so. we are prepared to do our
Share of the Hying. "
Thus says the Pasadena News, ami in
doing so it exhibits a prescience befitting
a lead ing daily of California's intellectual
bnb. We can hear tno.se wedding >c!l- to
which we bare previously adverted, al- !
ready ringing in tne air. Tlie next time
our city boundaries are rearranged, the i
aastern limits will he placed somewhere j
near Lamanda Park, II those annexation I
feliotva will only wait a year or ->v.
Hon. John I. Irish, chairman of the
■tate board of trade, baa estimated from
the board's data that the population of
the state hts nareased to 1,122,240, being
•'i addition ol mote than 214.0U0 since
189t». This is a percentage of increase
prohi nly not excelled by any common,
wealth in the union, and speaUa volumes '
lor the general attractiveness ol the state.
Of the total gain, it is entirely reason
able to suppose that the southern tier ol
counties, const iting not more than a
third of the state, have the right lo claim
at least ball. Since 1800 i.os Angeles I
alone lias acquired at the lowest calcula
tion about iIO.UOO people. The census of
that year gave us a liltle more than 50,
--000, while the estimates ot those in a
position to judge accurately, place the
present nuinbei of the city's inhabitants
..t from 5.0.000 to 00,000. This impres
sion is well confirmed tiy the enormous
number of buildings constiucted in the
last rive years, ami tho remarkable exten
sion uf the populated area that a ride
around town will reveal. But there is
plenty of room for more. Let them
come. Los Angeles has yet a wider ex
panse of unimproved territory than she
has improved, and an unlimited amount
of acreage all around her that is just as
gooo for city building as the present site,
when al! tho chinks of the latter have
been tilled up.
Riverside is not as youthful as sortie
other places In Southern Caifornla, but
ills is hound lo be just as dashing as
any. In the past few (lays her citizens
have voted almost unanimously in favor
of bomi issues aggregating $180,000. Tliis
sum is to he expended in the construc
tion of all electric lighting system and
in paving and otherwise. Improving the
streets. If tho amount he properly ex
pended, as doubtless it will he—(or Itiver
side is blessed with plenty of business
talent -tho home of the Navel in Califor
nia, will he as finely illuminated and an
well paved as any city of the size in the
OOttntry. In the remarkable r/ras id de
velopment, that was initiated in South
rn California about ten years since.
Riverside has seen the nse of many vig
orous competitors, out it is safe to lay
that her prestige as a citrus capita! and
a charming residence community has
not only not been impaired but visibly
lioighlened by the contrasts afforded.
About a decade since there were practi
cally bin three nlaces in this section with
reputations that extended to the outer
world, and they were Los Angeles, River
side and Sierra Madre, the latter having
been widely advertised as a winter resort.
Others, as we have said, since then have
risen to contest for places in the list of
fame, but Riverside is still in the front
lino and will stay there if the enterprise
her people have just shown ran be ac
cepted as any criterion.
Tn Its last issue that very esculent pub
lication, the California Trade Review, re
prints a Herald editorial of a few weeks
since, entitled, "Make the Country and
the Cities Will Come," relating to the
efforts of the Half Million club to pull
San Francisco up to the "inn,nan notch.
The Review credits the editorial to tho
Ontario Observer, having evidently found
it in that journal without due credit to
the Herald. Presuming that the ex
change editor oi the Observer is a greatly
overworked man. .ye will forgive the
omission this time, hut most solemnly
warn the Ontario news purveyor against
a repetition of the sin.
As a gold producer Arizona is looming
up conspicuously. Rfcfa developments ti**
being reported almost daily, one of Ihe
latest finds, located in IJurro creek, show
ing up to the tons of $SU per ton. without
assorting, and 1300 per ton after rejecting
the low-grade ore. There is little doubt
that this Territory is destined to surprise
the world in a few years with its produc
tion in both mineral- and fruits.
There are some men who pose as hon
orable business men who, when it comes
to "freezing out" a widow of tiie interest
and living left her in her husband s busi
ness, prove as adept in the "black art"
as any scheming scoundrel on earth.
We are awaiting developments in just
such a case now.
The triumph of Foraker in Ohio
politics shows that the market in spectno
titar demagogues ib still good in the
Buckeye state.
A very beautiful reception and musical
was given in honor of Mr. and Mrs. J
Roth Hamilton, last night, by Mr. and
Mrs. A. S. Bobbins and Mrs. M. Spencer
Evans, at their handsome home on South
Pearl street. The decorations weto dainty
and artistic and tinder the direction of
C'hristensen >k Husten. In tho music
room pink carnations and asparagus fern
were used most effectively. The bay
Window was converted into a bower of
ferns and carnations; the sunie fragrant
blossoms were in clusters over the walls
and around the doors; the picture wires
and chandelier were hidden by ferns and
carnations. The effect of the whole room
\ was exquisitely dainty. The large door
1 leading from the hail to tho drawing room
was framed in English ivy and junk glad
iolis, and in the wooden fret work of
the arch dividing the front and back halls
birds of paradise made a striking contrast
against the dark background. The draw
ing room was adorned with La France
roses, crimson roses held sway in the
library, made more brilliant by red
Shaded lamps. The dining room was
fragrant with magnolia blossoms, with
an artistic finish of palms and ferns.
Mr. and Mts. Hamilton, Mr. ami Mrs.
Modini-Wood, Mr, and Mrs, Jerome
j Kempton, Mr. ai d Mrs E. i\ Johnson,
jr.. assisted Mr. and Mrs. Robbins
and Miss Evans in receiving. The even
ing was one of thorough enjoyment, and
a musical treat was given the inanv
guests present, as the name?" on the fol
lowing programme prove. Delicious re
freshments were served during the even
ing :
Quartette, You ytolS My Love, McFarrcn-
Meadames Wood aud Kemp to a, Messrs Wood
and Betoler
Duet. Life's Dream h O'er, Atcher—Mrs.
Kempton and Mr. Martin
((mutation and aria, .snera'.e o tigli Nabuco,
Verdi —Dr. cud wig bemler.
Duel, Gondolier Song, Arditi -Mr. »nd Mrs.
; NDiiatH, Gregg-Lento Dolorosa Allegro Viva
ce. Allegretto Tranquillo, Allegro Animate*.
J Mr. llnrl'.'y Hamilton und Mill O'Oonougbue.
j to icert, air and variation, Carnival of Yen
I ice, Blnediot -Mrs, J. Roth Hamilton,
j Souk, 'Ihe Klgbt of Ages, Hevan—Mr. James
Polices, Son Vergio, Purllaai, Bellini—Mrs.
Ilodtnl-M ood.
Piute solo, Raphaela, a. Tersehak—Mr.
! Waltei McQuillan
Bong, Call Me Hack. Den/a —Mr. Modim
Socg, La Stella I oiiiidente, Kobaudi — Mrs
Quartette, Di Tentl Reg»l Bemeramldl. Kos
slnl - Mead am c a Wood and Kempton, Messrs.
Wood and Sender.
Those invited Were: Mr. and Mrs.
Jerome Kempton. Ml. and Mrs. Modinl-
Wood, Mr. and Mr . W. C. Wood. Dr. and
Mrs. Ludwig Send',, .Mr. and Mrs. Bar
ley Hamilton. Mr. and Mis. McQuillan.
Mr. and Mrs. E. P, Johnson, Miss Puno
bue, the Misses Mull ins. N i block, YVede
mever, Doit y, iletts. Cole, the Messrs.
Keflsm. Martin, uayle, Qnttttb, Kleck
ner. stubbs. I»r. and Mrs. Chichester, Mr.
and Mrs. William H. Perez, Colonel and :
Mrs. H. O. Otis, Mr. and Mrs A. Mo- ,
I'nerron. Dr. and Mrs. 8. B. Salisbury.
mm We wart to tell you all about it;
will send booklet free.
Chino Ranch Company,
Hon. and Mrs. Hte: hen M. White, Major
ami Mrs. i'razdole. Mr. and Mrs. John K.
Plater, Mr. and Mrs. Charles l'rager, Mr.
[ and Mrs. uicorge L. Cole ; Miss Waddi
love. Judge and Mrs. Miikinlev, Mr. and
Mrs. ('. W. R. Ford, Mr. and Sirs. B. P.
C. KluKke, Judge and Mrs. Stephen
Hubble, Mr. ami Mrs. J. F. Francis. Mr.
and Mrs. C. C. Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs.
1.. W Blinn, Mr. and Mrs. U. Wiley
Wolls, Mrs. 1., C. (»o dwin, Judge and
Mrs. Knss. General and Mr-. 10. I*. John
son. Judge R. 11. VVidney, Miss Wid
nejr, Mr. and Mrs. It. J. Widnoy.
Mr. and Mrs. John Wigmore,
Mr. and Mrs. T. IX Stimson. Mrs. and
Mrs. Bara Stimson, Miss Mary F.. Spen
en. Mr. and Mrs. Frank ttelaey. Mi. and
Mis. Mark Lewis. Mr. and Mrs. 11. ii.
Unwell, Mr. and Mrs. A. 0. Jones. Mi.
and Mrs. Orr Harralson, the Misses
Marix, .Miss Haynes, Mr. and Mrs. Ly
man Stewart. Mr. and Mrs. W. Stewart,
Miss Stewart. Mr. and Mrs. Felix Howes,
Miss Howes. Mrs. J. W. Stewart. Mr.
and Mrs. Clarence Hall, Miss liarron.
i Miss Oorsev. Judge and Mrs. T. O.
Houghton. Mr. and Mrs. Lay 111 W. Loom
; i--. Mr. and Mrs. James 'Montgomery.
! Mr. and Hrs.'J. .1. Akin. Mr. and Mrs.
! Milliard Mercer, Mr. aud Mrs. 11. Jevne.
i Miss Jevne. Mr. and Mrs. Burdett Chand
ler. Mr. and Mrs. W. 11. Workman, lloyle
Workman. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Moore,
j Mr. and Mrs. Walter Maxwell. Mrs. Fan
j nic Schumacher. Mis. Josephine Butler,
' Mrs. Margaret Hughes, Mrs. Scar
l borough. Or. and Mrs John Haynes,
! Mr. and Mrs. Oochran, Mr. and Mrs.
Shelby TolbUrst, Mr. and Mrs. Mead.
] Mr. Dezendorf, Miss Workman, Miss
\ Mary Srez. Mr. Jack Jevne, Mr. and Mrs,
| Rulus Harrnn, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. P.
; Peck, Dr. and Mrs. Btormont Owens. Mr.
i and Mrs. Itradncr Lee, Mrs. Victoria
1 Harrell, Mr. and Mrs. 0, W. Churchill,
i the .\iisses Robinson, Mrs. McLellan,
! I'apt. and Mrs. O. 0. MullitiS, Mrs. Jef
fries Chandler, Mis. Carre in. Mr. and
, Mrs. John Bralv, Miss Braly, Mr. A.
i Braly, Mrs. Mary' Ileitis.ii. Mrs. McQuil
t lan,'.Miss Mary Orey, Miss McLellan.
Shakespeare Club
The Shakespeare club was delightfully
entertained by Mrs. Ira O. Smith, one of
its members, at its last meeting. As the
guests entered her home they were served
with iced lemonade. A little tune was
Spent socially before the programme was
announced, in finishing the study of the
play of Henry V, the character study of
the* king was given by Mrs. McClure,
.showing the relation between the histor
ical character and Shakespeare's concep
tion ot tbe man. Following this was an
informal talk upon the Princess Katharine
by Mrs. While. To complete the study,
Airs. Willard gave the courtship scene
between Henry and Katharine in such
a man ncr as to elicit much applause.
A quotation contest was the.i announced.
The members stood about the room, each
in turn giving a quotation from Shakes
peare, and tbe contest was so lively that
the quotations were not exhausted for
overan hour. Mrs. Wineberg was pro
nounced victor and was presented with a
beautiful rose pillow by her hostess. Mrs.
Ward, almost as fortunate, received a
bolting cloth banner painted with violets,
and to the lot cf Mrs. Variel fell a dtfinty
bonbon box. All the prizes were the ex
quisite work of Mrs. Smicb, which made
them doubly prised, and were planned
by her as a pleasant surprise for the club,
'ibis closed the programme and the club
separated, each mem her feel i ;ig that a
mout delightful afternoon had been spent,
for which they wero Mrs. Smith's
Church Reception
Mrs. R. W. Poindwxter threw open her
lovely home yesterday afternoon to the ■'
ladies of Kmauuel church, who received j
their many friends from :! to 6. The
rooms were bright with artistically ar- j
ranged (lowers, and at tho conclusion of
tbe programme given, tempting refresh- i
ments were served. Mesdames W. C. I
Patterson, Hart Well, Shoemaker and j
Miss Alexander spoke briefly in behalf of
the different missions of"the church, j
Mrs. Fisher gave a vocal solo, and the
programme was concluded by v prayer
from Mrs. Carrey.
Mrs. Poind ex was assisted In receiving
by Mrnes. Martin, Ha set. Henderson.
Chichester, Pillsbury, W. C. Patterson,
Shoemaker and Newman.
Those present, W6JW Mrs. and M iss 1
Cookfns, Mines. Hitchcock. Parker. ;
Smith, N. W. Xiles, Sneidker. Messer,
tlie Misses Alexander, Mines. Anderson,
Bradbeer, Brook man. ll use. Hutchinson,
* 'lirrey. Misses Deniieu. Parsons, Glaus,
Mines. Glass, Green, Herron, Hariis,
Miss Harris, Mines. Keil'er. Mereceau, j
Phillips, S. S. Salisbury, F. Salisbury,
Staub. Stone. T. S. Wads Worth* Ward, j
Winery, Miss Waid and Miss White.
Church Dinner
The ladies of the First Congregational
crimen have been giving a series of din
ners in the church parlors, the last one !
look place last night under the auspices .
of the gentlemen of the church. J, B.
Myer was In charge assisted by a corps '
of gentlemen. The Messrs. L. W. Godin,
Swan. Wedgwood. Averill, Averill, jr.; i
Godin, jr.; Logan, Pec!;, the Messrs. !
Clapp. Day, Montgomery, Wearing, Dr. 1
Day, worm, Stone, Bruseau. The gentle
men were In costume and their faces made
up of the African hue. They acted as .
waiters tv the 800 or more guests who sat
down to the sumptuous dinner during
the evening. Mr. Ed Averill, dressed as
a returned missionary from Africa, read
a lengthy paper on the Connection of tlie
New Woman With the Silver Question,
which was full of wit and humor. The
paper was literally long, measurine sev
eral yards, and was wrung through two
clothes wringers by a small boy as tbe
speaker read it off.
The entertainment \va« socially and
financially a success; were cleared, i
which goes tv the Ladies' Aid society uf j
the church.
Thimble Party
A number of young ladies were de
lightfully entertained yesterday afternoon
with a thimble party by Miss Van Dyke
at her home on South Olive street, to
meet Miss Dunham of Oakland. The
rooms were made attractive with bright
Mowers, and during the afternoon templ
ing refresh ments were served.
Luncheon at fir*. "lonroe's
Mrs. Charles Monroe entertained very I
[ d< tigbtfltlly with a luncheon at her home
lon Bq,uth Hill street yesterday afternoon 1
in honor of Mrs. Gay of Topekn, The
gnosis were Mrs. .Stewart, Mrs. White
bead and Mr.?. Stilson.
Here and There
The third kinde.garton cotillion will !
I take j lace June IHIIi at Kramer's hall. !
An entertainment will be given this
{ evening in the Friday Morning club
i rooms for the Free. Kindergarten associa-
I lion.
I Mrs. Henry Watson is visiting her
I parent-. Judge tind Mrs. Wirlncv, at their
j home on South Olive street. Mrs. Wat
i son vv Ii remain in i.os Angeles about
j two months.
A large audience was present yesterday
at the Friday Morning club to hear a
I paper an the Limits of Human Under*
i standing, according to Spencer's plilloao.
I phy, by B. I!. Baumgardt. It was a most
I able, thoughtful logical discourse, and an
abstract of it will appear in 'the Herald
f tomorrow morning.
Police Riilc Team
OrHcer V. 1.. Johnson, captain of the '
crack police rille team, bus pouted a DO.
life on the station bulletin board callll g
the team out for a practice shoot Satin- j
day, June Bth, to begin at 1:80 ji.ui. i
sharp at the Downey avenue range.
A Steamship Company Collapse*
NEW YORK, June 7. A World special
Iruni I'uloii ways tho Caribbean .Steam
ship company has pone out ol business
after six months' tentative operations,
losing m Hut lime if-10. UOO.
Is Poverty a Crime?
A Herald Reporter Plays Tramp
He Asked for Bread
And They Gave Him the Chain-gang
Read the Story of His Experiences
A Correspondence Which Is Self
A Flattering Invitation Extended to .Max
."leyberg. Who Courteously and Con
siderately Declines - The Letters
The following correspondence comes as
an echo fiom the recently held great fes
tival ami cannot bo but of interest to a
great number of residents of this city.
Mr. Max Mayberg recently received a let
ter which was signed by forty-four citi
zens, a copy of which follow*.
Dear Sir—The undersigned, in bchair of
themselves and the people of I.os An
geles, desire the opportunity of publicly
recognizing your indefatigable and un
selfish serviecs in making our grand an
nual feast the success which it was uni
versally conceded to be.
We therefore ask your acceptance of a
testimonial banquet to be given at a time
ami place hereafter to be tixcJ.
Awaiting your favorable reply, wo re
main yours very truly W. C. Patterson,
.). M. Elliott. John F. Francis, A. Haas.
I. Fleishman, J. Sunderland, Bishop .V,
Co., K. w. Pridham, T. B. Burnett,
.lames McLachlan, 0. A. Dob!nson, 11.
.1. Woollacott, .1. M. Johnston, Ferd K.
Ilucl, 11. Jevne. 11. \V. Frank, Hum ncr,
l\ Hunt. H. M. Widney, Then. A. Kisen,
\V. M. Garland. K. P.* Johnson, Frank
Rader, A. C BiUckeA Co., J. S. Balkey,
Sam I'oiaski. Jaeobv Bros., .1. T. She
ward, Harry Sieged, Oeorge H. Bone
brake, M. H. Newma.k, Harper & Rey
nolds company, John M. Crawley, Leon
I.oeb, S. 11. Lewis, Kaspare Cohn, F, ff.
Braun, T. E. Oibbon, w. C. Purrey A
Co.. C. F. A. Last, W. D. Woolwl lie. .Ed-
Ward I>. Silent. A. 11. Vixen, H. P. An
derson. F. J. Cooper*
* Mr. Meyberg courteously declined the
invitation in a letter dated June 7th ami
addressed to W. C. Patterson, a copy of
which in here given :
Hear Sir:—l am in receipt of the com
munication, of yourself and citizens ot
Los Angeles, tendering me a bamjuet in
recognition of my efforts lo make our
late celebration a success.
I herewith tender to yourself, as well
as to all those who so* kindly wish to
honor me, my grateful thanks for to is
token of regard aud shall always remem
ber their kindness.
It is with regret that I have to ask you
not to carry out your kind intentions for
various reasons, and particularly for the
fact that I should not be singled out of
the great number of gentlemen who assis
ted in making a great success of our La
Fiesta de Los Angeles, for which our city
is now Jamous.
5 The directors of the Merchants* associa
tion, tlie advisory board aud all the var-
Lus committees worked hard and faith
fully an i are deserving of as much praise
as has been given to me. I consider the
honor of being elected director general a
Sufficient one, anil shall cherish the rec
ollections of being id en ti lied in tliis
capacity with Los Angeles' first two cele
brations which in future years will make
our city famous not only in this country,
but also in the entire civilized world.
J take this occasion to ask of our citi'
zens 00-operation with the Merchants
association for the next celebration. It
should be taken in hand at nice by the
directors of that association in order to
cxc el tne effort made this year, and for
which they nejd tbe assistance of all citi
Thanking you and others again for the
kindness ami consideration shown tne, I
remain, yours truly.
Under the samd date W. C. Patterson
wrote Mr. Meyberg as follows:
My Pear Sir: —I am just in receipt of
your letter of this date. Assuming to
speak for the gentlemen who with myself
cheerfuly signed the tender of a banquet
,to yourself, 1 express sincere regret in
consequence oi the decision which your
modesty has suggested.
While conceding the valuable services
of the directors ot the Merchants' associ
ation, the advisory board and all the
: committees, I am sure that every person
connected with the?-e important tactors
In tlie success of La Fiesta de Los Ange
i les will concede yuur efforts to have been
While we are thus by your request de
prived of t!'e privilege of giving tbe de
The Sweet
Odor of Almonds
clean, pure end punsrent, pleases the nostrils
ns lb 6 cork come> from a jar of.Mine. Yale's
celebrated Almond Blossom complex on
Cream. For years and ap«s, women have
bourlh a sate and nrrtain preservative of the
complexion Tlie sun in and the lioat
ofatevesanri uteam in winter, make nature's
wort 100 hard foi her. The dust that is blwuys
in the air grinds n#elf into the sensitive skin.
Eoap and wator are no - , enough to <*et it otit
and to Bootheand soften the dry, chapped skin.
will do it. it rifjinspi the skin and it l ! pore«,
BOftoni tlie fureisn matter within and witii-
OUt, snotMes all irritation, COOla the he at Of
nhavpplusj and fever and gives a satin
Mirface i<- the Buffering ifcfn,
It U good for burns and for any abrasion.
A stasia application la effective' nit It on at
nUht aud rub it briskly into the akin and you
will be piea^mtly astonished in Hie morn!tig.
l hera bare been imita i<>ns of iiii? wonderful
beautifler. Look out for them. Accept nothing
but tho real.
If your druggist will not supply yon, Bend
the price. $1. 10 If ME. M. YAUG, Healv'i
and Complexion Specialist, 14H atate st,
Chicago. Beauty uuitie wmitu {rev*
sired public demonstration, I hope you
are thoroughly Imbued with the fact that
your unselfish, honorable and untiring
efforts to promote the welfare mid extend
the renown of our beautiful city are
thoroughly appreciated uy every good
citizen of Los Angeles.
The Burbank,—There will be a matinee
loday, and tonight for tlie last time will
be seen the great military drama, Cap
tain Heme, I', s. A. Tomorrow evening
will commence the last week of the en
gagement of Mr. J. J. Dowling and Miss
Myra 1„ [>avis. who will apnear in tho
beautiful melodrama, The Belle of Car
bine River. It will be its first production
in this city ami will be augmented with
grand new scenery. Including the won
derful sawmill scene and some new
Orpheum.—The regular Saturday mati
nee foi ladies and children will be given
by the entire Orpheum company this aft
ernoon. The pro'-rumme will be the
same as at the evening performance^
A We 1 ! Known finer
Harry Harrington, a brother-in-lnw of
tbe MoHauey brothers, ami who with
the latter owns the famous Desert Queen
gold mine, located thirty miles north of
Indio, is in the city superintending the
snipping of a stamp mill tv their prop
erty* An interview with the gentleman
will appear in a latei issue in these col
The f Iks
Los Angeles Lodge Xo 9R.8.P.0. Bike,
will give a social session this evening at
their hall. South Main street. Dr.
F. W. Fleming will preside. The enter
tainment committee has Mirreeded in ob
taining some of the best talent in the
city, ami an excellent programme has
beHii prepared.
Cottolene—the new shortening—tha
only pure and healthful and perfectly
digestible frying and shortening mate
rial in the market— i* now to lie had at
oil first-class, grocers throughout tha
United States and Canada.
n jt
In using Cottolene for shortening,
it is of the greatest importance to use
only about one-half or two-thirds as
much as would be used of lard. This
is essential to success in the cooking,
as well as ait important feature for
one 's pocket book.
Cottolene, like all other good things,
lias found several imitators, all of very
inferior quality, and sure to cause dis
satisfaction. "Tobe suieof getting tha
genuine Cottolene, the best way to
buy it is in the tin pails bearing tlia
name aud Trade-Mark.
§Made only hf
f '.i. re. V(. w VnrU, ItOBtOO.
13H Cornsiernlft) si.. i,n mc p.. R.i
1 10 West Second Street,
Eupplie* Business Houses ilailv with all infor
■nation in their line, covering ihe entire
j you So:"; Throat, Pi:a; ; "i'?3, Corper-Coloredl
j 'Y.ite I'ouC a**-me<:y t'o.,C4*7 Wa-C
| Katientocurod nlnej-carep
■vroTICE of Tin: fjEing ok the nnroiti
it of the com mi oae s rppoln od tor :iie
opening snd ex landing of At>h street Ijoiwcph
Chavez street mi .1 A hum If n h\ cvm 1 In com
pliance with o dlnaiiee No. -00;t .new series),
together With the plat Of the d;i
Notice is hereby given that r certified fiopy
of the report, assessment and plat of th*
cotntsslouera appointed to assess bensflti and
damages, and lo have general ■noervltlon ot
the proposed worn of open! tig and extending
Of Ash between 'have;: if est and Al
bainbra avenue, nai been n»ed in tlie oflice ol
tin: nuderslgneo,
All mi mi levied and assessed in said assess
men', us*t are due and payable Immediately.
'1 lie payment of saitl sunn is to tic made to rao
In my oflice within thirty days from the titst,
publication of tins riot tee
aii assessments uoi paid bofore the ?xpira
t ion of nit Id thirty days will he declared to be*
uoroe delinquent, and tner-af ier j pc* 1 ceM,
with the costs uf advertising, will be uddea
iiMte'i nt i.os Angeles, thii 3lst day ol May,
a. D. 1805. I. a. Howard,
street Superintendent,
J. W. VoaiES, Deputy. t.-»
Notice for Publication
j May ;t, 18»0.
Notice v hereby given thai the following*
named settler ua> died notice al his Intention
to make llnal "n>oi in support of his claim,
and iiimi s!,iti prooi Will be made Uefo S rSiflS*
tor aad receiver at I.os Augtnes, Ca.., on June
LOth, 1805, viz: William M. t alley, home No.
7017. for tbe of NW A , N» 9 of and
N\\' 4 oi' st-. 1 ., of motion -, township s north,
rang* i° w * hl < & B. M.
He names tlie fallowing witnesses lo prove
bis continuous residence upon and cultivation
of said laud, via: Charles Klton, of Lua An
geles, Cal.; (ieorue Itsbberg, of Newhall, Cal.,
Stefano Cunlo. oi Ncwnail, CaL; Frank sjuiith,
of Newhall, CaL
I. «i, uolio.n, Register.
Previous to removing to our building being
erected on Broadway, opposite the City Hall,
we wiH bold a series of Clearance Sales. Our
sale for the week, commencing MONDAY,
JUNE 3RD, will be in our
A few pieces Figured Black Goods,
small designs, $1 —
Sale Price 75c
Figured Black Goqds. all wool, 50c —
Sale Price 3rc
Fancy Wool Cheviots, 52 in. wide, 50c —
Sale Price 3^c
A beautiful line of ,54-in. Tailor Checks, $1.25 —
Sale Price J<^c
Extra good values in Silk and Beaded Gimps —
All Prices
Side Combs and Hairpins, 25c--
Sale Price 15c
XXI Xj > Il \' T1 il Convenient to all siree: rar linos. Kates reasonable.
I Jl %2j 11 I .?! " '111. outboard: apar.meuts for lunching and Light rook
ing free. Plenty of supplies at bakeries, restauranta. tracery stores. IS. J. ttHITNEY, Prop.
LONG BEACH HATH HOUSE ■Z., u \, :\a: 11
11neof new suits. Nice new furnishings. Large dressing rooms, witli fresh wa er showers.
Finest beath in the world. ALEX. AIKMAN. Manager.
x\.J\l\* f ti II VjJWJ Southern California; hotel first class; lighted by electricity;
heated by water from the hot springs; the natural hot mud, vapor and thermal haths
are unexcelled; 'bus meets all day trains at Arrowhead station; leaves sau Heruaidiuo
at ;i:l5 p.m.; postofflee and telepone at the springs
r'P\'WT V I PI I ""\( 1 T-T tfVNTA monica, opposite the
1 il Ej I ll 1 1 I.J L liVXJIV Santa Fe depot. Water constantly
changing. Everything neat and clean. Cottages to rent. Occupants have free access to
plunge. O. W. KINTZ. Proprietor.
An Array of Attractions tor the Season oi' 1893 Umparalielcd in the
Annals of the Resorts of the Pacific Coast.
Unique and Cheap Facilities for Fishing that will popularize to the highest degree
sport for whicn tho island Is famous,
Boating and Bathing, the safest and best in the world. Famous wild goat hunting] horse
hack riding and all out-door sports.
The (ireat Island Stage Road, through scenes of grandeur defying description.
Water Carnivals, brilliant Illuminations, pyrotechnic display*! rapturous music, danc*
ing —ideal scenes from ial'ylatid.
Free Open Air Concerts every day throughout tho season by the peerless musical
organization, the famous MARINE Hank AND ORCHESTRA.
Arrangements for the Summer Camping Population arc. In every sense perfect
und unequalled. Ninety per cent of the vlaitora to Hanta Catalina Island Lye iv tent
cottages, fronting on macadam-zed s reels, sprinkled every day. Lots connect with
flush c o-tcts and the new outfall sewer; all garbage removed dully free of charge ccon
ony, commit und pleasure combined A ticket of the Wilmington Transportation Com
pany entitles you to one of these lota, Including water, ice of charge If you have tent
equipage, take It with you; if not, Mr. A. W. Swanfeldt, 250 8 Main St., will suoply you
with handsomely furnished or unfurnished tent cottages; tents of nil kind a, at low pricea
Largely Increased Hotel Accommodations —Hotel fletrojole flaw Open,
haies $-2 and #3 per daw After Jul* Ist rogular summer raies prevailii.it at other
resorts; with a. c. Roscoe as Chief Cierk and uruzio Raft* In charge ol the cuisine.
The New Island Villa, Mr. Fred Wilding, Manager [now Of the Metropole], open July ut:
accommodations for 1000. Table, service and accommodations strictly lirst-class, at
speciaii p reduced rates for the summer
The Little Harbor Inn, open all the year round. G. T. Fellows, Proprietor, pleasant
accommodations, charming surrounaluus,
Illustrated Pamphlets mailed to any address. For full Information apply to tho
<icn Frt. and Pass. Agt Asst. frt. and Pass. Agt
$5 Per Month
tarrh and Special Diseases
In order to fully demonstrate to persons suffering with
C. 1. SCtiULTZ,
Makes this most generous offer to the afflicted, «S^2?2?^j\
and at the same time to fully convince you that *iV^^"''ot
the self-praised BLOWER specialists who treat /j3£&iyL/& W
you with PATENT NOS T RUMS are simply taking i7c«jf VBlt>6\
your money In an unprofessional manner. I can 1 Wail m\ •QSixbW
refer you to some of the best citizens who have / 1 fffv g >H
taken my treatment, that they have been igno- bli/IrVV P'Sk M
miniously HUMBUGGED by these sharpers. All 'W LsL tSk
diseases of the human system should be treated var HJIMb tfl
scientifically, and not with PATENT NOSTRUMS. f IWS\
Remember, my new process, with medicated ts-^Rl^wp^avSa
vapors and all necessary medicaments absolutely
etc., restored by a new remedy now in use in Europe, in a very short Unit.
SKIN DISEASES, SYPHILITIC poisons and all impurities of trw
blood promptly eradicated without the use of mercury. SPECIAL
attention given to all chronic inflammations, discharges and irregular
ities in female diseases. __™
permanently cured. Sanitarium at
120 NORTH MAIN STREET, New Hellman Block.

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