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■ Ce/fltpitfl-l ffifjlCl Divine, Right Reverend
Los Angeles Theater, Tuesday Evening. Admission 25c and 50c Bishop Montgomery
Like a Distinguished Namesake,
He Met a Waterloo
The Purse Was $100 and the Crowd
Numbered 100
Ed Bogan Cleans Out an Opponent With
Ease-Thc Thing Lasted the Four
Desultory Rounds
Abont twenty members of "de push"
and "de gang" yesterday afternoon wit
nessed a four round go between Ed Bo
fan and Dan Burns, tbe scene of the
mill being Joe Vogel's union hall at
Santa Monica canyon. The purported
stake was a $100 purse.
The affair was in sporting parlance "a
loft," Burns being fearfully out-classed.
Bogan has been a follower of Flattens
for years, although not yet 30 years old.
He is a relic of the palmy days of the
California Athletic club of San Francisco.
Burns probably received his ring train
ing down on Alameda street where the
Southern Pacific trains run the slowest
when entering and leaving the city.
Bogan weighed V2S pounds, while his
opponent tipped the scales at 141
ifho affair was a Waterloo for the
namesake of San Francisco's representa
tive leader from the start. The fact is,
he was never in it frum the moment the
:nen shook hands, and those who are
responsible for his graduation as a prize
ring hero ought to be jailed for perpetrat
ing a practical joke so long after April Ist.
Round one opened with both of the
lightweights looking at each, other ror a
proper size-up Bogan had evidently
gauged the caliber of his opponent while
both were still in their separate corners
or most likely ages befbfe. While Burns
was still cogitating upon the probable
fate which had apparently not molded
him for a James J. C'orbett. Bogan shot
out his right, landing upon his op
ponent's forehead with the strength oi a
lair-sized electric battery. Uurns mut
tered something which sounded very
much like "ugh and at once sought to
return the compliment. He sawed
into space with his riphi and with his
left, while Bogan was elsewhere. Burns
continued to chase swallows in the
direction of Bogan's face and stomach,
but he was not very successful, Bogan
aodging, ducking and saving himself
with a great deal of cleverness. There
was considerable clinching and the
round ended with Burns' stock worth
about four cents on the dollar.
Bogan knew when round numoer two
otfetied that he bad his man ready to
dump whenever he might choose to have
hostilities suspended, and every one else
on hand knew the same thing. Burns, in
this round, accidentally butted his oppo
nent just below the eyes,making the lat
tr see myriads of stars. Ilia stock was
at par for about a second, and when he
a few moments later caught Bogan with
hit left lull in tho lace, drawing first
blood, his supporters began to heave a
sigh of relief. The self-contained congrat
ulations were.howeevr, very much previ
ous, for Bogan at once rallying, began to
rain in blows upon Daniel Burns, esq.,
thick and fast in every direction, both
hands going like a "windmill. Burns
wos game and took his punishent with a
grin. His breathing was very laborious
at the call ol time.
The third and fourth rounds were sim
ilar with the exception tnat Burns kept
getting weaker and acted as if he was
very much in distress. "Take that
duffer out of tho yelled some of
the crowd in the midst of the fourth
| "No; let 'em scrap it out," was tbe com
ment iroiu some of tiie spectators. Burns
ended the controversy and accommodated
the majority hy himself leaving the arena.
His backer offered later to train his man
for a go with Jack Frazer but was
laughed at. The contest yesterday was
expected to be a ten-round light but one
shudders to think what by the end of
the fiftn round might have happeped to
Prizefighter Daniel Burns. The gloves
used were five-ounce mittens. The ad
mission charged was one dollar. There
were two females of the genus "de Bow
ery" in the audience. Next Sunday at
the same time ana place Ed Bogan and
Jack Frazer will try conclusions.
George Arbuckle was the referee of yes
terday's contest. Jack Galvin acting as
principal second for Bogan and Jack Mc-
Oaity performing simiiar service for
An Instructive Sermon by the Rev. A. A.
At tho First Universal!st church, Rev.
A. A. Rice chose the following subject
for bis discourse: Pity, the Twin Sister
of Love. He took for his text. Daughters
of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but rather
should ye weep for yourselves and for
your children. During tho course of his
remarks he said :
Pity is akin to love, though not just
like it. It is quick to see the need of an
other, while love is of a larger growth.
Pity leads up to love. Love is the iirst
best thing in the world; pity is the next
best. God has placed in every heart the
feelings of pity, nnd it is continually|bc
ing developed through various sources;
through calamity, sickness, distress or
in other ways. Why did Jesus say they
should pity themselves rather than that
they pity "him? It was because of the
evil in them. Jesus needed not to bo
pitied; rather were they to be pitied
who wore the cause of all Ins sufferings.
'J?be soul deepest in sin most needs pity.
Do we pity the rum seller. Do we pity
the drunkard? Do we pity all those lew
down in tbe scale of life becauso of the
evil existing in them?
Following the sermon Rev. J. W. Han
son of Pasadena made a few remarks in
line with the discourse. He said: A
great many people make a mistake in
pitying Jesus rather than those who cru
cified him. Weep not for him, but rather
for those whose hearts are evil, whose
hearts are not pure. In conclusion he
emphasized the need of ciilitvating the
feeling of pity in tlio hearts of the chil
dren, thus making tbe future generations
better and nobler.
Y. WJ C. A.
The gospel meeting nt ihe association
rooms. 107 North Spring strcrt, yesterday
afternoon, was a service of song arranged
\v Mrs. M. E. Aner. The music was
beautifully rendered and w.~.:; truly a
uraist- service. Dr. Kate C. Moody'wis
in charge. Following are the numbers
and the. scriptural readings: Singing,
Thou Almighty King, All Hail the
Power of Jesus' Name: Fsnlms 80 1; sing
ing. I Will Sing the Wondrous Story:
prayer, Dr. Kate C. Moody: singing. My
Redeemer: responsive reading, Psalm
lfiO; singing. Praise Him. Praise Him:
quartette. Come Unto Me; recitation ol
the twenty-third Psalm in unison; solo
hy Miss Ellis, The Lord Is My Shepherd;
driet by Mrs. Aver anil Mr. Ncwuirk.
Tarry with Me. Oh Mv Savior; reading.
First Chronicles. 211-I*o 14; quartette, We
Praise Thee. We Bless Thee, Our Savior
Divine: reading, ninety-tirst Psalm, lirst
verse: solo hy Miss Strayhow, In the Se
cret of His Presence: solo by Mrs. Aver.
My Redeemer and My Lord; prayer, Mrs.
Matthews ami Miss Morse. The exercises
closed with the Christian Endeavor ben
Miss Morse will soon leave for a trip to
the east and Mrs. Dorsev of the Baptist
college, one of the ablest Bible teachers in
our city, will conduct the class at 3 p.m.
each Sunday.
Sacramento Asparagus, Althouse Bros.
The Los Angeles County Sunday School
association will hold its eleventh annual
convention next Tuesday and Wednes
day, June 25th and 26th, beginning Tues
day at 10 a. m. and closing Wednesday at
4:30 p. m.. at the First Baptist church,
corner of Broadway and Sixth streets.
An excellent programme has been pre
pared and a good time is expected. En
tertainment free to delegates from a dis
A call was made at tbe Butler institute,
445J 3 ' South Spring street, yesterday after
noon. Dr. Butler was found in the labor
atory connected with his offices. The
doctor stated that business was gocd.
and as eight men were engaged in read
ing magazines and papers in the club
room, his statement was fully suustan
tiateil. His treatment being purely veg
etable, is therefore safe and reliable, abd
he is sure to meet with the success his
efforts merit.
He Writes a Letter in Explanation
of It
A Boy Anxious to Be Placed In a Proper
Light Before the Public Writes to
the Herald
J One day last week a mere youth, 11. C.
I. athrop by name, was arrested nnd jailed
beause of his supposed connection with
the stealing of a bicycle. The press of the
city on the day following published the
mere statement of the lad's incarceration
and the suspicion upon which ho was
held. The Herald is in receipt of a com
munication written by him and which
needs neither explanation nor comment
in this column. Following is a copy:
Editor Herald :—Last 'luesday morn
inp; nt 8 o'clock Detective Aubie came to
my house and calied me out of bed and
questioned me about a bicycle I had in
my possession. When he loft he asked
me to go down to the police station as
soon as I could to see tho man that the j
wheel belonged to. 1 immediately fin- 1
isbed Jressing and followed him to the I
station. When I arrived there tlie said
Auble led me into the ofliee and asked
me a few moie questions in regard to the
wheel and then he searched me an I
locked me in a ceil, stating that he would
be back in a little while but it was 6:30
p. m. before I saw him again and now
beforcjl po further I want to explain bow
I was treated by tiie hireling of Chief
Glass who is called jailer. 1 tirst asked to
have some breakfast brought me hut wis
.efused point blank although 1 offered to
pay all charges connuected therewith.
Then I asked to have some friends sent
for, the friends being just two blocks
away, to go on my bonds. This was also
refused. At dinner time I again asked to
have some food brought to me again
offering to pay all expenses but I was
still met with the same blank refusal to
each an I every request, the said jailer
slamming the'door and muttering some
thing to himself I could not understand.
Without a doubt it was something very
uncomplimentary. A mad dog could no
have been treated with more indifference
contempt and brutality than I was by
tnat jailer. I cannot call him a man—be
was a brute dressed in the garb of man
devoid of all feelings of manhood or hu
manity. Although lam only a boy in
years that one day's treatment will
rankle in my bosom as long as I live. It
was an injustice to me and a disgraco to
our jail officials.
When the chaingang came in at night
I was asked to partake of their fare but
not being used to that kind of living, I
was compelled to forego the pleasuro of
their in uu and company.
At 5:30 p.m. Auble came back and said
that he would let me out on one condi
tion, that was if I would solemnly prom
ise not to telegraph to tho man f got the
wheel from, as they wanted to arrest him
as soon as he arrived at the depot. I
gave the required promise and was turned
loose, no charge being placed against me.
The account of my arrest having been
published in all of the Los Angeles pa
pers, I consider it is only justice to my
self and my friends to have the true facts
of the case presented to the public. The
wheel was loaned to me by an acquaint
ance, just as I stated to Auble, and he
found my statement true in every detail,
and why I should have been locked up all
day without food is still a mystery to
me, us well as an injustice. If you will
kindly publish this in your next issue,
you will greatly oblige.,
(tt!> Blame street
Just Like Finding; Money
The pleasant effect and perfect safety
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liquid laxative. Syrup of Figs, under all
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Rather a Strong Affirmative
Answer Given
State and National Governments, Public
and Private Works
All Shown Up With Cheerful Impartiality
and Convincing Figures, th the Friday
Morning Club Roams
Rev. George W. Henning gave tbe sec
ond lecture of bis course on Christian So
ciology yesterday afternoon in the Friday
Morning club assembly hall. The au
dience was not large, but all seemed
deeply interested during the hour and a
quarter that Mr. Henning took to explain
why and how this is a fallen nation.
He said at the outset that it was a sad
task to prove, but it was not wise nor pa
triotic to blink facts. He further stated
that the esseniial principles of this gov
ernment are. first, that it is a representa
tive government; second, that all men are
born free and equal; third, equality be
fore the law and just administration, and
fourth, its purpose is to secure life, lib
erty and the pursuit of happiness.
Mr. Henning then took up his various
heads, one after another, and with per
tinent questions, apt illustrations and
logical deductions showed in how many
and devious ways tho result is failing of
reaching either the necessities of the
times or realizing the hope of the law
As illustrations of his first theme the
speaker introduced the Lpxow of Xew
York, San Francisco boards of supervis
ors, councils, police commissioners, pub
lic school bjards, public works, health,
all departments in justices' courts, and
venal officials. Mr. Henning then re
ferred with considerable force to state
legislatures in general, amt the California
legislature in particular: the national
congress an i the corporations and various
other interests that had been benefited
during the past thirty years. Sonic
special eases were Introduced as the rail
road pooling bill, the Riley funding bill,
the Nicaragua canal, the tariff, Income
tax aril financial legislation.
Mr. Henning then took up tho decad
ence of the home. The matter of owner
ship first, and quoting Ironi tho Ameri
can Magazine of Civics of January, 1890;
he read a table of figures showing tho
per cent of those owning homes, "those
renting and. those occupying mortgaged
homes in different states through the
middle west in June, 1890, showing a
debt of over a hundred dollars par capita.
The elder otates show a worse condition
where there is a mortgage on every
seventh person, or almost one to eacii
The speaker then gave some figures in
dicative of intelligence and moral charac
ter where money spent for bread was
the next higher than tobacco, where the
liquor figure doubled that of tbe bread, I
and public education was less than a
tenth i f what was spent on liquor.
Articles ny Prof. Walker in Scribner's
of November. lss7, and Prof. Hadley in
the Forum of October. IWI4, were quoted
as bearing upon the subject, and Abra
ham Lincoln's well known last warning
to the American people was read. The
speaker gave placo to Rev. Bert ICstcs
Howard, who with promptness and dis
patch took riie chair and in less than half
an nour tho Los Angeles Institute oi
Applied Christianity was organized, had
been presented with a secretary pro tem
pore in the person of Mr. L. K. Webb
and a constitution consisting of eight
articles, each of which was first passed
upon seriatim.
A committee was appointed, consisting
of A. M. Salver. L. K. Webb and Judge
Utley. for nominating oticers and com
mittees, and the meeting was adjourned
until Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock,
when, in the V.M.C.A. parlors the com
mittee wllhreport and the election of offi
cers will take place.
To the people who are suffering from
rupture. Professor Joseph Fandry,
formerly of Berlin, Germany, now of
Santa Barbara, is a practical rupture spe
cialist and truss manufacturer. Infor
mation free whereby you can become
cured. Those having tried all kinds oi
patent trusses and found no relief, also
have giver, up all hope, to those people I
am calling their attention and especially
ask them to send me their address.
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The New Organization That is Now
Being Formed
Members Will Meet Jlonthly at the doing
Down of the Sun to Discuss Dead Birds.
Live Issues and Cold Bottles
An organization that is as unique as it
promises to be delightful, is a new gen
tleman's club that is in process of forma
tion, the first meeting of which will he at
the Hoffman Friday evening, June ZSth.
Tho following prospectus is self-explan
atory, and will show the lines on which
the club has been formed and will be con
ducted :
Once a month at sunset (II o'clock p.
:.).), the club will meet in the private
din ingroom of somo hotel or restaurant,
when a substantial dinner will be served,
which will be without any particular for
mality, and dress coats will be out of or
At 7:30 a par or will be read, from ten
to twenty minutes in length, setting
forth the topic for the evening's discus
sion, lo be followed by two other papers
or speeches, live to ten minutes in length,
which shall present somo different view
of the suoject, Hie matter will then be
thrown open for general discussion, un
der strict'rules as to length of speaking,
interruptions, etc., and this shall continue
until 0:30. after which there shall be gen
eral conversation and the members shall
depart when so disposed.
Tho general organization of this clno
shall be as simple as possible,having only
such officers and committees as arc abso
lutely necessary. It will not undertake
any active work or agitation of any kind.
The general aim and object of the club is
to bring to.etiicr once a month thirty or
forty active, intelligent men of Los An
geles, who are interested in other things
besides money-getting, ami who read
something more than the daily newspa
pers, to discuss subjects of general hu
man interest that may or may not have
an application to local affairs.
Charles Dwight Willard has the paper
for next Tuesday evening, and the dis
cussion will no opened by Mr. W. C. Pat
terson and Rev, Burt Estes Howard.
The charter members of the club are:
Messrs. W. C. Patterson, 0. D. Willard,
J. W. McKinley, William LeMoyne Wills,
Dr. Norman Bridge, .ludge Enoch
Knight, Charles F. Lummis, 0. A.
Stevens, Fred W. Wood, Rev. Burt Fstes
Howard, B. ;W. King, Fred L. Alios,
L. E. Mosber, L. A. Groff, B. W. Jones,
L. F. Vettcr, Professor P. W. Search,
I Jame's Blaueon. T. S. Van Dyke, Harry
Brook, Frank Higgins, Abbot Kinney, D.
Freeman, Judge Lucien Shaw, R. N.
Bulla, Dr. H. B. Wine. Dr. J. H. Davis
son, Major A. W. Eiderkin, H. W. La
tham, M. L. Gralf, It. W. Poindexter,
Professor C. H. Keyes, J. M. Crawley,
S. P. Hunt, T. A. Eisen, George W. Par
sons, W. H. Holatbird, Henry T. Lee, C.
J. Ellis, I. B. Newton, Charles Cassatt,
Davis, F. W. Burnett, J. O. Koeplli, R.
C. Whitehead, Frank Gibson, H. W.
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GREGOKY—June 23 1895, Mrs. YVeltby P.
Gregory, aped 84 years.
Funeral services at 4:30 p.m. today at the
residence of herdaughter, Mrs. Lewis A. Groff,
1!i32 Lovelace avenue. Friends invited.
Bur al private.
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I before buying. H
Thr c hundred 50-foot residence lots fronting Adams street, 1 wenty seventh, M
Twentv-elghth and wentv-n nth street at *I$OQ and up. R
Over -uO sirendy told, Make a selection before they are all taken. n
Streets graded and graveled; cement walks and curbs; b (autlfnl street trees and ■
palms on all streets Building restrictions, an undesirable oluss of buildings not per- I
mined Visit this tract and see the many beautiful homes now being built Urand 1
view of the mount ins. Rich garden loam. No mud; ;0 feet higher than Figuerea I
stree;. Don't fail to see the lots fronting BKAUTIFDL ADAMS BTRKET, 'twelve 1
minutes' ride from second and Spriug streets, on the new double electric line down I
Central avenue. , , , ... _ t 1
Agent at our branch office, corner of Central avenue and i wcnty-nluth strttt. I
Free carriage from our office. For maps and prices call on H
I G.ider& Dow, 139 S. Broadway. 1
$5 PCI* MOllth T^nrSp a ec?a| C D7seafe a s" rh
Makes this most generous offer to the afflicted. I //K^^^ts
Remember, my new process, with medicated va- f JA A t
pors and all necessary medicaments without extra tvj'i v%>* M
etc., restored by a new remedy now in use in Europe, ShSt
in a very short time. SKIN DISEASES. SYPHI- f X -'i-jX \1
LITIC POISONS and all impurities of the blood
promptly eradicated without the use ot mercury. V. •
SPECIAL ATTENTION given to all Chronic In
flammations, Discharges and Irregulaties In female 1 ' - ••-•«• «i—
diseases permanently cured.
$2000 Go\d for any case undertaken thai I cannot cure.
New Hellman Block.
Beautiful MAT Surface
Price same as ordinary finish, at
Largest and most complete Photograph S'udio In southern California.
HUnest Award Diploma at Chicago orld's Fair, IS3 t.
First Prize Gold Medal above all competitors at Midwinter Fair. San Francisco. lSVfc
And Highest Award above all competitors wherever work was entered In compew
tion in the Stato.
Studio, 107 Spring St., Los Angeles, Cal.
1051 Market St., Ban Francisco
0 fmflft 1 (Between 6th and 7th Sts.)
1 ffBH \ f!o * nt * how wonderfully you
wade and how to avoid fcickness
_\ n Wriind disease. Museum enlarged with
V X thousands of new objects. Admiu
• v eion 25 eta.
Private Office—same Building
10A1 Market Street-Diseases of men:
stricture, loss of manhood, diseases of the skin
and kidneys quickly cured without the use ot mer
cury. Treatment personally or by letter. Send
for bock.
Old established and reliable practitioners.
Ha.76 yon Copper-Colored
Spoti, Aches, OM Sores, Ulcers In Montn, Hair-
FttUlw? TVrlto took Jlrmrdy Co., SOT Mtt
«onl cTcmple,<bl < aru.lll ~1 or proofs Of cures.
Capital Snoo.ooo. I'atlentscurod anwinn
136 Commercial at. I-o Angp'ea. Cal.

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