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Forty Cases of Cholera
Strenuous Efforts Used to Pre
vent Its Spread
Ignorance and tnclcan Habits of the
Natives a Menace
Ten Thousand Dollars Appropriated for tbe
Board of Health
Queen Llliuokalani Pardoned and a General
Amnesty Granted by the Govern
ment to Many Political
Associated Press Special Wire.
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 12.—Tbe
■tcamship Australia arrived this evening
from Honolulu, bringing the following
advices to the Associated Press:
HONOLULU, Sept. s.—Forty-one cases
Of cholera have been reported up to date.
With thirty-five deaths. The disease at
tacks only natives. Every effort is being
made to siamp'il out. No island steam
ers are allowed to leave port without first
Temaining in quarantine for five days.
Passengers must undergo the same or
deal. The Australia leaves today for
San Francisco with cabin passengers
The cholera, according to eeneral the
ory, was brought to Honolulu by the
■ teamer Helgic. which arrived nere on
the oth of August with 583 Chinese immi
grants on board. The vessel had a clean
hill of health, but following the custom
the Chinese were placed in quarantine.
Ou the IStli of August it was learned that
three of the inimigrants had died—two
from bowel complaint aud tiie othetr from
exhaustion. Tho third man was aji aged
opium fiend, and it is claimed that if be
had oeen supplied with his Agular
amount of the drug he would haveMived.
As soon as the company announced tbat
death had occurred ai the quarantine sta
tion people became alarmed, und declared
that Asiatic cholera had broken out among
Ibe Chinese immigrants.
It is not itinusuall for forms of bowel
complaint to break ont among the steer
age passengers iluring quarantine, owing
to the change of die :i i the propensity
to (ill up on fruits ami food sent in by
friends from, the city, but tbo health au
thorities lnaitV a careful invesTsgation of
tnis case and reported that tbe<e was ah-
Bolutely nothing to indicate that lite sick
ness was dtte to cholera or any disease of
a contagious nature. A careful diagnosis
was made of each case by physicians, and
not a single symptom of cholera was dis
covered. In the meantime two others
were attacked by dysentery, and it was
decided to extend the term of quaarntine
until all signs of sickness had disap
W. O. Smith, president of the board of
health, made a statement which was pub
lished. It allayed the fears of the people
here tro some extent, but ou the morn
ing of the 2ntb. another alarm was
. A|specia! meeting ol the boar'l of health
was held to consider measures to be
taken m consequence of the death of a
native woman. The doctor who attended
the case stated that the woman died on
the 19tb, after suffering about ten hours,
with an illness very similar to Asiatic
cholera. Another B native was taken
down with the -ante symptoms and died
The board of health held another meet
ing on the 21st to confer with local
physicians. After a general discussion
the medical men would not give a decided
answer regarding the disease, awaiting a
series of bacteriological experiments.
They were inclined to believe tbat the
disease was a form of sporadic cholera
morbus rather that Asiatic cholera.
Anothc meeting was held oo the 22d
and four oi tiie most prominent pnysic
lana pronounced tbe disease Asiatic
cnolera. It was decided to inaugurate a
system of house to house disinfection
and other precautionaiy measures were
adopted to insure, if possible,the security
of communication.
The doctor of the Belgic is blamed by
people, many ol whom claim that be
.made a false report to Port Physician
'Day. When the vessel arrived here lie
■ reported that three t'blnese had died on
• the way over. He claimed that heart
. disease carried off two and pneumonia
was responsible for the deatb ot tbe
third, Fellow steerage pas-eugers now
here say that the symptoms were quite
similar to the cases tlutt ended fatally ac
the quarantine station.
No cases developed among the Chine-e
at the quarantine station after Angus I
.Mb, and the immigrants have since been
I n to the departure ot tbe Monowai,
oo August 'J'id, five cases of cholera de
veloped at lwilei, Honoluu; four aeath-.
On the evening of the 24th another case
was reported. 1 or rive days there were
no cases reported and the people breathed
freer, believing that tbo hud been
stumped out. But it was only a respite.
On the.'Hitu nine cases were' reported,
five of which proved fatal. One of the
unfortunat.s wa- a -Banian on thn Ben
nington named W. H. Goebel, He was
taken ill while on board the vessel and
lived but a short time. On the following
two days fours cases wero reported :un
the third seven developed. With
the eioeption of the Bennington sailor,
the scourge had attacked only natives.
ihe chief difficulty in dealing with tiie
cholera here is the ignorance and un
clean habits of the natives and Chinese.
The natives, of course, have no compre
hension of the nature of the disease, its
nature or the proper treatment of it. In
this as in all otner respects, they arc
niorc like children antl must bo treatetl
accordingly. During the smaiixox epi
demic of IX. .1 thoy tlid not hesitate to
batne iv the oceao water and rarely dis
closed any outbreak of the disease in
their,huts. Ten thousand died nt that
time. In Iss], on another outbreak of
smallpox, tbey were bandied by intelli
gent white men and the ravuges were not
so great. The idea of a grim disease is
not comprehended, lie will permit the
cholera discharges to remain on the
premises indefinitely if permitted to do
co and is not willing to follow instruc
tions as to cleunliness.
J So far as the immediate source of the
cholera germs can bo found, it is in the
raw fish which the natives eat. just as
raw oysters are eaten in other countries.
It aannot be said with certainty that tbe
germs come from tiie fish, but in nearly
all of the cases which have occurred the
patients have eaten it.
The only white person who has been
attacked with the disease was a sailor of
the I'nited States steamer Bennington.
She lies in the harbor, some distance
from any dock. The man had not been
ashore for some days. He was suddenly
taken with tbs disease and died. He
had bathed over the side of tho ship but
the water ol tho harbor is remarkarblv
illtan and tho tide Hows freely. There
is, however, a stream llowing through
tbe city on the banks of which were
situated many Chinese wash hot:ses and
whore the natives throw much refuse'
matter. It is believed that the refuse of
this stream may have contaminated the
waters of the harbor and the sailor may
have, in some way. come in contact with
the germs or be may havo eaten fruit
brought on board, the physicians aro
gradually locating th« germ centers, but
new cases arise in unexpected quarters
and there have not been a sufficient num
ber of facts to eoiable'any safe generaliza
tion to be made.
The steamship Miowera arrived off tne
port lust oighi from the colonies. Tbe
captain landed a passenger and proceed
ed on his way lo Victoria without taking
cither mail, press dispatches or passen
The tj. S. S. Olympia arrived on
the 22d, eighty days from San Francisco.
She anchored outside of the harbor. Sb*
will take coal here aud leuve about the
twelfth for Japan. The Leamington is at
anchor outside also. Her physician re
ports all well on bourii.
Ihe council of state held a meeting
yesterday afternoon and after appiopriat
ing $10..00(i for expenses incurred by the
board of health, tlie matter of pardoning
political poisoners camo up for considera
tion. The executive commanded that
Carl Widcimaiirv Cupid, the four Lane
boys, Junius Kaae, Joe Wuldlield and
thirty-time others be sardanod. The
council adopted the recommendation.
At the same meeting the queen was
pardoned also. She and the others will
be liberated as soon as the pardons are
out. Bewler, Rickam. Walker, Wilcox
and other long term prisoners will re
main iv jail.
The government will allow all exiles to
return to the country with the exception
of Ash ford brothers, now in San Fran
Permission has been granted John
CransCoun ami 1* Muller to return to be
present at an exiumination to be held in
the interests of tee Canadian Australian
SieMßihip eompatay. Muller and Grafts
ttutn entered suit against the company
at Vancouver for carrying them away
from''this country against their wisoes.
HeShane Not Discharged
'CHICAGO, Sent. 12. — Congressman
John A. MicShane, charged with real
estate fraud, wus defeated in his applica
tion for tliscliairge today. Tho case was
heard by Judge Clifford, who refused to
interfere, and tbe Omaha ex-congressman l
will be tried in the police court this
Ingenious Fraud tor Smuggling Chinese
Into This Country"
The Hong Kong tale and Female Histrlenitts
Wish to Visit the Atlanta
SAX FRANCISCO, Sept. 12.—( ollector
Wise has discovered an ingenious fraud
by which shrewd San r ranclaco ?specula
tors in the Chinese traffic are seeking'to
evade tho Geary law and introduce about
SOU Chinese into'the I nitad States tinder
the pretense that they are skillful tictora
and that they are coming to America to
give the visitors mt the Atlanta exposition
an opporuiily to swe some of ihe male and
female hjstrioisls of Hong Kong.
A band of more than 2UJ men and .14
women have already been landed at Vic
toria and their ostiiers, headed by Little
Pete and notorious Leong Nam, have in
geniously dodged Francisco and ap
plied for their admission into the United
States at Ogdensbnig. X. Y.
If the applicants ahouid gain tempor
ary entrance on tne ground that tney are
legitimate actors inspectors will be sent
to Atlanta to see now tbey deport them
selves and wateli their movements. The
collector here lias evidence, however, that
the men are seeking a permanent home
as laborer- and that they know nothiug
about acting. There ia also evidence in
the hands of tho collector that the women
were purchased in Hong Kong at $000
each and tbe projectors of the scheme
have contracts by which they are to lie
sold at Atlanta tor $1800 each, if tbey
can be safely landed there the two or
three BCD who engineered the plan hero
would earn about MO.OOO. Tho women
would of course,remain the slaves nf,tbeir
purchasers for a long period of years if
not for their entire lives,tbe design being
to quietly ship them to the low quarters
of Chinatown at the conclusion of the At
lanta exposition.
The projectors et the plan got their cue
from the federal law relating to the
World's fair at Chicago. I'nder a special
act Chinese and other foreigners were
allowed to luna for the purpose of giving
exhibition- and acting. A similar pro
vision exists in the caso of tne Atlanta
The Jackson's Hole Trouble
WASHINGTON, Sept. 12.-The Indian
bureau has granted permission to Agent
Teter at the Fort Hall leservation in
Idaho to allow Certain BannOck Indians
to go into the Jackson's Hole district,
under military escort, in search of propj
ertv abandoned there by them on the oc
casion of the attack maue by the settlers
on them. Agent T'etcr requested permis
sion to grant passes to these Indians for
the purpose indicated, und his request
was referred to General Coppinger, who
approved it. The Indians probably will
lie allowed to go soon and will be accom
panied by a troop of cavalry. The ques
tion of hunting game is not involved.
Americans Dull in London
NEW YORK, Sept. 12.—The Evening
Bust's London cablegram says: Ameri
can., were very dull today, tho position
in regard to the treasure giving cause
for a revival of uneasiness. The impres
sion prevail-! tbat the syndicate cannot
go on providing tiie treasury with gold
except uy importing, and that of course
would oo distinctly unproiiuble. Other
markets were irregular. Kaflirs wero
off color, but Australian mines were
Senat or Thurston 111
SALT LAKE, Utah, Sept. 12.— A spec
ial to the Tribune from Hailey, Idaho,
Senator Thurston of Nebraska is ill of
cholera morbus al tho Hot Springs hotel
heie. He wenl out for a rlungn bath
yesterday, ato heartily of green corn antl
watermelon, and soon took to his bed.
The worst is feared.
Damage to Vineyards
SACRAMENTO, Sept. 12. —Reports
from many vineyards today state that
the ruin has done some damage to grapes,
but tbat the injury will not be serious
Unless a spell of hot weather should fol
low, 'f'iie grape season is now at ite
height and the shipments, especially of
Tokay, are beginning to get large.
Do you drink,;-If so, try Maniton mm
eral water. H. .levne, grocer, agent.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
| Awarded Geld Medal Mulwiatcr Fair. Sao Francisco.
The Coney Island and Other
Interesting Races
Mailers of General Inlercst to the
Sporting Fraternity
The Baseball Scores at Boston. New York,
Louisville. Washington, Baltimore,
Pittsburg and Other Places
' SPRINGFIELD, Mass.. Sept. 12.—The
tournament is over. The racing season
of 1896 is praotioally finished and Bald,
Sanger and Newton nave lirmly estab
lished their ownership to the title of
championship in their respective classes.
There was a gathering of 7000 today and
tbe track was in its best shape. The in
terest was divided between ihe mile open
class B, the two-mile professional and
the attempt of J. Titus to beat his record
of last year, when he lode -0 miles, 1117
yards, in one hour. In t.'ie class B race
Wells and Titus did not appear.
The sprint wus nol begun until the
crowd bad almost reached the turn. Kx
cept for the fact tbat Keiser had got a
good lead over Cabunne. Bald, wbo was
in fourth place, would have been unable
to get through, out he saw the nolo ana
made a dart lor it and got through a good
length to his cr-dit, leaving Keiser and
Cubann? to light It out. Tyler ami John
son did not start in the two-mile handi
cap, and Sanger was the only man in tho
scratch. At the mile and a half mark he
caught his held and the time card was
bung out for 4:24 3-5, a new world's rec
ord for the two-mile professional handi
cap. In the hour ride Titus began to
break records at the seventh mile and
had covered at tbe end of the hour 27
miles and 189 yards, beating his Ameri
can record, but not lowering the world's
record made by Mitchell two weeks ago.
Starbtnk beat the five-mile professional
record, paced by • quad and also tbe
class B record, finishing the distance in
10:11 1-S.
Fred Longhead of Sarnia.Ont., reduced
the class A unpaced record of 5:05 2-f> for
two miles to I :50.
One mile, 2:20 class, class A—Tensier
won, Kliner second, Walsh third time,
2:00 ;i-5.
Half mile open Class li —Bald won.
Cabanne second, Keiser third; time
1:01 4-5.
One mile open professional world's
jrecord—Sanger won, Tyler and Porter
lied for second, Coleman fourth; time,
One mile handicap Class A—Mosher
('25 vardsi won, Davery 00 yards) second,
Walsh (till yards) third; tune 2:10 8-5.
One mile record race Class B -Bald
Won, Cabanne second, Keiser third; time
2:00 3-0.
Half mile open Class A— Longhead won,
Reynolds second, Harrison third; time,
1:02 3-5. Last quarter in 0:29.
Two mile handicap professional—Sugar
(scratcb)won.Crook (ltlU| second.Coleman
(70| third; Porter I"' 11 ) fourth;;time,4:2s.
World's record Class A winners race
one milo—-C. R. Newton won; time,
2:OS 3-5.
One mile handicap Class B—Hortlev
Davidson of Toronto 001 won. Bliss (40)
seconJ, Jenny i4O) third: time 2:15 1-5.
He Paced a Fourth Heat in Phenomenal
LOUISVII.I.K. Sept. 12. — Not only tho
grai.d .stand bill the standing room capa
city of the Louisville Driving and Pal :
association wus tried this afternoon. A
fast track and bright sunshine favored
the great pacing race in which Robert J.,
John R. Sentry und Joe Patchen were to
battle for Ihe supremacy. As early as Hi
o'clock the car line leading
to the track had ,an abundance of curs
literally filled to overflowing. At 2:30
o'clock when the three horses scored for
tbe ..opening heat it is estimated tbat
nearly 1.000 people were on tne ground.
Robert .1., the great son of Ha/tford,
came out victorious. Hut for the fa'Jt
ihat Joe PaWhen went into the air when
within forty yards of the wire in the
fourth heat there migb; have possibly
been another ending. Robert J., how
ever, was as steady as a clock and not
once during the four hearts did he go off
his feet. Ihe fourth beut, which wus
paced in 2:04, established % v new
record, being the fnstest fourth heat ever
paced or trotted by any horse.
There were seven races on the pro
grmme, but it was necessary to curry
the 2:11 and the 2:10 trots over until
tomorrow, while the 2:24 ttot was not
reached. Narvardine died last night as a
result of yesterdays seven heats iv the
2:17 trot, which was not decided. She
was valued at $2.)00 und owned by J. 13.
Watson, jr., of Lebanon, Kentucky.
Trot, 2:17 class, purse 11000, unfinish
ed—Boreal won, Franklin second, Aj
tellois third; best time 2:05%,
Three-year-old trot, eligible to 2:29
class, purse 82000, unfinished—Pratell
won, Bes-ie Wilton second, Ackerland
third; best time 2:21,
Pacing, 2:12 class—Sable (lift won,
Ella T. second, Repetition third; best
time 2:10.
Fourth race, free for all pace, purse
$3000— Robert J. won, Joe Patchen -ec
ond, John R. Gentry third; time 2:04 M,
Trot, 2:11 class, purse $1000— B. B. P.
won, Nightingale second, David P. third;
time 2:OOJi.
Trot, 2:IK class, stake $5000— Baron
Rogers won. Luzelle second, Ellie K.
third; time 2:13^.
Other Turf Events
NEW YORK, Sent. 12.-Results at
Coney Island :
Futurity course Intermission won,
Mussulman second, Right Royal third.
Seven furlongs—Ramapo won, Peace
maker second, Annlsette third; time,
1:20 1-5.
One mile—Patrician won, Arapahoe
second, Kd Kearney third; time. 1:39 2-5.
Mile, on the turf—The Swain won, The
Bluffer second, Dtingarven third; time,
1:42 1-5.
Mile and a furlong—Orinda won, Buck
rene second. Cass third ; time, 1:64%.
Seven forlongs, on the turf—One 1 Love
won. Merry Prince second, Argentina
third ; time, 1:28.
ST. LOUIS, Sept. 12.—At the close of
ths sixth race today tha winner was hid
up $10UO oyer the selling price, and a dis
graceful list light ensued. Henry Simons
got the burse and Captain Carmody, part
owner of tbe animal, got a black eye.
One mile—Treasure won.Chicot second,
Well Street third; time, 1:44.
Five furlongs—Miss Oliver won, Evl.
dence second, May Anna third; time,
1:04; X.
Seven and a half furlongs—Miss Gallop
won, Addie Buchanan second, Minister
third; time, IOBH-
Five furlongs—Tagliona won, King
atone second, Wadena third; time, 1:03.
One mile —Rey ael Mer won, Brims sec
ond, Crevasse third; time, 1:42..
Six furlongs—George W. Bailey won,
Carrie U. seoond. Jack Bradley third;
time, 1:16.
ST. JOSEPH, Mo., Sept. 12. -The day
was clear and not ana tbe track in good
condition. Aix made a mile in 2:08;^.
Trotting, 2:2 class, purse $1500 -Gover
nor Strong won, McVera second. Sweet
Child thira: best time, 2:18.
Free for all trot, purse $2500—Azote
won in straight heals. Kluioath second,
Hyand T. third; best time. 2:ll'£.
Pacing, 2:22 class, purse $11011—Flora
0. won lirst and second heats, Peiilnnd
won third heat; best time, 2:18j4\
Shecpshead Bay Entries
Tiie following is the list of the entries
and weights of the races to be run at
Sheepsbead Bay today, which are posted
at the Los Angelej Turf club, 212 South
Spring street. Commissions received on
these races and full description of each
First race. ~,x and I quarter furlongs-
Grey Forest lU7. Ronald 107, Eddie M.107,
Pope 107, F.M/ibeth 104. Sentinel II 104,
Padrea 104, Bolivar 104, Syde 0".
Second race, six and a quarter furlongs
Sir Rae H'7. By Jove 107. Chieftain in:,
Wang 107. Reform, 101. Gorman 98, Velvet
Rose OS, Lodis Quartorze 9H.
Third race, six and a half furlones.
selling—Miry Love!! 107. Manola 107,
Tribute 184, Joe Black 107. Tioga 107,
Belie of Fermo 101. l'.lectro Of.
Fourth race, seven furlongs. selling-
Blue Blood 120, Wyoming luO, Gaiety 109, i
Renaissance 1107, Prince Klamath 102,
Bin '.17, Jimmy James W.
Fifth race, four and a half furlongs,
selling—Forager 115. Fidget 115, Tartar
115. Jim Lamb 115. Traitor 11 i, Arda 112,
April Fool 112. K.va's kid 112, Harry
Warren 112. 1 ady Lister 112, Nemo 112,
Adjourn 112.
Sixth race, live furlongs—Jo Jap 136,
Gold I'igger 105, Columbus Jr., 106, Dutch
Lady 07, Little Joe 97, Black Beauty 07,
Courtney 97, Caraccas 117, Lady May 07,
Oxford :'i7, Dr. Johnson 02.
Where the I mplrr Rules
NF.W YORK, Bant. 12. —New Yon, 7;
base hits, 11; errors. 8,
Boston 11. base hits 12. errors 6.
Batteries- Knsie and Farrell; Wilson,
Slivetts and Gunzei.
LOUISVILLE, Sept. 12.-Game called
al Ihe end of the eighth inning on ac
count of darkness.
Louisville 2, base hits 6, errors 2.
Chicago 2, buse hits 5. errors 2.
Batteries—Cunningham and Warner;
Friend and Donahue.
Washington. Sept. 12.—Washington
5, base hits 5, errors 2.
Philadelphia 17, base hits 17. errors 2.
Batteries —Boyd. Gilrov. Malarkey and
Mclitiire: Carsey and Bucklev.
BALTIMORE, f<opt. 12. —Baltimore 18,
base hits 1821, eriors 0.
Brooklyn 5, base bile 8, errors 3.
Batteries - Hotter and Robinson; Gum
bert. Grim. Burrell ami Abbey.
PITTSBURG, Sept. 12. Game called
at the end of the tenth inning on account
of darkness.
Pittsburg 3. base hits 11, errors 8.
Cincinnati •'!. base hits 0, errors 0.
Batteries—Hawey and Merritt; Fore
man and Va ughn.
J. VV. r>Mtcnell*"AddresscS (he Stale
Aniud by the Electrical Carnival He
Changes Hi* Subject From Agricul
tural .lachinery to Electricity
SACRAMENTO, Sept. 12.--The ad
dress given eHCh year 111 tho fair pavilion
at the invitation of the State Agricultural
society was delivered tonight by J. W.
Mitchell of Los Angeles. He came here
several days ago prepared to talk upon
subjects which woulo have been of greitt
interest to the people ot California In
particular and the coast in general. He
would have speken of the marvelous ad
vanecment in agricultural machinery,
would have dwelt upon the causes of de
pression and from his standpoint jointed
out a way to reform existing conditions.
It was his intention nlso .to refer to the
millions of money which California has
poured into the United States treasury
without receiving adequate compensa
tion in return in the way of appropria
tions. He would have urged tbe presi
dent of tne United States to visit the
I' icilic coast more frequently, and tha*
California lie given a place in the next
lint Mr. Mitchell destroyed that speech
and prepared a new one. He was amazed
by the muginlicent electrical carnival
which tool; place in this city lirt Monday
night and then prepared v new address
with Klectrieity as his theme. His ad
dress was an able and eloquent effort and
was listened to by a large audience. He
spoke in glowing terms of Sacramento's
great enterprise ami of tne wonderful
future before ber for securing menufactor
ies. Klectrieity is not a coming force. It
is here. Its power has been demon
strated. The possibilities for other (lec
tions of California are just as great as
those of Sacramento.
There was no attraction at the State
Fair grounds this morning on account of
rain. In the af!ernoon tbe running race
programme was carried out.the trots hav
ing been postponed until a good day and
track, t'llie course was muddy and slow.
There was v good crowd pre«ent and bet
ting was lively. It rained lightly for a
time during the afternoon. The notable
event ot the day wai the time mado by
Bright I'huebus in the Fall stake over a
muddy ana slippery track.
Five furlongs, selling, purse 1400, for
maiden*, t wo-yoar-olds— I'alomaojta won,
Treachery second, oilie M. third; time,
Un!' ~ Cyrene, Pansy, Little Flush filly,
Lillie R. also ran.
Six furlongs handicap for two year olds
purse $400—Belle Hoyd won, Grady
second; time 1:16%.
Full stake a handicap for :i-ycar-olds
and upward, one and one*quarter milos
—Birgbt Phoebus won, McLigbt second.
De Norte third; lime, 2:US; 4 . Lovedal
and Arnette also tan.
Six furlongs, selling, purse $400, four
5-year-olds and upwards — Pat Murphy
won, Nervoso second, Duchess of Towers
third; time, 1:16%. Ahi P., Warrago and
Captain Rees also ran.
Six furlongs, selling, purse $400 —Nebu-
chadnezzar won, Road Runner second,
Lady Jane third; time, 1:44.
Out of I lie revenues of $300,000,000 Ger
many spends 1118,000,000 for army and
navy; England. 1180,000,000 out of $488,
000,000, and Frame, $174,000,000 out of
$070,000,001). Dr. Mendez, who gives these
llgures, estimates the annual military
expenses of the United States at $80,000,
--000, but this omits $140,000,000 for mil
itaiy pensions. When these are included
our total military expenses are greater
than those of any other country, with
the possible exception of Russia.
A race was recently rowed at Deal,
England, botween four four-oared crews
of boatmen over 60 years or age. The
winning oarsmen averaged 70 years, while
tlieir coxswain was 85.
Jack the aiant Killer
Was not tt more persistenl foe of the huge
ogres he demolished than the great national
ionic, Uustetter's Stomach Bitters, Is to all
manner of disagreeable symptoms caused by
indigestion, constipation or biliousness.
Heartburn, sick headache, loss of appetite,
sleeplessness, yellowness of the skin, nausea,
fur upon the tongue, are manifestations al
ways removable by the Bitters. Thorough
ness, promptitude characterize Its remedial
work. Ass. safeguard against malaria it haa
achieved a world wdde reputation, tbe founda
tion oi which was laid forty years ago. Phy
sicians speak of It In the highest terms. Its
efficacy iv rheumatism and kidney trouble ia
well ascertained. Appetite improves, sleep
visits weary brains aud overwrought nervee
when it is used. It is suited to the most deli
cate and fastidious of invalids. It folly merits
a fair and continuous trial.
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Three Cars of Naphtha Explode With
Terrific Force
Causing Great Loss ol Both Property and Life.
A Fireman Covered With
Burning Oil
OALKSBURG, 111., Sept. 12.-On the
Chicago, Burlington and Quincy railroad,
}u*t lea -i of Alton this morning, the
west--bound train broke in two and|as the
front part slowed up at a water tank, tbe
rear pari run into the front, causing a
car of naphtha to ignite. There were
twelve cars of naphtha and petroleum in
tne train, all of whicb soon ignited. The
flames shot up hundreds of feet. Three
cars exploded with tremendous force. The
bouse of Thomas Carver, near by, was
set on fire and destroyed. Mr. and Mrs.
Carver barily escaped. Samuel Welch,
twenty rods distant, n village fireman,
was covered with burning oil and was
burned to ueath. Other firemen wore
badly burned, but none fatally. The loss
to the railroad company in $12,000. A
house a quarter of a mile away was
scorched by burning oil. C. O. Carlson,
a locomotive tirtmau, was thrown from a
tank and injured about the head. Oil
cars were strewn along for half a mile.
The nm i; is twisted, telegraph poles
down, ties burned, trees blasted and the
whole scene is one of ruin.
During their recent round-iip cattle
men in the vicinity of Lander, Wvo., dis
covered that $30,000 worth of cattle bed
been stolen during the spring and sum
mer. Investigation proved that the stock
iliad been driven into Montana and the
brands altered.
A Denver man who sought to defraud
his ersditors deeded $10,000 worth nf
property to his typewriter. The letter is
willing to deed the property back to him
for 12500 cash, and he is tearing hie hair.
His Career One of Deceit and False
The Famous Lady Populist Handles the Ex-
Senator Without Oloves — Calls
Him a Plagiarist
WICHITA, Kan., Sept. 12.-Mre. Mary
E. Lease, the Populist, orator, today is
out in a review tilled with invective
directed against ex-Senator John J.
Ingalls. She said : I
"Mr. Ingalls' whole career before the
people has been one of deceit and false
hood. Not only is he a political frauds
but he has built up his splendid reputa
tion as an orator by using quotations
siolon from French and Spanish writers.
His thefts from Halton have already been
exposed but other instances of his liter
ary thefts have not become generally
known. When Mr. ingalls stood before
the Young Men's Republican league of
Topeka lie broke out in a flowery and
eloquent, strain. The sentiment whs bor
rowed from 11ubo"s translation of Catil
lar, tho famous Spanish patriot. Many
other beaiititul things he said in that ad
dress were borrowed verbatim from thd
Spanish writers and F'rencb translators.
He gave the same thing when addressing
the s!intent-'law club of tbe state univer
sity last June. There are other instances
of like character for Mr. Ingalls' speeches
are simply mosiao work, beautiful mosiuc
work, true, but not bis own. Ho is the
most erratic, inconsistent, contradictory,
pitiful and contemptiPle figure in Kan
sas history."
Yobra is supposed to furnish nourisb
ment to the body and stimulate the
biain. Tbe faculty of the Paris Medical
academy reports that yebra is rich in
resinous and fatty matters, and recom
mends it as being superior to cod live?
Big boy of yours. Why
not send him to us? See
how nobby and what good
material we can give him.
We can and will dress him
better and tor less money
than any other store in the
city. See the trade win
ners we offer at
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