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A Long Council Session With
Little Business
The Citizens' League V ant- Two
Offices Abolished
The Tax Collector and Assessor Alleged lo
Be Superfluous Officials—De Laguna'a
Telephone Pranchlae
The city council waa in session yestcr- !
day from 9 o'clock m the morning to
nearly 6in tne atprnoon, doing in that
time about three hours' worth of work,
tbe balance of the time being taken up
in more or less profitless diacussion.
The defective lire by irant ghost came
up again in the shape of two aeparate
motions for tbe sttperintenden t of streets
sprinkling to repair certain hydrants.
That reopened th gate for now cratory
npon the subject. The discussion devel
oped the fact that the water conipany
bad, on September 4tb, deposited in tbe
city treasury the sum of $50, the first
mouthy payment to the city for the re
pairing of the hydrants by the munici
pality. Every councilman appeared to
be very much 'astonished at this hit of
intelligence, and later in the day the
money was, with virtuous indignation,
ordered returned to the "octopus forth
The hearing of tbe protest made by M.
L. Lrvering and others against the con
tinuation of the report of the commis
sion for the opening of Twelfth stieet,
was continued fm- another week.
The proteat of Thomas Evans and oth
ers against the confirmation of the re
port of the commission in the change of
the grade of Bellevue avenue was denied.
There was a large anay of counsel in the i
case. The appeal of S. I>. Lewis ami oth
er* against the proposed assessment of
the sewering fot Key West street waa con
tinued to September 20th.
The health officer recommended the
building of a sewer on Roae and Hewitt
streets, which recommendation was re
ferred to the sewer committee.
The recommendation of the park com
missioners that the pay of the park car
penter be increased from 12.25 to $2.50 a
day was referred to the finance committee.
The proposed Seventh ward school site
came up tor discussion. The Nordbolt
property cannot be purchased by the city
until tlie title is clear. The owners prom
ised to properly arrange matters and then
the matter dropped. '
Requisitions amount ing to 18379.1S for
supplies were reported favorably by the
supply committee and the supplies or
dered purchased.
The recommendation of the finance
committee that the request of the police
commission for a covered patrol wagon
be hied, brought from President Teed a
statement that while opposed to a cov
ered wagon he thought that the city
ought to he equipped witn an ambulance
which ought to be purchased at once.
The finance committee's report was
adopted and tben Teed moved that the
city clerk at once advertise for bids tor
an ambulance for police and surgical
purposes. The motion was adopted.
The recomtnendation the street
superintendent asking that the boycott
upon Frick Bros., the contractors, some
time ago placed in effect by tbe council,
be removed, was adopted.
Tbo various reco ..mendations of the
board of public works were auopted.
The DeLaguna telephone franchise was ■
numerously amended and then passed,
lho ordinance provides that tbe city is
to receive eighty telephones free of
chaige and a condoit is to be built by tbe
new company and turned over to the
city. One-half per cent of the gross re
ceipts of the new company is also to be
turned into the municipal treasury.
Ten thousand dollars must be expended
the first yea- and a like amount during
the second year upon the plant. The con
sideration of the franchise brought on a
spirited colloquy between Councilmen
Kingery and Teed, th? former opposing
some of the restrictions in the franchise
while the latter favored all ot them.
The city attorney presented no formal
report, excepting the o dinance for the
proper building of walls in flats and
apartment houses.
F. N. Meyers boving refused to accept
tbe positio i as one of the commissioners
to open Broadway, Cul F. Hunter was
elected to rill tbe vacancy and the neces
sary ordinance for the purpose was
The petition from the Typographical
union tnat the city patronize only union
job offices, was referred to the finance
Among the petitions yesterday present
ed to tbe council was the following:
We wish to call your attention to the
act passed by the last legislature provid
ing for the abolishment of the otfico of
city assessor and city tax collector and
performance of tbeir duties by tbe coun
ty assessor and county tax collector re
The law referred to makes sucb abol
ishment optional with tne council, snd
in view of the economy and efficiency
wbich tlie doing away with these offices
wouid effect in the city government, we
respectfully request you to take tho ac
tion authorized by the law. I,
We irust that yonr honorable body will
give tbis matter attention at yon, ear
liest convenience, and that you will see
tit to give tlie city the benefit of this
mucn-nee.led change.
Tbe above is signea by T. D Stimson
as president and G. .1. Griffith as secretary
of tbe Citizens' ieague.
It was referred to a special committee
with an intimation tbat the state law
quoted be enforced. The city attorney
wiL assist the finance committee in the
preparation of the proper ordinances
abolishing tlie two offices named. The
special committee consists of Councilmen
Munson, Kingory and Snyder.
Bishop Francis Mora sent in the follow
Honorable Council of tlie City of Los
Gentlemen—Realizing tbo growth nf
■ the city, taking into account general san
tary conditions, and desiring to meet tbe
necessities of a large congregation, 1 have
deiermuieu to close as eaiiy as possible
the old cemetery grounds situated on
Buena Vlata street, and to open for ceme
tery purposes a piece of ground belonging
to the diocese situated ou the extreme
easteru border of tbe city, remote from
any positive or prospective improvement,
some distance beyond tiie Evergreen cem
etry, and near the Odd Fellows' ceme
tery, known as lots 3 anti 4 of block 78,
Hancock's survey, city of Los Angeles,
containing 52 acres more or less. Please
consider this an application to your hon
orable body for such permission to estab
lish said cemetery in.said new location as
may be necessary.
The above was referred to the board of
The following was yeaterday tiled with
tlie council by the finance committee:
In accordance with tlie term- und pro
visions of ordinance No. 1243 (new aeries)
the city tax and license collector deliv
ered to the city council the final state
ment of the amount of delinquent taxes
and penalties by bim collected for the
fiscal year 1894-95, together witb tbe de
linquent assessment roll, aaid statement
showing as follows:
Amount of original charges to present
tax oo I lector. (197,969.40; amount of 5 per
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U.S. Gov't Report
;ont penalty on second half. (347.96; au
lertising fees. $735; total, 1198,9.15.88.
And that he claims credit for tlie fol
lowing amounts: Double assessments,
12.24; amount paid into the city treasury,
1195,641.07; amount of taxes sold to tno
oity of Los Angeles, $3312.05; total, $108,
The report and statement of said city
tax and license collector, together with
tbe delinquent books, were by your hon
orable body referred to tbis committee.
We have carclully compared und
checked tbe amounts as set forth in said
report witb said assessment roll and aud
itor's books, and beg to report that we
tind the amount of said city tax and li
cense collector correct, and that the sum
of money for wnich the city tax and li
cense collector asks credit has been paid
into the city treasury and ona already
been credited to his account on the audi
tor's books.
We. therefore, recommend that the city
auditor be directed to charge the city tax
Biid license collector with the sum of
f73S for advertising fees, and the sum of
11247.96 on account of 5 per cent penalty
nn second half of taxes, and that thereaf
ter he be instructed to credit the city tax
and license collector upon bis books with
[he following sums: Amount of sales to
the city, $3,512.05; double assessments,
And we further recommend that his
accounts for tbe collection ot said delin
quent taxes be considered as finally set
tled and said report tiled. Tlie above
ivas concurred in by the council and filed.
Proposals were yesterday opened, ex
amined and declared in tlie council as
To improve Twelfth street from the east
line of Burlington avenue to toe west
curb line of Burlington avenue—Abram
L. Walker, grading and graveling, $1.20
per lineal foot; curb, 30 cents tier lineal
foot ; gutters, 12 cents per lineal foot;
sidewalk. 10 oenta per square foot.
To improve Coronado street, from tbe
south line of Seventn street to the north
line of Ninth street—F. A. MoGreal,grad
ing and graveling, $2.89 per lineal foot;
curb, oents per lineal foot; gutters,
22 cents par lineal foot: Bidewalk. 12U
cents per square foot : crosswalks, $1.20
per lineal foot. P.obert Sherer, grading
and graveling complete, $1,75 per lineal
loot; enro, 34 cents per lineal foot: gut
ters, 14 cents per lineal foot: sidewalk,
11 cents per square foot. Moir A smith,
grading and graveling, $1.74 per lineal
foot; curb, 33 cents per lineal foot; gut
ters, 20 cents per lineal foot: sidewalks,
15 cents per square foot: cross walks,
$1 per lineal foot.
To improve Olive street,from the south
line cf Pico street to the north lino of
Fourteenth street—Stansbury & Moore,
grading and graveling, $1.24 per lineal
foot; curb, 54 cents per lineal foot; gut
ters, 15 cents per lineal foot; sidewalk Li
cents per square foot.
Robert Sherer, grading and graveling,
£I*4o per lineal foot; curb, 54 cents per
lineal foot; gutters, 12 cents per lineal
foot; sidewalk, 11 cents per square foot.
Moir ,v Smith, grading and graveling, $2
per lineal foot; curb, 53 cents pal lineal
toot: sidewalk. 13 cents per squate foot.
To sidewalk Grand avenue, from the
south curb line of Washington street to
the north curb line of Jefferson street—
Cray Bros. & Ward, 12<i cents per square
To sidewalk New High street—Gray
Bros, it Ward, 12'j cents per square foot.
To sidewalk Hope street, from the
north curb line of Sixib street to the
south line of the normal school grounds
—lira yßros. it Ward, 15 cents per square
To sidewalk t'nion avenue, from the
south curb line of Seventh street to the
north curb line of Ninth street—Gray
Bros, it Ward, 12J4J cents per square foot.
All of the above bids were referred to
the board of public works.
The city engineer yesterday reported to
the council as follows:
In the matter of petition No. 964 from
A. W. Swain et al., I tind the said peti
tion represents a majority of the frontage
which Will be affected by the change
asked for. I therefore herewith present
un ordinance of intention to change the
grade of Second atreet between Cum
mings street and a point 150 feet ea«t of
tne east line of State street. Adopted.
An ordinance of intention to grade,
gravel and crosawalk, with cement curb
and sidewalc. Sixteenth street from tbe
weat line of Grand avenue to tbe east
curb line of Hope street. Adopted.
An ordinance of intention to construct
a sewer for tne district hounded by First
street and Brooklyn avenue and Mathews
and Mott streets, said district being
known as Boyle Heights sewer district
No. 2. Adopted.
An ordinance of intention to grade,
gravel, gutter ami curb witb redwood
Lake Shore avenue from First streot to
Court House street. Adopted.
An ordinance of intention to construct
a sewer along Court House street from
the manhole built in tbe intersection of
Grand avenue and Court House street to
a point 140 feet west of the westerly line
of Olive street. Referred to the sewer
An ordinance ot intention to construct
a sewer on Olive street Irom a point 16
feet soutb of the north line of First street
to the center of Court House street and
alone Court Huusc street from the center
of Olive street to a point 86 feet west of
the westerly line of Hill street. Referred
to tbe sewer committee.
An ordinance of intention to construct
a cement walk on the east side of Hope
atrect from tbe nortli curb line of Six.h
street to the south line of the normal
school grounds. Adopted.
An ordinance of intention to establish
the grade of Kingsley street from Thir
tieth street to tlie west city boundary.
I would recommend that the alley in
the Macy street tract from Avila street to
tbe east line of lot 5. and also tue alley
between lots 9, 11, 10 and 12 be aban
doned, excepting the northerly 10 feet of
lot 12 and tbe northerly 16 feet of tbe
westerly 39 feet of lot ll be declared a
public alley. Referred to the board of
public works.
Street Superintendent Howard handed
in bis report, which read as follows:
To tbe Honorable Council of the City
of Loi Angeles:
At a meeting of your honorable hodv
held September IH, 1895, the petition of
Frick Bros., contractors, asking to be re
instated to tbe privileges of bidding on
sewer work, was referred to me. Fric*.
Bros, are at present constructing Ala
meda street sewer district No. 2. They
have sbown no disposition to in any
manner alight tbeir work, but upon the
contrary are doing work which Is a
credit to any firm of contractors.
It being the duty of tbe street superin
tendent to see that contractors properly
construct all sewer contracts, and having
lo my emsloy inspectors for this pur
pose fully competent to see that nob
work is done, I would recommend thnt
no contractor be barred from the privi
leges of bidding on any sewer or street
Motion* were yesterday m»de as fol
low! in the council:
By Councilman Kingery, that th
chief of police bo requested to have the
pepper trees soutb of Pico street, on the
west tide of Grand avenue, trimmed up.
Also that the street superintendent dfe
instructed to connect the crossing wn.i
tlie sidewalk on the southeast corner of
Hope and Eighth sreets. Adopted.
By Councilman Mum-on, that the city
join property owners tJ improve Sixtn
street between Coronado and Hoover
streets. Adopted.
Also that the Cuj Water company be
recjuested to lay a four-inch water pipe,
or larger, on Bonnie Brae street Irom
r-'irst street soutb. Adopted.
By Councilman Snvder, that the street
snperinendeut be instructed to filll up
the chuck holes on Temple road from
Temple street to the city limits. Adopt
Also that the street superintendent be
instructed to place a si.--fuot board fence
along the north line of the city corral lot
and the property ol Henry "Kon. Re
ferred to the board of public works.
Also that tbe street superintendent be
instructed to clean up the gutters on
Court circle. Adopted.
By Councilman lllanchard, that the
street superintendent be insructed to at
once allow 1 . F. Sobriver, J. W. llen
diicks, J. S. Chapman and E. S. Chase
to lay siue connection.- to property line
on Soto >treet sewer. Adopted.
By Councilman Ashman, that the po
lice department lie instructed to notify
the property owners on the north side
of East Seventh street, between Alameda
street and Water streets, to clean off the
brush an i weeds from the sidewalk be
tween these points. Adopted.
J By Councilman Stockwell. tint the su
perintendent of street sprinkling be in- i
structcd to repair the lire hydrant at the
following street intersections: Pasadena \
and Welts -treet and Workman ana Hoff
Streets, and tbat he Keep a strict account
o moneys expended in the work. Adopt
Also that the city engineer be instruct
ed to present an ordinance to construct
cement sidewalk eight feet wide upon
the north side of Downey avenue from
the west side of Water street to tlie east
end of the Downey bridge; also cement
curb over the same distance, except over
such portion ot tlie street as bas redwood
enrb. Adopted.
By Councilman Pessell, that the afreet
superintendent be directed to repair the
bridge over the zanja crossing Twenty
tint street between Central avenue and
Naomi avenue. Adopted.
Also that the i.os Angeles City Water
company be directed to lay a 4-incb pipe
upon Santce street between Eleventh and
Twelfth streets. Adopted.
Also that the city engineer tie directed
to present ordinance establishing the
grade upon Fourteenth and Newton
streets between Alameda and Tennessee
at reels. Adopted.
By Councilman Savage, that tbe street
superintendent be instructed to remove
all obstructions from san Fernando street
between Main street and where Railway
street prolonged would join the intersec
tion ot San Fernando anu Albambru ave
nue. Adopted.
Also that the street sprinkling superin
tendent be instructed ro repair lire hy
drant in iront of JIOO North Main street.
By Councilman Snyder, that the Pasa
dena and Pacific Railway company be
instructed to place its car track on the
established grade on Bellevue avenue be
trteen Buena Vista street and Beaudry
avenue at o-ice. Adopted,
By Councilman Ashman, that the po
lice department he instructed to notify
Property owners on Kohler street near
ighth street to have shade trees trim
med in tne neighborhood. Adopted.
By Councilman Savage, that the city
engineer be instructed to present ordi
nance to grade, gravel and curb witii ce
mentVignes street fro;:; Aiiso to Albambra
avenue; also to grade, gravel and curb
with cement Railroad avenus to the
river. Adopted.
Also to grade, gravel and curb with
cement Ann and Eltnyra streets to the
river. Adopted.
By Councilm .v Munson, tbat the city
engineer be directed to establish the
grade of Fifth street between Konnießrae
street and Burlington avenue. Adopted.
By Councilman Pessell, that the pro
ceed nga to sewer Thirtieth afreet be
abandoned, and the city attorney in
structed to present the neceasary ordi
nance. Adopted.
By Councilman Snyder, that the city
clerk be instructed to advertise for bids
for building the cement sidewalk on tho
north side of Angoleno street.
The Modern Beauty
Thrives on good food and sunshine, with
plenty of exercise in tbe open air. Her
form glows with nealth and her face
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A Fair Amount of Routine Business
Disposed Of
A Strong Remenstrance Against the Pro
posed San Gabriel River Protection
District -Petitions, etc.
Tbe board of supervisors met ye iterday,
with Chairman Francisco presiding and
all the members present.
A numerously signed remonstrance
against the proposed new San Gabriel
river protection district was presented,
and on motion of Supervisor Hay, Octo
ber loth, was set fcr hearing. Tbe re
monstrance ia signed by 421 property
owners of the district, srbo object to
the formation of the district fur the resaon
that a large portion of the lands embrac
ed within the limits would not he bene
fited at all, and for the further reason
that the act under which it is proposed
to organize the district is unconstitu
The certificate and exhibits of the board
of trustees of Long Beach city school dis
trict concerning the issuance and sals of
|1800 bonds of such district was present
ed, and on motion of Supervisor Hays
publication was ordered fot ten days.
Bids will be opened October 10th at 2
p. m.
The bond of the Grimes-Statsforth
Stationery company for funnelling sta
tionery for tbe ensuing year wns approved
and filed.
The official statement of railway assess
ments for 1595, with the railway mileage
apportioned to cities,road and school dis
tricts by the c.-unly surveyor, were
presented nnd filed.
Tbe bond of Clara R. Shatto for the
treet railroad franchise recently pur
chased by her was approved.
The petition of Anna Packers et al. for
the vacation of part of Olive uvenue, in
the Frovidencia rancbo was presented,
and on motion of Supervisor Han ley the
hearing was set for October 10th at 11 a.m.
The county tax collector was allowed
one extra clerk, on motion of Supervisor
Hanley, for sixty days at $70 per month.
The county recorder was allowed one
extra assistant for one month nt $75, on
motion of supervisor Field.
George W. Swope.cbief janttor. was, on
motion of Supervisor Hay, granted two
or three days' leave ot absence.
The application of E. J. Gorman for a
saloon license at Gorman atation was set
for hearing October 10th, at 10:30 a. m.
On motion of Supervisor Hanley,Super
visor Woodward was authorized to have
the El Monte bridge repaired, and Super
visor Field was also authorized to have
tbe Sixth-street bridge r. planned.
The application of Milton J. Reed for a
i saloon license for the Spadra district was
set for hearing October 10th at 10:3u a.m.
On tbe report of the district attorney,
the board passed an order providing for
the Gardena sanitary district election.
The Line, It Is Said, to Be Completed by
The Record is authority for stating
that ex-Mayor William 11. Workman said
ystemay that by the first day of Janu
ary there would be an electric street car
line starting from tbe corner of Fourth
and Spring streets, to run through to
Hollenbeck park. Mr. Workman Bald
that for tbe present he could not give the
names of the capitalists who had taken
tne enterprise in hand, but added that
they would be made puolic in a short
time. "All the needed capital bas been
subscribed," said the ex-mayor, with en
thusiasm, "and we are going to push the
road through to completion. '
By the construction of the proposed
line Hollenbeck park would be madi ac
cessible, tliua giving citizens another
beautiful place in which to recreate.
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DAKANCF.TTE — In Los Angeles, September
23d, 1395, Mrs. Catherine Daraucette,
aged 27 years.
Ku eial will take place Wednesday, 25th,
from the family residence, 712 Commercial
street, at 9 a m. Friends invited.
■ 36 & BROADWAY.
and pleaae good taate by
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A splendid Show by Clever People in a
Wonderful Tent
The Wallace circus is decidedly more
satisfying in an amusement sense tban
the Syndicate show wbich recently visited
this city, and is also much more exten
sive, says tlie Uenver Times in its issue
of July 12, 1595. A completely equipped
menagerie, new tents, new animal cages
and well cared for live stock add to its
attractiveness. ,
The show carries 890 horses, and has
a force of 800 people. The latter, witli
the exception of the performers, practi
cally lite on the grounds, sleeping tents,
dining tents and the best of accommoda
tions being provided. Ibe main tent,
witli a seating capacity of nearly 12,000,
is one of'the largest tents ever brought
her* for a circus.
lho usual parade, without which any
circus is incomplete, occurred at noon
today, and was witnessed by thousands
on the crowd-lined sidewalks. The pa
rade wa? much more interesting than is
usually offered by circus managers, and
was an evidence of promising things to
occur under the big tent.
The Wallace circus will exhibit in this
city on Wednesday and Thursday of this
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iooo pairs in Gray and White. 10 4. 11-4 nnd 12-4,
from :■ 50c up to $7 SO per pair
Sample* displayed in show window. H Jou want one rair or tiltj it will
pay\ou to examine the line.
in addition to thia Blanket Sale we will offer you
1000 yds. All-wool Covert Cloth at 25c per yard
1000 yds. All-w 00l Novelty Suitings 39c per yard
1000 yds. All-wool Impt'd < Jerman Novelty Suitings SOc per yard
1500 yds. All-wool Fancy Reticle Suitings SOc per yard
500 yds. All-wool Fancy Lizard Weave Suitings.. .75c per yard
Sample ps'icrna displayed in show window.
Paper Patterns 10c each. Mail orders filled promptly. Goods delivered free in Pasadena.
YOUR Boots and Shoes ° p
In tlie Odd Fellows' Building
We Dictate the Following Prices:
Lawn Tennis Shoes— Rftf I Lawn Tennis Shoes— 7?r"
Any size eLrvrV With perforated solts .. M aL/V-
Qwrie and looklT" Ladies' Oxfords, Julietas, JVST
The new beauties in Southern Ties and Slippers, . revived
We are Headquarters for Children's SCHOOL SHOES
Accident Insurance
The best wearing, most stylish, and
the greatest value of any $3.00 Men's
Shoes on the continent.
Best calfskin, dongola tops, solid
leather soles, with all tho popular toes,
lasts and fastenings, and Lewis' Cork
Filled Soles.
Each pair contains a paid-up Acci
dent Insurance Policy for $100, good for
90 days.
Wear Lewis' Accident Insurance Shoes
once and yon will never change. The
insurance goes for "full measure."
Talk with your dealer who sells Lewis*
Ever Troubled With Your Eyes'
Ever Tried US?
We have fitted glasses to thousands to thei
entire satisfaction. Why not give vi a trial.
We will saiafy you. Eyes tasted iree. islsises
ground to order on premises. Established
here nine years. Lowest prices.
167 N. Spring St., lios Angeles, Cal.
Notice to Stockholders
LOS ANGELES, Sept. 6th. 1595. The annual
meeting ot ttte stockholders of the Herald
Publishing Company will be held a the gen
eral office of the company, Biadbury buikl ng,
corner Broadway and Thirdstrcets. in the city
Of Los Angeles, California, on Monday, Octo
ber 7th, tS9"). at 3 o'< loclc p m., to elect di
rectors to serve during the ensuing year and
to transact such other business as may come
before them. i'EKD K. BULK.
POLAND Ad ' sr "■
WA. I X.X T.ieDhone IMI
Gas and . . .
Steam Fitter
Steam and Hot Water Heating
for Buildings and Residences
220 Commercial St.,
The New No. 2
Contains the greatest improvements sinot
the Introduction o( the writing machine.
See It and Be Convinced
LEO. E. ALEXANDER & BKO., den. Afts.
WM. H. 1!. HAYWARD, Mgr.,
Tel. 704. 316 a Broadway, Los Angela*
San Francisco office, "_SIS Sansome street
Microbe Kil \*K^sSSSl
Cancel, Consumption and all tiitherto incura
ble diseases. Write or 01H lor panii)hlet con
taining lull particulars and testimonials E r ee,
327 W. Fifth St. Los Angeles. Cal.
lICM Cn«l a .VK aijL. ABOUT CtlArtUilNU May.
BIE.TO (HMxi tho Features and Rem«v-f^«|
lnff Blemishes, In 150 p. book for a stamp.
John H. Woodbury, lliT W. 42d St.,N. X. am\tJP
Inventor of Woodbury's Facial boao. ~Mr~S

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