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Gruesome Discovery at a Ven
tura County Ranch
A Wind From the Desert Does Great
The Remains of a rtlssing Woman Found
Under Her Husband's House—Tho
Carnival Prizes
▼EXTVEA, Sept. 20.-Tbo severe east
wind here and oat in the Santa Clara val
ley has done thousands of dollars' worth
of damage. Several large bean fields arc
almost totally ruined. One man who had
ordered several hundred bein sacks says
he will have use for half a dozen. It is
only in certain localities, huwever, that
the damage is so severe.
In town the worst east wind for several
years prevailed all day till about 3
o'clock. One or two screen doors which
were .unfastened wore blown off. Few
people ventured out during tne after
noon, and the churches were sparsely at
tended al the evening service.
Mr. C. B. Booth of this city returned
from Ventura on Sunday evening and
reports the damage done to the beau crop
as something very serious Mr. Booth
said yesterday to a Herald reporter that
the loss would amount, at a conservative
estimate, to 40 per cent of the oean crop,
and a large proportion of the corn aud
apple crops
"On Saturday afternoon Ventura coun
ty bad the finest bean crop on record,"
he said, "but in the afternoon a hot wind
came up. and Sunday morning by io
o'clock fully 10 per cent of the bean crop
was ruined. Mr. B. F. Kinney of Sespe
told roe tbat his field of beans was en
tirely desroyed. Mr. Charles Wasson of
Springvale told me that lie hud a beauti
ful crop on a 40-acre lot. but that he
could not get a bushel now.
"The wind was terrific; a number of
buildings were unroofed and tho corn
badly injured."
A fTystery Explained
VENTURA, Sept. 23.—Frank Tryce.
who has just returned from Samuel Hill's
ranch on tbe road betwen Springville
and Simi, tells a story which explains a
mystery and reveals a horrible crime.
i. About two years ago Mr. Hill had a
tenant,who with his wife and child lived
on Mr. Hill's ranch. The nusband and
wife appeared devoted to each other and
seemed to bs happy together. Suddenly
the wife and child disappeared and none
knew how or where they bad gone. The
man wa* suspected in spite of bis appar
ent grief, of having murdered them, hut
as no proof against him could be discov
ered, he was allowed to go free, and the
suppusiton that tbe wife bad deserted
him was accepted a* a tact.
A few days ago soma hoys were scram
bling about under the house wbicb bad
been occupied by the family and brought
out a piece of clothing, which was ideri
tilled oy Mrs. Hill as a part of tbe dress
worn by the missing woman. Further
investigation brought to light the wom
an's body, buried beneath tbe very build
ing in which she had lived, placed there
by the man who killed her, it is sup
posed. Investigations are being further
made to lind the doJv of the child. The
suspected man left the country shortly
aiter the murder and his whereabouts is
The Carnival de Commerce was suc
cessfully repeated Saturday evening. The
voting was cumpl?t-d and the announce
ment made. Miss Edith Bonestel, repre
senting Bartiett Bros., -eceived tirst
prize; Miss Jessie McDonell for tbe elec
tric company, second.and Miss Hyer, for
Adams' paint store, third. Tlie Episco
pal cburcb lad es, who bad tbe carnival
in charge, cleared 195.
An Improvement in the Schools ot the Crown
PASADENA. Sept. 23.-The action of
tbe DOard of school directors in enlarging
the field ot usefulness of that institution
by the adoption of a practical business
course, including bookkeeping,shorthand
and typewriting, seems tv meet a popu
lar want. When the opportunity was
offered, yesterJay, at tbe high school,
some thirty or more pupils wished to be
enrolled for those studies. It is probable
the shorthand class will much exceed
tbat number. Professor W. H. Wagner,
who has been chosen as the teacher of
this branch, gave them an introductory
lecture on the subject of shorthand ami
made a good impression. He is evidently
tbe man for tbe position, having been
engaged in that line of teaching in the
liongley Shorthand institute in this city
for about ten years.
The books adopted for this branch are
the well-known American Manual of
Phonography, the Reporter's Guide, and
Phonographic Dictionary by Elias Long
ley, formerly of Cincinnati, but for ten
years past teaching in this city. It is
safe to say that what Mr. I.ongley does
not know of phonography is in the fu
ture,not in the past or present, for he has
been an author and teacher for forty-five
years, except the time lie has spent in
practicing the art. And beginning with
th* war in 1861, until bis removal to Los
Angeies in 1883, as city editor and short
hand reporter on the Cincinnati Gazette
and Commercial, hi has reported near
ly all the groat speakers of the country.
from Presidents Lincoln,Garfield, Hayes,
Senators Thurman. Sberinai, Colonel
Ingersoll, Rev. ileecher ani all the rest
of tbem.
Mr. Longley being a critical printer as
Weil as editor, aimed at method und ac
curacy in tbo compilation of bis books,
and has undoubtedly succeeded to a sat
isfactory extent,for they are used in near
ly every state in tbe union, and have re
ceived the highest commendations from
Student- aud teachers as well.
An invariable guide to success in cook
ing—Dr. Price's cream baking powder.
Funeral of A. J. Thompton
A. J. Thompson, agent oi the Santa Fe
railroad, one of tbe victims who was
poisoned by the negro, Busby, a little
over a week niro, was buried in Oakwoods
cemetery, Cliicaeo, last Sunday. Mr.
Thompson was formcily a citizen of Pull
man and at one time a prosperous »rock
farmer. In early days he was a promi
nent Hyde Park politician, and was for a
long time president of the village oourd
al trustees at that plant-.
Mrs. Wbolrues ot Vernon avenue, f'as.t
jena. waa thrown from a car at the cor-
Jore of Temple and Spring streets yester
Joy afternoon and alightv hurt. Shu was
;n the act of alighting und when the car
■tarted too fell.
The French Legion Picnics by the Sea—A
SAX PF.DRO, Sept. ii.—A large num
ber of tbe French Legion of Los Angeles
arrived on the 10 o'clock train yesterday
morning. They were gayly arrayed In a
beautiful unifoim. The staff of the or
der and maior drummer was tendered
our fellow townsman, Sig. Ed A mar,
who led the pa-ado through the princi
pal streets with a drum and bugle corps.
Then they wei» escorted to the hand
somely decorated mansion of Sig. A mar
on the corner of Mesa and Thirteenth
streets. French songs and American
songs were rendered by members of the
order. The afternoon was merrily passed
away in dancing and promenading out
upon the spacious lawn tbat surrounds
Mr. Aniar's residence. The party
marched down to the home-bound tram
at K:3O p. tu.
Tbo wedding of Erie Erieson to Miss C,
Erlcaon took "place at the Svea ball on
Saturday evening. Theie were many
friends to tbe higu contracting parties
present. Tbe ball was nppropria'ely dec
orated. Mr. and Mrs. Ericson will reside
here and they have the best wishes of the
entire community.
Mr. James Catton of Redlands is pay
ing Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bennett a visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Ordway of Redlands are
paying Mrs. Wm. Crittenden a visit.
Mi. T. C. Miller has purchased the
store of Mr. X. O. Anderson. Mr. Miller
will add a first-class drug department to
his store. Mr. Miller comes very highly
recommended to us and we feel proud to
gain another good citizen and business
man in our community.
The schooner Prosper, Captain Johen
sen, arrived from Tacoma with SOci.JOJ I
feet of lumber to the W. H. Perry Mill
and Lumber company.
The schooner Peerless, Captain John
son, from Port Blakeiy, 320,D0C feet of
lumber to the K. C. M. ci L. Co.
The steamer Excelsior, Captain Hig
gins. from Eureka. 200.000 feet of lumber
to Southern California Lumber company.
Tne schooner Ruby Cousins, Captain
A derson, from Eureka, '.140.000 feet of
lumber to tho Sau Pedro Lumber compa
The schooner Mabel Gray, Captain I
Thompson, from hlureka, -40,000 teet of
lumber to the San Pedro Lumber com
Hurry Beal has gono to San Francisco
to pay a visit to friends and relatives
A party of twenty ladies and gentle
men of Conipton held a picnic at the
Point Firmm lighthouse grounds.
Santa Barbara County Lands Made
More Accessible
Lacking state Aid, No Fair Will Be Held-A
Serious Accident—Business and
Social Notes
advent of tbe railroad 19 fraught witb
important results for the western part of
tbis count). Thousands of acres of rich
virgin soil in old land grants can now be
readily reached from the outside world.
I The Laguna rancbo near Los Alamos has
j oeen subdivided and placed upon the
. market ana splendid inducements are
I offered for colonizing purposes. Every
j experiment in tbis direction having thus
1 far proved auccessful, later attempts will,
with present increased advantages,
greatly tend to swell the population and
enhance the value of land.
Tbe 19th district agricultural associa
tion having decided to hold no fair tnis
year, many of our citizens arc arranging
matters to attend the Hueneme fair and
i races whicb commence Tuesday, 'ibe
lack of a state ppmpriation and tbe de
struction of our pavilion rendered it ex
ceedingly hazardous to undertake a cred
! itible exhibit here at tbis time. Tbis
I circumstance will prove qmta a bonanza
for Hueneme, as tha people of Santa
Barbara are large exhibitors and liberal
patrons of agr.ctiltur.il fairs and it is evi
dent tnat hundreds will avail themselves
of cheap transportation thither. A large !
num .er leave this evening on the steam
er Eureka wnich touches at that port,
but the greater pan. of our delegation
J will take the train tomorrow morning for
MontaWo, where conveyances to liueoc
: me will be in waiting.
Mrs. Maiy E. Teats, social purity !ec
-1 turcr for tbe National W. C.T. P., ad
j dresscl two large audiences in tbis city
yesterday at Grace M. E. church. At 4
p. nt. she d-vnted her attention to men
only and at 8 o'clock in the evening de
livered an interesting talk at a union
A force of men yesterday started to
grade Ocean avenue at Lomooc from the
gravel to tbe oridge. Tnis road is tbe
pride of that section, and upon tne com
pletion of the improvements now under
way it will become a veritable boulevard.
Tne highway leading 10 tbe wharf is also
undergoine substantial repairs and will
soon be in good condition.
Residents uf Guadeloupe and Santa
j Maria will attend in force the Arroyo
Grande fair, whicli opens next Wednes
day. The Pacific Coast railway offers ex
cursion rates t i that point and return and
visitors will also hay" an opportunity to
go to I'ort Harford and Sycamore Springs.
Los Alamos is just now torn up oy a
war between tbe merchants and the Popf
ulist flour mill. Tho Alliance people
started the trouble by claiming lock o
patronage believe! to be due them and
the storekeepers are thundering forth
vigorous responses.
The Sinta Maria merchants have
signed an agreement to clos- their places
of business at 7 p. m. during the re
mainder of this month and at 0 p. m.
in October.
A serious accident happen d yesterday
to N J. M.itiee, a prominent citizen of
Loon poo. While ho was driving over a
narrow part of the grade between Santa
Rita ami Los Alamosa huge rattlesnake
by the roadside struck the horse, caus
ing him to jump over a barbed wire fence
and dragging wagon and occupant down
a steep incline some Kit) feet. Mr. Mc-
Gee received severe injuries about the
head and shoulders. The wagon was com
letely demolished, but tho bor-e seems
to have escaped both snake and bruises.
A passing teamster rescued tbe outfit
aud carried tbe unfulunate gentleman to
his home.
The progressive business men of 81111
--merland met tbis evening to take steps
toward tbe oganization of a boatd of
A perfect jewel for tbe housekeeper is
Dr. Price's baking powder.
A Railroad Wreck Causing Delay but Little
COLTON', Sept. 23.—Passenger train
No. 3'-\ whicn left Colton at 2:55. and No.
13, which left Los Angeles at 2:!5, met
two miles east of Ontario, where a special
freight train had broken a wheel and had
been dcraileu. A number of trucks were
broken and tics torn up. but there was
very little other damage. Tho two pas
senger trains transferred passengers and
the Colton tram arrived one hour behind
the usual time.
.Silas Form an of Jacksonville, Fla., ia a
collector of ratilesuakea. He bus accum
ulated twenty-six of tbe leptiles.
Embezzlement Is Quickly Fol
lowed by Arrest
Two Sad Occurrences Reported From
San Bernardino
The Boy-Killer Acquitted of Criminal Intent,
But the Embezzler of Honey
Is in Jail
Associated Press Specie! Wire,
SAX BERNARDINO, Sept. 28.—0. E.
Sebern, local manager ol the Sunset Tele
phone company, was arrested this morn
ing on the sworn statement ol D. J. Mat
tock,special agent of the company, charg
ing Sebern with embezzlement. The case
is another one to be Charged to the
gambling houses which bave beon per
mitted to run in tbis city unuisturbed.
Sebern is saiu to have lost $290 a. ia*o
and poker at a place on Third street in
the last ten days. He is not only charged
with embezzlement of the company*
fuuds, but is accused of having raised
bills against the county olliees and col
lected the money over bis sworn state
ment und pocketing tlie difference. Ills
shortage to the telephone company is
about !f.'t.">U. How much he may have
gained by raising bills of customers is
not known. Sebern is a first-class tele
phone man, and in every other respect
lias fully satisfied his employers. He is
under ifoOO bonds, and the guarantee
given by a surety company will probably
cover all losses to the telephone com
George Koach, the 15-year-old son of
William Roach, shot and "instantly killed
-- . ,-, .. -. _ .n i.•..»,..._ ~,-'_„,„„
1118 l«r|WU -uiu L.iu..,b.i aaiQotßli ........
day afternoon, while playing with tire
arms. The boys had been playing eol
d'ers, the older one giving the com
mands, and using their father's rille and
shotjnn for arms. Tiie older boy. before
beginning the sport, had removed the
cartridge from the rille. Wben they be
came lired of playing he replaced the
cartridge in the riHe. It was then pro
posed to put the guns away and go to a
neighbor's to play with other children.
Botn started toward the house, the older
boy ahead. As he ran to the door in ad
vance of his brother be. in play, faced
about, leveled the ritle full at his broth
er's head. Forgetting tnat he had re
placed the caitridvge, he raised tbe ham
mer and fired, the bullet striking Au
gustus squarely in the forehead and pas
sing out behind. In an atony of griet
the older Boy tried to call nis brother to
lite, bathed the wound, and when the
awful truth dawned upon him. hurried
to the neighbors and told his father. A
coroner's jury today investigated the
affair and rendered a verdict acquitting
tbe boy of intentional harm.
Alnm baking powder mages hiscnit bit
ter. Dr. Price's makes tbem sereet.
Santa Ana Saloon Keepers and the
Liquor Law
The Methodist Brethren Express Their Re
gard for Pastir Mclntire—An Election
of 1 h rch Officers
SANTA ANA, Sept. 23.—Tho case of
Miller vs. tlie Pomona ordinance in this
city is becoming more complicated as tbe i
days go by. Tne city trustees sonic time
ago revoked M liar's saloon license, and
Miller expects the city to pay bim for all
time lost by uaTiDg nis license revoked.
He is only waiting [or tbe city to make a
move of some kind so be can open his
saloon again. He saya the longer the
trustees wait to reissue his license tho
more it will cost the city. Miller seems
to be confident that he will gain his suit.
He has the best legal talent he can lind.
The Southern California annual confer
dice of tne M. B. church convenes on
Wednesday of this week in Pasadena.
Key. E. O. Mclntire of tbis city will go
to Pasadena tomonow to attend the con
ference, to ne gone a week.
J. W. Vancleave pteach.'d an excellent
sermon last nigbt to a crowded house in
opera bouse.
M At an adjourned session of tbe fourth
quarterly confc.ence of the First M. K. !
eburcn of this city, held the 18th. the J
following resolutions were adopted:
Whereas, the conference year is drawing
to a close and tbe annual conference is
about to convene, and in view of tne fact
that E. 0. Mclntire, our pastor during
the past three years, has intimated a
proable change iv bis pastorate, therefore
be it
Resolved, That we cheerfully express our
confidence in him, recognizing in him a
man of excellent worth and a fearless
preacher of the gospel; and, be it further
Resolved. That our hearty good wishes
go with him and his excellent wife and
family in whatever lield of labors God
shad call him.
Kesolved, That these resolutions be
spread upon the records and a copy given
to utir pastor.
The following officers were elected for
one year from October 1: hoard of trus
tees. Dr. C. 1». Rail, J. Hanuan, C. W.
liurns. Dr. J. L. Dryer and N. A. Gyer;
stewards, J, C. Thomas, George Hunting
ton. Wiltsie Martin, Winfred Hill, D. P..
Newell. E. J. Norrish, 0. W. Cheney, W.
S. Hall, A. E. Hawiey, Mrs. P.. J. blee.
Mrs. Alice Yount, Mrs. T. D. Huff and
Mrs. F.lidia Huntington: treasurer, J.
A. Wuert; recording steward, George
Huntington; district steward and dele
gate to lay electoral conference, G. W,
Chenev; Sunday school superintendent,
J. M.Clark; president of Epworth league,
A. N. Runkle; chorister, .1. A. Wuest;
class leaders, It. M. liaekr, 0. A. Maitin,
N. B. Steward. A. W. Runkle, D. M.
liurns and Miss Addte Deeirng.
A number of line plans fur a county
jail were submitted today to tbe board of
supervisors froui parties from Santa Ana
and Eos Anegles. No action was taken
on any of the plans.
Mr. and Mrs. D. McWilliams Saturday
nigbt celebrated their fifteenth wedding
anniversary. A large crowd was present
and a good time in general was had. A
great many costly presents were received.
The ja 1-birda are getting rather tired
ot their Jonely home, and have made an
appeal for old ho ks. papers and maga
zines lo help them while away tbe lung
Mr. J. L. Holley of Westminster, to
gether witb his family started tonight
for Chicago, to remain some time on
W .W. Buell started tonight for Shelby
county, Illinois, to be gone about two
A Minneapolis man says tbat tbe bi
cycle is a great peacemaker. He bought
bis wife one. and now sbe devotes her
energies to blowing un tbe tires instead
of biro.-- Dulutb News-1 ribune.
The Story of a Sad-Eyed Man
From Arkansas
He Is Entirely Too Liberal in the
Matter of Wages
The Whole Thing on Its Face Is ol Suspi
cious .Merit-How It Is to Be
On Sunday morning a modest little ad-
I vertlloment appeared in tho papers to
the effect that .'l"'i miners and laborers
were wanted for gold mines in Araknsas
at wages rangina from IfL'.oO to |fl per
day, with board guaranteed at $3.50 por
week. Applicants were directed 10 call
al the Eureka grocery, coinor of Wall and
Sixth streett.for further particulars. This
little advertisement was supplemented
yesterday by the following attractive
, "dodger," whlcß was distributed quite
freely in the localities where laboring
men and those seeking employment most
00 congregate:
Wanted—9oo miners nnd laborers. We
have sumo gold mines ill Arkansas which
we arc going lo open at once, and have
decided"to take the above number of men
from Los Angeles. Ia those not having
enough money to pay lull fare we will
advance part and deduct from wages. We
will pay from $2.0il to $."> ncr day. Hoard
guaranteed t $3,50 per week. Six mouths
worn guarnteed. Must start by Ist of Oc
■tober. Call on W.Henry,Eureka grocery.
Sixth and Wall streets.
In view of the fact that there are hun
dreds of men in Los Anireles wbo would
jump at employment at $1.50 a day. or
even $1, if they were sine of getting it.
and thnt tho ruling rates for labor are
even [ewer in Arkansas than on thi
coast, a Herald reporter was detailed to
investigate thu very liberal offer of Mr.
Henry and ascertain, it possible, what
there was back of it. Accordingly, a visit
was made to the loealltv named thi
Eureka grocery, between 7 and 8 o'clock
anu the room wns dlmiy lighted by a
coal oil liiinp ou top of the shelves. On
one side were r.tneed several rows of Cal
ifornia canned fruit and on the other was
a small counter with a very modest array
of staple groceries. Two hundred dollars
would he a liberul estimate for ull the
stock in sight. A sad-eyed man with a
sanJy whisker was tilted back in a chair,
apparently resting after his labors in ex
plaining his plans to a man who stepped
out of the store as the reporter stepped in.
In answer to an inquiry the sad-eyed man
modestly admitted that he was the Mr.
Henry who wanted tho men, and having
loosened up on tbe reporter suggesting
that he would like lo become a member
of the party il be could be convinced
that tlie thing was not n fake, the sad
eyed man talked very freely. No, theio
wa no fake abjut his circular. Ho was
able to make every assertion good. As
to the ownership of tlie mine? Yes, he
was the owner, he and his partner, and
they were situated in tbe White lliver
hills near Rogers junction and Selignian,
on the line between Aritansas and Mis
souri. He owned forty acres and his part
ner forty more.ami if anyone doubted his
ability to make good his offer he could
put up tbe coin at once to convince him.
As if' the character ot the mines, tbey
wero very rich in free cold in a sort of
slate formation; 110. the gold was not in
the slate, but in dirt between tho layers
of slate, which would wash out, 110 mills
being required. There ware lead mines,
ton. and work in abundance for all. as
to transportation, yes, tbat bad all been
arranged; By aspecial arrangement with
the Santa Fe they would guarantee to de
liver the men at the mines at $15 per
head. Oh. no, he had not secured a $15
rate; that was what he would charge the
men; it would cost bim a little more,
but be was willing to pay that himself
and trust to the future development ol the
mines 10 get it hack. No; lie could not
tell what the railroad rate was; these
railroad companies are very suspicious
and that was a secret between himself
nnd the head railroad man. tie did not
know bis name,and It would not be right
lor him to give it away. As to advancing
money lo those not Having euilicient to
pay their fare,yes, tbat was bona tide,
too. Every man who desired to go would
have to deposit $5 if ho boarded himself
in transit, or $7 if ho was boarded by the
owners; this deposit was absolutely neo
ossary, to make sure that the men would
not back out: the balance of tbe trans
portation would be deducted from Ihe
first month's wages. Amplo provision
had been made for feeding the men on
the Way. and a bountiful supply of can
ned goods, cakes, etc., would be taken
along for this purpose. Yes. he wanted
to start as soon after the Ist ol October as
possible, as he did not want to wait un
til tbe dead ot winter; he wanted to be
back in Los Angeles in two months as
tiis lungs w.rs weak nnd he could not
st'nd tbe climate of the east. Had many
called? Oh, yes, numberless Inquliers
had heen to see about it. but very few
had as yet made tho necessary deposit.
How many? On, only Jifteen or twenty.
If he could not get the necessary numher
what would lie do? Why, return the
money to those who had deposited it and
abandon it—-at least so far as Los Angeles
was concerned.
As has been remarked, tbe sad-eyed
man had said that his lungs ware wean,
and th" long conversation was telling on
him. Not a soul had called while the re
porter was there, but the sad-eyed man
is evidently of a hopeful turn of mind,
and looks fur bettor returns from his
"dodgers" today. Of course, Mr. Henry
may be all right: there is juat about one
chance in ten millions that his goldmines
in Arkansas are there as be represents,
and that be really wants the men he ad
vertises for.
All sorts and oonditions of men like
food made witn fir. Frico'a baking
The Weather ia Hot, But the Populace
Enjoys It
SANTA MONICA, Sept. 38.—Wa have
been sweltering under tbe effects of the
warm wave for the past few days, with
tbe therm irueter reach ng in the shade
tw on Sunday and 110 in the sun. Today
il is a trifle cooler, but tbe ever cooling
surf has been the Mecca for all.
Saturday and Sun Jay the Independent
Foresters owned the town and beach,
getting outside of an enormous quantity
of Captain A. P. Elliott's baked clams
while washing off interior real estate in
the Nortu Beach bath house plunge and
Today was more endurable and our peo
ple are in a happier frami of mind; but
it is an ill wind tuat blows no one good,
und the hot spell has sold unlimited
quantities of sola water, ice cream and
what the boys call German milk.
Messrs. Gray, Yawter et al., have re
turned from their camping t.ip.
Tiie Southern Paolflo will run a theater
and circus special on Wednesday, Septe
mber "nth, leaving here at 7 p. in. arid
the Arcade depot on returning at 11 p.m.
Rev. M. Merlin Jones and family are
enjoying camp life in Rustic canyon.
Eeigh Overman, the enterprising repre
senattive oi tho Y. M. C. A. at ihe bath
house, and local agent for the Santa
Monica tract is more than jubilant ove"
tne good worn being done (orOcean Turk
and beacb.
Two Unsuccessful Ballots by the
Board of Education
Tbose Who Will Have Charge of the
Commercial Course
Professor floush Completes the High Schoo 1
Course of Study and it Is Adopted.
The Bill for Pencils Allowed
At the regular meeting of tDe board of
education held last night the committee
on visiting and janitors reported, reeoiu
mending that the position of janitor oi
tbe Grafton street school be declared va
cant and thnt Mrs. Jennie T. Champion
be elected to tbat position. Tbo recom
mendation was adopted.
Hill to tho amount of 12330.61 were
favoarbiy reported hy Ihe linanco coui
; mitteo ami were ordered paid.
Among the bills was that of the Stoll 6s
Thayer company for $455 for pencils.
I which at tbe last mooting of the board
, developed astiii-born sensation. The bill
i was, with the others, ordered paid.
Tiie w. c. t. I', of Southern California
requested that tho board extend to the
nal .otial W. C. T. U. an invitaton to hold
the next annual couventiiou of Ihe asso
oiation in tbis city. 'The request was
■ complied with.
The report of Building Superintendent
j Charles L. Strange exploding me high
school sensation printed 111 a morning
paper, to thn effect tbat the building is
unsafe,was til'd amid a smile all around.
The applications of John F. Harbor aud
!J. 0. Kreels for the position of engineer
'at the high school were referred to the
j janitor committee.
Assistant Superintendent 0. 1.. Ennis
was granted one weeit's leave of absence
from the oity beginning October 7.
Dr. Wills wanted to know if the supply
eommittco of the board is purchasing
supplies at this fimo for the whole
school year. Chairman Grubb of the
committee replied that some cases of
goods were so purchased, while others,
where not compulsory,a re being bought
as needed at a specified contract price.
The teachers' committee reported, rec
ommending the assignment of the follow
ing new teachers:
Alice A. West, to the Thirtieth street
school; Cora M. N'eidlg, lo San Pedro
street; Lillian Purdy, to Ann street;
Nellie Potter, to Ninth street: May L.
Small, to Hewitt street; Helen Yinegard,
to Castellnr street- Amelia Armstrong,
to Aruelia street; Yetta Dexter, to Breed
street; Mrs. C. F. Ingersoll, to Santa Fe
avenue Clara Young, to Ninth street.
Miss Yinegard and Miss Armstrong are
The committee recommended that the
resignntion of Gertrude Anderson as a
teacher be nocpeted ; tnat Wilton Carlton
and W. 11. Wagner he elected to teach
the commercial courses recently estab
lished in the high school, and that Mary
A. ilamsdoll, Minnie L. Wagner. May
Keyes. Lena Maris, H. D. Millard and
Clara Lilliblidge be elected as substitute
All of tue recommendations of the
teachers' committee were adopted.
On motion of Director Pitman the
hoard decided that hereafter a lull report
must be forthcoming once euch month of
ull tbe moneys collected during the pre
vious month as tuition from the high
school pupils residing outside of the city.
Principal Housh of tbe high scbool
submitted tbe following report:
In tlie hurry of prepaiation some errors
crept into tlie course of study for the
high school. I ask leave to make the fol
lowing corrections:
That physical geography be placed in
the A-9 year for all classes; that llonimi
history be placed in the A-lhyear: that
English and American history be placed
■in the B-1J technical course, and in the
A-l- social and natural science course an
option witli surveying; that English he
tuade an option with surveying in the
A-l'i technical; that drawing be placed
tn the B-lu technical course: that, botany
he made an oDtion with trigonometry in
I the B 12 technical, and that political
I economy be made a required instead of
an optional study in the business course.
The above recommendations were
"The comniilteo on higb school and
course of study presentjd a report recom
mending tbo adoption of tbe following
text books for the high school: Williams
1 and Rogers' complete bookkeeping. F.lec
} trie physical geography. Chute's physic
-1 al IrMoratory inanu 1, Foster anu Shore s
1 physiology, the last-named book to be
a supplementary text book.and Longley's
stenography. The leport uf the com mi t-
I tee was adopted.
I The election ofan engineer for the high
school gave to J. H. Byers four votes, J.
j A. Smith four vutcs and A. M. Grant one
vote. Dl recto I Grubb at lirst declined to
I vote, being, however, forced, hu c ist his
! ballot for Byers, for the express purpo-e
jof malting v tie. Director Fulton voted
for Grant. Director Kennedy insisted
that Smith had been elected and declined
Ito cast a second ballot when lus namo.
; was called. Presidejt Hale ruled that
j thor- 1 had been no election. The second
ballot brought forlh the same result and
I then the board adiourned by a vote of 5
to 4.
An ever welcome guest tn tlie houso
| wife—Price's cream baking powder.
A Novel Race at the Next Bicycle fleet-Old
Timers to Meet
At tbe next race meet of the Los Ange
les Wheelmen there will be a race the like
of whicli bas never been seen of man.
All the old-time racing men that used to
he prominent on the path will take part.
No one is allowed to train for so much
as v day, ana the timo is expected to be
somowhere in the neighborhood of live
minutes. Among the old "has beons"
that will enter are "Old Hoss" Phil Per
cival, "Pinto Poll" Jenkins, "Phil L'p"
Kitchen, "Old How-back" Spier, "Many
Medal" Dave Burke and I). 11. Solirodo,
the "Uuarle Cyclone." (?) Lewis Fox
may bo imported from Chicago especially
to compete in tbis race, in the language
of one of the entries, tbe affair will "" be j
v beaut."
Tufts-Lyons have received a new road
tandem from the Steams factory, and
"Butch" Tufts desires the bloome- girls
to undeis-and that its working hours are
from ."> a. m. to 12 p. m.
"Flying Paleface"Jenkins of tlio Tufts-
Lyons Arms company is waiting for nis
"M samples, and wilt then hasten joyous
ly away to make thecountry dealcis lives
a burden t i tbem as he "explains tho
points of the best, wheel," ere.
A member of the uhicago cycle honrd
of trade, who is ono of tne largest distrib
utors of wheels in the world, has this to
say about the output of 18U0:
"'The increased production of bicycles
over 1898 will be about 126,000 wheels,
while the Increased demand in sight is
more than 300.000 machines. This means
the same state of hicycle famine ior 189! i
as has reigned in 1805, except for those
who order eafly and are willing to take
early. By the Ist of March there will be
a repetition cf the phenomenal demand
\j \}> wth Peariine. "Twould be absurd. It
. . lsn * neces «ary. Peariine contains every-
A thing of a soapy nature that's needed or that's
n\ g u t 0 go And Peariine is so much
If 7X2 better tha" soap that it has the work all done
JTZ before the soap begins to take any part.
I SEC: You're simply throwing away money. It's a
"JTJr Clear waste ° f soa P— antl s oap may be irood for
~ 77 I something, though it isn't much use in wash
/ in *? and clea »'»g. when Pearline's around. 491
mmm eaaaeat ■
•' Castoria is so well adapted to children that Castoria cures Code, Constipation,
I recommend It as superior toany prescription Sour Stomach, Diarrhcea, Eructation,
known to mc." It. A. Arc HER, IL D., Kflla Worms, gives sleep, and promotes dl
111 So. Oztord St., Brooklyn, N.T. gestion,
___ Without injurious medication.
"The use of 'Castoria is .10 universal and "Fcr several years I have recommended
its merits so well known that it seems a work your 1 Castoria,- and shall nlways continue to
of supererogation to endorse il. Few ore the do so as it has inver-ably produced beneHcial
Intelligent families who do not keep Castoria results."
Mtbia cx *y reach." Enwn: F. Pardee, If. d.,
Cantos Slaarnr, D. » 135 th Street and ith Aye, New York City.
New \ork City.
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Expert Specialists
California Medical and Surgical Institute
241 S. MAIN SI., who. with unparalleled succe'S, treat a d cure all NERVOUS, CHRON
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ment. Charges moderate Diploma and License c*n be seoa at office. Consultation Free and
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9v, \L ,L%A Insnmida, Pains In the BacK.isemhial Kmisalou*. Nervous Dobilltv
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3 >C AN."/ Constipation. It stops all losses by day or lilght Prevents quick-
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Sunday Herald^^)
or wheels that so staggered the manu
facturers in 1*95."
From tblf It Would scent that Julius
Caesar was not tho only person fo suffer
from the coming of tlie" Ides of March.
Razor-Back Hogs
Kill Nyo and a friend were one aay
traveling by rail through the south and
were looking out at the country as they
passed. Sudiienly a razor-back hog of the
most pronounced type burst out of the
bushes besides the road, ran along a lit
tle way and disappeared. In a little i
while another hog did tno same thing. I
N'ye saw them. "John," said he to bis 1
old fr.end, "there goes the other half of
that hog."
You'll hear any number of those "ra- I
zor-back" hog stories when you go down
to the Atlanta exposition. The one th.it
is really the best is ahout the norih em
man who saw one of tho graceful animals
rubbing himself against a tree. "Fleas?"
said he to a native. "Oh, no!" said the I
native, 'He's strapping himself." j
"Why don't, you try to be moro orig
inal?" uskcil the publisher.
"I do my best,' replied the dejected
author, "but it's of no use. Whenever I
get a gooa idea I tind that these classical
o!d--tiuiors have gone ahena nnd plngur
ilted it before I get a chanco at it."—
Washington Star.
Prepared according to tho formula of
Tho most wonderful therapeutic dis
covery since the days of Jen ner.
Tho pbydological effects produced by a sin
gle dose of CEKEBKINE are ac deration ot the
pulse with feeling of fullness and distention In
the head, exhilaration of spirits, increased
urinary excretion augmentation of the expul
sive force ol the bladder and peristaltic action
of the intestines, increasein muscular strength
and endurance, increased power of vision iv
elde ly i eoplc, and increased appetite and di
gestive power.
In his laboratory at Washington, D. C.
DOSE, 5 DROPS. Price, (tt drachms), $1.00
Send lor book.
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Spring street, I.os Angeles.
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