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Proposals Made to the City
A Select Committee to Handle License
Copy of the Resolution Recently Adopted by
the Los Angeles County Auxiliary
Branch ol tbe Protective Association
Tbo present city administration is evi
dsntly a believer in the doctrine of pro
tection in all things. AH infant industries
most be properly nurtured so that they
can expand and become of value to those
most interested. It was tbis policy which
turned over to Theodore Bauei a monop
oly of tbe saloon and attendant business
in the district bid by the Alameda street
fence, and now an alliance bids fair to
be consummated between the administra
tion and tho organization known as the
California State Protective association,
Los Angelea county branch.
ihe association is composed of all of
tbe liijuor dealers, both wholseale and re
tail, in tbe city, and at a meeting of its
members held a few days ago tbe execu
tive committee of the association agreed
to tbe formation of a SDecial license com
mittee of the organization, to whom it
la to hereafter turn over all applications
for saloon licenses aud tbe revocation
thereof. At the same meeting tbe asso
ciation drew up the following resoutions:
Whereas, It is the purpose of this or
ganization to promote the interest of its
members by assisting, as far as practi
cable, in a reasonable and proper regula
tion of the liquor traffic and thereby sup
pressing objectionable and obnoxious fea
tures incident thereto, and thereby pro
tecting the business, property and vested
rights of the respectable persons and
rirms engaged in the business; and
t| Whereas, The promiscuous and general
granting of liquor licenses and tbe abuse
of privileges under those already granted
is most calulated to injure the business;
therefore bB it
Resolved, Tbat it is the opinion of this
association that the proper and conserva
tive regulation of the granting and main
tenance of licenses is the moat important
and etlicacions metbod of reform that
could be inaugurated: that at present
there are numerically as many saloon
licenses in proportion to the population
as there should oe, and tbat the number
toereof should not be increased except in
very special and meritorious instances;
therefore be it
Resolved, Ihat there shall be added to
the stauding committees of tnis associa
tion a furtler committse, to be known as
the committee on licenses; that this com
mittee shall consist of three members be
sides the piesideut, secretary and attor
ney; that it shall bo the duty of this
committee, with the assistance of the at
torney, to keep informed as to all appli
cations for license, und shall investigate
the financial standing and moral charac
ter of tbe applicants and report the same
to the executive committee at each meet
ins tbat thereupon the executive com
mittee shall determine whether in its
opinion the license should be granted or
reused; and that if it ne determined for
any reason tbat it should not be granted,
tben this associaton shall, by its presi
dent and secretary, tile a protest witn the
police commission or board of supervisors,
as the case may be, against tlie granting
of soch license, which said protest shall
be presented by the attorney ot the asso
ciation a d urged to the full power, ca
pacity and influence of this association;
and oo it further
Resolved, On the other hand, tbat this
committee on liceose shall iuvestigate
all instances of infraction of state or mu
nicipal laws or misdemeanors tbat come
to its knowledge of members or other per
sons or firms engaged in the traffic, and
make report of the same to tne executive
committee, and if upon consideration
thereof th* executive committee con
cludes that it is to tbe interest of a prop
er regulation of the business that the
license of such persun or firm should be
revoked, then a petition for such revoca
tion shall be filed witb tbe police com
missioners or board of supervisors in the
name of the association by tbe president
and secreiary. and presented by tbe at
torney and vjraed as in the case uf protest
against graniing of license; be it further.
Resolved, That the board of polios com
missioners and board ol supervisors be in
formed of tbe purport of tnis resolution,
and tbat said board be requested to nuke
such rules as to tbe consideration of ap
plications for licenses and revocation
thereof as will permit the purpose of this
resolution being carired into effect.
Resolved, further, That the proper au
thorities be urged to strictly enforce or
dinances prohibiting persons and firms
having no license and selling either as
wholesalers or retailers.
The new license committee of tue asso
ciation will, should the city and county
anthorities avail themselves of its good
offices, be tne most powertul combina
tion in tlie oity. During elections will
its power be felt the most. Snould its
offer of assistance he accepted, the whole
liquor traffic in the city and county, will
Be centralized in its hanos.
A copy of the resolutions above was op
for consideration before the police com
mission yesterday, and was filed. The
board has practically agreed to the alli
ance offensive and defensive proposed by
the association, aud the treaty between
Ibe city administration and the liquor
dealera bas been all hut consummated.
Our Home Brew
Htier & Zobeiein's lager, fresh from their
brewery, on draught in all the principal sa
loons; delivered promptly in bottles or kegs.
Office and brewery,4l4 Alisostreet; telephone
Latest Building News
Today's issue of tbe Builder and Contractor
son tains a large amount of uncon racted new
york, prospective new bniliiiog, notices to
architects and contractors, etc Office, 132
Booth Broadway.
Pabst Beerl Pabat Beerl
On draft. Oljmpic Hall, 121 W. First at,
W. Garma, prop. Tel. 274. Finest commer
cial lunch. Leave orders for bottled beer.
Hanlman Fish Co.. San Pedro
fresh hah and lobsters shipped direct to all
points in Arizona, Texas aud Mexico, from
cannery iv Man Pedro, at lowest wholesale
Save Undertakers' commission
Eire your hacks for funerals, $i.30 each from
Gua Graham. Stand, Arcade depot, loi. 553.
You Are Cordially Invited
To call at 513 South Main street for delicacies
Bt moderate prices.
Pabst Ber! Pabst Beer!
On draft at Joe Arno'd's, 338 8. Spring at.
Buy tne Whitney make trunk and traveling
tag. Factory 423 South Spring street.
Dr. D. & Dlffenbachcr, dentist, rooms 4 and
I. 119 & Spring at., i.os Angeles.
Dressmakers—All fashion books st Lang
■sdter'Si 214 Booth Broadway.
Th* will paper dealer of tbe city is Eck
*>*aa, 324 Soutb Spring street
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Greater Activity at Present Than Ever
As evidence of the increasing activity
in tbe oil held it may be mentioned that
the machine shops in which most of tho
drilling tools are manufactured or repair
ed have been crowded with work for the
past two weeks—more so than at any
previous time since tlie beginning of the
The multiplication of new wells contin
ues steadily, with perhaps a tendency to
increase, while the redrilling of old ones
is being pushed vigorously.
The American Oil company's woll,
Xo. 4, was completed yesterday and con
nected with the pomp. The llow of oil
is very abundant.
Tho oil sand was reached in Doheny
A" Co.'s well at the corner of Rockwond
sireet and Belmont avenue early yester
day morning,at a depth of about 750 feet.
Turner Bros, have begun to deepen two
of their old wells, wbich were among the
lirst drilled In the lield.
W. H. Tubbs is having an excavation
made for a new well on Metcalf street,
near Temple.
Drilling has been commenced in the
Keating well, located on Washington
street,tnree miles west of the city limits.
In tiie Silent well un Welcome street
the oil sand was entered early yesterday
morning. The hole is well flllde with
oil and there is every indication of a good
The Vine Street Electric Road Franchise
Sold to W. S. Hook
Specifications for a New Laundry and ooiier
Room at the County Hospital
At the meeting of tbe board of supervi
sors yesterday, the petition of Wieben Is
Dromgold, to be allowed to erect 100
guide posts or. roads, showing direction
of places of interest, otc, they to use the
remainder of the post for advertising
purposes, was granted on motion of Su
pervisor Hay.
Tlie application of John T. Blytbe for
a saloon license for Downey was granted,
on motion of Supervisor Hay. its was also
the application of J. T. Sheffield, at Spa
dra, on motion of Supervisor Woodward.
William F. Wooil was allowed to with
draw bis application for a saloon license
for i'ico Heights without prejudice.
The Azusa Valley bank was gianted
permission to run a private telephone
line to their branch hank in Covina.
The application of Irancois Esralleier
for a saloon license at Fruitland was
granted, on motion of Supervisor Wood
the bid of J. A. Blumve, to put iv
water closets, etc., at (lie county hospi
tal was accepted.
T. S. 0. Lowe applied for a franchise
for an electric railroaa from tbe northern !
boundary of Pasadena to tbe southern
terminus of the Mount Wilson railroad.
Oraer published.
The petition lo close a portion of East
First street in the town of Alosta was set
for bearing October 2d.
The bid of W. S. Hook, of $125, for the
electrio road franchise on Vine street and
its extensions, was accepted.
Tbe new bridge at La Mar]da station
waa accepted, on motion of Supervisor j
The ce.uent work in the sheriff's office
was aceptsd, and Lovie <fc Rogers cash
deposit was returned.
On motion of Snperviso Hay. the plans
and specifications by Todd <t Walker, for
building a laundry and boiler room at
the county hospital and lor boiler and
lsunary machinery, were accepted, and
the clerk was instructed to advertise for
bids to be opened December lltb.
Several deeds for lands dedicated for
road purposes were accetped aud filed.
In the Frostloss Belt
The following marriage licenses were
issue by the county clerk yestedray:
August Nelson, a native ol Sweden,
aged 20 years and a resident of Los An
geles, and Hulda Rouse, a native of Kan
sas.aged IS years and a resident of River
Ceorge M, Jenifer, a native of Cali
fornia, aged 2;l years, and Ella B. Bond,
a native of Indiana, aged 10 years; botn
residents of Ban Fernando.
H. Blancbani Wocdill.a native of Nova
Scotia, aged !H years and a resident of
I.os Angeles, and Frances Newlin, a na
tive of California, sged 28 years and a
native of Riverside.
Sylvester M. Barton, a native of Ohio,
aged 52 years and a resident of San
Pedro, and Faustina B. Dennis, a native
of Minnesota, aged H4 yeast and a resi
dent of Sank Center, Minn.
We are never so happy as when engraving or
priming wedding caros. Let us show you what
we can do. 11. SC Lee ,v Bro., 140 N. .-piingat.
New riedlcal Journal
Articles of incorporation of tne Los An
geles Polyclinic. Publishing company
were bled with tho county cierK yesterday,
'fue principal place of business of the
company is Los Angeles, and the capital
stock is ifIUOO. The purpose is to edit
and publish a monthly medical journal.
Following are the directors for the tirst
year: A. Davidson, J. H. Seymour, A.
L. Mncl«iscb, Los Angeles; E. A Prager,
Pasadena; J. F. T. Jenkins. Kosedale.
Bargains In Tortoise Shell
Our stock of beautiful hair ornaments
in genuine tortoise shell are offered at
less tban cost Come and price tbem.
Everything marked tn plain figures. Im
perial Hair liazaar, 224-228 W. Second
street, under tha Hollenbeck.
The Modern Beauty
Thrives on good food and sunshine, with
plenty of exercise in tbe open air. Her
form glows witb nealth and ber face
blooms witb its beauty. If her system
needs the cteansina action of a laxative
remedy, she uses the gentle and pleasant
liquid laxative. Syrup of Figs.
The Alpine division of the Mount Lowe
railway is now open from Echo mountain
to Mount Lowe springs, among the fra
grant anJ -shady pines, covering tlie
grandest oi all mountain, canyon and val
ley scenery. This section is a mile lon
ger than the entire Mount Washington
railway, witb fares at only one-third Ihe
coat. Weekly or monthly guests at Echo
Mountain bonae will receive a rebate of
all Mount Lowe railway fares. Rates as
low as any other like accommodations.
See Monnt Lowe railway time table, tbis
Magnolia lodge, No. 3,Degree of Honor,
A. O. U. W„ will give its annual calico
ball on Thursday evening, September
26tb, at Odd Fellows' ball, 220U South
Main street.
TTsi OssMiN Family Soar
She Is Charged With Passing
Counterfeit Money
Martinez Held to Answer to tbe Charge
of Rape in $5000
His Daughter Tells the Story of the fright
ful Abuse She Received at
tils Hands
The trial of Mrs. J. H. Ormandy, on a
charge of having counterfeit money in
her possession and passing the same, was
commenced before .Judge Wellborn and a
jury in the i'nited States district court
yesteraay. Only one or two witnesses
wore examined,when the Oo ill adjourned
on account of the Illness of Judge Well
born. Mrs. Ormandy and her bUSSbnd
were arre-ted some months ago by Detec
tives Auble and Hawiey of the civ policu
force. In the house occupied by them
near the corner of Seventh and Olive
streets wore found a large supply of
plate casts, 01 the counterfeiting imple
ments and a lot of counterfeit money.
Ormandy bas admitted that he was en
gaged in counterfeiting, but claims that
his wife knew nothing about it. The
prosecution doss not take tbis view of the
matter,and it is claimed that some strong
testimony will be introduced today. The
trial of Ormandy will also take place to
day, if that of his wife "'s concluded In
Pearson and Ah Fook
Otto Anderson, who was arrested under
tlie name of John Peaison, and Ah Fook
were tried yesterday before Judge Smith
1 and a jury on a charge of committing a
' crime ajainst nature. Tolice Otlicei
I Lennon testiliod that he catitht tne men
j in the act, and described the whole mat
ter. Tbe men denied thei" guilt. The
j man Anderson was tried first, and the
i jury retired. Tbe Cninamnn was then
j placed on trial. In the midst of tbe ar
; gument in tne latter case, the jury in the
I lirst case Having failed to agree, Assist
' ant l'istiict Attorney Williams suggested
j that as about tbe same conditions would
I prevail last night as on the night the
I crime was committed, it would be a good
\ idea to take tbe jury to the spot and at
-1 low them to demonstrate for themselves
; wtiether it was possible for the policeman
Ito bave seen the act, as be swore he had,
and which defendants denied, tbis appa-
I rcntly being the snag on which the jury
lin the previous case bad struck. The
i suggestion was accepted, nnd tiie court
j adjourned, it being understood that tbe
jury would be taken to the scene al 1:50
' o'clock.
.lartiner Held In $5000 Ball
I Tba preliminary examination of Msr
, tinez ou a charge of rape occupied most
of the time in the townsnip justice'l
court yesterday, the result ot which was
that he was held to answer in $5000
I bonds. From tbe testimony it appears
j that tbe incestuous brute ravished his
I own daughter wben she was only 12years
!of age and continued his illicit relations
j witb the child for three years. As a re*
suit the girl became a mother about a
year ago. To add to the enormity of tne
offense the practices were sept up In the
I house where tbo motner was. and tlie girl
; testified that her father frequently left
:11 is own bed, after he had retired with
I his wife, and went into her room adjoin
ing, after his wife went to sleep, forcing
I her to yield to his wishes. The girl is
now in good bands and will he welt taken
1 care of. Martinez did not see 11 to oppre-
I date the position in wnich ne was placed,
! and frequently laughed during the time
that the child was telling her horrible
story. The crime is, In some respects,
one o' tiie worst in the criminal history
of the state.
Held to Answer
The uncertainties ot the law have been
again demonstrated in the case of James
Hill, the Santa Monica rancher, held by
the justice of tbe peace at San Fernando
to answer to the charge of horse stealing.
The facts of the case were given in fhe
Herald yesterday morning. Sheriff Burr,
as well as the district attorney, are very
i indignant over the whole transaction,
| and the case will probably be dismissed
las soon as it is reached in the superior
court. In the mean time Hill is out on
| bond.
Convicted of Disturbing the Peace
Deputy District Attorney Willis yester
day went out to Alhumbrn, where George
Capistrano was tried before Jnstice Fisher
npon a charge of attempted burglary.
Tho man was caught prowling about the
house of F. F. De la Uasa ano coul d give
no good reason for being on tbe prem
iS's.- As there was no evidence of at
tempted burglary, Cupistrnnno wns con
victed of disturbing the peace and sen
tenced to ninety days in the county jail.
New Citizens
Judge Smith yesterday admitted to
citizenship Kngelbert Kaeferstin, a na
tive of Austria, on his renouncing alleg
iance to the Emperor Francis. Joseph
Claus He relken, a native of Germany,
was likewise ndmitted by Jndge Van
Dyke, on renouncing his allegiance to
the kaiser.
Nelson and His Creditors
Judge Van Dyke was yesterday engaged
in bearing the case of Alexander P. Nel
son rs. hia creditors. Neilaon some time
ago made an assignment for the benefit
of bis creditosr, but failed to turn in a
borse and buggy wbich he said was bis
wife's property! E. E. Stevens, Nelson's
wife's father, also presented a claim
ALL\vORK fc*tlaiitd
■AgkUaJfS ahd ■t4j£U|M
ItTiiil Kept ,n B5iMfl
\ You Can t Find Fault
1 1 iiiiiinr— * j
With the Harrison Town and Country Paints, because there is
( f no fault to tind. When you get the best that ends it. Harrison's
? Town and Country Paints arc besl. We are sole agents.
P. li. Hathews
\ N.E. Corner Second and Main Sts.
8j * ,
against the '.state for 8800, and tlie as
signee wishes to get possession of tbe
horse and buggy, and also to have the
claim of $iOO set aside.
General Court Notes
The case of Ingham et ai. vs. Weed
et al., involving tbe title to certain lots
in the Arlington tract, was still on trial
i before Judge Shuw yesterday.
Judge Clark wus engaged witb routine
probate business during tho greater part
of the day yesterday.
A feeble-minded youth, aged 18 years,
named Joe Martinez, was yesterday com
mittced by Judge Smith to the school for
fee le-minded children at Glen Ellen.
Mrs. Lillian MucNabb was given a de
cree by Judge York yesterday divorcing
her fiom her husband, on the gound of
desertion and failure to provide.
Township Justice Young yesterday he'd
J. H. Bay ley of San Gabriel to answer to
the charge of embezzlement in the Bum
ot $1000 Buyley is an old soldier, and
is charged by another old soldier name .
John Tate with having made away with
$1100 wliich he left in his charge. ltayiey
' and bis widowed sister keep a hotel and
j grocery at San Gabriel,and Tate lived with
tuem.' His examination sa. set for the
I 27th.
Mrs. Sanchez, charged with disturbing
I the peace of Mrs. Verdugo, at Vefdugo
I canyon, was yesterday arraigned before
Township Justice Young, entered her
I plea of not guilty and nad ber trial set
I for tbe 27th. She was released on $5
; bail.
Fred W. Stein and wife have filed v
; petition lor the adoption of Waldo Ruylc,
! aged -1 1 -J years.
Sarah Helen Pontine has petitioned for
I ber appointment a : guardian ot ber two
minor children, Euphemia Charlton,
James Clephane and William Banken.
The children will receive about $500
each from their father's estate. The
petition was granted by Judge ( 'ark.
William Garland has brought suit
I against Matilda C.Ha'ey to compel her to
fulfill a contract made to sell to bim a
lot in the Fairmount tract for $175.
The Main-street Savings bank and
Trust compnny has instituted suit to
foreclose n mortsage accruing a promis
sory note of Francisco Brazean for $100.
J A. A. I'rsb has sued John Ratlike for
$.12.',. commission on a land deal effected
by him.
Hon. ('. C. Wright was yesterday ad
mitted to practice in the I nited States
district court by Judge Wellborn.
There was no session of the United
States district court yesterday.
The Saloonkeepers Are to Be Warned
Once Again
Chief of Police Glass Notified That the Board
of Police Commissioners Is
Dead Tired
Tlie mayor's oilice iato yesterday after
noon forwarded to Chief of Police Glass
tho following formal notice.
Office of Board of Police Commis„ioncrs,
Los Angeles, September 24. 1895,
J. M. Glaaa, Esq., Chief of Police—
Sir:—At a meeting of tne board of po.
lice commissioners held tbis day you
were instructed to notify all persons hold
ing a saloon license under authority of
this board thnt it is the intention of the
board of police commissioners to strictly
enforce the Sunoay and midnight closing
ordinances; tbat any violation of said
ordinance subsequent to the service ol
this notice will result in a prompt revoca
tion of tbe license of the offenaing party
wituout further notice: thak> tbe passing
in and ont ol saloons through front, rear
or side doors or connecting rooms on
Sundays or after midnight of people not
directly connected with such places will
he taken as conclusive evidence that the
ordinance is being violated.
You are instructed to serve this notice
by reading it either in person or by
officers detailed for that purpose to pro
prietors or bartenders in charge, and
make return to tbis board of tbe time, by
what officer and on whom said notice is
Bright and early today Detective Moffilt
will begin to notify each one of tlie 800
odd saloon keepers of tbe city of tho ulti
matum of tbe police commission.
Over $23, 000 Worth ot New Buildings In
Two Days
The record for the two days of the pres
ent week aggregates new buildings to
cost |25,800. Those to cost $1000 and over
are as follows:
To J. T. Griffith, for a $5000 dwelling
on Twenty-eighth street, between Key
West and Figueroa; to G. E. Barpbam,
for a $3000 d welling on Burlington ave
nue, between Seventh and Eighth streets;
to T. D. Merryman, for a $2200 set of
flats on Hoover street, between Thirtieth
and Tliirty-lirst; to J. L. Sills, for a
$.3100 dwelline on Hope street, between
Tenth and Eleventh; to Mrs. M. L. Birs
tol, for a $1200 dwelling on tbe northwest
corner of Pico street and Burlington aye
nue; to L>. Bradenstein, for a $17n0dwell
ing on Mathew" street, between Brooklyn
and Michigan streets; to the Denver
Building company, tor a $1500 dwelling
on Flower street, between Piro and Four
teenth; to tbe same, for a $1500 dwelling
on Union avenue, between Sixteenth and
Fourteenth streets.
Overland Route via the Northern Pacific
After a winter spent in South»rn California
nothing is more desirable for the tourist than
to return ea-t via the Bbaats route and North
•ru Pacific railroad. The Yell .w.tone Park
and Dining Car line. All trains vestlbuled.
Tourist cars elegantly upholstered. Scenery
unsurpassed Weather cool and dells htful.
.-• nd ti cents In at mps for illustrated book,'
.sketches In Wonderland. For Information
communicate with John Clark. 229 8. Spring
st . Los Angeles, or T. K. Sta.eler, Gen'l Agt.,
638 Market st ~ -an Francisco.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking- Powder
Awarded Gold Medal Midwinter Fair. San Francisco.
DARANCETTE — In Los Angeles, September
23d, 1 "it:.. Mrs. Catherine Darai.cette,
aged 27 years.
Fu eial will take place Wednesday, 2ith,
from the family residence, 712 Commercial
street, at 9 a in. Friends invited.
WOODWARD—At Mentone, Cal., Sept. 23d,
lX9r, Millard F Woodward of Los Angeles,
aged 36 sears and 8 month*.
Funeral fr m CD. Howry's, 508 South
Brondway. Thursday, Sc. t 20th, at 1:30 p.m.
Frienda are Invite.i to attend.
Peck a Chase Co.
Tto city Officials Who Can Be
Made to Go
The City Treasurer's Office Can Also
Be Abolished
The Civil League, However, la Not After
Hartwell, Became His Removal
Would Be Too Radical
City Assessor George Hull and City
License and Tax Collector John 11. Gish
will soon he out of a job if the Citizens '
league can bring that result about, and
it looks as il both officials can really be
legislated out of office.
The last legislature enacted a law giv
ing to cities of tlie lirst class the power
to abolish the offices id' city treasurer,
city licenseand tax collector and city as
sessor. Ihe act can be found on page 219
of the statutes of 1885.
With the aid of City Attorney W. E.
Dunn, a Herald reporter was yesterday
enabled to lind the provisions of tho new
act. The law is a very voluminous affair
and provides for tlie abolishment of the
official positions named by the passage
of two separate ordinances, one of whicli
is to presretbe bow tbe proposed amalga
mation to ihe county otiices of tho same
rank can he brought about, and the other
declaring the mnnicinSl positions vacant,
as stated.
Most of the members of the council ap
pear to be in favor of the proposed inno
vation, which lias caused sometihng of a
sensation about the city ball. The O vil
league is not after 1 he scalp ot the city
treasurer, its otlicers claiming that tbe
abolishment of tbat position would tend
to too radically tear the city charter into
The new law provides Hint snob duties
of tbe tax collector as the collection of
licenses shall be performed by tiie chief
of police, wdiile Ihe worn of the assessor
not to be performed by the county asses
sor is to be looked after by tbe city clerk. 1
The board of supervisors ami not tbe
city council will hereafter equalize 1 lie
city tax rolls, tho county auditor being
required on the second Monday iv August
of eaeli year to turn over to tlie council a
statement of tne total taxable property of
the city.
There appears to be a question aa to
whether or not the new law is constitu
tional, but the onus of making an issue
in tlie matter is to be placed upon tbe
two officials win are to be legislated out of
office. The civil league has given it out
that its members are not after Gish and
Hull, but they are determined to break
up what they call the system of indis
criminate deputies in both offices for
whicii the tax payers are compelled to
foot the bills. Botn Gish and Hull will
light the uttiiipts to remove tbem
through all the courts of tho state.
City Attorney Dunn is not prepared to
discuss the legal phases of the question.
The special committeeof the council which
bas thu mat • • in charge has not yet con
sulted witb him upon the subject. Should
the 1 revisions of the law gn into effect,
the county will foot the oills for tho col
lection and assessment of city taxes, the
board of supervisors dcaueting the cost
of the worst from tbe funds of the city
before the latter are turned into the city
The Great Wallace shows is the best
equipped circus in tbe world.
See change of time table Terminal rail
Given - Away - Free
1 Majolica Jug Palm.
- Doe* Hemi-Porcelain Cups and Saucers, ,yi
1 De . Hemi-rorcelain Plates, 8-inclu
1 Covered "Huccpsn, 4 quarts*
1 Crystal Ga 3 Water Pitcher. J3
1 Flour .-iftcr, Utility. —
2 Btindcd Gonlets, *ff
1 Oval Pudding Pan, 7£l
1 Rebecca Tea jot. Tj
1 Yeil.,\v Bowl- 2*
1 Arctic Salt and Pepper Shaker. An
*l Dishpan, 10 quarts.
Warranted to Equal any 7o cent Teas.
All Mew Crop. •
$| .85 PER SET.
1 Beautifully Decorated Break
fast .-et of 24 pieces.
Decorated Tea Set ol Id pieces % L per set
Majolica Cuspulorcs 20c each
Handsome Gold Illuminated Lunch
Set of IM pieces #1.60 per set
Nunc of the above can be duplicated for
doutle the money,
Great AKFian inn'ii Tea Co.
35i s. spring. LOS ANGELES
The Only Doctors in Southern California Treating
Diseases of Exclusively.
To abow our honesty, sincerity and ability,
We will send Iree, securely sealed, a little book explaining osrr methods.
We have the largest practice «n the FaeiCc Coast, treating Weaknesses and diseases of Men and Notnino Else.
Corner Main and Third Sta.. over WcHa-gaEga &. Cja« Private aide entraacetm Third Stxeet.
Friday. September 27
v»A;oiVii <>i' n- J^l-V 1 ' B, ™"tl>«rk Convenient to all street cur lines. Ratea
Oil MOUTH OUVK 8T&18T. leasonable. MRS J V. PHILIIHOOKa
iiirm t.roduew frnm ,\ , lj ?J Day boarders. Ko ~ns Olef ntly Inrnished. Dairy and
_ -. .-1 lU™ '• W. A XIMontS, proprietor ami owner
••••MM ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ «.«. ♦♦«.««.«,»«.»• «.<»«.<» •♦«»+♦«.«■
J Wholesale and Retell Dealer In Telephone 338 •
| •• • • FURNITURE [
♦ f PCts — Ue« and Stilt Ctirtaliu J
J r Portieres, Oilcloths J
♦ T -r ma _7J . Window Shades •
♦ 337-339-341 Linoleums, Mattings, Etc. %
♦ South Spring Street Baby Ca "'. a *" ♦
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ •»««♦«.•• •«.•«.««»• «.«.««.«.«*«, t
Adams=Street Tract
The Tract of Homes
300 fifty-foot lots, facing on tin widest streets In the city;
Adams It, It. wide; Cent al aye, 80 ft. wide; 2Sth
»t„ LOU ft. wide; alio, 27fh nnd sit a l lined with
lovely pa in and shade trees. Evert streei is curbed,
graded and graroled and is iprink ed daily by tbe pity;
niWBBIHaIK u-sde cement walks; rich rardensoil thehealthier.
portion of the city; hUfU and High Brand
■■■HBBHUftaB ' ftn '' mountains I
I how fresh nnd nno struolctf direci the oceati. Over
fBMIiBLHHHBBSB 1' r> lo,b ftn( lsoflue house* built In a year. \ fine
SBTjSa.^SSS | l gg. l .gg i"!Ml?"" t »'»i tmlldhiir. locoat $17.000, will bo bulll at
once in the tract. Visit this properly and uoropare it
with other tracts. Our prides are $300 to $ 10<mi, on easy
\ J" line
wjr ty T«k« the Vern >n cars, corner of Second and Spring
"ti., 1- minutes' ride from business center. For views
of the tract, maps and all Information, call on us.
FftEfi CARRIAGES, Tel. 1293.
Grider & Dow, 139 S. Broadway
Wft EN
128 N. Main St.
Middle^Aged r.nd Young ficn
Tou have led a gay life or indulged in
the follies of youth, self-abuso or later
exnesses, have impaired your health,
mentally, physically and sexually. You
are not the man you used to be or should
be Ara you nervous and weak, dts< ond
♦ Rtanq f loony IP'cks floating ke'ore
ypur eytf. hack weak and kidneys irrtl i
tit «l<iklng spells, pi)pl lst on of the
hesjf, dreams and losses, sexual weak
bet*, pimples on the lace eyes sunken
varicocele poor memory, distrustful, lacs
of energy? p. Whit* 1 .. New Mi.h.
treatment will cure you. No risk.
Syphilis, eruptions, blotches, falling liair
bone pains, swellings, son throat, month
tongue ulcers, cured lor life-cures qua:
Kidney, bladder troubles, burning n-lne
gonorrhea, gleet and strlctuif receiv.
prompt reliei and curt Consult Dr. W hue
Out-of-Town Patients
Treated with success through cer-esponr?
ence. One visit desirable, hut not nere
sary. Dr. White Is the oldest Special do.
tor for Men f r *t> ■' *'*lied
The ''bunco game" of "Not a dollar
need be paid," eic., is not operated at
this dispensary. My reputation tor fair
dealing to all is well established.
jMK Wholesale. Retail.
bhbw: S. CO.
lm\ Latest Novelty oi
SmWf\ =:Japanese Art:=
Everything nice and lowest
™ prices. Come in and see.
J aaa* 844 s. Spring S.t
DR. CAION'S fiti_,»OLE
VO** v i Bring safety, comfort and health,
J& j> Look out! There are imitations!
V 7 Don't takennv ri.-k*. Seetbatyou
I get Dr. Catos's, ihe origin nl nnd
J only absolutely safe and certain
mmvL. I preparation. Drug stores, or by
(sealed)mall for $1. Advice free.
V iiCaton Specific Co.. Br.«*nn. Mass-
110 West Second Street,
■ncplleißusiness Houses dally with all infe*
matlon in their line, covering the eatfgt
I Marks and Diseases. Painless, Plas
| Tic Surgery of the Skin with Reme
-1 dies and Electricity, removing Wrin
kles, Moles, Warts, Freckles,
i Birthmarks, Eczema, Diseases of
| Hair and Scalp. Operations and
treatment of Skin Diseases and Blem
ishes, for Health or Beauty of Form
or Feature.
Eradicate all symptoms of Catarrh,
all chronic ailments of whatever na
ture. Call and we will impress you
with the truth. Consult free.
DR. FOLSOM on Dermatology
DR. KIRKWOOD on Chronic Complaints
120 North Spring St
Over Montgomery Brothers' Jewelry Store.
Ever Troubled With Your Eyes?
Ever Tried US?
We have fitted glasses lo ihousands to their
entire satisfaction. Why not give us a trial?
We will sa'lsfy you Kyes tested free. Glasses
ground to order on premises. Established,
ere nine years. Lowest prices.
1167 N. Spring St., liOa Angeles, Cal.
S. ti. MARSHUTZ. Prop.
Microbe Kilteri^&£g
Cancel, Consumption and all hitherto incura
ble diseases. Write or c-11 for pamphlet con
taining full particulars and testimonials i>eQr
J. F. BARriiEL/VIAN, Agent,
327 W. Fifth St. Los Angeles, Cal.
Notice to Stockholders
lOSI OS ANGELES, Sept. tfth, 1895. The annual
j meeting olthe stockholders ol the Herald
Publishing Company will he held a., the gen
eral oiliee of the company, Bradbury build tig.
corner Broadway and Third streets in the city
of Los Angeles, California, ou Monday, Outu
ber 7th, iH!)->, at 3 o' lock p.m., to elect di
rectors to serve during tho ensuing year aiid
lo transact such other business as may come
before them. b'EKD K. RULE,
ntff mUCO the Features and Reniov-
Ing Blemishes, In ibti p. book for a stamp,
aloha 11. Woodbury, 127 W. 4.-!-! St., N. V.
Inventor of Woodbury's Facial Soan- i9rzs

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