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The District Attorney Upheld by
the Supreme Court
It's Brought I nder Section 772 of the
Peoal Code
A Class of Cases In Which There Is No
Appeal—The Belmont Hall Tatter.
Oeneral Court News
District Attorney Donnell was in good
humor yesterday afternoon and with
good reason, for he is apparently well
out of the little tangle in which he was
put by his refusal to issue a complaint
against the Times Mirror company for
criminal libel in the Belmont Hall case.
The District attorney, after examining
into the matter refused to issue a com
plaint, saying that m his judgment a
case could not be made out. The Bel
mont Hall people then commenced pro
ceedings under section 772 of the penal
code to oust Donnell from office for refus
ing to do his duty. The case was tried
before Judge Van Dyke, who decided
tnat it was in the discretion of the dis
trict attorney to refuse to issue a com
plaint, when in his judgment facts did
not, warrant it. From this decision the
Belmont Hall people appealed to the su
preme court.
It now appears that the supreme court
has passed on this question and holds
that it has no jurisdiction in cases of
this kind. The opinion covering the point
is that if a supervisor ot Sacramento
county, charging him with collecting
illegal fees and neglect of official duties,
and is brought under section 772 of the
penal code. It is No. 18,401, 'and is
printed in California Decisions ol Sep
tember 2-'sd. The opinion was written by
Justice Harrison and is concurred in by
Justices Ciaroutte and Van Fleet, and is
as follows:
In the matter of William Curtis, super
visor, respondent:
While tne respondent held the office of
supervisor of the fourth district ot the
county of Sactamento an accusation was
tiled against himjn the superior court
for that county by D. J. MeGowan under
the povisions of section "71! of the penal
code, charging him with collecting ille
gal fees and neglecting to perform bis
official duties. To this accusation the
respondent tiled a demurrer upon various
grounds, which was sustained *">* the
court and the accuser declining to amend
his accusation, the court entered a judg
ment dismissing the proceeding. From
this judgment McGowan has appealed.
The respondent has moved to dismiss the
appeal upon the ground that an appeal
from the action of the court under this
section ot the code is unauthorized.
The charge against the respondent is
ot a public offense—a neglect of official
duty, or misdemeanor in office—and the
proceeding against him is a criminal pro
ceeding in the nature of an impeach
ment. Case of J. J. Marks, 43 Cal.. 199.
At the common law an officer guilty of
neglect of official duty was liable to in
dictment and punishment by removal
from office. Tnroop on Public Officer.-*,
chapter XXXII. ; Bac. Arb. Offices and
Officers, N, See also opinion of Kent, J.;
in note to People vs. Denton, 'Z John.
Cases. Article IV*., section 18 of the con
stitution of this stste,after providing tbat
certain state officers shall he liable to im
peachment for misdemeanor in office,
declares: "All other civil officers shall
be tried for misdemeanor in office in
vuch manner as tiie legislature may pro
side.' 1 By section 772 of the penal code
the legislature has provided a manner
for the trial of certain misdemeanois in I
office by authorizing an accusation in i
writing, verified* by the oath of any per- \
son, to be presented* to the superior court, j
and, if upon a hearing thereon after a
ctatiion to the accuse! the charges are
austained, the court is authorized to re
move tbe accused from office. These pro
ceedings are intended to be summary ami
as tbe legislature has made no provision
or a review of the action of the sueprior
fourt its judgment is final. See appeal
o*JHoughton, 42 Cal., 35; Bixlers anpeal,
9 Cal., 550.
By article VI., section 4, of the con
stitution, tbe supreme court is given ap
pellate Jurisdiction "in all criminal cases
prosecuted by indictment or information
in a court of record on questions of iaw
alone." Section 6820 l the penal code de
clares that ■
2 "682. Every public offense must be
prosecuted by indictment or information 9
"Where proceedings are bad for the re*
moral of civil officers of the state."
The "information" here authorized is
that named in the constitution (arti
cle I, paragraph 8j aa the equivalent of
an indictment and wnich is io be prepar
ed by the district attorney under the pro
visions of section Buo of tho penal code.
The case of Marks, supra, was prosecut
ed under the provisions of the act of
March 14, 1853, (stats, of 1853 p. 40,) and
by the provisions of section 7 of that act
either party might appeal to the supremo
court as in other cases. Tbe provisions
of this section ceased to exist upon the
adoption of the codes, and section 1235 of
the penal code authorizes an appeal to
this court only in such criminal actions
as amount to a felony. As the appellate
jurisdiction of this court in criminal
cases given by the constitution, extends
only to such as arc prosecuted by indict
ment or information, we have no juris
diction to entertain tiie present appeal.
The appeal is dismissed.
Charged with (jrand Larceny
An information was lilotl in, depart
ment one yesierday before Judge Smith,
charging J, J. Burke, the belligerent
blacksmith, Willi grand larceny. The
larceny consisted of Burke surreptitious
ly making away with two buggies be
longing to himself, bui in charge of Con
stable Yonkir. under aitachinent. Burke
bad commenced habeas corpus proceed
ings before Judge Van Dyke on Wednes
day and yesterday morning the judge de
nied ibe application for a writ, hut re
duced Burkes bui! lo $500, which he
Suing on a Heavy Judgment
M. L. Coenan and P. J. Coenan, her
husband, have "led a suit against the
Los Angeles Cable Railway company to
recover 1515.000, with interest and costs of
suit. On the 17th ot .September, 1890, a
{'tidgment was rendered against the de
endant corporation tor $15,000 in favor
of Mrs. Coenan, as damages for personal
injuries received at the hands of the de
fendant corporation. So part of this
judgment has c"or been paid, nor have
the costs of the suit, amounting to
1430,40, been made good.
Heavy Bill for Detective Services
Km:! liarirs lias brought suit against
Julius B. (John et al. to recover 13702,
with interest thereon. Harris alleges
that he was employer] oy Jnlius B. Cejbti
as administrator of the estate cf B.
Cohn, deceased, as a detective to assist,
the attorneys for Colin in the contest
brought by Doltina Varelas, who claimed
to have been the wife of B. Cohn, and
by whom it is alleged she had four chil
dren, for a share of his estate. The case
was hotly contested in tbe courts and re
sulted iv tbe defeat of nullum Varelas,
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report
who, it was shown, had for years lived
with 11. (John as his mistress. Harris
says that he considers $3000 as a reason
able compensation for his services in tnis
ease, in which at least $100,000 was in
volved and which was saved to the chil
dren of Cohn by his legal wife 1
His Sentence Reduced
In the ca3e of D. C. Ashley convicted
of larceny anu sentenced to three months
in tbe county jail on Wednesday, Judge
Smith yesterday reversed his judgment
and on Ashley pleading guilty to petty
larceny, sentenced him to twenty days m
tho county jaW. It was shown ttiat Ash
ley was a very sick man and that as a
matter of fact he was only tecnnieally
guilty. On this showing Judge Smith
took the action above stated.
Will Plead Guilty
The district attorney has filed an in
formation charging James Sharp with
rape. Sharp is the man who assaulted a
litlte 7 year-old girl, and admitted the
fact, attempting to justify the outrage by
saying the child encouraged him. The
fellow is evidently weak-minded, if not
insane as a result of vicious practices.
Ho will rlead guilty to th» charge.
The Hoy Divorce Case
Tho Hoy divorce suit was argued at
length before Judge Mckinley yesterday
behind closed doors. The evidence was
reviewed from Ihe respective st andpoint s
and considerable personal matter was dis
cussed. Kach side appears to be' confi
dent of securing a decree, Willi t lie cus
tody of the child, which is really the
point at issue.
Hrs. Ormandy Acquitted
In the Vnited States district court yes
terday, Judge W T ellborn presiding, Mrs.
Ormsndy was acquitted of the i-hflrtrp nf
passing counterfeit money as weli as
having counterfeit money in her poises*
sion, the jury only oeing out a few mm
rites. The woman's husband, J. H. Or
mandy, pleaded guilty to counterfeiting,
etc. He will be sentenced Monday.
UHlIt to Quiet Title
Rarij 11. Pun Held lias brought suit
against Thomas Gates, H. C. Wiley and
J. M. Elliott, as directors of tbe Mutual
Land company, a disincorporated corpor
ation, to quiet title to l v 'S2 in block C of
tiie Morris Vineyard subdivision.
General Court Notes
The cass of Ingham vs. Weed et al.. in
volving the Arlington Heights property,
which has baen on trial before Judge
Shaw for several uays past, was yesterday
argued and submitted ou briefs.
Judge Clark was yesterday engaged in
some routine probate business
The case of Schmidt vs. Mesmer, an ac
tion to recover 94,000 damages for alleged
untrue stitemnts aa to tho receipts of the
United States hotel, as a result of which
Schmidt entered into a lease of the same,
was argued before Judge Van Dyke yes
Charles Emery, cuarged with grand
larceny, was yesterday granted further
time in which to plead on account -if the
absence of his attorney, Judge Guthrie.
August D. Peterson, a Dative of Ger
many, yesterday applied for admission
to citizenship before Judge Smith. As
more proof was wanted on one or two
points, the matter was continued to Mon
Three or four witnesses were examined
by the grand jury yesterday, tt is be
ieved that the jury is invest iiratin » mat
ters in connection with the actior.s of cer
tain parties in the Calabasas.
Frank E. Lopez hied his affidavit for a
writ of mandate commanding County
Auditor Bicknell to audit his demands,
with that of others, for six days' salary
as auditor. Judge Shaw recently decided
that all officers were entitled to compen
sation up to the time they turned over
their offlota.
Mary Case Lord and .S. P. Lord, her
husband, have brought suit against Flor
ence A, Dunham et al.. to recover a
prjmissory note of siooo.
Suit to quiet title has been instituted by
William Chapman et ah against Charles
0, Polk et al. Toe property co isisis of 35
feet of lot 4 in the Mott tract, lot 1, block
31, in East Santa Monica, and the north
halt of lot 18, block I, of Rose dale ceme
Emma Drotbzmi has instituted a Buit
for divorce against her husband' Andrew
Drothzen, on the grounds of habi ual
drunkenness, cruelty and failure to sup
The suit of R.P. Finch et al. to Snforcs
a mechanic's I,en of |70J, which has been
on trial botore Judge York for the past
two days' was yesterday argued and sub
mitted on briefs.
Judge York yesterday ordered the case
nf Wood et al. vs. Beaudry, suit to quiet
title, stricken from the calendar.
Township Justice Young yesterday
heard he ca>o ot S. K. and* Lorettta
Foote, a dispute over some furniture val
ued at $50, finding for tbe defendant.
Reminiscence oi the Alpine Division of The
Mount Lowe Railway
In a letter dated September 25th Col.
George 11. Mendeli, chief jt engineers on
the Pacific coast, writes as follows: "You
are associated in my memory with one of
the most enjoyable excursions of my life,
over the A,pine division of Hie Mount
Los/8 railway."
Among those who made the trip last
evening were 11. C. Brown and Miss P.
H. Tarker of New York: Mis> Georgia
Welch of Pennsylvania, and Oscar A.
Baker of Chicago.
the pleasure carriage is ni>w making
regular tripe from Mount Lowe springs to
the wonderul outlook from tho summit
of the tront range which intervenes be
tween Kcbo mountain and Mount Lowe.
The Methodist ministers ami their
friends will go up in a body on Saturday
and many will return on an eitra even
ing train.
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have lost your appetite don't go lo the ex
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M a very suitable time to swallow v wine glass
Big Stock ot Aluminum
Ware just received at 214 a Broadway, lobe
sold at cut prices.
A. A. Eckstrom of 324 P. Spring St.. Is where
you want to go looking for good wall paper at
tho riant price.
t. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Werld's Fair Highest Medal and Diploma.
Two Separate Aquatic Perform
ances at the Park
Proposal for a Grand Boulevard" Made
The Board of Park Commissioners Endorses
the Idea.-Seats for llastlake Paris
Are Almost Ready
Th? I.os Angeles Railroad company lias
arranged for a scries of professional high
diving performances at Westlake park.
The lirst exhibition will take place on
Sunday afternoon and tho other one week
later. Superintendent Aiken yesterday
received the necessary permission to creel
the appliances for the purpose from the
board nf parM enniniissioners. The jump
is to be a 75-foOI leap into the water at
Superintendent Meserve of the park
department yesterday reported to the
board that the seats for the East Side
park are almost completed. The board
decided tbat cigar selling within the
limits of tho park would not be per
mitted. Certain members of the council
objected to the traffic,and ii was the may
or's opinion that tiie thing should tie
frowned down upon. The mayor re
marked that the rule was strictly en
forced in h« varum eastern parks which
he had visited during his recent trip.
Commissioner Cross tired a broadside
Into ihe council because of the fact that
some of the streets about tbe park are not
sprinkled. Captain Cross thought that
the council might better sprinkle some
of tbe ungraded streets than pay the big
cost of grading them.
G. A. Fudicker made a proposition to
tbo hoard to have a 100-foot boulevard
constructed on the west side of Elysian
park, to Alvarado street, to Temple, to
First, to Sixth, thence to Westlake park.
The length of the proposed boulevard is
to he about one and one-half miles. Mr.
Fodloker offers lo pay one-half of tbe
cost of Coin Btr notion *»nd donate all of
the land needed for tbe purpose, so far
as the road runs by his property. In tne
same connection there is a proposition to
I open a 150-foot driveway from Echo purk
Ito Alvarado street. Mr. Fudicker was in
sructed to go ahead with the matter, and
the board promised at tbe proper time
: to interest the city council In the matter.
! Should the boulevard hs constructed
■ shade trees will lie planted all along the
The board approved the pay rolls of the
park department for September and the
! bills for supplies furnished were allowed
and then adjourned.
In The Frostiest Belt
The following marriage licenses were
issued by the county clerk yesterday:
James F. MoLean, a native of Canada,
aged 24 years and a resident of Ventura,
and Mrs, Sadie F. Chamberlain, a native
of California, aged 29 year* and a resi
dent of Santa RoSft.
WlMam James Ballard, a native of Illi
nois, aged 25 years, and lua Lucy Cham
' berain.a native of Indiana, aged L'Ojears;
both residents of Los Angolas.
Ilonert E. McAllister, a native of Ken
tucky,aged 'J'» years and a resident of New
York, and Esther Reashaw, a native of
lowa, agad 10 years and a resident of
Los Angeles.
John Wesley Lively, a native of Ken
tucky, a<*ed 45 years, and Charlotte Edge
way, a native of Georgia, aged 4_ years;
both residents of Loa Angeles.
Graut Woods, aged -'7 years, and Julia
Caldwell, aged -'t yea*s; both natives of
California and residents of Veenach.
William H. Rose, a native of Scotland,
aged 87 years, and Mrs. Mary E, Falger,
a native of Ohio, agsd 28 years, both resi
dents of Santa Barbara.
We n:e never so happy ns when engraving or
printing wadding cardi Let us show you what
WS |an do. H. M. Leu «v Bro., 140 N. Dpi ing St
A Missing Boy
Sheriff Burr received a telegram from
Santa Barbara saying that Luster Carter,
a 12-year-old boy, had disappeared from
his home and that it was believed that
he had run away with the circus. The
sheriff and several of his deputies made
a thorough search through all the tents
but found n > trace oi the noy. The man
ager of the circus denied all knowledge
!of tbe hoy, and said that if found he
| would at once communicate with the
i Santa Barbara authorities ami turn tbe
! boy over to the ndlcers of any town in
which his circus was showing."
flore New Flats
The building record yesterday aggre
gated $5075 in the new permits issued,
the most impurtam being to William Kcr
guson for a set of three-story tlats to cost
$1000, to bo located on ( lay street, be
tween Third and Fourth streets.
Bargains in lortolse Shell
Our stock of beautiful hair ornaments
in genuine tortoise shell nre offered ac
less than cost. Come and price them.
Everything marked m plain figures. Im
perial Hair Bazaar. 224-921) W. Second
street, under the Hollenbeck.
The Redondo Railway Company
Aftor (his date withdraw irom their time
curd the Sunday train*- afl follows: Leav
ing Los Angelas nt 10:4Sa.m. and 7 p. m.
and leaving Kedondo at 9:36 a. m. and
0:45 p. ra.
Overland Route via the Northern Pacific
After a winter spent in southern California
nothing is more desirable for the tourist than
to return ea«t via the Shasta route and North
ern Pacific radioed. The Yelluwttone l'a.k
and Dining Car line. All trains vestibuled.
Tourist cars elegttntlv upnolstered. Scenery
unsurpassed. Weather cool and delightful.
Send 6 cents in stimps for illustrated book,
Sketches in Wonderland. For information
communicate with John Clark, S. Spring
st . Los Angeles, or T. K. stateler, Gen'l Agt.,
| b'HB Market St., San Francisco.
I I. II 111 »
Order Order.
Los, )tA/oeleS. Cal.
Iki D * 4- Pi Wnen t,ie P a n t on >' our house dries up, rubs
H •raillL II o flf anf j Wows away, don't blame the paint- 11
II It was good enough for the money, Harri- |1
ran} 3.S IS (33 son's "Town and Country" paints are better, fji'a
Ela [da pfj)
|| Cost a little more than some paints, but— |j|
ll Paint ||j P. H. Mathews, Cor. riain and Second, ll
Jack Stewart Gives Himself Up to
Constable Johnston
His Friends .Take Overtures to H. R. Duffin
Offering to Return the Missing Diamond
Providing He Does Not Prosecute
Jack Stewart, (he man who is suspect
ed of stealing a diamond stud from U.K.
Duthn. tne ticket broker, on the night
of the GallagherHergit mill at the
athletic club rooms, surrendered himself
to Constable Harry Johnston yesterday
morning and was taken before Justice
Morrison, arraigned and released on bail.
Stewart was accused of the theft at tne
time the diamond was stolen, but was re
leased and immediately disappeared.
Jack McCarthy was supocled as his ac
complice, but nothing could bs proven
a:rainst him and the police decided that
Stewart was the right man after all: but
at that time they could not locate him.
After a short absence, during which
Stewart claims he was doing business in
San Bernardino, he lettirned to the city
last Monday. Mr. Duftin has known of his
presence here since that time.
For some reassnn Stewart decided to
give himself up,so he sent word lo Harry
Juhnstoii through a friend that he would
be ready to meet him at 10:30 yesterday
morning. Tnis message was received by
Johnston as a joke, but being informed
tbat Stewart was really in town and
meant what b« said, the constable got
into his buggy and drove with tbe friend
•>f Stewart, to the Hoffman house on
North Main street, and was greeted by
Stewart from an upper story window.
He said he would he down in a mom
ent, and true enough, he came.
Stewart maintains his innocence nnd
says be can produce the man who com
mitted the robbery.
Friends of bis made overtures to Mr.
Dufiin yesterday, giving him to under
stand that his diamond would be forth
coming If ue refused to prosecute Stew
Mr. Duftin was seen by a Herald re
porter and confirmed tho above state
ment, but refused to divulge tho names
of those who made the offer. He says
he has abundant evidence to prove wo
stole his jewel and intends to prosecute
the case regardless of sny outside influ
ence that may be brought to bear In favor
of the accused.
.Must Answer For His Assault Upon Mrs.
The examination of Harry Skenks, the
colored boy who brutally attacked Mrs.
liridget Forrest with a heavy piece of
water pipe, indicting two serious wounds
from whih she is still very ill, was con
cluded before Justice Morrison yesterday
afternoon, and the defendant was held to
answer in the superior court in |100U
bonds. Skenks' attorney made a strong
plea for his client, but tbe evidence nf
tiis nnwarranted and cowardly assault
was too strong against him. In all prob
ability the young ruftiuti will be com
mitted to the reform school. He is only
VI years of age. and comes from very re
spectable parents.
The City's Extra Council Working With
William E. Dunn
City Attorney Dunn and the firm of
Scott A' Lee were busy yesterday preparing
for the coming big contest in which the
city is pitted against the Eos Angeles
Water company. An amended answer to
the complaint in which the city is seek
ing to have the Paneroy property con
demned as head works, is now being pre
pared. Scott iV Bee is ttie firm recently
engaged by tbe city at a cost of $5000 to
carry the tight through all of its legal
The Modern Beauty
Thrives on good food and sunshine, with
plenty of exercise in the open air. Pier
form glows with health and her face
blooms with its beauty. If her system
needs the cleansing action of a laxative
remedy, she uses the gentle and pleasant
liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs.
To the people who are suffering from
rupture. Professor Joseph Pandry, for
merly of Berlin, Germany, now of Santa
Barbara, is a practical rupture specialist
and truss manufacturer. Information
free whereby you can be cured. Those
having tried all kinds of patent trusses
and found no relief, also have given up
all hope, to those people 1 am calling
their attention, and especially ask them
to send me their addresses.
See change of time table Terminal rail
Our Home Brew
Haley & Zohciein's lager, fresh frcm their
brewery, on draught In all the principal ca
loons; delivered promptly in bottles or kegs.
Ottlee and brewery, 414 Alisostreet; telephone
Pabst Beer! Pabst Beer!
On draft. Oljmpic Hall, 121 \V. First st,
\V. Garms, prop. Tel. -74. Finest commer
cial lunch. Leave orders for bottled beer.
Hanlman Fish Co., San Pedro
Fresh fish and lobsters shipped direct to all
points in Arizona, Texas and Mexico, from
cannery in San Pedro, at lowest wholesale
Save Undertakers' Commission
Hire 70ur hacks for funerals, $-.50 each from
Gus Graham. Stand, Arcade depot. leL 553.
You Are Cordially Invited
To call at 513 South Main street for delicacies
at moderate prices.
Pabst Besrl Pabat Beer!
On draft at Joe Arnold's, 358 8. Spring st.
Dr. S. H. Tolhurst, dentist, has reopened his
office in the Byrne bldg, Third and Broadway.
Buy the Whitney make trunk and traveling
bag. Factory 423 South Spring street.
Dr. P. S. Diffcnbacher, dentist, rooms 4 and
5. 119 S. Spring St., L.os Angeles.
Dressmakers—All fashion books at Lang
t&dtcr's, 214 South Broadway.
Use German Family Boaf
■ ■■■■■■■■■■■ÜBB
1 Peck a Chase Co i
i undertaker;.
■ 3? A BROADWAY, i
IZv-.tsMstaai District Atior*./ Hardest?
Has Come Back
"lontana U a Great State but Southern
California Is the Ideal Place
to Live
lesso Hardest?, who was assistant dis
trict attorney during Frank P ( Kelly's
»erm of oilicc, has returned to tin? city
;ifter an alienee of several years. Pur*
j ing his trip Mr. Hardesty traveled over
the greater part of the west. On leaving
Loa Angelas he lirst went to the India n
territory nnd Oklahoma, hut Boding the
surroundings uncongenial,he again start
ed west, finally winding up in Virginia
City. Mont., where he has been practic
ing his profession for something over v
year past. M». Hardesty is an enthusias
tic admirer of Montana in everything
except tne climate. The great copper
mines art' a permanent source of wealth,
and good prices are toe rule ou all kinds
of farm products, for which the mining
Industries furnish a steady home market.
There Is work for everybody who wants
it, and it would he an ideal place to live
hut for the uncertain i.limate. It snows,
Mr. Ilardefiy s;iys, every month in tho
your, and on tne Bth of .lune last there
was eight Inches of snow on the aid*
walk in front of his oilier. Four years
ago tho Fourth of July was a lovely day;
twr» days later six Innhee of -nmv fall.
The towns of Montana. Mr. Hardesty says,
are the best built in the whole country,
and in such places as Butte, Missouri
and Helena, with populations ranging
from 15,0!)!} to JO,OOO, arc as line buildings
as any city in the country.
Mr. Hardesty is an enthusiastic advo
cate of free silver, and says that lie wants
to see an out ami out .silver man nomi
nated for president.
As to the procresa of Los Angeles, Mr.
} Hardesty said it was simply wonderful.
; He had subicribed for The Herald during
| the whole time lie was away, and was of
: course partially prepared for what lie saw
ion his return, but the improvement has
! been so much greater than he looked for
! that it will take him some time to fully
I realize it. The city, be said, is beginning
;to look like 1> 'liver and to have that air
|of activity and bustle so characteristic
I of the Uolorad > metropolis.
It is just possible that Mr. Hardesty
' may conclude to remain in Los Angeles
Given - Away - Free
I Majolica .Tup Palm.
Dec Be mi ■Porcelain Cup* and Saucers.
1 Do . Bemi-Porcelain Plates, 8-inch.
1 Covered Miucepan. 4 i|iiart=, fIE
1 Crystal Gia* Wa:er Pitcher,
l Flour Sifter, Utility. —
'2 Handed Gonleta. ___£
1 Ova! Pudding Pan,
1 Rebecca I eauot. 23
1 Yellow Howl.
1 Arctic Salt and Pepper Shaker. Em
2 Dishpan, 10 quarts.
Warranted to Equal mv 75 cent Teas.
All .New I'rop
<£ I .85 PER SET.
%]5 B Hcautifully Decorated Break
fast bet ol -i pieces.
Dacoratad Tea Set Ot 1° pieces #1 per pet
Majolica Cusptdorea ,80c eaeb
Handsome <i*>l 1 Illuminated Lunch
set of 1* pieces SI.BO per set
None of the above can be duplicated for
double the money]
Great Aim imp's Tea Co.
135 n. main, inn nimnro
351 S. SPRING. LUO 11 flllLlLO
353 S. Hill St., Near 4th
Lenses ground and fitted to suit all condi
tions ol t be eyes..
Call and have your KYES EXAMINED FREE
Fine Watch Repairing
Adjoining &P. uxouud*. XaL Vl4>
FoR ROCK , BA R™ OLOMEW * co -
WA TP!? 218 w - first st.
vv r_ * rztc t.ipt>iiop« wm
Tlw Only Doctors in Southern Oalifornia
Diseases of J£ Exclusively.
To show our honesty, sincerity and ability,
We will send free, securely sealed, a little book explaining our methods.
We have the largest practice on the Pacific Coast, treating Weaknesses and diseases of Men and Nothing Else.
Corner Main and Third WeHs-Farreo & Co., Private side entrance on Third Street.
YOUR Boots and Shoes ° f
In tbe Odd Fellows' Building
We Dictate the Following Prices:
Lawn Tennis Shoes— ttfir* I Lawn Tennis Shoes— 7 ".r*
Any size vww With perforated 501a5.... MOv
Come and look at " Ladies' Oxfords, Julietas, just '
ihe new beauties in .Southern Ties and Slippers, vx "' x lvl °
We arc Headquarters for Children's SCHOOL SHOES
If You Suffer iQ|
Expert Specialists
California Medical and Surgical Institute
24 I S. MAIN ST., who, with unparalleled BUCOe-s, treat ami cure all NERVOUS, CHRON
blood poisons, Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Stilcture, Orchitis, Varicocele, Hydrocele and all other re
sults of there diseases, or ignorant treatment of same. Cures Guaranteed. Honorable Treat
ment, Charges moderate Diploma and License can be seen at office. Consultation Free and
n confidence. Office hours. oto 5; evenings, 7to 8: Sundays. 10 to X'i. 241 S. fIAIN ST., L. A.
ajtjgXßM" A MVlNfi GRAVE. SSOOOnr^^X^'M
SCb£»! iftSgBHK 30 WW y mt h last y< r, of Lost Manhood,
J. I C\_~Tbß Nightly Emissions, and all Seminal weakness of
mtbjl flfi l>eax wmß any nature arising from disease, over-indulgence
ivSma [ w ' VHf or abuse of any kind of either ses HavetheDrug-
j& gi6t show you testimonials 01 address with stamp
\ /ft? and we will send them Ask ,'er Eliiir of Tjuth, taktina
»'TLajV U 'Hf Itm \. S» f.isr 5! per bottle, Cforts sold under a guaran
* Jrvm*i&sk. tee to cure or money refunded Prepared only by
I^B# ; Jr^ 3 °v fgi ' N -^ 9 *' > » mil jxsbaw s;;?n'ii suss; tnti «.>t
IR Doctor z
128 N. Main St.
Middle-Aged and Young Hen
You have led a gay life or indulged in
the follies of youth, celt abuse or later
excesses, nave laipaired your health,
mentally, i ziysically and sexually. You
are not the- man you used to be or should
be. Are you nervous and weak, despond
ent nnd gloomy sp< cks floating be'ore
your eyes, back weak and kidneys itrit t
ble, rink ing spell*, ptlpitat on ot the
heart, dreams nnd losse*, sexual weak
nets, pimple* o*l the face eyt*s sunVcn
varieacele poor memory, distrustful, tack
of energy? J>c. White* New ItCh.
treatment will cure you. No risk.
Syphilis, eruption., bloiehru, falling lin ir. I
bone pains, swelling.", . o or« threat, moctli, I
tongue ulcers, cured for life-cures guar I
antes d. "
Kidney, bladder troubles, burning Cfine. I
gonorrhea, gleet and strictuie receive I
prompt relief and cure. Conmilt Dr. White. I
Out-of-Town Patients \
M Treated with success through cor 'eipond
H cnee. One visit desirabk-, but not neccF-
N nary. Dr. White Is the Oldest Special dm
■ tor'lor Men In th- • 1 hed l- - I
H The "bunco garni-" of "Not ft dollar I
if need be paid," etc., is not operated at I
If i his di spensary. My reputation for fair I
dealing to all is well established.
t • job :
♦ «
♦ Executed With Neatness and ♦
♦ Dispatch at the Z
\ Herald Job Office 1
5 309 W. SECOND ST. f
J J. VV. HART, Hanager. J
i Marks and Diseases. Painless, Plas
: TIC Surgery of the Skin with Reme
dies and Electricity, removing Wrin
kles, Moles, Warts, Freckles,
Birthmarks, Eczema, Diseases of
Hair and Scalp. Operations and
j treatment of Skin Diseases and Blem
ishes for Health br Beauty of Form
: Eradicate all symptoms of Catarrh,
all chronic ailments of whatever na
ture. Call and we will impress you
with the truth. Consult free.
DR. FOLSOJVI on Dermatology
DR. KIRKWOOD on Chronic Complaint!
120 North Spring St
| Over Montgomery Brothers' Jewelry Store. '
Ever Troubled With Your Eyes?
Ever Tried US?
We have fitted glass-e* to thousands to their
entire satisfaction. Why not give us a trial?
We will satisfy you. Kyes tested free. Glasses
ground to order *>a premise-:. Established
here nine years. Lowest prices,
167 N. Spring St., Los Angeles, Cal.
' S. Q. MARSHUTZ. Prop
Notice to Stockholders
LOS ANGELES, So].i. oth, 1885. The annual
meeting o l the stockholders ol tha Herald
I Publishing Company will he held at the gen
eral office of the company, Bradbury building,
corner Broadway and Thirdslrccls In the city
oi Los Angeles, California, on Monday, Octo
ber 7th. is;).,, ut ;i o'.loc.k p.m., to elect di
rectors to seryo daring the ensuing year and
to transact such oilier business as may come
before them. i'EKD K. RULE,
"•■lf iHUCd tho Features and Kctuov- T~ jSk
tng Blemishes,ln lf,l) p. book for a stamp. W^JrS
.1 > H. Wniilliury, 127W.<2d8t.,N. IT. %&<Jy
Vnventor of Wo'xihurv'H Facial Span.

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