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Furnishings Sulfft
Tailoring Department Second Floor 100 d oz. Men's Seamless. Pure Merchant Tailoring Department on Second Floor LS
Tomorrow ~~~ ~ — Woo,HalfHo N7won S Sa c 2Uc.
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to*imu, at tne Oreen lag . Ladies'Dongola Oxford we are that is marked out at exaH- far- Tie They come in tan or black and $17. JO, but today and
price of black, the sizes are still intact „♦ t , \ f „ • , . 5 cases Men's Negligee Laun- c 1 Art mareea oik at exact lac- 1 le. 1 ne> com. in tan or DiacK, , ,
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$ 1 U.UU Today and Tomorrow Today and Tomorrow W-W Today and Tomorrow Today and Tomorrow $ 1 (XOO
JACOBY BRO.'S Oxford Shoe Sale for Two Days More
They Form a Corporation to
Handle Their Fruit
Their Sisters Mortgage Their Home to
Pay for an Appeal
A Suit Based on Lake Elsinore's Over,
flowing—A Hobo Who Was
a Dancer
RIVEKCIDE. Oct. 3.—About forty or
ange growers whose groves are located
east of the upper canal of the Riverside
Water company and between tne north
county line and the big arroya, gathered
in the city court rojm last evening for
the purpose of organizing a branch fruit
association similar to those in operation
in the valley.
A. Martin called the meeting to order
and L. C. Waite was unanimously chosen
chairman and Mr. Martin secretary.
F. E. Abbott stated briefly the object of
the meeting,after which Secretary, Mat tin
read the names of some thirty growers
who bad signed the following agreement
during the past few days:
"We, tho undersigned growers of or
anges and lemons east of the uppei sanal
of tbe Riverside Water company, hereby
agree to ,'orm ourselves into an associa
tion for the purpose of picking, deliver
ing, paking, selling and shipping tho
oranges and lemons grown east of the
npper canal and south of the north
boundary line of Riverside county to es
tablish a special brand and be connected
with and eoverned by tho rules and reg
ulations of the Riverside Fruit exchange,
and to be duly incorporated when at least
100 carloads have been subscribed."
Secretary Martin, in answer to a ques
tion, stated that the names on the agree
ment represented HO carloads, but before
tbe meeting adjourned enough more had
signed to run the ligure up to 170 cars.
On motion of' Oscar Ford the meeting
voted to proceed to incorporate. Chair
man Waite stated that it would be neces
sary to choose a board of directors tor
purposes of incorporation, and upon a
vote being taken S. H. Herrick, L. C.
Waite, F. E. Abbott, A. Haberlin, C. F.
Marcy, P. D. Cover and Priestly Hall
were elected such board.
The matter of naming tho new com
pany next attracted attention. Several
names were suggested, but the one sug
gested by F. E. Abbott, La Mesa Fruit
company of Riverside, tound the most
favor and was unanimously adopted.
On motion of P. L. Lord a committee
of three to draw up a set of by-laws was
appointed as follows: P. L. Lord, C. F.
Marcy and A Haberlin.
On motion of Oscar Ford a committee
of five, consisting of O. Ford, F. E. Ab
boit, A, Marten, P. I). Cofer and J. 11.
Urquhart, was appointed to prepare a
form of contract for tbe use of thu com
After adopting the articles of incorpor
ation as presented t ie meeting adjourned.
The moating was a particularly unan
imous and enthusiastic one, whu.h augurs
well for the success of tho now company,
which starts out with a very large repre
sentation of the growers in the district
The Cumminn.s brothers were taken to
Ean Quentin yesterday morning, Sheriff
Johnson and Ben R. Smith being in
charge of the men. They will reach tho
big prison, wnich will be to them their
last earthly home, about noon today if
no bad luck ia encountered en route.
Tbe boys, whsn summoned yesterday
morning to get ready for the journey,
hastily obeyed, and after donning their
best clothes and eating a hearty break
fast, they announced their readiness to
bei'in the journey. In fact, the buys
■bowed by their actions that they were
more pleased than otherwise over the
prospect of a change from the cells they
bave occupied so long, not that they
were not well and considerately treated
by the officers here, but presumably be
cause any kind of a change was to them
a relief.
Both the boys bid the officers about
tbe jail, as well as a few outsiders who
were present, a pleasant good-bye,
which farewell, in tho light of past
events of the last few days, is undoubted
ly a farewell in every sense of the word,
a last one at that.
Since the boys received their sentence
and up to their departure they said but
little concerning the fate that is in store
far them, but they no doubt feel that
there is bone while there is hfo.
It is understood that the sisters of the
boys have mortgaged their home at El
Monte to raise funds to prosecute and
•arrv up an appeal for their unfortunate
brothers, thus showing true sistelry love
and again proving true the aaynig that
bloou is thicker tnan water.
If the appeal in tbe case is sent up
there can he no question that the lives of
tbe condemned men will be prolonged
for some months at least, inasmuch as
the suprem i court would not reach tho
appeal until the April term next year,
and in the meantime the appeal acts as a
»tay of judgment.
It may b* that the boys will have to be
borught back here for resentence but no
one thinks for a moment that they will
ever get a new trial.
Tne case of George H. Hohensholl of
Elsinore against the South Riverside
Land and Water company, was called in
the superior conrt oefore Judge Noyes
yesterday morning.
He prays for an injunotion against the
water company on the grounds that the
dam which they have constructed at the
outlet of the lake near Elsinore has
raised the level of the lake ten feet, and
alleges that he and a large number of
land owneri, whose land borders on the
lake, aro being damaged by the defend
ant by reason of the lake overflowing on
their land. The allegation sets forth that
the defendant has dammed »he outlet lo
the height of ten feet and that it is im
possible to cultivate the land, and that
the defendant has threatened to further
dam it by raising the water in tno lake.
The land contiguous to the lake is rich
and producitve and two crops per year
can be raised. t
The action is brought to restrain tbe
defendant from further damming the
lake and to causa them to take down tho
dam and bulkhead. It is alleged that
since the 13th of March, the lake has
been rising rapidly and that by reason
of the dam seven acres of tillable land
has been wrongfully and illegally over
The defendant denies the allegation in
toto and asserts that there has been no
dangei done owing to any fault ot theirs.
Attorneys Collier and Evans of River
side appear in the action for tiie plain
tiTf and E. W. Freeman, esq., of Elsinore
represents the defendant. The plaintiff
introduced three witnesses yesterday,
-Messrs. Lilly, Brewer and Dickey and
will produce several more today.
I Timo was when Ed Pinaud (he should
not be confounded with the celebrated
I perfumer by that name), and Boy Gar
tield (no relation whatever to tho dead
president), were, against their inclina
tions, guests of Sheriff Johnson's hotel
on Seventh street as common, everyday
gentlemen or leisure, with no perceptible
means of sustenance. That time was
not so very long ago, but strange things
may come to pass in a shoit time. It
will he remembered that Wallace's show
struck town Tuesday and among those
who remained after the performance to
see the grand concert was Unaer Sheriff
Ed Lacy. He watched each and every
performer with interest, and when a boy
m tights, resplendent with gold bangles,
came out and astonished the audience by
deraontsrating his ability as a dancer.
Lacy looked harder, and then in a very
dramatic tone exclaimed to a triend.
"Where have I seen that tace before?"
Then a light such as ne'er shown on land
or sea, flashed on the guardian of the
peace and the artiste was identified, and
here is tbe record which the register at
tho county jail contains:
"Hoy Garfield, Indio, hobo, 10 days;
released Tuesday, October Ist."
Tbe hobo, who, by the way, was
"pinched" by Constable W'esTerheld ten
days ago at indio, was a thespian in dis
guise, and Mr. Wallace had recognizd his
ability and the new acquisition proved
to be one of the hits of the show.
If Lacy had. strolled around to the
cook's tent he might have seen Ed Pin
aud, ex-hobo, wrestling with pots and
kettles and other appurtenances of the
kitchen. Tbe two "ex-hobos ' left with
the circus "over the not sands" for Yu
ma, and "the band played on."
I Hugh Higgins, the brother of WilljHig
gins who was kliled by falling from a
backet into a well on the Smith property
in West Riverside Tuesday night, is
somewhat improved today, but he is
still mentally unbalanced.
Late developments show that he had a
very narrow escape from being overcome
by the gas in the bottom of the well. He
I went down after his brother and had
i been down at the bottDm of the well
| nearly a quarter of an hour when W. S.
Barber,a carpenter at work on the house,
: ran to the well and was lowered. Ho
\ found Hugh in a weak condition, and
| promptly cutting *,the bucket from the
! rope, tied the rope under the shoulders
jof William Hlggins and seni him to tho
I top and then told Hugh to grasp the rope
I and be pulled up. After both men had
I reached the top, Barber went up himself.
Had Barber not been so prompt and self
possessed, the death last night might
have been increased to two.
Fabian Modcno, who is charged with
criminal assault on 12-year-old Louisa
Pa,was arraigned for trial in the superior
court yesterday afternoon. Judge Noyes
appointed Robert Duncan to prosecute
him in tbe absence of the district attor
ney, and George Skinner to defend nim.
The case will be tried tomorrow morn
The many friends of the family were j
shocked to hear of tbe death of Mrs.
Harry Stebbins yesterday, who has been
sick for several weeks. The deceased was
a most estimable lady, beloved by all who
knew her. She leaves a husband and
child to mourn her loss, as well as a
father, mother and several brother* and
The local court of independent Order
of Foresters hal arranged to give tho del
egates to the Grand Court meeting,which
convenes in this city Tuesday next, a
grand reception.
The reception will be given in Odd Fel
lows hall Tuesday evening, and an open
meeting will be held oi Wednesday even
ing in the Loring opera housn. George
Frost, sr., president of tbe board of trus
tees, will deliver an address of welcome
to the delegates. H. 0. R. MoKlfresh,
chief ranger for this jurisdiction, will be
present, as will Hon. D. D. Aitken, su
preme vice ranger.
Riverside court will hold a regular
meeting tomorrow evening to make final
arranagements for the proper reception
and eiitertatnmeutgof the delegates ami a
fuUtattcndaneeof tho membership nf the
oonrt is requested by Chief Ranger James
The location of that distinguished citi
zen, Juan Lopez, whose testimony con
victed the Ctinimings hoys, has been dig.
covered. George A. Wilbur of this city
went to Banning Monday and Lopez got
on the same train Ithat "Mr. Willmr ar
rived on. The latter inquired of the sta
tion agent Lopez' destination and the
agent said he sold him.a ticket to Salton.
Lopez «*as seen on a tram from Los
Angeles last Monday, and he said that ho
had been in Los Angeles over Sunday
and was on his way to Riverside, but
when tlio train pulled out of Colton for
Redlands, Lopez was still aboard, ana
the conductor said he bad a ticket lor
A dozen or more members of the Ra
mona Rebekah lodge of this city went to
Colton Tuesday evening to pay the sister
lodge at that place a fraternal visit. It
is learned from one of the sisters who
was one of the pirty that tho visitors
were warmly received anil pleasantly en
tertained by tho Cotton lodge. The beau
tlul work of the lodge was exemplified by
the degree team ot' Colton lodge, the
evening's work being fittingly concluded
with a bounteous spiead of eatables
which appealed to tho appetites of all
li. W. Handy and J. 11. Goodhue have
gone to Hear vuley for a bear hunt.
T. I. ilriukwater, E. W. Freeman, Dr.
Barber and H. C. Foster were here from
South Riverside yesterday.
Death of an Old arid Much Respected
The Chamber of Commerce Elects Officers.
Improved Railroad Service to Be Given.
Local and Personal Notes
SANTA ANA, Oct. 3.-Mr. H. O.
Fosdick of Tustin died this morning at
about 8 o'clock. Mr. Fosdick has been
ailing for the past several yeais and at
several times lias come near death's
door. His last illness was comparatively
short, being his old rouble, Bright's dis
ease. Mr. Fosdick was an ardent Knight
Templar and a very prominent citizen
of the county. His funeral will be under
the.auspices of the Masonic lodge of
which he was a member, on Saturday at
10 o'clock, at his late residence in Tustin.
Tne master has issued the following
order: Members of Santa Ana Lodge, 24.
F. and A. M. aro requested o meet at
Masonic hall Saturday at 9 o'clock sharp
to attend the funeral of the late Henry
Osro Fosdick. The funeral will be at
tended by a great many sympathizing
The funeral of the iate Mrs. I. T. Col
lins will be held at her late residence
near Orange Friday at 3 o'clock.
Tho Southern Pacific lompuny will
commence Saturday, October sth, to ran
an Improved service between Santa Ana
and Los Angeles. The trians leave Santa
Ana at 8 o'clock a.m., 12:13 p.m. and 1:1b
p.m. They arrive at Santa Ana at lOiOo
a.m., 3:10 p.m. and 0:20 p.m. They will
make he run between this city and Los
Angeles in one hour and two minutes.
This will accommodate the Santa Ana
people much better than the old time
All enjoyable time was the sixth anni
versary of the organization of tlio order
of the Eaatern Mar in Santa Ana, held
last night 111 their beautiful ball. A
largo number were present and a literary
ami musical programme rendored. The
chapter was organized with thirty
charter menihers ot whom sixteen were
present last night. The membership
now is near thu hundred mark. A tine
banquet was spread in the diii'ng room,
around which a number of fitting toasts
were propounded and responded to.
Another carload of walnuts was sh i pped
from Tustin yesterday to Boston,amount
ing to over $ii;ou.
U. F. Schmidt received word yesterday
that be had been successful in obtaining
a pension.
The young people of the Baptist Society
of Christian Kndeavor will give an ice
cream social at the homo of Mr. R. Flook
Tuesday evening, October 8.
The chamDer of commerce held its an
nual meeting last night with a good at
tendance. The following officers wero
| elected for the ensuing year: John Mc-
I F'adden, president; I), ii. Thomas, vice-
I president; j. T. Nonrse, secretary; Cora
mcrical bank, treasurer; Fred Kafferty,
W. S. Taylor, ii. A. Edgar, E. D. Wallie.
E. A. White, J. E, Bunker and E. B.
Smith, board ot directors; S. H. Finley,
A. .1. Padgbam, Professor R. L. Bis by,
•fames Harrison and Thomas McKeever,
liuance and auditing committee. There
are 101 members now on the rolls. Pro
fessor Bisby asked the co-operation of tile
chamber to secure reduced rules on the
railways between this city and Anaheim
for students at Anaheim who want lo
attend the business college in this city.
It was decided to systematically advertise
the city and county in the east.
The fifth lecture of the missionary ex
tension course, under the auspices of tbe
Christian Endeavor society union will
be given in the M. E. church by Dr. M.
C. Harris of San Francisco Friday even
ing, October 1.
i The Pasadena Liquor Cases Will
Wait Awhile
Sons of St. George Entertain Their
Many Friends
Officers Rlectod by the Woman's Home nis
sionary Society— fleeting ot the
Pasadena Fruit Growers
PASADENA, Oct. 3.-Appearances in
ilicate that there will bo no more liquor
cases t.'ied until after the decision is ren
dered in the Fluke case, which is to be
argued before Judge Smith in depart
ment one of tho nuperior court on Mon
day. The trial of Dr. W. H. Pirtle has
again been postponed, this time until
next Tuesday, the other cases being also
postponed until next week. The delay
in the issuance of the other complaints
is the subject of considerable comment,
since it was understood from the first
that there were to be complaints issued
against a large number of violators of the
law, and so far but two out of the eight
drug stores have had formal complaints
lodged against them. It is just as well
known that there are other druggists
equally guilty and It is a matter of com
mon knowledge that there are many res
taurants that sell liquor all day long
without the slightest restraint. Rgard
less of where tho blame may rest for this
apparent discrimination, it would seem
to be but fair that if anything is to bs
done at all no partiality should be shown,
but all who are guilty should be brought
before the bar of justice, without regard
to persons. Proceedings in the gambling
cases are awaiting the arrival of the text
of the recent decision; of Justico Ileatty
of tho supremo court, wQich is thought
to have application in the cases now
about to be tried. Mr. Appel, attorney
for tho defense, makes the point hat the
complai.its are defective, inasmuch as
they characterize draw poker as a per
centage game. The charge against the
defendant is that he unlawfully played
and bet money at a percentage game,
towit, draw poker. It was pointed out
by the attorney that in the list of twelve
games named by the statute draw poker
is not found and is therefore not desig
nated as a percentage gam? per se. Ac
cording to the defendants' attorney,draw
poker, not being named, and being well
known not to be in itself a percentage
game, cannot be assumed in the com
plaints to be such a game, and therefore
to charge that in playing draw pflker at
a certain time and place as a percentage
game was unlawiully played does not
state a cause of action. What construc
tion the court will put upon this point
remains to be Been. Snould it be avoid
ed that it is well taken, it will be neces
sary to amend the complaints, this being
merely a technicality in the drawing up
of them.
Last evening at the home cf Mr, and
Mrs. 11. Hurlbot on North Raymond av
enue, their daughter, MissAllie E. Hurl
but, was united in marriage to Mr.
Charles L. lioot. The house was taste
fully decorated for the occasion with car
nations and smilax, while music was
furnished by the Mandolin and Guitar
club; and in the midstofsome ib/rty-live
friends and relatives Dr. E. L. Conger
performed tho coremony. Tho bride was
charming in a becoming costume of
White faille silk trimmed with satin and
chiffen anil carrying a bouquet of white
After the congratulations all present
sat down to a bountiful wedding supper,
and soon afterwards tho bride and groom !
left for Los Angeles, whence they were
to go to Catalina and Santa Barbara for
a week's trip.
Alexander lodge No. 385 Order of the
Sons ol St. George gave one of their pop
ular entertainments last evening at G. A.
R. hall, including an interesting pro
gramme followed by a dance. The at
tendance was quite l.irge and all enjoyed
themselves both with the program m
and tne following festivities. Tlio hall
was decorated with the Stars and Stripes
anil union jack in groups, with ever
greens on the platform and the presi
dent's desk draped with a line silk stand
ard of tne order. 'The following pro
gramme was well rendered and enjoyed
by all: Piano duet, Mrs. 11. Thomas and
Miss Williams; vocal solo, Miss Ellsmere;
piano solo. Miss Rippoy comic song, Mr.
Arfmedaon; cornet and piano duct, tne
Misses Meek; vocal solo, Miss Ellsmere;
comic song, Mr. Arfmedson; march, or
chestra. Refreshment* were served at the
close of the programme, after which the
dancers took possession of the door. The
lodge is in a flourishing condition and
is growing in membership.
The Woman's Home Missionary society
of the Southern California conference of
the Methodist Episcopal church elected
the following officers for tbe ensuing fear,
just before they adjourned: President,
Mrs. D. M. Welch; vice-prasidents. Mrs.
J. M. O. Marble. Los Angeles; Mrs.
George W. White, Los Angeles; Mrs. H.
J. Crist, Sooth Pasadena: Mrs. O. H.
Churchill, Los Angeles, and Mrs. W. B.
Abcrnethy, Los Angeles.
Corresponding secretary—Mrs. E. W.
Caswell of Riverside.
Recording secretary—Mrs. A. E. Pom
eroy of Los Angeles.
Treasurer—Mrs. L. M. Hutton of Los
Secretary of supplies—Mrs. J. W. Gll
-lett of Los Angeles.
Secreatry of Queen Esther circles—Mrs.
L. A. Ross of Los Angjles.
Secretary of juvenile work—Mis. C. C.
McLean of Los Angeles.
Mite box secretary—Mrs. C. E. Brown
of Los Angeles; assistant mite blx secre
atry, Mrs. J. W. Sedwick,
Literary supplies committee—Mrs. H.
Holhrook; assistant, Mrs. E. R. Smith of
Los Angeles.
The following district officers wore also
elected :
Los Angeles district—President, Mrs. B.
F.Crory; vice-president, Mrs. P. H. l!ud
kin ; corresponding secreatry, Mrs. C. A.
Smith of Pasadena.
San Diego district—President, Mrs. E.
M. Webster; vice-president, Mrs. Canard;
corresponding secretary, Mrs. E. O. Me
la tile.
Fresno district-President. Mrs. J. W.
Van ( love; Vice-president, Mrs. D. H.
Gillan; corresponding secretaries, Mrs.
T. C. Mider and Mrs. Alice Baker.
At the meeting of tho stockholders of
the Pasadena Fruit association,to bo held
in the recorder's court room next Mon
day evening, changes in the by-laws are
to be made in several important particu
lars and the new director* elected will
appoint officers to sign contracts with
orange growers for the coming season's
crop. 'This will be an important meet
ing for the growers, and It is hoped that
there will bo a full attendance.
There will be a change in tho running
of cars on the electric road soon. The
change in running cars on Raymond
and Fair Oaks, contemplated by the or
dinance, will be made next Saturday
morning at 5 o'clock, when the service
for the next three months will be up
Raymond and down Fair Oaks, instead
of the reverse, as at present. Before a
great while tin company expects to in
crease tho servic l to a tiip every lifteen
minutes, and, if that is not sufficient, to
every ten minutes.
It is said that Augustus Lang, drug
gist, has stcured quarters on North
Spring street, Los Angeles, and will re
move his drug store there November loth.
It is nimoved that A. A. W. liley is a : so
negotiating for a store in Los Angeles.
The report, of the health olticer. Fianeiß
E. Rowland, M.D., for the month of Sep
tember has been reo ived and shows a
total of 9 deaths during the month, of
which 3 were caused by diesasts of the
heart, 2 by disease! of the bowels, 2 by
consumpton. 2 from other causes, one
being a suicide. Three were ondei 1 year
of age and six over. This report covers
a sanitary district with a population esti
mated at 0500.
Tho following delegates from this city
aro in attendance at the Raptist conven
tion in Pomona! Rev. end Mrs. C. T.
L)OUgla*s, Mr. and Mrs. George Taylor,
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Whitmore, J. W.
Compton, Miss M. S. Mr Lillian.
Los Angeles, Sunset and Morovia coun
cils of tho Kinal Arcanum will pay a
friendly visit to Pasauena council Friday
evening, 4th, a special car on the electric
road being engaged for tho Los Angeles
brethren, to arrive here at H o'clock. A
large number will be in attendance, and
a good time is anticipated.
Rev. Dr. M. C. Hants, presiding elder
over the Japanese missionary work of
this coast, and who d« hvered the able
address on the work at the M. E. confer
ence just closed, has been secured by rhe
missionary board to deliver a course of
lectures to tba Christian Endeavor so
cieties of Southern California during the
winter.and will bo in Pasadena some time
in December.
Contractor Mushrush will begin build
ing the new bicycle track today and
agrees to have it dono by November 10th.
Work on the fence and grand stai d will
begin just as soon as tb.- grading will
allow. Pasadena's club expects to hold
a meeting on the national circuit and
will probably apply for a date at once.
The Washington school, 1 ike the others,
has been filling up with pupils during
tbe week. Tho school opened with 200
and now numbers 325.
Professor and Mrs. Kramer returned
from New York and eastern points Tues
day morning. Mr. Kramer will reopen
bis dancing classes at bis ball. Wooster
block, Friday and Saturday, October 18th
and 19th, notwithstanding malicious ru
mors to the contrary.
REDLANDS, Oct. 3.—Tba efforts of
the past several days to organize an or
ange growers' exchange in Redlands havo
fallen through, the growers declaring
they will adhere to the free on board
A Sacramento Scrimmage
SACRAMENTO. Oct. 3.-City Trustee
T. J. Pennish was arrested this evening
for making an assault upon i>. J. Man
nix with a deadly weapon. Last Monday
night at the Democratic city convention
Pennish knocked Mannix down with a
heavy cane, cutting several gashes in bis
For Over Fifty Years
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been used
for children teething. It toothes the child
softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind
colic and is the best remedy for diarrhoea.
I Twenty-are cents a bottle.
They Both Hold Meetings of In
terest at Pomona
Several Changes Made in Methods of
Shipping Fruit
Close of the Baptist convention A Mexican
Who Wanted Trousers—Loci!
News Notes
POMONA,Oct.3.—The Pomona fruit ex
change held its annual meeting in tho
board of trade rooms yesterday afternoon
and completed its labors today. There
was a large attendance of the memebrs.
The meeting was addressed by Thomas
Morehose, the New York representative
of tho Southern California fruit ex
changes, P. E. J'latt, t!i6 Chicago repre
sentative, T. H. B. Cbamblin of Kivor
side and Secretary Collins of Pomona.
■Several of ,the changes that have been
advocated hy the newspapers were favor
ed. 'One was that hereafter fumigated
lruit Jand washed fruit should not be
shipped together, but each class should
stand alone and be sold on its merits;
another, that the exchanges must sell
their fruit in the east and not hero. To
do so it will be necessary for them to es
tablish distributing houses there and put
somo of the best salos agents in the lield
that can be had.
The Progress in its report of tho pro
ceedings says: Tlio claim that some
outsiders received more for their fruit
than members of the exchange was well
answered by the question, "How many
outsiders received less?" It is well
known that many who sold outside of tbe
exchanges got less than exchange prices;
only a few of them will own up to what
they received and some are now engaged
in law suits to get what belongs to them.
No evidence has cvsr been offeretl that
those who sold outside of the exchanges
received more than tho members of those
organizations, and few—if any—believe
that such is the case. The co-onerative
plan of marketing the orange crop is un
questionably tho proper ono; and what
ever changes are necessary in the ex
changes to put them on an equitable
basis of organization and enable them to
do business on the best business princi
ples should be adopted.
The following board of directors were
electeil: J. D. (Jason, 0. C. Johnson. J.
T. litany, James Heckct, P. W. Olm
siead, S. W. Arhuthnot, M. C. Allen,
Melville Campbell, F. A. Newell, P. K.
Adams and J. R. Moles. John 1,. Means
and M. C. Allen were re-clceted to repre
sent the executive board of tho San An
tonio exchange.
The Southern California Baptist asso
ciation of churches, which held a three
days' convention in this city, devoted to
Sunday school,Y. P. S. C. E. and church
work, was brought to a successful close
today and has been marked by good fool
ing, a display of merited interest in the
work and a largo and enthusiastic attend
ance, 100 delegates being present and rep
resenting twenty different churches of
tho Baptist fold.
This morning's session opened with
an interesting bible reading by Dr. J. A.
Frost of San Bernardino, on the sixth
chapter of Komans. Tho Rev. Dr. Frost
is somewhat of a heavyweight, weighing
nearly 800 pounds, but can command as
forcible delivery or as gentle a manner as
his smaller brethren; ho impressed his
bearers with his earnestness.
The reports o! the various committees
wero listened to and proved of much im
port. Sunday Observance, or the Lack
of it, More Correctly Speaking, was dis
cussed at length, tho prevailing expres
sion being that all unnecessary traltic on
Sunday is wrong, and an instance of
what could be done In the rightful ob
servance of Sunday, the city of Toronto,
Canada, was cited as an example. With
a population of 260,001), 200,000 attend
church, and that without a street car
wheel turning in the whole city.
Foreign missions were an interesting
topic, talked upon by Revs. Dr. Reed
and M. B. Shaw.
Devotional services led by Mrs. Wylie.
At 2:30 the convention was taken charge
of by tno Ladies' Home and Foreign
Mission society, Mrs. Roy. Stormes pre
Mrs. Hall of Los Angeles and Miss
Edna Tinkor rendered a vocal duet witn
much effect, the song being an appropri
ate and familiar one, Where is My Boy
At 3:15 unfinished business was taken
up, and at. 3:30 occurred the sermon de
livered by Rev. E. H. Brooks. The tes
timony meeting at 4 p. m. closed the
Dr. Elias Leouniot,a country physician
ol Finland, has been called the "Christo
pher Columbus of Finnish poetry." Tho
doctor'has written one or two epio
poems celebrating tbe early history of
the country.
Mr. Basil McGrath and Miss May
Garfield Married
Santa Barbara Officers Indignant Over
tbe Morell Arrest
Detective Goodman Got Away With tbe
Prisoner, far Whom a Larr;e
Reward Is Offered
SANTA BARBARA,Oct. 3,-Tha home
of Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Garfield, at 335
Sota street, Was the scono of a pretty wed
ding yesterday afternoon. Mr. Basil W.
McGrath was married to Miss Mary V.
Garfield, Rev. F. S Forbes of the First)
Congregational church performing tbe
: ceremony. Miss Lorena M. Garfield was
; bridesmaid, while Mr. Edmund M. Burko
! officiated as best man. The floral deoora
| Hons of the room were • profuso and elo
i gant; tho bride made a lovely appearance
jin a dress made of white silk and trim
j mcd with lace, orange blossoms adorned
her exquisitely arranged hair, and tho
j groom was handsomely attired. Mr. Mc-
Grath is connected with tho Santa Bar
i hara Iron »orks and is highly esteemed
lin the community for his many sterling
I qualities. The bride is a daughter of Mr.
S. H. Garfield, ah honored citizen, and
her happy disposition makes bar a gen
eral favorite. Nenrly forty relatives and
friends witnessed tho coremony, the im
mediate relative! of the couple being Mr.
and Mrs. Matthew McGratb, Mr. John
E. McGratb, Miss Edith E. McOrath,
Miss Maud Hardy, Mr. and Mrs. S. H.
Garfield, Miss Lorena M. Garfield, Miso
Nellie Garfield and Mr. and Mrs. P.C.
MacFarlane. Mr and Mrs. B. W, Mc-
Gratb will reside at their home, on Orte
ga street near Hath in this city.and their
start in life is attended with the best
wishes of the entiro community.
It now appears that Detective Goodman
after all did not release Frank Morell,
with whom he started for Los • Angelos
from this city two weeks ago. Local offi
cers are indignant over the peculiar
actions of Goodman, ft is claimed that
the prisoner IS sale in some jail and tho
Inan, in charge of him is scheming to get
the full reward of 120.000. Morell is
wanted for complicity in the murder of
Chief of Police Hennessey in New Or
leans during the Mafia riots. Tho Los
Angeles official endeavored to conceal the
real facts in connection with this case,
from fetor Storni, the arresting officer,
but the latter discovered the importance
of his capture by examining letters in
Morcll's possession.
The magic mirror social of tho First
Congregational church was well attend
ed last evening. Tho event was a success
and furnished much amusement and pleas
The board of supervisors will hold a
regular meeting Monday. Tho city coun
cil is in session this evening.
Tho Kindergarten assooation met thla
afternoon at the parlors of the Arlington
hotel. Several measures were discussed
relating to tne increase of tne scope of
the work and a number of Improvements
will he made.
Sheriff Thomas 11. Hicks leaves tomor
row fur Los Angeles to testify before tho
foiled States grand jury "which will
have under consideration tho case of
Frank Young, the Naples postoffice rob
'The tailoring establishment of F.
Frediani was entered by burglars last
night. They opened tho money drawer
but got nothing. Several bolts of cloth
were removed from the shelves but were
left, near the door. Nothing is missing
from the store.
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