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Vigorous Protest on tbe Main
Street Widening
More Opposition to the Proposed Cath
olic Cemetery
t ;: ' :
City Attorney Reports the Money Received
. From Hutchinson's Bondsmen-Rou
tine Matters, notions, etc.
* Yesterday's session of the city council
Was ouencd by a lively discussion of
property owners protesting against tbe
widening of Main street between Seventh
Cjtfii Ninth streets. The contention is
that tbe wedge-shaped block between
these points is too narrow to admit of
cutting off any of tbe property on the
west side of tne two blocks named. Fur
ther hearing will be bad on tbe mattir
a*soon as the engineer can take the
Tbe council canvassed tbe vote of tbe
annexation election and found it as re
The trouble between the office of the
street superintejdent and thut of the city
engineer regarding incidental expenses
relating to sewer work was referred to
tire city attorney for a written opinion.
Later the motion was reconsidered and
the amounts charged by the engineer
wqre stricken from the bill. It is under
stood that no more such extras will be
charged cy the engineer.
'Ac attempt was made to readvertise
for feiils for the paving of Main street,
but the city attorney reported that tbe
time for the signing of tne contract
■ Warded to the Union Paving company
had dot yet expired.
Tho city attorney was instructed to de
fend the city's rights and Contractor
Hughes against the injunction brought
by tne Traction Railway company to stop
tbe contractor from constructing a sewer
in the center of Bush street.
The reports of the committees, city
attorney, city clerk and street superin .
tendent, as heretofore published in the
Herald, were adopted.
-.Wesley Clark, J. B. Lamaric and W. H.
Allen were appointed commissioners for
the'wtrlerting of Eighteenth street.
"As all the business was not concluded,
the council adjourned to meet again at
10 Oclock today. Routine matters will
be the principal business to be beard,
consisting of the report of tne board of
publio works and the report of the city
Health Officer Steddom presented a re
port upon the sanitary necessity of con
structing a sewer on the following
streets: On Los Angeles street, from
Fiist trj the plasa; on Arcadia street,from
Los Angeles street to Sanchez street; on
Sanchez street, from Arcadia to near the
plaza. He also recommended the aban
donment, for sanitary reasons, of tbe
following sewers: Beginning at a man
hole below Ninth street, on San Pedro
street, running east on Ninth 451 feet,
diagonally across losts and blocks to Win
ston street, tbence across lots to Alameda
street to the manhole north of First
atreet, thence north on Alameda strest to
Aliso; also sewer on Los Angelss street,
tunning to Arcadia, to Sanchez, thence
across lots to Main street. These sewers
are partly constructed, are only three or
four feet deep, and are of varying size.
Sewers are constructed or are "being con
structed parallel to this syßtem, except as
recommended. The report was referred
to tbe sewer committee.
Tbe recommendation of tbe board of
health" to locate the Catholic ccmeterv
near the Evergreen cemetery brought out
a protest from John F. Humphreys and
others. After a long disscussion a com
mittee , consisting of Councilman Ash
man, Kingery and Savage, was appointed
to make an investigation of the location
and report to the council.
' The bridge committee reported as fol
tbat tbe street superin
tendent be instructed to repair the floor
of-the Walnut street bridge. Adopted.
.Recommend that the street superin
tendent be instructed to repair the east
ern approach to the small Ninth street
budge, and also to lower the gutters on
tbe hill beyond the bridge. Adopted.
Bids were opened for sidewalks on An
geleno straet from Figueroa to Beaudry
avenue, Gray Bros. & Waid being tbe
only bidder at 15 cents per lineal foot.
3. V. Luitweiier presented a bio to fur
bish a covered ambulance for use in the
police department. He offered an ambu-
Jaoca for $487.50; with solid rubber tires
|100 extra; lettering 50 cents.
At the meeting tomorrow all tbe prin
cipal contractors of the city will present
a petition asking that they be allowed to
•get their maps from the city engineer's
ottice immediately upon the completion
of. atreet work. Heretofore tbey have
been annoyed greatly by the uelay in
getting the necessary maps, which "bas
caused the tying up of much capital.
Superintendent of Buildings Charles
Strange yesterday presented to the coun
cil the following report:
"According to instructions I have pre
.pated and he/jwith present plans and
jpecitications for remodelling plumb
ing Work in the city hall, as the accom
modations are not ample for officials and
♦be public I have rearranged work
ao as to increase tbe capacity, provioing
f ore closets and two drinking fountains.
Dls work is thorough and complete
jajnd of such materials that with proper
use will need no repairs.
"I have also provided for a 3 inch
"water pipe in the elevator shaft, connect
ed witb the elevator pump, to have hose
and reel in attic,also speaking tube locat
ed In the same place, rnn to tbe engine
"The attic of the city ball, which is
need as a store room and work room for
the library department, is wholly con
■tructed of wood, and is without fire tiro
•SMtioh. Tbe precaution herein provided
Day prevent the destruction of the build
The report waa referred to the sewer
The city attorney yesterday [presented
f)fe council the following report;
•in-the matter of the suit brought 6y
Maria X.de Semilveda to quiet title to lot
8 and tbe easterly 20 feet of lot 7 in the
John H. Jacobs subdivision of lots 0 antl
IS and a portion of lots 10 and 12 of tbe
Jffegtes traot, I would recommend tbat a
disclaimer be filed. Adopted.
In tbe matter of the suit brought by
P. J.jde Alexander against tbe city
title to a iot on tba southeastern- j
'-' ■ '■
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report
ner of Los Angeles and Reqttena stroets.
I have examined the title to tie same
and recommend that a disclaimer be filed
in tbis action also. Adopted.
In tbo matter of tbe suit against E. H.
Hutcninson and his bondsmen, in which
tbe city obtained judgment, the bonds
men, Messrs. Hervey, Lindley. Walter
Lindley, George L. Ainold and Sherma.i
Smith , have paid to me tbe amount of
said judgment, with interest and costs,
amounting in all to the sum of $5,058.43,
and I wish authority from you to re
lease the judgment and the money will
tnen be paid by me into the city ticasury.
In the matter of abandoning certain al
leys in the Macy street tract, you have al
ready passed the necessary oruinauce and
accepted the necessary deeds in this mat
ter. Received.
As directed by you. I have prepared
and herewith present ordinances anoint
ing commissioners for the opening of
Wells street and the widening of Eight
eenth, San Pedro and Ninth streets.
As directed by you, I have prepared
dratt of contract wdtb Gilbert Webb for
furnishing barley and bran for the lire
and street departments. Received.
As directed by you, I have pre
pared draft of contract and bond with
Muckey and Young for the building of
ceitain school buildings for the sum of
SIBO,OOO and have delivered said contract
to said parties for tbe purpose of having
same signed and bond executed.
Fifty dollars a day was stipulated as
the amount of tne forfeiture for the fail
ure to complete the buildings within
the specilied time, the amount to be col
lected for every day after the dates set.
Motions were yesterday made in the
council as follows:
By Councilman Munson, tbat the
street superintendent be Instructed to
sign the contract witb F. J. McKean for
the grading of Beaudry avenue and other
streets. Adopted. Also that the city
engineer he instructed to plat Orange
street from present terminus, where
shown on the Wilshire tract, across the
city land, to connect with Sixth street
and western oity limits. Adopted.
By Councilman Stockwell, tbat the
city engineer be instructed to present a
map showing the limits of tne territory
voted to be annexed to tbe city from
Highland Park, al tbe election October 4,
1895. Adopted. Also that the city water
company lay a four-inch pipe on Main
street from Workman to Daly street and
south on Daly street to Album bra av
enue,and that a fire hydrant be placed at
Alhambra avenue. Adopted. Also that
tbe street superintendent repair tho
Kubrts street bridge and the bridge on
Mission road. Adopted. Also that tbe
property owners in Downey avenue sewer
district No. A, living upon Chestnut
atreet, be allowed to make connections
with the sewer. Adopted.
By Councilman Blanchard, that the
city engineer be instructed to establish
the grade of Fifth street from Boyle av
enue to Cummings street. Adopted. Also
that the city of uos Angeles hereby con
sents to and requests that the grade of
St. Louis street from Fourth street to
Sixtu street do changed in the manner
provided for in petition No. 965 and here
by joins in and becomes one of the peti
tioners, and tbat the city clerk be in
structed to notify the city engineer of
tbis action.
By Councilman Ashman,tbat the coun
cil invite tne grand encimpment I. O.
O. F., which meets at StocKton October
15th,to hold its next annual encampment
in this city.
Important Action Taken by the Ex
change Yesterday
A Contract for tbe Shipment of Petroleum by
Sea Will Probably Be Closed Today.
The Standard Waits
There yet remains a great deal of un
certainty about oil matters, though
things are being cleared up as quickly as
circumstances will permit.
The agent of tbe Standard Oil company
positively asserts that his company will
enter the lield. Nothing further as to
what prices will be paid or whether the
corporation will begin operations bas yet
been made known. Probably something
definite upon these points will te pub
lished in a few days.
In the meantime the exchange is very
active. A meeting of tbe board of di
rectors was held yesterday forenoon, at
which it was hoped to bring the trans
portation problem to a close. A large
amount ol business was transacted rela
tive to the settlement of the matter, but
the final adjustment and signing of con
tracts yet remains to be done. Every
thing is cow satisfactorily arranged,
however, and unless somo unforseen ob
stacle arises the matter will be termin
ated today and producers may at least
feel sure of realizing that for which they
have so long been waiting.
The executive committse will put on
the finishing touches this morning. The
business has been put in its bands for
official sanction, witch will probably be
given at the meeting tbis morning.
An evening paper published the an
nouncement yesterday that the contract
for the transportation of oil had been
signed. R. H. Herron, president of tbe
exchange, stated positively that final ac
tion bad not been taken, but that the
long-hoped-for consummation was near
at hand.
Forty-five Minutes to Santa Ana
The Santa Fe will run a fast race
special Los Angeles to Sunt* Ana next
week each day ot the races.
This train will leave Los Angeles at
10:15 a.m. and reach Santa Ana at 11
o'clock. Returning it will leave Santa
Ana at 6:15 p.m. October 15th, liith,
17th, 18th and 19th. Hound trip, $1.40.
Cirand Millinery Opening
The ladies of Los Angeles, Pasadena
and vicinity will be happy to know tbat
Miss Jordan has just returned from New
York witb a handsome assortment of im
ported millinery. Opening will take place
October 10th and 11th, 318 South Spring
street. No cards.
Races at Ventura
October Bth to 12th. Silkwood, Waldo
J. all of the "cracks" entered. Special
round trip rates. Still lower ratss on
Santa Barbara excursion of 7th. South
ern I'acifio Co.
Now la Your Chance
Genuine Wellington coal for one week,
J10.50 per ton. Coleman Coal Co., room
29 'lemple block. Tel. (536.
Overland Route via the Northern Pacific
After a winter spent in Southern California
nothing Is more desirable for the tourist than
re ,3E£, ea,tvU the Shasta route an. North
ern . —P." 0 railroad. The Yellowstone Park
and Dining Car line. All trains ve Bt ibuled.
T °urlsjjicars elegantly upnolstered. Scenery
" ns UßrS_l a -, Wes'ber cool and delightful.
SendVa—fU in sUmps for illustrated book,
SketoJaM in Wonderland. For information
comniOnicate with John Clark, 229 8. Spring
An a e le». or T. K. Stateler, Gen'l Agt *
038 Market St ~ San Francisco. * 1
Usa Gnams f_ul« Bear
Some Secret History Regarding
the Fence
A CommiUce to Investigate Rumored
Charges Against Two Officers Dismissed-A
Final Memento of the .Mayor's Lust
cm Trip-Other Business
Chief of Police G lass yesterday for a
few moments lifted the curtain and
permitted the common herd to gaze into
the mysterious and fascinating beyond,
where those who enact roles serious and
otherwise upon the stage of public events
are first compelled to learn and there
rehearse their several parts. The chief
waa not in the best of humor when be
unbosomed himself. That fact was ap
parent in the manner in which he vic
iously paraded up and down the mayor's
ante-room, occasionally Jerking his sen
tences in the direction of the board of
police commissioners like a Bengal tiger
whose fur has boen tubbed the wrong
way. Plainly the chief was riled and be
did not care who knew it.
The police board was holding its regu
lar weekly session and the table bad been
cleared of all of the formal business,
whet. Commissioner Guy Barliam intro
duced an old acquaintance ail around,
in the object known to the public gen
erally as The Fence."
Barliam toltl the board of a visit paid
him at his place of business a few days
ago by Theodore Bauer, who came to in
quiro whether or not the intentions of
the police board regarding tha aforesaid
fence are strictly honorable. He wanted
to know, in other words, whether or not
the board really intended to stand by its
policy—its publicly declared policy and
not the otber thing—and have the fence
removed. Bauer was informed, as has
been the rest uf mankind time and again
within the past six weeks, that the board
and tho council are most certainly in
earnest. The king of the tenderloin
winked the other eye as he bethought
himself of the board's double-back-action-
reversible policy in the matter of certain
saloon licenses, and as he left Barham's
olfice he condescended to say that ho
would in a few days send ono of the two
Shafer brothers around to sco what could
be done. The Shafers own tbe land upon
which the fenco is located. Bauer was
informed, so Barham told his colleagues,
that the fence must come down if it re
quired the undivided attention of the
whole police d epartment.
The chief had been fidgeting considera
bly in his seat during Barham's recital,
and at tbe point where the former reiter
ated tbe policy of the board, the chief
arose to his feet. Ha objected, he said,
to a constant agitation of a subject which
was ruinous to the morals of tb» young
people of the city. He thought the board
should only discuss the social evil in pri
vate, where the vicious repoiters could
not take notes of what was being said.
"I have a friend here," said the chief,
"who was responsible for the passage by
the Missouri legislature some years agb
of the law which regulated tne social evil
in that state, by a systematic municipal
license, and 1 should very much like to
have this gentleman state his views upon
this question to this board. There ought
to be a law in this state licensing this
thing, and wi.houc sucli a statute you
can never solve this problem.
"One thing I might just as well have
understood.'' continued the chief, his ire
rising, "and that is that this board must
not order me to do anything illegal. This
fence is upon private property, and so far
as that is concerned, it was ordered there
by a former hoaid of police comissioners,
nnd at the time both land tbe city attor
ney were of tbe opinion tbat a bill board
in toe locality could do no particular
The cat was out of the bag at last, and
fearful, perhaps, that he had not made
his job complete, the c'lief turned his
vocal batteries loose upon the members
of the ministerial union, the leaders of
the W. C. T. U, and other forces which
have been in the van in the recent move
ment for local purity, accusing all of
these various influences with having
within the past six weeks done more by
their agitation to make recruits for the
social evil than an}' other influence could
have done within six months.
The bars were by this time way down,
and the discussion of tiie subject became
general. No one called the chief's band,
and he left the stage the possessor of the
jack-pot in the game, just as If there was
no board of police commissioners or city
council anywhere within, iniies around.
Fearful that the board might loose sight
of the meat in his argument the chief
kept reiterating that under no circum
stances would he do arything which was
not sanctioned by the law. The mem
bers of the board did not apparently
think it al all peculiar that the chief,
who is an executive otticer purely, owing
his appointment to them as a body,
should intimate that the council and the
aboard, either or both, wculd expect him
to, in any manner, transgress tbe law,
for his statements were permitted to pass
unnoticed. Commissioner Wirsching, in
fact, unreservedly endorsed Glass, while
the other mcrooers of the board tacitly
agreed witb him, ull but tbo mayor, who
said never a word—for publication—in
structing Commissioner Barliam in an
informal way to hunt up the Shafera and
find out if they would, like good boys, of
tbeir own accord, take the fence down
and out of sight. The chief did tell tbe
hoard openly that if he were instructed
to place an extra foice of officers in the
disreputable district he could break up
in short order the immoral business on
Order, Order
s^°__isil^ 2 T^ 00
Los /jA/Geies.C^i
Fisherman's Wisdom mMmmsm
Ej"HJ [eL.'iU
■■■tMMMMBM "Don't cry j||
herrings mitii @g
|| they are in the net," nor imagine you have the best paint until you
|1 P. H. MATHEWS, N. E. Cor Main and Second fl
IBS!! -3 SI Rl r- M nftllilllMlllwlllMllllllllll r-.rj
Alameda street. Hero attain the chief
took the tiick. The order that he longed
for never came.-
The hoard yesterday finally wiped out
of existence the last leaf in the record up
on the subject of Sunday closing made
while the mayor was absent in Boston,
by granting the application of F. F.
Miller for a saloon license on the prem
ises at the southwest corner of Second
and Vine streets. The place is tne last
of the resorts In which hcense> were
confiscated while Cot. Freeman G. Teed
was temporarily the head of the city
government. The"* proprietor uf the
place was then Joseph Engert, who in
an affidavit alleges tnat ho "has made a
bona tide sale to the new owner. The
mayor asked to bo excused from voting
iv the matter.
The chief reported, upon a request from
Commissioner Barnaul, that he had
thoroughly investigated the charges that
some unknown police officer had sought
to collect tribute from some of the gamb
ling houses in Chinatown and no foun
dation exists for the story. The charge
made was that the owner of star No. 62
was the Pantata Involved. Officer Dixon
carries the star in question, an.l the chief
informed the board that the charge
against Dixon was spite work and was
devoid el truth.
The chief m his explanation of the
matter took occasion to accuse reporters
as a class of frequently publishing state
ments made by irresponsible persons
which are injurious to the persons ac
cused. Ho neglected to say anything of
ihe cases where arrests are made by
every police department in the land,
tiie accused having subsequently to be
released because of mistaken identity,
or for some other reason equally as good.
Commissioners Bsrbam and Conk were
appointed a committee to grope into the
tan name matter still farther.
Officer Hugh Dixon was informed by
the board upon the chief's recommenda
tion, that unless he at once liquidated a
certain gioceery bill to the amount of
$25 he would be dismissed from the po- j
lice force.
A rcqu-ist signed by Jerry Illicb nnd
other taxpayers that tha board revoke a
certain saloon license granted to Kobert
Kern on June 4th for the premises at 225
west Third street, was tiled, as was also
a petition acainst tlie granting of a li
cense to H. K. Barrett and Bert Walton
or to any one else, at the corner of Hew
itt and Third streets.
Tbe chief reported that lie had investi
gated tho charge of W. W. Hoiromb
against Otticer E. V. (Jicotte and tho
cbarge of F. W. Bishop against Otficer
John E. Fay and tbat in It fa opinion the
testimony did not sustain tho charges,
which were neglect of duty and impioper
conduct. The affair grew out of some ar
rests maJe by the accused olficcrs in
front of the Nntick house on the evening
of September X3d. Both of the officers
were for.nnlly ordered to be exonerated.
The application of Constantino Verdani
and Edward liusconi for a saloon license
at 651) Upper Main street was withdrawn.
The report was such that the license
would not have been granted had the
matter cume to a vote.
The application for the transfer of the
license at (>B<J Upper Main street to Fran
cisco Santillands and Juan B. Martin and
the application for the transfer of the li
cense at No. I Olympia street to C. E.
Lynch were both granted.
The application of F. G. Joliansen for
a license at 511 East Tbird street was re
ferred to the chief and tbe application of
Frank A. Watrous for a position upon the
police force was filed.
Then the boara adjourned.
That Joyful Feeling
With the exhilarating sense of renewed
health and strength and interna! cleanh
ness, which follows the use of Syrup of
Figs, is unknown to tbe few who have
not progressed beyond the old time med
icines and the cheap substitutes some
time.' offered but never accepted by tha
well informed.
To the people who are suffering from
rupture. Professor Joseph Fandry, for
merly of Berlin, German, now ol SBnta
Barbara,is a practical rupture specialist
and truss manufacturer. Information
free whereby ynu can be cured. Those
having tried all kinds of patent trusses
and found no relief, also have given up
all hope, to those people I am calling their
attention, und especially ask them to
send me tbeir addresses.
Now Is Your Chance
Genuine Wellington coal for one week,
$10.50 per ton. Coleman Coal Co., room
20 Temple block. Tel. 530.
See change of time table Terminal rail
Don't forget Miss Jordan's millinery
opening, October 10th and 11th.
Our Home Brew
Mafer & Zobeicln's lager, fresh from their
brewery, on draught In all the principal sa
loons; delivered promptly in bottles or kegs.
Office end brewery,4l4 AHsostreet; telephone
Haniman Fish Co., San Pedro
Fresh fish and lobsters shipped direct to ell
points in Arizona, Texas and Mexico, from
cannery In Son Pedro, at lowest wholesale
Pabst Beerl Pabat Beerl
On draft. Olympic Hall, 121 W, First It,
W. Germs, prop Tel. 274. Finest commer
cial l'vnch. Leave orders for bottled beer.
Free Dispensary
For the poor daily. Drs. Lindley and Smith,
Broadway and Fourth. Pirtle Block,
Save Undertakers' Commission
Hire 70ur hacks for funerals, $2.50 each from
Gus Graham. Stand, Arcade depot. Tel. 553.
Pabst Be:rl Pabst Beerl
On draft at Joe Arnold's, 358 S. Spring st.
Dr. D. a Dlffenbaeher, dentist, rooms 4 and
6. 119 a Spring St., i.os Angeles.
Dressmakers—All fasblon books at Lang
stadter's, 214 South Broadway.
D. R. Bowers dt Sons, paint store, removed to
451 South Spring street.
Agency for Pabst Beer
Agency for Pabst beer. Pacific Bottling
Works, cor. Fifth and Wolfskin sts.
BIGELOW—In this city. October 7th, 1890.
Windsor Drury Bigelow, beloved son of
Mr. and Mra. Guy J. K. Bigelow, aged 19
Funeral from residence of parents, No. 330
West Thirtieth street, Wednesday, Oct. 9th.
Interment private.
The Phillips Regular Weekly Excursion Ar-
rived Yesterdoy
Tho following passengers from tbe east
arrived yesterday by tho Phillips regular
weekly excursion, ln charge of E. J.
Julia BatklDl, Philadelphia; w. R.
Haines. C. W. Steams, Mr. and Mrs. E.
\V. Retwardtn, Chicago; Mary S. Welch,
Topeku; Cecil Burke, Chicago; Mrs.
Jackson, Anderson, Ind.; Mrs. ,T. W.
Raffell, London, Out. j Mrs. It. Gaston,
Mrs. F. Loohew, Mrs.A.Kinzler,Chicago;
0, F. Walllce, Walker. Ind.; H. M. Me
rles, B. (1. .luhnson, Toledo, O.; Mrs. M.
E. Ehott. Miss J. A. Break, Boston: E.
G. Kobsinon. Mrs. Robinson, Katy
Robinson, Julia and Hattio Robbinson,
Memphis, Term.; Mrs. Beamis. Boston;
1 Mrs. Bailey, Brockton, Mass.; Mrs.
I Flvnn. Buffalo; Mrs. Lewis, Chicago:
Mrs. S. A. Fuller, Waterton, X. Y.j Mrs.
J. C. Nutting, Chicago ; Mrs. Strobe, Bos
ton; Mrs. Dillenburg, Kanasas City; Mrs.
Ferry, Xew York; William (Hidings,
Omaha; Fanny Btutt, Belleville, Kan.;
Ida M. Ripley. Minneapolis; Mrs. J. I).
Turner, Dcs Moines; 11. 0. Rose, Mrs.
Rose and family, Albert Lea. Minn.; H.
A. Rossman, Carl Hucnner, Mrs.
Htichner, St. Foul; Delia Dillon, J. C.
Ratcliffe, and family of four, Otego,
Kan.; S. B. Uooth, Jersey City; Mrs. J.
W. Dillohunty, Memphis; Mrs. R. B.
Owens, Kanass City; Mrs. J. Walfen, J.
Waif en, Xew York; Mrs. Klagg, Mrs.
S. Lowell, Boston; J. R. Jackson. River
silo; Gejrge Shidlor Santa Cms; A. G.
Mclntyre, Chicago; E. B, Whitaker,
Chicago; Mrs. Harding, West Liberty,
la.; Peter Smitb, Cenar Kails. la.; H. S.
Asendorf, Chicaco; Mrs. Stewurt, Miss
Steward, Mrs. Peabody, Miss Peaoody,
Mr. anil Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Shaw, Boston.
A flan Gets Despondent and Tries to End His
E. Coffinan attempted to commit sui
cide yesterday afternoon about 1:30
o'clock. He went into tho Cosmopoli
tan restauiant, at ~l~> West Second street,
and proceeded to ha7e a hearty meal. He
ordered on the principle that there was
nothing too gootl for him, and called for
the best in the lious?.
After eating this epicurean repast he
walked to tho desk and handed the check
to the cashier. Coffman fumbled in his
pockets a few minutes as though to get
the money to pay nis bill, but finally
pulled liltt instead a small vial, saying
tbat even ii ho did not have anything
with which to liquidate he still had the
vial to end his existence. He removed
the cork of tiio vial and swallowed lbs
Cuiitents, which proved t'i be prussic acid.
A waiter was dispatched to the police
Station next door, md when the otticer
arrived Coffman lay writhing on the
lloor. He was taken to the receiving
hospital, where Dr. Bryant administered
an emetic and put the stomach pump in
to operation and soon hail Coffman out
of any immediate danger ot dying.
Coffman is about 25 years of age. He
said that the reason that he wanted to
kill himself was because be had been
having bad luck and bad no money.
Tho Alpine division of the Mount Lowe
railway is now open from Echo mountain
to Mount Lowe springs, among the fra
grant and shady pines, covering the
grandest oi all mountain, canyon and val
ley scenery. This section is a mile lon
ger than the entire Mount Washington
railway, with fares at only one-third the
cost. Weekly or monthly guests at Echo
Mountain house will receive a rebate of
all Mount Lowe railway fares. Kates as
low as any other like accommodations.
See Mount Lo.ve railway time table, thb
— The wall paper dealer of,the city Is Eck
trom, 324 Soutu Soring street
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Hizheat Awar^-
JLi£\T cts per can
As inducements to test Colima's Superiority.
Valuable presents given with each can. 100
varieties to choose trom. We mention a few:
1 Glass Butler Dish. 1 Glass Sugar Bowl, 0
Preserve Dishes. 1 Decorated Thin China Cup
nnd Saucer. 1 Decorated Salad Dish, 1 Cup
and Saucer, assorted decorations ; IThin China
Oatmeal Bowl 1 Cream Pitcher, gold deco
rated: Cup, Sa tiecr and Plate, deeoratsd; 2
Water Goblets, Syrup Pitcher, Vegetable Dish,
1 Glass Berry Dish. 1 Majolica Pitcher, 1 Cov
ered Saucepan, 1 Coffee Pot, 2 quart Oatmeal
Sets of 3 pieces, Set ol 3 Table Tumblers, 1
lush Kettle, ti quarts. Lots of others at our
$| .85 PER SET.
\ Beautifully Decorated Break
fast Bet of £-4 pieces.
Decorated Tea Set'of 18 pieces $1 per set
Majolica Cuipldorei ...'2oceach
Handsome Gold Illuminated Lunch
set of 18 pieces toI.HO per set
None of the above can bo duplicated for
double the money,
M trip W leu do.
351 s. spring, [OS ANGELES
Visit our Stores. See the Big Display. Com
pare Prices and (iuality is All We Ask.
Bridget- Didfou frl (htmcMntt sxfl«S
iSport- Jfyu Bat, He'slaytmntr. nr-~£\ o
312 S. Spring
Ever Troubled Vvith Your Eyes?
Ever Tried US?
We have fitted glasses to thousands to theii
entire satislactlon. Why not give ua atrial''
We will satisfy you. Eyes tested free, masses
Eround to order on premise*. Betaelished
ere nine years. Lowest prices.
167 N. Spring St., Loa Angeles, Cal.
Can't Talk

Shop to everybody. Aro you with us? Would |
trouser chat suit you ? We're greal on trousers.
Some of them arc $2.50, 14, $$, You can'l miss
it, for all of them are "hummers." Do you need
a pair
101 N. Spring St.
201-203-205-207-209 W. First Street
Read This . . .
Mme. Josephine, late of Chicago,
Importer of fine Millinery, has opened at
1317I 317 south Broadway Millinery Parlors
Ladies are invited to inspect our Parisian
Patterns. Elegant in style, not to be found
elsewhere and prices to please you.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ »♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦»»♦«)»♦»♦♦♦♦♦ ♦»♦+♦♦♦♦
♦ Wholesale and Retail Dealer la Telephone 338 *
j furniture|
♦ — Lae*and siikCtutaltu ♦
♦ " Portieres, Oilcloths ♦
♦ Window Shades «
% Linoleums, Mattings, Etc. *
I South Spring Street Baby Car t
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ *«•«»<. ■»«< ««.«.•»«♦•>♦♦«♦«.«,««.• *
A general banking business transsctel. Interest paid, on time deposits.
We set as trossees, guardian., administrators etc. SetVdepoalt boxes for rent,
«. J. J. F.TO WELL. Firat Vice President: WARREN GIIXEIEK,
Second Vloe President: JOHN W. A. OFF, Cashier; af. B. UttVlS, Assistant
* poetmU howeLlVp i. Kg
Farmers' and Merchants' Bank of Los Angeles, Cal.
Capital (paid up) $500,000 I OFFICERS:
Surplus and reserve £20,000 t I. W, Hellman, President; 11. W. Hellman
Vice-President; H. J. Fleishman, Cashier; U
TOTAL $1,3a0,000 1 Heiman, Assistant Cashier.
Directors—W. H. Perry. o. W. Childs, I. W. Hellman, Jr., C. E. Thorn, C. Ducorr.mun. H
W. Hellman. A. Qlassell, T. L. Duque, L W, Hellman,
Sell and buy foreign and domestic exchange. Special collection department. Corre
spondence invited.
Six Per Cent Net Guaranteed
978 $1000 3 years City $5000
977 $1250 It years City $3750
071 $3.",00 3 years City $10500
072 $1130 3 years City $3000
We have them ln all denominations. II you want salo investments see us.
No. 223 South Spring Street, Los Angeles
M. W. STIMSON, Pres. J. M. ELLIOTT, Trustee, W. E. McVAY. Sec C. S. CP.ISTY, Vice-Proa,
W f n?■^K HILIi • & J rf°fSSSsla JOaS'WOI.FSKIIJU St. H. SHERMAS.
mvu Kip.,, J - v kt.^-I°,^ KB( IEOROII IRVINE, rimVftS
JOHN M. C. T, a. MiYttlK. X UADJ.KV JOHN K. MA It at
223 S. Spring St., LOS ANGELES, CAL.
officers and oisjecTons
M. VI. Stimson Wm. Ferguson W. E. McVeg
Prest. V.ro PrMt. Casino,
C. 0. Harrison S. H. Mott R. M. Belter
A. E. Potnerog S. A. Butler
JyJ EBCH AtfTS*' S^nolTAt.
southern Calivorsiia Natissl Bans
101 a spring au, Nadeau Blk.
W. L. GRAVES. President
C N. FLINT Cashier
W. H. hollidaY Assistant Caßhter
Capital, paid tn gold eoln $200,000
gurplusend undivided profits *a,OOO
Authorized capital 600.0V0
diksctou :
I. N. Breed, H. T. Newell, William B. Avery
Silas Holmau, W. H. Holllday, Wm. F. Bosby
shell, W L .Graves. Frank Radar, D. Remloe
Thomas Goss,K. P. BosbysbelL
TRUST COMTANY, Junction ot slain.
Spiring and Temple streets, Temple Block)
Author red capital 200.000
Capltalpald up... $100,0*0
Five per cent paid on term deposits.
Money loaned on reel estate only.
T. X* DUQUB, President.
L N. VAN NCYS. Vkje-Prealdaat.
j. v. WACHTEL, Cashier
B. W. Bellman, J. B. Lankersblm,
L N. Van Nuys. o. T, Jebnsou,
KaspweCoon. tLW. O-Meiven*
W. G. Kerekho*, I U Duqoe.
Abe Baas. _____
230 N. Main at.
J. E. Plater, Pres. H. W. Bellman, V-Pres
W. M. Caswell, Casbler.
Dlrecters-I. W. Hellman, J. E. Plater. B. W.
Beilraan, I W, Hellman, Jr., W. at. CaswclL
Interest eatd on deposits. Money to loan on
■r.t-,1... real estate.
XT A AITT TTfrVT first-class family hotel, opposite sixth
lri_ Xl.c\.SJll.lJ 1 \J±X SlreetPark. Convenient to all street car linos. Kates
XI V 7 1 Vjlj iVIVvT I Ijlj Day boarders. Rooms eleumtly turnlshod. Dairy aud
farm prodaots from our raneb. W. A. NIMOCKS, proprietor and owner.
Capital stock .8400,094
. .^HirJ" 5 aßd und'd profits over 230,000
J. M. ELMOTT. President.
VV. Q. KKiICKiIOFF, V. Tres't.
6. B. SHAFFER, AlS't Casktta
J. M. ElUlott, J. D. BlcknelL
F. C. Horr, H. Jevne,
* J. D. Hooker, W. C. Patteraoo,
Wm. O. Kerckkoff.
No public funds or other preferred deposit
received by this bank. -.
Capital $500,000
Surplus - 37,500
Total $637,800
WARREN GILL3LEN ■..Vice-President
F C.HOWES .. .Cashlet
E. W. COB Assistant Cashlet
George H. Ronebrakc. Warren Gillelen, P. M.
Green, Charles A. Marrlner, W. C. Brown, A,
W. Francisco, E. P. Johnson, M. T. Allen, F. a
This bank has no deposits of eltber tha
county or city treasurer, aud therefore no pre
ferred creditors.
ami) trust coxeasrt
148 a Main st, near Second.
Capital Paid in $100,000
Five per cent interest paid on term deposits.
Money loaned on nrat-olass real estate only.
Directors—J. F. Sartorl, Pres.; Maurice a,
Bellman. V.-P.; W. I). Loagyear, Cashier|
Herman W. Hellman, H. J. Fleiscbinan. M. U
Fleming, J. A. Graves, C. A. Shaw, J. 11. Shank*
land, F. O. Johnson. W, L. Graves.

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