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The Herald
TEMPERATURE—Report of observations
taken at Los Angeles October 8. The
barometer is reduced to sea level.
':00 a. m.
• :00 p. m.
Maximum temperature. 73
Minimum temperature, 58.
FORECAST.—Oct. B.—F or Southern Cal
ifornia: Fair; stationary temperature;
fresli westerly winds along tbe coast.
WEATHER REPORT — United States
depaitment of a-jricultura weather
bureau's report, received at Los An
getos October 3. 1805.
I Tern.
Postmaster Van llusen would like to
hear from Mrs. Maggie Fitzgerald, for
merly of New York, who is supposed to
be in the city. Ho has a letter from her
daughter Katie, who is anxious to find
her motber.
Wallace Stebbins and wife of Waßhing
ton, D. C, are in the city. Mr. Stebbins
holds a responsible position in tbe post
office department nnd is out on the coast
on a business and pleasure trip combined.
La EspCranza Parlor, N0.24, N.D.0.W.,
has issued invitations for a social to be
given on Thursday evening, October 10th,
at N. S. G. W. ball, 317 South Main
Rev. M. G. Solomon, chief rabbi of the
Jewish synagogue, will lecture tonight at
the Unity church. His subject will be
Jewish Influence on Modern Art.
There will he a concert nt tbe Sixth
street park this afternoon by tho new
band. The final rehearsal was held at
Music ball yesterday aiternoon.
Dr. A. J. Hacnn, of the New York
dental parlors of this city, left for£a few
weeks' visit to San Fiancisco and north
western cities yesterday.
Hon. J. B. McMillan, a prominent
business man and Itepiublican of tbe
state of Washington, is a guest at the
George Cann's new Commercial club
band will give an open air concert this
afternoon at 3 o'clock at tbe Sixth street
There will he a meeting of the Bar as
sociation this morning to take suitable
action on tbe death of Judge A. Brunson.
The foundation of tbe home, the gift of
Mrs. Hollenbeck. is about completed and
is a solid piece of work.
W. T. Stalcup, a superior judge at
Tucson, is at the Westminster.
For the next two weeks the people of
Los Angeles can expect big bargains in
footwear of all descriptions. The last
day of the great surplus sale of shoes at
the Mammoth shoo house will be the
busiest of the season. Every shoe in the
big store will be reduced in price, and if
low price, high quality ana honest treat
ment arc any object, the store will bo
crowded all tne time. The groat sale
still goes on only ut Tho Mammoth Shoe
House, 315 and 317 South Spring street,
between Third and Fourth.
Mr. Henry J. Kramer will reopen his
school for dutic'ng, deportment and the
German Saturday. October 12th. Class
for juvenile beginners, Saturday, Oct.
12th. 1:30; class lor advanced pupils,
Saturday, Oct. 12th, 3:30; adult class be
ginners, Monday eve., Oct. 14th, 7:30;
adult class advanced, Wednesday, Oct.
lfltH, 8:00; fancy dance class, Wednesday
Oct. 10th, 4:30. References required from
all applicants.
Dr. Rebecca Lee Dorsev. Stimson block,
first floor, rooms 138, 180, 131. Special
attention given to obstetrical cases and
all diseases of women and children
Electricity scientifically used. Consulta
tion hours, Ito 5. Tel 1277.
Greatest bareoins ever offered in the
way ot photo holders can now he ob
tained at H. C. Lichtenberger's art em
porium, 107 North Main street. Ask to
see our 25-cent frames.
S. Cnnradi, jeweler and watchmaker,
113 8. Spring st., makes a specialty of
iino watch and jewelry repairing and dia
mond setting; an elegant hue of optical
goods. A line stock of watches and jewel
ry always on hand.
Adams Bros., dentists, South
Spring street. Painless tilling anti ex
tracting. Best seta of teeth from $6 to
$10. Hours, Bto 5; Sundays, 10 to 12.
Only four new high-grade pianos left,
to bu sold before Thursday next; cash
only for less than $180. N. Borchers, cor
ner Spring and Eighth atreet.
Oysters nnd shell fish received and
served fresh daily at tho New Los An
geles Oyster house, 109 West Second street:.
Vacy Steer removed to No. 107)4 South
Broadway, rooms 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, dandruff
positively cured ; hair invigorated.
Remember the stereoptican lecture on
the great Whitman Hide in First Congre
gational church Friday evening.
Fresh Eagle Brand bulk oystors and
lobsters at Paciliu coast Fish company,
c oruer Third and Spring.
Best security at cut rates. Sewing ma
chines in good working order, torsseach.
128 Soutn Main street.
Sharp & Sampson, funeral directors
(independent,) 530 South Sprint: street.
Tel. 1029.
The Mammoth Shoe House, 315 and 317
South Spring street, between Third and
Piano tuner. A. G. Gardner, 118 Win
ston street. Also pianos for sale and to
Steam carpet cleaning at Bloeser's, 456
S.Broadway. Tel. 427.
The Advanced Davis sewing machino is
the best. Office, 128 South Main street.
Dr. Mi nnio Wells, 2341 Thompson st.
University car, bet. Scarf and Toberman.
Dr. Hoynton bas removed from Hotel
Broadway to 124 S. Main st. Tel. 874.
Oysters and chims on shell. Special
breakfast, 2f cents. Hollenbeck Cafe.
U. R. Bowers & Sons' paint store re
moved to 451 South Spring street.
All kinds of itewing machines to rent;
128 South Main street.
Born—ln this city, to the wife of Mr.
Xanssman, a eon.
Rooms $2 a week and up. U.S. hotel.
Dr. Reese, 119K S.Spring.
Chamber of Commerce Exhibits
Xinner.us exhibits were installed in
the chamber of commerce exhibit yester
day, including pearmain apples sent in
by A. B. Gates, Alhambra; beets, pump
kins, oranges ami pears from the Santa
Aia chamber of commerce; Danvers
onions, Ij. D. Burdick, Westminster; or
ange quinces, A. McFadden;JaDan and
range quinces, Mrs. S. M. Littlefield,
Anaheim; crookneck squash, B. S. West,
Tropico; a variety of apples, H. K.
Smith, South Los Angeles; two big
pumpkins, Mr. Stuart of South Los An
geles. Citizens of Santa Ana contributed
numerously, ns follows: R. Hampton
and Dr. Ureenleaf, yellow-dent corn; W.
B. Arts, sugar beets, and George Brown,
Golden Tankard upples.
Dr. Slegert's Angostura Bitters, the world
renowned bouth American appetizer and in
vigorator, cures dyspepsia, diarrhoea, lever
sud ague.
Bicycle craze is on, wall paper must go—Sif
tn 00 rer cent off; 328 S Spring St. Bee oui
Tribune Wheel, best on earth; judge for your
E< katrom doea tho wail paper buainest ottbe
Bit v. iv ;uas a large stock, good taste and cor
Another Chapter in the City
Water Works Deal
"Jayhawker" Consequently Has No
Claim for Commissions
Some More Information About a Big Trans
action That Only Materialized on
Paper-Virtually Settled
In ruling on v demurrer yesterday, in
the suit of Woodward vs. Perry, Pierce
et al,, .fudge McKinley virtually settled
the case, holding tha*. Wooodward hau no
oase. Woodward, better known as "Jay.
hawker," brought suit against Peiry,
Pierce et al. for a commission for nego
tiating the salo of the City Water com
pany's stock to Pierce and Shaffer, wbich
sale was never consummated,a suit now
being pending in the superior court to set
the whole matter aside. As tho case is
an important on-, Judge McKinley's
opinion is given in full, as follows:
In tnis action the plaintiff seeks to
establish his rights in a certain contract
for tbe purchase of stock of the Los An
geles City Water company, aim also his
interest in the stock itself by reason of
the contract. The defendants who made
the contract in Question for the sale of
the Block to the defendants Pierce and
Shaffer have tiled a supplemental an
swer and a cross-complaint, both of
which allege a breach of contract by de
fendants Pierce and Shaffer and ask to
have the same cancelled and annulled.
Plaintiff and defendants Pierce and
Shaffer have attackeu tne suppemental
answer and cross-complaint by motions to
strike out and demurrers.
Counsel cite a large number of cases
upon tbe question as to what constitute
propel matter to be set up in a cross
complaint, but such cases are only in a
small degree helpful in determining tnis
motion, since each case depends upon a
particular state of facts and none of tbem
are closely analogous to the one at bar.
In every case the court is obliged to de
termine.from the statement of the course
of action in the complaint and that in
tbe cross-complaint whether in the latter
the defendant seeks affirmative relief re
lating to or depending upon the contract
or transaction upon which the action is
brouebt or effecting tbe property to
Which it relates.
The contract upon which tbis action is
brought is not the contract between de
fendants, wbich cross-complainants seek
to iiave cancelled, but the contract be
tween plaintiff and defendanls Pierce and
Shaffer, under which he claims an inter
est in tbe lormer contract. The affirma
tive relief sought by the cross complaint
does not, therefore, relate to, or depend
upon, the contract upon which tbe action
is brought. Hut although that is the
contract upon wbich the plaintiff brings
his action, he is not contented to rest
upon the establishment of bis rights
under it against Pierce and Shaffer, but
makes the other defendants parties and
seeks a decreo against them establishing
his rights in the original contract aud in
the stock agreed tn ho sold.
The property affeotod by tbe action is
therefore not only tbe two contracts, but,
the stock itself.
If the plaintiff is successful in this ac
tion, he will secure a decreo that be bas
an interest in the contract between Pierco
and Snuffer and tbe other defendants and
in the stock covered by that contract. He
has joined the defendants other thnn
Pierce nnd Shatter because he seeks relief
against them establishing his right in tbe
contract and in the stock.
Tbe claim that all rights under tbat
contract have been forfeited affects the
property to whiclt the action relates and
is the proper subject of cross complaint.
Tbe plaintiff seeks to establish an in
terest in tha contract and stock, while
defendant's dispute that interest and
seek a decree that whatever interest he
has together with that of their co-defencl
atits, has been forfeited. The Code ex
presses it that they may seek such relief
"against a party, so ttiat they are not
limited to relief against the plaintiff
alone, but may ask it against any party
to the action.
I can see no good reason why the same
matters should not he set up by both cross
complaint and supplemental answer.
The one is for the.purpose of preventing
tbe plaintiff from procuring relief, the
other in order to obtain it.
If defendants have a good defense they
certainly ought not, for that reascn, be
precluded from claiming affirmative re
lief, if entitled to it, nor be precluded
from making tbeir defense because enti
tled to affirmative relief.
The supplemental answer is direotetl
against plaintiff, since it sets up matters
which, if established, will prevent its ob
taining a decree binding upon defendants
that he is the owner of an interest In the
atock covered by contract betwoen de
If it be true that the rights of the pur
chasers sbottitl be forfeited by reason of
a breach of contract, plaintiff cannot ob
tain a judgment against the defendants,
who have filed tho supplemental answer.
The cross compliant seeks affirmative
relief against plaintiff and defendants
Pierce and Shul'fer, as very clearly ap
pears from its allegations and prayer.
The cross complainants are,in my opin
ion, proper parties to ask for a forfeiture
of the contract.
The contract was with a part of tho
cross complainants aa trustees and the
question of their authority to make tho
contract cannot be raised now upon this
demurrer. Tne otber stockholders who
join in the cross complaint am also proper
parties because having an interest in the
stock, but are not necessary parties.
That time was of the essence of the
contract seems very clear from the terms
of the contract, not only because it ex
pressly so declares, but because the cir
cumstances ar.i such as to make it essen
tial to the interesst of all parties that
performance be made within the limited
The contract does net sbow an exe
cuted sale, but all executory contract, un
der which the title to tne stock was
placed in tbe Union Trust company to be
passed upon the performance of certain
conditions prcc«dent by Pierce and Shaf
fer as to payment.
The only matter in the contract indicat
ing that the title pasied to Pierce and
Shaffer anti that the stock was held as a
pledge,is the agreement to have the stock
transferretl to the Union Trust company
to bold as "collateral security for tue
parties of tbe first part hereof for the
faithful performance of all the condi
tions, etc.;" but the agreement,taken all
together,shows that tbe terms "collateral
security" was loosely used and tbat the
property was to be held in escrow in
stead of as security.
<> The stock was to be transferred to
Pierce and Shaffer unon tbe making of
the payments required by tbe contract,
but they do not anywhere in the agree
ment promise to make the payment or
perform any condition whatever. In the
event of their failure to perform,the $50,
--000 paid in cash was to be forfeited and
their rights under the contract termi
nated,and then, although not so expressly
stated in the contract, it would be tbe
duty of the Union Trust company to rc
transfer tbe stock to tho parties who bad
placed it in tbeir hands.
The point is made that no demand
npon the Union Trust conipeiiy is alleged
fur tbe return of tbe stock, hut that is
not a question which plaintiff or defend
ants, Pierce anl Shaffer, can raise, sines
tbeir demuner only goes to tho suffi
ciency ot tha complaint against them and
not as to its sufficiency against otber
The allegation of a tender of perform
ance and demand arc not necessary to
the statement of a cause of action for for
feiture by reason of a meach of the con
ditions of tbe contract.
The cross complaint is upon the theoiy
that Pierce and Shaffer have lost the
right to Derformnnce by their failure to
perform the co:id : tior.s upon their part.
A tender of performanco and demand
are necessary where the vender seeks to
enforce a contract, but not when forfeit
ure is Fought on account of a breach of
its terms.
The portion of paragraph X of cross
complaintjand the same numbered par
agraph of supplemental answer, covered
by motion to strike out, is :i mere con ■
elusion of law: anil paragraphs XII and
XIII of same pleadings are immaterial
and should be stricken out.
Paragraph XI contains an allegation
that plaintiff and defendants, Pierce and
Shaffer, claim an interest under the con
tract, a proper pllegation to show the ne
cessity oi their cross action againstthem.
The motion to strike cress complaint
and supplemental answer from the tiles
will be denied, and demttrrar overruled,
with ten days to answer cross com
plaint, and the motions to strike out
parts of cross complaint and supple
mental answer will be granted except as
to paragraph XI, as to which motion
will be denied. ,
A Young Lady Loses a Lot ol Valuable
Miss K. L. Murray, who resides at the
Hotel Lille,had the misfortune yesterday
morning to lose over $1000 worth of jew
elry, consisting of valuable diamonds,
pearls and rubies. The youne woman
went into the ladies' toilet at the city
hall and removed tbe rings from her
hands. She forgot about them and left
tbe place, leiving the jewels lying on the
As hob was going down the steps uf the
building she noticed the rings were miss
ing and immediately went back fto get
them, but during ber absence some one
had seen them and taken them away.
The loss was reported io the police, and
Detectives Goodman and Bradish were
detailed to search for tbe missing gems.
Licensed to Wed
The following marriage licenses were
issued by tho county clerk yesterday:
Stephen H. Perine, a native of New
York, aged 22 years, and Ella Paine, a
native of Nebraska, aged 22 years, both
residents of Lns Angeles.-
Stanley Bikes, a native of England,
aged 30 years, antl a resident of Flagstaff,
Ariz., and Beatrice Bell Suitzer, a native
of Kentucky,aged 24 years,and a resident
of Los Angeles.
Francis M. Buster, a native of Tennes
see, aged 70 years, and a resident of Wil
muington, and Frances A. Williams, a
native of California, aged 29 years, and
a resident of Long Beach.
John McGinness, a native of Nova
Scotia, aged 30 years, and Marie Jacob
son, a native of Massachusetts, aged 32
years, both residents of San Francisco.
William G, Polcene, a native of Wiscon
sin, aged 38 years, and a resident of Riv
erside, nnd Delia Sbackley, a native of
lowa, aged 23 years, and a resident of
Los Angeles.
Edmund Vinton Price, a native of Illi
nois, aged 24 years, and Anna May Wil
son, a native ol California, aged 22 years,
both residents of Compton.
Edward Henderson, a native of Ken
tucky, aged 32 years, and a resident of
San Francisco, and May Dexter, a native
of California, ageJ 22 years, and a resi
dent of Los Angeles.
Clients W. Phillips, aged 19 years,
and Bertha T. Rampee, aged 19 years,
both natives of Pennsylfania and resi
dents ot Los Angeles.
John H. Cirter, aged 40 years, and
Amanda L. Carter, aged 41 years, both
natives of Missouri and residents of
Scuta Monica.
John Erickson, a native of Sweden,
aged 31 years, and a resident of Pasadena,
and Matilda Nelson, also a native of
Sweden aged 29 years, and a resident of
Los Angeles..
B. L. Ihrig, a native of Indiana, aged
25 years, and Ella Oden, a native of
California, used 20 years, both residents
of Los Angeles.
James (>. Connely, a native of Scotland,
aged 35 years, and Stella M. FHckinger,
a native'of Illinois, aged 27 years, both
residents cf Los Angeles,
We are never so happy as when engraving or
printing wedding cards. Let us show you what
we can do. 11. M. Lee & Bro., 140 N. Bpiingst.
New incorporations
Articles of incorporation of thoNorwalk
Co-operative Creamery were filed with the
county clerk yesterday. The capital
stock of the company is $5000, of which
2075 bas been a cually subscribed. The
principal place of business is Norwalk,
tbe corporation is to exist for fifty years,
and the directors for the ."irst year aro as
follows: W. W. Orr, C. C. Mason, George
M. Clark, S. T. Crouse. E. A. Branscom,
John Holland and J. A. Venaole, all of
Norwalk. The object is to conduct a
general business in the manufacture of
milk products.
The Supervisors
At the meeting of the supervisors yes
terday the petition for the incorporation
of the Azusa rancho was Granted,, with
boundaries modilied by striking out "all
south of First stroet," and inserting
"west of First street and the extension
The plans of Todd nnd Walker for a
building nnd laundry at the county hos
pital were accepted. Bills will be opened
December Kith.
Stanley Not Hire
Somebody started a story to the effect
that Henry M. Stanley, th famous ex
plorer and a mom ber of the British par
liament, was in the city under a norn
de plume. Whoever started the story
must havo been a humorist, for Mr.
Stanley is certainly not In this city. At
least a thorough search failed to uncover
Still to Sell
That neat five-roomed cottage No. 1430
Rich street, near Sixteenth, four blocks
from Figueroa. A cboice location, good
impioved lot and barn, street graded and
sewered. Prices $1000, $2,30 cash, balance
$20 a month. This is a good buy. Lang
worthy company, lawyers, 220 S. Spring.
Now Is Your Chance
Genuine Wellington coal for one week,
$10.50 per ton. Coleman Coal Co., room
29 Templednock. Tel. 536.
Kregelo & Biesee, itineral directors,
Broadway aud Sixth sreet. Tel. 243.
Highest Honors—World's Fait ,
dold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
[Most Perfect Made.
40 Years the Standard.
El Hammond's Bondsmen Are
Liable for $17,000
A Mistake in tbe Synopsis Telegraphed
Down Sunday Morning
The First-Term Bondsmen Will Have to Pey
Nothing-Statement ol the De
faulter's Account
The opinion of the supreme court in
the case of the people against the bonds
men of El Hammond was received at tbe
office of the clem in this city yesterday
for filing. A very brief synonsis was
sent down by the Associi ted Press,which
appeared in The Herald's telegraphic col
umns Sunday morning, to the effect that
the bondsmen had been hold liable for
17861.80. This is a mistake, as by the
opinion tbe bondsmen are held liable for
the full amount of the defalcation, $12,
--963.81, with interest from November 7,
1887. and costs of suits, which will bring
the amount up to approximately $17,000.
Judgment for the amount waa given by
the lower court, which judgment and
order have been affirmed.
At the expiration of Hnmmond'e lirst
term, on January 3, 1887, Hammond was
a defaulter in the amount of $7861.88,
which moneys were collected by him as
tax collector during nis lirst term of
office upon the general tax roll;!that is,
sa ; d lum was not only paid out, but was
not in his bands as tax collector in any
form, tbe same having been appropri
ated to his own use. Hammond held
said office continuously from tbe time he
first entered upon it in January. 1885,
until about March 21, 1887, when bo ab
sconded. At the beginning of his second
term tbe delinquent tax list for the fiscal
year, 1880-7 was delivered to Hammond
for collection, anil he was then charged
with tho amount thtroon, $80,0111.54.. On
January 22, 1887, the county auditor
servod upon him the rollowing demand:
"To E. Hammond, Toxj Col.ector—you
will at once pay into the treasury $7801.•
80 in settlement of tbo gene.at taxes."
On January 24, 1887,Hammond paid over
to tho treasurer the sum of $7801.80. hut
tbe money so paid was money collected
by him upon said delinquent tax list
during his second term, that is to say,
after January 8, 1887. Tbe court found
the following to he a statement of the
condition of Hammond's account for tho
second term:
To amount of delinquent tax list.. .$30,016.64
By taxes doubly assessed
and sold to the state. ..$2,472.70
Paid to county treasury
February 7, 1887 3,202.7 a
Paid to county treasury
March 7, 1887 7,338.03
Paid to county treaau ry
March 25, 1887 20.40
Paid to county treasury
March 30, 1887 06.68
Paid to county treasury
March 23. 1887 4 30
Paid to county treasury
May 2,1887 3,941.25
■ 17,052.70
Balanca due and unpaid $1?,903.84
The said credits do not include the
said sum of $7801.80 paid to the treasurer
on January 24, 1887, in compliance with
the demand of tho auditor. The plaintiff
bad judgment for said snm of $12,903.70
and interest thereon from November 2,
1887, at whicu date the action was com
menced, and defendants appealed from
said judgment and from an order deny
ing tbeir motion for a new trial.
The contention of the bondsmen was,
first, that as Hnmmontl did not qualify
on his second term, ho was not legally an
officer and therefore his bond was in
valid;,and, second, that even if they
were liable at all, they coulti only be
held for the amount ot the shortage,after
deducting the $7801.80 embezzled during
the first term. The court held, however,
that tbe misappropriation of the $7801.80
of money which should have been credit
ed en the first torm was exactly the same
as if the money had been stolen after he
entered ou his second term of otiic. In
regard to the contention that Hammond
not havins qualified for his second term,
tbe court holds that there had been no
cbange in the person holding the office
during the two terms, and that as Ham
mond duly made nnd executed his bond
fur his second term, ho forfeited all rights
existing under his first term.
It is probable that \ meeting of the
bondsmen will be held today with a view
of ascertaining tho amount each will
have to pay and takj such stps as may be
in their power to make ail boar their
share of the burden.
Try our port anil sherry wines at 75
cents per gallon. T. Vaehe & Co., Com
mercial and Alameda streets. Telephone
flood's Sarsaparilla is often of great value
in giving the strength bo much desired.
Mr. W. O. Wyman of Saratoga, Cal., had
a large bunch, called a tumor, ou his
right breast. He took Hood's Sarspaa
rilla which gave him new life and vigor
and the pain nnd all traces of tumor havo
wholly disappeared. He says: "Five bot
tles did the work. It ia literally true,
Hood's Sarsaparilla
oures. We also think Hood's Pills the best.
lam instructed by REV. BLUM to dispose
of the entire elegant furniture of Ins residence,
No. 1360 South Figueroa St..
FRIDAY, OCT. 11, AT 10 A. M.,
Consisting of one elegant ft-piece parlor suit
upholstered ln silk brocade, mahogany frames,
leather and fancy rockers, handsome center
tables iv mahogany and 'gold, handsome lace
curtains, bisque and alabaster figures, lino
btic-a-brac, expensive oil paintings, one ele
gant onyx French clock, c&ndeTabras and
bronze vases two walnut bookcases, one Do
mestic sewing machine, expensive oak bed
room suits nnd folding beds, curled hair mat
tresses, body brussels carpets and rugs, exten
sion table, 'sideboard, dining chairs, dinner
service, cut glas* ware, silver ware, refriger
ator, gas range, kitchen furniture, etc.
C. M. STEVENS, Auctioneer.
Office, 228 W. Fourth St.,
With Wilde & Strong.
Begins Tomorrow Evening nnd Lasts Pour
The fifteenth annual convention of tha
Young Men's Christian Association will bo
opened tomorrow night at tbe Y. M. C. A.
hall. A dinner will be served to visiting
delegates and a reception will follow. The
ladies of tbe auxilliary to tbe association
have these mutters in charge.
All the day meetings will be held in
the Y. M. C. A. auditorium, and the
evening sessions will take place in the
lirst Methodist churcb.. On Saturday
afternoon the pcntathlow will take place.
At these athletic exercises all the most
prominent athletes in tbe state associa
tion will tnke part, and a day of unusual
sport is expected. The list of events arid
entries will he published tomorrow.
John Beetv, a Teamster. Nearly Hit by a
Falling Joiat
John liecty had a narrow escape from
severe injury yesterday aternoon shortly
alter 4 o'clock. He is a tiamster and was
at work in the fiullard building, now in
tie course of construction. He had a
team of mules on the lower floor, and was
In tbe act of driving them ret of the
place when a heavy joist that was being
hauled up above, slipped from the grasp
of the men and fell. Ueety was exactly
under the timber, but jumped when he
hoard the cry of warning and tbe joist
grazed bis back.
Commercial Club Band
The newly organized Commercial clnb
bane! of which George Cann is the direc
tor, is composed of men from the various
theater and concert orchestras and con
templates coccrt performances only. It
will give the tiist prosranime this after
noon at the Sixth street park at 3 o'clock.
Brings comfort and improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting tho world's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in tha
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to it» presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to tho taste, tbe refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative; effectually cleansing the system
dispelling colds, headaches and feveis
nnd permanently curing constipation.
It has g', yen satisfaction to millions nnd
met with tho approval of the medical
profession because it acts on the Kid
neys, Liver and Bowels without weafc
>viing them and it ia perfectly free trom
every objectionable substanca.
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it, is man
ufacti-red by the California Fig Syrup
Co.only, Whose name is printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
Ind being well informed, you will not
acceptsubstitute ii offered.
SUITS Ksfle to order trom §20 fffraP'
PANTS Hase to Mer Km $3 | Ijflj
for Self-Measurement J
apa Samples of Uoth beu: free
r or all orders.
No. 843 S. Spring Si
J. F. Henderson, Manager.
Lime! Lime!
Just received, 5000 barrels ROCHE HARBOR
LIME. OS I 4 per cent pure carbonate of lime.
Heads of barrels made in two staves only;
nearly air-tight. For sale by
SAN PEDRO ST., bet. Fourth and Fifth, solo
agents for Los Angeles city, Also dealers iv
Lath, Plaster, Cement,
Lumber, Etc.
W. H. Terry Lumber and Mill Co., are agents
for Southerr.Vnliiornia for ROCHE HARBOR
LIME except in I.os Angeles city.
The New No. 2
Contains the greatest improvements slnoe
tbe introduction of the writing machine.
See It and De Convinced
WM. H. B. HAY WARD, Mgr.,
TeL 794. 216 B, Broadway, Los Angeles
ban Francisco office. 218 Sansome street
ill Mill Me.
During this season of the year the
most pieasmt route to the entire east,
with no high altitudes or snow block
ades, is via XL PAtiO and the
Between California and Chicago, St. Louts tan
Arkansas Hot Springs without change. For in
lorm-tlon «nr' <' to my agent nf 3. p. Co.. or to
T. F. FITZGERALD, Trsveling Pass. Agt.,
121 California st, San Francisco, Cel.
ARE SHOWING a line of Bed Comforts a little
different from the general run. The cotton in these
comforts is carded in one piece. It is carded from pure
white cotton and has the feel and appearance of down. The
material for the covering is made from soft finished goods
and is in keeping with the splendid quality of the cotton
used. The price $2.50. Free from all odor, and just such
a comfort that will give perfect satisfaction as long as they
WE ARE SHOWING a line of jersey ribbed pants
and vests that are fleeced. They are a fine gauged rib and
have the appearance of the highest cost goods. We haye a
mited quantity in four sizes, and we will sell them for 35c
each or three for $1. We believe they will compare favora
bly with 75c goods; they will wear fully as well.
WE WILL SELL 500 dozen black spool silk, 100
yards to the spool, for 3c a spool.
WE WILL SELL the choice of 50 pieces all wool
dress goods, in colors only, for 35c a yard. They are goods
that have been selling freely for more than double the
money. Nearly all colors in stock.
WE WILL SELL a lot of fine fur capes today for
$7.50. ' Better come in and set; them. They are worth see
ing. They are worth buying for this price.
WIRE HAIR BRUSHES, 16c and 19c. Dressing
combs, ioc, 15c, 25c. Perfumes, 10, 19 and 25c. Tooth
brushes, sc, ioc, 15c, 25c. Face powder, with bottle of per
fume, ioc. All of the above are very much under usual
JUST IN —the first new Raisins of the season. are
extremely fine. Fancy clusters and London Layers.
216 and 218 South Spring St.
Sixth District Fair
Great Fall Meeting at Los Angeles*
October 21st to 26th inclusive.
$lisooJn Parses and $3,000 in Premhre
Sixteen Trotting and pacing and Nine Running races filled.
One hundred and eighty-six entries, comprising some of the fastest '<
in the West.
Great exhibition of Blooded Stock, for which high premiums are given.
The music will be furnished by one of the finest bands in Southern California.
Grand display of products In the pavilion on the grounds.
Admission to grounds, 50 cents. Admission to grand stand, 25 cents.
fl. F. BROWN, Secretary.
CAPT. J. C. NEWTON, President.
C. at WOOD, Lessee. H. C. WYATT, Manager
Opening Regular Season—Three Nights and Saturday Matinee
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, October 10, 11, 12
Peerless Pauline Hall
And her Incomparable Company :::::: in tho Merry Operatic Comedy
SATURDAY MATINEE. Seats now on sale.
Bet. First and Second. %jT\ f\44 ftfW rkick's: iq c .^"r.oo
~Week CommeMing - MATINEE
MONDAY, Oct. 7 Saturday and Sunday
Elaborate production of the Nautical Farce-Comedy, ln Three Acta
Vaudeville Company YVIUUW U ns the Widow
BURBHN X THEKTER, Fred A. Cooper, Man age-
Main Street, Between Fifth and Sixth.
Grand opening of the Third Season MONDAY F.VE'O, OCT. 7. Special cngagemerr ol th'
FRAW LEY COMPANY .from the Columbia Theater, San Francisco), who will appear in '.i. .t.
Crane's great American play
Special scenery and accessories. Matinee on Saturday.
Prices: 15c, 20c, 30c, 50c, 75c and ?1.00. The two latter prices are forlogeand b<\ . 's.
Reserved seats can be obtained one week in advance without extra charge.
Monday eve'g, Oct. 14, William Gillctt's Greatest Comedy, ALL THE COMFORTS Ol'
SIMPSON TKBERNKCLE Torbett Concert Company
MISS OLLIE TORBETT, The Charming American Violinist, in coune. tion
with the world-renowned Swedish Lutteman Sextette, from Stockholm, Sweden, wi'i a
Farewell Concert in Simpson Tabernacle FRIDAY EVE., Oct. 11, 2p. m. Admissibn 3b and sf\;
With Family Entrance, and Family Departments.
114-110, Court street, Los Angc 1 ii o*l
Free refined entertainment every evening from 7:30 to 12 o'olock. Matinee Mondar and
Saturday from 12 to 2:30 p. m. Every Friday amateur night. First appearance in Lo. Ange
les and engagement extraordinary of the most accomplished, youngest little Soubrette an
the American Stage, I A PFTITF PfKF ! MR - w - J - TALBO:
Finest Cuisine and meals a la carte at all hours.
T HE PHLKCB Corner First and Spring sts., under the proprietorship of
GUNTIIER <fc BERNHARD, has reopened the season as a
With the celebrated BERTH FAMILY, lormerlv with Vienna Buffet.
First appearance of The Eccentric Comedian The Wonderful -ttnger,
Concert from 7:30 to 12. Change of programme every week,
ADMISsION FREE. N. B.—Closed Eundays. Next week new face
Iron aad wood working Machinery. Belting, Packing. Wood Pulleys, Dvnamoa, ate ai-S
Electrical Supplies. THE MACHINERY SUPPLY CO., 104 N. Broadway. Phone 1427
880 TO 080 BUKN A VISTA ST.,
Adjoining b. f. tirounda. TtjL, UA>
PERRY, nOTT & Co.'s
186 CommercuU ft,, Ln AttgtlMk Cal

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