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Most Attractive Structure in the
Business District
Erected by R. H. Howell, Prominzal
Banker and Capitalist
Details of the Architectural features of the
Building With rtentlon ot Its Con
tractors and Occupants
Of tha many pretentious business blocks
Which have been added to the commer
cial architecture of this city within
recant years, it were indeed a daring re
viewer who would essay to select one of
tea number upon which to bestow the
palm for highest excellence. Many of |
these structures are representative of the i
highest ideals which have oeen wrought
out by the genius of ethical research,
coupled with the utilitarian demands of
business. One may final in tins city I
blocks npoa blocks which rank with tho j
finest productions of tbe building trades |
in this or any other state.
But there is one among this creditable
array which, onco seen, is sure to make
a lasting impression upon the mind of
the beholder. Anil this impression is duo
not so much to the magnitude of the struc
ture, for there are other-* equally laige,
as It 's to the beauty and refinement of
its lines and the charming composition
of color and grace in its proportions. In
these latter and highest standards of com
parison this one excels. It is not. too
much to say tbat no building in Southern j
California so faithfully presents a class!- j
cal order nf architecture in all of its {
puri*y as this one. Jt has met the ad- j
miring scrutiny of the professional |
draughtsman and the eye of the casual 1
observer and for each it has borne a mes- |
•age of surpassing beauty and symmetry, j
The Le Grand block, for such is tlie I
name of the structure referred to, occu
pies a conspicuous position in the center
part ot the new business district
of the city which is rapt Ily coming to be '
looked upon by far-seeing men as the
nture commercial center of 1,03 Argeles.
It is located upon the west side of South
Spring street, between Fifth and Sixth
Streets. The building is til by 140 feet in
ground dimensions, and three stories ot
height, with basement under the whole.
The materials of which it is built are of
tbe most enduring chaiacrtr and all
accessories which aro known to subserve
either to the safety or convenience of the
occupants or frequenters of the block have
been supplied.
The order of architecture to which the
lie Grand Mock belongs Is that of mod
am French renaissance, slightly modified
to meet tbe utilitarian requirements of a
oommercial structure. Tlie decorations
Oi the building, which are a faithful pre
sentation of tne spirit of tho French, are
Ornate in design and florid in the meas
ure of their adoption. The ground story
presents little which diffeis from the cor
responding portion of all strictly high-
Olaes oeildings of a similar character, it
being constructed entirely of iron and
plate glass, with openings as large as tbe
etimenikOßs of the block and tho •up port
ing features will allow. The striking feat
ure of this facade is tbe tine marble
portal and vestibule which leads to the
upper flo-irs of the building. This feature
is made the recipient of especial con aid
oratOQ hy Ms author, arid reflects tbe most
dtterltsinatios teste of conception. The
vestibule is floored in a rich mosaic of
harmonious tints, upon which is made
conspicuous the name of the building.
Its wa'ls are linished in polished Italian
marble to tbe full height of the cornice,
and the short (light of steps by which it
is approached is made from the sumo ma- 1
terial. Tbe superstructure ol the main j
facade is the Held wherein the real aicni
tectUral order of tbe building is the most I
pronounced. Four perpendicular bays of j
liberal dimensions traverse the front
from the second <*tory level to the frieze
above. These features are supported noon
steel frames an 1 are clothed in terra cotta
Wrought in delicate tracery which con
forms to the general treatment, ihe area,
traversed by the projections is broken at
appropriate intervals by belts which
skirt the facade and which are made to j
assume the role of elaborate decorations, j
The superior frieze is especially rich in .
decorative features, the prevailing ftg-
Urea chosen being rose garlands pre- j
sen ted in strong relief against bordered i
panels. A very ornate panel upon this ;
line of tbe building bears the name Le I
Grand in heroin characters, lint of all
the striking features of this superb front,
nearly every square foot of which is COY-
ered with carving in elaborate designs. 1
the 'one transcendent study in harmon
ious tracery and intricate design ia fur
nished in the lofty cornice which crowns
the facade. This featuie, in all of its elab
rate decorations following faithfully the
pure lines of the ensemnle.is so designed
as 10 give the highest efficacy to the lines
below. It _n built in three sections, the 1
outer two ol which are upon the same
horizontal line, ".'bile the third or cen
tral one rises to a considerable height
ahoio the otfieis. Each of these divis
ions Is massive in proportion and so de
signed a> to return upon itself at its ter
minal point, thus maintaining to a strik
ing degree the idea Ol inassivcness and
strength. This treatment is followed
throughout the eittife facade, thus insur
ing for all time the autonomy of the de
sign. Such, in brief, are the salient feat
ures of this superb front. It is a triumph
111 arobltectUre of which this city may
well he proud, and one which is destined
to be the recipient of mvorable comment
by artist and layman alike for v long
timo to come.
Tho lower story of the building is
divided into two large store rooms, the
larger ot which is occupied by the great
retail furniture bouse of I. T. Martin.
The upper doors are divided into ljdgings
and are fitted up in elegance and luxury
Which conforms to thu general standard
of the building. Tne finishing is of tlx:
highest order and every accessory which
ensures perfect sanitation has been sup
plied. A light well traverses tlie center
of the structure to the second story level,
onto which all upper rooms Upon tie in
side of the structure open, thus making
every apartment an outside room. Hath
rooms, electrio and gas fixtures, tele
phone, lire alarm and messenger calls are
ail supplied anl spacious iron tird es
capes reach every tioor elevation, ternii-
Datlng In a broad gallery which traverses
the rear of the several halls above. Tbe
building is ao constructed as to make de
struction of it hy tire practically impossi
ble. The frame is of steel and iron and
the interior walls of massive masonry
from the bottom of the basement.
The La Grand block is built by the
well-known capitalise, K. H. Howell.
For many years this enterprising citizen
has been intimately associated With the
growth and development of the city of
Los Angeles, having been for a long per
iod at the head ol a larce wholesale trroc
ery house. Later ha disposed of tiio lat
ter to give his attention to the manage
ment nf his numerous investments. At
present Mr. Howell is extensively en
eaped in banking, oeing a member of the
board of directors of the State Loon and
Trust com pany ;in man tifucHiring, us
proprietor of one of the largest canning
institutions of and
in handling real estate. Besides his in
terests in this state he is heavily inter
ested in Texas and Louisiana property.
The epleoJid building which he has
added tn the commercial institutions of
Ibis city is the result of bis successful
business career in Southern California
and as an evidence of bis firm belief in tbe
future of tbe city of las adoption. As
one ol ihe foremost mem bers of tbe
chambet of commerce, Mr. Howell hai
bee*B for years a liberal supporter of all
that bas made for the advancement of
home interests.
The L« Grand block derives its namo
from a member of Mr. Howell's immediate
la mil y — bis only son. Tho honor I bus con
ferreu is one of which any young man
may well fe»l proud, aside irom the pe
cuniary oonaidargtion which may be con
jectured. Ls Grand was also tlie maiden
name of Mrs. Howell. Tbis building is
destined lo be a source of profit and
pleasure to its fortunate owner for a gen
eration to come, who ever he may be.
\ Complete Outfitter nf All Kinds of Hon.*?
I'm mi shines.
The 'growth and development of all
municipal centers demand, sooner or
later, tbe establishment of vast empori
ums where complete outfits for tbe fur
nUhtnenta of .household fittings may ho
prcurred at moderate QOSt and of tbo
highest order. The demand embraces
alike a wish for the best of everything
an 1 a harmonious selection such tbat
everything selected shall correspond with
everything else in the household, thus
maintaining throughout tho house a de
finite idea and, in a measure, refleoting the
idea of the purchaser. Again, thero is
an utilitarian idea running through the
demand, it is that the purchase shall be
directed or advised hy an expert in the
knowledge of what is latest and best in
all that is required tor the greatest com
fort and convenience. Outfitting estab
lishments afford the further advautigejot
giving to purchasers an opportunity of
making an entire selection of household
requirements without the annoyance and
fatigue cf an endless tramp through
many establishments to make the needed
selections. Everything is there spread
out before the purchaser and v>e entire
composition of a room may be set for his
Mr. I. T. Martin of the magnificent
new Lb Grand block on S. Spring street,
bas an establishment of tne character
above referred to. It is the result of
years or careful study of the requirements
of tbe local situation and a conscientious
devotion to the wishes of its patrons, ft
is ju?t such an establishment as the grow
ing demands of tbis mty must have at this
time. It is an establishment which
every conceivable article of household
furnishing may be found* One may go
there at a moment's notice and procure
any article of household furniture that
may he required for any place. The
establishment, which recently mo/cd
from No. 451 Spring street, is tbo largest
of its kind in Southern California and
one fully adequate to suoply the demands
of a much larger city than Los Angeles,
it was due to its rapidly expanding trade
that the new anu cooiudious location was
, sought.
To enumerate the long list of complete
lines to oe found in tho store were an
endless task. Tno stock can he bast de
scribed by saying that it comprises a full
line of floor coverings such as carpeting,
mattings, rues, oil cloths and linoleums.
The parlor furnishings comprise line
furniture in sets or single pieces, bric-a-
I brae, curtains, lamps, and special
pieces. The dining room outfits
[ are endless as to variety and quality.
Tlie culinary department comprises ever
I thing from ice hox, cooking stoves and
1 heaters to the various cooking utensils
which only a woman oan understand and
utilize. Led chamber sets and ball fur
nishings are supplied in all new stytei
and special pieces without number.
Aside from all tll*SO there is a n aggreg
ation of thnt endless list of odd thing,
which add much to tne beauty and at
tractiveness of home, but which have no
special utility. These ure articles for tha
toilet and sewing table and library. Il
is probably safe to say that if one baa
broken one piece of furniture of a sot, o*l
1 Cents Saved
We pay freight 3000 miles on the famous "Town and Country" jag
Paints, and then sell them at 86 cents per gallon less than you __U
can buy them in any big Eastern city. Don't asjc tbe — That it is
so Is enough. pr*
| P. H. MATHEWS, N.E. Cor. Ham and Second 1
one dish of a set, or desires an odd bit,
as women do, for BOtne selected spot the
wish can be gratified at Martin's,
One oi the many reasons why the bouse
furnishing store is of such utility is
the fact tnat gooerl may be obtained at il
upon the instalment or partial payment
plan, a consideration of tbe brat import*
ance to those having an immediate de
mand but whose linaoces are fully re
quired in other channels for the time be
ing. Hy this arrangement one may come
into the immediate enjoyment of the
required outfit for housekeeping, with an
opportunity of paying for them at leis■
art. Another consideration ia that one
may exchange furniture already on hand,
if it he in n pood state of repair, and se
cure for ie complete and harmonious sets.
The new establishment is complete in
various departments, as has been said,
but the regular departments do not con
tian all of the. great stock. There are cer
tain outside lines, such as baby carriages,
books and cutlery. The area of the floors
of the estabishment are immense. About
14.0J0 feet of space in the floors and gal
leries are crowded to their utmost capaci
ty. The main room is 40 by 140 feet in
superficial area, with a basement of equal
ei-'.e, besides the two galleries eachteu hy
fifty feet, and a third forty feet square.
The interior of the establishment is fitted
up in such a manner ai to make the in
spection of eoods a matter of pleasure as
well as ease and comfort. One needs but
to call at the place to leave an order for
the inspection of anything he may havo
to sell or to have his house inspected for
the selection of tne outfit for one room or
for the entire bouse. The place of busi
ness is at No. 631 to 533, Spring street,
betewen Fifth and Sixth.
Leading Contractors and Builders of the
Of tbe linn of Mackay & Young, con
tractors, little remains to be said tbat is
new. Their well with
the erection of all, or nearly all, of the
principal buildings of this city renders
their name at ome familiar to the build
ing trade and to the many other lines of
merchants and capitalists who have had
occasion to engage their services. It is
probably Sttfe to say tbat this firm bas
done more contract building than any
other in Southern California within the
past fifteen years. At present the firm
is engaged in the erection of thirteen
public school edifices.together with many
important private and commercial struc
One o! their most recent triumphs is
tlie completion of the splendid L« Grand
hlocK, which is the subject of this illus
tration, i'hey also nave completed with
in a sborth time the Boston store block.
These two line structures are among
the most pretentious of the new buildings
of the year of the commercial class.
Mr. Mackay, of the firm, is a man well
known throughout the city as a foremost
Democrat and has more than once been
prominently before conventions, by the
desire ot his many friends and admirers,
as a possible recipient of tbe nomination
for the mayoralty of tne city. In his
business career he has drawn to him
many warm friends whose attachment
has warmed with the lapse of years. Mr.
Young, the junior member of tbe firm,
gives partici/Jflf attention to the execu
tion of the details of the large building
business of tbe firm, and linds himself
fully engaged in it.
Rabbi Blum Remembered by Congregation
B'nal B'rlth
I he [allowing resolutions will be found
of interest:
LOS ANGELES. June 38, 189j.
Key. A. Blum. City.
Reveiend Sir:—Al n meeting of the
congregation B'nai li'ritb, tbe following
resolution, were presented and unani
mously cairied :
Whereas. Tbe Hey. A. Blnm, after an
honorable and faithful term of service of
six yenrs as minister and teacher ol tbe
congregation l!'"ai B'rith.bas placed bis
resignation with the board of trustee,,and,
Whereas, The snid board of trustees for,
and In behalf of the congregation desire
to express their highest acknowledgments
for the many faithful and honoiable
services rendered by bim during the time
whether in the synagogue or in the
school room, whether on festal occasions
or in tbe room of the sick, or at the bed
of ihe dying, he was at all times and on
all occasions ever ready to rejoice with
the fortunate or administer consolation to
those stricken with grief. Therefore
be it
Resolved, That we hope bis future
ministerial career will be pleasant and
prosperous and that his talents may
nlways be appreciated in the promulga
tion of reforrueu Judaism, of which ho
has always been an earnest and conscien
tious advocate.
Resolved. That these resolutions be
sptead on the minutes and a copy thereof
be presented to Key. A. Ilium.
11. W. HELLMAN, Pres.
J. E. WAhDEOK, Secretary.
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{SjjjlQ Removed 531 and 533
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/ room; Ihe largest and raosi
complete New and Second*
llin d Furniture Store in this
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