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The Herald
TEMPER ATURE—Report of observations
taken at Los Angeles October .'ll. Tho
barometor is retluool to sea level.
I BO 'N I 1 linear
I OS |NW j ft ICU'ftt
■ :00 «. m,
, :00 p. m.
Maximum temperature. 8(1.
Minimum temperature. 45.
FORECAST.—Oot. Hl.— For Southern Cal
ifornia: Fair; stationary temperature;
southerly winds.
WEATHKII REPORT. — United States
depaitment ot agrlOUHttM weather
bureau's report., received at Ljs An
geles October .'ll. 1896.
Bar. |Te
William R. King had » valuable St.
Bernard dog stolen from his premises in
this city about n year ago. Mrs. King,
taking advantage uf a ulna, lias recently
been doing detective work with the result
that on Wednesday morning she deliver
ed the pet an mal in l'uente. Upon Call
in I bun by mine Keno soon demonstrat
ed to the yodna man in whoso possession
the dog tlien was that his rightful owner
was present. Keno is now quartered at
bis old homo in this city.
W. F. Cox had a narrow escape from
death yestorday. He fell down the ele
vator shaft in the new Cerrier building,
• distance uf about forty feet, and brone
his left leg beiow the knee, lie saved
himself by outching hold id a rope which
broke bis fall. He was treated at the re
ceiving bospiatl.
■ George Ralph of Downey, one of tho
two men arrested on tho lath instant for
shooting ducks on the grounds leased by
the Alamitos gun club and who was tried
befoio Judge Kosecrans and a jury at
LoOl Beach Wednesday, wus acquitted
of the ( barge, the jury bringing in a ver
dict of not guilty.
Poitmaatar Van Dusen yesterday receiv
ed aevrral of the letters that pa-sed
thr ugh tiie wreck in which most of the
mail from New York tiuted the 23d for
Soulliern Caltornla and Arizona was
burned.' Though uadly charred the ad
dresses cruld be made out and they were
delivered In due form.
Harry S'egar and Willie Talbot, two of
tbe dug catcher's men, were arrested
yesterday by Otiloer Richardson on com
plaint ol Captain .1. F. Janes, who claims
that they took his pet dog "Nlppei"
from oft the porch on New High street
recently. The case will bo tried today.
Jimmie Turner, a waiter, has got him
self into seiuo mnro trjtihlc. A female
named Katio Dublin, with whom be
la tad to ll.ive been Keeping com
pany, claims that he gave her a black
eye several nights ago. She had him ar
rested early yesterday morning for bat
A vicious St. Hernurd dog that takes up
Its position on the sidewalk in the
neighborhood of SIS West First street
should be introlucel into the canine
heaven, promptly, if all the stories told
of its llglineu be true.
The mysteries of the Mystic Shrine at
Molnkiith temple will be disclosed to a
large class oi Knights Templar and thir
ty-second degree novitiates tonight, il
lustrious Potentate Prank Under will pre
There will be v meeting of the Free
X imlegarti n association at the residence
tf Mrs. B. S. Wot Kins, 8:12 flower street,
at 2 unlock Saturday, November 21, to
discuss the matter of Herald proposition.
The carl enters will hold an open meet
ing ai Council 01 L> hor hall on Thursday
evening next, upon which occasion Mrs.
Alice Moore McL'omas will make a brief
ad In si.
Local lodge No. 80 of the American
lluilway nniou will bol l a meeting 011
Sunday night at tho Council of Labor
The federation ot societies will nive a
reception t> Mrs. Dallington lieoth this
afternoon at the Friday Morning club
The Army and Navy league will hold a
meeting in Justice Morrison's court room
on the evening of November IStn.
Constable Harry Johnston returned
yseterony from San Diego with Slovo
William*, who is wanted fur buttery.
The Fiaternal Ad asociution will give
an entertainment In Korbe hull, Doyle
Heights, on the Ttb insti.nt.
W. C. Miller, tho Standard Oil com
pany's I'acilic ooast agent, tettirned to
San francisco yesterday.
A monument to cost $r>nn will be erect
ed 0.1 the printers' plot in Ito»cdule ceme
Arthur Summers was arrested yes
terday on ansppiOton by Officer MeKenzie.
The council of labor ol this city will
Rive a ball on Thank .giving evening.
* Main street is threatened with the in
troduction of a bloomer restaurant.
Sheriff IJurr has,entirely recovered from
his recent indisposition.
H. C. Fiske, jr., A Co., general agents
of tho Davis Sewing Machine company,
manufacturers of tho well-known Davis
and Advance sewing maclrrios and the
celebrated Dayton bicycles, w II on the
Ist of November vacate the premises, 128
South Main street, occupied by them for
the last ten years, for tho new anil ele
gant store in llall. lt & Pirtle block. 407
South Broadway, opposite the chamber
of commerce.
Tho Whole an of dresronking, cutting
and fitting, basting, taught by profes
sional teachers tonight At 7 p. ni. at Y.
W.C.A., 107 N. Spring st. Young women
can learn to he inderu ndent and take
positions from th is class.
Tr. liebecoa Lee Dorsey.Stimson blook,
tirst tloor, rooms 120, ISO, 131. Special at
tention given to obstetrical rases and all
diseases of women and children. Elec
tricity scientifically used. Consultation
hours, Ito ft. Tel. 1277.
6. Conradi, jeweler and watchmaker,
113 S. Spring street, makes a specialty of
line watch and jewelry repairing and dia
mond setting; an elegant line of optical
goods. A line stock of watches and jewel
ry always on liana.
Those 2S-cent frames we told you about
went like bot oakes. Only a few left.
This week a genuine uantl-maile pastel
wilh heavy beveled mat for $1. Llchten
berger's Art Emporium, 107 North Main
Adams Bros., dentists, South
Spring street, rainless tilling and ex
tracting. Best ssts of teeth from $0 to
$10. Hours, Bto ft; Sundays, 10 to 12.
Pianos for sale, ana to rent on easy
monthly payments. A. O. Gardner, 118
Winston ttreet. Pianos tuned and repair
Vaoy Steer removed to No. 1071.< South
Broadway, rooms 4, ft, 0, 7, 8; dandruff
positively cured; buir invigorated.
Evangelist Komig will begin rovivai
at the First Christian churcii
next Sunday.
Peanuts crushed and bulla blown out.
Nevin's perfect poanut oandy, 205 South
All day fourfold gospel meetings today
at W7;..: North Main street. All are wel
' Sharp & Sampson,funeral dlrectora (in
dependent) 536 South Spring street. Tel.
Steam carpet cleaning at Bloeser's. No.
456 South Broadway. Tel. 427.
Oysters and clams on shell. Speoial
breakfast, 25 cents. Hollenbeck Cafe.
Reams f2 a week and up. U. S. hotel.
V:. Reese, H9> 4 South Spring.
Northern Pacific Officials Appear
in Court
The Route Has Been Selected to Enter
Santa Cruz
Hearing of the Injunction Against Lowering
Southern Pacific Rates Set lor No
vember ißth-Traftic Notes
Agtociated Press Special Wire.
SEATTLE Wn. Oct. St.—Tha old re
ceivers of tho Northern I'acilic railroad
appeared before Judge Ilunford in the
United Stiites circuit oourt for the dis
trict of Washington this morning by
their attorneys, .1. D. Crowley of Ta
coma and Adrian 11. Jolinc. counsel for
the Central Trust copmany of New York,
and presented their answer to the order
of tho court of October 2d requirng them
to appear and bliow cause why they
should not be punished for contempt of
court for their ftiiluro to obey a previous
order rf the court, which required tnem
to make a report to him of their steward
ship as rnoeivcis of '.ha property. Their
answer was n volumnious one, going
fully into their ap[ointiuent as receivers,
their recognition of the circuit court of
the Eastern district of Wisconsin, as the
court of primary jurisdiction, to which
court their ret oris had been made and
the filitig of their resignations as receiv
ers, 'ihey disclaimed any intention of
not respecting the order of thiH court,
and ask that the order removing them as
receivers be revoked and that in lieu
thereof their resignations he accepted.
Judge Han ford did not grant their peti
tion, but reforred the whole matter to
Master in Chancery Kbcn Smith of this
city for examination and report, who is
•nfbortied to require the production of
the vouchers for the expenditures made
by the old receivers, nnd to hear any ob
jections |hat any parties interested may
see "it to make, or to require any expla
nation that may be necessary in order
that a proper auditing of the accounts
may be hud. Judge llanford said that if
thu reports were on tile in any other court
ho would not interfere with tho pro
ceedings and recor Is of that court so us
to require the production ot the original
vouchers, but they must be submitted to
the master in chancery in this court
either by copies or b. allowing bit.i to go
where tiie reports are on tile.
In announcing his disposition of the
case Judge llanford said that the answer
filed seemed to relieve tbe receivers from
any imputation of any intontional defi
ance ol the court,and he was notdisposed
to view tbe matter in a captious spirit
or with any inclination to bo unneces
sarily severe with Ibe receivers. It was
the intention of the court that us officers
of tbe court the receivers should render
an account ol their stewardship in such a
way tliat the parties interested might be
enabled lo make any objection they
might havo to any penis in the account.
The answer wus subject to some criti
cisms, hut he would puss those matters
by, with the solo view of securing the
legal right of tbe parties to have a just
The Santa Cruz Route
SANTA OBUZ, Oct. 81.—Ohiei Engi
neer Homer of the West Shore Hailroad
company has selected the route to enter
this city. It will be along the streets
and through the land close to the ocean,
affording a view of the water the entire
distance. The aepai will be near the
old narrow gauge freight warehouse and
near tbe beach. The yards are to be near
the fnion deput grounds. Tho road will
run through the Surfilde and Garlield
parks. Chief Engineer Homer says that
much blasting will ba required between
Amesport and Lngunn. People here havo
reason to feel assured that the road will
be constructed, judging from the careful
surveys being made and tbe eastern cap
ital beuind it. Some ol the projectois
reside in San fram isco. There will be
no trouble in securing rights of way and
dtq ot sites in this county. Tbe road
will attract much tourist travel, besides
open n country new to the people. Along
the line arc farms mid dairies, besides
bitumen mines and forests. The shorten
ing of the running time between here
and San francisco will be an inducement
to greatly increusejjiruvei. It is believed
thut this end of the rond is the begin
ning of it through line to the east. The
surveyors are now within a mile ol the
city limits.
Low Freight Rates
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 31.-ln the in
junction suit i f the Southern Pacific rail
load company against tbe California rail
road commissioners to prevent the latter
from enforcing a reduced schedule of
freight tariffs, United States Judge Me-
Kennn today grunted a continuance until
November 18 at the request of Attorney
General Fitzgerald. Tbe attotneys for the
railroad made no objection.
Railroad Notes
CLEVELAND, 0., Oct. 31,-In refer
ence to the $0,000,000 loan just negotiated
in London by the Baltimore & Ohio Kail
way company,with the entire property of
the rojrgonized Valley and Cleveland
Terminal Railroad company as security.
Vice President Kemp of tbe latter com
pany said today:
"J'he policy ot the road Is to firat get
the money to pay off the debt, acquire
new linanei.il resources, and then go
ahead and develop, f lie B. &O. has had
vast interests here for some years. They
have been allowed to virtually go to
waste, but you oan say that the |(!,000,000
will enable us to make improvements that
will prove ol benetit to both Cleveland
and the road."
ST. LOUI3, Oct. 31.—Tho executive
officers ol thiity-rive railroads, represent
ing all pri icipaal systems west of Chicago
and the Mississippi river, havo decided to
continue this year's agreement regarding
free transportation in 1890.
CHICAOO, Oct. 31.-It is today said
that Mr. Fleming, chairman of the Eng
lisu committee of stockholders, and Mr.
Luden, chairman of tbe Dutch stockhold
ers' committee, are coming to this city
to assist in bringing the deuuloolr in the
reorganization of the Atchison road to
an end. It is said both gentlemen favor
Mr. Jeffrey, but as neither will have a
vote, all they can do is to voice their
preferences. It is still said that Mr.
Robinson has a safe majority of the com
Don't Pay Rent
When you can buy a nice home for about
the same money. We have a nice six
room bouse, Oath, pantry and closets, lot
(10x100, with a good barn, located near
the corner of Eighth street ftiui Central
avenue, far $11100, at the rate of $100 oash
and the balance at $20 v montb. Thi. is
n bargain, as it ia now rented lor $15 v
month and would rent for more during
the winter months. Don't put off look
ing this up. Langwortby Co., 220 South
Spring street.
Agency for Pabst Beer
Agency for Pabst beer, rncittc Bottling
Works, cor, Fifth nnd Wolfjklll It*.
T. L. Herman Sentenced to the County Jail
tor Petty Larceny
T. L. German a blacksmith, was sent to
the county jail late last night from F.I
Monte to serve a sentence of ten days for
petty larceny.
Yesterday Mr. Hotebkisl and another
gentleman went to E] Monte and asked
at Hudson's livery stable where they
should stop for the tiny. German was
present and engaged in conversation with
them. Finally he directed them to the
hotel. They left their valise at the stable
and German wentbaok and hid it iii the
back of the corral.
Mr. Hotellkiss mis.-nd the valise and re
ported it to Deputy Constable Pnllee.
The litter, in company with another
man, watched the place and saw German
go and remove tho stolen property and
then nuhbed him. He was taken before
the justice of tho peace and pleaded
guilty to petty larcony and was let off
with a itgbt eentenoe.
Visiting Shoe Salesmen Put Themselves
on Record
They Find a Fellow Traveler Sick and In
Destitute Circumstances and Pro
vide a Relief Fund
Within the past few days an incident
has developed which demonstrates what
kind of mettle drummers are made out
of. The general impression is that they
form a sort of nccessiry evil, the indi
vidual parts of which are given to story
telling, a gay life, and that they lead a
sort of oatoh-em-on-the-dv existence.
The incident referred to shows, however,
that the shue drummers at least, who
cnine to tbe Pact tie coast are a wnole
soulud, manly sort of fellows with a ten
der spot in their big hearts. For several
years I!. L. Lawrence has been coming
semi-annually to the coast us tbe repre
sentative of the Thomas G. Plant Shoe
company of Lynn, Mass. Mr. Lawrence
has been in delicate health for two or
three years. A few weeks ago he Visited
'his city and was taken down sick. He
was removed to Miss Palmer's sanita
rium, corner Tenth and IT >wer streets.
A few daya ago it beoame known to other
eastern shoe drummers, who by the way
all visit this section ut about, the same
time of year, that Mr. Lawrence was in
comparatively destitute circumstances.
A consultation was held, but 'with the
drummer to think is to act and a sub
scription was at once opened. A tele
gram to the Thomas G. Plant Shoe com
pany brought a i order for $UiO. Tele
grams wore sent to San Francisco to
other travelling shoe salesmen who had
visited this city earlier and with the
result thut with the contribution of the
lirni and the drummers now in Los An
geles and San Francisco tne round sum
of |400 was raised in two days. This su.ii
has been placed in the hands of George
Russell, bead uf the shoe department of
A. Hamburger At Sons, who will see that
Mr. Lawrence's last wants are amply
supplied, and at bis death, which imist
occur in a few days, that bis remains are
properly interred hero or sent east as Mr.
Lawrence may request.
Can Be Radically Cured in From One to
Three Months
Dr. H P. Peebles of 115S South Spline;
street lias foi the last ten to twelve years
devoted his. exclusive attention to Hie
study of syphillis and scrofula. About
two years ago he discovered the remedy
that" he is now using hypodermically.
His treatment is really a series of anti
synhiilic taccinat'on, and eliminates the
poison of syphillis and scrofula In pre
cisely the same manner as Pasteur's fa
mous cure for hydrophobia. Witnin the
lest two yesrs he has radically cured 117
cases of syphillis and in no case has be
fulled of a perfect cure. No matter 111
what condition the patient or of how lung
standing the disease, the doctor will
eliminate tne poison entirely by hypo
derm Ie treatment. No medicine given by
the stomach.
Many arc prejudiced against the hypo
dermic treatment bec r use opium liends
use morphine in that way, but in no oth
er method can medicine act so directly
as by introducing into the blood in all
diseases caused by blood poison. In or
der to prove the rapid euro obtained by
this treatment and the hurmlessness of
the renijdies used, the doctor requested
the best Known chemists in Southern
California to Inveatiagte the t.eattuent
and examine the remedies used, and
received the following endorsement:
Wado it Wade, Analytical Chemists and
Assayers, lOdls Commercial stieet. Dr.
11. P. Peebles': Dear Sir—Having boen
requested to make a personal investiga
tion of your method of treating typhlitis
unu scrofula, aud 10 examine the reme
dn a employed, we commenced observa
tion on the 10th of September, 18 j, anil
have followed several cases during their
treatment. We have been astonished at
the rapid cure effected and in our judg
ment tho discovery equals that ot l'asteur
or Koch or Keeley.
An examination of the medicine shows
a total absence of all nnrcotics or ollior
deleterious drugs. WADE it WADE.
Tho doctor would gladly explain the
details ol his treatment bo any enquirer
at his ofh.ee, rooms 7 and 8, ild% South
Spring street.
Short Rate, Long Haul
On Tuesday next, November sth, the
Southern Pacific railroad will placo on
sale tickete, good for transportation
from Los Angeles to Chicago, by wav of
New Orleans, at $02.50 for first class and
$52.50 for second class. On the same
date the Santa Fe will sell ticket! good
lor passage from Los Angeles to Omaha,
Council Bluffs or Sioux City, via Kansas
City, at $50 for lirst, class and $411 for sec
ond class. Thia is a revival of the short
rale, long haul business of the past.
The members of troop I), cavalry, will
occopv the center of the balcony at the
Los Angeles theater nnd enjoy the per
formance of Krminie tomorrow night. An
invitation has been tendered them ns a
courtesy on the pait of their commander,
Capt. J. IL Lnnkorshim.
Bicycle craze is on. waii paper must go—33
to 50 ier Cent off; 9aß 8 Spring it. c cc out
Tribune Wheel, best on earth: judgo lor your
Highest Honors—World's Fair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
•Most Perfect Made.
40 Years the Standard..
Continued from First rug*
Fried lander, Goltlob & Co., ol flan Fran
cisco, was in the city yesterday and spoke
concerning the progress being made in
the north to raise the money required.The
linn to which ho belongs wero among itie
initiators uf the proposal to bring the
convention to San Francisco, and have
contributed fH'OU in cash in aid of the
sch em c.
"I think." remarked Mr. Oottlob,"that
too full amount of 1100,000 will bo sub
scribed within a very short tune. Already
$iMi,UOO has been contributed nnd as tho
various trades unions and industrial as
sociations have now taken hold, there is
every reason to think that tho balance
will be obtained Without any difficulty,
I am glad to see that Los Angeles is
moving in the matter. Without doubt
tne money subscribed will be far mora
than returned should the convention bo
brought to California.''
M. M. Potter, one of the proprietors of
the Westminster lintel, was quietly en
tbuaiaatio regarding the idea. "It ap
pears almost ridiculous," said lie, "to
imagine a large body of intelligent men
-above rather than below tho overuse in
this retpect—coming to California and
fa'hng to take a peep at the beauties of
the southern country. Los Anglees is
bound to receive its full share of atten
tion from both delegates to tne conven
lion and the visitors who will come in
their tram, and ho it is but right that this
city lake action in order that the conven
tion be nronght to the state and made in
every way a successful gathering. Count
mo in us in favor of tiio measure, and I
will do my share in shouldering tbe
llnancml bunion when the lima conies."
John Camp has dune what every citi
zen is expected to do—he has written a
letter to an old triend in the nasi asking
the latter to exert bis inlluence in favor
of San Francisco as the place for holding
the next Republican convention. It is
addressed to the Hon. 11. W. Wall of
Staunton, ills., and reads as follows:
I have been in California thirty-five
years and in all this timu have never be
fore asked a favor of any of my numer
ous friends or relatives who live in my
old nutive state. In these lew lines I ask
a tavor of yi U now.
If consistent with your feelings t ask
thut you join in the great cyclone that is
sweeing across the continent Irom .Maine
to California and thereby help ns to
secure the National Republican conven
tion in the city down by the Golden
Gate. lam yours as ever.
The Apostolic Delegate Is to Be Made a
WASHINGTON*. Oct. 31.—Mgr. Satolli
has received an official notice of bis ele
vation as cardinal. The first announce
ment by letter was followed hy the fol
lowing cablegram to Cardinal Gibbons:
To tbe Most Eminent Cardinal Gib
bons, L T . S. A.—l am happy to ipform
you of the holy father having decided
to confer a cardinalate upon tbe apostolic
delegate, Mgr. Sutolli. Your eminence
will no delegated to impose the cardinal
ate beieta. his holiness intending in this
way to perform ail act gratifying to your
eminence. (Signed)
RAMPOLI.A, Cardinal.
A noonlight Duel
PRESCOTT, Ariz., Oot. .11.—A moon
light duel took place in Chino valley last
night in which Jerry \V. Sullivan, a well-
Known and wealthy stockman, wus one of
the participants, his two assailants being
John Clements and a German whose
name is not Known. Clemants first
picked a quarrel with Sullivan over an
alleged debt of $10 and then assaulted the
latter's foreman with beer bottles,beating
him badly. Sullivan pulled a gun in
defense of his foreman, when the (ierman
appeared witb a six-shooter in his hand,
attracting the attention of Sullivan, wncn
Clements opened fire on him. Sullivan
fired two shots in return nnd having no
more cartridges returned to the snloon
and procured a Winchester. He tired one
shot, there being only one cartridge in
the *;un. Clsments tired six shots at him,
some of wbl"h took effect. A warrant
has been issued for the arrest of Clements
and the German and otlicers are still after
Dry doods Failure
NEW YORK, Oct. 31.-Moses Rosen
burg & Co., dealers in dry goods and
notins at No. 380 and 382 Broadway, were
attached today under a claim for $:I28!1,
in favor of Victor it Nellls. Goldsmith
it Doherty, attorneys for Mrs. Bertha
Cohen, who purchases the entire stock of
Kosenburg A Co., reported the firm's
liubilitie at |1.'i7,000 and the nominal
assets at 1120,000. The firm has been in
business about thirty-five years.
A meeting of creditors will oe called in
a few days nnd a statement of the affairs
Sentenced to Be Shot
OODEN.Utan, Oot. 3L-Patrick Cough
lan, who killed Oiheer Dawes near Echo,
Utah, last August, has been sentenced to
be sunt on Decembei 10th.
Beauty Found
and In
Purity Cuticura
Sold throughout the world. British depot: F. New.
nr.tT awi> Huns, 1. Kinc Kdnard-it. London. I'ot jik
Iti.i t# fc Cum. Oi:i\, buie I'rop*., Button, U. B. A.
The New No. 2
Contains the greatest Improvement! sine*
tha Introduction of the writing machine.
See It and Be Convinced
LEO. E. ALEXANDER & BRO., Gen. A(ta.
WM. B. B. UPWARD, Mgr.,
SeL 704. 216 S. Broadway. Los Aafalet
fan FraacUeo efflce, 2l» SigWme street
Improved Homoeo
pathic Remedies
The Most Successful
Ever Known
He Says the People Have
a Right to Know
And He Refers Them to Over 700,000
Persons Who Have Been Cured
There is no punishment too severe.says
Protestor Munyou, for those who deceive
or take advantage of die sick. Yon may
s**ll a shoddy garment for pure wool, and
you only affect n m ill's purse, hut when
you palm off a spurious medicine on a
sick person you may caiist; months of
suffering and possibly tbe loss of a prec
iuus life.
Do Munyon's remedies cure? If they
do lliey should be in uverv bou-e. If
tbey do not they should be publicly con
demned and their salu probioited by
Certainly every opportunity has been
afforded tne public to test his remedies.
Thousands of vials have been Riven away
in all the leaning cities of America.
Newspaper! have made the most search
ing investigation, and thousands of peo
ple have testilied thßt they have been
cured. In this city alone more than
People declare they have been cured by
ins httle BUsar pellets.
Professor Munyon docs not claim that
Ilis remedial will cure in every case, but
is prepared to prove that they do cure over
80 per cent of ail curable cases when the
remedies are taken according to direc
Munyon's Rheumatism Cure is guaran
teed to cure rheumatism in any part of
the body. Acute or muscular rheumatism
can ue cured in from one to live days.
It speedily cures shooting pains, sciatica,
lumbago and all rheumatic pains in the
back, hip and loins. It seldom fails to
give relief alter one or two dosus, and al
most invariably cures before one bottle
has b ten used.
Munyon's Btomaoh and Dyspepsia Core
cures all forms of indigestion and stom
ach I rouble, such as rising ot food, dis
tress after eating, shortness of breath,
and all affections of the heart caused by
indigestion, wind on the stomach, bad
tast", offensive breath, loss of appetite,
faintness or weakness of stomach, head
ache from indigestion, soreness of the
at ach, coated tongue, heart burn,
snooting pains in the stomach, constipa
tion, dizziness, faintness and lack of en
Munyon's Nerve Cure cures all the
symptoms of nervous exbaustion, such as
depressed spirits, failure of memory, rest
less and sleepless nights,pain in the head
aud dizziness. II cures general debility,
stimulates and strengthens the nerves
and tones up the wboio body. Price, 25
Munyon's Kidney Curo ures pains in
tbe back, loin or groins from kidney di-
Hoaso, dropsy of tbe feet and limbs, fre
quent desi c to puss water, dark colored
and turbid urine, sediment in the urine
and diabetes, i'rico, cents.
Catarrh positively cured —Are you will
ing to spend 50 cents for a cure that posi
tively cures catarrh by removing the
cause of the disease? If so ask your drug
gist for a 25-cent bottle of Munyon's
Catarrh Cure and a "5-cent bottle of
Catarrh Tablets. The catarrh cure will
eradicate the disease from tho system,
and the tablets will cleanse and heal tbe
afflicted parts and restore them to a na
tural and healthful condition.
Munyon's Liver Cure corrects head
ache, biliousness, jaundice, constipation
and all live' disoaf.es.
Munyon's Cold Cure prevents pneu
monia" and breaks up a cold in a few
Munyon's Cough Cure stops cough,
night sweats, allays soreness and speedily
heals the lungs.
Munyon's i-cranio Remedies are a boon
to all women.
Munvon s Headache Cure stops head
ache in three minutes.
Munyon's Pile O.ntment positively
cures all forms of piles.
Munyon's Asthma Cure and Herbs are
guaranteed to relieve asthma in ihreo
minutes and cure in live days. l'rice, 60
cents vaeb,
Munyon's Blood Cure eradicates all im
purities fiom the blood.
Munyon's Vitalizor imparts now lite,
restores lost powers to weak and debili
tated men Price, $1.
Munyon's Homeopathic Remedy Com
pany, lfil's Arch street, Philadelphia,
Pa., puts tin specifies i'jr nearly every
disease; mostly for 25 cents a bottie.
Sold by All Druggists
I True SNikn 11.
Daring this season of the year tha
most pleasant route to the entire east,
with no high altitudes or snow block
ades, is via I I- PASO aud the
111 KB HI
Between California and Chicago, St. Louts and
Arkansas Hot Springs without change. For Ire
form-ti"i. p nni in s v ngont of H P. Co.. or to
T. F. FITZGERALD, Traveling Pass. Agb,
121 Californiast., ban Francisco, Cat.
The best wearing, most stylish, and
the greatest value of any $3.00 Men's
Shoes on tho continent.
Best calfskin, dongola tops, solid
leather soles, with all the popular toes,
lasts and fastenings, and Lewis' Cork
Filled Soles.
Each pair contains a paid-up Acci
dent Insurance Policy for 5100, good for
90 days.
Wear Lewis' Accident Insurance Shoes
once and you will never change. The
insurance goes for "full measure."
Talk with your dealer who sella Lewis'
and 119 .<.MAIN.
Colgan's, j!*M«jg
Bui's and sells snap bargains in
Will Not Be Undersold
An opportunity to please the little fellows.
We are giving with every suit or overcoat
in children's department a toy music '*Me
tallophone,'" and there are some great values
in knee-pant Suits. See if you can find
anything quite so good as our combination
suits at $}. -)0. The boys remember us
when they become
101 N. Spring St.
201-203-205-207-200 W. l-irst Street
„, aawsemejvts.
I Great Pacing I Great Trotting
Roadster Race, Owners to Drive Champion Polo Games
2:27 class, all arcs, trotting, (1000—Sixteen horses entered : big licld of starters: Zombro and
other great ones among then.
2:16 class, Nomination pacinr, purse $1200—Twelve high class entries, Ottinger and Chehalie
included : will be a great raoe.
GENTLEMEN'S ROADSTERS, owners to drive—Six best roadsters entered; will be fast and,
exciting race; George R., Dandy, Silky, Sam 11., Jumbo and Texas.
Between two ot these races the championship POLO GAME for two elegant silver emblems
will be played. t
Riversides: 11. C. Maud, R. L. Bettncr, C. S. Waring, Captain; E. C. Maud.
Santa Monicas: P. D. Martin, W, 11. Young, W. R. Ward, J. H. Proctor, Captain.
Greatest Card of Sport Ever Offered to People of California.
two nights only Tonight and Saturday November i and 3
Mr. O. W. Kyle takes pleasure iv announcing the production oi the beautiful Comic Opera
Cnder the musical direction of MR. C. MODINI-woon. New and elegant coitutaes.
A popular cast assisted by a CHORUS OF FIFTY
Scenery painted especially for this production heats now on sale
PRICES: 25c, floe, 7Sc, $1.
C. M. IVCOI). Lessee H. C. WYATT, Manager
Five nights, commencing Tuesday, November sth, and Saturday Matinee
"It's a Uood Thing: Push It Along."
Canary & Lederer's New York Casino production Intact
With Its 110 people, including John E. llrnsh&w. Georje A. Schiller, John D. Gilbert, Seymour,
Hess, Out Flxley, B. S. Tarr, Vernona Jarbeau, I.uey Daly, Cherldah Simpson, Madge Leislng,
May Ten Broeck the Boston Quartette, Canar> & Lederer's Casino Pickaninnies, and the beau*
tit'ul L'Enfant Prodigue ballet.
Prices 25c, 50c. 75e. $1.00, $1.50. Seats now on sale.
SOUTH MAIN ST.. f\ every^eve'<
Bet. First and Second. mC\\^JeVi_sVfy*_«V ftjua prices: "oc^Sso/50i
Fial Kowski, Memphis Kennedy, Foley and O'Dell, Granger and Harding, Haines and
i elttintill. Murphy and Mack, /.anzlc.
BURBHNK THEHTER Fred A. Cooper, Manager
Main Street, between Fifth and Sixth.
Fourth Week of THE FRAWLEY COnPANY.Frcjm the Columbia Theater, a T..
Commencing Monday Evening, Oct. 28, with regular Saturday Tf-I E? f3\ia(~w\f
Matinee, pretenting William Haworth's glorious naval drama, // /C £Z1 Vol Uf 1 >
A wealth ot scenery, costumes and effects. Continued success of the cbaraiiDg songstress,
Lady Sholto Douglass Who will appear eeeh evening
m^mmm i mm^m^^ Hsai_^ mm n ft new serles el Songs and Dance-
Positively no advance in prues. The popular Burbank rates prevail.
Wo k commencing Nov. ■ith, Augustin Daly's world-renowned comedy, "NANCY & CO."
/-V __ Professional BASE BALL {-Osanqeles vs.
OCT. 31, Nov. 1. 2, 3, 5, 6. Games called at 3 p.m. daily. Admission 50 cent-
With Family Fntrance and Family Departments.
11 i -i in, Court street, Los Angeles, Cal.
Free refined entertainment every evening from 7:30 to 12 o'clock. Matinee Monday and
Saturday from 12 to 2 :30 p.m; every Friday amateur night. First appearance in Los Angeles of
Hiss Ethel Arline Armand & Carmen
Tho California Violet. International Operatic Dualists
NEW VIENNA BUFFET ORCHESTRA, Mr. 1. Fasster. Director. Fino Commercial Lunch
Finest Cuisine and meals a la carte at all hours
First appearance of The Eccentric Comedian The Wonderful Singer,
Concert from 7 :30 to 12. Change of programme every week.
_J(f~ADMIS.-10N FEB IS. X. B. —(.dosed Sundays Next week new faces.
Tpjg RKL KOB Corner First and Spring sts., under the proprietorship ol
GUNTHKK & BERNHAHD, has teopenod tho season as a
With the celebrated BERTH FAMILY, mrmerlv with Vienna Buffet.
For Private Parties, Receptions, etc. SOU SOUTH HOPE STREET.
Engagements reeclted at Bnrtlett's music house, 103 North Spring street.
Iron and wood working Machinery. Belting, Packing. Wood Pulleys, Dynamos, Motors «M
■Lotrlcal Sunnliaa, THE MACHINERY BPPFLY CO., 106 N, Broadway, Feeae U37
Corbett and Fltzsimmons
Are Celebrated Pugilists.
l"iD WHITP u8 N. MAIN ST., is a cele-
UK. YVIIHE, brat-d Specialist for all Pri
vate and Nervous Diseases of men. Ten years
in Los Augeles.
At 25 PER CENT LESS jftft
SUITS Made to oner Rod $20 1 B
I'ANTS Male to order Ham $5 1»|
SEaT-Rulta for S*ir-Meaaureaeat y{(f jjfrf
«url Samples ol *lmli beat litw
tor all orders. m*~
No. 143 S. Spring St.,
- i WftP" r»«s
J. F. Henderson, Manager.

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