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Tbe Circuit Chasers aod Local Men
Train Dally
Large Numbers of People Watch the After
aeon Spina—A Sketch of Murphy"
end tile Trainer V ung
Tn* bicycle track at Atbletio park was
more tban once uncomfortably crowded
with tidera yesterdny afternoon. Eddie
Bald and Jim Kendall did their work in
tbe morning and mighty fast work it was.
Tbe looal riders did njl train in tbe
morning in sny great nnmbers, though
Hatton, Lacy, Burk and Kitcbin came out
for a few miles. Bald and Randall joined
tbem, and tbere wers some very pretty
sprints, Bald roing one quarter in 29 flat.
In tbe nfterno in tbe local men c me
ont in great numbers and there was some
good riding done. "Dutch" Ulbricht bas
d vclrped a great aprint and more than
on - he and Lacy bad it out down tbe
stretch. When the tannem came out
tbere was a string ot ten riders follow
ing it at a fast clip and another hunch ol
as many more were working out witb al
ternate pace. Co*per, Riser and Murphy
all came out In the afternoon and made
some very handsome sprints. Riser was
tbird in a buncb of four tbat were swing
ing around tbe track wben bis wheel col
lided with that of tbe man in front of
bim and went down with a crash rolling
completely over five times. Cooper, wbo
was behind him, swnng out suodenly end
missed bim by tbe barest kind of a mar-
Em. This is the second time that Riser
as bad a fall on the local track. He was
net hurt much and after a little came out
afr* finished his work.
Ttie local men are riding in very fine
shape. Kitchen continues to hold his
place ut tee top und Lacy, Burke and
Lltiricht, are close after him. If it comes
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— —~JL_ B
down to a faat paoed race tb<ee men are
very llkelv to b« in il at the finish and
well up w.th tbo best ot the cracks. Tbe
track is in splendid shape and next week
tnere will be somo racing tbe like of
which haa never been seen on anr South
ern California track.
Charlea M. Murphy, whose picture is
givon, ia really tba veteran of ovele rac
ing in America. Ho bas beau on the
uath for tbe past tan years and during
that time hss defeated about every rac
ing man of any prominence in tne coun
try. Ho now nobis three won la' records,
tbe balf mile in 68 l-fi. tbe mile in lIN
1-6 and tne two miles in 4:14, all mode
against the best fields that ever came to
gether In tbis country. Hia pet scheme
is to try and ride a mile in one minute,
fi.ced by a locomotive. Tbere ia a strong
ikslibuod that tbis Idea will be carried
out in the near future and the place
where it will ba tried Is not more than
one thousand miles from the city of Lob
Ant elet.
His trainer, "Bill" Young, is one of
the best-known men in this business.
He apparently bas a mortgage upon tive
raile ouampiona, for last year he trained
tbe winner and this year ne bas tbe man
who captured tbe championship in the
perron of Murphy. His handling of tna
man entrusted lo him bas been one of
tba main causes of Murphy's remarkable
showing during the past season.
Tranaferred Prom tha Western Union to tha
Postal Telegraph
An important change waa made in tbe
Associated Preia dlapatcb eetvTce yester
day. Heretofore tbe Western Union bas
bandied tbo teltgraphlo reports for tbe
Associated Press, while tbe Postal Tele
graph bas leased ita wires to tbe United
Press. Now the order is reversed. Tbe
change has bean contemplated for some
time, and tbe Postal Telegraph company
bas been at work finishing a double line
between tbis oity and San Diogo. Thurs
day tho line was completed and the com
pany's wlros put into the Associated
Press ofhee, and last night their reports
ca">o in over the new wire,.
Tbe change Is for the Paolfio coast
only, so far os is known at Ihe local
Connections are now complete between
San Diego and Sacramento, tbe circuit
covering Han Francisco. Fresno, Stock
ton and this city. It is thought that this
Is but a part of a general movement
Which will go into effect all over tbe
country. The reason assigned lor tbo
transfer from tbe Western Union is tbat
better service can be secured from tbe
Postal company.
Prloe's baking powder was awarded
highest honors at world's and California
midwinter fairs.
A Blockade Cauaed on the Electric Line Last
Travel on tbe Buena Vista and Pasa
dena electrio car lines was delayed for an
bour laat nigbt. It was not caused by
any breakage lo the rolling stook, but
by dispute as to which car bad the right
of way over the Buena Vista street
About C oolock Pasadena car No. fin and
University car No. 108 met by accident
on the bridge. The motorneers prooablv
failed to see thu otber car, and ao ran on
belore they were aware of its presence.
Then came tbe rob. Neither motorneer
would back and allow tbe other fellow to
go on. 'The Pasadena oar was coming
thia wav, while tbe University car was
going towards East Los Angeles. Tbey
stayed on tbe bridge not until midnight,
but for just titty-six minutes end then
tbe moto neer of the Pasadena car backed
and let tbe University pass and then
peace waa restored.
This is tbe first time tbere has bean
any dispute as to the right ot way over
the bridge.
Royal baking powder will make lighter,
sweeter, more finely flavored cake, bia
cult and crusts.
Mia Condition, While Serious, la Not Neces
sarily Fatal
It was reported yesterday tbat a con
sultation of three pbyiinisns bad been
held over tbe condition of J. W. Kirk,tbe
compositor who was forcibly ejected
from an electrio oar last month, and tnat
tbey all bad decided that be was liable to
die at any time.
A Herald reporter called at tbe home of
Mr. Kirk last nigbt and found that tbis
report was greatly exaggerated. No con
sultation bed been bsld, and while tbe
oondition of tbe injured man was quite
serious, there was uo fear of bia immedi
ate death. A consultation will be held
to lay by the physicians, however.
Captain F. B. Culver stayed at tbe
h use last night with the injured man.
Kirk seems to be affected in his bead.
At times be converses rationally, and
then be will suddenly start off on a tan
ger.t and talks incoherently. He was
much batter last night.
A Catholic Appointment
NEW YORK, Nov. 15.—A special to the
world from Rome says on Monday next
tbe propaganda will appoint Dr. Kennedy
to the post of rector of the American col
lego. The appointment will be made at
the approval and assent of Mgr. Satolli
nnd many of the American archbishops.
Four Clubs Will Try for tbe Pennant Id
The Last Two dames of tha Lea Angeles va.
San Jose Series to Be Played
Today and Tomorrow
There is no doubt of tbe sacoess of the
California State Baseball league. It is
possible that thero may be a coast lea rue
formed, including four clubs from the
northwest. In this event the cities tbat
will be represented will be ro.-tland, Se
attle, Tacoma, Victoria, rian Kranoisco,
Oakland, Sacramento and Los Angeles,
making an eight cluh league with the en
tire coast for a clrouit.
* Sboul I thla schome not earrv throneh.
tnere will be two leagues formed,"tbe
1 Northwestern and the California State
league. In the state league there will be
the four California cities mentioned
above.Han Jose not figuring in the affair.
The franchises have not yet been granted
to any of the magnates, soveral eastern
parties having put in their bids. There
is no donbt out that one of tho two plans
will carry tbiougb, and sbonld there be
no further bitches everything looks
bright for professional baseball next sea
sen, such as used te stir up tbe fans in
the old days.
Today and tomorrow will be the last
chancaa to see tne Loa Angelet nnd San
Jose clubs play against each other. Beth
teens have been playing excellent ball,
and those who enjoy championship base
ball should not miss tbese games. To
morrow thsra will be two games, the
Francis Wilsons and tbe Tillbys playing
a game previous to the professional
game. Today's game will be called at
2:30, and thu batting older will lie as fol
Los Angelos—McQuiart left field, Mertes
canter Held, McHale third base, Canlili
ion second base, Spear catober, Hickey
short stop, Lohman catcher, McKioben
right field, Mauck pitcher.
San Jos—Mcßride left field, Weaver
center field, Mies right field. Twitcbcll
first base,Taylor second base, Klopf third
base, Hollingeworth short stop, Bolan
catcher, Fisher pitcher.
Pastry is ligbt and dainty when Dr.
Price's baking powder is used.
Will Open With a Press Reception and
Private View
Tbe lirst fall exhibition of the society
of fine arts will open with a press recep
tion and private view on tbe evening of
Saturday, November 23d.
The exbibition committee his secure]
Bartlett's music ball, and lights are
alroady being put in. The ball wi.l be
decorated iv a fitting manner and every
thing done to make it an inviting place
to study tbe pictures wbicb will shortly
ba gathered tbere. The catalogue cover
bas oeen designed by H. D. Nichols, toe
illustrator, formerly of Harpers' staff,
and la in tbe bands of the engraver.
Entry blanks may be obtained at the
art store.'. Tne following rules will gov
ern the exbibition:
The exhibiiton will include paintings
in oil and water color, sculptuia and a
limited number of black and white draw
ings. All work must be originals and
under no circumstances will copies of any
description be admitted. Every encour
agement will be given to California art
by tba proper exbibition ot all accepted
No charge whatever will be made tn
the hanging after tbe exhibition opens,
and no work can be withdrawn before
tbs final closing uf tbe exbibition.
A custodian will be in constant attend
ance and hare charge of tbe exhibit;
also the care of sales of works belonging
to artists.
Ten per cent will be charged on all
sales ma le from the exhibition, bnt no
work will be offered for sale unless the
price is distinctly marked, witb or with
out tbe frame.
All works offered must be submitted to
the following exbibition committee foi
acceptance or rejection: J. Bond Fran
c'sco, Charles Ward and Elmer Waohtel.
The entry olank must be tilled out care
fully anJ signed by eaob exhibitor and
aent .with tbo exhibit, addressed to the
chairman of exhibitiuu committee, J.
Bond Francisco.
The exbibition will continue until De
cember 7th. Works intended for the ex
hibition must be delivered at Bartlett's I
music hall November 19th, nt p. ra.
The charge of battery waa dismissed
yesterday against J. W. Ellis, and assault
with a deadly weapon substituted. He
is the follow who struck Mr. Acevado
across the nerk witb a gnn barrel.
A Child Enjoya
The pleasant flavor, gentle action and
southing effects of Syrup of Fics. wnen
in noed ot a laxative, nnd if the father or
mother be costive or bilious, tbe most
gratifying results follow its use; so that
it is the hesi family remedy Known, and
every family should hava a bottle in
J. H. Boston, O. J. Amitlon of New
York and Mr. ami Mrs. T. D. Smith of
Chicago are at tbo Nadeau.
Judge Erskine M. Rnss, witb Mrs. Ro.s
and son, are at tbe Westminster .
W. E. Hadl y, the popular hotel man
of San Diego, ia at tbe Nadeau.
A. G. Bitterns, a well known member
of tbe Coronado hotel force, ia at tbe
T. P. Iznnl, a prominent resident of
Santa Barbara, is at tbe Westminster.
W. 11. Berry of San Jose is at the Ra
H. P. Knight of Omaha is at the Ra
P. W. Richardson, editor of the San
Bernardino Timea-Index, is registered at
tbe Ramona.
John C. t'udhea of New York is at tbe
Orand Pacific.
Thomas Garrison and wife of Nevada
City are sojourning at tba Urand Pacific.
A. J. Tllloton arrived yesterday from
San Franoisoo and is staying ut tbe Ra
Mrs. Eda E. Entonr of San Diego bas
apartments at tbe Ramona.
Marian B.Van Antwerp of Selma,Cal.,is
located at the Orand Pacific.
Dan W. Murphy of Chicago has arrived
at tbe Grand Pacific.
W. E. Belabor of San Diego is at the
Grand Pacific.
Prof. Tyndall. Mystic
Theater-goers are looking forward with
pleasure to the engagement of Professor
Tyndall at the new Loa Angeles theater
next Tuesday and Wednesday. From the
manner In wbich seats hare been sold
the past few days, it shows tbat Tyndall
is a prime favorite in Los Angeles, and
it is safe to say tbat tbe usual packed
bouses will greet bim. Monday after
noon, starting from the Hotel Kamonn
at 3 oclock, the public mar expect to
witness a remarkable demonstration Ol
psychic force; that is. Professor Tyndall
will guide a two-horse coach blindfolded,
arcoling to tbe tnougbts of tho com
The Jackson's Hole Murders
CHEYENNE, Nov. 15.-Tho United
States grand jury, which has been in ses
sion in tbis city for the past five days,
concluded its work today. The most im
portant case was that of tho stttlei3 of
the Jackson's Hole district. It was in
reference to the killing of one Indian and
tho wounding of another by a rosso of
settlers in July last, while tbe Indiaig
werj under arrest for violating the game
laws, and were being take.i to tbe settle
ment at Maryavale. Five of tbe wit
nesses were said to have ner-o members
of the posse that did ths killins. Three
Indians wbo were witb tbe band were
examined. Tbe 'evidence lias not been
published and no indictments were
Perfect purity and strength ore dis
tinctive of Price's cream baking powder.
The Wallers Destitute
NEW YORK. Nov. 15.-The family of
Waller, now Imprisoned in France, re
ceived a letter today dated October Kith,
in wbich Waller gives a gloomy account
cf his condition. He says tbe newly ap
pointed directory of the prison bas, in
view of his condition, arranged so that
be can purobaee such rations of food as
will be necessary for bis haaltn and flan
nels to protect, bim against tba cold, and
be urged bis family to Bend him money
at once for these uses, bo hn can receive
It before tbe middle of November. Tbis
appeal found Mrs. Waller In a state of
A Rumored Holdup
TRENTON, N. J., Nov. 15. —It ia
rumored hare tbat a train on the Penn
sylvania read was held op and an express
car robbed tonight near Morrisrille,
Fenn. Tbe Trenton police bave been
notified. At tbe Pennsylvania station the
officials deny tbere was a bold-up. but
sat tbe story originated in a row between
the train hands and tour tramps who
were stealing a ride.
Nobody Waa Hurt
CINCINNATI, Nov. 15. —A special to
tne Enquirer trout Augusta, Kentucky,'
says: Sensational reports were sent nit
Irom this city today about tho Angus a
college bnilding burning and four hut -
drad: pupils narrowly escaping. The
facts are tbat a cbimnev oaueht lire and i
caueed excitement about the town, but I
no one was hurt and the building was
not d maged. School resumed after a
recess and somo excitement ot short
I Every reolpe for cooking tbat calls for
cream of tarlar and soda wiil be im
proved by substituting Royal baking I
powder. ■ 1
Massachusetts Day
ATLANTA, Nov. 15.—Tne exposition
was turned over to the men of Massachu
setts today. Governor Greenhalge and
bis staff wore escorted to the Matsacbu
setts bnilding on the exposition ground*.
Governoi Atkinson welcomed the visiting
statesmen to Georgia and Governor
Greenhalge re. ponded in a brief but
pointed and able address.
M. Quad, the Detroit Free Press Man, Made Well
by Paine's Celery Compound
Mr. Charles B.Lewis is more familiarly
known to tbe thousands whoso li£o ne
has cheered as M. Quad. It must be
more tban a score of years since tbe
country was laughing over the sayings ot
his honor nnd Bijab, chronicled by Mr.
Lewis to tbe Detroit Frfe Press. From
tbat time until now M. Quad has delighted
tbe public with unnumbered quaint
sketches of character, overflowing witn a
humor tbat appealed to readers all tbe
m )ie strongly because tbey recognized
tbe fidelity to life under the fun.
Among Mr. Lewis' recent creations tbe
Bowsers, Brother Gardiner, Mrs. Gallup's
T ih ilations, Possum sketches, and the
Arizona Kicker are destined to long life.
Mr. Lewis' admirers will be surprised tv
learn tbat, like WalierScjtt, Mark Twain
and othir highly gifted authors, he bas
produced work of rare quality while tor
mented by pain.
Mr. Lewis suffered intensely from rheu
tAND Private
Maternity Institute
(Incorporated.) This is the only in
stitute of tho kin 1 in the wait,
whe o ladies who expect th tir con
finement are older .be care of reg
ular physicians a- d trained nurses,
and find seclusion.
for students of obsteirica .midwifery., We
wish to say that wito this Instl.ute five
regular physicians are connected; a) o a
lying In; so that tudo its will receive practi
cal and tbeoreical lessons. Male and fvmale.
students admitted. DX. H. NKWLAUD,
1318 W. SEVENTH ST. Office Hours 8-10 1-3
mutism. "It made my days and nights
n iserahle,'' he s vs ""nit. of cour.-e, the
apuny w a greater in bad weather. At the
Sbme time my i.tr.e.- vi«.ru weak, and I
was in worse shaso tlnin I hope ever to
be again. Yes, 1 ti ok ad,ice by tiie yard
a d medicine hy tue quart, w.tb no suc
cess. I was broken in spirit and bont
almost douhle in the body, wnen some
body suggested Pnine's celery compound
for tbe norvous,.e-s.
Tbat remedy made short work of tbe
nervousn. ss and of tie rheumatism, too.
A few noses made me feei much better
and lodav 1 cm well; a happy change,
thnt I attribute io the v c of i' in. 's celery
compound. It gives me sincere pleasure
to hear witneas on the merits of the com
pou< da I know at least a doz»n authors
end journalists wbo have found it a rem
edy for tbe same complaints."
Rheumatism attacks the body when it
is tired out, una wben its functions begin
to act sluggishly. Disordered nerves,
faulty digestion, and a slow, incomplete
nutr tion of the body invite rheumatism,
just as tbey do neuralgia and nervous
debility. There is no suivr starting point
Hardware Terms ZZZ™
Thomas 5% f io 'f
Per Month
Discount According to the
system of 30 to
230 5. Spring Street For Cash 60 days' credit.
for rheumatism Iban a run-down, nerve*
less conditiun.
Paine's cel-ry compound increases the)
appetite by giving a healthy tone to that
stomach; it makes sure tbat the antllv
nervous system gets completely uouariab
ed. It regulates tbe bowels and tbe fW
neys and encourages tbem to get rid «|
harmful and poisonous matter that the)
sluggish system bas allowed to lodge ia
the hi nd, t.ius causing rheumatism and
kindred disorders.
Yon cannot cure rheumatism by out
wnnl applications. The disease is due to
internal disorder and must be constitu
tionally attacked and got rid 01. fame's
celery compound bas dune ior thousands
cl otbrr people exactly what it did foi
Mr. Lewis. They ware sufferer" as ne
was, and the compound has made them
The warmest praises of Paine's celery
compound are from men and women d*
blah character and keen intelligence
They know Ihey are doing a work of hu
manity and mercy in commending to all
persons out of health this certain and
speedy means of getting etrong and well

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