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To Stock a San Bernardino Milk
To Provide the Best Food for the Big-
Rest Dairy
The Board et Health Arming for Combat
With the Venders of Impure Milk.
Berdoon Notes
SAN BERNARDINO, Deo. 2.-.Tohn A.
Cole and It. E. Harris have purcoased
the Houghton ranch, or old Burcliam
place, of 40,000 acres. Summit station of
the Santa Fe system is on tbe raijcb.
They bave transferred 200 head of h-rd,
hook Jerseys from Glen Helen ranch to
their new purchase. As soon as they can
be secured this number will be increased
to 1000 bead. It is their intention to run
the largest dairy farm in the state. This
spring tbey will plant .1000 acres to alfal
fa. They will also plant scvearl thousand
acres of the Glen Helen ranch to alfalfa.
The Mojave river runs for a aistance of
ten miles through the Houghton ranch,
furnishing an abundance of water, not
only for this ranch, but adjoining tracts
of government land. Mr. Harris is tne
largest stockholder and one of tbe direc
tors of tbe San Bernardino national bant,
and made a large sum of money out of
the sale of the Harqua Hala mines In
Arizona. Mr. Cole is an experienced and
sncoessfal farmer of large means.
The board of health met this afternoon
and determined to issue circulars notify
ing milkmen not to sell mllK below the
standard. 'The board will ask the city
trustees to purchase the necessary instru
ments to make tests of tne milk sold by
dairymen. This oourse baa been found
necessary on account of numerous com
plaints of adulterated milk. The board
lias recently been investigating the meat
markets, and an analysis of boiogna sau
sage showed it to be To per cent burned
potatoes and 25 per cent rotten meat,
dipped in "smokine," a poisonous sub
stance eecured in oans from Chicago. The
board is on tbe rampage and proposes to
eradicate all adulterations from loud
In charging tbe grand jury today Judge
Campbell,in addition to tne usual charge
said: "It is your duty to act, not to or'.t
ciae. It is not for you to commend nor
condemn, but to rind indictments,|knd
if no indictments are found it is then
yoar duty to say nothing. A grand
juror Is responsible far what be says or
what lie writes as touch as any other
citizen." Tbis charge was called for by
the conduct of former grand jurors in
bringing iv long reports either commend
atory or in condemnation of county ofti
cersand public men in general without
proper foundation for snob reports.
Team shoots between Company E of
tnis city and Company Oof Redlands
closed with a score of HSU to 339 in favor
of Redlands.
Tbe 13-year-old son ef Henry Meyer,
near Cajon, was shot in tne hack of 'the
head yesterday afternoon and bis recov
ery ia doubtful. He and a brother were
Office :
58 East Colorado i
Widening of North Raymond
Avenue Is Ordered
is Expected to Eventuate on Monday
Bicyclists Ask to Ride en the Sidewalks -'I he
Southern Pacific Will Improve Broad
way—Personal Notea
PABADENAI Deo. 2.—The oity council
met tnis afternoon in regular session
with President Cox in the chair and
Trustees Weed, Washburn and Hamilton
present. The lirst matter to coma up
waa the heating ot" tho protest against
the assessment.
Judge Weed said that the board were
obliged to proceed according to the stat
utes us laid down in what is kown as the
Vroonian act, in the matter of street im
provement, and he moved tbat Die pro
test hu overtuled and the work bo pro
ceeded with, which was unaimoiialy con
curred in and a rosoiution adopting the
report of the committee passed.
The matter ol the protest of property
owners on North Fair Oaks avenue
against accepting the work dons on that
Btreot was next takon up, and Attorney
A. tt. Metcalfe,representing the property
owners, addressed the hoard.
The prospects are that thero will be
aomo pyrotechnic* ut the meeting on
next Monday, on which dny the w...d is
to oe inspected by the board at 10 a. ni.,
and innndiately thereafter tbo hearing
Will be had upon the protest, lioth sides
Will ho well represented at that time.
The report of tbe city engineer as to the
establishing of tbe grade of State street
was submitted and ordinance drawn or
dering work done.
5 A petition from property ower.-' on Pe
oria street, usklng tor the esablistiment
oi an official grade, curb and gutter, was
Mrs. A. M. £lli° asked for a rebate of
II on ber taxes.
A resolution was passed ordering work
of grading, guttering and ou'bing North
Madison avenue, liuls ware then opened
lor tliis woi-k, and that of E, H. Smith
was found to be the only one, and it was
accordingly accepted and tbe contract
awarded to him. His hid war as fol
lows: Grading, I'd cents; curb, HO cents,
gutter, lo canto. The total frontage is
X' feet.
A resolution ordering tho grading,
curbing and guttering of Euclid avenue
from Walnut to Villa was adopted.
A report from Health Officer Kowland
in regard to tho necessity of sewering
Euclid avenue was submitted. In sub
stance the report advised tbe ordering of
a sewer. Accorinlgy tbe protest against
the constructtuu ut the newer was over
playing with a rifle and in same way the
gnu was discharged, toe millet striking
the older boy a little »o tbe left of the
base of the brain and ranging upward,
cutting the auditory nerve, ana came out
just below tbe left eye, destroying tbe
Olllcials of the Santa Fe system and
city trustees held a secret session a few
days ago and it is reported that steps are
being talcsn to give that road rights of
way for a doan t.iwn depot. This, taken
in connection wilti the recent negotia
tions to run tbe street car lines and
Arrowhead and Waterman railroad by
electricity indicate that tbe Santa re
does not propose to let tbe Southern
Pacific get the cream of tbe business of
tbe city, ns it ia doing since it purchased
Ihe motor line to Redlands and Colton.
The Southern Pacific has ill the lssl few
days purchased lots and rights of way
near th j center v! the uity for additional
depot facilities.
Funeral Services Over the Remains ol a
Popular Young "lan
LONG BEACH, Dec. 2,-The Mneral
of Brakemno Charlie Williams, the yonng
man wbo was killed while uncoupling
cars at Terminal island Saturday after
noon, took place from the tabernacle
Monday at 11 oclock a.m. Tbe remains,
which were brought from Ihe residence
of his parents, were accompanied by a
multitude of friends, and these, added to
the large number ot suoli already assem
bled, made a most imposing gathering
and sliowed the estimation in which tbe
I manly young fellow was held oy tbe
i community in whioh lie lived. The cas
! ket which held ail tbat was mortal of
I Charlie was almost hidden under tbe
{ wealth of smilnx and floral draperies put
! there hy loving friends. Key. Dr. VYill
! lams of Los Angelea, an old friend of the
J family, ullieiatcd. His pathetic and lov-
I ins eiuogy over the remains of bis young
I friend brought tears to many eyes unused
ito weeping. Rev. fi V. Fisher, who was
! pastor of the M. E. church bere last con
ference, and the Rev. Alfred Inwnod,
present pastor, and a brother in-law of
tbe departed, followed ID addresses rilled
with loving words in tribute to tne worth
of tbeir late friend. The interment took
place at the Long Beach cemetery, Sig
nal bill. A choir led by Miss Pieper of
Los Angelea piovided suitable music.
The deceased had just turned 23 years
and was a fine, manly young fellow, un
usually loved and respected.
Beautiful Scenes and Pleasant Adventures
On the Heights
ECHO MOUNTAIN, Dee. 2.-Beautiful
weather has prevailed since the rains and
the views of land and sea re far-reaching
and magnificent. Each afternoon the
sun illuminates tbe bay formed by the
Santa Monica mountains on tbe north
and the Palos Vcrdes promontory on tbe
south, so tbat a steamer or sailing vessel
shows like a picture oa the bright sur
It is interesting to watch tb* overland
trains glide through the valley—tbe San
ta Fc eight miles distant a* the crow
flies, and the Southern Pacific twelve
miles distant. The streamer of steam
and smoke expands as it recedes, like the
tail of a comet, presenting a very pictur
esque appearance.
Jisrge numbers visit the observatory on
these clear oights and greatly enjoy the
celestial visions. Castor, a brunt star
in the constellation Gemini, rose above
the mountain horizon tbe other nigbt in
time for the visitor to catch a view ot it.
They mourned the queer astronomical
stairs almost to tbe edge of tbe dome and
then peered through the nearly horizontal
tube. Th* great lens had duplicated tbe
Pasadena News
ruled and denied and the work will be
proceeded with.
Superintendent of Streets Buchanan re
ported for November thirty-three permits
for street excavations, aewer connections,
etc., for wbicn $8,713 in fees was received.
Poundmaster Buchanan reported
amount due from city burialsof anlma Is,
etc., $15.7").
Ac tax collector the same officer reported
tbe collection nf $14,330.82 and balance on
hand anu due treasurer $330.82.
Mrs. A. M. Ellis made application for
the rebateof $4 over-paid taxes.
Several property owners on Peoria
street asked for the establishment of the
ollicial grade of said street from Fair
Uaks to Lincoln avenues.
Ma'slial liucbanan reported for Novem
ber tour arrests for misdemeanor, und
one for violation of ordinance 230,
Recorder Bessiter reported for sums
month the same cases, tbe collection uf
$33 in lines ami tbe collection of $12 in
Petitions from property owners asking
that the grade be established were re
ceived from Elovado drive, between Or
ange Grove and Pasadena aevnuo; Ter
race drive, and Peoria stree', between
Fair Oaks and Lincoln avenue. Also,
that the latter be graded, curbed and gut
tered. All grantei and the city engineer
instructed to make tbe necessary surveys
for tbe purpose.
A. J. Fsirchild petitioned for an ex
tension of sixty days' time for complet
ing tiie contract for paving Colorado
street from Little avenuo to Marengo av
enue. Granted.
A petition tv limit the speed of
clists in the city limits was submitted by
the Crown City Cycle club, asking that
tho rate of speed on all asphalt pave
ments be limited to eight miles an lour,
and on all public streets not so paved to
ten miles an hour. Also that on all
streets not asnhalt paved wheeimen be
allowed to use the sidewalks at a rate of
speed not to exceed six miles an hour,
during November, December, January
and Februa-y, on account of the rain.
Placed tin life and taken under favorable
A petition from James Smith, asking
for the establishment of the grade of
Waverly drive, between Orange Grove
and Pasadena avenues, was submitted;
also that the grade of Gordon terrace be
established. Granted, and engineer to
make tbe surveys at once.
A communication from A. J. Muir
statetl that the Southern Pacific company
was desirous of grading Broadway on the
west side from Green to lifty feet south
of Sun l'asqual, an I on the east side from
370 feet south uf Glendale to ISO south of
Nan Pasqual, all at their own expense.
Granted, and tbe property owners will
be asked lo worn in conjunction with the
company to put the street in good shape
and effectually dispose of the storm
Judge Weed offered in the council meet
ing an excellent plan lor disposing of tho
tiamps thai arc beginning to infest the
city. He says he would recommond a
tight hoard fence to be erected around
the city jail, or upon some near-by lot,
and that a goud, big sione pile be kept
therein, to exercise the tramp tourists
Tho house oT S.imuel R. Lippincott was
entered yesterday while the family was
out by an unknown man, supposed to
have been a tramp wbo was given bis
dinner there earlier in the day. Tbe
screen to one of the lower windows was
cut out and an entrance thus effected.
As the family returned, upon the open
ing of tl■ c front door the intruder escaped
down the back stairs and out the back
door. Nothing valualde is missing.
A uairisg* with two oosupaut* iron
I Star, and Dr. Swift explained tbat tbey
were looking at two great suns wmcb are
revolving about a common center in a
period approximating 1000 years, ft I*
not tinieasonale to suppose that planets
revolve around each Of these bodies, in
which cas* their Inhabitants have the
novelty of two snns ol unequal magni
tude in their heavens.
11. M. Singer and Andrew MoNally are
revisiting the mountains after their pro
longed absence and lind an Important
improvement in tbe competition of tbe
thrilling Alpine road tc Mount Lowe
Sprints, and the rustic Alpine tavern
building amid the oaks and pines 0000
feet above the soa.
A Chicago poet registered at tbs Echo
Mountain house yesterday. It was E. C.
Gale, slio.-n three drug stores are well
known in the Windy City. In the Inter
vals of business lie Indites poems which
appear occasionally in the Chicago Jour
nal and other eastern periodicals. He
was accompanied by his wife and Mis,
Mary E. Khrman. The climate and lis
orange ranch bring hfm to Southern Cal
ifornia every winter
Mrs. S. C. Chevallier and her talented
(laughter Mils A. A. Chevallier, net
many mutual friends on Echo Mountain.
Mr. G. ('. Morton has designed an ar
tistic ci Innial mantel for tbe great fire
place nt Alpine tavern, where the blaz
ing fagots will cheer many a group uf
mountain climbers in the months to
come. It is expected that appropriate
ceremonials will attend the "hanging of
the crane."
By the way, Mr. Horton has suggested
a quaint legend to surmount tlietirefdace,
namely, "The ornament of a bouse is
the guest who frequents it." It will be
in old English.
An excellent and useful map of tne
Mount Lowe railway has just been issued
by the company. 'The windings of the
mountain road are marvelous
COLTON, DJo. 2. — The beekeepers
have formed an exchange for handling
tbeir product.
L. S. Hough, former Santa Fe agent
here hut now of Los Angeles, is visiting
the city.
Miss Alice Conner, a school teacher at
InalewooJ, visited ber parents here this
Wm. Hewton, representing the fruit
exchanges left this week for Canada.
Mrs. A. E. Mott of Los Angeles* is vis
iting ber parents in Colton.
O. T. Rice, wbo lias spent tbe last two
months in Illinois and Michigan, return
ed home yesterday.
Miss May Pittigh of Colton and Pred
W. Wersel of Yuma were married Thurs
A nine-pound boy was born trt Mrs.
Seth Hartlv this week.
W. H. Poole and Miss Sarah Ricblield
wore married yesterday and left for San
Diego lo spend their honeymoon.
Mrs. Dr. Brown, wbo bas practiced ber
profession here for the past year left
Thursday with her inralid husband for
Now York.
Sales of Sugar Company Stock—A New Prop
osition ler a Factory
ANAHEIM, Dec, 2.—Several shares
ot the Beet Sugar company's stock have
been bought up this week. Among sales
made was one of ten shares, including ten
acres of iand.from Bruno Arnrit to Henry
Lengcs, and live shares and live acres ol
land from H. J. Sliultz to Jacob Ever
ha rty.
A proposition lias been made to reli
able parties in this portion of Orangs
county tbut for and in consideration of a
deed to 1000 acres of land, In a body, a
sugar factory, cnmplote in every detail,
will be built. This concession will lie
hard to secure, but a like amount of land
in seg'egated tracts can easily be secured.
th* Hotel Green besides the driver slid
down a very steep hillside yesterday, a
distance of perhaps 200 fast. No one
was injured.
tine hundred and fifty A. O. U. W. and
B. of H. members gathered at G. A. R.
hali Saturday evening, tbe ooecasion be
ing a Japanese social. Mrs. Glover and
Past Grand Master Booth rendered music
and recitations were given by Miss Al
lin and others.
Pasauena delegates to the district
Christian Endeavor convention et Pomo
na hava returned. The convention will
he held here next year.
There was n meeting of the Tournament
of Hoses organization tbis evening at the
office of GoAll A; Steams. 0. H. Hast
ings has entered a coach from Sierra
Madre under Valley Hunt colors.
Cjmpany A held" a business meeting
tbis evening to take action on a large
number of applications and to make ar
rangements for celebrating the sixth an
niversary of the organization, which oc
curs December 2'id.
.lohn Enderson of North Forks, Dakota,
who arrived bere but a short time ago,
is lying in a precarious condition from
tuberculosis, at the homo of Mrs. McCoy.
Tbe ladies of tbo W. it. C. are prepar
ing for a bazaar, chicken dinner ana oys
ter supper, all of which will be held Fri
day ut G. A. it. hall.
Beginning with yesterday, when the
brst car road* tbe trip, there will he reg
ular service to North Pasadena and the
i cmrtery on the electric.
The uniforms of tb* new baseball club
having arrived, Manager Decker is look
ing about for suitable ground
John Anderson,, who lived on tbe cor
ner of Lake avenue and Walnut street,
died of consumption tbis morning. Mr.
Anderson was 27 years of age and be
longed to tho order of tho Knights of
Mr. and Mrs.B. E. Allin celebrated the
twenty-lifth anniversary of their mar
riage Saturday evening. Many friends
and relatives enjoyed the dr.intics spread
et Mr. and Mrs. Ailiu's residence on
Horton avenue.
Florens, tho Pilgrim, a cantata, will he
given on Thursday and Friday evenings,
the 12th and 13th of this month, at the
Presbyterian church. There will be a
chorus of thirty oi Pasadena's singers
'md orchestra, composed of homo talent.
The proceeds ol the entertainment will
go to the Sunday school.
Mr. ' and Mrs. Phelps ot Worcester,
Mass., who have spent several winters
here, arrived Saturday evening and arc
at the CarltOr). They Will remain for tho
W. 1,. Vail is now connected with a
newspapor in the City ot Mexico.
The annual meetiiig of the Firat Con
gregational church will be held next
Wednesday evening.
Postmaster Wotkyns began his active
duties in tli* otflec this morning.
Professor Muir delivered an address
before the High school pupils this after
noun ut 8:45 oclock upon Glaciers.
Mrs. F. Kobinson and Miss Bertha
Bobinson of Garden Grove aie guests ol
Mrs. James H. Campbell.
Arivuls at the Hotel Green: James
Younger. New York; J. O. Conrad ami
wife, Now York; J. E. Itansont, Chicago:
Thomas K. Cassidy and wife, Council
Bluffs, Iowa: James L. Endom, San
Francisco; A. Mc.Nally, W. 1. Banks,
Miss Imogens Fish, eldest daughter ol
the late' Mliford lF«b, leaves tonight for
New York, and from there she will sail
fo India, wbere she goes to outer upon
missionary work.
Dr. and Mrs. William V. McDonald and
Mrs. Amelia A. Caldwell of Lynn, Mass..
are spanning tho winter in Pasadena, at
the home ot Mr. and Mrs. D. W. l ord on
Cynics strest
A Few Tramps and Robbers Easconsed
In Jail
The Rock Pile Puts Long Faces en Members
ot the Tribe et Hobos - News
SAN TA ANA, Deo. 2.-Tbe negro hobo
who is suspected uf the robbery at the
residence of Mr. J. T. Wilson, and the
Italian named Pecccla, who is charged
with robbery ut El Toro, Friday, and is
said to have lied Mrs. Lynd to tbc door
kjob, nre confined in toe jail here, as
alsu is Olverez, tbe alleged cattle thtef.
Since tbe roekpile scheme has been in
augurated the tramps are not quite so
thick. Yesterday was tbe lirst day the
i.halngang worked on the rocknile and
sign.- ot discontent are plainly visible on
tbe countenances of the whole" gang.
The Italian will eTiimired tomor
row before Justice Freeman.
Fred L. Sexton has Mold his home on
South Main street to S. T. Kemper ot Los
Angeles, and Will move to Los Angeles
at once to make his home and expects to
continue In the lite insurance business.
Vie Yorbo started last night for En
senada in Lower California, where be ana
ins biotber own 13,000 acres of land.
They are about to make a sale of it, and
Vie has gone to close up the deal.
Tne funeiol of Mr*. Matilda J. Bittler
lield, who died Friday at Laguna, was
largely attended today. The surviving
children nre destitute.
P. A. Stantoh ol Anaheim was in tho
city today.
Miss Rand and Mr. Will fcwanner of
I.os Angeles spent Sunday with tbeir
relatives in this city.
The concert to be given next Friday
evening by Los Angeles musicians, as
sisted by local talent will be a treat lor
Santa Ana.
The largest French plate gla*s mirror
ever brought to this country, and, aeord
ing to tbe importer, Jacques khan, of
No. 27 Blacker street, tho largest mirror
in the world was set up in the dining
room of tbe new portion of the Hotel
isuvoy latt Tuesday. it took two days
and a nigot, with over a score of work
men, to get it from the stenmer to tbe
hotel and set it up in place.
The dimensions of the mirror are 151
by 158 inches, making about 174 square
feet of glass. It is nearly half an inch
thick. The glass alone weighs !"00 podiids,
und the combined weight ol it and the
case it came in was over n ton.
The mirror is not only the laigest but
the most expensive in the world. Its
actual cost beug in the ncgliiiorhood of
ffiOOO. ihe cost of manufacturing the
one glass would have been about $llX)i>,
bui tire different giaees bad to bo ca.-t
before this perfect one was made. The
expense of moving it was fully $r>oo.
The package was so large teat there are
but two steamships in commission wnicb
could bring it across the ocean. These
are tbe Friesland ac.d tbe Kensington.
It came ou tbo Friesland, which tied up
at the Jersey City docks of the Red Star
Sixteen men bad hard Wore in hoisting
tbe monster m.rror out uf the hold of the
ship, and after it had Veen landed on
the dock an unlooked-ior difficulty arose.
There was not a Binglo ferry bouse on
tbe Jeisey side of tbc Hudson large
enough toaccommodme tbe big paokage,
and upon measuring all the ferry boats
it was found that it could not be got on
any ot tbem.
The mirror was finally loaded on a
harge and taken across the North river
to the font of West Fifty-ninth street. It
was taken through that street to tbe
Savoy oh a low float.
At the hotel another difficulty arose.
It was feared that a part ol the stone
walls of the building would have to be
torn down before the glass could be taken
inside; but this was averted by removing
tbe doors, transom, moldings and ail ao
essories to the main entrance, and even
then it was a tight squeeze to get the box
through. It tool; twelve men under tbe
personal sunervkision of Mr. Kabn near
ly all Monday night to roll it through
the corridor of the hotel and across the
dining room, where it was to be set np,
and all the following forenoon to put it
in its place. All of the guests of the
hotel and many people from the outside
watchen to see if the huge glass would
be damaged when unpacked. It was per.
lectly sound.
The miiror was made at the old St.
Gobain glass factory, in Paris, tbe oldest
plate glass factory in the world. It was
of course, made to order, and il was a
long time before tbe company could be
persuaded to undertake tbe job. It was
only tbrutigh Mr. Kabn going to Paris
and making a personal request that it be
• lour that the company consented. Ho
large a mirror could not possibly be made
in the United Btates with tbe present
facilities m tbis country.—New York
Pretty Dishes
Cheap Prices
Blue, Brown and Rich Gold Spraj-Deco
Sets of 12 pieces—
50c, 55c, 65c, 80c per Se
60 Pieces complete for six persons,
Pure White. Bine, Brown and Rich Gold
.-pray Decorations.
Prices per set—
3.75 4,35 4.75 5.50 5_3 B
100 Pieces complete for 12 persons,
Pure White. Blue, Brown and Rich Gold
Bpra) Decorations,
Prices per set—
5. 80 6. 75 7. 75 B."° 9. go
WATKIt BETS (8 pieces, glass) 40 cts
TKASr.TS « pieces, glass) .!)o cts
BOUQUET HOLDERS, little beauties, each, 10c
(jreoi pen importing fea JH
135 North Main t , .
„«, c ~ c . ( LOS ANGELES
351 South Spring >
HnADQUARTIiRS g2 Market St., 5. F.
00** We operate 100 stores and agencies
tAND Private
Maternity Institute
(Incorporated.) This is the only In
stitute of tho kind in th* west,
wneie ladies who expect their con
finement aro under the care of reg
ular physicians and trained nurse*,
and find pcrteet seclusion.
for students of obstetrics tmldwlfery.i W*
wish to *»v that with this Institute Ut*
regular physiclaus aro connected: al'O a
lying In: so that «tndouU will reoel** practl
cal and theoretical lessons. Male and female
students admitted. DR. H. fIEWLAND,
aai; W. SBVBNTH ST. Oatc*Hours 8-M> l-»
The Monthly Me.*.,. Apical Snaasaary lor
Observer George K. Franklin of the
loeal weather bureau furnishes the follow
ing report for the month 6f November,
together with comparisons with previous
i?" = 3
=* z ~
r m a E
1 »
~t''iy/. ".'.v.'......
8..' .v...'.';.";!'.'. v.'.'.
14 .-
. 70
Mean atmospheric pressure, 3d 02.
Highest pressure, 30.80; date, 14th.
Lowest pressure. .9.71; date, 22d.
Mean temperature 00.
Highest temperature, 94; date, 13th.
Lowest temperature, 3d; date, 24ib.
Greatest daily range of temperature, 42;
date, I9ih.
Least daily range of temperature, 6; date,
I !
i :
• t>u
t 60
I til
I titi
i „ pi
i 6i
1 57
I D!>
i UU
Mean temperature for this month lor 17
years, 00.
Average excess of daily mean tempera
ture during month. 1.0.
Accumulated deficiency of daily mean tem
perature since Januarv 1, 2.t»7.
Average daily deficiency S' nee January 1, 0.8.
Prevailing direction of wind, northeast.
Total movement of wind. 1201 milei.
• Maximum velocity of wind direction and
date. 12, from the east, on the 23d.
Total precipitation, .so.
Number of daye on which .01 inch or more
of precipitation fell, 5.
Mean monthly dew poiot 41.
Mean monthly Kci. Hum. 00.9
I 0.0HB87 90
41 1888 4.02
I 07 889 LBB
271890 [8
I 1.82.1891 0.0
00 1802 1.40
1 07jl803 20
5.8.1 189* 0.0
i 1.1711-95 80
Average precipitation for this month for 17
years, 1.48
Total deficiency precipitation during month,
.08 inch, a
Total pr-ctpilatlon from September 1, 1895,
to date 1.04.
Averane precipitation from September 1,
1896, to date, 2.44 Inches.
rota'deficiency from.Septcmbcr 1, 1895, to
date, 1.40 inches.
Average rainfall for 10 wot seasons, 21.68
Number of clear days,22; partly cloudy days
6; cloudy days. 3.
Dates offrost, 24th, 25ih, 20th, S7th.
Nora.-Barometer reduced to sea level "T"
Indicates trace of precipitation
tTobe taken from any live-minute record.
Act almost instantly, speedily curing the
most obstinate cases. Fiheumatism cured
In from 1 to 3 days. Dyspepsia and all
stomach troubles quickly relieved. Catarrh
positively cured. Headache cured in 5
minutes. Nervous diseases promptly ovfed.
Kidney troubles, Piles, Neuralgia, Asthma
and all Female Complaints quickly cured.
Munyon's Vitalizcr imparts new lift and
vigor to weak and debilitated men. Ask
your druggist for a 25-cent vial of one of
Munyon's Cures, and if you are not bene
fited your money" will bo refunded. This
Coiupany puts up
A cure for every disease
"By a thorough knowledge of the natural
laws which severs lbs operations of digestion
aad nutrition, and by a ear- lot application ol
the fine properties ol well selected Cocoi, Mr.
Kpps has provided for our breakfast and sup
per a dellcatel - Havered beverage which may
save us many doctors'billi. It la by the judl.
eious use ot mica articles of diet that a consti
tution may be gradually built np until strong
enough to resist every tendency to disease.
Hundreds of subtle maladies are floating
aieuad us ready to attack wherever there Is a
weak point We may escape many a fatal
•halt by keeping ourselves well fortified with
puro bio d and a pro erly nourished frerre."
—civil service Gazette. Made simply with
bnilingvrater or mdk. fold only in half pound
tin-, by grocers, labelled thus :
JAMES RPPS « CO., Ltd., H mreopathie
Chemists. London, Kngland.
tWo snri'l ttio ninrvebiiis Trrni h
llnmcJr CALTHOS frre, ami n
piKtd ciiarantnethat Oaiil SOS will
SiTOI' 1)1., l.i,r,, . * FhImW.
Oil SIC SiMnsMHomea. *'nrli u
and IIEHTOKE Yleor.
Use it and fay if salit/ird.
Ali o... VON MOHL CO..
Sal* in'rlm Af-nU. tInflaaaU, Ohio,
I —'
Beauties Beauties Beauties
Not the beautlM that wear th« Lloomtn,
1 nor the trailintt sk.ru, hut
Anita Cream
Which Beauties the Complexion
The best $3.00 Men's Shoes on the
Made from tannery calfskin, dongola
tops, all leather trimmed, solid leather
soles with Lewis' Cork Filled boles.
Unequaled for beauty, fine workman
ship, and wearing qualities. Your choice
of all tha popular toes, lasts and fasten
Every pair contains a paid-up Acci
dent Insurance Policy for 1100, good for
00 days.
Wear Lewis' Accident Insurance
Shoes, and go insured free.
Sold by THE l'OOIl MAN'S FaUIKD, 110
< aad lis K.MAIN.
Ik AJJi National
* Lf' There's room for a little more of it.
J v l°° man y wome " are, wasting time
X a " d stren S th over a wash-board; rub-
Of V bing their clothes to pieces ; wasting their
j/piA rVjC money. You'd be astonished if you could
figure up the actual money saving in a
MMFfPYirel Car by the US ° ° f Pearline - Millions
oi women art: using it now, but just
suppose that all women were equally
careful and thrifty, and that every
one used Pearline! It's too much
MFARI INt to hope for—but the whole country
WASHING! would be the richer for it.
COMPOUND C?A«-tsl Peddlers and some unscrupulous grocers will
THE OR EAT INVCNTtON OCUU , e ll you '• this is as K ood as" or "the same as
fbf SawHc Tin.4 -r\ 1 pearline." IT'S FALSE —Pearline is
KI!!XJA?2£iX2L'. OaCIC never peddled.and If your grocer tends
* MifSr \%fSm*~ something in place of l'earline, be lienes t — jr*rf
l hew row*, j it haii 4TS
i Fail
J Eminent Specialists
p 241 j>» Main s t., Los Angeles,
I—l F~ORINI 1 "^f^^^K/y
Catarrh, Kidney, Bladder and Liver Troubles
All Chronic and Private Diseases of Men—Cures Guaranteed or no pay.
OFFICE HOURS—9 to 3; evontngs, 7to 8: Sundays, 10 to It.
9M iaf kjfW 23? a tion of a famoui French physician, will quickly cure you of all ner
f>. 'vsr F/*. ana* ST vous or diseases of tiie generative organ*, such aa Lost Manhood.
\V /at\l V* Insomnia. Pal-.ialnthoßact,Seminal EmlaaVms. l»ervoe«ibeSutty
1 jdaay <dfmy Pimples, Vuflthess to Marry, Ezliauatlua Drains. Varicocele ana
\Jr w V -/ Consupatlon. It etofs all losaea by day or nlfht. Prevents qntck-
X. J Sjj/ nrssol discharge, wiilcb It not checked leads toHpermatorrbaMand
...... ac-rra all Ihe borrow of Impotency. C'VriDßNßeleanaUtaaUvat, tba
BEFORE ana AFTER kldnevsand the nrlnery orienioi all UnpurtUee,
rCPIDIiIB itrenatheosand restores small weak organs,
The reaeoo sufferer? are not cared by Doctors la because ninety per cent are treybled WM
a>PMUll<lii rt'l'l i>EKfits the only known remedy to cure without an operation, twooieeflmonl
?ua written anarantc riven and money returned If six ooxee does not effect a peruiautot eunk
floOnboT.Blxfurisiio.brmatl. Bend for Mia circular and testimonials.
Address DAVOL SIBDICINB «.'«»., P. IX Box 2078 Bail Francisco, Cal For Sate bg
Bold by Ol'l'.t VAUGHN ■ K. £. corner Fourth andtjprlui; streets.
The Only Doctors in Southern California Treating
Diseases of Exclusively
Ta show our honesty, sincerity and ability, we are willing to
We have the largest practice on the Pacific Ooast treating
Every Form of Weakness and Private Diseases ol Men
We publish a Pamphlet which we will send tree, securely seated, explaining Mr methods lot
home treatment, without stomach-drugging. It cofctalna rulea lor diet, exercise and sleep aad •
record of case? cured. Oi.r symptom blank which we send on application la as satAetaeeary aaa>
personal Interview.
Write to us for advice; you will not regret it. Alt correspondence aacredly oongdeatial.
Cor. Main mnd Thi rd Sts.. onr Wells Forge Co.. LOS AHSCLiS. CM.
Did it Ever Occur to You
That the Doctor who can locate disease and fully describe
every symptom by SIMPLY FEELING THE PULSE, must
be pretty well posted in his business ?
Now that is Just the way Drs. Wong and We only occupy a small space in this paper
VIM do, never asking a question. Thlsisnot because w «an t you to read it and then come
, . ' „. , ' _ , _~ to us or write to us, and w« will give you any
all tbey do. either, lor they make people well, and , nform . (|Oll you v , lre . \ vl » u ,„„
no matter what the disease. Hundreds now exam i nal j on cos ts you nothing, and If tne
living in Los Angeles will tell you co, because I, doctors can do you no good they will frankly
tbey have been cured by their treatment. || tell you so.
Under this bead we publish nothing but genuine tetters, with the true name aad address,
and you aro at liberty to write or call upon tbo people and find out the truth.
I,or Angeles, Cal, June 3, 1895. j| Los Angele«. Cel.. May 22d, 1595.
I came to your mnitarium about two weeks !| Some ten days since I bed occasion to vitit
sao suffering f om lung trouble aud general j your Sanitarium as apatleiiuauSerlngaoutellr
debility Others bad pronounced mo lv the I from muscular rheumatism, so much so that I
last stage of consumption. CO Id fin* no rest day or night. Today, alUr
After taking fourteen dosesef medicine you six visits only, I am perfectly cured, and I
pronoun ed me cured and 1 am in trStier ! cannot allow ihe opportunity tei pass Without
licalth than I have beou for years. ' giving you the praise which Is due you
Yours vorv truly. You may make use of this In any manner
y y, jiauY L. JOHNSON. I y»u may see tit. RespTCtlullv yo Urs.
Alharabra, Cal. | 600 8 Main at, WM. J, KEAHSE.
DR. VIM nukes a specialty of all diseases of the Eye, Ear and Throat.
If you are not near the Sanitarium write.
Address all communications I. J. HOWELL, Hanager
DR. WONOISSiS 713 s - Maiß st - 'VIM
Dr. Wong Young
The eminent Chinese Physician end Burgeon,
comes to Los Angelea direct from Canton,
• Tilna, whero he lv» been the Attending Phy
sician and burgeon lor ton years in the t anion
Hospital, and tbe Doctor has the best diplomat
in this couhtrj from some of th* i rea colleges
In China and Europe. The Chines* Herb
Treatment has been the wonder fof mat y ago,
and thousands can testify to the many cure*
In Los Angeles that hay* been wrought by tile
less-learned Chinese doutore. L>K. YVO.M.
YOIJNO lias had moro experience Iliac any
other Chines.- doctor In (Ids country, and he Is
abiy assisted br MR. WONU HO.Ntl, who speaks
the English laueiioge linen ly. and there Is no
possible chance for a mistake In the diagnosis.
Men, women and children treated.
Office—Residence, 116 E. Seventh St.
Hours, tj to 11 a. m.. Bto6p, m. Evenings
and Sundays trf appolutmcnt.
J If. Griffith. Proa John T Griffith, V.-rre*.
* K. T. (frlffltb. Beeretary and Treasurer.
Geo. R. Wanes, Supt. el Mill.
Lumber Dealers,
And manufacturers Ot
Misiic ill! WDrR oi Every Descnption.
Beer*, window*. Blinds and Stair*.
•84 N. A LAMBDA ST.. La* Angela*. Oak
Hand-picked, south Field
Wellington Lump
y^^-S-—ir?*-. Delir*r*d.
Cement and
Catalina Island Soapstona.
Agents for SANTA CATALINA lI'AND. also
for W. T. Co's ocean excursion steamers, tugs,
I scats and pleaiur* launches. Telepaoae j

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