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The Herald
Tempkiiatviie — Report of observations
. taken at Los Angelos December 20.
Tho barometer is reduced to sea level.
Hiue! I Bor. jfiwt |BH'tB|W' dlVetl W'her
fT:OU n. m. 80. B7 40 j 87 I NE 3 Oloar
& :uo p. th.|jo.4ll 53 I 63 I W I 4 ICUar
Maximum temperature, 68.
Minimum tempirature. 38.
Ban Fhani'lßcc, Hoc. 29.—For Southern Cali
fornia: l air; continued cotil weather, with
freezing woatlur st night in the iuterior;
light, northsastsrly winds.
All tho departments of the superior
courts will probably be in session today.
The trial of tho Fawkos case will be re
sumed before Township Justice Young this
Quong Hong Wo and Loy Sing got into a
llutit near Washington und Mam streets
yesterday and were arrested by Officer
W. I lineman dislocated his left shoulder
while riding a bicycle eaat of Evergreen
cemetery. He applied at the receiving
hospital and waa then sent to his home.
Thomas Thomson applied at the receiv
ing hospital yesterday as he was suffering
flom a hemorrhage. He was treated hy
Surgeon Bryant and sent to tho county
Craig, the triple murderer, now nnder
sentence of death and awaiting the result
of his appeal to the supreme court, will
have an interview with his children this
Mrs. John Shields, the wife of Officer
Shields, found a pocket book in the base
ment of the People's store. The purse
contained money and now awaits an otrner
at the police station.
A horse and buggy belonging to William
Carruthers were stolen from in front of the
Burbank theater Saturday night. Yester
day Officer Long located the rig hitched at
the corner of Seventh and Alameda streets.
Judge Ross will probably pass on the
relevancy of the question asked Mayne as
to who toltl him that E. S. Buhcock was
persecuting him on the rape charge, and
which ho positively refused to answer,
bbould the judge decide that Mayne
must answer and he still refuses the tak
ing of his deposition will iv all probability
bo suspended.
Dr. Rebecca Lee Dorsey, Stimson block,
(list floor, rooms 133, 134, 135. Special
attention given to obstetrical eases and all
diseases of women antl children. Elec
tricity scientifically used. Consultation
Ito ">. Tel. 11177.
S. Conradi, jeweler and watchmaker,
11 3 South Spring street, makes a specialty
of lino watch and jewelry repairing ami
diamond sotting; an elegant line of opti
cal goods. A line stock of watches and
jewelry always on hand.
Dr. Peebles is meeting with wonderful
.success in tho treatment of scrofula antl
blood poison by hypodermic injection.
This is tbe doctor's own new method, and
it cures. Address ■ll~>)i South -Spring
A genuine engraving for If I at Lichten
berger's art emporium, 107 North Main
street. Special offer tor three daya. Don't
fail to see these beautiful pictures. Free
art exhibition now open.
Mr. Henry J. Kramer will form a class
in dancing for adult beginners Monday
cveni'g, January 0, 7:30. Reference re
Ad una Bros., dentists, 239 W South
Spring street. Painless tilling and extract
ing. Hest sets of teeth from $0 to $10.
Hours, H tn 5; Sundays 10 to 12.
Those Xew York beauties in millinery at
Ho el Hollenbeck are creating a great sen
sation among the ladies. This week, par
lor floor.
Sharp ,t Sanson, funeral directors (in
dependent,) 5.30 South Spring street. Tel.
Go to the Grand Pacific Restaurant, 314
South Main street, for dinner today.
Mnffatt's millinery for stylish hats. 329
South Spring.
Stephens, real estate, 12."">!.£ W, Third st.
Rooms $2 a week and up. !'. S. Hotel.
The Age of a Work of Art Now in This
Biagio Calapai, v barber, at the corner
of Tbird and Wolfskill streets, has
an oil painting which, if tbe history given
of it is true, is really a wonderful work of
art. The picture is about twelve inches
square aud is supposed to represent Christ
n-t his way to Calvary- It is a reorotluc
lionof the artist's idea of Christ as be ap
peared after the sentenoe of Piiato ami
just prior to the crucifixion. It only gives
ihebust. The likeness is on olive wood
and is said to have been done 000 years
The Italian owner of the work of art
claims that it was originally an altar deco
ration presented by some of the faithful
to the Chinch of San Uregorio at Messina,
Mr Calapia cannot speak very good En
t-.'.isb, but to a reporter of Tue HERALD he
gave a brief detail of the history of the
I. was stolen by one of the altar boys of
(he church, and by him buried in the cellar
of the great edifice. Two years later the
thief concluded to como to America, and
did so, landing at Boson, and bringing
witb him tho picture. He became hard up
and sold it. From the party to whom tho
thief sold the olive wood panel Calapia
purchased it.
The picture bears every evidence of age.
The frame is all worm eaten. The rich
coloring of the f neo is somewhat marred by
the cracking of the paint. The shading
and coloring, however, still retain tbo in
dications that it was the work of a great
Colonel Knight's Bicycle Regiment
The lirst bicycle regiment ever organized,
according to the Cincinnati Tribune, has
just been organized in that city. It will
embrace twelve companies, and will be
ready for active service in the ponding
emergency, or as soon as needed by the
Btati or nation. The commanding olllcer
is Alfred Knight who was elected colonel
of the regiment by acclamation. He had
rece.itly resigned tho ollice of adjutant
major of the Ist regiment of the Ohio
national guard, being the youngest person
holding that ollice ill tho slate of Ohio.
Colonel Knighl will not be 'J'J yeurs old
till March 1896. lie is the eldest son of
President Win. H. Knight of tho Southern
California Science Association.
Ground Hog Case
A man must pay rent, move or buy. We
can si-ll you for (15 a mouth, a little fur
room house, Twenty-third near Maple, line
lot 52x180, for $1350. Good ftverootn
house, Thirty-t Ira near Grand avonue, for
11150, same terms. Four-room place
hi ,idy to power house, Sixth and Mateo,
$1100, same terms, no cash. And one
modern new live-room, a beauty, Twenty
third and Union, 12600, at V-0 a month,
no interest, art! will take lot for part.
Laugworthy oompany,226 South Spring.
Delightful Trips for Tourists
To San Diego and Coronado, over the Surf
line and around the Kite-shaped track.
The rates are low and stop-overs are grant
ed. Particulars at Santa Fe ticket office,
129 N. Spring st.
Magaw's Perm. cheese is the purest,
richest and finest flavored cheese made,
and can be obtained of E. W. Grannis,
grocer, West Adams and Hoovnr streets.
Pianos cheap before Christmas at A. G.
Gardner's, 11 !S Winston st. Mandolinß at
teasonable prices.
I A. A. Kokstroni of aa* 3. Spring St., ia where
you want to go looking ior good wall paper at
tbe ntht price.
The Popular Club Holds Its
Annual Wake
Resolutions Adopted For the New
All of Them Went Through With Vim and a
Hurrah—The New Officers ol the
Popular Organization
The Brannigan Club, a social organiza
tion, which embraces in its membership all
of the (food people in town and winch
meets for business but once each year,
held its regular annual wake at Goodthing
Castle on Doyle Heights last night. As is
customary with the organization, officers
for 1806 were elected as follows: Field
marshal and captain general, Martinez
Campos Marsh; good thing, Walter S.
Moore; corral boss, John F. Burr; his
torian, Guy B. Barham; chief tanialo.
Captain B. F. Jones; hot stuff, Frank
The minutes of the preceding meeting
were lirst read and approved and then the
now captain-general culled as is customary
upon each of the assembled Brother Bran
nigana lo hand up his or her resolution iv
accordance widi the season, and the time
and place and his or her surroundings.
The various contributions submitted for
approval follow herewith:
By Captain 11. '/.. Osborne—Tbat he will
he ono of tho tlistrict delegates to the He
publican national convention from the
sixth district of California. He hopes that
others will full in with the idea, and antici
pates that it will meet wilh universal ap
By William R. Rowland—That the limit
at his next bull's head breakfast shall not
reach above the ceiling.
Hy Thomas li Howan—That he will
never reside at Pasadena.
By George S. I'attou—That he will no
more favor free trade in chile con came.
By George J. Denis—That ho will discard
By Postal Clerk H. B. Fudge—That the
first man that tells him after January Ist
that he resembles in personal appearance
President Cleveland, shall bite the dust.
Mr. Fudge complains thai during the year
1 Ml"i remarks made to this elTect have
cost him large sums. Tho scales have
fallen from his eyes, though, and he is
now on to the faot that ho has been
By John T. Galley - That he will sever
his connections with the A. P. A. and kin
dred secret organisations which tend to
keep him out after ti p. in.
By John A. Mull —That he will discard
mixing oil llzzes, at least oil of the lo
cal variety.
By Major John T. Jones—That he will be
shorn as wai bamson of old, until a Popu
ll—, ......, ... -I--..-..
..... | , IB Cltl'lVU.
By Major Ceorge H. Bnnchrako—That ho
will endorse no security us being gilt edged
which is located in either A/us i, Culabasus
or Timbuctoo.
By (.'ol Robert Kern—That commencing
Wednesday morning at !» a. m. he will
make a change. He will co-operate with
his i 01. Robert J. Northam, and maintain
at their uniied expense a missionary in
Central China, to let the light shine
in the minds of the unconverted
and moth-eaten Vtongolian heathen.
By William E. Dunn—That he will not
run for attorney general for ever and ever
and all hands around.
By Henry T. Gage—That he will not toll
a funny story where any of his friends are
located for miles around.
By Freeman G. Teed—That he will not
go to St. Louis in a private car, nor as a
delegate to the national Republican con
vention, and that he will not walk.
By Fred Wood—That ho will not in fu
ture throw any tips to hotel waiters or
bootblacks of $20 or more.
By I. H. Laveen, of the Express—That
he will not during the year ISBo,permit
Colonel Kph Smythe to wad him up on
anything event two-hit whisky, and noth
ing less than Afrieanos will go in the cigar
line. Mr. Laveen is convinced thet Colonel
Eph Smythe has been working him, and
now that he is convinced of the fact, he is
going to make the Colonol's work more
By Major M. T. Owens—That he will not
throw himself into the breach to become a
By Guy Bi Barham—That he will don no
more lire-alarm dress shirts.
By Walter F. Parker—That he will not
he a good thing.
By Dr. B. A. Bryant — That he will
not accept a place upon the Venezuelan
boundary commission.
By Gen. John K. Mathews—That he will
not act ai postmaster when Thomas B.
Keed is president.
By Dr. Lo Moyno Wills—Tbat he will not
be the president of the hoard of education.
By William M. Garland—Ditto; ditto.
By Walter S. Moore—That he will not
get into another game, where the fence is
so high and the limit is so low, that neither
can be scaled.
By ox-Coroner Jim Meredith -That after
and including v\ ednesday he will retire
ench evening at 1) p. m. No invitations to
drink will bo accepted by .lames after that
hour under any circumstances. They will,
however, bo Hied and later be hrought up.
By Sig Morris—That after January Ist
he will not again permit the deadly Apoli
narisor the insipid ginger ale t:> touch his
ruby lips He says that he has tried both
and that the effect is bad. He will conllne
himself to other beverages having life
giving powers.
By Andy MoNally—That he will devise
all of his rights and titles of this earth in
fee simple, to the Armenian siitfeiers.
By M. P. Snyder—That he will give up
the cigarette habit.
By Captain John F. Cross—That he will
organize a company to light England—
when war is declared.
By Capt. John F. Baker—That he will
dismiss, as his press agent, Col. J. B. Ne
By Major Harry Patton, the polished ed
itor of the Capi al-That af er Januory 1
he will wash his hands of all schemes hav
ing in view conquest of unknown lands
and the civilization of savages. Tlie Ma
jor has decided that there is nothing in
any of these propositions and says that he
will beat a gamo that is nearer home.
By Col. J. B. Neville—That he will resign
from tlie Bervieeof Capt. Baker.
By Maj. J. H. Dockweiler—That he will
not buy diamond garter buckles for iiis
friends, as lariat Btraps are good enough
for anyone.
Hy Mayor Itader—That he will resign his
chances for tbe mayorality in favor of
Frank S. Munson.
By Councilman Munson-That hereafter
bo will light M. P. Snyder in private and
only for usuitable purse, the mayorality,
for instance.
By Tom Donahue—What be says he will
put in operation on New Year's day: He
has decided to go to work. His friends are
endeavoring to prevail upon him to change
his decision, but he is ilrni and declares
that it is irrevocable.
By Colonel James L. Copeland—That his
New Year's day resolve would be to make
Congressman W. W. Bowers the next lie
publican nominee for governor of Califor
nia. He added that ho had not as yet con
sulted Mr. Bowers about the matter, but
that tact, he said, would cut no ice either
one way or the other.
By County Auditor Charles F. Bicknell—
That after January Ist he will lead abetter
life. He will hold himself down to three
cigars daily, and will only use Horseshoe
plug when lie feels that he is actually com
pelled to.
By Supervisor Field—That with the death
of the year 1595 he will oat no more patie
de foi gras or pickled walnuts when dining
at public institutions at the public ex
iienso. Mr. Field, his friends say. is a vory
resolute man, aud this being true ho wid
undoubtedly keep this pledge, which will
go inio foico at 12 oclock noon Wednes
By the Grand Jury—Thit thay will find
no more indictrnenis.
Hy C. E. Mayne—That he will put a pad
lock on his in iiith when he is out of gaol.
By de Push—That thoy will be iv it next
By Martin Marsh—That on New Year's
day ho will inaugurate a change of his pol
icy which is to stand for ill time to com?).
He will not slake anybody to any sum over
$2. The ordinary touch that will go with
Mr. Marsh during lHilii at least will be 23
cents. In some cases four bits will ha
yielded uu, and in cases of great merit $1
will be passed out.
By Adolph Bamtsh, Mr. Marsh's part
ner—That after Wednesday he will retire
from polities and devote his time exclu
sively to bossing mon on the sower and
gruding contracts the firm how has.
By do Gang—That they will bo a long
time dead.
By Capt. J. B. Lankershim—That he will
not love Fred Harkuess as a brother.
By Supervisor .lames Hanley—To make
the same resolution us his colleague and
he will go further. He will commence lo
take an ami-fat treatment on Thursday.
By City Auditor Fred Teale—To capture
the Republican supervisoral nomination if
he can. acting upon the theory that his four
years in public office lias given him a taste
and he does not propose letting go until he
has been clubbed away.
By Pied Harkness— That he will look
after his own floral decorations when he
gives an at home for stag purposes only.
By Superintendent James A. Koshay—
That he will secure the N. E. A. convention
for Los Angeles in 18117.
By Louis F. Vet ter—That he will continue
in a state of single blessedness, and keep
out of bass drums, if it takes all summer.
By General C. F. A. Last—That he will
change his brand of cigars, those ho uses
at present being too expensive.
By Harry Wyatt—That ho will present
the Y. M. C. A. with tli9 Los Angeles
By Hans Jevne—That he will keep his
waiting wagons off the street when Ihe new
Wilcox block is finished.
By H. K. Gregory—That he will tell no
more hear s ories without proper affidavits.
By Los Angeles Traction Company—
That we will add a steji-laddor to the
equipment of each car.
Hy Ed. G. Wood, chief deputy county au
ditor -That with the death of the year 1 896
he will smoke no cigar costing under 5
cents nor over X' , cents under any circum
stances whatsoever.
By County Recorder E. C. Hodgeman—
That with the commencement of 1890
ho will engage aa copyis sno new women.
After that date only the good old-fashioned
pretty girl will he able to do work fur the
county in hia oflice.
By Uncle John Bryson—To subscribe to
no public charity during tlie year 18K>. In
tins way he is out thousands of dollars dur
ing 1895.
by Prank Bell- That during 181)0 he will
smilo only threo times per day and no
more. These smiles can be seen by all at
'.» a. in.. 1 and 7 p. m.
By Justice .Morrison—l will no longer
hate women and hereafter give them the
best of it in my court.
Hy Coroner Campbell—Witnesses at in
quests will ba kept watting only a week
hereafter. Inquests ut San Pedro will in
the future be held through the telephone.
By Detective Steele—l will let all kinds
of pants severely alnnn.
By Detective Auble—l will never have
old bicycles made new again.
Hy Detective Goodman— Loßt children
can find their own parents or wait till they
are called for. I 'in through.
By Detective Molfatt— I will try to emu
late the Father of My Country when the
reporters ask me about the latest burglary.
By Detective Bradish —I will give up tho
role of the sphinx aud try to know some
thing when newspapermen are around.
By Detective Ha«ley—To lot t;.o report
ers have at least one of those smiles a
week witb me.
Jailer Sieweikeo —Never to wheel that
new baby carriage except on the aide
By Mounted Officer Arguello—To ex
purge tbe name of watermelon from my
By Mounted Officer Ditewig—To keep
out the way of hose at lires and not be
knocked down.
Hy Constable Harry Johnston—To stand
in the future as 1 have tried in the past, the
protector of womanly virtue and for a con
servative code of public morals.
By Humane Officer Clark —To shoot
nothing but decrepit mules and keep out
of family troubles
By Sheriff Burr—That lo n ill hereafter
regularly curl his whiskers.
By Deputy Sheriff McMullin—That he
will change tbe cut of his beard, so that he
will not be mistaken for someone else.
By Deputy Sheriff Reese —That he will
hereafter pay more attention to religion
and less to poli ies.
By Assessor Suminerland— That be will
never take those commissions until they
aro awarded to him by the supreme court.
By Supervisor Hay—Thai be will never
abbreviate his (lowing hirsute ndo nment.
By Supervisor Francisco—That be will
continue to keep an eye on Fourth ward
polities, and incidentally help Bill McKin
ley in his Candidacy for the presidency.
By Dr. Barber—That he will never even
look in the direction of the county hospital
alter his term expires.
By County Clerk Xewlin—That he will
never again get nervous over newspaper
By : eputy Sheriff Guy Woodward—That
bo will never again till up fresh reporters
witb hunting stories during the closed sea
By Supervisor James Hanley—That he
will in the future, as in the past, preservo
the soul of the Democracy in its immacu
late purity.
Hy Supervisor Woodward —That he will
continue his efforts in the interest of good
By Supervisor Field That he will keep a
weather eye on tbe county cash box.
By Deputy County Clerk Sam Kutz—That
he will do his best to keep up the boom in
marriage licenses.
By Deputy County Clerk Andy Francisco i
Most Distressing of Skin Diseases
Instantly Relieved by
A warm bath with Cuticura
Soap, and a single application of
Cuticura (ointment) ,tlie great Skin
Cure, followed by mild doses of
Cuticura Resolvent (blood puri
fier), will afford instant relief, per
mit rest and sleep, and point to a
speedy, permanent, and economi
cal cure when all other methods fail.
Sold throneliout the wo.M. Dritlth depot: F. New.
Br.KY ft Sons, I, I'.lwa'd-at, London. Potikk
Ditto ami Ciitu. Cour., Son! Props., lioetoa, U. S. A.
Health Tea
fl|*™'Aßwel Lsj bronchitis; Thrnuj-ti antlur«lMiflr«r s Jon»h'ethiorv.se
- I »lodged by entire Medical Profession. It's v palatable** Milk or Horjrv
The ElUlrof Life" fortbc Lung* Throats Blood.
Jt)c & $1.00 o Bottle ALL URL '(JOISTS
ti4fc- direof Asthma Quaraateed 221 Davis St.JS. P.
—That he will continue to weir his mous
tache curled, al reports to the contrary
By Judge B. N. Smith—That ho will con
tinue to do two days' work in one iv the
future as he has in the past
Hy Don Juan Murrietta—That he will re
sign his place in the sheriff's office when he
becomes a millionaire.
By Deputy Sheriff Al Graham—That he
will take good care of tho grand jury while
they aro in his charge and remember them
iv his prayers.
By Township Justice Young -That he
will hereafter try family rows and chicken
cases by proxy—where it is possible.
By Dr. M. M. Kannon—That ho will
hereafter cease paying all debts.
By Ed J. Niles—That he will do no hard
work during the coming year.
By Deputy Constable Dave Martin That
tho pompadour will continue to flourish,
even if it takes all his salary to keep it iv
By the courthouse employes—That we
will hold down our jobs just as long as we
possibly can, at no matter what personal
inconvenience and pecuniary loss to our
By Ex-Police Commissioner Pirtle—That
I will encourage the use of San Fernando
valley juice on all occasions.
By All of V s—That we will discard all
of our bad habits and let the other fellow
do the paying.
All of the abovo were vociferously ap
plauded and adopted by a rising vote,
i hen the club adjourned for the final
course in the cellar.
Library Trustees Suggest Another Bond
Some of the Statistics From the Board's
Annual Report—lt is Claimed that People
Read Merc /tore than Elsewhere
The annual report of tho board of library
trustees will be filed with the city clerk
today. It shows that the number ol
volumes in the library December 1, 1895.
was 42,220, or 2071 moie than there was
one year ago.
The number of visitors to the reading
rooms was an averago of about 5500 pel
month. The increase in membership foi
the year Was 4266, (tn average of 1150 in
crease per month, the total membership al
present being 22,223.
The trustees suggest that the city coun
cil resubmit the proposition to issue bonds
for a lihrarv building, this time for not less
than $1 00.000.
The report states that while the general
circulation during the year ISH3-4 was
489,098 volumes, the circulation for the
pas" year lias been 541,457 volumes, an
increase of 52,861 volumes, or nearly 11
per cent, and that Ihe daily circulation for
home use increased from 1083 volumes to
1227 volumes, an increase of 141 volumes
per day or 18 per cent. In the reference
room 38,271 volumes were consulted m
1893-4, and 51,216 during the part year,
an increase of 12,945 or 33 per cent. Al
though the work has greatly increased, as
the above figures show, the expense has
increased only »42ti.«4, or 4 per cent.
The per capita circulation of books in
this city is saitl to be tlie largest of any city
in the United States.
The charter allows of an apportionment
of 5 cents on each $ 100 for library pur
poses, which would give this year $24,
--443.(35; but the apportionment made hy
the council was 4J4 cents, which will give
f21,999.30. Kegret is expressed that the
additional $2444.35 was not allowed, as it
is needed for the purchase of new books.
The Modern Mother
Has found that her liitle ones are im
proved more by the pleasant laxative,
t-yrup of Figs, when in need of the laxa
tive effect of a gentle remedy than by any
other, antl that it is more acceptable to
them. Children enjoy it and it benefits
them. The true remedy. Syrup of Figs,
is manufactured only by the California
Fig' Syrup company.
| The Plain Truth
: Is good enough for Hood's Sarsaparilla.
; Just what it does is sufficient to prove its
1 merit. Thalwifo of Rev. Chan. Swithen
j bank, Cosumne, Cal., says: "In thia ma
l lnrial country, we hnve felt dull, tired,
! depondent, no appetite. Since taking
Hood's Sarsaparilla
,we nave been restored to health. We rec
ommend it heartily." Get HOOD'S..
Hnfirf'c Pi He are tsatelsn, mll4, effco,
( lIUUU » r-Illi? UTa , AllUrußcuiu. fM.
IN THE STATE .sftfla.
At 25 PER CENT LESS jfii&
SUITS Made to oraer rrom $20 BP?
PANTS Ma;!e to oar trim $0 |']lW
; AT J!iO?» URATE 7»7f ICES 1 IW
for JJjE Hfl
«nd Bumplci of Hutb aeit lite
No. 143 S. Spring St.,
J. F Henderson, Manager,
Mr. S. W. McKim will be at the Hoiien
beck Hotel, December 27 and 28, to receive
applications for the agencvor thd Humber
Bicycle for Southern California, as a
whole, or in subdivisions.
The Humber Co. has five factories,
employs 4000 mechanics, and its bicycle
has more world's records to its credit than
all others. It is the finest made, as Mr.
McKim's samples will show.
Hotel ddCnrnnadn
Crowns AH.
Rates, Booklets, etc. at
No. 129 N. Spring St, Los Angeles.
IL I. Noncßoss, Agent,
The Best Whisky Ever Offered
to the People of the Pa
cific Coast
Hotaling J. H. Cutter Brand—Pure
If evidence of its purity and tonic quality
be needed Mien experts as tho following coma
forward by tvritte i rertlncete to give it:
l'rois. A. A. Have< and Cnarle* r. ack«on,
M 1).. State Assa'yurs. Kor.ton, Mass. (lS. r )T); C.
A. Mnhoney. Fellow of the chemical Society,
London {1877); Dr Thtodore IJ seeks, N. Y.
tt. 1). 'ohnston, M. I)., late Profeisor
of Chemistry ami Toxicology, Cooper Medical
College ban Franoisoo (1888), and Charles a.
o.den, leudinc Analytical Ohsmlst oi Sau
Frnnoisco (1804).
'I his testimony rovers a period of nearly
forty yours, and the last report bears the same
testimony its the thst, closing all do ate.
For sale by
429 to 437 Jackson St .
San Francifco
January 4th at
10 Oclock a.m.
The Newhall
Land & Farming Co.
Will sell in Los Angeles, at the RICH
MOND STABLES, 812 S. Main St., near
Ninth. *
30 Head of Draft
and Farm Horses and Mares
Weighing from rooo to 1350 pounds.
18 Head of
Carriage Horses
Ail well broken, double and single, and
well matched.
27 Head of Road Horses
By the well-known stallion "Guide,"
record 2:\6'4. All horses are four years
and upwards, and aro well broken, double
and single.
12 Head of Saddle Horses
10 Head of flules
This sale is made by order of the Board
of Directors of the Company, to close
out the balance of the horses on hand for
the year 1805.
Horses will be on exhibition and trial at
the Richmond Stables, 812 S. Main St.,
near Ninth, on and after Dec. 30th.
Walter S. Newhall,
Genera! Manager
J. J. Arnott,
Auction Sale
54 Head of Horses 54
At Blue Front Barn, cor. Third
and Los Angeles Sts. . . .
Thursday, January 2d
1896, at 10:30 A. M.
T have on hand and will positively sen to the
best bidder three carloads —54 head of Horses
—selected from our prominent breed!!!,? farms;
heavy Pereheron draft and high headed ar:d
trappy stepping Also 1»> head from
Mr. Ghat. Zeluer of Ventura, Ilambletonian ;
bred and well broken to hnrnes. Please call
and see my slock and I will jr ye yon a square
E. \V. NO YES. Agent for Owner.
Oflico 210-218 Uequena St., Pony Stables.
Of the entire stock of New and Second
hand Furniture of store,
609 South Spring Street
between Sixth and Sevt'ntli streets,
riouday and Tuesday, Dec. 30 and 31
at to a. m. and 2 p. m., consisting of par
lor furniture, oak, walnut and ash bed
room sui is, line folding beds, desks, ta
bles, mirrors, stoves, chairs, carpels, bed
ding, toilet ware, crockery, glassware,
agatware, lounges, couches, etc.
Parli.'s in need of furniture should not
fail to attend this sale.
C. I*l. STEVENS, Auctioneer.
II southern M
During this season of 'he year the
most pieas.int route to the e:\tireeast,
with no high altitudes or snow block
ades, li via EL PASO and the
Between California and Chicago, St. t.ouli a aft
Arkansas Hot Springs without change. For in
form !'<»" <> <■ fon v agent of s. P. Co .or te
T.F. FITZUKRAI.D, Tr.vellng Pats. Agt.
121 California st., ban Francisco. Cal.
t)DO TO 9110 BUEN A VISTA al.,
Adjoining j. t. lireuada. 3eL lifsV
The Only Doctors in Southern California Treating
Diseases of jVVEINI Excl " s ive!y
To ahow our honesty, sincerity and ability, wo are willing to
We have tbe largest practice on the Pacific Coast treating
Every Form ef Weakness and Private Diseases of Men
We publish a Pamphlet which we will send free, securely sealed, explaining our methods foe
home treatment without stomach-drugging. It contains rules ior diet, exercise and sleep and a
record of case-cured. Oi.r symptom blank whicb we send on application Is aa satisfactory aa a
personal interview.
Write to us for advice; you will not regret it. AU correspondence sacredly confidential.
Cor. Main and Thi rd Sts., ever Walls Farao Co., LOS ANGELES, CAL
Medical and Surgical Sanitarium
C. I. Schultz
The leading and most successful European Specialist, makes this moat
generous offer to the afflicted. This offer will remain good until further
notice in this paper.
, — 1
/ will treat and cure Catarrh, Weakness, Debility, I
Night Losses, Skin Diseases, Liver, Kidney, Bladder
and all Gen it o-Urinary Diseases for $5 per month.
Cancer poisons and all impurities of the blood successfully treated
without the use of mercury. Special attention given to all chronic inflam
mations, dischar£?s and irregularities in female diseases.
RUPTURE cured without operation, pain or detention from business.
sanitarium jit 120 North Main Street,
\ew Hellman Block'
H A Paint for Floors 1
I i
I U. R. BOWERS & SONS, 4SI S. Spring 1
C. il WOOD, l.esseo H. C WYATT, Manager
TONIGHT, Dec. 30-Matinees Wednesday New Year's) and Saturday
Direct from Us three-weeks' triumph iv Sun Francisco. Universally endorsed
from ocean to ocenn. RICE S BIG
"1492" ♦
Including the Original Kilanyi Living Pictures, The Great Bessie Bonehill,
The Wonderful Richard Harlow
Female Chorua of Psrfect Physical Beauty—Double Orche.tr*—Adequate Scenic and Bless
trloal Effects. Rich snd Attractive Costumes.
Saloot seats now in pi ogress. Prices 25c, 50c, 750, $1, 91.80,
SOUTH MAIN ST., j4**v SA Week commtnclng
B «t- FlfSt ■■<« second. #4 mus Monday, Dec. 30
Our First Anntversnrv. Performance every evc'i:
0,18 yea ' .IsEST"** , :v - XTwESKto
■ 1 olephono HIT.
A monster procram untqusled in the vsudovlllo world 1/s ireres Mathtas, Mile Martin;
Mnrthy. Sisters Anderson, Wm, Hob rts, ' ranto A Maud, Duorow as Bush, Ueltorel i 8r0,.,
Judge liror. Special Matinee New Year's I>Hy, 2 p.m.
BUFSBHNK THEHTEH Fred A. Coopsr, Manager
MAIN STREET, between Fifth and Sixth.
Monday evening, Dec .to, and every evening aurlng the week and at
the Saturday matinee,
MILTON NOBLES and in Their tt *r\ c:.u.~ »>
With Special Scenery and Accessories. Grand -n clal Matinee on New Year's Day at 2 p.m.
POPULAR PRICES— tuc, 35c, U.ic and SOc; Loge S.-ats, 7,">c: Box Heats, sjl.oo
*** Daily Performance st 2:30 P. M., Commmcins Sunday, Dec. 22.
DD fADVPD Champion shot of the world, in niX/IMf. HfIDCR
1-"V« V>r»lV v L-.IV, connection with tbe wonderful high L"vll<i«J DUKoC
A wild plunrc'frnm a lush platform Into the lake. Carver In his wonderful exhibition of
rifle, shotgun aud horseback shooting. Conee ts by the l.os Angelea Military Band as usual.
THE PKLHCB Cerner First and Spring sts., nn ler the proprietorship ol
GUNTIIEIt & BEttNH.vltD, has icopeno 1 the s-ason as t
Willi the celebrated BttftTH FAMILY, ormerlv wi b Viinnri Buffet.
NEW BUFFET, 114-110, Court i treat, Los Angslst, Cs
Witb Family Entrance and Family Departments
SoOT Refined Entertainment s&JSB
Eve-y evening from 7 ;;»it to lid o'clock, onus ittng of a choice selection of vocal nnd Inttrumen
tul music. Mattnoes Monday antl-a'urday from l i to 2. Kverv Friday Amateur Night. At
tie N'.-w Vienna may always bo found the leading: European dallyand weekly pipers, ineiud
iiiß London Times, Paris l igaro. Berliner Tageblatt, Wiener Freio Presse, etc., etc. Pinait
cuisine, commercial lunch and meals a la nart>* at all hour*
pumps, oil. w ell machinery and tools,
Iron and wood working Machinery Belting, Packing, Wood Pulleys, Dynamos, Motors ftM
Slectrlcal Supplies. IUK MACiil.Sbi: V bUPPLY CO., 10J N. Broadway. Phoaa 1437

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