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Trade Is Dull Except for Farnv
ing Tools
The Demand Increasing and Prices
Steadily Advancing
The Outlook for Oil Continues to Improve
and Ample Rains Guarantee a
Good Season
11. W. Burnham, manager for 11. G. Dun
* Co., furnishes the following review of
local trade conditions:
Trade still continues quiet. Tlie only
line reporting any increased activity is
that of agricultural implements. The
coming of tho long retarded rainfall will
doubtless stimulate business in all chan
nels and Improve collections.
Tho tons of the orange market is good;
demand increasing, prices advancing.
Dried fruit continues dull, prunes only
ehowing any strength of value.
The local oil industry continues steadily
on the up grade.
Tho city jobbers' ranks are to be swelled
by tho immedia'.o establishment of
branches of two largo concerns, prominent
In business circles of tho north.
There have boon three commercial fail
ures during the past week, liabilities $ 15,
--000 and assets -155000.
R, G. DCS & Co.
All the Late Conditions Reversed—Good
Prospects Ahead
Following is die United Slates depart*
mont of agriculture climate and crop bul
letin of the weather bureau for tho week
ending Monday, March 1!, 1890:
Tho warm, dry weather which has been
tbe prevailing feature for several weeks
past, continued until the I st day or March,
when tho weather became appreciably
colder, and was followed on the 2d by a
decided fall in temperature aud copious
rains which, in tho more elevated places,
turned into snow- The storm continues at
the close of this report, with heavy ruins in
the valleys and snow ill the mountains.
The rains came ut a most opportune time,
as grain was beginning to suffer in places
and Irrigating orchards had already begun.
These rains will save the crop, except in a
few of the very dry places, and will obviate
ihe necessity of irrigating and will also in
sure water for summer use.
W hilt) tho Btorm was of inestimable
value aud allayed apprehension of a dry
season, yet tho very cokl weather which
accompanied the storm lias caused somo
loar lest the deciduous fruit trees were in
jured, as tho abnormal warm weather of
February mado almonds, apricot and
oeacii trees bloom freely. Tho effects of
tho Btortn will bo given in the next bulletin
aa tho greater number of the reports for
ihis issue was received beforo tlio rains be
l'lowing and seeding is still in progress
and the soil is in good condition, hut grass
feed requires rain. Almonds and apricots
are in bloom. Tlie general conditions aro
Bardadale—Very dry windy weather pre
» ailed the past week until Monday, when
show fell for an hour, something almost
unknown here. Kain cannot now make
heavy grain.
West Sfttaooy—The extreme winds which
prevailed during the week have greatly
dried out the ground. Highest tempera
ture HO degrees, lowest 3'.t degrees.
Los Angeles City—Warm, dry weather,
with desert winds until March Ist, when
tho temperature fell appreciably, and on
the 2d tlie drought was broken by a rain
storm, which continues at tho close of this
bulletin. Iho rainfall on the 2d was 73-100
of all inch, which made 0.77 inches for the
season. Highest temperature, 81 degrees;
lowest. Tin degrees.
Lancaster—some grain is shoiving tho
effects of the drought. Most of the week
was cold and windy. Snow fell in tlie
mountains Saturday night.
La Canada—Ory northerly winds pre
vailed, which dried the ground consider
ably. Grain is looking well. Almondsand
some varieties of peaches are in bloom;
frrape vines havo begun to break their buds.
Highest temperature, 72 degrees; lowest,
■I 7 degrees.
Pasadena—l lemarkably hot, desort winds
prevailed for tho lirst few days and then it
rapidly cooled oft. A light sprinkle of rain
fell on Saturday. Sunday was cool and
windy, and Monday morning ushered in a
fine rain, which continues. Tho grain
crop is probably saved, and though the
snow may injure the blossoms on fruit
trees, it is of vast benefit to all.
Duarte —The week passed without rain,
and unless rain comes soon the grain and
hay crop will be total failures, as well as
all other crops outside of irrigated districts.
Highest temperature 81 degrees, low
est -II! degrees.
Pomona —Warm and clear, with occa
sional clouds till February 29th, when a
dash of rain fell. Monday was blustering
and clouds accumulating. Fro3t morning
of March 2d. Rainfall on Ist and 2d, 1.00
inches; for iho season, 0.82 inches.
Kedlands —Exceedingly dry weather, with
drying winds front tho north. Hay and
grain outside irrigated lands in bad shape
from lack of rain. Peaches and apricots
In blossom. Orange and olive tree plant
ing going on.
Moreno—A warm dry ween has advanced
tlie bloom of apricot and peach trees; bar
ley has hardly kept alive. Saturday was
cloudy and it stormed in the mountains,
but only a few drops fell in tlie valley.
Tustin—There was some indication of
rain during tho week, but no precipitation
here; only strong, cold west wind on the
Ist. Barley continues to look fairly well
as a whole, but some of it needs rain and
much more will also need it soon. Tlie
rainfall to date is 5.06 inches, and much of
ihe ground is hard. Irrigation will com
mence in a few days if rain dooß not come
in mean while.
Capisirano—Highest temperature during
week, 74 degrees; lowest, Oi! degrees.
ICscondido—Dry winds prevailed through
the valley and farmers are very anxious in
regard to their crops. Apricots, peaches
and oranies aro blooming. Garden vege
tation is not in as good condition as de
San Marcos—Almond trees are lieuvily
covered with blossoms; the days very
cloudy and warm wilh occasional east
Valley Center—The past week lias been
warm and dry. the temporattire ranging
from 70 to so degrees in the middle of tho
•lay. On March — the temperature fell to
DO degrees; Iho day was cloudy and .00 of
an inch of rain fell, with appearances of a
change for the better.
Wholesale and Retail Markets Corrected
Wi DNFsnAY, March 4.
Retail trade was good today, though
wholesale lines report little movement.
Eggs are linn with prospects of higher
prices. Dairy products are steady, the
sunnly being only moderate. Prices are
likely to be maintained only so long as tho
condition of the roads keeps the farmers at
Fruits and vegetables are in good sup
ply, with a littio tendency to lower prices
since tho rain has made the coming crop a
tiuotations follow:
Eggs—Choice California ranch, 1- to 13c.
Vegetables—Sweet potatoes, $2.0u; tomatoes
$1.5n per box: beets. 75c per 100 lbs; cabling-,
70o; carrots, 78oi «reen onions, 300 per aoseni
lettuce, IS to 15c per dozen buacb.es; onions,
nen yellow, -ft 50; turnips, 75e; string beans,
1 'c; green peppers. 15c p-r lb: beans, lima,
MS liff; navy.fi. 10; pink, S-l 40; green peas
per tb; asparagus, 14>40 per lb; mush
room-, 15c per In.
cirecn Fruits-Pears, $2.00 rcr hox: straw
berries, 14e; apples, 51.28 to $1.65; pine
apples, $i»."O per dozen; bananas, $2.'.i> to
$2.75 per bunch.
citrus fruits --Oranges, navel', $2.00 to
2.75: Mediterranean sweets, $1.75 tn $2.00:
seedlings, fl to f1.25, Lemons, Fancy Eureka,
$1.5<) to $175; Eureka and Lisbon, $1.50 to
$1.75: ÜBSured, £1,
Uuttcr— creamery, lancy, 2-lb sipiares, 550|
L'H-ox squares, 4tol coest creamery, 28-oz
squares, 41c; dairy, fancy, 2-lb squares, 50c.
Mill stuffs-Flour,Loa Angeles, $4.20; stock
ton brands, 94.60: Oregon, $4.00; bran, per
ton. local. $18.00: northern. $15.50; shorts,
per ton, local. $20.(11); northern, 116.001
rolled barley, per lon, $15.Oi): cracked corn,
perewt, 000 l feel meal, pere.tvt. 05e.
Poultry-Ileus. $4.00 to $LSO per doz.:
young roosters, $11.5 i) to $1.00; broilers. $.1 00
t053,801 old roosters, 94.00; ducks, $1.50 to
*3.80: turkeys. 100 to lie per lb.
Provisions—Hams. Rex, per lb, 11c; pio
nlc ti -; boneless, 10c.
Bacon, per lb Hex breakfast, 10c; light
melium, 7c: medium, (ie.
Dried beef—Per 11) sets, 10c; Insldes, llV<n,
Dry as t pork—Por lb., clear bellies, So; short
clear. 6%0; clear ljacks, fWiO.
Pickled pork—Per half bbl. 80 lbs., $3.
Lard—Per lb ,ivory eomprund, tierces, 5?io;
rexolene, t»'..c: pure leaf, t;^ t c.
Cotloleno ~Tiereos, 7J a c
Live stock—Hogs—Pel cwt., $3.15 to $4.00.
Beef cattle—:lc to 4c. Mutton—3o par lb.
Veal—3Vj io 4c per lb,
Honey aud beeswax—Honey—Comb, 10!.J to
lie per lb.; strained, 4 to sc. Bees«ax-42c
per lb.
Fresh Meats—Butchers' prices for whole car
cases: Beef— t>i to8«0 Iter lb. Veal-5 to 7c
Mutton -4*.j to BWOi Pork—s'„ to u'c.
1 ried Fruits-Apples—Sun Oiled, sacks, per
lb, 4 to sc; boxes, 5 to 7c; evaporated fancy, 7
to 7Sc. Apricots—Fancy, Uc; choice. Be.
Peaobes—Fancy impeded. 4c; bleached, sc,
Nectarines—Fancy, 8 to Uc; choice, ti to 7c.
Pears—Panoy evaporated, 7 to 90. Plums —
Pittedchoice, 7to 00. Prunes—Choice boxed,
3 toscj sacks, 2 lo So; fanov, lOe
Nuts—Walnuts—Loa Angel 7c; medium
soil, lOe; soft-shell Los Nielos, fancy. 10 to
120, Almonds—Soft shell, 10e: paper shell,
1-c; hard shell, lie. Pecans-13 tb lu'._c. Fil
berts—lo to 12'..'e.
Ilidesand Wool—Hides, as they run, ll'jc
perlb; sound kips, H' je; hulls aud stags, lie;
calves, 15c. Sheep pelts—3 to tic. Wool—
Norn nally, 2., lo SC.
tjiaiuiind bay—Barley, per cental, feed, 75c;
seed, 75c. Corn—Per cental, 85c. Wheat- Per
cental, $1.25. Hay-Per ton, nllalla, $0 00
to $12.00: barley, $lo.()0 to $llui>; wi cat,
$10.00 to $12.00; tamo oats, $10.00 lo $12.00.
Son Francisco Produce
Following aro Sau Francisco quotations on
produce corrected daily by Associate! Press
special wiie:
Middlings, [email protected] bran, $11.50 m,
Hay — Wheat, 11.50; wheat and oats,
*7 fiord IK 50: allalfn. 97.00t9.00j barley,
$7.0049.00; olover, 9&[email protected]: c mpressod,
$7 50(1)10.50; slock. f1j.0037.50i straw,
Potatoes—Salinas Burbanks, [email protected]; river
Burbanks, 30«it350 ; Oregon liurbank's, [email protected];
river reds, oOiftjUOc; Moreed sweet potatoes,
Los Angeles tomatoes, 750A51.25; tomatoes,
$1 50. string beans, lOe: green pels, Los An
geles, 3 i.40: do boy. [email protected]; cabbago. 4(>@600;
garlic, [email protected]; green peppers, 15c; dried
peppers, BlOc; mushrooms, 15r$30c; aspara
gus, (i;7c; dried okra, 12 l :.e(,isc; rliubarb,
[email protected]
Apples—No, 1 smiles, 35c®51.00; common,
5007,75 c; fanoy, RL'4510)1.60.
Citrus fruit—Mexican limos, $0 00'i65.5K;
California lemons, common, $1.0060 .2;>; do
good toe loice, $2.00; do fancy, $2 50«n.2.75;
CaUforntaoranges, ssedllngs, 00c#$l.lo; na
vels, $1.2531.60,
'irop.cQi fruit—Bananas, $i.core:2.oo; pine
apples, $2.50(0,5.00; Persian dales, 4%(j*50.
Butter—Fancy creamer., 2107)22e; seconds,
2fi(*jlc; fancy da rv, [email protected]; seconds. 18®
Cheese—Fancy mild new, [email protected] fair to
good, [email protected]; eastern, 12(it>i4o.
Kggs — store, lOsftHoi ranch, ll®l2o
Poultry—Turkey gobblers, [email protected]; bens,
[email protected]; roosters, young. $11.50 - 7.00; roos
ters old, $3.50(11)4.00; broilers, small, $1.50
(0.1.00: '.rollers, large $6.0030.(10; bens,
$3 [email protected]; ducks, $i.500) .00; geese, $1.50
Hfil.7s; pigeons, old, $1.75(152.00; pigeons,
young, [email protected]
Wm.Srm. y. March 4. 1890.
Mary and Ti F Ball, Hannah li and F X Har
ris to John O Burger—Subdivision 59-40;
(ieorge 1 Coclirau to Chris Hansen—Lot 44,
block 7, Herald second subdivision; $1.
Same to John J X Kothcry—Lot 117, block 27,
same sub; 81,
i) boron lv iiaseoiu to Iphio Ileckert—Undi
vided half interest In lot 5, block J, Sau Pas
qual tract: $025.
Ipliio Heokertto Frances E F'obes—Same as
above: 5825,
Same (o ijcbonih X Bascom—Lot 8, block 11,
Tebbett'a subdivision. 25-40 nnd 48-9; $4no.
Mary L Malhews to Ida M and Cora A Math-
OWS—Commencing on west line of Spring street
200 feet south of southwest corner oi Eighth
aud Soring streets; $10.
George W Ogle to John R Bigham—Lots 19
and 2j Ogle & Crabb's subdivision of Rice trt;
Fiank W Taylor, guardian, et al. to Edward
C and Ellis W Taylor—-Lot 27, ext oi Nob mil
tract; $1000.
Christian Sorenten to Mary s stimson—Lota
7 and 3 and east hall oi 9, block M, Crescents
Canada tract; *2500.
Mary S and Abncr M Stimson to Christian
Sorensen—Lot 14. Park villa tract; $2500.
Ella V\ ood et al to Melvin E Richards in—
Lots 430 428 and 430 Ford's Tomple s rest ad
dition to Los Augeles; ?300.
Henry Tand Mrs F.liza Newell to Llisha Puddy
and Laura E Hnbbcll—South half of lot 2,
block 97. Santa Monica; $1000.
\V liiam and Frances McDonald to John A
Wood—Soutli ast quarter of northwest quarter
of lot 4, block-22 Highland Park traot: $125.
Joun and Emma McDonald to Catharine
Young—Lo 7, block F, New Fair Oaks Avenue
tract;: $1200.
Charles Pratt t} Jacob Beifsohnolder—Lot 6,
Parcels' subdivision of John Thomas tract;
F W Wood et al to Edward Thomas—Lots. 00
ami 10. block 8. Park tract; .SIOOO.
Pacific. Land Improvement company to
Southern Pacific Railroad company-Part oi
lots 08 and 34, block "9, lying east of bound
ary between lands of first parly and landsof G
X Woodward; $1500. '
J s ami l.ueha Roners to Edward L Dohoney
and Samuel Cannon —Lot 2ft, Los Angeles Im
provement company's subdivision of lot 9, In
lot 8. block 39, Hancock's survey; $500.
II 8 and Jennie Diff-nderfcr to same—Lots 8,
9 an«l 10, block 1, subdivision of lot 8, block
80, Hancock's survey; lots 13 anil 11, block 7,
Turk tract; *8000.
Frederick and Helen Eaton to Florence E
Thresher—Lots7B,79 and 80, extension Nob
Hill tract; $1500.
John F aud Kannie C Humphreys to J B
Woods Jr— Block 11, Humphrey's First Addi
tion to Boyle Heights; $'500.
Charles J and Jessie Cawley to George Brere
ton—Lot 8, Stevenson's subdivision of part of
Carey i lace tract; $700.
A I. and Ida V Fanner to .1 W Lacey—Lot 7,
block Doi J VV browning's subdivision! ffiloCO.
Stephen M and Emma Qearhart to to Louis
M and Alice Blalsdell Lot 0, block 4, subdivi
sion of Harvey rancho; $3500.
• una M and Cnas p Foikertb to Emella Boi
ler—lot 24, Hiscock & Smith's lirst addition;
Robert and Dena Rasch to w II Maokle— Lot
5, block H, Chirrotlo tract; $000.
li It Bundy et ux to Mrs Sarah M Barden —
Lot l, block 70. Burbank, lot 2, block B, Mc-
Farland'fl subdivision oi Marengo tract; $750.
William T Holmes lo ih orge J Hopkins—Lot
3, 1! J Holmes' subdivision; $1000.
I. Land Nellie F Bowen to Deu Skogland—
Lot 4, block 7, Berkeity tract; $100.
Pboobe il Dunn cl al, by John liurr sheriff,
to State Loan and Tr.'Bt c unpany of I.cs Ange
les—West \_ of northwest 1 i oi southeast '_,
section 8, township 1 south, raugelOwest;
Samuel Ilestoii and Mary Boston to J H Zer
res—Lot 21, block 11, of A j Painter's subdivi
sion ; $500.
Abraham W and Caroline B Jackson to Hon
ry F spencer-West 15 1-8 fee tof lot 29, and
cast 31 5-0 feet of lot 31, block 19, and west
tSii fe t oi lot 17, Kills Irae.t; $3000.
Elisabeth M and George R Crow to E B Ham
ilton— B ginning at northeast corner of lot 2,
subdivision oi lands of Cordelia Mallard;
Deeds 25
Nominal 57
Total $48,332 05
„,, , , l.os anoei.es, Morch 4.
Following aro Ihe Los Angeles bank clear
ings for tbe current week :
Day. Exchanges. Balances.
Monday $ 180,034 04 $ 23,057 10
Tuesday 153.883 31 143,00 24
Wednesday 217,350 08 25,912 15
Money, Stock, Bond and
duce Quotations
Chicago Reports a Dull Dsy in the
Wheat Pit
The English and European Markets Pepcrt
Lower Prices and the short 3 At*
tempt to Sell
Associated Press special Wire.
Kkw York, March 4.— Following aro tho
closing s'.ock quotation*:
Atebit-on 16V X. W.pfd 145
Adams Express.. 147 N. V. central I*7
Alton.!' II ... 57 N. Y. AN. E 40
Am. sugar p!d... I0i?i Ontarioft W is;-.
Am. Express 110 Oregon Imp 9
Baltimore A 0.... lo'i Oregon Nay \~M
Can. Paoiflo 68J4 Oregon h. 1. v
Can. south 80 I'aclilc Mall 27!^
Cen. l'acitie l.v, p. p. ft c :j
t he. .i Ohio ]( Pittsburg I<>o
Chicago AAlton..lsß I'ull. Palace 157
C 11. ft () 7(l' i Head ng IK' ;
ChicngoOas 117'■ 0. s. Kubbcr I 5»
Con. lias 155 U. H. Hub., Bid... 81!,,
C. C li. ftst.L... 37U 8.0. W 17
Colo. Coal ft 1.... :i IS. O. W.pfd 41
Cot. oncer 10>4 Kot'k Island 7.-';
Pel. Hudson Vtl'A St Paul 7S'«
P. U W IBS'j St. Paul Did. .1-1> :, 4
I). ftU.U. pfd ... 4ll'„St Paul ,1:0 .... 41',.
Distillers 17JJ St. 1' .to. pfd 121 .
CoiuCableCo 15.1 Southern Inc... 111 1 ,,
Eric it; 1 , sugar Refinery.. .no's
Erie p'd 2S; a i'l'cnn. Coal .v. i... '-'It; 1 :
Fort Wayne If>2 Texas PhcKlc 8m
(a Northern pfd.. 108 T.ft O. C. pfd... 80
Nortlttvesiern.... 104 \V. P. D.AO *'i
Chgo ft E I pfd... 08 I Union l'aciiic ... BH
Hocking Val 17 0. s Express, ... 43'j,
Illinois Cen 06 W.Bt, L.AP. 7
St. Paul ft l> IIS .Wabash pfd Vo»i
K. ft T Bid lill's Wells l argo 06
UK. ft \V §0U W. Union . HIM
h. K. ft W. pfd.... 7BW W. ft L E ll}t|
Lako shore 148 W ftL. E. ptd.... 117
Leal Trust 'MM Minn, ft Bt, 1 20U
Louis, ft Nash.... 51', D. A it. G i:t
Louis, ft N, A . . Oljitien Electric HB%
Man. Con ....105>J|Nat'l Linseed ... 17
Memphis AC 15 Colo. Fuel ft 1.... SOW
Mich, central.... 95 0. P. A I pfd 07
Mo. M% H. &T. V. '~
.Mobile ft 0hi0.... BSWIT,, si. I. ft K. 0.. 5
Nash, enatt o.i IT., faLL.AK.Cpfa lo
Nitl'l. Cord s'. So. R I! ." 10
Natl. Cord pfd.. 10' 4 So. It H. pfd 3V H
N.J. Central 107 „ Am. Tobacco .... 7(>;„
N. ft W.pfd .... 7. Am. T. „ld 100 '
North. Am. C 0... 5., Am Tel ftOCo.. lis
North. Pac . i\ S. Cordage, grd 2014
North. I'ao. pld... 17 [U. 8. Leather pfd UP ~
Bond List
New York, March 4.—Following are tho olos.
Ing quotations on bonds:
li. 8. new reg 1 0% C. P. lsts, '05 ....100',
V. S. ne a coup ..lIBX D. AR. 0.7s 113
V. s. 5s reg 112... i). 1v.R.0.48 8 i
I.', s. 5s coup 11 - - 1 .. lino 2ds "*5
U. B. 4s reg. ...108 O. 11. .v. S. A. 1i5...)0J
U. is. 4s coup 10 '.; (1. 11. ,t 3. A. 75... 100
t), B.2sreg 00 H. AT. C. 6s 110
Pacific tis,'oß ..l()2 H. AT.C."O». lot!
Ala., class A 103 It. K. A T Ist 4s, e;\
Ala., c ass 1! 108 |M. X AT 21 Is. Bl}2
Ala., class C 100 Mutual C lis 115
Ala Cur 100'»iM. J. 0. a.-65.'... 110
I.n. N. C. 4s 08U S. V. lsts 117%
Missouri t!s 100 ' \\ P, 2ds ..lib,
N. C. lis 122 is. w. c 133
N. a 4s 101 ' S. W. S. F. 5s ...101
8, C. non-fund... 1 J CO. W. lsts 70W
Term. n. s. tis .... 85 [fit. I. Con. 7s 128
Term. n. s. 5s ...111 jSt. P.C.i.l'.W. 55..11'.1!i
Term. n.s. 3s ... 'St.LAI M. 11. 55.. 73
Term. o. s. Os (10 'St.!,. AB. X O. lis .103
Va. Cen 01'; T. P. lsts 81)
Va. Cen. did. ... —IT. P. 2ds 23.;
Atchison 4s .... 70'. s IT P. lsts, '96....10,%
Atchison 2ds A... 27' West, shore 4s 100
Can. So Jds 104 o. K. &N. lsts. ..11l
L A N, 4s 79% 80. U.K. 6s 92.;
N. P. 3ds 80 ,|
San Franclso "lining Stocks
San Francisco, March 4.—Tho onicial closing
quotations for mlnin;: stocks today wore as
Alta 12 I Crown point. ... 33
Alpha Con 1< lould & Currlo... 3*
Andes 2t;' [aleA Norcross.... 135
liclt'lier li ; dexican,. 6fl
He«t & Belcher.... 88peoidentel C0n.... !»l
Jiodie Con 1' , 'njitr 125
Bullion 11 Overman 13
Bultrer Con 1. . >..,- 41
Caledonia t j avage 3(1
Challenge Con. . 2! j -ierra Nevada 88
chollar o* Inion Con. 66
Confidence y I fellow Jacket, 31
Con Cula, .t Va... 111. |
Ahasiestment of 30 cents a share has been
levied on Con. Cal. .v. Va.
Boiton Quotations
Boston, March 4 — Atchison, Bell Tele
phone, $-02; Burlington, 7(1'; MexUau Cen
tral, llflii Ban liiego, 7.
Money Quotations
NEWYORK, Mareb -I.—Money on call easy at
2! .j. and 1 per cent; last 10an,3. closed at 2U and
"per cent; p line mercantile paper, (>
per cent; sterling exohange tirm, with actual
DusineaS in blinkers' bills at #4.37 : ' x t<> $4.88
for demand, and 1i.88%j to $ i 37 for »ny
days; posted ra es, $4 S"Lj lo $4.83% to $4,89;
commeroial bills $I.BG'. i ; sliver certificates,
08% to tii).
S.in JfBANCXSCO, March I.—Drafts, par.
Sliver Bullion
.New York, March I.—Bar silver, 68%; Mexi
can dollars, 55' 2.
San Francisco, March 4 —Bar silver, 63%;
Mexican dollars, 55% to 50.
The Day's Transactions on the Board of
CHICAQO, March 4.—ln wheat another
dull day was reported, the market at times
ruling exceedingly slow, the range for tlie
session being confined within a %c range.
The market, although opening where it
left off yes'erday, manifested some weak
ness early, duo largely to the lower cables,
both English and continental, and the de
liveries in the northwest, which wero fairly
generous, being about the same as a week
ago, but 157 cars larger than those of a
year ago. There was very Utile improve
ment in the speculative business, outside
trade being almost at a standstill and
with foreigners doing practically nothing
at die seaboard, holders found little en
couragement and liquidation and short
selling resulted. Trading in corn was ex
tremely quiet and fluctuations narrow.
Provisions were a distinct disappointment.
Pork closed 10c lower, lard 7; and ribs
5c lower.
The leading futures closed as follows:
Wheat, No. 2—March, 63!ic; May, Olijjc;
June. 87c; July, 07'4c.
Corn, No. 2 March, 23Jic; May, 301,0;
June, 31% a; July. 32>c.
Outs, NO, 2—Ma eh, May, 21c;
June. 21VgO; July, 2lHo<
Cash quotations were as follows:
No. 2 spring wheat, No. 3 do.,
03085HC1 No. 2 red, No. 2 corn,
2844028JiCi No. 2 oats, 19 v; No. 2 while, 21';
@2'2c; No. 3 white, 20! 4 (921%c; No. 2 lly'o,
389*0] No. 2 barley, nominal; No. 3 barley,
37igi350; No. 4. barley, 25ff1290; No. 1 flaxseed,
89..c; prime tim -thy seed, 98.5093,80; moss
pork, per bbl, 19.62%99.761 lard, per 100 lbs,
$5.301<15.32>ii short ribs, sides, looie, $5.05
«a>.lo; dry salted shoulders, boxed,
4?yC; short clear sid 8, boxed, s's(nls' .c;
wb'-kv, distillers' finished goods, per'gallon,
Chicago Live Stock TTsrket
CHICAQO, March 4. — Cattle—There was the
strongest kind of a cattle market today, re
ceipts being much smaller than usial lor
Wednesday. The demand was so g. od that
long beforo noon n arly all the good cattle
were taken, prices being fully 10c higher aa a
Receipts of Hogs today showed a material
.ailing off,and buyers wero obliged to pay a
further advance of Bo 10 10c.
Tie sheep trade today was brisk st $2.00®
3.05 for common to choice sheep, few selling
below $3.
Liverpool Markets
LtVF.Rroot,, March 4.—Spot wheat close'
quiet, wilh a poor demand; No. 2 red
winter, ssß%d; No 1 hard Manitoba, 5s 7%d;
No. 1 California, 5s Od. Futures closed easy,
;.,d<(Sld lower. March, 5s 7d; April. 5s 7Hd.
spot corn closed quiet; American mixed, new,
2s lljsjd.
My prices for wallpaper beat all the city. A
A. hckatrom, 824 South spring stieet.
if | Cloth Bound Books f pf
I Given Away i
t AA I Rare and Valuable f |
§ IZUUI — iiUui §
§jl To Select From S|
A carload of valuable, standard works will be presented !ja£
ABSOLUTELY FREE OF COST, to subscribers of the |^
J Daily Herald ||
j§| Sunday Herald
|I -Weekly Herald ||
«f Conditions:
Any subscribei. old or new, will receive his choice of one of the fol-
lowing 200 volumes hy sending Si .ob tor a year's subscription to the
WEEKLY HERALD or fi.Bs for three months subscription to the §__Z
/vCs DAILY HERALD. To those who prefer the SUNDAY HERALD
to either Of the other editions, a book (and the SUNDAY HERALD J-A?
for ore year) will be sent on receipt of $2.00, postage prepaid by the 2vS
ss/w HERALD. These works have sold until recently forsl.oo each.
5P> The list comprises 200 titles of entertaining books, selected for <o>
their popularity and evcry-day demand. They are neatly bound in the
best cloth, with head bands, and stamp:d with new and original de- <ta'C
sign in polish pattern and genuine GOLD,
EEI jI __ ~> MM
Ut: TITLE. AtITIICr.. I rrn. mil. AmWK.
1 Adam B'de George Eliot 105 Knight Errant KrlnaLvc.il
2 Addie'a Husband Bertha M. Ciav 106 Lady And.ey's Secret..Mlu It. E. Braddon
3 A.sons Fables 10 ~ Lady Castlemalne's Divorce
4 Airy, Fairy Lillian Tlie Duchess Bertha It. Clay
5 Allan Qiiartermain H. Itider Haggard los Last Days of Pompeii Lord Lyttoa
tl Anderson's Fairy Ta1c5....11. 0. Anderson 109 Lady Vahvorth's Diamonds
7 Arabian Nights' Entertainment .-The Duchess"
8 Arnndo Motto, The Mary Cecil Hay 110 Lamplighter, Tho ... Maria 8. Cummins
9 Assignation (The) and other Tales ... 11l Lastof the Mohicans..J. Fenimore Cooper
Edgar Allen Poe 112 Life Intersil. A Mrs. Alexander
10 As in a Looking Glass F. C. Phillips 118 Life's Remorse, A "The Duchess"
II At Bay Mrs. Atoxsnder 114 Like No Other Love Bertha M. Clay
12 At the World's Mercy . Florence Warden 115 l.orna Doono R. p. Blackmoro
13 At War With Herself Bertha M. Clay 110 Lot Wile. A Mrs. U. Lovett-Cameroa
14 Avcrll Rosa tt. Carey 117 Love's Wo'ifare Bertha M. clay
15 Bad Roy Abroad Walter T. Gray 113 Miawa's Revenge U. Rider Haggard
lti Bad Bey and His Sister.... Ben). Brondaxe 119 Marvel ..Th,. Dochess"
17- Bad Boy at Home Walter T. OrSy 120 Masaulello Alexander Dumas
18 Baron Munchausen Tin lolph It tspe 121 Master of Eallantra", The
19 Beaton's Bargain Mrs Alexander Robert Louis Stevcnsoa
10 Belle of Lynne The Bertha M. clay 122 Master of the Mines, The
91 Between Two Sins Bertha M. Clay Robert Buchanan
22 Beyond Pardon Bertha M ciav 123 Matt; A Tale of a Caravan
23 Birds of Prey Miis U. E. Braddon Robert Ituchansn
24 Black Beauty Anna Powell 124 Mental Strug.le, A "The Duchess"
25 Blind Love Wilkie Collins 125 Merry Men, The.. P.obert Loul- Stevenson
21! Brcezio l.angton Hawley Srairf 126 Michael Strogoff, the Courier of the
27 firenda Yorke Mary Cc il Hay Czar Jules Vcrna
2S Rroken Wedding Ring, A..Bsrtlia M. clay 127 M'sstng Husband, A (ieorge R. Sims
89 Buffalo BUI Ned Buntllne 128 Modern Circe, A "Tho Duchess"
30 By Woman's Wit Hi""- Alexander 129 Mohawks Miss M. E. Braddon
til Camilla. Alexandre Dumas 130 Molly Bawn "The Duchess"
89 Cardinal Bin, A ttughConway 131 Mona'schoice Mrs. Alexander
fit Cell No. 13 X Edwin B. Trafton 13.' Moths Ouida
34 Charlotte Temple Mrs. Rowton 133 Myster ous Island, The Jules Verne
35 Child's History ot England 184 Mystery ol a Hausom Cab... Fergus Hum*
Charles Dickens 135 Nameless Sin, A Bertha M. Clay
30 Christmas Stories 136 Natural Low in the Spiritual World ..
37 Clrc vmstantlal Evidence...Hugh Conway Henry Drummond
38 Clique of Cold Tho F.miie Gnboriau 137 New Magdalen, The Wilkiu Collins
39 Cloven Foot, The ....Miss M. E. Braddon 133 Nicholas Nlckleby Charles Pickens
40 Council of Ten, The . ...Kylvanus Cobb. Jr i 130 Nora's Love Tost Mary Cecil Hay
41 Crayon Papers, Th 0.... Washington Irving j 140 o:d Man's Darling, An
ts Crooked Path, A Mrs. Alexander j Mrs. A. McV. Miller
43 park Days Hugh Conway i 141 Mamsolle'sSecret
44 Dark House, The, or A Knot Unraveled I From the German of E. Marlltt
n. M. Fcnn ( 142 Old Myddloton'.s Money...Mary Cecil Hay
45 Dark Marriage Morn Bertha M. Clay 143 Oliver Twist . Charles Dickens
46 Dawn 11. Rider Haggard Hi ostler Joe; and other Recitations ..
47 Deer.layer J. Fenimore Cooper G. R. Sims
48 Deldeei or, The Icon Hand 143 °" r Bessie Rosa tt. Carey
Florence Warden t4fi Pathfinder, The J. Fenlmoro roper
49 Despera'e Woman, A Adah M. Howard I*7 Perilous secret. A. Charles Read*
80 Dick's Wanderings lulian sturgls I*3 Phyllis "The Duchess"
51 Dick's Sweetheart "The Duchess 149 pilgrim's Progress, The.. . John Bunyan
82 Donald Dyke, the Detective ,5 ° Pioneer, The —J. Fenimore Cooper
Harry Rockwood I*l Pomfret Mystery, The A D. Vinlon
53 Donovsn.... .EdnaLyall IW Portia "The Duchess"
51 Dora Thorns Bertha M. clay 153 Prairie, The J. Fenimore Cooper
s', Doris "The Duchess" 164 Prince Charlie's Daughter..Be tha M.Clay
86 Doris' Fortune Florence Warien IBS Prince of Darkness,A....Florence WardSu
57 Dorothi'l Venture Mary Cecil Hay 15(1 Princess of Thule, A William Black
63 Dreadful Temptation, A lr >7 Privatcersman, A Captain Marryat
Mis. A. McV. Miller 153 Queenie s Terrible Secret
59 Driven to Bay Florence Mairyot Mrs. A. McV. Miller
60 '.I he Duchess "Tbe Duchess" 159 Redcomed by LOTS'., .. Bertha M. Clay
Ul Duke's secret, The Bertha M. Clay 100 Reptoachof vnncsley, The..MaxwellGray
62 Dynamiter, 'ihe...Robert Louis Stevenson lnl Robinloa Crusoe Dani dDe Foe
63 Fast Lynne Mrs. Henry Wood 12 Rob Roy Sir Watter Scolt
04 Evil Genius Wllkl* Collins 103 Romola George Eliot
65 Fair Hut False Bertha M. Ciav l'i4 UoryO'Mooro Samuel Lover
06 Faith and Uuttfaith... M '' Ihe Duchess' 1. 5 scarlet Lett r, Tho. .Nathaniel Hawthorne
67 Fumrly Affair, A Hugh conway ltiti set in Diamonds Bertha M. Clay
68 Fatal Phryne. The F.C.Phillips 1(17 8110 II Rider Haggard
69 File 115 (A Detective Story) 188 Sketch Book, The ...Washington Irving
Harry Harper IU9 story of an African Farm, the
70 Bive Weeks in a Balloon Jules Verne Olive Schrclnei
71 Flag of Distress, The....Capt. Mnyno Reid 170 Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.
72 For Another's Sin Bertha M. Clay Hyde .. Robert Louis Stevenson
73 For Faith and Freedom.... Walter Besant 171 Swiss Family Robinson
71 Forging tho Fetters Mis. Alexander Mon olleu and Wyss
75 For Mamie's Sake Grant Allen 172 Tale of Tiro Cities, A Charles Dickcne
70 Foul Play Chanos Reads 173 Tents otshem. The Grant Allen
77 Friendship Ouida IH4 1 hat Beautiful Wretch . . .William Back
73 Frozen Pirate, The .' W. Clark Russell 175 Thorn in Her Heart, A Bertha M. Clay
79 Good-Bye Sweetheart.. Rhoda Broughton 176 Thorns and Orange Blossoms
80 Guilt River. The Wilkie Collins Bertha M. Clay
81 Gulliver's Travels Dean Swiit 177 Tom Brown's School Days
82 Guy Kenmorc's Wife. Mrs. A. McV. Miller ... Thomas Hughes
83 Grimm's Household Fairy Tales 173 Tour of tho World in Eighty Days
Grimm Brothers Jules Verne
8* Gypsy Blair, the Detective 179 Treasure Island.. .Robert Louis Stevenson
. Jlldson V. Taylor ISO Two Fair Women Bertha M Clay
85 Handy Andy Samuel Lover 181 Two Orphans, Tho R. D'Enuery
86 Haunted Lite, A Bertha M. Clay 18J Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the
87 Her Martyrdom Bertha M. clay Sea Jules Verne
88 Her Mother's Sin Bertha M. Clay 183 Two Years Before the Mast
B9 Hidden perils Mary Cecil Hay R. H. Dana, Jr
90 His Wife's Judgment Bertha M. Clay im Uncommercl»lTraveller..CharlesDicken«
91 Hon. Mrs. Vcreker, The — "Tho Duchess" Vagrant Wife, A Florence Warden
91 House of the Seven Gables, The ISO Vicar of Wakefield, The.Oliver Goldsmttn
~ . Nathaniel Hawthorne 137 Wedded and Parted Bertha M. clay
93 House on tho Marsh, The iss We Two Edna Lyall
Florence Warden iso Wee Wltle Rosa N. Carey
04 Hoyle'l Games Hoyle 190 When a Man's Single J. M. Rarria
95 In the Golden Bays Bdua Lyall 191 White Wings William Black
9li Ivanhoo Sir Walter Scott 192 wife's Crime, A Miss Grace Hatpins
97 Ivan the Serf... Eylvanus Cobb, Jr. 193 wife In Name Only, A Bertha M. Clay
05 Jane Eyre Charlolte Bronte 194 Willie Rellly Wm. Carlton
99 Janet's Repentance George Eliot 195 Witch's Head, Tho H Itider Haggard
100 John Halifax, Gentleman — Miss Mulock 1911 Woman Against Woman
101 Kidnapped Robert Louis Stevenson Mrs. M A. Holmes
102 King So omon's Mines..ll. Rider Haggsrd 197 Woman's ace, A Florence Warden
103 Kith ard Kin -...Jessie Fothergtll 198 Woman's Temptation, A.. Bertha M. Clay
104 Knickerbocker History of New York.. 199 Won by Waiting Edna Lyall
Washington Irting 200 World Between Them Bortha M. Clay
a_m~ ~ 3« ♦ '
These books are all that is claimed for them In binding, contents and *$>
general makeup, and should not be confounded with the trashy, paper
bound literature costing 6 to 12 cents per volume. <jgs
2v<\ Subscribers will not have to wait. Books will be mailed on the same
day subscription is received.
Remittances should invaria' ly be mad? by P. O. or Express Money
Wv-7 Order, Bank Draft or Registered Lettsr.
Address 2y^[
m The Herald, i
Los Angeles, CaL
City subscribers may call at the business office.
i%/jyes OF TRAVEL
Trains leave and arrive at
Trains \ :a Panadenaarrive
leave i minuted latir east>
To Denver. Kansas City. Chicago. St. Ixmis.
Leaves dally a:0<) pm.--Arrives d»ilyo:o.j pin.
To Denver. Kansas City, Chicago, St. Louis.
Leaves 7 :;u am.—Arrives |;uU pm.
Lv. aJ»;fID a. m„ 5:2) p. m ; Ar. ul :j5 p.m., 7:13 p. m.
P—Leave 7:10 Km. ftS:-'0 urn.. UfflO am.. a 4:03 pra.,
4:4.» pm., pm.; O-Lv. al l :ot> am.. 8)29 pm.
P—ArriveS:MaM, a9:4fi am.. »1:$0 pm., :»-.n pin.,
pm.,6;M pm; O—Ar. if:0o am., «M pra.
P—Leave 7:10 am., at:3o am,, OKJO am., MIOP pm.,
4:45 pm; <)- Lv. dUiOQ am., "i:2O pm-
F—ArriveoUi4Aam., alKlOpm., a;j> pm.,e;o> pm.,
U:3O pm.; O- Ar. 11:00 am., 7:15 pm.
Leave—7: n mv,.. lts:9D nm., 9:0, i am., I :S8 pm., a'.:oo
nm.. a4T:4* pm., aOiaO pm., spm.
Arrive—a?:SSam., 8:1* am.. w:4B am., 1:00 pm.,
4:l~t pm., .»;f>)pni„ 6:05 6:50 pm.
Leave-aB:SQ am., sUOiOO am., 1:3-' i pm., MiOO pm.,
aa4-i'i pin.. pm.
Arrive—attfta am.,ids am., ai:»X), 4:15, 0:80 pm.
Leave—aB:Uoah) ,9:ooam. 4:2. r > pm.. 6:2 it pm.
Arrive—B:Bo am., at ; 5 pm ,5:05 pru., 7:15 pni.
Leave—!»:soam., s:;ispm; Arrive—^:2Uam.,4:lo pm
Leave—7:lo urn., 10:00 am.. 6:08 pm.
Arrive—B:sB am. ,4:40 pm., 6:80 pm.
Leave—P a< :Oj am., o -au :»> am.
Ar—l' ul :(w und ati:u,"i pm. o—all : f w am., a 7:15 pm
Leave P—ao:am. O all :00 am.
Arrive p—al :00 pm. O—alllOU am.
Lv—a9:oo am ,as:2opm. j Lenve—ai»:ol> am.
Arrive—a 1:03 pm. JAi rive—a 7: i 8 pm.
p—Via Pasadena. O—Via Orange, ft—Dally,
except Sunday. aaSundaya only ; all other trains
daily. Ticket ofllce, 12i> Norili Spring st. aud La
urunde station
n TIME TABL" -MARCH 2,_1898
Leave for I destination I Ar. from
"■ i Kewor.ean, \ We ? : g^
Wostbouni t c 1 i 'mitr.fi l Kattbotind
Wed * sat; ■ Frai'ic ico " Su " lt
8;l8 pml 1 BM i,rilllU9UJ (, 2::;o pm
2:i'o pin p S. Fran.. Sacramento f ■ 7:80 am
S :25 pm ) and East, via ngdeu { li.mjum
8:28 pm Portland, or n :00 am
2:80 pml El Paso and East liOOpta
Pttfiadona A 7:58 am
7:5 ) am ■' 8:88 am
A 8:88 ami « 0:51 am
0:20 am H 10:40 nm
12:30 pm " 1: ' l " > pro
A l :30 jim " A 8:03 pm
8:88 pm " 5:01 pm
8:20 pm! " A ":M pm
A 0:10 pm "
8:00 am! 1 Riverside, f 0:55 am
0:20 ami I Redlands. J IKM pm
2:Bopm |" San licrnardiuo i , 4: is pm
4:80 pm! ! and Colton ( i B:$S pm
f:00 am] | [ 8:80 am
8:20 am I romona 0:55 am
2:30 pm; y nnd ■! 1:00 pm
4::J0 pm I Ontario j 4:4S pm
5:25 pm J {\ 0:35 pm
8:0 i) am Chlno 8:50 am
4:Bopm *' B:sBam
5:25 pm " 0:81 pm
8:00 urn Covlna am
A 2:80 pml " 1:00pm
5:25 pml " 8:88 pm
8:05 am Monrovia A 8:20 am
A 11,20 am Arcadia 9tßo am
A Btosphl and Al:)0pm
s:lspm Duarte 4:Bspm
8:00 am Santa Jiarhara 12{35pm
4:86 piu " 10:10 pm
AIISSgS } 8a \ A 1116 pm
5:10 pm I Anantun ( BUOpm
10106 am | Whittle I i B:i»hiii
A 2,Sffl} { A^iZ
A 8:08 am Tustln i 0:00 am
5:10 pm " I A 8:20 pin
i&SSJ MnPMrt, \\ l )m
1' :0i) am' Santa Monica
S 10:0'J urn " 7:45 am
1 " 8:50 am
1 :io pm " I 12;12 pm
5:15 pm " S 4:25 pm
ftOQ pm " 5:10 pm
0.00 am Soldiers' Home ! 12:12 pm
*i:0i) pm " j 6:10 pm
0:0oam Port Los Angeles 12:12 pm
S 10:00 am: " 8 4:25 pm
1:10 pm " 8 uoprn
A 1:15 Jim Catalina Island ! A 11:15 am
A !':4llani Chatsworth Park A 4:15 pm
Chatswortb Park—Leave from and arrive at
River Station, Sat) Fernando street, only.
a Sundays excepted s Saturdays und Sundays
AM S.P. Co.'s trains stop at First street (except
the four San PranCfSGO trains) and Commercial
street (except the 8:25 San Francisco evening
train). In the business center of the city, saving
time und street cur lures to passengers.
(iencral Passenger Office, 220 S. Spring street.
Season of 1895-90,
TSn£lCe 7* WEEK
son Francisco, los nngeies m m oticods,
Leaving San Francisco
Los Angfles,
Wednesdays and Sundays
First Tiip From Los Angeles,
Wednesday, Nov. 6, 189!
Th* most complete, mo4ern, elegantl,
equipped and perfectly arraaged Vestibule!
Tr nscontinental Train In America. Mew
equlpn eni, especially Ueil.neJ aud built lot
this service.
Dlrrct connection, in New OrUau lot aB i
Eastern points. Uulck time.
Redondo Railway
DEPOT: Grand aye. and Jefferson tU
In effect Jumiary 1,1393.
Leave Los A ngctet ! Leave Rertnndo for
for lledondo Los Angeles
8:05a.m I>allv'7:ao ft.in Daily
4:30 p.m bally a:00 p.m Daily
For passenger and freight rates apply at depot,
corner Urand avenue and Jefferson street. Tele
phone West 1.
L. T. (iAUNsI-:\, Presides*
i. N. BUTTON, Superinteudeiit.
Cars leave Fourth and Spring streets.
For Rublo Canyon and iicho Mountain—
8:00, 9:00 and 10:00 a.m ; 1:00, 11.00 end
4:00 p.m.
Returning Itave Echo Mounlain-8:00
•nd9:t Oa.m : '1 :00, A :O0 and 4:la p. m.
For Altadena—B:oo a.m. and every hour
until 10 pm.
Returning leare Altadena-0:"0 a.m. and
hourly until o:3u p.m.
For Pasadena—Every Filleen minutes from
7:15 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Hall hourly belore
• nd after these hours.
Office, 222 W Fourth street.
W ]>. LA UK ABLE, SupL
E, I\ CLARK, Gen'l Menager.
IN EFFECT NOV. 18. 1885.
LosADffclcs depots: Fan «mi<l First ntreetmaf
Downey avenue bridge*.
' Leave Los Anceks for |Lea"ye Puidini for Lo*
Pasadena. Angeles.
b 7:10 a m | I JO a SB.
C >:Ki tn C 8:30 a m.
a 0:10a.m a 10:25 a.m.
a II :30 k m a lZ:4Op as.
a 3:30 p.m I a ilp g,,
as:2op m ■ a B:Bttp.W.
Downey »v»nuc leaving time 7 minutes Later. >to*
Iween Lo* Angeles anil Pasadena— Koond trip 24c.
Leave Loa Angeles Leave Altadena JnactftM
Altedena .Junction. for Los Angeles.
a 9:10 a.m a io-.ioa ny
c ii:Wa.m c i2:2op m.
n 3:30 p.m ...m 4iW\?.m.
All trains start from First street depot.
Leave Los Angeles fur Leave" Gleaoale for 'Lsti
'41endale. Angeles.
b 7:05a.m b 7:57 a m.
o 1:20 a.mo •:12a.m.
aI2:SB p.m a i :27 p.m.
a 5:05 p.m » ItMp.m.
Leave Lnt Angeles~7or | Leave East Ban Pedro *~
Lone (leach and East i for
San Pedro. Los Angeles.
n 1:00 p.m a 7:20 a.m.
a l:io p nt a 10:30 a.m.
a s:on pm. a B:4*p.mu
Between E. San Pedro and Long Beach lOmlnutag,
Steamer for Aralon connects with 1:10 p ss»
train daily, except bimda3*s.
Trains leave Los Angeles dally at 9:10 a.m., ell :1s) i
a.m.. und a 3:30 p.m.
Floe pavilion and hotel. Grand scenery.
Tcleseope nnd searchlight.
a Daily, h Dally except Sunday, c Sundays)
Only, el Saturdays only.
stair's meet the 7:10 a.m. train at Pasadena for
Mt Wilson on new trail.
Passengers leaving Los Angeles on the 7:10 a. as* 1
train forMt. Wilson can return same day.
Special rates to excursion and picnic parties.
Pepors east end of First street and Downey im
Hue bridges.
City ticket office, O reenewald's cigar store, cogs
ncr Second and Spring streets.
General offices. First street depot.
T B. BLRNETT, General Manager,
W, WINCIP, Gen- Passenger A*safe.. .
tioodall, Perkins ft Co., General Agents, San Praa*
Northern routes embrace lines for Portland, Or..
Victoria, B. C, and Puget bound, Alaska ana all
OOast points.
Leave Hun Francisco
For- j 1 .
Port Harford 'S. R. Corona, March 8, 14, 29.
Santa Kiirbaru 1 30: April 7.
R.'dondo ...|
Port Los Angeles..'S. R. Rant a Rosa, March t,1%
Newport 1«, 20; April 8*
Sun D I ego I ... • .
For- Is. s.st. Paul, March 4,11,20,
Kast San Pedro | 28; April 5.
San Pedro and way S. H. Eureka, March 8,18,24;
_ p0rt5 .........._. . ~| April 1. . ■
Leave Port Los Angeles and Redondo
For— Is. s. Santa Rosa, March 4,12,
I 20,28; April 5,
San Dit-go [S. W. Corona, March 8, 16, 24;
I A prill.
For— Is. S. Santa Rosa, March 6,14,
Pan Frnnclsco 22.30; April?.
Port Harford !s. 8. corona, March 2, 10. is,
Santa Barbara | 2ti; April 3. .
Leave ban Pedro and East San Pedro.
For— |S. R. Eureka, March 5, 11, 10,
San Francisco 27; April 4.
and ,S. s. St. Paul, March 7, 15, 28,
Way ports Si; April 8.
Curs to connect with steamers via San Pedro
leave S.P, R.R. Arcade depot at 5:05 p.m. and Ter
minal 11. R. depot at 6 p.m.
Cars to connect via Redondo leave Santa,Fo
depot ut 0:50 a. in ,or from Redondo Railway depot
ut 6:05 a.m.
Curs to connect via Port Los Angeles leave B*P;
R.R, depot at 1:10 p.m. for steamers north bound.
Plans of steamers' cabins at agent's ofhce, where
berths may he secured.
The company reserves the right to change tha
steamers or their days of sailing.
For passage or freight as above or for tickets ta
and from all important points In Europe, apply ta
W. PARRIS. Agent
Office: ggj W. Third St., Los Angeles.
comrade Si Transaiioniiaue
River, foot of Morton street, New "York.
Travelers hy this line avoid both travel by En
glish railway and the discomfort* of crossing tho
channel In a small boat.
La nascogne, March 14.
La Touraine, March 2L
La H'Hirgogne, March 28.
La Bretagne, April 4.
La < lascogne, April 1 v
La Touraine, April 18.
liv Bourgogne, April 28j
La Bretagne, May 2.
La Gaacognc, May 9.
La Touraine, May Is.
La Bourgogne, May 28*
La Bretagne, May 50.
La Gascognc, June 6.
La Touraine, June 13.
La Bourgogne, June 'm\
l,a Bretagne, June 27,
La Oascogne, July 4.
La Touraine, July 11.
New York to Alexandria, Egypt, via Paris, flute
elans, 8101 ; second-class, fl 17.
For trolght or passage apply to -
A. FORGET, Agent, W
No. 3 Bowling Green, NewYors:.
J. F. FUGAZI * CO., Agents, 5 Montgomery
avenue, San Francisco. Tickets are for sale by all
railroad and steamship offices.
fcrresentatlvo Wholesale mat
Retail Dealers, Business
Men and Firms J
I W. H. BHINN, :oj-008 Wilson blk., Hprlng si.
"KEATING," Hawley, Kine « Co., 210 Iff. Mala, |
B, GREENGART, buy and sell, 107 Coomirslll.
V. W. BRAUN A CO., 40J-407 N. Main • ML Mt.
LUDWIO 4t wauN E R Molt Market. Tel. 88*
HAAS, BARUCH st CO., 310 to 326 N. L. A. St.
ABBOTSFORD INN, oar. Ith A Bop*. Tel, U»
OTTO RUr, 123 a. Main, New Turnvereln halL
CO., (Inc.) |ioo,«M, iv stimson. ▲. C. are*?
erson, att'y.
HENRY BOIIRMANN, 514 S. Spring St. Tel. 7«J
DR. WARD, Byrne Bl'd,, Rm. JlB. Tel. 78.
F. H. MAUDE A CO., 211 W. First St.
NORTON & KENNEDY, 184 S. Srtnj; tat. Nfcl
J. F. MOBENO, 220 Aliso It.
IL V. BII.LINUS, 4SUs 8. Spring st. Tel. IMS.
CHAS. W. ADAMS, 333 N. Main. TeL 1847.
BOOTH .V ROW, 250 fl. Main St. Tel. 1849.
O. STOESAK, 511 s. Spring sv bet. ttb and «fc
g. F. A. LAST, i 2» and 111 N. Main st.
B. FLEUR, 40M06 N. L. A. St. Tel. 224.
(TEW YOLK BAZAAR, 148 N. Spring St.
Druggist and Chemist
222 N. Main St., Los Angeles
Prescriptions larciui v compoundad 4*7
or Dlfbt.

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