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Lady Law Students In the Township Court.
Insanity Commitments Increasing—A Cor
poration Formed to Engage In Multifarious
Pursuits—New Suits
"Kid" Thompson is now speeding north
ward to San Ourentin under sentence of
The knowledge that the daring train
robber was to be brought up for sentence
yesterday sufficed to pack department one
to the doors, several ladies being among
the number of the curiously inclined.
The proceedings were opened by Deputy
District Attorney McComaa moving that
such steps be taken as would carry into
effect the judgment of the court. He drew
attention to the fact that the remittitur
had arrived from the supreme court an
nouncing that the judgment of the court
had been sustained, and therefore it be
came necessary to make a new order to
carry out the judgment.
Attorney \V. A. Harris, of counsel for
the defense, objectetl to sentence being
passed, ns an appeal was pending aud no
final decision had been reached in the
"If the court please," responded Deputy
District Attorney MeComas, ' the first ap
peal was from the judgment and the judg
ment has been ufurnied. The second
appeal is from an order denying a new
trial and does not stay sentence."
"If I understand the matters rightly,"
remarked the court, "the appeal was taken
from the judgment that has now been
affirmed and 1 know of no proceeding
other than to go on. It is a very novel pro
ceeding, gentlemen, but I will place tho
execution sufllciently far ahead for a de
cision to be heard from the supreme court
on the second appeal. lam satisfied, al
though there are few precedents, that an
appeal from an order denying a new trial,
as hero shown, is not such as will operate
as a stay of proceedings."
"But suppose the supremo court should
grant a new trial," suggested Attorney
Goodrich or the defense.
"I can't suppose anything of the kind.
The judgment lias boon affirmed and the
remittitur is here, though the condition
is anomalous."
Mr. Harris tiled a certificate from the su -
preme court clerk, showing the pendency
of the second appeal aud the steps taken
by counsel for defense.
Attorney D. K. Trask, also of defending
counsel, then read a formal motion asking
the court not to fix a time on the ground :
First—That there is an appeal from the or
der denying a new trial, now pending in
the supreme court, as appears from the
clerk of the said court; second—That this
court is without jurisdiction to make any
order while the said cause is pending in
the said supreme court on appeal.
The motion was promptly denied, the
court ordering the defendant to stand up.
Thompson came briskly forward and
looked serenely in the eyes of Judge
!-mi!h. His face had a bleached appear
ance, resulting from his long confinement
aud he viciously and incessantly chewed
gum during the time his doom was being
The death warrant, from which tlie court
read, was a voluminous typewritten docu
ment, wherein it was recited, in epitomized
form, the history of the caso. The actual
words which consisted the defendant to
the scaffold were as follows:
"This ia to command you, the said sheriff
of said county of Los Angeles, as provided
in said judgment, to take the said W. H.
Thompson to the state prison of the state
of California, at San Quentin, within ten
days from this day, and deliver him into
tlie custody of the warden of said state
prison of the state of California, at San
Quentin, and this ia further to command
you the said warden of the state prison of
tlie state of California, at San Quentin, to
carry into el(ect the said judgment of said
court, on the liiid day of May, 1890, be
tween the hours of 10 ocloek a.m. and 4
ocloek p.m. of said day, within the said
stale prison at San Quentin, at which time
and pUce you shall then and there hang
the said W fl. Tnompson by tbe neck un
til he shall be dead."
While the words were being pronounced
the prisoner's jaw kept convulsively chew
ing, as if in that way some vent might be
found for the hidden fires of hitter feeling
Kent up within. Save for that the "Kid"
etrayed little emotion.
"That s all, eh?" he queried, when the
somber words of the court had ceased. It
was not asked impertinently, but with a
scornful intonation to which he gave point
upon returning to his seat.
"G—d d—n it, 1 thought they were going
to give me a chance to say something," he
remarked to Deputy Sheriff McOlure as he
sat down. "Well," he added, "they may
break my neck, but they can't break my
To some word regarding the possibility
of his being granted a new trial the "Kid"
"Naw; they'll hang me all right. The
supreme court is owned by the Southern
Pacific and Wells- Kargo, and while my at
torneys are all right and want me to think
I'll get a new trial, I know they'll hang
As he uttered the words the prisoner's
mind evidently reverted to the possibility
of Craig, the murderer, escaping the meshes
of the law while he would have to pay the
penalty of his crimes. Deadly antipathy
exists between the two men, and it was
with bitter anxiety in his voice that the
' Kid" asked of the deputy sheriff:
"Do you really think his joblots (Craig)
will get his ueck broke?"
1 icing answered in tlie affirmative, he
"And I'm glad of it. There's not a man
in the jail I'd give away but his joblots."
When removed back to the jail the "Kid"
was stripped and his description taken.
Shortly after 1 ocloek a number of people
lined the stone stairway leading from New
High street to the county jail. A carriage
was in waiting and the prison door swung
open and allowed the "Kid" to make his
last exit, escorted by Sheriff Burr and Dep
uty Sheriff Guy Woodward. "Boys, it's
all up; I guess this is my last carriage
fide,' and the prisoner, recognizing some
of the spectators, held out his manacled
hands to give a last handshake in bidding
eternal farewell.
A. S. Chappelear, formerly deputy sheriff
uuder.Martin Aguirre, but for several years
past one of the officers at San Quentin,
forms one of tho "Kid's" party with a
prisoner he is escorting back to San Quen
tin for having broken his parole. Sufficient
lunch was taken along by the sheriff to
obviate the necessity for taking the pris
oner out of the cars while en route. At
night they will be chained hand and foot to
the car seats, but during the day time only
tho handcuffs will bo kept on.
It is not generally known how nearly
"Kid" Thompson came to making his es
cape from jail some months ago.
Gray and Harris, two friends of his,
with whom he had served time in the Yuma
Cenitentiary, concocted a scheme that was
old and daring, antl hut for the lack of
some ready money might have succeeded.
One day Gray went to the sheriff's ollice
and, on the strength of a deputy sheriff's
badge he wore, passed himself off as an
officer and obtained a permit to see the
"Kid." The scheme was then planned
that Gray should come to the jail very late
at night with his pal, Harris, who would
pese as his prisoner. Tho jailer on duty
nt night, knowing Gray as an olQcer, would
of course open the gate and admit tbe men
to take delivery of the prisoner, for bogus
papers would be the easiest thing of all to
arrange. Once inside tlie two desperadoes
would make short work of the jailer and
then proceed to release tl* "Kid. 5 '
Neither Gray or Harris liad any money to
pay thetr living expenses and defray sun
dry preliminary expenses in connection
witii the "Kid's" liberation. They deter
mined to get the money somehow, and
with this end In view committed one or two
burglaries and were run down by the law
Gray was convicted and ia now in San
Quentin, but Harris beat his case, some
how, and could do nothing for Thompson
single handed.
Under the Tuition ol "Col." Vonkln They
Take Their First Lesso i
A bevy of damsels were up in the town
ship court yesterday posing as law stu
dents, and under the careful and elllcieiit
tuition of "Col." Yonkin made such rapid
progress that before they left the court
room they each liled a claim for wages.
! And therein lies a story.
A week or two ago the Majestic restaur
ant opened its doors in the same building as
the hotel Vincent. The proprietor. E. A.
Herman, used to bo the head chief at the
Hollenbeck, aud being a man of wide ex
perience it seemed as if his venture ought
to have turned out profitably. But it
didn't, and on Monday the place was at
tached for tho paltry sum of $:12, on an
assigned claim from Parmolee, the crock
ery dealor. It was then discovered that a
chattel mortgage, held by the Harper-Rey
nolds Co., covered all the elfects in the
Such a speedy collapse in business is ac
counted for in several ways. The restau
rant was elegantly appointed, and Mr.
Jones, the owner of tho Vincent block, gave
his tenant six months' rental free in order
that he might firmly establish himself.
I The food was the host the market afforded,
but there the colored waiters, it is claimed,
got in their fine work. After a patron of
| the house had satisfied the yearnings of an
i epicurean stomach with all the delicacies
I the kitchen afforded and satisfactorily
| stowed away in tils interior anatomy about
jsl worth of good victuals, a 10-cent tip
|to the waiter would cause that nimble
: fingered individual to put down a 25-cent
check, and ou that basis payment was
made for numberless dinners.
Mr. Herman, it is said, got wind of this
little bunco game being played upon him
and got rid of his colored help, replacing
them with clean-faced girls, who could
strike a truer balance between the credit
and debit sides of the stomachs of the pat
rons of the house.
The trouble came, however, when a pal
try little account was not met anil the
waiter girls, who held their places only for
one week, wanted their wages. In order
to learn how to get it they—the whole live
of them—began their study of law yester
day wilh the result as stated. Their ag
gregate claim only amounts to $20.10,
and this will come in as a preferred claim
when the affairs of the restaurant are
wound up.
A New Corporation to Engage In JTultifarlous
Papers of incorporation were filed yes
terday by the Hollenbeck Lime and Devel
opment company. The purpose of the cor
poration is set forth to he tne burning,sell
ing and shipping of lime: quarrying,selling
and shipping marble, granite nnd lime
stone; of manufacturing cement; of min
ing for gold and other precious metals; of
developing water and selling it for irriga
tion purposes; developing and dealing in
oil; leasing, buying, owning and selling
real estate in this state.
The company is capitalized for $50,000,
divided into 500 shares of the par value of
$100 each, of which amount $500 has been
The directors are: R. B. Knight, Pasa
dena; A. H. Hollenbeck, Los Angeles; G.
E. Harpham, Los Angeles; Warren Gille
len, Los Angeles; Charles C. Knight, Pasa
Each Dsy One or More Patients Are Sent
to the State Asylum
James W. Morrell. an inmate of the
Soldiers' home, aged 711 years, was yester
day committed to Highland by Judge
McKinley on tlie recommendation of Drs.
Cochrane and Matins. The distinguishing
characteristics of the old man's malady is
that he "doesn't sleep and talks too
much." There are others, however, be
side insane patients that do that."
Alice Catheline arrived from Arizona
two weeks ago, and doing the interim has
been an inmate of the county hospital. A
few days ago she developed symptoms of
insanity and was yesterday brought before
Judge York for examination. On the recom
mendation of Drs. Brainerd and .Still she
was ordered committed to Highland.
Colonel B. Duncan Attains His End In the
Stewart Suits
Colonel Blanton Duncan has had vary
ing fortune in tlie law courts, but in the
several cases of Duncan vs. Stewart,
wherein a contest arose through the de
fendant despoiling the adjacent property
belonging to plaintiff on Figueroa stoeet,
and which came to trial before Judge
York, the costs have been saddled on to
Mr. Stewart.
The court having settled the costs in
these cases, and filed its accordance there
with, it is probable that the proceedings
will now all be dismissed.
A Colored Tan Sent Up for a Term of Five
John Roberts, the colored man charged
with a crime against nature, was brought
up for trial in department one yesterday,
before Judge Smith and a jury.
A number of witnesses were examined
and their testimony was so clear and ex
plicit that tho jury quickly returned a ver
dict of guilty.
The court sentenced the defendant to
five years imprisonment at San Quentin.
Ihe Dally Grist Continues at a Stesdy
John H. Anderson was yesterday granted
a decree by Judge Smith divorcing him
from Mary J. Anderson on the ground of
desertion, the case going by default.
Judge Shaw granted a decree of divorce
to John Maietzki from Lizzie Doerr Mal
etzki, by default, on the ground of deser
New Suits
Tho following new suits were filed in the
office of the county clerk yesterday:
L, V. Glasscock vs. H. W. Altman. A
suit to revive a judgment for $58!).(iti, with
7 per cent interest from April 1, 1801,
and costs.
Joseph Whitehead vs. Mrs. Martha
O'Haraetal. A suit to recover $42D0,
counsel fees and costs of suit.
Petition for letters of administration.
The petition filed by R. A. Hoyt, for
the issuance in tlie estate of G. W. Hoyt,
hia father. The estate is valued at $8. r >oo.
T. M. Clark and M. A. Steves vs. W. F.
Nordholt. A suit to recover ifdOOO dam
ages by reason of in juries suffered in credit
and reputation through the attachment of
their business by the defendant for $12030,
but which was dissolved and judgment
given for said defendant in the amount of
$15 and costs.
Appointment of guardian. A petition of
Mrs. Angela Dougherty that she be ap
pointed guardian of the person of Susana
Dougherty, who has interest in tho estate
of her uncle.
Rose Parmley vs. Asa Adams. A suit
to recover if 107 with interest, and $1287.125
with interest, money s advanced on promis
sory notes, with counsel fees and cost of
Court Notes
David McKay, charged with an assault
with a deadly weapon, was arraigned in
department one yesterday and Monday
was Bet to plead.
K. Donato, charged with an assault with
a deadly weapon, pleaded not guilty yes
terday in department one and the L'Bth
inst. was set for trial.
Two informations were filed by the dis
trict attorney yesterday; one against Wm,
Clifford and Thomas Harvey, accused of
grand larceny; one against George Robin
son, accused of burglary.
R. G. Roberts, a native of Great Britain,
was yesterday admitted to all the rights of
citizenship upon presenting proof of eligi
A bill of complaint in the suit of the
Farmers' Loan and Trust company vs. the
Oregon Improvement company et al., was
filed in the United States circuit court
yesterday. Tlie bill is for the appoint
ment of an auxiliary receiver in the alf airs
of the defendant corporation, alleged to be
hopelessly insolvent.
The suit of G. Franc is vs. J. B. Meyers
et al. on appeal from the justice's court,
came up for trial before Judge York yes
terday. The suit is on au assigned claim
for $170 for furniture purchased on the
installment plan.
Judge Van Dyke yesterday sustained the
demurrer, on the cross-complaint of the
defendant. In the suit of Lacy vs. the On
tario K!ec:ric company without leave to
Counsel in the condemnation suit of tho
Pasadena and Paeilic Railroad company
vs. .1. Hatniuel et al., tried before Judge
McKinley, appeared in department three
yesterday and argued before Judges Van
Dyke and McKinley, sitting en bane, as to
whether the roadbed of the old Santa Mon
ica road, running through the condemned
lands, is real or personal property. The
point was argued and submitted.
Oliver de Ford, a lad 14 years of age,
whose father is employed in the city park,
was committed to Whittier yesterday as
an incorrigible.
The case of Itallerino vs. Ballerino came
up before Judge Shaw yesterday on an
order to show cause. The previous order
was modified as to the $500 allowed J.
Marian Hrooks, Esq., and the amount re
mitted. The question of the order to pay
$50 costs was continued until the 2:id inst.
William <>. Mathews,ui. a native of Scot
land, was admitted to citizenship yester
day, and also John Whitfield, a native of
England, both by Judge McKinley.
No Public Demonstration —High ."loss st the
Cathedral— Evening Entertainments
St. Patrick's Day passed olf quietly in
Los Angelos. There was no public dem
onstration of any kind during the day, and
but for the hits of green displayed on coat
lapels, there was nothing to indicate to the
casual observer that it was the day of Ire
land's patron saint. There \ras no trouble
to speak of, only one or two littlo fights, in
which no one was seriously hurt.
At the cathedral, on Main street, the day
was observed by the celebration of pontifi
cal high mass by Right Rev. Bishop Mont
gomery at 10 ocloek, followed by an elo
quent sermon by Archbishop Riordan of
San Francisco, on the life ot St. Patrick.
Services were also held at the other Catho
lic churches during the day.
in the evening th to were several social
events, the most important of which was
the annual ball of the Knights of Robert
Emmet at Turnverein hull. There was a
large crowd in attendance. The hall was
beautifully decorated with Chinese lan
terns and the Sta-s and Stripes, intermin
gled with smilax and roses. The following
gentlemen composed the committees in
charge: Arrangements. A.J. Norton, P. '
J. -tack, Philip O'Brien, N. Kenealy, M.
J. McGarry, I*. J. O'Connors; reception,
Hugh Smith.William Savage, Thomas Mc-
Gomgle. P. M. Darcy, !>. J. McCarthy,
Daniel Walsh and John McMenomy; floor
committee, M. J. McGarry, manager; aids,
C. Hickson, Philip Corrigan, John Red
mond, Eugene Shea, C. Murray, T. J. Cun
The Clan-Na-Gael gave a banquet at
Jerry Illich's, at which thirty-five eat
down at table, and several hours were
very pleasantly spent. There were several
smaller entertainments, besides which a
number of families entertained.
In the Interest of Mission Work field Last
A mass meeting of Baptist denomina
tions in the interest of mission work in
Southern California was held in the First
Baptist church last evening.
The exercises were opened with prayer
by Rev. Daniel Read, the pastor of the
church. Rev. Bennett made the introduc
tory remarks.
Tho following addresses were made, in
terspersed with impropriate music: Our
Duty to Cities, by tlie Key. J. Herndon
GarnettofLoi Angeles; Our Duty to the
Country Districts, by tho Key. A, I*.
Brown of Monrovia; The Present Crisis
and How to Meet It, by the Rev. G. A.
Cleveland of Riverside; Our Obligations-
Financial and Not Fanciful, by the Key. E.
R. Bennett of Pomona.
On all the lines selected many suggest
ive plans of Chr'stlan work for conducting
missions were given, and the speakers de
lineating them were lluent, able and argu
mentative, but the attendance was not
The Rev. J. Herndon Garnett stated that
the duty of Christians in cities was para
mount, inasmuch as the cities, politically,
intellectually and in commercial domina
tion, controlled the destiny of the world.
Purifies and Beautifies
the Skin by restoring
to healthy activity the
Clogged, Irritated, In
fla/ied, Sluggish, or
Overworked Pores.
flite greiter thaa the combined tulei of all other Skin
Sosob. Bold throughout the world. Britiih depot: r«
NBWBBIT ft toys, London. PoTTIB I)KDU ft Cum.
Chit. S.ilc Propr, Boiton. IT. 8. A.
(Wl) ~"
Trade supplied bt F. W. BRAUN & CO
IlMidpiclced, South Field
Wellington Lump
Cement and Catalina Island
Serpentine and Soapstons
lor VV. T. co.'s ocean excursion steamers, tugs,
yachts and pleasure launches. Telephone 3.
Glass & Long
Blank Book
213.215 New High St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Assessment Notici
meeting of the directors of the l.os xtetos Ir
rigating CO., lielil February 89, 18!Ni, assessment
No. 11. of sit cents per share, was levied upon the
Issued siook of the corporation, duo immediately
and payable to tbe secretary at LosNletos. Any
stock u|ion whioh this assessment hIihII rentulii
unpnhl April '2, IS.iii. win be delinquent and adver
tised for sale at public anetion.
By order of the bnnrd or directors,
, F, A. SANCHEZ. Becy.,
Mr 4-11-18-!t Los liietos.
It was also a churchman's obligation to re
deem, purify and reform cities, for therein
is the aggregation of iniquity, crime, vice
and sin. Tne speaker's mode of reform
lay in the establishment of city missions
and in home to homo mission work
through the instrumentality of Christian
Bible women.
The Key. A. P. Brown made a few ex
temporaneous remarks relative to church
work in tho country, the subject of the ad
dress being. Our Duty to the Country Dis
tricts. From his own experience the
speaker Relieved the towns of Southern
California, which are totally unlike the
country element of the east, to bo fully as
liable to all forms of iniquity aud tempta
tion as the large cities, but he maintained
that in the country districts a larger pro
portion went to church and were therefore
more accessible to religious influence. The
speaker also stated ttiatin the small towns,
such as Pomona, Riverside and Santa
Ana, from 5 to 8 per cent of tiie population
were Baptists.
Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Jacques of Lowell,
Mass., who have come to the coast as mis
sionaries for the chapel car Emanuel, fol
lowed with a dnet. The Lost Sheep, after
which the Rev. (1. A. Cleveland made an
earnest address, The Present Crisis and
How to Meet It. The crisis today was said
to be the danger that abandonment of
Christian work was threatened through the
general financial retrenchment. The three
necessities for meeting the situation were
believed to be a study of the situation, a
great laboring together and self-sacrifice
for the work iv the line of giving. After an
eloquent address on Our Obligations, by
the Rev. E. R. Bennett, the Rev. W. W.
Tinker, superintendent of mission work iv
Southern California, closed the meeting
with a commentary on the previous ad
Any Law Business?—lt will nay you to
see us if you have. Wo make no charge
forailyice; fees always reasonable. Tho
main point is, we make no charge if not
successful with your case. Our specialty
is mechanics" liens, mortgage foreclosures,
criminal business, difficult collections, and
in fact all kinds of legal business. Lang
worthy Co. Uliti S. Spring.
Came to Blows
Two men well known about town, Charley
Doran antl Lewis Thome, had a set-to at
the corner of First and Spring streets
shortly after 5 ocloek last evening. But j
one or two blows had been struck when
Ollicer Singleton took a hand and carried l
both off to the station. Kach put up $10
bail for appearance in court to answer.
It fetches one up very short to be seized i
with pleurisy, pneumonia or any acute
throat or lung affection. Dr. D. Jayue's
Expectorant proves a handy help in such
attacks, and is, besides, a good old-fash- i
ioned remedy for all coughs and colds. j
A Great Blessing
My wife and I have found In Rood's
Barsapsrilla. She had rheumatism very
jllllßfesV severely, with
badly swollen, and
hardly able to get
■ , —-— o( stairs without
f•'!P• help. Many other
A !i )/ remedies failed,
\ f bnt lloods Sarsa "
.s only El> ortly after
that I was taken
w '" l *' ie same
complaint, affect-
j n jj m y limbs and
hips, so I Just tried the same medicine
with the sama resr.lt. My wife and chil
dren take Hood's Sarsaparilla whenever
they feel the need of a medicine and it im
nieotately makes them feel better.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Saves me doctor's bills. Tarn an engineer,
and well known in this locality." Q. W.
Wtatt, While Bead Hill, Indian Ter.
Hnnfi'a Pills easy to buy, easy to take,
fl Battery? 9^
exercise of much patience, you spend
fifteen or twenty minutes in its application
daily. You get good results from it, ol
course: but the time spent, the inconveni
ence, the jarring, jolting sensations it gives
your nerves, unpleasant, and not always
satisfactory. The battery sometimes
causes injury.
It is like trying to force a big foot into a
small shoe -.sometimes it will go, but it
hurts ihe shoe, and the foot. The shock
from the battery jars the nerves and tho
good it docs is in the shaking up you gut,
not that you absorb any strength, for you
DOES what the battery aims to do; it
soaks strength into the weakened nerves'.
There is no shock, only a steady, even cur.
rent. You feel it all tlie time, and it givet |
you Electricity slowly for hours at a time,
as you wear it while you sleep. You ah
sorb this current and it stays in the body.
All nervous or chronic weakness, kidney
trouble, torpid liver, weak stomach, lame
back, rheumatism, in fact, it cures all dis
eases arising from weakness or inaction of
the organs of the body.
Oct the hook, "Throe Classes of Men,"
tree. Full information.
204 3, Broadway, cor. 2d, l.oa Angeles, Cat.
Office Hours:
8 to 6; Evenings, 7 to X; Sundays, 10 to 1.
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and Broadway, Los Angeles.
6ia Fifth St., San Diego.
rvii Eureka Oil Company
"»"-» Office, S. Broadway,
L.os Angeles. Fuel Oil de
pl Tpl livered in city and f.o.b. cars
1 ULL Los Angeles. Write or call
on us for lowest prices and
f\\l information.
E. L. Allen, President
itj|; Better to Have Looked ' HM
p Than to Not
And Wish You Had j WM
Overcoats |lj
lii 1 Are all that could be desired. The suggestion is offered (in/llfji |
i that you need one. Those at $10 have a $15 look, and j ml\m *
j we price them up to $25.
'' fe |j The Covert Coat.... Jf|fj j
1 mUljll Is considered the proper thing. Black Clay Worsteds, itl'i/lij' i
iWll/l/l Meltons and Kerseys, are as popular as ever, but with j
1 11 l/l/j us we have increased their popularity by decreasing the h\\\\jk * j
j prices. 'Twill be well to have looked. y' I
4;( 101 N. Spring Street, The « r ifff' !
* 111 201, 203, 205, 207, 209 W. First St. |||'
A Paint for Floors 1
U. R. BOWERS & SONS, 451 S. Spring I
I c. M. Wood. Lessee. H. a Wtatt, Manager.
Performance Tonight
The Cyclists will be there to see
mi I IP NPI 1 IP ITHFIVDV And hor ozeallemt farce comedy company
oi/ul,iu iiL,i.uiL, i i i iLciitv i presenting tbe musical cycio novelty
A satire on the now woman Insanity nnd cycling TUP P ffTDI
craze, with bright music, catchy dances, pretty • • • •«■«-> Ulv I vLU VJllvL*
girls, elaborate costumes, and effective scenery.
Sen's now on sale. PRICES—BOc. 50c, 7r>c, $1.00.
I C. M. WOOD, Lessee. H. C. WYATT, Manager.
Three Nights Only - - - March 19th, 20th and 21st.
Thursday and Saturday Eve's, ] THE ACTOR, MR. JAS. | Friday Evening,
Monte Cristo O'NEILL ! Virginius
I "No §uch turnout greeted either Warde, James or Keene as that which thronged into the
theatre last nipht to see Mr. O'N'eill.—Salt Lake Herald.
Special and new scenic investiture lor each play, tireat company.
Seats now on sale.
1 | C. Bl WOOD, Lessee. H, C. WYATT, Manager.
1 on n^h°t ne 1 Sunday, March 22
The Strongest Musical Combination in America. Seats on Sale Thursday, March 19.
BUHBHN X THERTER Fred A. Cooper. Manager
MaIN STREET, between Fifth aril Sixth.
MONDAY EVENING, March 16, and every eveuir.7 during the week and at the matineeß on
W. T. Carleton Com pany==sl.so show
for 25c and 50c— Mon *" SV d .a n rw« e d.y matin.. " Fra Diavolo"—
Tuesday and Wednesday even- nTLp RnhArnitin nirl" Friday and Satur
togs and Saturday matins. I lie DUUCllllcill VJH 1 day evenings
"The Mikado" —Popular Prices, 15c, 20c, 30c, 50c, loge seats 75c, box seats $1
SOUTH MAIN ST., *A Eveninr prices, 10c, 25c,
Bet. First and Second. |fI,A *J» . . „ otic. T. r >c.
Malinee sunua';. llay ,nd Wy>WWVVB MONDAY, MARCH 16.
18—Ot the World's Greatest Vaudeville Stars-18
THE QARRISONBI FRIEDLANDKR UltOS. Special Mntinee st. Patrick's Day, March 17tfc.
The orpheum leads where others da c not trend.
103 North Spring St.
Thursday Evening, March 19th
Violin RecUa ' *J. Bond Francisco,
Assisted by Mme. Isidora Martinez, Soprano: Miss Blanche Rogers, Accompanist
£|»y-AI)MISSION BO C KNT.--s»l
NBlflZ UIBNNR BUFFET, 114-118, Martsirsst, Las Angeles, da
With Family Entrance and Family departments.
mondat? Refined Entertainment sXtVSB
Eveiy evening from 7 [30 to l'j o'clnpJt, consisting: of a choice selection of vocal and
Ui music. Matinoes Monday and Saturday iror.i 12 to 2. Evorv Krtdiy Amateur Night. \
the New Vienna may nhvays he found the leading Kuropean daily'and wyek.lv piper?, inilul
ing London Time*, !'aris Figaro, Berliner Tageblait, Wiener Freio Proa aa, o;j., oto, Fiuji
cuisine. < ommercial lunch and meals a la carte at all hours.
THE PHLKCB Corner First ami Sprint; sts., unier the proprietorship at 1
tiUISTHEK X BKKNHARD, has reopened tho seasoa ai .
With the celebrated BERTH FAMILY, lormarlv witlt Vienna Buffet.
Also the celebrated .....
■—Vose & Sons
Geo. J. Birkel, —
Parlors 18 and 19, Pinle Block, Fourth and Broadway.
\t*7 KNNSCK BROS. Downey Aye. and Terminus Cabie Railway
Af*L Summer Garden and Park
Covering ten acr>-s ol ground. Open daily. Restaurant nnd Cafe, The 01117 society pleasure
garden in soutliern California \v ANNACK Itltus., proprietors.
Iron and wood working llaehlnerr, IleHing, Packing, Wood Pulleys, Dynamos, Meiers atsf
tlectrlcal Supplies. THK MAChLNEKY SUPPLY CO.. 105 N. Jroaiway. Pkeae U*7

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