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A Decision Prom the Supreme Court Which
Shows How the Council Haa Upon Two
Occasions Jeopardized the Interests el
the City of Lo* Antjeles
The supreme court lias just rendered a
decision whicli has a most important hear
ing upon one, and possibly two franchises,
which were sold by tlie council within the
pa*st year, one of which is now entirely in
validated by the rulinc just made and the
other of whioh is very much in doubt.
In deciding the cause of Arthur I).
Thompson against the board of supervis
ors of Alameda county, affirming the judg
ment against Thompson, the court on
Monday upheld the act for the sale of
franchises, aud decided that bids under
the act must be for cash,
Thompson bid for an electric railway
franchise in Alameda county against one
Vandercook, who offered $25 cash, besides
agreeing to pay for the advertising, main
tain certain lights and to pay one-fourth or
1 per cent of the gross earnings. Thomp
son's bid covered the samo ground except
as to the amount of the gross receipts, iv
which he offered 2 percent. Vandercook
was awarded the franchise.
It was argued that the franchise Act,
dated March 2!!, 18H;i, was repealed by
the County liovernment Act, which went
into effect the next day and declared the
general permanent powers of Hoards of
.Supervisors, but tho court says: "Tlie law
loiiks with disfavor on repeals by implica
tion and we see no such inconsistency in
these two provisions as to call for a deter
mination by this court that tho earlier pro
visions were repealed by the lator. The
franchise may be sold to the highest bidder
and still the terms, conditions aud restric
tions upon which the franchise will be
granted may be fixed by the Board of
Supervisors under its general permanent
in regard !o tho bids, the court says:
"When tho law says a franchise must bo
sold to tho highest bidder without stating
other terms or conditions of sale, it means
sold fo? cash, it does not contemplate
that it may be bartered away for meats
and produce to feed the inmates of tho
county itillrtnary or traded olf for horses
to be used in the lire department of the
municipality. The moment you give a
construction to tho law by which tho
officers selling may accept a consideration
lor the franchise in any other commodity
than money, the whole purpose and object
of tho act becomes a nullity, for then a
i.iscretion is vested in such officers which
most probably is not subject to review;
and values of personal property to bo
received or services to no rendered in re
turn for privileges and franchises dealt out
may assume magnified proportions in tho
eyes cf the municipal or county officets
conducting tlie sale, entirely unjtistilied by
the actual facts. If such things were
allowed the law would be a failure and
utterly inadequate to meet the purposes
for which it was enacted The
statute contemplates a cash sale and a per
centage of gross receipts is in no sense
The decision above knocks out entirely
the De Laguna telephone franchise and
makes the Scott lighting franchise even
more of a doubtful quantity to the city
than it has been.
In protesting against the award of the
latter privilege it will be remembered that
Telfair Creighton and T. H. Gibbon at the
time made the identical point before the
board of public works decided by tlie su
preme court on Tuesday, which point was
overlooked by the city authorities, and the
highest cash bid was thrown aside. So
confident were tho two attorneys men
tioned, however, of their ground, that their
e'ient was advised to deposit the amount
•f his tender with tha city treasury, where
the money now is.
Thompson, tho Boy Burglar, Wants Pay for
Repairing a Stolen Watch
As showing the consummate gall and
Precocity of the youthful tuirglar, George
Thompson, now awaiting trial for several
offenses, the follow ing tale is told. Most
of Thompson's thefts were committed in
Tasadenu and Tomoiia, where he made
way with bicycles and jewelry wherever he
could lay hands on them, tine day a boy
stopped at the house of .1. D. Koss ou
Prospect street. South In a.lona, and
asked Mr. Koss for a drink of water. This
was given, and Koss went to tlie barn lor
some purpose. When he got back to the
house the boy had disappeared and with
him Mr. Koss' silver watch. The matter
v-as reported at police headquarters, but
lor some time nothing developed.
When Thompson was arrested ho hud
eti his peison Mr. Koss 1 watch. The
owner was noiiQed and identified his prop
erty. When the timepiece was stolen the
mainspring was broken, but wheu taken
from Thompson was ticking off the hours,
in good style. Mr. Koss was taken to the
county jail to see if lie could identify
Thompson as the boy who called for a
drink, and immediately did so. Thomp
son glibly confessed his crime and told
how, when Koss went to the barn, he had
entered the house and abstracted the
watch. It had cost him $1.50 in l'omona
to have a new mainsoring put in, and he
calmly inquired of Mr. Koss, now that he
had recovered his property, if he would not
refund to him tho money expanded in re
pairs. Thompson seems thoroughly hard
ened and is only one more instance of a
naturally bright boy coming to grief
through evil associates.
A Bride of Four Days Deserted by Her Hus-
Is id —Took Her Money
C, S. Moore yesterday applied to the dis
trict attorney for a complaint against
Sherry O'Deara on a charge of robbery.
The case is a peculiar one. Three or four
days ago O'Deara married .Moore's sister,
'ihe young woman at the time had $285,
which she had sewed up in her skirl lining.
Tuesday night, when the couplo retired,
Mrs. O'Deara put the skirt containing her
money under her pillow. Some time dur
ing the night or early morning O'Deara
managed to get the skirt from uttder his
wife's pillow and ripping open tho lining
abstracted the money and made his escape.
Yesterday morning when Mrs. O'Deara
awoke she discovered tho robbery. As
O'Deara was not to bo found, she took
council with her brother, and, after some
Inquiry it was found that O'Deara had left
on the Santa Ke morning train for the
east. Under Sheriff Clements had but
twenty minutes in which to cut off O'Deara
at Barstow, and a telegram was sent
Deputy Sheriff Asa Green to look out for
him. Fortunately there was no detention,
attd when the train pulled Into barstow,
tlreen was waiting for his mall. Mr.
Clements was notified of his capture antl
the recovery of the mi.ney, and Deputy
Sheriff Charles Fleming left last evening to
bring him back.
Three Ladles in a Communication State Their
A communication, signed by Mrs. Lizzie
11. Mills of Santa Ana, aud Annie li.
Andrews and Alios Moore McComas of
l.os Angeles, has been received, a copy at
which follows:
KniToit HERALD, —Apropos of the sensa
tion just now agitating the l.os Angeles
public, I wish to say that 1 made a visit to
ihe Orphans' Home, whose prosident is
Mrs. D. ti. .Stevens, on Monday, March
9tb, in company Willi two lady friends.
We found—although it was Monday, that
day cotisidered by housekeepers the bluest
of the week- everything in perfect order,
from attic to cellar. Tho "blood
running" was not visible. The man
Dunn .came for his children while
we were there and we witnessed the
excessive grief of the children as they
were taken from the "only home as 11
--r/car-old Nellie termed it—since mamma
died and Ido not want to go at all. 1 have
never been punished here," and the tear
stained face, tho quivering form and con
vulsive bods told how nearly the little
heart was broken. To those present the
scene was pathetic, the father to our eyes
had the appearance of a man mentally un
balanced, and hardly to be trusted with so
grave a responsibility as the taking of help
less children from a good home to—an un
certainty. The president's motherly heart
was sorely troubled as could be seen by the
pallor of countenance, and the trembling
form that told plainly to an observer that
cruelty and hardness were no part of her
nature. The interested public should sac
rifice a little time and street car fare and
visit this institution. I am sure it would
not be regretted.
Ringing Resolutions by the Chamber ol
Upon the ground of public interest the
chamber of commerce, at a meeting held
yesterday afternoon, unanimously indorsed
the entorprise of building tlie proposed
Adams street tourist hotel. T hough it is
contrary to the policy of that body to fos
ter private enterprises an exception was
made in this case for the reason that the
project promises to supply a public want.
The speeches made regarding the under
taking evinced the wannest sympathy and
a deep interest was manifested by all pres
ent in the progress of the work. The reso
lutions were introduced by General For
man and warmly seconded by Mr. Slatiaon,
Dr. Davidson and others. Following are
the resolutions:
Whereas, This body, recognizing the
fact that hundreds of thousands of dollars
are annually spent in the tourist resorts of
Southern California by eastern tourists,
nnd that, ow ing to a lack of adequate ac
commodations within this city for this
class of visitors, this large sum of money is
v .peiidod at hotels outside of this city,
Whereas, It has come to the knowledge
of this body that a well organized elTort
is now being made by a committee of our
prominent citizens, headed by Major
Ivlokke of this chamber, to supply the long
felt deficit in this city's required accesso
ries, and that the effort thus put forth
seems likely to speedily achieve the buc
eassful accomplishment of its object, be it
Resolved, That the chamber of com
merce of the city of Los Angeles hereby
heartily endorses the project and officially
lends the undivided force of its moral sup
port, and bespeaks the aid of its members
in their private capacity for the further
ance of the ends and aims of the pro
moters of this worthy public enterprise.
Routine Business Trsnsscted at Vesterdsy's
Board fleeting
At the meeting of the board of super
visors yesterday a deed from L. Sentous
conveying certain land for road purposes
in the Centinela district was approved,
and the same was declared a public high
Tho application of M. M. Luniga for a
saloon license for the old mission was set
for bearing March 18th, at 11 a.m. The
application of Henry Reich for a similar
license for the Nine-mile house was also set
for hearing on the 18th.
i In motion, the bids for grading the'Ven
tura stage road at Cahuonga pass wore
taken under advisement, and afterwards
On motion, the bid of P.M. Porter of
$5.00 for a franchise for a water system
just west of the ci'y was accepted.
It was decided to visit Duarte on the 20th
instant to inspect the roads in that vicin
The application of M. McFadden for a
saloon licei.se for a place near the power
house of tlie electric road near Colegrove,
was set for hearing April 7th.
The petition for the formation of two
new school districts to be called Fernando
Tunnel and Eagle Kock was denied. Tlie
petition for the formation of the Malibu
school district was approved.
Thieves Enter J. W. Orhilu's Home, but Se
cure Little Plunder
Burglars effected an entrance itito the
residence of Mrs. J, W. Griffin, at 5211
South Main street, oti Tuesday evening,
while Mrs. Griffin and her mother. Mrs, C.
A. Burbaiik, were at the theater. No one
-was at home attd tlie marauders had full
swing. A gold watch and old-fashioned
belt buckle belonging to Mrs. Griflin were
secured, also 50 cents in cash from a spare
pair of trousers belonging to her husband.
The ladies are the possessors of some line
diamonds, which is probably what the
burglars were after. Tho gems were taken
with them to the playhouse, to which fact
may be attributed their present possession
by the owners. Over $2000 iv value is
represented by the jewels, whicii, witii oth
er valuables, would have made a rich haul.
Licensed to Wed
The following marriage licenses were
issued by tho county clerk yesterday:
William V. Jolms'on, a native of New
York, aged 83 years, and F.liza M. Ed
wards, a native of Missouri, aged 50 years,
botii residents of f.os Angeles.
Alonzo W. Gilder, a native of Texas,
aged 38 years, and Ethel C. Morrison, a
native of lowa, aged 22 years, both resi
dents of Los Angeles,
John W. Patterson, a ■ native of Arizona,
aged 22 years, and a resident of Barstow,
and May Paul, a native of lowa, aged 21
years, and a resident of Los Angeles.
Charles H. Hicks, a native of lowa, aged
23 years, and l.uella Lindsay, a native of
Kansas, aged Iti years, both residents of
Los Angeles.
John C. Mills, a native of Missouri, aged
•25 years, and Mary W. Berry, i native of
California, aged 18 years, both residents
of l'omona.
The liuost wedding Invitations ot announce
ments, elthor printed or engraved, at reason
able prices, furnished by il. Si, t,ee lire ,110
N. Spring it,
Professor Joseph Fandrey, European
specialist, formerly of Berlin, Germany,
now permanently located at 82 1 South
Broadway, Los Angeles, is a practical
rupture specialist and manufactures tho
latest patent trusses (his own invention)
for curing rupture, also corsets for curva
ture of the spine, female supporters, etc.
Each case will be made to tit. Over forty
almost helpless cases of from two to twen
ty years' standing, some twice broken, are
today cured and have no more use for
truss. Patients from two to seventy-five
years of age. Information and testimoni
als will be sent free on application.
The Fastest Time on Record
Will surely be beaten, and while we have
broken all records in turning out Alham
bra shoes, we are not yet through—cannot
quote many prices you will have to see
the shoes. Ladies' fine $5.00 turns and
welts at $2.05: men's Kusset Orchard
shoes, regularly $3.00, at $1,90 up. Massa
chusetts shoo store, 129 W. First street,
near Spring.
Delightful at the Sea Shore
Santa. Motiica, Long Beach and San
Pedro. Southern Pacific lias a fast and
convenient train service. 10-day round
trip, 75 eta; Saturday and Sunday, SO cts.
time fable in this paper.
The Smith Premier Type Writer
Office has beon removed to our new Crystal
parlors ill the Muskegon block, cor. Third
and Broadway. L. & M. ALE.NANDEIt rfc
Co., general agents. Wm. H. B. Hayward,
Santa Barbara Round trip, $.1.50
Tickets sod Saturday good for return
until following Tuesday. Trains leave
Southern Pacific Arcade depot 8 a.m.,
-1130 p.m.
Norwalk Ostrich Furro
200 birds of all ages; 10-day round trip,
80 eta; Sunday, 50 cts. Take Southern
Pacific Santa Ana train.
("all tel. 243 for ambulance, Kregelo &
Bresee, SixtU and Broadway.
Allplecesof wallpapergreativ reduced. A
A, Eckltrom, 324 South Spring street
Loa Angeles la to Have Slstv-Three Out ol
the 105 Delcgstes In the District Conven
tion In the Field ol Locsl snd State
Politics-Political Notes
The Kepublican congressional commit
tee of the (this) Sixth district will meet at
the Hollenbeck hotel in this city on Satur
day afternoon at 2 ocloek, for tho put pose
of issuing a call for the primaries tinder
which the forthcoming district convention
to elect delegates to the Sacramento Btate
convention, which is to elect dele
gates to the St. Louis convention
will be held. The district conven
tion will be held in Los Angeles, antl
the local fight will be made at the pri
inaries. The combination is Sheldon-Lind
say against the Held, the latter being led by
the Times. The Sixth congressional dis
trict comprises the counties of Los An
geles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis
Obispo, Santa Cruz and Monterey.
The members of the congressional com
mittee are: For Los Angeles county, T.
I*. litikens. Luther Brown, John Burns and
Arthur W. Kinney; Ventura county, J. R.
Willoughby; Santa Barbara county, J. W.
Taggert; San Luis Opiapo county, Charles
H. Koed; Monterey county, J. W. Hill;
Hani a Cruz county, Warren Porter.
The district convention will be composed
of 105 delegates as follows: Santa Cruz 0,
Monterey !•, San Luis Obispo 8, Santa Bar
bara f», Ventura 8, seventieth assembly
district 14, seventy-first 9, seventy-second
8, seventy-third',l, seventy-fourth 13, sev
enty-fifth 10, making a total of i>:i dele
gates for Los Angeles and 412 for the six
outside counties In the district.
Col. Freeman (i.Teed and Councilman
Frank tj. Munson are each a candidate for
the state senate in their isßpectivedistricis.
City Auditor Fred Teale is fixing his
fences to succeed Councilman Blanchard
as the representative in tho city legislature
from the ninth ward.
There are so far 238 known candidates
for county offices among the rank antl llle
of the Kepublican party of Los Angeles.
Judge James J. Daly is firmly convinced
that when tho county government act
reaches the state supreme court, the four
year tenure section hi the law will be
knocked into a cocked hat.
Thomas K. Bard of Vontura has been en
dorsed by the Los Angeles Times as one of
the delegates at large from this district to
the National Republican convention.
Local politicians profess to believe that
the Times and Mr. Hard have combined to
the detriment of both ends of the combi
California will be entitled to fifteen
delegates to each of the national conven
tions. Two for each of the eeven con
gressional districts and one at large.
Editor Charles M. Shortridge of the San
Francisco Call is anxious to succeed Editor
M. H. De Young of the San Francisco
Chronicle as the delegate from this state
upon the Republican national committee.
Every voter will have to uguin register
after April 13th.
The governor intends to omit any refer
ence to the lieutenant-governorship in his
forthcoming election proclamation to be
issued during the coming summer.
Has Not Yet Reached San Francisco With
Her Cargo
Nothing has ns yet been heard at tlie oil
exchange as to the whereabouts of the
tank vessel, Enoch Talbot, now due in San
Francisco witii her initial cargo of oil for
that market. It was expected tiiat she
would arrive sometime during tlie night, or
at least bo sighted off the Farallones.
When the Talbot lias discharged her cargo
she will go into dry dock to have ttie extent
of the injuries inflicted upon her iv the
recent storm ascertained, after which, if
found seaworthy, she will immediately re
turn for another load. The Talbot seems
to have a "hoodoo" hanging over her as at
first she could not take aboard her full
complement of oil on account of drawing
too much water to cross the bar at San
Next she started north,but was notfairly
under way when a storm of great violence
was encountered and, after three days of
peril, she managed to anchor off San Pedro
badly damaged above and below. Fixed
up temporarily she was to go to the wharf
at Port Los Angelei to take on board the
balance of her cargo, buc was becalmed
for two more days and was finally towed
out and, with a fair wind started. Making
fair progress she has been flue in Sun
Francisco for two days, but lias not yet
been heard from. If nhe is found sound
when placed on drydock for examination,
she witl at once be put in the water again
as there is now more than enough oil on
hand in the exchange tanks to reload tier.
All teams possible are being used to haul
the product from the field and the total
capacity of all is some 1200 barrels per day.
The capacity of the tank wagons runs from
12'j to 25 barrels, only ono of the largest
size being now in use. Seven new wells
are now going down in the district and
the new Foster hole is expected to Btart a
flow every day. The sand lias been reached
and tho drill is working in oil. The North
well No. 2, whicli was recently cleaned out,
is pumping over fifty barrels a day, but is
decreasing and will again be cleared of
debris. Mr. Ncrtu has just seemed several
leases on oil property and as soon as final
papers aro signed will erect rigs and com
mence to bore.
Every day shows a percoptiblo falling off
in the oil production and the $1 mark seems
certain of attainment in the near future, The
Santa Kosa mine, which has been placed
in the hands of a receiver, has been started
up with petroleum a? a fuel and will ba
worked to its full capacity to pay of! Kb
debts. Settlements will be made every
fifteen days.
Bennett Returned to Jail'to Await Trial for
The preliminary examination of Elisha
L. Bennett for tlie murder of Fred Czarske
came to a close yesterday, resulting ill his
being held to answer without bail. The
testimony the evening before closed witii
James McDowell ou the stand. Eugene J.
McDowell was tho first to testify in the
morning and told tho story of tho tragedy
substantially as before recited. Mrs. Lo
retta Czarske, widow of tho murdered man.
corrected some of her evidence as given at
the coroner's inquest. She stated that
al er Czarske and;liennett had been sepa
rated the latter did not immediately rush
upon her husband, but stood near the wall
for a minute or two before drawing his
Paul Flammer, one of tlie jailers at the
city prison, recited the circumstances of
Bennett's arrest by Detective Hawley and
himself. The knife was found in a bureau
drawer, but Bonnett admitted having car
ried it the night before. Deputy District
Attorney James placed in evidence the
dying statement of Czarske itt whicli he
named Bennett as his assailant.
No testimony was offered by tiie defense
and as stated above. Bennett was held and
taken to the county jail to await trial.
Fought Over Trousers—Day's Doings In Cle
Police Courts
A pair of wedding trousers was tho cause
of trouble between M. Datiziger, a mer
chant tailor, and one of his workmen, John
Lefroney, on laat Saturday. I lanziger bad
promised the trousers for that evening, but
Lefroney did ttot get them done. Over the
matter a row resulted, iti which it was al
leged Lefroney struck Danziger several
blows. Tiie former was arrested for bat
tery and yesterday in the police court hud
hia trial set for today at 1 :l!0. lefroney
will swear to a complaint charging Datizi
ger with disturbing the peace.
As the outcome of a light Ist ween lewis
Thorne and Charley Doran the evening
previous, both appeared In court yesterday.
Thorne was discharged, it appearing that
Doran was the aggressor, while the latter
will be tried for disturbing the |>eace Fri
day afternoon. The misdemeanor com
plaint against Joe D. Biddlewas dismissed
and defendatit discharged. Lizzie Turner
and Josie Smith, two vagrants, got float
ers of sixty and 100 days respectively.
Nine cases were in the dock for drunken
ness, and all received from *:i to $5 fines,
except Henry Miller. His being ait aggra
vated caso was assessed $20 or twenty
days. Four barn sleepers were able to
show that they had received permission to
bunk in the shed where they were found,
and they were allowed to go.
George Thompson, the youthful burglar,
will have examination on that charge to
day. Hing Lee, who sold lottery tickets,
had his case set for March 2bth, and Ah
Jim, the hatchett hiof, with a prior convic
tion of petty larceny, will appear for trial
on the 21 th.
A largo portion of the afternoon was oc
cupied in tlie rehearing of one of the Rice
obstructing the street -uses. The preach
eress was this time the defendant. The
case resolved itself into a technical
wrangle over the fact whether the new or
dinance, under the provisions of which she
was arrested on the evening of its publica
tion, legally went into effect until twenty
four hours liad elapsed from the Hist copy
printed. Justice Owens found for the de
fendant and discharged her.
The Discussion of This Leads to the Adoption
of Resolutions.
At a recent meeting of the Women's
Christian Temperance Union of Southern
California, the topic of "Moral Education"
was discussed and tlie following resolution
was unanimously indorsed and recom
mended to the press of the different coun
ties for publication:
Whereas, knowledge has come to us of
details of the feature of La Fiesta, called
"All Fools Night," which are pernicious
and immoral in their influence upon the
community, especially upon our boys and
Therefore, be it resolved, that we, the
Southern California W. C. T. C. executive
committee in session assembled, protest
against La Fiesta as now conducted, par
ticularly this most objectionable feature.
Crazy On Sour Wine
An old Italian fruit peddler, named Ma
rino Antonio, who keeps a peanut stand
at Second and Main streets, got too mnch
Hour wine into his hido yesterday after
noon, and for a tiino he went crazy. He
lives in a shed back of the old Hammuiu
baths, and along about 3 ocloek he ro
tlrcd to his rooms, shut and barricaded
the doors and pinned sheets over the win
dows. Then ho partially undressed
himself and in general acted in
such a era y manner that bis
wife became frightened and Bent for a
policeman. Antonio told the officers on
arrival with tlie patrol wagon that he was
obliged to shut himself up for three days,
at the expiration of which time he would
be eutitled to a pension. He was taken iv
and sent to jail as a lunatic.
New Bicctrical Company
Articles of incorporation of the Long
Beach and San Pedro Electrical company
are filed with tho county clerk yesterday.
Tho principal place of business is Long
Beach. The capilal stock is $50.1)00, of
which $25,000 lias been actually sub
scribed as follows, the subscribers being
the directors for the first year: I. E. Tutt,
$18,030: E. S. Tutt, $1250: Charles C.
Glass, $5000; J. H. Brady, $30; Will M.
Glass, $50.
With a better understanding- of the
transient, nature of the many phys
ical ills which vanish before proper ef
forts—gentle efforts—pleasant efforts—
rightly directed. There is comfort in
the knowledge that so many forms of
sickness v.re not due to any actual dis
ease, but simply to a constipated condi
tion of the system, which the pleasant
family laxative, Syrup of Figs, prompt
ly removes. That is why it is tlie only
remedy with millions of families, and is
everywhere esteemed so highly by all
who'value good health. Its beneficial
effects are due to the fact, that it is the
one remedy which promotes internal
cleanliness, without debilitating tho
organs on which it acts, ltis therefore
all important, in order to get its bene'
lieial effects, to note when you pur
chase, that yon have the genuine article,
which is manufactured by the California
Fig Syrup Co. only, and soltl by all rep
utable druggists.
if in the enjoyment of good health,
nnd the system is regular, then laxa
tives or other remedies arc not needed.
If afflicted with any actual disease, one
may be commended tothemosf skillful
physicians, but if in need of a laxative,
then one should have the best, and with
the well-informed everywhere, Syrupof
Figs stands highest and is most largely
used and gives most general satisfaction.
As Soon as You Find
Your Sight Failing
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been marked Away Down Below Actual Cost. Our
E losses will foot up into the thousands, but we must
sell and quit business. Now's your chance to Save ~Mr
Big Money on wearing apparel for self and boy.
fe Men's $2.50 Hats cut down to $1.45 —iS
Men's $10.00 Suits cut to $6.95
fe Men's $1 £.00 Suits cut to ~ $9.75
Men's $*.00 Pants cut toj $1.95 ~J
Men's $4.00 Pants cut to $2.45 —5
fe Boys' $4.00 Suits cut to $2.45 !^
Boys's?.oo Suits cut to $3.45
j For Bargains Galore attend our Great Going-Out-of-
Business Sale.
| Chicago |
| Clothing Co. |
| 125 and 127 N. Spring St. |
Phillips Block = Bargain Headquarters for the Masses 3
Clarence E. Judd
Book and
Job Printer
309 W. Second St.
Third door from Broadway
New Outfit, tlectric Power, Latest Styles
of Type, Modern Machinery and Years of
Experience. Satisfaction guaranteed as to
prices and quality of work. TRY US.
I M. Griffith, Pres. John T. Griffith, V.-?rea
F. T. Grifulhi secretary and 'I reasurcr.
Geo. it. Waltes, *upu oi Mill.
Lumber Dealers,
And manufacturers of
Artistic mil worn oi Every Description.
Dowrs. Windoni, Blind! and biairs.
534. M. ALAMEDA ST., Loa luuelea. Oak
Rati a m's nicrobe
Killer Co.
1 3(JbsF' All Diseases are Caused
< s tRSj '' by Germs or Microbes.
•I $*tif|3 Remove the Cause and
1 JjlyUl Nature will do the rest.
Call or write for pamplv
lets and testimonials.
**m&& Sf ' 456 south Broadway
with Throat, ttmjr nr Wartta* TMsesVii
Stoma, h < jtfarrb. gerofujft, Asthma, or Nt-nn*, DfMI-
ItT, He., Ml Pfffflrgn a RfM hnftl" nf Irfi. C'tK
-I'TN'S CHOCOIrVT? KMULBJON for trial. « ml *t
Tiiomab RLUNOTO*** bv\xu molt, ??7 \ Pprins
cor. Tttgttptoi Los ADgelre, fr rt m 1 to6*ni 7to Pp. m.
•t Opens Oct 30
djjkj I"^^^^S^wMfe^^^^-.j-, MOORESQC* PALACK—
<i Ji CTHIIK=3 * B MfMßßfcljßll 81 *0' •hi'newest »n(ian»sthet»lliiLo«
ll »Blr^BasypjjiTO"*f^i|J 1 --' Ancles conntT. Orer 2SO umni
ft MU-p Ml M' M Hiutil§l|jyi jjKfV spee'ous room*, with prireM
*J'H W je.. parlor end lathroomi.convenient
•ar**?]" H IIT V*tfl tothree linos of steam rati war |
Lv» Angelei end Pasadena ale*
_ trie cars piss the door. ZTtty
' — o) modern convenience.
a. a. oREEN.owMr.
\—«.•>• X Ht nouißS. «UmM
l-'irst-class and modern in all its appointments.
-I-M T> Special accommodations for Tourists and permanent
Tjtf%x Southeast corner Eighth and Hops Sts.,
Los Angelea
TT _ _~ _ Warmest, most even temperature all the year round 111
XiO-l-Til-i the world. Beautiful panoramic view of the ocean and
mountains. Handsomely furnished, heated by steam,
ARCADIA. strictly modern and Prst-class throughout. Surf and Hot
Salt Water Baths, a positive cure tor nervous and rheu
matic disorders. Open all the year. Ratess3, $17. wand up.
Santo Monica First.class Orcheslra. S. RrIEINHART, Prop'r.
Tourists Should read tlie Los Angeles Daily Herald. If you are in
and 'he city for a few days only and want to keep posted ou
Residents affairs, local, state, national and foreign, send in your order.
in Fifteen cents will furnish all this for seven days, delivered at
Southern your room, hotel or residence. The Sunday Herald is a
California magazine which will furnish you a week's reading for 5 ctl
SANTA lhe P°P ular noi^L METROPOLIS open,
i .\i> l:V and regular steamer service every day except
/<|A'p a r lv V Sunday, commencing Feb. 8, 1896. See railroad
tj me tables in los Angele; daily papers. Full in
tct AVfi formation from BANNING CO., 222 S. Spring
loiiflii v strfft( Los Ange i eSi Cal

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