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Cold and Cough Cures
Promptly Effectual In Curing Grip,
~ Colds and Cough, and a Sure
Preventive of Pneumonia and
All Lung Diseases.
Colds lead to coughs, coughs to Pneumonia
and Consumption; therefore it is all import
ant to check a colli before it reaches the lungs.
Munyon's Cold cure will positively break a
cold Inside ol twenty four hours, if taken as
•oon as tho cold manifests itself. When the
cola reaches the lungs or bronchial tubes, tiie
Cough Cure should be used alternately every
half hour with the Cold Cure. The Cnld Cure
Is guaranteed to prevent pneumonia if used in
the beginning of a cold. Pneumonia, or in
flammation of the lungs, can be controlled by
the use of these two cures.
the Cuugh Cure positively cures bronchitis,
tickling In the throat, hoarseness, loss ot
voice, soreness of the chest, difficulty in
breathing, hacking cough, and all pulmonary
diseases where the lungs are not too far con
sumed or covered with tubercles.
If you are ailing, step into tho nearest drug
store ami get a 25c. vial of one of Munyon's
Kcmedlcs. No matter what your disease, or
how many doctors have failed to cure, it will
give you relief.
Personal letters to Prof. Munyon, 1505 Arch
street, Philadelphia, Pa., answered with free
medical adTice for any disease.
A New and Beautiful Feature Added to the
General Display
The executive committee yesterday
passed upon one of the best decoration
features of the coming Fiesta, whereby
they granted to Ed B. Webster of the
Kustle Hustle Advertising company, 244
South Broadway, the exclusive right to
place Japanese lanterns on and along the
streets of the city.
Mr. Webster will make every effort to
have this portion of the 'decorations up to
and ahead of anything ever before at
tempted in this city.
Tiie streets to be decorated are Main,
from the plaza, on both sides, to Sixth;
Sixth street, both sides from Temple to
Sixth; Broadway, from First, both sides to
Sixth, and First, Second, Third, Fourth,
Fifth and Sixth streets, from Main to
The effect will be very striking. The
cost will be so slight that every foot of
frontage should be represented with
in the entire district. Lanterns will
be suspended from wires strung nine feet
from the sidewalk and will be placed four
feet apart, so that each and every store or
residence can be easily represented. Mr.
Webster states that he is also going to
handle and submit plans for decorating
any and all size buildings and will color in
candescent and gas globes in Fiesta shades.
He is now working on a beautiful decora
tion that will surely meet with public
favor. An immediate canvass will be made
on the streets mentioned, and every foot
of frontage should have this appropriate
ornamention. Mr. Webster's authority for
this exclusive privilege is a letter given him
by the executive committee and has the
endorsement of the decorating committee.
Mr. Webster is one of the best rustlers that
ever set foot on the sidewalks of Los An
geles, and he will exert every effort and
energy toward making this feature of the
decorations an unequaled success. Let
every merchant and resident of the entire
district adopt this plan of decoration and
the streets will be doubly attractive.
Hector Duverger, the Would-be Suicide, Sent
to the Sisters' Hospital
Hector Duverger, the young man who
came into police headquarters Monday
morning and requested to be locked up for
fear that he would commit suicide, was
taken from the receiving to the sisters'
hospital yesterday morning. A telegram
was received from his mother, Mrs. S. L.
Duverger of 01)5 St. Denis street, Montreal,
asking that her son be cared for. Duverger
cays that he had written to his mother ask
ing a remittance, that he might return
home, which was refused. Being desper
ate, ill and penniless, he would rather die
than endure it. A brother of bis commit
ted suicide in San Francisco last year,
under the same circumstances. As soon
•as Duverger recovers he will probably be
sent home to his mamma.
Orentiel Art Exhibition
We would advise every one to visit the
free Japanese art exhibition now open at
250 South Broadway in this city. A sight
of the rare and beautiful works of art in
porcelain, bronze, lacquer, tapestry, em
broidery, etc., etc.. will amply reward the
visitor. Messrs. G. T. Marsh & Co, of San
Francisco, the famous experts in this line,
have placed the collection in the hands of
C. A, Sumner & Co. for sale at public auc
tion. We cannot, in the space at our dis
posal, begin to enumerate the wonderful
and beautiful articles in this collection,
though we must mention one of the
bronzes, an ornamental piece valued at
¥1500, standing about eight feet high. The
sale will take place on Wednesday, Thurs
day and Friday of this week, commencing
at 2 oclock in the afternoons and 7:30 in
the evenings. Goods will be sold in the
order given in tbe catalogue, copies of
which can be obtained at the above ad
The Orange Belt Line
A sample trip: Leave Los Angeles Ba.
in., arrive Itedlands 10:05 a. m„ one hour
and ten minutes for drive on Smiley
Heights; arrive San Bernardino 11:55 a.
nr., one hour and fifteen minutes for lunch
and sight-seeing; arrive Riverside 1:50 p.
m., two hours and thirty minutes for drive
on the magnificent Magnolia avenue and
sight-seeing; arrive Los Angeles 6:35 p. ra.
The Southern Pacific inside track tourist
ticket gives additional stop ovor at Pasa
dena, Arcadia, Monrovia, Dttarte, Covina,
San Dimas, Pomona, Ontario, Chino, etc.
Round trip $3.G5, limit ten days.
Fan Tan Oame Raided
Deputy Constable James single-handed
raided a Chinese fan tan game on Apa
blasa street, at 3 o'clock yesterday after
noon. Some fifteen or twenty heathen
were in a small room and deeply interested
in the game when he dropped in. A rush
for the doors was made and the dealer got
away with the sack of money, but James
got the layout as evidence, and one man.
A t the station he gave his name as Ah
Fong, and his countrymen quickly bailed
him out for $50 cash.
D.-ank Ice Water When Overheated
A truckman employed by the Pioneer
company, named Frank Young, was taken
suddenly ill yesterday as the result of a
drink of ice water imbibed while over
heated. Young went te work at sin the
morning, and shortly before 0 o'clock fell
unconscious while on duty. He was taken
in an ambulance to his home 902 H North
Main street, where Dr. Cates gave medical
attention. His condition is reported as
Lest His Buggy
After standing on the street nearly all
day yesterday, a rig, which evidently be
longed to a peddler, was taken in by the
police and cared for. The buggy was
packed with rugs, curtains, clocks and other
stuff, such as ia carried by peripatetio
agents who go from house to house Belling
tbeir wares on the installment plan.
New Ritual and Regalia
Banner Tent No. 2, Knights of the Mac
t> bees will give an exemplification of their
new ritual tonight at their ball on South
Spring street. The new regalia and uni
forms will be worn and the ritual gone
through with for the first time. All mem
bers of local lodges and visiting Maccabees
are invited to be present.
There are undelivered telegrams at the
Western Union Telegraph office, comer
First and Spring streets, for Mrs. Albert
tlambach, Z. W. McCoy, Mrs. C. Croak. ,
Entries for the Floral Parade Continue
te Come In -The Lancers Will Have the
Honor ol Acting as sn Escort—Fireworks
and Special Decorations
Beauty, grace, refinement and intellect
will surround her majesty, the queen of la
Fiesta during the short period in which she
will wield Iter scepter over the city of the
Angels. When, on the evening of April
21st, she ascends her throne in Hazard's
pavilion and presents herself for the first
time to her loyal subjects, she will turn
with pride to the ladies who constitute her
court. Those who will be in attendance
upon the queen as members of her official
family are: Mrs. Arthur Braly, the Misses
Helen Klokke, Cora Goodrich, Alma Rob
inson, Hattie Kimball, Ida Menifee, Har
riett Smith, Isidora Scott, Sarah Innes,
Lila Fairchild, Lillian Welhorn, Olga
Marix, Bessie Bonsall, Hortense Levy and
Bessie Byram.
A close observer, who has carefully scru
tinized the lists of maids of honor, re
marked yesterday that it contains fifteen
names and considering the fact tiiat four
teen ladies generally constitute a queen's
court he came to the conclusion that the
executive committee had at last taken the
public in its confidence and incorporated
the name of the queen in the list of the
maids of honor. When this fact was
brought to the notice of one of the mem
bers of the executive committee, however,
"he winked the other eye."
General Nelson A. Miles of Washington,
D. C, has expressed his regrets that cir
cumstances prevent him from attending
the Fiesta, but he states in his letter that
he has tho kindest feelings for its success.
The entries for the floral parade continue
to come into the committee and that fea
ture of the Fiesta promises to excel any of
its predecessors. President John F.
Francis has entered his elegant landau that
will be decorated in the most artistic and
gorgeous manner, but Mr. Francis has de
clined to compete for any prize.
One of the most striking parts in the
parades will be the lancers, who will act as
escort to the queen ana her court. It will
be composed of excellent riders and the
uniform of the members of the corps will
be very attractive. It will consist of high
riding boots, red trousers, green blouses
trimmed in yellow and gold and high hel
mets. On the latter will be large plumes
of Fiesta colors and the horses will be as
near as possible of equal size.
The executive committee has decided to
witness in a body the Santa Barbara floral
festival for one day.
A grand display of fireworks will take
place at Athletic park on Friday evening,
April 24th. The pieces are being manu
factured especially for the occasion and
the pyrotechaics will be of a most startling
Hey wood Bros. & Co, have offered to fur
nish the chairs, seventy dozen or more, for
use in Hazard's pavilion during Fiesta
week, free of charge.
San Francisco shows the greatest inter
est in the success of tho celebration. In a
letter from the state development com
mittee, Secretary Carman writes as fol
lows :
"We will be glad to co-operate with your
Fiesta committee in an effort to induce as
many as possible to go from here at that
time, provided the committee will outline
to us what they would like to have us do."
In a few days the invitations to the ball
will be ready. They are issued in the
name of "Her most loyal subjects to the
queen. Special decorations will be pro
vided in the pavilion for the ball, that will
be under the patronage of the following
ladies: Mrs. John P. Jones, Mrs. Andrew
McNally, Mrs. Alfred Solano, Mrs. Ru
dolph Miner, Mrs. Shirley Vance Martin,
Mrs. Stephen M. White, Mrs, Cornelius
Cole, Mrs. Modini Wood, Mre. K. T. Hurl
bert, Mrs. Grskine M. Ross, Mrs. C. C.
Carpenter. Mrs. John E. Plater, Mrs. T. C.
S. Lowe, Mrs. E. F. C. Klokke, Mrs. Mary
H. Banning, Mrs. H. Jevne, Mrs. J. M.
Elliott, Mrs. John F. Francis, Mrs I. Van
Nuys, Mrs. E. P. Johnson, .Mrs. H.W. Hell
man, Mrs. Seymour E. Locke, Mrs. Gran
ville MacGowan, Mrs. John Bradbury,
Mrs. O. Wellborn.
The refreshments will be served fh tbe
cyclery, and Lowinsky's orchestra will fur
nish the music.
E. B. Webster has secured the privilege
of illuminating Broadway, Spring, Main,
Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth streets with
Japanese lanterns every evening during
the Fiesta during the hours of 8 and 10
oclock, or later if desired. These lanterns
will be strung on the poles along the side
walk, and the effect will be very beautiful
in conjunction with the Fiesta-colored elec
tric lights, that will form a canopy.
This and Vulgarisms Seen In Society the
Subject ol a Lecture
At the Hollenbeck hotel yesterday
arrived a young woman, slightly above
medium height. She has clear-cut features,
a broad forehead, surmounted by an
abundance of wavy brown hair, and large
dark brown eyes. This is Mabel Jenness
Venter, who is to lecture today for the
benefit of the Young Ladies' league, in
Music hall, next door to the Los Angeles
theater, at 2 p. in. The lecture is for
ladiea only; the subject. Artistic Dress
and the Vulgarisms We See in Society.
Mrs. Venter comes endorsed by the press,
pulpit and the leading women of today.
She has traveled more miles, appeared be
fore larger audiences, and has received
more favorable press notices than any
other woman who gives all her time to the
lecture platform.
Every lady should hear this lecture, as it
is full of information, gathered through six
years' experience aa a lecturer among the
people of Europe and America. Mrs. Ven
ter will show the following late style cos
tumes, designed by the leading tailors of
London, New York and Chicago; two street
costumes, theater dress, low necked house
dress, high-necked house dress, full even
ing dress, rainy-day dress and improved
underwear. Mrs. Venter is the apostle of
physical culture and dress reform, and is
as far removed from the traditional strong
minded female as can be well imagined.
She is a handsome, healthy young woman,
refined and womanly in her every move
ment, and gifted with rare intelligence.
The grace and ease of her carriage, the
polish of her manneis, and the classic and
intellectual mould of her features, com
bine to make her thoroughly charming.
She will give but one lecture, and that will
be this afternoon at 2 p. m. at Music hall.
The sum of $15,000 has been pledged to
defray the expense of constructing a bridge
across the river between First and Seventh
Torturing Disfiguring
jlrfc\ Instantly
\\ the
VO" Sold throughout the world. British
ft* depot: F. Nbwbbry & Sons, x. King
' Edward-st., London. Potter Dkuo
It Cmui. Corf., Sole Props.! Boston. U. S. A.
Does this
mean you?
How many people there are who seem to
lack ambition, life and healthful vigor.
You can tell it by their looks. They shiver
with the cold when tbe weather ia bleak.
They have a pinched, sallow appearance.
They complain of feeling run down. Their
symptoms plainly show that their blood is
thin and poor, tbat it does not circulate
properly, and that their liver and kidneys
are in a very bad state. That ia why they
, have these miserable symptoms and com
plain of
Stomach troubles,
General weakness.
Headaches and backaches.
Chilly sensations,
Dizziness, '
Are you one of this vast number who
suffer from the miserable, wearing feelings
above described? If so, why not try to
overcome them and get into a good state
of health? You can easily do ao. All you
need to do is to tejte Warner's Safe Cure
regularly, and it will make you strong and
well. Take it just for a short time and you
will soon notice a change for the better.
Every bad symptom will disappear. Your
blood will become rich and pure, your cir
culation improve and your liver and kid
neys will do their work. This great rem
edy, in short, will put new life and vigor
into you. It will make you feel better
than you have felt for many a day. Will
you not try it?
Readers Hasten to Secure the New Encyclo-
paedlc Dictionary.
It was thought at the outset that intelli
gent readers of this paper would be quick
to take advantage of the remarkable offer
of the Pacific Coast Newspaper Syndicate,
and obtain the new Enclyclopa»die Diction
ary on the special terms made for the 200
introductory sets, which are distributed to
make known the merits of the work.
But when the price is reduced by over
two-thirds, the superb publication becomes
almost a gift, as readers have readily per
ceived, to judge from the orders which are
coming in by each mail.
The terms made by the syndicate for
200 sets, to introduce the work, simply re
quire a cash payment of $ I to apply on the
purchase of the four volumes, which make
up the complete set, and the same is de
livered at once, the balance being payable
at the rate of $1.25 per month for one
year, or at the rate of about 4 cents per
Full descriptive matter and sample
pages will be sent on application, but to
those who do not wish to waste time in cor
respondence and run the risk of losing a
set at the low introductory price it may be
said that the Encyclopaedic Dictionary is
not only the most recent and complete dic
tionary of the English language extant,
but it also treats over 50,000 subjects in
the same manner as an encyclopedia. It
is in four magnificent quarto volumes, con
taining over 5000 pages, with 3000 illus
trations explaining the definitions.
It has at once become the standard
wherever introduced, and even at its sub
scription price of $42 per set is sure to find
a valued place in thousands of cultured
But at the introductory price of $1 cash
and $1.25 per month for a year it is simply
a marvel ot cheapness.
All communications are to be addressed
to the Pacific Coast Newspaper Syndicate,
140 South Spring street, Los Angeles.
Lopez, the Shears Wielder, Said to Have a
State's Prison Record
The latest developments in the killing of
Jesus Alvarado by Manuel Lopez at Wil
mington last Sunday would seem to dis
credit Lopez's story that he struck in self
defense. Lopez claimed that he had no
weapon on his person and that the sheep
shears with which the stabbing was done
was the property of the dead man. On the
other hand, it is now alleged th.it Alvarado
was unarmed, and that he was deliberately
cut by his infuriated antagonist. A French
man and another Mexican named Manuel
de la Torres saw the affray, but the stories
they tell are contradictory. Everybody
who is acquainted with the facts seems
afraid of Lopez, who seems to be a hard
He has served a seven-year term in
state's prison for cutting a man, and an
other for grand larceny. He has a reputa
tion of being an idle and dissolute char
acter and no one cared to incur his enmity.
Alvarado was a stranger in Wilmington,
having just come down from San Gabriel
to go to work Monday shearing sheep.
The whole affair was the result of too much
sour wine. Lopez will be taken to Wil
mington to stand his preliminary exmina
Positively cured by these
Little Pills.
They also relieve Distress from Dyspepsia,
Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating. A per
fect remedy for Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsi
ness, Bad Taste in the Mouth, Coated Tongue
Tain in the Side, TORPID LIVER. They
Regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable.
Small Pill. Small Dose.
Small Price. '
These shoes fit to perfection and v/eai
as only the best of leather can. They're
shapely, pliant—the most comfortable oi
footwear. They always manage to let in
air and keep out water.
The Site Chosen Weuld Afford Construction
at the ninlmum ot Expense with the Max
imum of Result—Some of tha flany Favor
able Conditions That Exist
In projecting the proposed Adams street
tourist hotel the committee having the
matter in hand has planned wisely, and
along lines of the greatest probability of
success. The fashionable travelers of the
east who spend many thousands of dollars
in Southern California annually, so far as
their sentiment has been learned, have
heartily endorsed the proposition to erect
a thoroughly up-to-date tourist resort in
this city. Already many expressions have
been received by prominent citizens of
this city from wealthy easterners who
make their annual < alifornia sojourn in
and about Los Angeles. All of these ex
press the greatest satisfaction at the pros
pect of there being erected at once a tour
ist hotel in this city commensurate with
the needs of the wealthy travelers of the
central and eastern states who visit here
each year. It is already assured that the
new resort will serve to furnish a long-felt
want in that circle of tourists who wish to
come to this coast each year, but who do
not wish to submit to the disagreeable ne
cessity of locating in an obscure town re
mote from the attractions of theaters,
churches and accessibility to tbe active
forces of daily social and commercial life.
To such as these the proposed hotel would
furnish the social desideratum so requisite
to their entertainment and contentment.
The location of the Adams street tourist
hotel would be such as to heighten the
social effect, particularly as it is surround
ed by all those accessories which suggest
rest and recreation, and so apart from the
noise and activity of commercial life. The
location of itself would suffice to stamp
the place with the character of a thorough
ly fashionable caravansary.
Apropos of the discussion of site and the
universal conclusion that the Silent resi
dence grounds is the best available, it is
pertinent to observe tho economy of con
struction there. In the first place the
huge structure proposed could be comfort
ably accommodated so as not to require
the removal of one single shrub or tree, or
to disfigure the matchless tropical land
scape. In this manner would be secured
to the new place a finished landscape, per
fect in all its majestic llora and tree
growth. Then the ample grounds would
afford such abundant space for building
that width of base could be had in lieu of
altitude, thereby affording the maximum
result for expenditure. Apartments in a
tower-like structure would cost $100.
Each could easily be built here for about
half that sum. By this means the sum
sought to be obtained will supply a bu
perbly appointed tourist hotel of great ca
pacity with all the requisite accessions for
the highest enjoyment of the guests.
Want to Buy a House
We have buyer for cottage in Boyle
Heights or East l.os Angeles who wil l
make moderate cash payment and balance
monthly with interest, and will pay all
taxes and insurance. They want a place
of four or five rooms, aud it must be sold
at a reasonable figure—that is, a fair price.
Call or address Latigworthy Co., lawyers,
220 South Spring street. it
Hear Helen M. Gougar at Illinois hall
Friday night, at 8 oclock. Subject, Give
us work or give us bread; or, the way out
for the unemployed.
Makes the Blood Pure
This is the secret ot the cures
by Hood's Sarsaparilla. Read this:
my blood pure.
had to take my bed. The physician said
there wss little hope for me. A neighbor
told ot wonderful cures by Hood's Sarsa
parilla and I decided to try it. When I
had taken 3 bottles, I could sit up and now
I am perfectly well and strong.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
has done all this for me." Mrs. C. F.
Fadeber, La Platta City, Colorado.
. s. DlltV car * BUbltual eonsUpa
rlOOU 8 flllS tJsn. 1", ico 25c. per box.
Dr. Piercers Galvanic
improvements and U sold at one-half the price
asked for inferior, but much-advertised electrtc
The results accomplished by Dr. Pierces belts
are simply wonderful, thousands of cures having
been made where physicians and medicines had
failed to give relief.
The strongest possible evidence will be given to
Inquirers ns to the efficacy and imperlority of Dr.
Pierces belts, and a thorough examination aud
compariMon of these goods with all others ta re
spectfully invited of all Intending purchasers of
an electric belt. Call or write for free "Pamphlet
No. 2." Address
700 to 704 Sacramento Street.
Second, third and fourth floors, San Francisco, Cal
Grand Auction
Gas and Electric
597 S. Spring St.
Thursday March 26, 1896
At 10 a.m. and 2 p.m,
On account of retiring from business we will
sell our entire stock without reserve as we must
vacate ttie store April 1, 1 HOti.
THOS. B. CLARK, Auctioneer
jgjjrffj&t Eyes Tested
Drs. Thompson & Kyle
Graduates in Optics
Solid gold frames, warranted 51.75
Steel, nickel, aluminum or alloy frames. 250
First quality lenses, per pair $1.00
Give us a trial; we will surely please yon,
both in prices and work.
jjB VV. Second St., bet. Spring
and Broadway, Los Angeles,
tia Fifth St., San Diego.
The "Monadnock"
Visi'ors at Coronado will be allowed to so on
board tbe Monad hock dally during the stay of
the huge monitor. This monitor li the finest
on the coast and la expected to remain at Cor
onado but a short time. Ihe crew hat just
given the dfeks, guns and everything about
the ress?l a thorough cleaning and polishing.
The flagship of the Pacific squadron, the Phil
adelphia, and also the fish commission Teasel,
Albatross, are ft till at Coronado. To be per
mitted to go aboard these Immense ironclads
is a great tieat. It is well worth a trip to Hotel
del Coronado to see these formidable floating
arsenals, and the sooner the better.
Health, strength, mental and
physical nerve and sexual vigor.
Honesty, self-esteem and confi
dence. Tf he manly bearing, con
fident expression and the bright
and happy sparkle of the eye.
The love of society, denoting a
happy disposition, quick mental
and physical action are the ele
ments of perfect manhood. They
may be yours v you replace the
■vital force which you have lost.
Dr. Sanden's Electric Belt will re
new it. Every man who admires
pure manhood should read the
book,."Three Classes of Men,"
which can be had free.
304 *• Broadway. Cor. Second, Los Angeles.
Office Hours:
8 to 6; Evenings. 7 to 8; Sundays, 10 to 1.
As Soon as You Find
Your Sight Failing
Come to us and have your eves tested
and glasses properly t'tted. No charge i
for consultation and examination. Perfect i
satisfaction guaranteed. j
Prices For This Week
Steel, Nickel, Alloy Frames,
Finest equality Lenses, (fc |AA
per pair •pIaUU
Solid Gold Spectacle and *| fa
Eye-glass Frames at.... ajMsOU
Finest Gold Filled Frames d»| f?A
including Lenses «pl.ejU
Give us a trial; we will surely please
you, both in prices and work.
Ocular Scientist and Graduate in Oph
thalmology. Nineteen years' practical ex
perience in treatment of eyes and fitting
of glasses. Examines eyes free of charge
Hollenbeck Hotel Block, three doors south of
Coulter's Dry Gocds Store.
The Tailor 1
Has much pleasure in HHRf
announcing the :irri\ al B BnE?
of his New Stock for ths 3j Bill
Incoming season. The I Mil
Styles ,tre complete and liSflHl
artistic in every way. tfflra
Mi to Order §20 I jljHs
Pants to Order
All garments shrunk before making.
The largest Tailoring Establishment In Los
143 S. Spring St., Bryson Block
J. F. Henderson. Manager.
Hand-picked, South Field
Wellington Lump
vWrtL Delivered
Cement and Catalina Island
Serpentine and Soapstone
for \V. T. Co.'s ocean excursion Bteamers, tugs,
yachts and pleasure launchea. Telephone 3.
Poland Addreas
\A/ntt>r 800 s - BROADWAY.
water T ,i,
"Tbe Silk Store" *mWt\\*m>
Villede ofc Paris
Pioneer Broadway SHUp Potomac Block
Dry Goods House p| hLw|%' 221-3 S. Broadway
I m v- t Wash Fabrics
<§> Novelties 4
4> p <§> Dress Linens
nJ? x!P 32 Inches wide, linen color grounds } ■f/%t
« with stripes of red, bine, yellow, " v I F
p ink "" d too most .ppm- <■ i,,^
priste as well as prettiest ol mate- I
rials for summer dresses or waists, / YARD
<ifc> Are to be seen in won- <£>
derful assortments in X Bicycle Cloth
f every department. V,n § T4nge „ h>nd , ome colorlnf ,) _
Fabrics and Gar- y£ and designs. One ol tne strongest I I k/^
_,„„,,. tt,„.< *,„„, <♦> » n,i best wearing wash fabrics , Ifl^
ments gathered from W made . aoe, i7»,'c and ( w
the best markets of the <$> J^yard
world. ®®«xsxi>®®®B®®®^
The bright, cheerful xjk —-
X colorings of the dainty V £> |
V textures now shown V Ja Al Cl3\/13
w lend a beauty to the W
|> store only possible in $ Parasols. *| gQ
springtime. <«>
<§> The points we strive — each $1.90
for are the best styles
1 and qualities at the T «**J«, .each $2.25
r&> I nn/Agf Elegant creations in printed warp (MA Arv
™ L.UWCSI silk chiffon, lace and Dresden silk Skill till
/£\ s-a . <4s Parasols EACH *&00 TO f ■ v * v v
x Prices T
VJ? Goods delivered free iv Pastdena.
tJS&SiISi Prompt,y " ,led -
JL. c - M. Wood, Lessee, H. c. Wtatt, Manager.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, March 26,27 and 28, and Saturday ilatlnee. *. »
PRICES—2Sc, 50c, 75c, $1.00. Seats now on Sale.
J_'*\_ Next Door to Los Angeles Theater,
Wednesday Afternoon (Today) at 2, March 25,
Mabel Jenness Venter
in her lecture Artistic Dress . . .
•. . And the Vulgarisms We See in Society
Displaying two Street Coitumes, Theater Dreas, Low Necked House Dress, High Necked House
Dress. Full Evening Dress, Party Dress, Improved Underwear.
Seats on sale at Gardner it Oliver's Book Store, 250 South Spring St. Admission 50c.
. . Program—April 21st to 25th : .
TUESDAY —Afternoon. Advance Guard Parade; Eventne, Opening Ceremonial at Pavilion.
WEDNESDAY —Afternoon, (irand Street Procession; Evening, Concert at the Pavilion.
THURSDAY—Afternoon, Games and Haoea at Athletic Park; Evening, Illuminated Pageant,
•'Lands of the Sun."
FRIDAY-Afternoon. Children's Celebration and Flag Raising; Evening, Ball at Pavilion;
Fireworks at Athletic Park.
SATURDAY—Afternoon, Floral rarade; Evening, Revelry of the Maskers.
Music at the Parse every morning.
Tribunes on Hops and Seventh streets will provide 5000 safe and comfortable aeata
liefld'iuarters of Ltt Fiesta at chamber of Commerce.
SOUTH MAIN ST„ df°+\ gy Performance every even-
Bet. First and Second. C|T\%«\ inc[udlDg Sund,! "'
Matinees Saturday WW? WW Telephone 1417.
and Sunday.
Innisfallen! We have found it! The Greatest Show in Americal
Charles B. Word. The Andersons, De Fillipls, Atbos Family, The Wiltons, Brothers Dianta, The
Rossleys. A Matchless Performance oi Measureless Merit. Don't Miss it.
BURBHNK THBRTER Fred A. Cooper, Manager
MAIN STREET, between Fifth and Sixth.
Second and Trip W T Carlfinn fWrn fn HOUSES CROWDED TO THB DOOBi
Last Week of s lie TV . 1 . VctriClwll Upcra VU. NIGHTLY. Inpreceiientet Success.
Wecinesdflv and Saturdny evei'ings nnd Saturday rnntinee. THK LILY OFKILLARNEY. Wednes
dayafternoon, THE MIKADO. Thurs.lnv evening double bill. FRA DlAVQLoand THE CHAR
-ITY GIRLS, yrlday evening double bill, BOHEMIAN GIRL and THE CHARITY GIRLS.
Motidny Evening, Farewell Pertormance of the Carleton Opera Company.
gtf- 91.60 SHOW FOR FROM 20c to 50. POPULAR PRICES—ISc, 20c, 300,
50c. loge seats 75c. box seats fl.
, 209 South Broadway
In'militl Millet* ""The Poet of the Sierras," "LeSSOHS
•J UCIV| 14 111 ITBlllVl Will deliver his lecture jp j|jg [}00kS "
Admission, 25 and 50 Cent ..
Also the celebrated
Vose & Sons
Geo. J. Birkel, —
Parlors 18 and 19, Pirlle Block, Fourth and Broadway. ~
NEW VIENNH BUPPBT, 114.118. Court street, IsH Aogelet, Oa
With Family Entrance and Family Departments.
iSOT Refined Entertainment stftgSS
Every eveulnß from 7 ;'AQ to l'J o'clock. consißttQ? of a choice selection oE rocal and lnstntoiani
Ul music. Matinaca Monday ami Saturday from I*2 to 2, Every Friday Amateur Night. A
tlte New Vienna may always he found tha leading Kuropean daily and weekly piperi, inoltil
mr Loudon Times, Parts Figaro, Berliner Tageblntt, Wiener Frela Preist, eta, eta. JfißJi
cuisine, rommercial lnneh and meals ala carte at all hours
THE PALRCB Corner First and Spring sts., under the proprietorship it
GUKTHER &. BEKNHARD, has reopenei tho season v k
With the celebrated BERTH FAMILY, formerly with Vienna Buffet
* Is the Largest in America . . .
150 Gigantic Birds. Take 0.05 or 1.05 train, Arcade depot. Carriage meets trains.
WHNNHCK BROS. Downey Aye. and Terminus Cable Railway
Summer Garden and Park
Covering ten acres of ground. Open daily. Restaurant an'l Cafe. The only society pleasure
garden in Southern ''alitornia WANNACK BROS., proprietor::.
Iron and wood working Machinery. Belting, Parking. Wood Pulleys, Uytiasse., Meaera aM
Electrical Supplies. THE MACHINERY IDPPLY CO.. 103 K. Broadway. >heaet4lt7

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