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The Steady Advance of Sterling exchange
Rates Rouses Apprehension of Serious
Depletion ol the Gold Reserve, Which
Would Cause a Drop In Prices
Associated Tress Special Wire.
New York, March 27.—The all-import
ant topic in financial circles today was a
further advance in the rates of sterling ex
change to within one-quarter of a cent of
the figures at which it is estimated gold
could be exported without loss. The prob
ability of gold exports within tbe next two
weeks in default of a change in the finan
cial situation was pointed out yesterday.
Authorities on exchange declare that at
$4.99 for sight drafts the yellow metal can
be shipped at a profit. The market closed
for tho week at 4.88 for demand and 4.8!)
for cables. While tbe treasury gold re
serve now stands at the substantial total of
$128,243,389, it is obvious that
n fairly : considerable amount could
he shipped without reasonable cause
for alarm, nevertheless it is
true that tbe sentimental effect ot a re
currence of the outflow might have seri
' otis results not only on prices of railroad
■ecurities but in other directions. For
, vign investors are keenly alive to the situa
tion, and especially as they have learned
that the treasury department at Washing
ton is solicitous to the extent that it con
templates as remedial measures for tho
further strengthening of the exchange
market, either another call on the bank de
pository for a part of their holdings of gov
ernment gold or another increase in the
premium on gold bars. London was a seller
of American securities botli in its
own and in this market to
day on the considerations noted.
Considerable anxiety is felt iv mercantile
circles as it is thought further contraction
of the market for commercial paper inci
dental to Ihe manipulation of the money
market by the treasury department might
have unfortunate results. The stock mar
ket displayed a moderate increase in busi
ness. The opening was weak and lower on
foreign selling, llusiness was quite mod
erate and fractional losses occurred in
nearly all of the leading shares. In the
final hour fractional gains were general.
The net change* were generally slight de
clines. Dullness was about the only fea
ture of tho railway boud market. Frac
tional declines occurred in the speculative
shares. The sales were $1183,000. Gov
ernment bonds were firm on purchases of
Cloalttf Stocks
? ew York, March 27 —Following are the
.closing etook quotation!:
.Atchison 14%Xor'u western 1024
Kxpreia, .147 .V. w, pfd 145^
Alton.'!'. II 5i N. V. central.... 96
Am. Sugar pid .100', N. Y. AN, If, 39
Am. Express 110 Ontario.!: W 14
I'alliniore & O In., Oregon Imp 1
( an. Pacific 53\, Oregon Xav 20
< eu. Pacilie ] Hi Oregon 8. I. 3%
t he". A Ohio 155i|PaOiflc Mail 20,;
Chicago it Alton.. 155 p. D. Jk 15.... li',.
C. B. * ti 74 'i Pittsburg 130
Con. lias 150 Cull. Palace 154
,c. 0. c. A st. 1. .. HSU Reading 9' s
Colo. Coal A I ... 2!„ I. S. .'lubber 26
Cot. Oil Cor 15 I', s. rtubber'pfd. 85
Dei. Hudson 1251 a R.G. W 18
I). L. W .. 160 R. G. W. pfd 45
D. A ft. G, pfd ... 40 'Rock Island 69'r
Distillers 17U 8:. Paul 741
Frio 2d pid S'J St. Paul nfd 126W
F.rie 14 -t Paul .to 37' 8
Erie pid 37W8t. P A 0. pfd ...123U
Fort Wayne 160 Southern I'ac ... 18?j
n Northern pid..Km Sugar Iteflnerv.. .114 r ' a
Term. C. & Iron.. 2714 ToT. A o.cen. pfd 70
0. &E. 111, pf1...100 Onion Pacific.... 6 :i s
Hocking Val 13!, CI, S. Express. 43
Illinois Cen 94 W.si. UAP IK6
et. Paul AD 2 1 Wabash pfd 16U
K. AT. pfd 25 Wells Fargo 95
1. E. AW 18W w. Union 83
LU, AW. pfd.... 09 W. AUK oft.
J.ake Shore 145!* W. A L. E. pfd.... 32
tead Trust 23«|Minn, A. St. L 19
ouls. .t Nash ... 48'; D. &R. 0 12
I.ouis. AJ>. A... . »> 4 (ien. Electric... 354
Han.Con 103:, Nat'l Linseed ... 17
Memphis <t C. ... . 15 Colo. Fuel A 1.... 26
Mich. Central ... 93., c. F. A I. pid 101
Mo. Pacific 22kIH. sr. C 1!4
Mobile 4: 0hi0.... 216|T., St. LAX. 0.. 5
Nash. Cnatt 68 T., bt.LA K.C.nfd 10
Nat'l. Cord 4*4 So. It. 11 .' . 8»r
Natl. Cord pfd.. !" , So. R. ft, pid 29}2
N; J. Central 105 I Am. Tobacco 87>-«
N. AW. pfd .... f>\ Am. T. nld 100
North Am. C 0... 0 Am. Tel, A 0 Co., 91
North. Pac... . 1\ (,'. 8. Cordage,grd 18
North. Pac. pfd... 11!.; If. s. Leather pid 00;j
Texas Pacific t% Com. Cable C 0....158
U. P. D. and G.... :;
Mnnd List
New York, March 26.—Following are the
clofingquotatious on bonds:
U. 8. new reg A R. <J75..„...117W
t'. S. new coup ..IIOBID. AB. U. 45.T... 88>J
U. S. 5s reg ÜBI4 Erie 2ds 71
6. S. 5s coup 113' 4 G. 11. AB. A. 65... 108
0. s. 4s reg lOSfl G. H. As. A. 75... 103
It. S. 4s ooup 110' j' 11. A T. C. 5s 108
1). S. 2s reg 95 i 11. ,t T. 0. 6" 106!.;
Pacific 6s, '95. .103' ~ M. K. AT. Ist 4s. 84' 4.
AK.classA 106 M. K. AT. 2d 4s. 57
Ala., class B lot; I Mutual U. 6s 114
Ala., class C 10.) X. .1. C. G. ss. . 116
Ala. Cur 100 |N. P. lsts 115',:
La. N. C. 48 97 IX. P. 2ds 110.
Missouri 6s 100 IX.p.Bds 78
N. C. 6s 12' ik X. W. C 139
N. C. 4s 105 X. W. 8. F. 5s ...111
8. C. non-fund... ' 4 iR.G. W. lsts 75
Term. n. s. 65.... 85 St. P. con. 7s 128
Term. n. s. 5s 11l St. I.C.A.P. W. 51..11814
Teun. o. •. 6».... 60 St.LAI. M. G. 55.. 80'™
Va. Cen 61 St.L. AS.F.G. 6s .106;
Va. Cen. dfd 6 T. P. lsts 88',,
Atchison 4s 76 j, p. 2ds 22 :, i
Atchison '.Ms A... 24 U. P. lsts, '96... .103°
Can. So 2de. 104 West Shore 4s 105;';
h. AX, 4s 78 O. R. AX. lsts.. .1003?
C. P. lsts,'9s ....100 So. R.R.SS 00
San Francisco nininz Stocks
BANFRANciHCO.Mnrch 27.—Theofflclal closing
quotatloos 'or mining stocks today wero as
Alia lfi'Gould & Currie ... 28
Alpha Con Hillalo A Noreross... 120
Andes 3o|Kentuck Con ft
Belcher 23.1.ady Wash.Con... ft
Best it Belcher 05,Moxicau 52
liodle t:on 27j.M0n0 10
Bullion ilOooldentnl C0n.... Si
Bultver Con .T-'Ophlr 115
Caledonia 7 Overman 14
Challenge Con 31 l'otosi 3i>
Choliar 4& Savage 34
Coulidcuce . . 00 Scorpion 3
Con. Cala. A Va... 105 Sierra Nevada 00
ton. imperial 1 Silver Hill 1
Con. New York.... 3 Onion Con 6ft
Crown point 43 Utah Con 7
Exchequer 41 Yellow Jacket 38
Weekly Bank Clearings
New York, March 27.—The following table,
compiled by Bradstreot's shows tho total
clearances at the principal cities aud the
percentage of increase and decrease, as com
pared with the corresponding week last year:
Per Per
cent cent
Inc. dec.
New York $502,250,074 1.3
Chicago 77,303,703 .... 1.8
B.stoli 77,572,054 ... 0.1
Philadelphia 111,487.830 2.0
St, Louis 20,982,815 0.3
San Francisco 10,875,282 1.8
lialtimore 12,009.913 8.1 ....
Piltsbnrg 14,590,264 15.0
Cincinnati 11,186,100 5.7
KnnsasClty U,119,416 .... 67
New Orleans 10,302,854 20.8
Buffalo 3,403,133 4.2
Milwaukee 3.750,059 1.0
llclroit 5,144,440 27.1
Louisville 4,051.'Ji!8 .... 5.1
Minneapolis ft.159.391i 3.2
Omaha 4,4*8,074 32.2
Providence 4.340,400 10.1
Cleveland 0,031,959 9.3
llutiston 3,990,604 ... 12.3
St. Paul 3,730,330 22.2
Denver 2,388071 3.0
Indianapolis 3,000 418 6.0
Columbus 3,477,400 9.4
Hartford 2.051.097 25.7
Richmond 1,934,626 .... 11.8
Wa<htngton 1,718,484 10.3
Dallas 2.320 524 5.4
M. Joseph 1,038.096 18.2
Peoria 1,973 254
Memphis 1,896,755 23.5
Portland, 0re.... 859,714 .... 12.2
Rochester 1,403,270 6 8
New Haven 1.116,907 2.7
savannah 2,051,097 25.7
Springfield, Mass. 1,109.551 ft.4 ....
Worcester 1,229,823 7.9
Portland, Me.... 1,059,295
Atlanta 1,042,896 11.5
Fort Worth 1,227,960 18.4
Waco 1.187,339 500 .
Syracuse " 884,378 .... '3.4
Dcs Moines 1,045,331 17.0
Grand Rapids. .. 051.872 .... 29.1
Seattle 504.821 20.2
Los Angeles 1,071,019 l*.n
Tienini 407,711
Spokane n2:t,412 .... 0.0
Galveiton 4,307,300 '
Sail Lake 1.001.u0l 0.0 ....
Toledo 1,228,384
Helena 670,100 3 4
Totals $806,559,108 .9
Exclusive 61 Kett
York 394,002,589 7.0
The London Market
"New Y'or.K," Marrdi 27.— The Evening rost's
London financial cablegram bays: The stonk
markets were neglected today. Americans
wore weak, closing at tho lowest point. Hai
ti rs were heavy, probably on the Matabelc out
break and the political situation in South Af ■
rleain general. The Chlneao loan prospectus
Is nut. I: la lor at 4 per tent. Tho
Issue price la MX, and It Is quoted at 2 pre
mium in the markets. Oold was bought here
today lor Japan. It ia probable that a good
deal may go there hut the operation will be
spread over a long period. It is reDorted from
Berlin that China haa ceded Port Arthur to
Russia, but nothing Is known on the subject
Money Quotation,
New Y'onrc, March 27.—Money closed on call
easy at 3 lo 3<4 per cent; last loan. 3, closed
at 3.; per; cent; prime mercantile piper,
5 $8 per cent; sterling exchange strong, with
actual business in bankers' bills at M.SB'a'ftO
$i.H9H for demand, and (4.87U.*84.871i for 00
days; posted rates, $4 88<i8$4.89!£; commer
cial bills. W.88M<34-86%j[; bar silver, 08c;
sliver certtticates, oßJidfllmo,
San Fkancihco, March 27,-Drafts, sight, Oi
telegraphic. 71^.
London, .March 27.—Contois, 109*£.
Sliver Bullion
New Y'or.K, March 27.—Bar silver, 68; Mexi
can dollars, 55 : t£.
San FttAHOlsco, March 27.—Bar silver, 68! 4;
Mexican dollars. 50 to V
London, March 27.—Bar silver, 3i;,d.
Treasury Statement
Washington. March 27.-Today's statement
of theconditlon of the treasury shows: Avail
able cash balance $263,830,280; gold reserve,
833t0n Quotations
Boston, March ST.—Atchison,l4>i; Bell Tele
phone, 201; Burlington, 74;,; San Diego, 10;
Mexican Central, 10.
Some Encouraging Features, But Trade Is
Generally Dull
Nf.w York, Match '27.— Bradstreet's to
morrow will say: The week lias brought
more favorable weather, which tends to
create a better feeling. But trade, except
at Baltimore, Minneapolis. St. Paul and
Chicago, and to a moderate degree at other
points, remains dull and unsteady. Tho
most encouraging feature is the advance
in prices of wheat, Indian corn and Besse
mer pig iron, the latter being basod on the
higher value placed on lake ores. While
thcro has beeh larger sales of dry goods,
shoes, hardware, iron and leather at Chi
cago, business in other lines continues
slow. San Francisco exports to Asia have
fallen off, but those to Mexico and Central
America are the heaviest on record. Port
land, Oregon, is sending largo quantities
of lumber to the west coast of South Amer
ica, and Tacoma cotton cloth, flour and
lumber to the transpacific markets. One
of the most unpleasant features is lack of
improvement in mercantile collections.
This, with the commercial calm at many of
the more important trading centers, points
to some of tho effects of the prolonged
period of withdrawal of capital from enter
prises in the I'nited States and to the un
willingness of accumulated domestic cap
ital to seek new ventures at present.
Exports of wheat, flour included, both
coasts this week are only sligtitly heavier
than last week and far below the usual
weekly average, amounting to 1,741,000
bushels, compared with 1,51)7,000 in the
previous week. One year ago the corre
sponding weekly aggregate was '2,262,000.
Only '270 business failures are reported
in the United States, compared with 300
last week, but an unusually large propor
tion of them are of comparatively heavy
capitalized concerns. There are 44 busi
ness failures reported from the Canadian
dominion, compared with 40 last week.
Bradstreet's tinancial review will say:
Specolation lias been at an exceedingly
low ebb during the past week. Public par
ticipation or Kuropean interest in the stock
market is non-existent, and the profes
sional trading which alosie creates fluctua
tions has been of the narrow kind.
In the last two days the market became
weaker on the prospect that the resolutions
looking to the recognition of Cuban bellig
erency would be adopted by congress. This
created further depression of American
securities in London and gave a bearish
lone to the trading here, though by Friday
afternoon the market had rallied again in
desultory coverings. The rise in foreign
exchange rates to the point whicli creates
discussion of a possibility of gold exports
was also unfavorable to the market, and it
is feared that the treasury will lose the com
mand of '.he money market.
The actual course of the money market
was l?ss calculated to disturb or restrict
speculative activity, and the fact that mer
cantile disasters are confined to certain
lines of trade created an impression that
business generally would revive at the
tardy advent of spring and be reflected in
a better condition of the stock and invest
ment market.
Dun & Co.'s Report
R. ii. Dun & Co.'s weekly review of trade
will say: No important change haa oc
curred in the general condition of business
during the week and if the trade in some
respects look worse, in other respects it
looks better. Some failures of magnitude
have occurred which have caused much ap
prehension and unwillingness to lend
among bankers, and there have been
somewhat less favorable features in the
dry goods market, but in iron and steel,
conditions are slightly improved and in
boots and shoes considerably more hope
ful. Foreign trade is a little more satis
factory, exports from New York for three
weeks showing an increase over last year
of 0 per cent, while imports have shown
nearly the same rate of decrease, and
there are not wanting signs that the do
mestic markets have been somewhat over
loaded with many kinds of foreign goods,
In general, tbe course of domestic prices
tends to favor the marketing of staples
abroad. .
Wheat han gained about a point, while
corn and cotton remain unchanged. Re
ceipts of wheat at western ports continue
surprisingly large for a most unfavorable
season and make it hard to believe that the
crop of 1805 was a* small aa estimates
represent it, for such receipts amounted
during the past week to 2,901,724 bush
els against 1,849,432 last year. There
has been a alight increase in Atlantic ex-
Sorts this week, but in four weeks exports,
our included with the exports were 5,448,
--119 bushels against 0,48(3,109 bushels last
year. The iron and steel markets have
disclosed a similar feature, for a little Ala
bama pig haß been sold for export by the
Sloss company, though few imagine that
much business of that sort is possible.
The combination of lake ore producers has
at last announced its prices for tbe coining
season: Four dollars for first-class Besse
mer; $3.40<a3.75 for Mesaba, and .fi! for
non-Bessemer ores; and it is calculated
that with coke at $2 per ton Bessemer pig
can be produced at about $12.25 at Pitts
burg, which is now the current price there.
But the slow marketing of finished pro
ducts is still the main trouble. There has
been a little more activity this week, and
the Carnegie works have sold 10,000 tons
of steel rails to Japan, thus scoring a note
worthy success, but in the main the mar
ket is inactive and insufficient as it has
been. A heavy failure in Texas will also
swell the aggregate of returns for the past
week, which includes 259 in the United
States, against 234 last year, and 39 in
Canada, against 42 last year.
Liverpool Markets
Liverpool. March 27.—Spot wheat closed
steadier with a poor demand; No. 3, red
winter, 5s sd; No: 1 hard Manitoba. 5s 3Ud;
No 1 California, 5s sd. Futures closed y t i
higher, steady; March, Sa April, 6s 4lid)
May, June and July, 5s sd; Auguet, 5s 5Ud,
Spot corn closed dull; American mixed, new,
2s ll'.jil. Futures closed steady; March, 2s
li;V£ds April, 2« May, 3s Wd; Juno, 3s
Id; Ju|y, 3i lUd; August, 3s l&d.
Hops at London—Pacific ooast, £113■.
Marco a7 -—'■•"o'Bum was drill;
The Day's Transactions o.i tv Board of
Chicago, March 27.—Weakness in wheat
early was due to rattier generous selling
orders, to tha absence of crop damage and
the rather tamo markets from abroad.
The report that stocks in the northwest
would increase nearly 1,000,000 bushels
this week alio helped to create the depres
sion. Hut the sentiment gradually changed.
Armour's brokers were active buyers, tho
shorts being uneasy and bull talk became
general. There was an unusually active
demand for vessel room reported,
and the rumored big cash business
of the last few days was looked upon as
indicating a growing desire on the part of
foreigners to securo our wheat. The
market got dull and weak during thn last
hour; there were free realizing sales at the
advance and the late Liverpool cables were
'~(1 lower. Corn was firm, principally
owing to the good demand for carloads in
the sample market and the moderate
receipts. Oats were fairly actlvo and
Arm, with a slightly higher range in prices.
Trading was moderate on the market for
hog products though the feeling waa
steadier in a general way as receipts of
hogs were not very large.
The leading futures closed as follows:
Wheat—No. % March, Ol 5 ,;; Mav.o3' i, Juno,
H3': a : July, <13 r 'a. Corn—No 2, March,
May, 2!);„: July, 30 :1 ;; September, :ny c , Oats
—No. 2. Match. l8 a B ; May, 19'' 8 ; July, 19.' 8 i
September. 20&
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour—Nominal, No. 2 spring wheat,
02140; No. 3 spring wheat, dIMCSUSUo; No. 2
2 rod, O,V No. Scorn, No.
2 oats, 19c; No. 2 white, lttti to 181(01 No.
3 white. 20c: No. 2 rye, No.
S barley nominal: No. lflaxseet, 891& C; prime
tltnnthy seed, 53.20: mess pork, per bbl.,
[email protected]; lard, per 100 lbs.. SO 10.t55.12',;
short ribs, sides, looie. $4 7.) to 4.80; ilry
salted shoulders, boxed, 4'a to 4 r, rs c: short clear
sides, boxed, 4 r ! 8 to s%t!i whisky, distillers'
llnished goods, per gallon, $1.22.
Iteueiptsand shipments were:
Klour, bbls 4,003 4.00"
Wheat, bu 10,000 137,000
Corn, bu 175.0U0 U»,000
Oats, bu 293,000 218,000
Rye, bu 1.000 1,300
Barley, bu 33,000 31.000
Ou the produeo exchange today the outttt
market was linn: creameries, 14 to 21c;
dairies, 9 to 10c; eggs were linn at 9 to 10c.
Chicago Live Stock
Chicago, March 27.—Tho cattlo now coming
to market are mo*t!v fat and very oesirable.
Dressed beef ana shipping steers are selling
$3.40 t054.80 for common to choice. Choice
heavies, $1.50 t053.75; cows, $2.50 to $2.90;
choice calves, $5 I . $5.40. Common to choice
packing hogs, $3.05 to $3.90, chiefly $:i.85 to
$3.90, and choice light mixed sold up to 94.00,
while assorted light brougiit from $1.05 to
CallßvirJ Pricsj of Oralis anl Shipments
San Francisco, March 27.—Whe^t—Very
dull; December, $1.00J a ; May, $1.07.;. Bar
ley—Very doll; December, 70&0.
Flour—Fanillv extras. $3.75 to $.'1.85: bak
ers' extras, $3.55 to $3.63; superfine $2.83 to
Wheat—No. 1 shipping. »1.07U; choice,
$I.oS>i to $1.10; milling, 11.20 to 81.22.,.
liarley—feed, lair to good, (i7'»o to 70e;
choice, 71'io to 72' 3 c; brewing, 80c to
Oats—Milling, 75c to 82! a 'e; surprise, 00
to 95c; fancy feed, 82!.Jc to 85c; good to
choice, 78c to 80c; |>,>or to fair, 6740 to
72V,c; black, for seed, nominal; gray, 72J4C to
Kecelpts — Flour, quarter sacks, 706(1;
do Washington, 11121; wheat, centals, 4650;
do Washington. 35U: barley, centals, 3210;
oats, Washington, centals, 4290; beans. Backs,
6040; rye, centals, 1)75: potatoes, sacks,
933; do Washington, 202; onions, sacks, 191;
bran, SHCks, 1405: middlings, sacks, 450; hay,
tons, 369; hops, Washington, bales, 100; wool,
bales, 380; hides, number, 323.
San Francises Produce
Following are San Francisco quotations on
produce.corrected daily by Associate! Prosi
special wire:
Middlings, $10.00018.00; bran, $12,509
Hay—Wheat, $3.00011.50; wheat ahd oats,
$7 50010.50; oats. $7.50 itIO.UO; alfalfa. $7.00
(49.00: barley. .$7.0049.01); clover, $0,00(9
8.00; a impressed. $7.&0'A10.59; stock, $6.00
07.50: straw, 350 »sc.
Apoles—Xo. 1 grades. [email protected]; common,
oofd>7sc; fancy,51.5042.00.
Citrus fruit-Mexican limes, $5.5040.09;
California lemons, caramon, #1.0041.25; do
good to cnoico, $1,500*. 00; do fa icy, $2 5,);
Callforniaoranges, seedlings, $1.2541.75; na
vels, $2.0002.75: do fancy, $3.
Tropical' fruit—Hawaiian Bannnas, 81.00(9
2.00; Minefields, $2.oo9)2.so;pineapples,sß.so
45.00; Persian dates. 4' 9 05 c.
Cheese—Fancy mild new, lie: fair to good,
9010 c; eastern, 12014 c; Young America, 11
(912 c.
Potatoes—Salinas Burbanks, 00000 c: river
Burbanks,3ooloc; Oregon Burbanks.4o46sc:
new potatoes, river reds. 00360 c;
early rose. 40030 c: new, [email protected]; Merced
Bweet potatoes, $2.7501.00.
Onions—California, 00485 c; Oregon, 853}
Vegetables—Los Angeles tomatoes, $14
1.515; string beans. 6412U0: Los Angeles
green peas, ; bay do, 2(#3; caDbage, 40
050 c: garlic, 445 c; green peppers.
—; dried do loc; mushrooms, 5415 c;
asparagus 75e45L50 per box; do. choice,
$1.5041.75; dried okra, l!SV»lsai rhubarb,
23060 c; cucumbers. 50973 c; egsr plant,
12!4c; Longworth strawberries, $1.1091.25;
common do, 40(900.
Butter—Fancy creamery, 10'2^17c; fancy
da ry, l4W)Oo; seconds. lay./fflU'jc.
Eggs — More, 10! ,@llc; ranch, ll©12!;c;
Duck eggs. Il(ffll20.
Poultry—Turkey gobblers, 14416: hens,
15416 c; roosters, young, $6.00(1,7.00: roos
ters, old. $1.00*4.50; broilers, small, $3.00
44.09; broilers, large, 85.5046.30; hens,s4.oU
05 60; old ducks, $5.0046.00; young do.
$7.3048.50; geese, $1.5042.00; pigeons, old,
$1.5001.75: pigeons, young, 1.7002.001 gray
geese. $1.50; white gc-se, 50c; hare. 73c;
brant, 50c; rabbits—cottontail, $1.25; do
bush, $1.00.
Wholesale and Retail Markets Corrected
FRIDAY, March 27.
Wholesalers report little improvement
in shipping lines, while retail dealers find
trade steady with a fair volume of busi
ness. Kggs are still in large supply with a
tendency to a little stiffness in price,
though no advance has been made. Fruit
and vegetables are in good supply at prac
tically unchanged prices.
Quotations follow:
Kggs—Choice Caiilornia ranch, AOWr&ll^G.
Vegetables—Sweet potatoes, $1.80; tomatoes.
$1.60 per box; beets. 75c per 10J lbs; cabbage,
70 to SOo; carrots, 75c: yreen onions,2ocdoz.;
lettuce, 12 to 15c per dozen buuehes; onions,
new yellow, $1.40; turnips, 75c; string beans,
IOC; green peppers. 15c per lb; beans, lima.
$3.25; navy, $2.10; pink, yi 40; green peas,
3c per lb; asparagus, Oc per lb.
Butter—Creamery, fancy, 21b squares,
40c; 28-oz r.quares, 30c; coast creamery,
28-oz squares, 27; 3 c; dairy, ianoy, 2-lbsquares,
271 3 @3oc.
tireen Fruits—Pears, $2.00 per box: straw
berries, 12c; apples, $1.50 to $2.00; pine
apples, $0.00 per dozen; bananas, $1.75 to
$2.25 Der bunch.
Citrus fruits-Orange, navel", $2.00 to
2.75; Mediterranean sweets, $1.25 to $2.00:
aoedlings, $1 to 5t.25. Lemons. Fancy Eureka,
f1.50 to $1.75; Eureka and Lisbon, $1.50 to
1.75; uncured. $1.
Live stock—Hogs—Per cwt., $3.75 to $1,03.
Beef cattle—SMpSo. Mutton—[email protected] per lb.
Veal— i\i to 7o per in.
Honey and beeswax—Honey—Comb, 10W to
11cper lb.; strained.4 tosc. Beeswax—Ma
per lb.
Poultry—Hons, $4.00 to $1.50 per doz.:
Purely vegetable, pure and reliable. Cause
perlect Digestion,' complete absorption and
healthful regularity. For the cure of all dis
orders of the Stomach, Bowels, Kidneys, Blad
der, Nervous Diseases, Piles.
Sick Headache,
Female Complaints
All Disorders of the Liver
/BJjr-Full printed directions In each box;
35 cents a box. Bold by all druggists.
young roosters, $4.00 to $4.50; broilers. $3 00
to $4.00; old roosters, $4.u0: duciti, $4,50 to
$5.50: turkeys, 10c to 11c per lb.
Hay—Wheat, $10 to $12; barley. $9 to $11:
wheat and oat. $10 10 $12: alfalfa, $1110 $12;
new alfalfa. $10.
Freeh Moats—Butchers' prices lor whole car
casses: Beef—4!i to 5' ~c per lb. Veal—s to 7o
Mutton -4!. ato s',ic. I'ork—s'.j to Oc.
Provisions —Hams, itex, p3r lb, lie; pic
nic. 0" ,c: boneless, 9c.
Bacon, per '.b 80: Rox breakfast, 10;io; HsTlt
medium, 8c; medium. 7c.
I'imimy. Maroh 27. 189(i.
Joseph linandry, executor, to Richard end
Frauk h. Livinr^ton—Lot 25, Beaudry Water
Works tract; tl It).
Victoria Arkills to Sprigg ITarwood—Agree
ment to cotivev iot 25, block 'J.Washington
Garden tract; $1700.
.1 C Wiilmon to Charles M Stimson— Lot 16.
subdivision of lot 5, subdivision of north half
lot 7, block 73. Hancock's survey, $750
Christian Ifanscn to W l> I.owdjr—Southeast
vuarter of northeast quarter and lot 4, section
10, I south, 15 west; #375.
John W Cook to Marcus J Ross—Lots 2 and
4, block 107, Long Beach; $500.
CharlesE. and Lulu M. Beck to Jam?s and
James 1». Clemlnson—Part section 21, town
ship 1 south, range 11 wesl; $'2500.
Josenhine and Adelbert Barllctt to Gustav
Krueger— Lots 1), 20, 11 and 12, block 3, lots
1 to 8, block 111, and triangular piece in south
east corner of said block; $Is'».
iCilen aud 0, H. Coraon to Henry W. O'Mel
veny—Undivided half interest in lot 8, block
8, Damon & Millard's sub uf Shaw tract; $350.
Frank A. Gibson, trostee, to Josephine Siiller
—Lot 310, (.rider & Dow's sub oi Briswalier
tract; $125.
James S. and Lucy Mccormick to James H.
Adams Co.—North 00 feet cf lot (i, Ninde's cub
of lot 5, block C, BAD i'asqiinl tract; $1000,
Alexandre Weill to Mrs. Francis Clara Eors
ter—Lot 257, Alexandre Weill tract; $300.
John O. Jennings to Clinton F. Dllle—Lot R,
block 122, Santa Monica; $1000.
Kdward L and Thereto Witto to W T Joyce-
Lot 1 and NU of Jot 3, block 13, California Co
operative Colony tract; $400.
Susan and Hattie Howies to Jcsee M Smith—
Lot 11, block 2, South Santu Vonica; $000.
Asa and MaryCJ Todd to Jose MascarcL— Lot
'JO. Alanis Vineyard tract; $IKOO.
Max and Louisa fechwed to Thomas and
Richard Chapman— Undivided one-half inter
est in part of Gulardo tract, Rio I'aso del Bar
tolo; $7500.
Ctorpo I Cochran to Louisa Guasti—Lot 22,
block 11, Herald second subdivision; $1.
Kthelbort and J X Johnson to R G Curran—
Lot 1 aud south 36 feet of lot 2, Miller & Har
riott's resubdivision; $3000.
Mary Easter to James Car l—Land in Ro La
Brat; $300.
i cninn to B C Clay—Land as per deed dated
March, 20, 1800; $200.
Mary L Friable to C C Briggs-Lots 10 to 13,
block j, (ireenwell tract; $3000.
George F and iio rah II 6040? to Thomas X
Morgan—Lota 17, IH, 10 and 20, part os Mrs
Hall's tract; $10,000.
George W and Sarah Foster to Ann E Brun
son—North half of couth half of west half of
northeast quarter cf southeast quarter section
0, township 3 south, range 11, and part of lots
14, 10, 18, 20 and 2.\ Knott's subdivision;
J A aud Alice HGraves to Eugene Germain-
Lots 1 aud 2, block 12, Ramuna, $100.
F W Wood, executor, (o .1 A Muir— Lots 5, 0,
7,8, 11 to 15, 18 to 23, 3d to 48, Beaudry
Water Works tract; $11,0.3.
F W Wood et al, executors, to same—Lots 24,
70 to 110, 112 to 122, 130 to 143, same tract;
Charles F and Sarah Ran to Mrs S B Mc-
Gregory—Lot 31, block A, Magee, Galbralth &
Markhiim tract; $2520.
Joseph and Maria L. Daniels to Edward Hul
teen and Charles Bcrgstrom—Lot 4, block C,
of E. M. Funk's subdivision of Finney tract;
Clymcna W and N H Ho-mcr to M H Cham
borlin—Lot 23, block C, Monrovia; $175.
F C Howes, trustee, to M H Chamberlln—Lot
24, block C, Monrovia: $175.
Deeds 54
Nominal 25
Total $7*5,778 28
IflW t*r IfW 53v £2 tion ot a famous French physician, will quickly cure you o! all ncr-
Hll v ,\ } %\± 1 VT vous or dl3i>a*es of tho generative organs, such ns Lost Manhood,
■1 wfc/ \i jC»mJ Inaomnia, Phliiblu tho Buck, Seminal Kmlaalnna. Debllltv,
1 A \ WmWr -P'niples, Unfitness to Marry, ExhaUßting Drains, Varicocele and
B| V/ r W V -/ C'onatlpatlon. It stops nil losses by dnv or night. Prevents quick.
B / discharge, whichif notchecked leads to Spermatorrhoea and
Mnrrrmr «.«•■« «rrra a he horrors of Impoteney. CVPIUENE cleanses tho liver, tho
BHtrUHLWDAMLri ki , eys and the urinary organs of all impurUlcs.
CUPIDESiE strengthens and restoressmalt weak organs.
The reason sufiViors are not cured by Doctors Is because ninety per cent are troubled with
Proatntlti*. OUPIDDNJffI Id the only known remedy to cure without un operation. Suoo testimoni
als. A written guarantee given and money returned if six boxes does not effect a permanent cute*
if 1.00 a box, six for $">.<», by mail. Rend for yREic circular and testimonials.
Addretsa J** W «»B- vsJZTrsmwv C0.,P.0. Box 1076, Pun Frnnnlsco.Cal. Forßalcby
OFF .fe VAUGHN, NJ£. corner Fourth and Spring Streets.
| New Furniture Carpets \
► — ~ <
» Matting, Oil Cloth and Linoleum Portlers, Curtain Fixtures <
% Bedding j Baby Carriages \
► Window Shades Upholstery Goods J
» Silk and Lace Curtains Etc., Etc <
» <
» - <
► Prices the Loweit WlTl. S. AllCfl ;
► Telephone 24i 332-334 S. Spring St. ;
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦o<>»4* ♦««>♦♦»«>«»♦!
»*♦♦♦♦♦«>• <>*»00«>*« <>♦♦♦••** ♦♦♦■>♦♦♦♦♦♦<>♦*♦ ••>*)«>«>•>«
* Wholesale and Retail Dealer In Telephone 338
J fTfl FOCX C ■■■ Lace and Silk Curtain*
► W*** Portieres, Oilcloths
I Window Shades i
I 337-339-341 Linoleums, Mattings, Etc !
f South Spring Street ;
» ♦»»♦♦♦>♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦»♦♦<> ♦♦♦>♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦ »♦♦»♦<*>♦ <NMr<4 »♦»'
CW"k ATS fir Telephone 537
fl_s BL< /»/■ JOHN H. ROLLER
I* U " ZJ» /W ■ 3" We,t s «on<> Street
Prompt delivery to all parti ot cltj.
1 A Paint for Floors
I U. R. BOWERS & SONS, 451 S. Sprint; j
Eyes Tested
Drs. Thompson & Kyle
Graduates in Optics
Solid gold frames, warranted 61.75
Bleel, nickel, aluminum or alloy frames. 250
First quality lenses, per pair $1.00
Give us atrial: we will surely please you,
both in prices and work.
318 W. Second St., bet. Spring
and Broadway, Los Angeles.
Sis Filth St.. San Diego.
Hand-picked, South Field
Wellington Lump
VU/\L Delivered
Cement and Catalina Island
Serpentine and Soapstone
for w. T. Co.'« ocean excursion steamers, tugs,
yachts and pleasure launches. Telephone 3.
Weak, Irritable Jired
•'I Was No Good on Earth."
Dr. Miles' Nervine strengthens
tha weak, builds up the broken
down constitution, and permanently
cures every kind of nervous disease.
"About one year ago Mtvas afflicted
tctth nervonsnesß, sleeplessness,
Creeping sensation in my leg*,
Slight palpitation of my heart,
Distracting confusion of tiie mind,
Serious loss or lapse of memory.
Weighted aoun with care and
worry. I completely lost appetite
And felt my vitality wearing out,
I was weak, irritable and tired,
My weight was reduced to too lbs.,
In fact M was no good, on earth.
A friend brought j43Sms9m*.
me Dr. Miles' book,
I finally decided X
to try a bottle of ft *KWmf
orativo Nervine. \v%3«K
Before I had taken M^^Ummmsm*
ono bottlo I could
sleep as weil as a "3W&BmM™K|sBBbl|
appetite returned
greatly Increased.
When X had taken the sixth bottle
Sly weight increased to 170 ba.,
The oensation in my legs was gone;
My nerves steadied completely:
My memory was fully restored.
Sty brain seemed clearerthan ever.
I felt asgoodasany nianon earth.
Dr. JUlles' Mlestoratlve Nervine is
A great medicine, I assure you."
Augusta, Mo. Walter K. Burbamk.
Dr. Miles' Nervine la sold on a positive
guarantee that tbe first bottle will Deneflt.
All druggists sell it at 81,6 bottles forSS, or
St will bo sent, prepaid, on receipt of price
by the Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, md.
Dr. Miles' Nervine
Restores Health
J. M. Griffith, Pres. John T. Griffith. V.-Pr«»
F. T. Griffith, Secretary and Treasurer.
Geo. ft. Waites, tiupt ot Mill.
Lumber Dealers,
And manufacturers of
inisiic miii work oi Every Description.
Doors, Window!, Blinds and Siairs.
Mi H* ALAMEDA ST.. Lee Angelas, Oak
M 11 'B W>» » OOTI-pOiaOTIOnS
remedy for Gonorrhoea,
Gleet, S pr >■ r m n i or r ha>a,
MjLwLW in 1 to Whiten, unnatural dii-
JHKF Qntrantced ■ charges, or any iiilhimmu
fsbjf not v itriatare. Hod, irritation or ulcera
|*>-'ii'r»rtoM contagion, tion of mucous mem-
KSltheEvAWßChehichiCo. brunes. Non-astringent.
%OkCincinnati o HQ Sold by DraratoU,
U8 A ii^r nr BVUt 1,1 Pln'n wrapper,
* ' Irfllrfl IV express, rn'puiij. Cor
I loo * " r 3 hnU M. t2.75.
■ ■ Circular Bent en reauest.
ty of I.os Angeles, State of Oaliforniu,
In tho matter of the estate of Cadet Iribarne,
an insolvent debtor. Order of adjudication of in
Cadet Iribarne having filed In this court his pe
tition, schedule und inventory of insolvency, from
which it appears that he is an insolvent debtor,
the said Cadet Iribarne is hereby declared to he
insolvent. The sheriff of the County of Los An
geles is hereby directed to take possession of all
the estate, real and personal, of the said Cadet
Iribarne, insolvent debtor, except such as may be
by law exempt from execution, and of all his
deeds, vouchers, books of account, and papers, and
to keep the same safely until the appointment of
an assignee of his estate. All persons are forbid
den to pay any debts to the said Insolvent, or to
deliver any property, belonging to such Insolvent,
to him or to any person, firm, corporation or asso
ciation for his use; and the said debtor is hereby
forbidden to transfer or deliver any property, until
the further order of this court, except as herein
It Is furtherordered, that all the creditors of said
debtor be and appear before the lion. Walter Van
Dyke, Judge of the Superior Court of the County
of Los Angeles, in open court, at the Court-room of
■aid court in the County of Los Angeles on the
sixth day of April, 1896, at 10 o'clock a. m., of that
day, to prove their debts and choose one or more
nsHlgnees of the estate of said debtor.
It Isfurther ordered, that the order he published
In The Herald, a newspaper of general circulation,
published In the County of Los Angeles, as often
aa the said paper Is published, before the Bald day
set for the meeting of creditors.
And it is further ordered, that, in the mean time,
all proceedings against the nald Insolvent be
Judge of tbe Superior Court.
Dated March 37th, 1136. 4**
The Only Doctors in Southern California Treating
Diseases of Exclusivelyj
To show our honesty, sincerity and ability, we are willing to
We have the largest practice on the Pacific Coast treating
Every Form of Weakness and Private Diseases of Men
We publish a Pamphlet which we will send tree, securely sealed, explaining our method, io*
home treatment, without stomach-drugging. It contains rules lor diet,' exercise and sleep aad ■
record of case, cured. Our symptom blank which we send on application is a. satisfactory a. ft
personal Interview.
Write to v. for adrice; yon will not regret it. All correspondence sacredly confidential.
Cor. Uiin and Thi rd Sts., oyer Wells Fargo Co.. LOS ANGELES, CAL
Leave for DESTINATION Ar. from
Kastbound \ fa ..a.4. i^i,.J / Westbound
Wednesday [ *W&t&&}s* i Saturday
8:00 pm i NeW Orleans \ | 7:4n ~m
Westbound i «„„«,,* limit** f Easihound
Saturday - «II L> 1 * Wednes-iuv
6,15 pml j Sanbrnnclsco , 2:80 pm
2:0.5 pmi iH. Fran., Sacramento t 7:3') urn
8:25 pm / und Kant, via <>sden [ i,|o pm
8:2-5 pm' Portland, Or J ;3G pin
2:30 pm l Ml Paso and Must 1:0) pm
' Pdsadena A 7:53 am
7:50 am 1 " 6:55 »ni
A 8:25 am " 0:50 urn
9:20 am i " 10:40 am
A 11 tSfi aiii j '* 1 :3> pni
12:20 pm ** A 3:05 pm
3:55 pmi " 5:01 pm j
5:20 pmi " A 7:29 pm
A 6:10 pni: " I
8:no hih h Riverside, ( 0:55 am
0:20 am I ( Rediands. j 1:03 pm
2:30 pm f San Bernardino ] 4:48 pm
4:30 pm;J ami Col ton I, 6:30 pm
8:00 am! 1 ] 8:50 am
0:20 am | Pomona 9:55 am
2:80 pml V and - 1:00 pm
4:30 pm Ontario 4:49 pm
5:25 pm[ j I, 6:35 pm
8:00 am: Cblno 8:50 am
4:30 pm; " 8:55 am
5:25 pm' " 6:35 pin
8:00 ami i Covina ( 8:50 am
A 2:30 pm V and J A 1:00 pm
6:25 pm! ► San I) Im as t |)m
8:05 ami'i Monrovia f A 5:24 am
A 11:20 am \ Arcadia Jj 9:50 am
A3:ospm|r and j Al:l0pm
6:lspm|j Duarte [ 4:55 pm
7:Bsami Santa Barbara 12:10 pm
4:3upm| " 10:10 pm
5:10 pm ) Anancim Bi9opm
1 0:O5 amn Whittier ( ' 6 - m " ,n
"ndFulton'we... { A 1
A DllOam Tustln 8:04 am
6:10pml " A 5:20 pm
?!S8 52 ' Lonf Beach and f! *:»
8:00 am! Santa Monica 1
810:00 am 1 " 7:45 am
f 3158 am
1: 10 pmf 12;12 pm
5:15pm 1 & 4:20 pni
6:oopm " s:lopm
8:00 aml Soldiers' Home 12:12 pm
0:00pml *' 5:10 pni
9:00 am Port Los Angeles 12:12 pm
S 10:00 am " S4:2opm
1:10 pm " s:lu pm
A 1:40pml Catalina Island A:!:-;0ani
A 9:4oaml.....Chatsworth Park.....j a 4:15 pm
rhatsworth Park—Leave from and arrive aS
Bivrr station, San Fernando street, only,
a Sunday* excepted S Saturdays and Sundays
All R.P. Co. k trains stop a: Firsi, street (except
the four San Francisco trains) and Commercial
Street (except the 8:25 Wan Francisco evening
train), In the business center of the city, savlnz
time and street car fares to passengers.
General Passenger Office, 228 S. Spring street.
IN EFFECT NOV. 18, 1895.
Loi Angeles depots: East end First street an 1
Downey avenue bridges.
Leave I>os Angeles for Leave Pasadena for Los
Pasadena. A ngeles.
h 7:10 a.m b B:loa.ra.
c 7:65a.m c 8:80 a.m.
a P:loa.m a 10:25 a.m.
a ll :3o a.m a 12:40 p.m.
a 3:Sop.m a 4:35 p.m.
a 5:20 p.m a fl:oo_p.m.
Downey avenue leaving time 7 minutes later. Be
tween Lot Angeles and Pasadena—Round trip 25c.
Leave Los Angeles for I Leave A ltaderia .7 unction
Altedena Junction. for Los A ngeles.
a 9:10 a.m a 10:10 a.m.
r 11:30 a.m ~..C 12:20 p.m.
a 8:30 p.m a 4:20 p.m.-
All trains start from First street depot.
"Leave Los Angeles for Leave OI c ndale for "Los
Olendale. Angeles.
b 7:06a.m b 7:57 a.m.
c 8:20 a.mo 9:12 a ra.
a 12:85 p.m a 1:27 p.m.
a 6:05 p.m a 5:52 p.m.
"XeaveTLos Angeles for San Pedro""
Long Beach and East for
San Pedro. Los Angeles.
a 9:00p.m a 7:20 a.m.
a 1:10 p.m a 10:30 a.m.
a 6:00 p. m a 3:45 p.m.
Between E. San Pedro and Long Beach 10 minutes.
Steamer for Avnlon connects with 1:10 p.m.
train daily, except Sundays.
Trains leave Los Angeles dally at 9:10 a.m., ell :80
a.m., and a 3:80 p.m.
Fine pavilion and hotel. Grand scenery.
Telescope and searchlight.
a Daily, b Daily except Sunday, c Sundays
only, d Saturdays only.
Stages meet the 7:10 a.m. train at Pasadena for
Mt. Wilson on new trail.
Passengers leaving Los Angeles on tbe 7:10 a.m.
train for Mt. Wilson can return same day.
Special rates to excursion and picnic parties.
Depots east end of First street and Downey ava«
Due bridges.
City ticket office, Oreenewald's cigar store, cor
ner Second and Spring streets.
General offices, First street depot.
T. B. BURNETT, General Manager,
W. WINCUP. Gen Passenger Agent.
Connie Me Trnnsaiionnaue
River, foot of Morton street, New York.
Travelers by this line avoid both travel by En
glish railway and the discomforts of crossing the
channel In a small boat.
La Oascogne, March 14.
La TouraTne, March 21.
La Bourgogne, March 28.
La Bretagne, April 4.
La Gascoyne, April 11.
La TouraTne, April 18.
La Bourgogne, April 25.
La Bretagne, May 2.
La Oascogne, May 9.
La Touraine, May 16.
La Bourgogne, May 28a
La Bretagne, May 80.
Lv Oascogne, June ft.
La Touraine, June 13.
La Bourgogne, June 20.
La Bretagne, June 27.
La Oascogne, July 4.
La Touraine, July 11.
New York to Alexandria, Egypt, via Paris, flnfr
class, 8161; second-class, 8117.
For freight or passage apply to
A. FORGET. Agent.
No. 8 Bowling Green, New York.
J. F. FUOAZI A CO., Agents, 6 Montgomery
avenue. San Francisco. Tickets are for sale Ay all
imllroad and steamship offices.
AaUeasUlW tomato M.Ula
Trains leave and arrive atf
La <Jr *'" l ' p i»tiooaa
Trains via Pasadena
u-ovf-: minutes laur'easW
To Denver, Kansas City, Chicago, st Lenta.
Leaves dally 8 :C0 pm.—Arrives dallyO :05 pm.
To Denver, Kansas City. ('Mown. St. Loots.
Leaves 7:10 am.—Arrives 6:00 pm.
Lv. a 9:00 a. m.. 6:20 p. m; Ar. al:0o p-m., 7:15 p. m*
P—Leave 7:10 am. aS:2O am., 9:00 am., h4:00 pm,
4:45 pm., 8:00 pm.; O—Lv. all :0O am.. 5:20 pm. 1
P— Arrive 8:55 am. a»:45 am.. al:oopm., 6:00 pok.
6:06 pm., «:50 pm; O—Ar. 11:00 am., 7:llpm.
r— Leave 7:10 am., a 8:20 am., 9:00 «m., .4:00 pm.,
4:45 pm ; O—Lv. all :00 am., 5:20 pm.
P—Arrive a9:4fi am., al:oopm., 5:00 pm., 6:03 pm.,
0:50 pm.; O—Ar. 11:00 am., 7:15 pm.
Leave-7:10am., a 8:20 am.,»: 00 am.,l:Btpm., MM
pm., a 4:45 pm., a 5:30 pm., 8 pm,
Arrive—a7:6S am., 8:55 am., a 9:45 am., 1:00 pm.,
4:15 pni., 5:00 pm., 6:0.j pm., 0:50 pm.
. 1 — i
Leave—aB:2o am.. aa0:00 am., 1:86 pm., a 4:00 pm.4
aal-45 pm., as:3opm.
Arrive—a7:sB am.. 8:55 am., al:0O, 4:is, 6:60 pm.
Leave—aS:oo am., 9:00 am., 4:25 pm., 0:20 pm.
Arrive—B:so am., al :05 pm , 5:05 pm., 7:16 pm.
Leave—9:soam., s:ospm; Arrive—B:i»am ,sietpM
Leave—7:lo am., 10:00 am., 5:06 pm.
Arrive—»:ss am , 4:40 pm.,6:50 pm. )
Leave—Pa9:oo am., O—all.'OOam.
Ar—P al:00 and a 8:05 pm. o—all-.00 am.. .7:16 psj^
Leave P—a9 :am. Oall:00am.
Arrive P—al :00 pm. O—aiinwam. t
Lv—o9;oo am.,as:2opm. Leave—a9:oo am. ■ -
Arrive—al :05 pm. Arrive—a7:ls pm.
P—Via Pasadena. O—Via Orange, a—Dally,,
except Sunday. aaSundays only; Hit other trains
daily. Ticket oflice, 129 North Spring al. and Ui
orande station
Goodall, Perkins & Co., General Agents, San Fran*
Northern routes embrace lines for Portland, Oc*
Victoria, B. C, and Puget Sound, Alaska and all
coast points.
Leave San Francisco
For— j
Port Harford S. R. Corona, March 6, 14, M
Santa Barbara SO: April 7.
Port Los Angeles..lS. S. Santa Rosa, March a, It)
Newport 18,26; April 3.
San Diego I .
For— Is. s.st. Paul, March 4,12,20,
East San Pedro I 28; April 5.
»jon Pedro and way S. H. Eureka, March 8, H, 24(
' porte | April 1.
Leave Port Los Angeles and Redondo
For— S. S. Santa Rosa, March 4, IX,
20, 28; April 5.
San Diego S. H. Corona, March S, 16, Ml
Apriu. .
For— S. S. Santa Rosa, March 6,14,
San Francisco 22. 30; April 7.
Port Harford S. S. Corona, March 2, 10, la,
Santa Barbara 26; April 3.
Leave San Pedro and East San Pedro.
For— S. S. Eureka, March 3, 11, If.
San Francisco 27; April 4.
and S. S. St. Paul, March 7, 16, 21,
Way ports 31; April 8.
~Cars to connect with steamers via San Pedro
leave S.P.R.H. Arcade depot ats:os p.m. and Ter
minal R.R. depot at 5 p.m.
Cars to connect via Redondo leave Santa Pe
depot at ii:so a.m., or from Kedondo Railway depot
at 9:05 a.m.
Cars to connect via Port Los Angeles leave S.P.
R.lt, depot at 1:10 p in. for steamers north bound.
Plans of steamers' cabins at agent's oiiice, where
berths may be secured.
The company reserves the right to change the,
steamers or their days of sailing.
For passage or freight aa above or for tickets ti
and from all Important points in Europe, apply te]
W. PARRIS. Agent.
Office: fß)i \V. Third St., Loa Angeles.
Redondo Railway
DEPOT: Grand aye. and Jefferson st.
In effect January 1,1896.
Leave Los A ngeies Leave Redondo for
for Kedondo Los Angeles
9:05 a.m DallyFiaO a.m Dail*
4:30p.m Daily 3:00p.m Dally
For passenger nnd freight rates apply at depot,
corner Grand avenuo and Jefferson street. Tele*
phone West 1.
L. T. OARNSEY, President.
R. L. PERRY, Superintendent.
Cari leave Fourth and Spring streets.
For Rublo Canyon and Bono Mountain—
8:00, 11:00 and 10:00 a.m.; 1:00, 3:00 nnd
4:00 p.m.
Returning leave Echo Mountain—B:oo
and 9:00 a.m.: 2:00, 4. :00 and 4:43 p.m.
For Altadcna—B:oo a.m. and every hoar
until 10 p.m.
Returning leave Altadena-G:3O a.m. and
hourly until 9:30 p.m.
For Pasadena—Every Fllteen minutes from
7:15 a.m. to 8:00 p. in. Halt hourly baton
and alter these hours.
Office, 222 W. Fourth street,
E. P. CLARK. Oen'l Manager.

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